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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  January 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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starts to let up and we'll see a much better afternoon. but then, boy, is it going to get cold as we just saw in the story beforehand. it's snowing all the way through 66. now just east of the bay a little bit drier but we're going to see the snow filter on in. it's all coming here. starts back through ohio so it will move pretty fast through here but we still have a lot more snow to go through. we are going to see higher elevations up to 2 to 4 through hagerstown. we'll continue to track the timing of the snow and how your afternoon will fair coming up in just a bit. let's go to beverly with traffic. >> reporter: eastbound side of 66 had the crash between manassas and actually closer to 29 centreville. initially left side of the roadway was blocked. the activity now on the left shoulder has become a focal point of delays for folks out of manassas. got an accident, vehicle overturned between markham and marshall near the 21 mile marker. that one rolled on to its roof in the median. all things you don't want to do. out of dunkirk, the northbound lanes of route 4 blocked initially with the crash near
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talbott road between 260 and 258. a couple of people trapped in one of the vehicles. northbound 4 for the time being being blocked. beltway north of andrews doing okay for now. on the inner loop of the beltway there were crashes it basically between greenbelt and landover. both moved out of the roadway near the bw parkway and 450. montgomery county beltway early crash as we head on the beltway near colesville between colesville and georgia and again near connecticut avenue of the one on the inner loop of the beltway just after the left exit for 270 they're clearing up. mike, nick, back to you. >> thanks a lot, bev. as the snow piles up, so do the closings and delays this morning. >> delia goncalves has been monitoring all of that working the phones, checking twitter. any updates? >> reporter: a lot going on. we have more than two dozen schools canling and delaying. operations and classes this morning. lots of kids sleeping in. but if you live in the district, wake up. d.c. public schools and d.c. government open and on time. but let's take a look at some of the closures that have come
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in so far. we can tell you that mineral county public schools in west virginia closed. hampshire county public schools in west v.a. values closed. fauquier county -- in west virginia closed. fauquier county in virginia closed. shenandoah county schools closed. we have fauquier county schools, we told you about that. frederick, virginia schools closed. rapahannock, virginia schools closed as well. win chester public schools closed. warren county public schools. allegheny county public schools in maryland closed. we just received word on that. so that is a very new updated closure there for you. and we can also tell you that just into the newsroom, culpeper public schools closed. and garrett county, maryland, public schools closed. we have about a dozen or so delays so far. i encourage you to just tune in
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and take a look at all of those closures and delays that you see scrolling on the bottom of your screen. you can always download our mobile app for latest information before you head out the door. again, a lot of kids sleeping in but if you live in d.c., time to wake up. back to you. a lot, delia. you saw just a moment ago with allyson's map, the district and north, you're going to get an inch to two inches. it changes, though, if you're going south. >> exactly. let's go to our reporters taking a look at what's going on outside. let's start in the leesburg section of loudoun county. >> that's where nikki burdine joins us near route 7. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. talk about the timing of this storm. here we are just getting ready to get into rush hour and the snow is coming down. that means the roads are starting to be affected. you see the plow truck just going by. his plow has not been dropped yet. that's because there's not two inches on the ground yet. however, you can see the stripes on the road. it's kind of a messy slush out
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here on route 7 in leesburg. about half an hour ago, it was just wet rain. now it's slush. i want to ground, though. that's where you can see the accumulation. in our last half-hour, i made an x here in the parking lot. let's take a look at an update and see where it is. it's almost covered, guys. not as much as last time but you can see there's quite a bit of snow here on the the ground here in leesburg in this parking lot. we'll keep you updated on the road conditions here as the snow continues to fall. be careful as you're heading out to work this morning. back to you in the studio. >> that's nikki in northern virginia. now we want to send it over to germantown, maryland, where vanessa herring is joining us. >> good morning, vanessa? >> reporter: it's kind of the same story. you can see where most of the cars have been traveling. it's kind of cleared out but the roads are still slick. take your time. allow yourself some extra time if you are heading out today. you can see the accumulation
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here on the ground. i've been clearing it off and it keeps coming back. it is the light fluffy stuff so it's easy to clear off your car if you are heading out this morning. make sure you do clear off your car so you can see wherever you're driving. allow yourself that extra time. the roads do have snow on them. they are a little slick so you want to make sure you take your time so you can get to where you're going safely. i'll send it back you to guys in the studio. >> thank you, vanessa. in germantown along 355. now the city's department of public works. it seems to be coming down quickly, bill. >> it's coming down at a pretty good clip. we have 200-plus trucks out in d.c. salting right now as your reporters stated earlier, it's not enough snow to plow but we are putting salt down. yesterday we put brine down on as many streets as we could we couldn't get it out earlier because of the rain. we're in pretty good shape.
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we just ask motorists to drive cautiously, clear their cars, and that residents and business owners clear their sidewalks for pedestrians. >> this is really a moment you've been preparing for for quite some time. it was a couple of months ago we saw the plows circling around the parking lot. >> on october 24 we had our dry run. it was assimilated. we're clearly in a full event today. so we're prepared for it and we're ready to go. >> as far as -- checking in with leverly farm -- beverly farmer with traffic. you seeing any problems with accidents or traffic? >> we're unaware of any incidents in the district at this point. we have salt down. we need a few cars to drive over it to work the product in. then the roads should be fine later on. >> fortunately there's a lot of traffic that moves in and out of the district and that helps keep the snow from sticking too much. as far as your road conditions right now in and around the
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district, where does it seem as if the worst areas are or you can tell just yet? >> probably the upper northwest area. that's usually where it's -- it snows the heaviest and has the coldest temperature. the rest of the city is in pretty good shape. >> as far as mass transit, no problems there either? >> no problems as of yet. i think we'll be fine throughout the day. as soon as the temperature warms up a little bit and, you know, we get a little more salt on the ground, things will be just fine. >> bill howland, we appreciate your time this morning, director of the city's department of public works. we'll talk to you soon. >> thank you. take care now. bye-bye. a friendly reminder. you can track the snow any time of day with the wusa9 mobile app. the free download is available in apple and google stores. you can check for any closings or delays in your area. prison or community service? today former virginia governor bob mcdonnell will find out what he will be facing in the next few years of his life.
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>> and same-sex marriage now legal in the sunshine state. more on that after the break.
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afternoon. don't cancel your afternoon or evening plans. bitter cold comes tomorrow. full forecast coming up in about five. right now beverly with a slick update. >> reporter: southbound lanes of 270 for our latest incident report. that's going to be southbound in rockville south of falls road. certainly can see the volume of traffic something is blocking a portion of the road. getting from falls road toward montrose road for the crash. police and fire rescue are just headed to the scene. as far as route 4 is concerned, out of southern maryland northbound 4 is still closed north of 260 at talbott road. northbound 4 between 260 and 25, nobody getting by the scene of the serious crash. crash northbound 95 in newington still tying up the left side of the roadway. your ride coming out of woodbridge impacted. everybody is feeling the pain here. back to you, mike, nick. 6:11 now. today former virginia governor bob mcdonnell is scheduled to be sentenced. prosecutors are calling for a lengthy prison sentence. the defense wants extensive
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community service instead. >> as you well know by now, mcdonnell is the first ever virginia governor convicted of corruption. we're joined by the criminal defense attorney gary gertsenfield. what do you anticipate? >>it's going to be a long sentencing. a lot to be said. the defense has worked hard to put together a great presentation. i think it will be interesting to watch and compelling. i think we'll see a lot of people make some heartfelt statements. so i think it will be a very compelling story to watch. >> as we've heard, there's been more than 400 letters on behalf of the former governor's character. will that make an impact on the judge? >> everything helps. it's actually 430 letters. it helps. the fact that people haven't turned their back, important people. former congressman eric cantor wrote a very coppelling letter.
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tim kaine wrote a very, very compelling letter as well. his two daughters have written extremely heartfelt letters where basically they put blame with their mother. so those letters help. will it make a huge difference in the end? if it shaves off a year or two years, i think it made a difference. >> you brought a list with you of some of the other people who have been convicted of corruption, the time they spent both locally here and around the country. robthis wasn't so cut and dry here in virginia. >> in rob's case, he denied responsibility. the biggest difference is here it's gifts and toys and there
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really wasn't anything given back. jonnie williams didn't say he really got anything back. he didn't make money from it. it's not as salacious in terms of what some of the other politicians who have gotten caught up. when you look the at years they got, william jefferson 13 years, for example. ray nagan ten years, phil hamilton nine years. we look at our former county executive from prince george's county, jack johnson. he got seven, almost seven and a half years. >> when you look at the letters on his behalf, the argument his family has suffered so much already. does that play into the judge's thinking? >> it does, but remember now, he had sentencing guidelines that are between 10 and 13 years in prison. he's got a lot of time according to guidelines. he's 60 years old. judge spencer has a strong
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reputation of being somebody that tries to create the right kind of sentence. he certainly is not somebody that goes by guidelines. i do anticipate a lower than guideline sentence, perhaps significantly lower but at the end of the day, thy think is what our former governor is going to be wearing. >> sad state of affairs for virginia. we appreciate your time. good to see you wens again. time to take another look at the facebook question of the morning. it is estimated that this item served in restaurants contains the most germs. is it a, peanuts, b, lemon wedges or c, bread sticks? >> rita maria is going with a, peanuts because so many people
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let it go, phil. if you're a camel, you put up with this all the time. it's what you do. (sigh) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ok... in the news right now, new york city police are searching for the person who shot two officers in the bronx. one officer was hit in the arm the the other was hit in the stomach and the arm. they are both expected to recover. about 1200 people are expected to be questioned during jury selection in the trial of accused boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. jury select is expected to last at least three days. tsarnaev could be getting the death penalty if convicted. we're learning more about the deaths two of u.s. ski team prospects. ronnie berlack and bryce astle were killed in an avalanche
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while skiing in europe. fred smooth smoopt -- fred smoot was free of all charges [ inaudible ] a number of same-sex couples are getting ready to get married in florida today. yesterday a circuit court judge ruled president state's gay marriage ban was unconstitutional. same-sex marriage is now legal in 36 states and here in the district. the know is piling up and so are the closings and delays for schools. >> indeed. delia goncalves join us live from the newsroom with a look at who is opening late. >> reporter: lots of kids sleeping in this morning. i used to love snow days when i was a kid waiting for the reports to come in. and they are coming in fast and furious, just like the snowfall and a -- in a lot of the live shots we've seen. we heard from d.c. ddot. if you live in the city, you've
6:20 am
got to wake up because everything seems to be going as planned. and everything seems to be fine in d.c. right now with a lot of trucks on the road dropping some salt to make sure that folks can get to their destination safely and on time. but let's take a look at some of the closures that have come in so far into our newsroom here at wusa9. we have mineral county public schools and hampshire county public schools in west virginia both closed. fauquier county and shenandoah county public schools in virginia closed as well. frederick county schools, warren county schools and winchester county all in virginia, those school districts are closed as well as allegheny county public schools in maryland closed as well. we're hearing word, new update, clarke county schools, culpeper in virginia in virginia closed. garrett county. we have more than a dozen
6:21 am
delays at this point. local school districts and some ledges as well. you want to take a look at all of those listings scrolling down on your screen. you can download our mobile app for more information as well. howard bernstein, let's take a look at conditions. are we going to get more snow? is it going to ease up a little bit later today, howard? >> it will be later today. i'm a little surprised we have delays and not closures. i normally advocate doing stuff but i don't think the conditions will be a much -- be much better in a couple of hours with a delay. if someone updates from a delay to a closure, that wouldn't surprise me. a little snow on the ground in d.c. we will have know mid- to late -- snow mid- to late afternoon and sun this afternoon. your afternoon and evening plans will be final. the roads will be fine this afternoon with temperatures comfortably above freezing. some sunshine. maybe a stray snow shower late but that's it. then tonight we do get back below freezing.
6:22 am
in fact, we'll fall into the 20s overnight. everything is going to freeze up that's wet. a lot will dry out. then we're going to stay below freezing i think till friday this point. clipper coming through. you see it passing from ohio into pennsylvania, west virginia. on top of us as we speak. some areas are seeing snow. even down south where it looks like it's snowing, this stuff is really light down south so we have higher visibilities. lots of snow. it's in the 20s so it's sticking on anything that's not treated. some of the brighter white areas toward warrenton are picking up a little bit more snow and up into parts of montgomery and frederick county. from let smith to newland, southern maryland you -- lady smith to newland, southern mid, you may see a little. the lower visibilities, the heavier the snow. dulles only a half mile right now. you're flying this morning, i think there are going to be delays. conditions will be much, much better this afternoon. we're thinking a general one to two inches. somebody got three across upper montgomery, western howard,
6:23 am
better chance into frederick, westminster, the shenandoah valley and out west where i think 2 to 41 more like -- 4 is more likely. we have the slick spots. this afternoon sun, temps mid- to upper 30s. 1 to 2 inches. wind advisory till 1:00. 20s tonight and only 20s tomorrow. painful tomorrow. passing snow shower, windchills single digits and teens. we stay in the 20s for highs on thursday after starting in the single digits and teens. friday, saturday, 30s. back above 40 by sunday. 6:23. good morning, bev or is it? >> reporter: not good morning on the roadways for certain. showing you the camera of the beltway connecticut avenue to illustrate take although the volume is relatively light connecticut has trouble out of kensington getting to the beltway for a crash. southbound before you reach the beltway, looks like only one lane of terrific able to get by that crash. you have to understand maybe a highway we may have more complicated issue. bw parkway, a series of accidents. avoid the parkways. they are not going to be as well treated and certainly more
6:24 am
slick. along the parkway, northbound crash north of nsa, southbound near 193 greenbelt before the beltway, a myriad of accidents along the bw parkway. northbound 4 still closed leaving calvert county or anne arundel into calvert, northbound as you make your way past 260 at talbott road is completely closed down. we'll check out the ride on 66, getting into fair oaks in that jamup making your way in toward vienna and toward the beltway. thanks for joining us this morning. wusa9 news will continue coverage of the storm and here you go. wow! thanks! get a free beverage in any size for enrolling in dd perks, and start earning points towards more rewards with every purchase. join today for a free beverage on us. america runs on dunkin'.
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you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. in case you missed it, today is the day law makers are back in business on capitol hill. in just a few hours the 114th congress formally convenes with the republicans controlling both the house and senate. issues include the keystone pipeline, health care and immigration. with the new majority comes new leaders. mitch mcconnell becomes the new senate majority leader. house speaker john boehner is expected to retain his post. d.c.'s congressional delegate eleanor holmes norton is expected to ask for her right to vote. norton has what's called a committee vote. it's only given to the d.c. delegate if congress grants it. house leaders reportedly plan to take it away. yesterday the d.c. mayor muriel bowser called on congress to let delegate eleanor holmes norton retain what little
6:28 am
voting power she has. meanwhile, special election today in virginia will decide who will replace barbara comstock at the 34 rght district delegate. just in minutes ago, spacex has delayed its rocket launch at cape canaveral we're told. it would have been the first mission since last october when a supply ship exploded just seconds after leaving the launch pad. it is coming up on 6:29 now. a live look outside at reagan national there. temperatures well below freezing. plenty of snow across the area. >> the snow is falling. is it falling out on the weather terrace? let's find out. allyson rae is out there with a live look at your forecast. >> reporter: yes, it definitely is. i stepped out about 4:30 and there were just a few flakes falling. now it's really coming down. visibilities are low and there is snow on the ground and not only on the ground, on your porch or the table outside. it's going to be on the roads
6:29 am
as well. let's take a look at what we are dealing with. it's going to continue for another couple of hours. it's way back off to the west. through 9:30 it continues. temperatures are going to stay below freezing until this gets out of the way. by lunch time we're looking at much better conditions and then we'll get up to the mid- to upper 30s. from now until 10:30, 11:00 count on a little bit of snow headed your way. take it easy out there of the let's go to bemply with traffic -- beverly with traffic. >> reporter: take it easy by staying home a word to the wise. folks out there dealing with a lot of congestion and a lot of issues with these conditions. even the major arteries that have been treated still having problems out there. we've had a number of slippy slide accidents, that sort of thing. in georgetown look at the snow trap between the lanes coming in from rosslyn up across the inbound key bridge into georgetown. check out the trip on 270 southbound where we've seen jammed traffic getting down out of rockville toward the lane divide for the beltway.
6:30 am
earlier accident there. a crash on southbound connecticut avenue out of kensington between there and the beltway had only one lane getting by as far as the beltway conditions are concerned. and inbound lanes of route 4 still closed down. folks out of dunkirk, northbound 4 still blocked between 60 and 258 at talbott road with a serious crash there. mike, nick, back to you. there are a few delays and snow advisories you need to know about before you head out. >> we'll take a look at exactly what those are. delia goncalves joins us live from the newsroom with more. >> reporter: we just got word that fort detrick has liberal leave today as well as some other government jurisdictions. alexandria city government unscheduled leave for nonemergency employees. howard county government liberal leave as well. of course opm as we've been reporting is offering employees federal government employees unscheduled leave or telework. a number of delays and closures coming n. let's take a look at some of the latest closures we
6:31 am
have for you. mineral county public schools and hampshire county public schools in west virginia closed. fauquier county public schools, shenandoah county public schools in virginia closed as well this morning. also we have frederick county public schools, warren county and winchester city public schools in virginia all closed. and in maryland allegheny county public schools closed as well. and we just this information, clarke county public schools in virginia, garrett county public schools in maryland and culpeper county public schools in virginia closed. we just had the director of ddot on the air just a short time ago who reported that 200 trucks are on the roads in d.c. dropping some salt, laying down that salt. they did brine yesterday. they are reporting that conditions are looking good in the district and that means, well, things might be looking bad for some students because they are waking up early. d.c. public schools and
6:32 am
government open and on time this morning. that's the very latest. of course you can check out all the delays at the bottom of your screen. back to you in the studio. >> where you live some kids are jumping on the bed. [ no audio ] >> nick giovanni -- nikki burdine has been measuring the snow. she joins us from the leesburg section of loudoun county. >> reporter: it is certainly starting to pile up out here. can you see my hair? i've only been out here for a minute and a half and i'm already covered. but as for you at home, you're getting ready to head out to work, what you need to know right now, we are on route 7 in leesburg. a lot of slush. quite a difference in the past half-hour. you see the snowplows through route 7. the plows haven't been dropped yet because there's not enough accumulation on the ground, just enough slushiness to really make your commute a
6:33 am
pain this morning. we've seen a lot of drivers out here just taking it extra slow and they were pretreating the roads out here this morning which kept it clear for a little while but it's starting to stick, really making more of a difference and definitely going to make your commute a little slower this morning. stay warm out there. people walking into work this morning, driving in, if you are one of those people, stay off the roads if you can. if not, make sure you give yourself a lot of extra time, extra space between the cars in front of you. i know it's hard to tell but i want to show you the ground here. right now that's how much accumulation we have just here on the ground. be careful. we'll keep you updated on the situation here in leesburg. >> looks like you were getting a little snowball ready for a second. let's show the virtual snowball
6:34 am
to vanessa herring. >> reporter: we're seeing the same situation here, not enough to plow but it is accumulating. we're here at the corner of germantown and frederick road not far from the 270 ramp. you can see where cars have been driving. the road is kind of clear but there is some snow accumulating on the road. it is slick so you'll want to take some extra time. we've been seeing drivers exercise some caution as they come on by here. the stuff is fluffy. it's not too heavy. it's the light snow. i want to show you earlier how quickly it's coming down. i cleared off the live truck. it's already back on the hood. as you can see, easy to wipe away. it's not going to take you too long as you head out this morning. but again it is starting to stick on the road so you do want to make sure you allow yourself that extra time. we've seen a lot of plow trucks, salt trucks coming through. again, the plows are not out just yet because there's not quite enough to plow but they are out here. they are salting and trying to
6:35 am
keep conditions safe for all you drivers. that's the situation here right now in germantown. i'm vanessa herring. back you to in the studio. >> thanks a lot live in germantown this morning. you can track the snow any time of day with the new wusa9 mobile app. the free download away at the apple and google stores. you'll be able to check for any closings or delays in your area. deacon from the district, you're today's facebook fan of the day. thanks for joining us each morning. he said he should be the fan of the day because wusa9 is my first stop for entertainment and news. >> two tickets to "baskerville," sherlock holmes mysteries is a way of saying thank you. fill out the form on our wusa9
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6:38. getting reports of half an inch of snow around mount vernon and an inch and a half toward front royal from a couple of hours ago. some areas are starting to really accumulate. you're looking at a live shot on the weather camera of washington, the slow traffic, snow on the ground. about a quarttory half-inch in northwest -- quarter to half- inch in northwest d.c. snow will start to taper off late morning toward midday. sun this afternoon. anywhere from a trace to two inches generally but some of the higher elevations and higher favorite spots could be three, locally four inches. the temperatures this morning will be above freezing.
6:39 am
the sun will come out this afternoon. if you do have afternoon and evening plans, do not cancel them. the roads will be fine. just watch out this morning. a lot of slick areas with temperatures right now in the teens and 20s. i'll come back with doppler 9000. we'll show you the snow map and how the bitter seven-day forecast, bitterly cold, that is, seven-day forecast at about 6:46. right now beverly, timesaver traffic. a very busy place this morning. >> reporter: very busy out there. montgomery county, a number of closures, including a stretch of veirs mill road that shut down now between connecticut avenue and newport mill road. georgia avenue dealing with a similar situation north of the beltway at windham lane. that is blocked due to icy conditions and earlier accidents. southbound lanes of connecticut avenue cannot access the beltway coming down out of kensington between solid beach. accident had involved one of the treatment crew trucks that took down a pole and piers as a result not -- wires. as a result now a power outage. 66 virginia, you're not fairing much better with the volume out
6:40 am
there and the conditions. eastbound 66 lineups getting into manassas, centreville into fair oaks and vienna. so far no current incidents blocking anything there. northbound route 4 by the way still blocked as you make your way out of calvert and anne arundel county north of 260. mike, back to you. >> thanks, bev. the name of a fairfax county police officer involved in a controversial 2013 shooting of john geer has now been released. officer adam torres is an eight- year veteran of the fairfax county police department, and police say he fired one shot at geer as he stood on his porch. geer died from the shooting. the information was released under a court order. the attorney for the geer family says more information should be released by the end of the month. lawyers for the man accused of abducting uva student hannah graham are fighting to keep cameras out of the scour room later this week. jesse matthew is charged with attempted murder and rain after allegedly attacking a fairfax woman in 2005. matthew has been in custody
6:41 am
since september also charged with abducting hannah graham. her body was found last october in a wooded area near charlottesville. forensic evidence links matthew to the 2009 murder of a virginia tech student. a couple of months ago a judge ruled that 60-year-old jiamey tian is incompetent to be held for trial. she's accused of defacing the national cathedral. last night a car struck and killed a pedestrian in aspen hill on veirs mill road. the woman was walking against the flow of traffic and she was not in a crosswalk when she was hit. the driver did stay on the scene until police got there. there are some new traffic control measures in the district. five new speed cameras are up and running. they are in the 3400 block of 34th street in northwest d.c. the 100 block of michigan avenue, northwest, the 100
6:42 am
block of irving street also in northwest, and the 3000 block of north capitol street in northwest, and the 3600 block of eastern avenue in northeast d.c. there is a 30-day warning period and then tickets will be issued. following in his father's footsteps, marion barry's son is seeking his late father's seat to represent ward 8. christopher barry picked up nominating pa tigs yesterday afternoon at the board of elections. the 34-year-old has never run for public office before. he becomes the 24th candidate for the ward 8 council seat. the special election is scheduled for april 28. 6:42. time now to an our facebook question of the morning. here it is one more time. it's estimated that this time served in restaurants contains the most germs. is it a, peanuts, b, lemon wedges or c, breadbaskets? >> is going to be alarming either way. marge says it's b. they're usually picked up by serverses who hands have been everywhere. guess what, marge is in fact
6:43 am
right. the answer is b, lemon wedges.
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welcome back. time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are working on. norah o'donnell is live in new york with a preview. good morning, norah. >> good morning to you, mike and nick. ahead, plunging temperaturing lead to crashes and flight cancellations all across the country. we're in chicago where the extreme measures taken to keep cities moving in the cold. the youngest congresswoman ever will be sworn in today. we tell you why she's optimistic about bringing change to washington. the news is back in the morning so we'll see you right at 7:00. >> have a good show. thanks a lot. 6:46 now. it's good to know the federal government will be open for business, at least at this point talking about the updates around town. >> with all the snow. that means delays and closings are piling up, especially with schools. delia goncalves is tracking all of those from the newsroom. good morning. >> reporter: there is
6:47 am
unscheduled leave and telework for term government workers. and -- federal government workers. and alexandria city government unscheduled leave and howard county government also on liberal leave. fairfax county schools and prince william county schools taking a beating on twitter, a lot of folks wondering why they haven't gotten updates from those particular counties, those school districts as of yet. however, we can tell you that there is no information that they have any delays or cancellations. so fairfax county public schools, prince william county, as far as we know on time and on schedule. we will change that if we do get information that tells us differently. but let's take a look at the closings we have so far. mineral county public schools, hampshire county schools in west virginia closed. fauquier county and shenandoah county schools in virginia closed. we also have frederick county public schools, warren county, winchester county public schools and allegheny county public schools in maryland closed as well this morning.
6:48 am
clarke county, garrett county in maryland, culpeper public schools and page county public schools in virginia closed as well. we have a number of delays, more than two dozen at this point. so check out the bottom of your screen for all of those delays. the very latest here in the newsroom. back to you. >> page county by the way was a delay. now they are closed so they've changed. i think we may have a few more of that going on. if you look at our weather camera, look at all the snow out there, anywhere from quarttory half an inch in d.c. a report out of winchester, an inch and a quarter. probably have folks out in the shenandoah valley, front royal, maybe one and a half to two inches out that way. we'll have snow continuing through the mid- to late morning. but by the afternoon, even lurch time, i think things will -- lunch time i think things will get a lot better. it will still drop 1 to 2 at least here locally. 3 if not 4 inches well north and west of town. temperatures this afternoon get into the mid and upper 30s. the sun will be out. so your afternoon and evening
6:49 am
plans, do not cancel them. this morning you've got to exercise extreme caution even though these are fine flakes and it's dry and powdery and move it easily, it's very, very slick out there. here's the clipper we've been tracking from indiana to ohio getting across northern west virginia and washington region right now. we'll zoom in on doppler 9000. you can see the bands of snow, breaks too as you get toward king george and toward colonial beach. you go to d.c. west just out66 through warrenton and out toward loudoun and fairfax counties, parts of montgomery county you also have quarter to half an inch county wide there. a lot of light snow to occasionally moderate snow. some of the visibilities have been telling the story. down south you see it looks like there's snow falling from newland to lady smith, even ashland and richmond. when you look at the visibilities, not likely reaching the ground. we have es at 10 miles here. from warrenton, culpeper a mile to half mile at dulles right
6:50 am
now. sos that -- so that snow is coming down at a good clip. i'm thinking 1 to 2 for the most part. down south a trace to an inch from charles and southern prince george's. montgomery 1 to 2. 2 to 3 potentially from clarksburg and mount airy or up to mount airy, damascus, those areas. 2 to 4 from win chester to frederick and up to hagerstown and martinsburg, much of the mountains. then the high country out west with the cold air moving in tonight and tomorrow, you're going to get 4 to 6, locally higher than that. a much better afternoon. yellow alert in effect for the morning hours. 28 tomorrow. it will feel like single digits and teens with winds over 30 at times. snow shower or two. painfully cold tomorrow. just as cold if not colder on thursday but lighter winds so it won't be as bad. friday and saturday 30s. back to 40 hopefully by sunday. coming up on 6:51.
6:51 am
beverly farmer, it's bad but where is it the worst i guess is what i'm asking? >> reporter: a lot of closures in montgomery county. we've got wires down, icy conditions, but all over the area feeling the impact given the conditions out there. northbound on 95, the struggle pa a long-standing -- past a long-standing crash in newington. it was blocked so long, the lane pretty much snow covered. jammed getting into newington. main and the express lane, hov well. the beltway between temple hills and ge, there are at least three accidents along the way on the inner loop. outer loop word of an accident that may also be leaving alexandria. a number of single vehicle accidents we've seen. inbound lanes of route 4 remain closed between 260 and 258 at talbot road out of dunkirk jammed as a result. 270 southbound getting past father hurley boulevard out of germantown and continuous delay. southbound connecticut avenue can't access the beltway. that's closed. wires down from a crash. that's a look at your timesaver
6:52 am
traffic. we'll be right back with mortined coverage of the snow
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
[ stand by for captions ] [ no audio ] >> 125 bodies still missing. 162 people were on the plane whether it crashed last month. so far 37 bodies have been recovered. later today, former new york governor mario cuomo will be laid to rest. the funeral is set for this morning in manhattan. cuomo died new year's dead hours actually after his son andrew was sworn in for his second term as governor. on the weather front, arctic air is sweeping across the northern united states. it's bringing wind, snow and bitter cold temps to the midwest. in the northeast temperatures are expected to plummet even further by mid week. some cities are expected to feel the chill. we're looking at snow here
6:56 am
in d.c. right now. you can see it coming down. it's going to be a slow go here. seven-day forecast, temps, they're going to struggle. in fact today we'll be in the mid- to upper 30s this afternoon. the morning is going to be a problem. one, two inches here locally but three, maybe four in a few spots well north and west. watch out for the slick spots. much better this afternoon. do not cancel your afternoon or evening plans. the roads will be fine. tomorrow painfully cold. highs in the mid- upper 20s. windchills single digits and teens. as we head toward thursday still bitterly cold but not windy. it will be better then and milder toward the weekend. >> reporter: feel free to cane sell your morning plans, absolutely. a series of accidents on the roadways. a lot of trouble out there. northbound inbound lanes of route 4 blocked out of dunkirk between 260 and 258. numerous accidents on the bw parkway. brand new crash 95 newington. southbound connecticut avenue remains closed getting out of kensington toward the beltway. wires down related to the
6:57 am
crash. if you city at home, please wait it out. cbs this morning is coming up next. would you think your fingerprint is more secure than a password? apparently think again. >> a hacking group claims it could fake your fingerprints using only a camera. what you need to know. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes with an update on this traffic and messy weather as well. >> get all the closures, delays, weather updates and the traffi here you go. wow! thanks! get a free beverage in any size for enrolling in dd perks, and start earning points towards more rewards with every purchase. join today for a free beverage on us. america runs on dunkin'.
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♪ good morning. it is tuesday, january 6th 25th. welcome to "cbs this morning." millions caught in an icy grip. temperatures plummet below zero and fast-moving snow heads east. two more nypd officers shot overnight. a massive manhunt is under way. and if you think that fingerprint i.d. on your phone is secure you better think again. how hackers can use a simple photograph to bypass your security. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> it's snowing, put it in four-wheel drive that's all


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