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tv   wusa 9 News Saturday at 6pm  CBS  January 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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. tonight we're learning more about the little boy who died in an icy pond. hello, everyone. thank you for joining us. this evening we have a name for the young boy who was playing on a pond in maryland and somehow fell into the icy waters where he drowned. prince george's exownt police identified him tonight as 7- year-old zaquan white of the district. stephanie ramirez spoke to neighbors in the area. >> it's like a runoff. in summertime, it will get fuller than that. >> reporter: that's why mike ford tells us the adults living around this retention pond try to keep an eye out on kids playing near the water, but
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ford says he wasn't home yesterday when the prince george's county police department pulled a 7-year-old boy from the pond. a police spokesperson says the boy was playing in the area and walked onto the ice before he fell through and drowned. >> it's such a sad thing to happen this time of year. the new year's coming and the family has to bury their child. it's just sad. >> reporter: a woman who tells channel 9 she's a friend of the victim's father posted photos to instagram, saying this is the young victim. 7-year-old zaquan antonio white. at a next door apartment complex? >> if hurts. i have to figure out something to tell my child. this is a little boy that he comes outside with and plays with on a daily basis. >> reporter: miss henderson did not want to show her face on camera, but tells us-- >> i told my son to stay away from the pond. >> reporter: neighbors tell us the pond did have a small fence, but that it was recently reconstructed. fence or no fence, fire crews say especially in this weather, any waterway is dangerous. that's why fire departments
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have to practice ice water rescues during the winter. this montgomery county crew had just returned from one. >> with ice, people tend to basically not gauge the strength of the ice and when they go under, they get overwhelmed by the cold of the water. >> reporter: to fight the hypothermia, they go in with special dry suits and other gear. captain dave pierce showed us the gear. >> my equipment has been out of the water for an hour and a half and it's still frozen. >> most the times this never happens around here. >> reporter: ford says he can't remember the last time something this tragic happened here. he and others offer their sympathies. >> my prayers are definitely with them. >> reporter: fire and police officials not only warn people to stay off waterways like this, especially small ponds, but they are also telling parents to have that conversation with your children, especially if they play in areas like this one here. stephanie ramirez, wusa 9news. five people including a pregnant woman and two children are dead tonight, following an early morning crash with a
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tractor-trailer. it happened in queenstown on maryland's eastern shore. state police say all five victims were traveling in a suzuki forenza when the collision happened at route 215. two adults and two children died at the scene. a pregnant woman was taken to the hospital where she and her unborn baby later died. the family is from green bush, virginia, about 35 miles south of the island. the 28-year-old tractor-trailer driver is from delaware. he is being treated tonight at the university of maryland trauma center. cause of the crash is still under investigation tonight. a dc woman faces drunk driving charges tonight after a three-car crash involving a green belt, maryland police cruiser. 25-year-old dynasty colter was charged with driving while intoxicated. police say she rear ended an officer's cruiser during an early morning traffic stop on green belt road near hanover parkway.
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that pushed the cruiser into yet another vehicle. the police officer was treated for minor injuries. no one else was hurt. a vigil is being held tonight for a 22-year-old hyattsville, maryland man who died in savannah, georgia in a jail cell. according to the sheriff's office, he died after an apparent fight inside where sheriffs deputies say he was resisting arrest. the georgia bureau of investigation is now conducting a use of force investigation. back here, the dead inmate's family is seeking answers. surae chinn has more details. >> reporter: bruce, there are definitely a lot of questions tonight. friends have already started gathering, preparing for this candlelight vigil that should be starting in less than an hour. you can see folks are setting up now, just a few friends at this point. but they are wondering and asking a lot of questions here about the deaths surrounding the former park dale student
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from river dale, and community college student in savannah, georgia. he was also a bank employee there. but people attending are left wondering what happened. the family has never been given an explanation as to how and why he died in police custody. the family says he suffers from a mental illness. according to a police report, he got into a fight with his girlfriend on new year's eve into new year's day. police responded to that call near the couples apartment in georgia. police got there and found the girlfriend bruised and bleeding. at the sheriff's office, authorities say the suspect was combative and left a female sergeant with a concussion and broken nose. deputies then put him in isolation. the sheriff's office won't say how long he was there before deputies found him dead. i'm joined now by a former high school classmate. tell me, what kind of questions do you have and why are you gathering tonight? >> pretty much we're here to mourn the death of our friend. we want to do it peacefully and remember matthew. matthew was a magnificent soul.
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we want people to know he was a great person at the end of the day. >> reporter: and you're wearing shorts in honor. can you explain that? >> this is one of his labels made in africa. he is a magnificent soul. he knew how -- he had an artistic mind. he was a fashion designer, a clothes designer, graphic designer, everything. we want his legacy live on at the end of the day. >> reporter: thank you so much. obviously, we're waiting to hear more from the sheriffs investigation as to what happened and left wondering, and his funeral is next week. i will tell you that the family has retained a high profile attorney, mark o'mara, who is a cnn analyst, and also represented george zimmerman in the death of trayvon martin. by the way, two sheriff's deputies are on paid leave for inappropriate actions. we'll have much more, coming up at 11:00. back to you, bruce. >> surae, thanks for that report. faulty heating equipment is now being blamed for a church fire in rockville, maryland.
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the fire started around 8:00 this morning at st. elizabeth's catholic church on montrose road. the roof and attic of the church were damaged. one firefighter was treated for minor injuries. investigators say the cold weather hampered efforts to bring the fire under control. police in paris, france, still searching tonight for a fourth suspect linked to this week's terror attacks in france. meanwhile, rallies and vigils are being held around the world this weekend for the victims. wendy gillette reports from new york. >> reporter: france is on high alert, following three days of blood shed that started on wednesday at the satirical newspaper charlie hebdo. 20 people were killed, including three gunmen. police are hunting for the common-law wife of one of the men, coulibaly. turkish officials say she may have passed through the country on her way to syria. at least 700,000 people attended vigils in several french cities saturday to honor
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the victims. hundreds marched and lit candles in budapest. dozens also gathered in beirut and in the west bank. there were more rallies here in the united states. about 1000 people attended this event in front of the iconic arch in new york city's washington square park. >> reporter: they chanted, sang -- ♪ >> reporter: and held pens to honor the newspaper journalists who were killed. the french ambassador to the u.n. and a french chef were also there. >> they are not alone. the values we hold dear are shared by our american friends. >> the message is we are unified for a strong reason, which is freedom. >> reporter: other rallies will be held sunday, including a large unity march in paris. at least two dozen world leaders are expected to participate. wendy gillette, cbs news, new york. just ahead tonight, new clues brought to the surface in the air asia crash. we'll have the details.
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>> i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. it is cold out here, of course, but not breezy. that trend is going to continue overnight. we'll see that cloud cover increase, take a look at your overnight low temperatures, 10 to 20 degrees. sounds awfully cold, but it's not going to feel as bad as it did last night because it's not going to be breezy. milder weather arrives tomorrow and then freezing rain on monday. details, coming up in the first
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tonight. authorities in seminole, florida have charged zimmerman with aggravated assault for allegedly throwing a wine bottle at his girlfriend. the seminole county sheriff's office says zimmerman was released on $5000 bond and has been ordered to avoid contact with the woman. george zimmerman was acquitted back in 2013 in the second degree murder trial of the unarmed teenager trayvon martin. in lebanon, a suicide bomber killed seven people and injured more than 30 others. the attack took place on a busy coffee shop in tripoli. so far, no one has claimed responsibility for that blast. a tail section of the air asia flight is the first major wreckage lifted off the ocean floor, but the black boxes were not found inside. voice and data flight recorders located in the plane's rear must have detached when the plane crashed into the sea sometime last month. so far, 4 bodies have been recovered. 162 people were aboard that
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. parts of new york are digging out this weekend from three days of heavy snow. the storm has dumped up to 4 feet in the watertown area, about 70 miles north of syracuse. other nearby areas are blanketed with about 2 feet of the white stuff. . so for those who dread the snow, count your blessings. it's cold, but it could be worse. >> exactly. we have zero inches of snow on the way. but we do have a storm system on the way. that is going to bring quite an issue for us as we're heading out the door on monday morning. let's get it started with a look at the michael & son weather cam. it is cold out there, but at least the wind is no longer an issue. it's 27 and the winds are out
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of the south-southeast at only 3 miles per hour. so there is negligible windchill out there at the moment. in our weather headlines tonight, pretty much the same story. it's going to be very cold, but the wind is no longer really causing any kind of windchill factor. then on sunday, we're going to stay dry and it gets milder. high temperatures finally getting above freezing here in the metro. rain arrives overnight sunday into early monday morning and freezing rain is likely, especially in the mountains. you'll see that on 9 future cast. current temperature, look how cold it is out here, especially to the north of the beltway. 18 in gaithersburg, 20 in martinsburg as well. if the freezing rain were coming tonight, we would be in big trouble. but here it is. it's still hundreds and hundreds of miles away, moving through the houston area, making its way into louisiana. as it moves toward us, it will start to erode away the cold air. good news here, that there won't be that depth of cold air in place anymore when this
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system arrives from the south and west and you'll see that here on 9 future cast. so tomorrow will be a dry day. we start out in the 20s, but then we rise into the 30s, even up to about 40 degrees in some spots before temperatures start to fall again. increasing cloud cover as we head into the afternoon and evening. then the showers start to move into the 81 corridor around midnight and notice these temperatures just at or below freezing in some of the spots where the rain is falling. so we could get a light coating of ice and then the rain continues to move toward us as we head into that morning commute and we will see some patches of freezing rain, possibly even into the beltway as this system makes its way through. but the rain breaks up into just light rain showers as we head past the morning commute. by the time you're heading home, we might actually get a little bit of a break here and we might actually have a dry commute home. we still have more arctic air on the way. after that system moves out tuesday, we're back to the cold
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stuff. so make sure that you account for the possibility of your pipes freezing. if you have an older home especially, you want to leave the cabinet doors open and leave that water running. bring the pets inside. keep your space heaters away from curtains and other things. overnight tonight, clear and then the cloud cover moves in. temperatures around 8 in the suburbs, down close to 20 degrees in the outlying -- i'm sorry, in the immediate metro. temperatures will be in the 20s on sunday morning, partly cloudy, not breezy, though. then in the afternoon, lots of clouds move in, but it's still going to be dry. highs between 35 and 40. still below average for this time of year, but better than it was today. then on monday, a yellow alert day. the potential for ice, especially in the northern and western suburbs, a high of 40 in the afternoon. so the ice melts. then on tuesday, we get the cold blast again, a high of 35. in the first alert seven-day forecast, 30s. stay with us through the entire work week, and in fact, we might have some snow showers on
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wednesday, putting down a light accumulation. so there is a little bit of snow in the forecast. right now, it remains to be seen whether that is just a flurry or a flake or an actual coating of snow on wednesday, but check out these temperatures, staying very cold even for this time of year. terps letting everybody know we play big ball around here. >> today was a big game. it was on the road, not necessarily the opponent, but the situation. i'll explain that. maryland with an important road trip today. the opponent was part of it, but the situation, even bigger. terps with a major test and they pass it. i'll show you all the
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for many things the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. . well, today was one of those days where the spine gets tested. maryland on the road, at purdue, days after getting the hammer laid on them at illinois. now, the boilers are similar to
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the illini, bruce. not flashy, but tough. if you're not ready to play, they will smash you in their building, no doubt. so this was a test. terps, dreadful at illinois on wednesday. they didn't shoot much better today, but they played better. i'll explain in just a second. the triple, and that was good to get it going on. purdue scrapping like they always are, saving the ball on the sidelines. raphael davis with the lay-in. we got ourselves a pretty good ball game coming down the stretch. could maryland pass the test? how about pack again, as in leader of the pack. nice stutter step move there. balanced attack today. four guys in double figures. maryland surviving, 69-60, on the road. they are 15-2. that's a big win for them. while maryland knocking on the door in the top 10, georgetown remains on the fringe of the polls. the hoyas are long and athletic and could be a problem come march, but they haven't quite found their groove just yet.
6:25 pm
hoyas, winners of two straight. they were on the road today at providence. one minute to go, davon ite smith-rivera. three ball, no. josh smith, yes! the big fella sending it to overtime with a double-double, 14-12. one minute to go, georgetown done in by chris dunn, the triple there. providence wins 60-57. hoyas fall to 10-5. pretty good game right over there on nebraska avenue. au-colgate. this is john shope coming off the screen. shope from downtown. au and colgate were battling all game long and then the steal here. charley jones, a grand theft orange. 54-54 right now, going into
6:26 pm
overtime. colgate-au, 54-54, going into overtime. we'll have an update coming up later on tonight. george washington at mcfaull today and the colonials never got it going. explorers, exploring the back door cut. leon roberts with the flush. colonials defense stunk. the offense was okay, though. a little rally, down 14. here comes nick griffin. nick at night! or in the daytime. for a three. they got it close. again, the defense was awful. want to check anybody? no. that's wright, the easy flush. la salle wins it, 63-50. let's keep it going. northeastern at towson, all over the place today. towson d, this is towson tiger defense. parker-rivera with the steal misses, but davis is there with the stickback and the tigers are in it. this ain't pretty, bruce, but eitherton was 10-for-10 for the field. didn't miss.
6:27 pm
northeastern edges towson 52- 49. a theme we've been spouting all week long in the nfl is baltimore not afraid of the big bad brady boys, for sure, especially in the playoffs. another theme? the praifns are more physical and won't hesitate to lay the lumber on brady. ravens 21 over the patriots, 14. brady has been on his butt a lot. they just went into the loom at half time, 21-14 right now, ravens leading. we'll have an update later. this just announced. alex ovechkin heading to the all-star game for the sixth time. got 21 goals this year, fifth in the league, three-time hart trophy winner, which means mvp in hockey. this guy is well deserving, going to the all-star game. trevor booker now plays for the utah jazz. watch this play. interesting play, happened with only 0.2 seconds on the clock, which can only happen if the
6:28 pm
tip it in or high lob it. booker wasn't close enough to do either, so he had to do the valley ball tip-in. >> that was intentional? >> with 0.2, you can't grab and it shoot it. he had to tip it in like that. only thing he could do from there was the old volleyball tip. >> is he playing well out there? >> he's doing okay. [ laughter ] >> reserved. injured reserved. what's it look like tonight? >> tonight is okay, going to be cold, but not windy lake last night. >> thanks for watching. see you back here tonight at 11:00. bye. thank you cable. for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you... we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. the numbers don't lie. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability, and hd picture quality. get a fios triple play online
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. >> axelrod: tonight, is there more to come? fears of more terror attacks grip france. as the search for the fourth suspect continues. is she already out of the country? the french president calls an emergency security meeting, 17 killed are remembered in paris and around the world. elizabeth palmer and collar collar clarissa ward are there. >> david petraeus is facing felony charges for spilling secrets to his mistress. >> and run into political trouble in texas. on whether chris christie has fumbled his shot at the white house. and high risk climbing, we have a look at those tritrying to do something long thought impossible conquering california easel capitan with just their bare


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