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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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what's in store for former virginia governor bob mcdonnell? he'll be sentenced later this week. >> reporter: the jewish congregation is now reconsidering how it rents out the temple to outside groups, that story coming up. >> fire rages in an alexandria apartment complex leaving dozens displaced tonight. >> we're getting rid of the rain, but in its place an arctic blast moves in in the first alert seven-day forecast. >> we'll take you to a spectacular accidental fireworks explosion that left two people injured.
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hello, everybody. i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. the synagogue in prince george's county is reconsidering the use of its fa sit tonight by outside groups after a -- facility tonight by outside groups after a nearby shooting last night. two young people were wounded near mishkan torah synagogue in greenbelt, maryland. >> reporter: the congregation mishkan torah had rented out their building to an outside group. while that event was underway two teen-agers were walking by and hit by gunshots. it was just before midnight when the two teenagers age 19 to 16 heard some kind of altercation and were hit by bullets, one in the shoulder, the other in the back. john oliver lives nearby and heard the shots. >> i heard a lot of yelling and like an argument going on outside. it was unusual. it was really loud and i look out the window and i saw these cats, like they had hoods on and they looked all young and it got louder and louder and
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all of a sudden i heard like -- it sounded like one of those cap guns. it didn't sound like a real gun. >> reporter: neighbors say incidents like this are rare in this neighborhood. >> it's very unusual. i did not know what was going on. >> reporter: both teens were taken to the hospital. their wounds are not live threatening. police have very little to go on but say the two victims were going to the event at mishkan torah. the synagogue issued a statement indicating the event had nothing to do with the congregation. they expressed concern for the two youngsters that were wounded but said they'd comment no further. hank silverberg, wusa9 news. a fierce two alarm fire earlier today left 15 people displaced tonight from an alexandria apartment complex. investigators believe the fire started in a terrace level unit at the morningside apartments on little river turnpike. smoke and flames from the two alarm blaze quickly spread causing firefighters to fear people were becoming trapped on the upper floors of the garden style apartments.
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>> one crew stretched the hose line and the next priority was to get on the floors above and get those people out of there. >> i smelt smoke, so i left. >> six apartments were destroyed and we're told three women were taken to the hospital for minor burns and smoke inhalation. investigators tonight are still trying to determine the exact cause of that fire. i hope you enjoyed the warm weather today because the temps are about to drop. let's go to first alert meteorologist erica grow. >> bruce, you can see on the temperature map that colder air making its way toward us. it's 54 now in downtown washington, but it's 34 in pittsburgh already after a day in the 60s yesterday there. that colder air is making its way toward us. it's already only 28 in oakland and 43 in up canland and the wind gusts -- cumberland and the wind gusts will be brutal at times. right now it's gusting to 30
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miles per hour outside the beltway and in the higher elevations in the panhandle of west virginia gusting to 47 miles per hour in martinsburg, w wind chill, 35 miles per hour in hagerstown. it is going to be a windy much colder morning. make sure the kids are bundled up as they go back to school for the first time since holiday break. 29 to 38 degrees at 5:00, 26 to 36 at 7 a.m. and the wind chill is going to be in the teens and 20s and we do not have any relief during the workweek, but we do have a chance for snow in the first alert seven-day forecast. search crews off the coast of indonesia recover three more bodies believed to be victims of air asia flight 8501. crews also found another large object under water, but bad weather has steadfastly kept dive teams from getting a firsthand look. today's discoveries come as more victims' bodies were flown home to relatives. 162 people were on board that plane when it disappeared.
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the remains of only 34 victims have been recovered. in italy recovery teams are trying for a third day to gain access to the lower decks of a crippled ferry. smoke and heat from a burning fire aboard the normand atlantic has kept them from inspecting the vessel for more victims. at least 11 people died when the fire broke out last week as the ferry traveled from greece to italy. 19 passengers and crew members are still missing tonight. a 4-year-old boy is in critical condition after nearly drowning in a cruise ship swimming pool in royal caribbean's oasis of the seas about an hour after the ship left ft. everglades, florida. the child was underwater as long as 10 minutes before a bystander managed to pull him out. the ship returned to port. the child was taken to the hospital. the boy and his family orthopedic a seven-day cruise to -- were on a seven-day cruise to mexico and the
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caribbean. a woman is rescued after driving her car into rock creek near the p street ramp. it landed in the water. the woman somehow got out of the vehicle and stood on top of the car until help arrived. u.s. park police say she was taken to the hospital for observation. she's expected to be okay. the 2nd of two slain new york city police officers was laid to rest today. [ taps on bugles ] >> thousands of people attended today's funeral service in brooklyn for officer wednesday liu and ramos. officers from across the -- officers liu and ramos. temperatures from across the country attended the service today, many turning their backs on mayor bill deblasio. >> reporter: thousands of nypd
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officers and cops from across the country said a solemn good- bye to one of their own today. officer liu was married just two is no ago, his wife bringing an already broken hearted city to tears when she remembered him. >> he is my hero. we could always town the on him. >> reporter: officer liu was laid to rest a week after his partner officer rafael ramos was buried. liu's funeral was pushed back to allow family members from china to have time to attend. police officers feel mayor bill deblasio supported recent police protests. police commissioner william bratton urged officers not to turn their backs on the mayor sunday saying a hero's funeral is about grieving, not grievance, but again when the mayor spoke -- >> and let us work together to attain peace. >> reporter: -- many of new st turned their backs. new york city is mourning along
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with the families of these officers. a massive memorial has taken over the street corner where they were shot and it continues to go. both officers were posthumously honored to the rank of detective. >> detective liu witnessed 9/11 and saw the possibility of service. >> reporter: detectives ramos and liu were both laid to rest in the same cemetery in queens. wendy gillette for cbs news, new york. coming up tonight on wusa9 former virginia governor bob mcdonnell due in court for sentencing this week. we're going toker that from a law professor from george -- to hear from a law professor from george mason university in our studio. >> also a dramatic fireworks explosion caught on tape, this spectacular show comes with a couple of injuries.
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from immediately reaching nearby houses to check for casualties. tonight the cause of the explosion is under investigation and they're still assessing all the damage. a turn in the weather is helping hundreds of firefighters battle a massive wildfire in southern australia. thousands have been forced from their homes, dozens of injuries reported. more than 800 firefighters are now battling that blaze which has been burning out of control for all of three days. d.c.'s new mayor will start work tomorrow. she's been working but officially starts in her office at the john wilson building tomorrow. today muriel bowser was looking to make national headlines appearing on nbc's meet the press. she brought with her the top two female deputies, police chief cathy lanier and school chancellor kaya henderson and told the national audience that d.c. police and community relations are better than in many other cities because of the work begun here years ago. the public school systems have shown the most improvement of any major city.
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mayor bowser later calls on citizens to help solve a recent rash of holiday violent crimes in the district including two police-involved shootings along with multiple stabbings. s when you see violence or homicide in a neighborhood that there will be many people who know and can provide information to the police. i'm encouraging the community to help us get these crimes solved. >> when the 42-year-old mayor bowser starts her workday tomorrow, she'll face a number of issues including a quarter billion dollar budget shortfall. there are still big jobs to fill, among them fire chief and employment services director. this week a judge will decide former virginia governor bob mcdonnell's sentence. mcdonnell was found guilty of trading the governor's office for thousands of dollars in personal gifts and vacations. tuesday the 60-year-old will appear before a judge in richmond. he faces a decade more behind bars. defense attorneys are asking for community service.
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former virginia first lady maureen mcdonnell will also be sentenced sometime next month. join us right now, richard kelsey, assistant dean at george mason university school of law. i've got to ask you, you've been following this obviously, what is the former governor likely to get? >> i don't think he's going to get community service. remember, this governor is convicted of 13 different felonies. he chose to put his personal reputation on the line when he testified and the jury didn't believe him. so the judge would have to ignore the work of five weeks of this jury to say hey, you're going to get community service. i think he's going to get time. the question is how much time? >> how much do you think he'll get? >> it's not going to be on the upper end of 10 years the prosecution is looking at if i guessed. i think somewhere around 30 months. >> help us understand what's probably going through the judge's mind. is she looking to send a message? is she looking at his public service before all this
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happened? what goes into consideration? >> first and foremost, you do have the sentencing guidelines and they're not bound by the guidelines, but they look at these guidelines to determine based on the type of charges you've been convicted of what is a normal sentence, but they look at other extenuating sentence. here you're looking at the lifetime of service on the one end, but on the other end you're looking at this issue of what do we do with the highest elected official who has been convicted of essentially bribery for lack of a better term and do we send a strong message by making sure politicians can't get away with that kind of conduct? >> we've seen instances where judges make an example of highly elected officials. do you think that will happen? is this the first former governor or the first ever in virginia to be indicted and convicted of a major crime? >> yes, that's exactly right. i would be surprised if it's a very half sentence. i think he is going to come down from what the prosecution is asking for because 10 years
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seems too long, but there's no way ear going to get community service. at -- we're going to get community service. at the end of the day, given the breadth and depth of the charges he's going to have to do some jail time. >> what kind of facility? >> it's going to be minimum security. you don't send off someone for this type of crime whether thor a governor or a financial crime by anyone else to a facility that puts criminals who have committed violent crimes. >> what's the wife looking at? >> i've jokingly said she served her sentence already. i suspect they will get less time than the governor, probably about half of what he gets. >> appreciate it. thanks for coming in. when we come back, imagine sitting in your plane for 12 hours before your nonstop 16 hour flight. really? back in a minute.
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nearly two years after the deadly boston marathon attacks jury selection is about to start for the trial of the surviving suspect. dzhokhar tsarnaev fadeath penalty if convicted. jury selection is scheduled to begin tomorrow in u.s. district court in boston. prosecutors say their evidence includes a hand scrawled confession and a video showing tsarnaev placing the backpack near an 8-year-old boy who was killed. his lawyers haven't revealed their defense strategy. it was a nonstop flight that seemingly wouldn't end. the epic delay started on the tarmac at an abu dhabi airport. passengers bound for san francisco were frustrated and angry after their nearly 30 hour ordeal. >> reporter: home sweet home, but for many the feeling of land under their feet is bittersweet. >> of every airline this has been the worst experience in my
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life. >> i'm frustrated. >> reporter: tired faces, empty stomachs and patience worn thin. >> there's no kind of patience. they're out of tissues, out of napkins, out of chocolates. >> reporter: airways flight 183 landed after the 16 hour flight but only after 12 hours of waiting on the abu dhabi tarmac because the airport shut down due to fog. passengers took to social media, one person tweeting flight 183 has been stranded close to 11 hours now in abu dhabi. no one deplaned, no food. is somebody even looking into this? earlier friends and family of the passengers waited all day at the airport to pick up their loved ones. >> i've been up all night wondering what's going on and i haven't been able to get ahold of anyone at the airline. >> reporter: molly rogers anxiously waited for her 11- year-old daughter who was on the flight alone. >> 12 hours on an airplane waiting to take off for an 11- year-old and nobody has been
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able to tell me anything. >> reporter: for many including molly an excruciating 28 plus hours finally turned to relief. >> i was just missing you very much. it was a long time for you to be at plane by yourself, so i feel hugely relieved. the only station with weather alert days, wusa9 first alert weather. >> we got some brutal cold weather. >> oh, yeah. by the middle of the workweek it is just going to be hard to be outside any length of time. it started to get colder already this evening and tomorrow you will really feel it. it's going to be a shock to the system compared to the 66 degrees that we had for our high temperature today. let's start off with a look at the michael and son weather cam, nice view of the washington monument. it's still 54 degrees which doesn't sound that bad, but it feels colder out there, especially because of that wind out of the west, northwest and
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gusting to 14 miles an hour and in parts of our area winds are gusting in excess of 30 mile- per-hour. so the windy and much colder air has started to move in. it will be with us all day monday. the wind chill will be in the teens and 20s all day long, so bundle up the kids as you send them out to the bus stop for the first time since the holidays. snow showers arrive tuesday morning. i'll show you that system in a 2nd, but it gets even colder -- second, but it gets even colder behind that system. here we go with satellite and radar. you can see that colder air rushing in and notice how it's forming band here. that's lake effect snow, the much colder air tapping into that moisture from the lakes. on 9 futurecast you can see that we'll see a goo amount of sunshine as we head into the day -- good amount of sunshine as we head through the day on
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monday, but a clipper system is arriving in from the midwest into the day on tuesday. the snow arrives in time for that morning rush tuesday. tuesday might require the upgrade to a yellow alert if this snow ends up falling because it will be briefly intense. it's just going to be a coating or dusting. it's not a lot of snow. in fact, you won't need the shovel, maybe just a broom, sweeping it away, but it still will be enough to potentially cause some poor visibility during the tuesday morning commute. as we head into the evening rush the snow is gone, but temperatures remain very cold and your feels like forecast really showing that. as you step out the door tomorrow mornifeel like 23 in gaithersburg, 27 in downtown washington, 28 in fredericksburg, colder in the afternoon. it will feel like 19 in frederick, 17 in martinsburg and 15 in hagerstown. tuesday no better, still waking up to temperatures that will feel like they're in the mid- 20s for most of us. that wind will gust around 20
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miles per hour at times even on tuesday, a little bit of a relief in the feels like forecast heading into the afternoon tuesday, but that's in front of our second arctic blast, the middle of the workweek the worst of it. overnight tonight becoming mostly clear, 26 to 36, winds out of the northwest 15 to 25 miles per hour. in the morning it stays cold, partly cloudy, wind chills in the teens, 20s and 30s, winds out of the northwest 15 to 25 miles per hour and gusting high are than that. so -- higher than that. so the gusts will be in excess of 30 miles per hour at times and in the afternoon it's going to be blustery, a high between 35 and 41 degrees under partly sunny skies. winds relax out of the northwest 10 to 20, but that doesn't mean it will feel any better. we wake up to cold temperatures again tuesday. that snow shower is possible in the morning, a high of 36 in the afternoon and then that second blast of cold air arrives, as i told you about, a
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high of only 30 degrees wednesday. thursday is even colder, a high temperature of 28 degrees. we haven't seen anything this cold since last winter and that polar vortex cold that happened in january where we had highs in the teens. luckily it's not going to be that cold, but it will be a brutal stretch of an entire workweek with really cold temperatures. first round of the nfl playoffs in the books. bad news, the cowboys stick around. became on overtime crew breaking it down, the preview coming up next.
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9 news is sponsored in farther by your local toyota dealers. now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> call it wildcard weekend for a reason. it's wild and it's unpredictable. that's for sure. of course, we saw andrew luck take the next step in his development. boy, doesn't he look good, bruce? we also saw cam newton win his first playoff game yesterday. here's what else we saw, dallas/detroit playing a thriller. tony romo under siege all day, but he was able to throw a couple late touchdowns. everybody was talking about a controversial decision by the refs. wait till you see how ndamukong suh reacted. ravens meanwhile taking care of pittsburgh on to new england to face the pats. >> we got to enjoy the win. it's never easy.
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get our bodies back, get a good workout in this week, study and get ready for a good new england team. >> we got to get ready for our quarterback dance, know exactly what he's doing. we have to get prepared for him now. >> tom brady versus the ravens, can't wait. bruce allen gave his state of the skins speech on wednesday and let's just say no one left the building satisfied. a lot of rambling and very little meat. holden kushner is in the house and he is chomping at the bit, guys, to talk about allen's press conference and whether you should be concerned if you're a skins fan. you won't want to miss that. guess who is starting to heat up at just the right time? caps have won five of seven and jumped up two spots to the sixth position in the east. today they edged florida. we'll show you how they got it done this afternoon as they move back inside from the winter classic, so some great stuff coming up, ndamukong suh's reaction to that pi, no pi, you got to see this coming
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up. >> as long as he didn't step on somebody. >> he did not. want to recap? got some bad weather coming? >> unbelievable drop in temperatures here. it's already started and tomorrow we won't get out of the 30s in take lot of spots and then by thursday -- a lot of spots and then by thursday most of us won't get out of the 20s, a big cooldown on the way. >> game on overtime next. thanks for watching! have a great week, ev
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coming up the elite eight set in the nfl and andrew is the lucky charm and the ravens show steely resolve on the road. cowboys and lions stage a thrill are at jerry's world. meanwhile -- thriller at jerry's world. meanwhile bruce allen takes the mic and spins and spins and spins. >> hockey is back inside, the great 8 better than ever and we are, too game on overtime. spin and spin and spin. welcome to game on overtime, everybody. they call this wildcard weekend and why not? the wild part is certainly true. the ravens went to heinz field and pecked away at the steel curtain until it came crumbling down, more on them in


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