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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  January 5, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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the timing that makes this a significant event for our area. you can see the winter weather advisory has been posted for the counties highlighted in purple. that includes the entire metro areas, the surrounding counties of the beltway and the national weather service criteria for an advisory are if you get an inch or snow or more during one of the rush hours. so that is the reason for the winter weather advisory being issued in the first place. your timing here, the snow arriving before dawn, most of the snow will be during that morning commute. so we will have reduced visible because of those snowflakes, but it will be a powdery snow. it will be easy to clean off the car is really the only good news that we have here. the snow showers could continue into early afternoon. how much will you get north and west of the beltway? 1 to 2 inches. even through the i-81 corridor. we're not talking about a lot of snow, just a trace to an inch in the beltway and points south of that. in the beltway itself that's
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where you'll get about an inch of snow. overnight just mostly cloudy and cold, very much cold enough to support that snow, 20 to 26 degrees. we'll talk more about the arctic blast that arrives behind this snow coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. >> you can track that snow any time of day with the brand-new wusa9 mobile app. download it now. it's free available in the apple and google play stores. you'll be able to see where the snow is headed and check for delays or closings and tomorrow morning you can wake up with us earlier. we'll be on the air at 4 a.m. tracking the latest conditions and school closings. the timing of this storm is what could cause such a big headache for commuters and school officials. >> today transportation officials in maryland told us they're doing everything they can tonight to get ready for the morning. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in montgomery county, maryland, where highway crews are prepared for the possibility that a little snow might make for brief but big headaches
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during tomorrow morning's rush hour. >> the issue will be if it hits during rush hour. all the trucks will get stuck in the same traffic as you and i and they won't be able to treat the roads. >> i'll let out early and beat everybody off. by the time i leave 5:00, nobody on the roads. >> reporter: salt brine was mixed in volume early today and motorists could easily see the telltale silvery lines left behind where trucks had treated roads during the sunny weather today to jump start the response for tomorrow morning. schools have not announced plans for tomorrow and timing will be a big challenge leaving them no time to undo whatever call they make. in montgomery county scott broom, wusa9. d.c. snow team is ready for its first mission this winter about. 200 snowplows will be on the road by 5 a.m. tonight trucks are pretreating streets and bridges with a brine and beet juice mixture. in virginia vdot plans to have 500 trucks on the road by 4
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a.m. tomorrow to treat roads in loudoun county and other roads are being pretreated with salt and sand and they will plow if there's 2-inch of snow on the ground. while agencies are prepping to handle the roads montgomery county has something the average resident can do, shovel those sidewalks. county executive ike leggett said today keeping the walkways clear will help keep everybody safe. >> at first glance it does not seem to be a major problem or concern, but when you have a county as large as montgomery county, we have communities oftentimes disconnected, we have kids who are walking to school, people walking the streets, you can see the potential for danger. >> the safe sidewalks campaign is meant to remind residents you have to clear the sidewalks in front of and along your property within 24 hours of the end of a snowstorm or there's a $50 fine involved. county officials also ask citizens to check on their older neighbors and if you, can
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help them shovel snow in front of their homes. followup on the police- involved shooting of a fairfax county resident, john geer was killed over a year ago and for the first time tonight police released the name of the officer who fired that fatal bullet. >> but as hank silverberg explains, that new bit of information likely will not end the controversy over geer's death. >> reporter: it's been almost 17 months since john geer was shot on the doorstep of his springfield home and we finally know the name of the officer who shot him, adam torres, and he fired one shot. torres is an eight year veteran of the fairfax county police force. the information came from chief ed roessler under court order and geer was hit with one shot and when police went into geer's home, they found eight weapons including one loaded in a holster, but there's still much we don't know. the fairfax county board of supervisors said it may stay that way while three investigation continue. >> i am absolutely committed to
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making sure that our board policies or our police officers policies or the policies of our county attorney's office do not interfere with the timely release of information. >> reporter: there's an internal police probe, a state investigation and federal investigation. roessler's statement does not clear up much about the incident of august 2013 and there is sure to be more protests. today's release of the name and some details is not going to end the protests. in fact, we've heard there will be another one thursday morning in front fairfax county courthouse. in fairfax county, hank silverberg, wusa9 news. tomorrow is sentencing day for former virginia governor bob mcdonnell. last september a jury found him guilty of 11 counts of corruption and peggy fox covered the six week trial and today spoke with a juror about what she thinks should happen next. >> reporter: the federal probation office has recommended bob mcdonnell serve no less than 10 years in prison, but hundreds of supporters have written letters requesting leniency for bob mcdonnell and his attorneys are
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requesting 6,000 hours of community service instead of jail time. 1 juror says that would be a travesty of justice. >> the people can do -- good people can do bad thing. >> reporter: robin trujillo was on the jury that convicted former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife of corruption. >> we talked and we went through reams of documents and talked about the testimony and looked at all the evidence. it was just overwhelming, but also it stared us in the face. >> reporter: she's disturbed by the many letters written to judge spencer asking for a lenient sentence and community service instead of jail time for mcdonnell. you've been in touch with the jurors. is the consensus that he needs to serve time? >> yes. like i said, it wasn't just some small little thing, you know. it was major, you know, and it went on for a very long time. >> reporter: many of the 400 letters attest to the former governor's character. >> he committed major crimes. there was six weeks, eight
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hours a day of testimony and evidence to point to that. there was no way we could not convict and if it was me or you or anybody else, i'm sure tomorrow evening we would be sitting in prison. >> repor ter: in richmond, peggy fox, wusa9. >> we will send out a breaking news alert as soon as we hear what mcdonnell's sentence is. make sure to download the wusa9 app to get the information. a judge cleared former redskin fred smoot of a domestic violence charge. the loudoun county judge found him not guilty today. police arrested him in november after an incident with his now ex-girl friend who was living with him. the two agreed in court smoot asked her for keys to his truck. she locked herself in the bathroom. he kicked in the door, but the two gave different accounts of what happened next. in the end the judge said what he heard did not rise to the level of domestic violence. >> i would just like to get my jobs back. i would like for people to give me a chance. >> i know what happened.
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he knows what happened. the truth is the truth. >> smoot was suspended from several tv and radio commentator jobs, no word what will happen with that next. scores of mourners from around the country flew in today for a funeral of a man from leesburg who disappearance in mexico galvanize folk from across the world and the internet. they -- folks from across the world and the internet. they got together to remember 25-year-old yoga instructor marry simran who got lost while hiking and texted a picture saying i'm looking down on you. then he texted a picture saying he was lost. that was the last anybody had heard from him. searchers found his crumpled body at the bottom of a cliff. >> angels welcomed a great soul into their mid. >> he like completed his life soon -- midst. >> he like completed his life sooner than us, but because he was such a light and like he
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just touched the lives of so many others where, you know, his time was complete. >> organizers raised $95,000 online to help fund the four- day search and now they say they'll use that money to fund a foundation in his name. president obama may be hailing the end of american combat operations in afghanistan after 13 long years, but that's not much consolation for a family from maryland's eastern shore now mourning the loss of a soldier. >> reporter: i'm andrea mccarren at arlington national cemetery where army sergeant major wardell turner was laid to rest with full military honors. under a clear blue sky on a wind swept january afternoon family members huddled in the bitter cold to remember sergeant major wardell turner. their grief punctuated by three
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rifle volleys, a cason carried the sergeant major's body to his final resting place in section 60. born and raised in nanticote on maryland's eastern shore he was a football star in high school who went on to play at towson. >> he was a mama's boy, pretty much got his way. [ bagpipes playing amazing grace ] ter: sergeant major turner leaves behind his mother, his wife, five children and three grandchildren. he was 48 years old. at arlington national cemetery, andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> also killed in that november attack, 27-year-old specialist joseph riley from grove city, ohio. breaking news now in aspen hill, montgomery county police tell us a pedestrian was hit
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and killed on viers mill road. sky 9 above that scene now. here's a live look. you can see a lot of police activity with the flashing lights. the victim was a woman, but we do not have a name or age at this point. police do say the driver stopped at the scene. of course, if we get more information during this newscast, we will bring that to you. we'll have a full report tonight at 11:00. a second group of docks saved from a meat farm in -- dogs saved from a meat farm in south korea appeared in d.c. tonight thanks to the humane society international. group says they were living in cruel and abusive conditions but now are headed to much better lives at the animal welfare league in virginia. dog meat is commercialized in south korea. a field of 24 council candidates and 1 stands out to replace the late marion barry, why the so-called mayor for life's son is joining the race. >> plus a slew of new cameras, the six spots where you really need to watch yo
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marion barry's son made it official. he is seeking his late dad's seat on the d.c. city council to represent ward 8. christopher barry picked up the nominating petitions this afternoon at board of elections. he is 34 years old, never run for public office before, but he did speak to our bruce johnson about why he's running now. >> reporter: there was a time you weren't interested in getting into public office. what changed? why do you want this job now? >> as i matured and grown older and as a man you want to take more of a part in your community and assume more responsibility. being under his shadow always felt limited as to what i could do, where i could go personally and now it's just given me an opportunity to spread my wings. >> christopher barry becomes candidate no. 24 for that seat on the city council. the special election, april 28th. the d.c. police department
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is installing more speed cameras around town. look at this map. the new cameras are on 34th street, michigan avenue, irving avenue, north capitol street and eastern avenue. for the first 30 daysviolators will get a warning. after that it will be a fine. you'll find a full list of the new speed camera locations on our wusa9 news app. gas prices could start to inch their way back up, but this has nothing to do with oil production or demand. that's going to be after weather. >> it is starting to get a little colder on the weather terrace. it was breezy all day and now we have snow arriving and then behind
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the only station with weather alert days, wusa9 first alert weather. >> this is a yellow alert country, folks. >> snow is on the way in, erica. >> it's the timing of that snowfall that's making it such a big impact for us. it's right as you to head out the door. let's start off with a look at the michael and son weather cam. right now still completely dry, of course, 33 degrees, partly cloudy. the dew point is 1, very dry atmosphere as well as being chilly, winds out of the northwest at 9 miles per hour, but we're still gusting about 15 miles per hour. the snow arrives before dawn in the immediate metro area. it's going to be a light powdery snow, but since it falls during the morning rush, that's why it's such a concern
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for us. the snow will be light and powdery. the only good news about this system is the snow will be very easy to clear off the car and sidewalks, but after the snow moves out even colder air arrives and wednesday will be windy as well. you can very clearly see the snow approaching here on satellite and radar. it's a clipper system. that's why it's so cold and dry. on 9 futurecast the cloud cover increasing during the overnight hours and the snow moves in just in time for that morning commute. 5 a.m. it's already snowing in the beltway and along i-66, along 270 and along i-81. snow starts to lift out as we head into the tail end of the rush, but it's still snowing even in southern maryland, some snowflakes not looking at accumulating snow in place like charles and st. mary's county. as we head into the afternoon hours, the snow starts to lift out. we'll be left with a few flurries and flakes, but the wind starts to pick up tuesday
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night and wednesday morning. that leads to our next issue, the wind chill factor. tomorrow morning feeling like the low 20s. the wind isn't a huge factor. it's just that the air temperature will remain in the 20s during the day and the wind chill in the low to mid-20s. wednesday look at how the wind chill drops off further. wednesday morning the wind chills will be in the teens throughout the entire metro area, even in the beltway. in the afternoon as the wind continues to gust we'll look at wind chill values in the single digits. that means wind will gust near 40 miles per hour. here's your snowfall forecast. 1 to 2 inches right outside of the beltway north and west. in the beltway and points south a trace to an inch, 2 to 4 inches far north and west not in the immediate metro area. overnight tonight mostly cloudy with snow showers arriving by dawn, 20 to 26 degrees. those snow showers could be heavy at times in the afternoon
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or in the morning i should say with temperatures in the 20s and then in the afternoon a high between 30 and 36 degrees. the snow ends, but it's still going to be cold. in the first alert seven-day forecast on thursday, that's the coldest day, a high of 26 degrees. i think wednesday will feel the coldest because of that wind chill factor. you can check out the app. go to the google store or your apple store and find the wusa9 news app and download it. you can check on the closings and delays any time using that app. it's a great resource. if you're just getting home, turning on the television, here's a quick check of our day's headlines. jury selection underway in the trial of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. lawyers are picking from a pool of 1,200 people. this process is expected to take weeks. prosecutors say tsarnaev and his brother planned the attacks as payback for u.s. actions in muslim countries. the defense suggested it plans to show the older brother
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influenced him. the bombings killed three people, injured more than 260. two young men hoping to make the u.s. ski team died in an avalanche today in the austrian alps. the u.s. ski team says ronnie berlack and bryce astle set off the avalanche when they left the slope. an avalanche alert was in place at the time. the 19 and 20-year-old men were training for the world cup races which start tomorrow. the price at the pump could start to go back up thanks to the new congressional class. the incoming chair of the senate transportation committee says lawmakers may have to consider raising the gasoline tax in order to fill a huge shortfall in the highway trust fund. right now that tax is 18 cents a gallon and it hasn't changed since 1993.
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our weekend with brad pitt and reese witherspoon. >> awards season is officy iall on. ♪ oyelowo ♪ >> that serenade of your name was wonderful. >> that was pretty amazing. >> we'll show you brad's sing-along for a "selma" star and reese's huge honor. >> if you want to get something done, ask a mom to do it. >> mary hart was backstage at palm spring, and she talked to everybody and is here tonight to break it down. >> including how stars were campaigning for oscar. >> trolling for oscar but come on. >> plus cameron diaz had her wedding today. >> and a celebrity got into a bad car crash. we'll tell what you happened to his wife and young son. >> then we remember my friend espn's stuart scott and his brave cancer fight and close bond with robin roberts. >> one of my greatest inspirations of my life while battling this thing id s anwas her. >> and you talked to kevin hart
7:30 pm
about the leaked sony e-mails. >> yes, and by the way, he's staying clear of north korea. >> i don't want nobody digging up stuff on me, brother. >> now "entertainment tonight," we love entertaining people. >> cameron diaz gets married in secret today as "new jersey housewife" teresa guidice starts her new life behind bars. we're going to have those stories on the way and look at who is here. mary hart, always good to have you here, and welcome to your home. this is always your home. >> nancy kevin, it's great to see you guys. feels so good to be right here with you. really kind of like home. >> literally, it's the house that mary built. we're just leasing space from her. >> absolutely. >> too kind, too kind. >> you had a busy weekend because awards season is officially now under way. >> well, kevin, it really is an honor to be hosting the palm springs international film festival sharing the stage with literally some of the biggest stars in the world. but this year i left the singing to brad pitt. ♪ oyelowo ♪ ♪ oyelowo ♪


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