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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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. winter weather advisory has been issued for the entire metro area. a timetable of the snow, how much will fall and when it arrives. one woman is dead, after an evacuation from smoke. thanking people for their support and saying the president not being this doesn't matter. . get ready for another round of wintry weather at the wrong time. >> good evening. so how chose is that snow to us right now? and how bad is it going to be in
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the morning alert. we have the latest. >> the key is what jan said. this is the wrong time. if it were coming in overnight not a big deal. but in the morning a big deal. we feel south and east of town, not north and west, but but south and east of town will be the bull's eye. fredericksburg as well. through the district, i-95, fairfax, arlington up to rock vm maybe out to leesburg, a trace to an inch. in hagerstown and out towards winchester is a trace. south and east is where the advisories are. most of us covered by winter weather advisories until noon tomorrow. in the meantime, here is where the action is. we see snow breaking out around
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richmond and more snow out in roan oak. the critical hours 4 a.m. to noon. the snow is still south of charlottesville but creeping northeastward. roads will become slick quickly. not a big storm, but impactful. . the area road crews are already urging drivers to monitor the weather conditions for tomorrow morning and think about delaying the travel to work if necessary. >> yeah. but if you have to get out in this wintry weather take it slow and take extra time. vdot has 700 trucks on the road tomorrow morning. crews were out pretreating the roads in trouble spots and the capital beltway interchange at route one. >> maryland, the road crews were out pretreating the roads with salt brine today. the state highway administration
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says trucks will be out treating the roads with salt to give traction. dc snow team have been treating roads to reduce the chance of freezing and we will be up early tomorrow as well. wusa 9 news starts at 4 a.m. with the latest traffic and weather conditions. you can monitor all of this on our mobile app. it is free from the apple itunes and google play stores. full service has been restored on metro's yellow line more than 24 hours following the tragedy at the l'enfant plaza metro. the train where one woman died and dozens were overcome by smoke. the train is held out of service as part of the ongoing investigation. all metro hines had been
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adjusted due to the incident are now back to normal and metro expects to resume regular service on all lines tomorrow morning. today we also learned more about the woman who died in that smoke filled metro car. 61-year-old carol glover lived in alexandria. >> she was a government contractor and she spent most of her life right mere in the dc area. we talked to those who knew her well. >> reporter: we learned a lot about carol glover but it's what happened in the tunnel and why folks were forced to stay on those metro cars for so long. those are questions that the ntsb and metro is investigating and those are the questions that who knew carol glover well and were with her in her final moments want to know. >> she was a wonderful person. >> reporter: she was carol glover a mother of two sons and a grandmother. >> she loved them and was dedicated mom and really, really really good person.
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and i'm just horrified that has happened to her because i mean, she was very young and vibrant. >> reporter: deanna rodriguez lived across the street from glover for two decades raising their sons together. she cannot grasp how glover died on monday on a smoke filled train car in l'enfant plaza metro. >> i can't believe how this has happened. >> reporter: near does jonathan rogers. he was sitting across from glover when the train filled with smoke. >> she wasn't loudly complaining. she was saying i can't breathe she was sitting and we were trying to give her water and clear some air for her. she wasn't talking in full sentences any more. she says i can't do it, i can't do it. i need help. >> reporter: he says after 20 minutes glover passed out. >> people were taking her pulse and saying i don't feel anything.
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>> reporter: rogers says he and several passengers performed cpr but she remained unresponsive. passengers was not able to talk to the conductor. >> the conductor was telling us to stay calm and we didn't have any way to say that's not going to work for this lady she nedz to get off the train. >> reporter: -- needs to get off the train. >> reporter: glover was a regular user of the transit. rodriguez says the contractor talked about their fears of riding metro especially after the 2009 crash. >> you talked about that? >> we talked about it after it happened of course. what are you going to do? it's just terrible to lose somebody like that. >> reporter: in addition to glover, two passengers were hospitalized in critical condition, and 80 more were hospitalized with various degrees of smoke inhalation. . >> great loss. it might take up to a year
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by the ntsb releases the exact cause of the smoke that killed carol glover and sent dozens of other passengers to the hospital. investigators believe it started with a short that feeds the train. why is took so long to get passengers off the train is another question. >> how are you going to handle this evacuation with so much noxious gas coming not only into the tunnel but seeping into the train cars themselves? >> and there are other big questions like why didn't metro simply move that train 500 feet back into the station and then offload the passengers, and when fire crews initially were even told there were passengers on board the train. . >> you've heard from your men. are they saying they were not told there were people on trains in that tunnel? >> i have not heard that. >> they were told this was smoke in the tunnel. >> i have not heard that.
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>> no one should be, should enter that system in fear that they won't make it home or to work. or to school. >> dc mayor muriel bowser says she wants a full report by the end of this week. only seven metro passengers remain hospitalized tonight. two at washington hospital center and five at george washington university hospital. beginning tomorrow afternoon riders who left any personal belongings behind during the evacuation at the l'enfant plaza metro station can start reclaiming their property at metro headquarters. metro says it had make alternate arrangements to return belongings to anybody who cannot make it to downtown dc. you can call the number on the screen, 202-637-7000. . new tonight dc police have released surveillance video recorded tonight that five people were stabbed at mcfadden's a bar in foggy
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bottom. police are looking for three people. they would love a phone call if anybody recognizes a face out of this video. it took place december 27th. mcfadden's license was suspended after the attack and it is still closed tonight. it is eight years in prison for david gold berg. this happened in november 2013. goldberg nearly ran into another car and then tried to run down the other driver and a passenger. he wrecked his car and then stabbed the couple. all this while goldberg had his 2-year-old daughter in the car. like any politician, boehner has made enemies but a bartender is in serious trouble after saying he would kill him. hoyt got fired after club members made complaints about
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him. investigators say hoyt threatened to shoot boehner and said he didn't have time to poison one of his drinks. he is undergoing a mental evaluation. it's wednesday morning in france where the first issue of charlie hebdo is now out on the news stands. we have learned the kouachi brothers received $20,000 from al-qaeda in yemen to finance the attack and the older brother spent time in yemen as recently as 2011. today was another day of remembering the victims of the attacks. france's president led the mourning at a funeral three murdered victims. and in israel, burials took place. the violence in paris has reverberated across europe and this country and asking for growing calls for cooperation against terror.
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. >> reporter: ones of people gathered here in israel for a solidarity remembrance for the victims in france. it was one of those events that brought lots of people from washington today. members of congress, ambassadors, and even white house chief of staff. [ singing ]. . >> reporter: the gathering took on a somber note with the names of the paris victims being read outloud. the message throughout the gathering was clear france has stepped up its war on terror. >> under the protection of the army and the police, it's unsustainable, it's unacceptable. >> reporter: the ambassador was not l only one with the warning. >> the violence that motivated
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these senseless attacks on people going about their daily lives, at work or at their local kosher supermarket just before sabbath, must be condemned and will be defeated. >> reporter: president obama did not go to paris for last week's demonstration. >> the french newspapers are reporting the question coming from your side of the atlantic. in pairas there was no question. we knew that the situation and the americans were behind us. >> reporter: there are likely to be more of these events in washington and paris in the near future. . tonight's commemoration was sponsored by 29 groups that include jewish, muslim, and international organizations. in light of the terror attacks in paris attorneys for the boston marathon bombing suspect want a time out. they're worried about the possibility of what they call
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extraordinary prejudice on the part of potential jurors. investigators dzhokhar tsarnaev killed three people in a bomb attack. ahead actor bradley cooper walks the red carpet here in washington. we'll take you to the d.c. premier of his new film american sniper. a
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. it looks as though former governor mcdonald will be heading behind bars sooner rather than later. a judge has said no to mcdonald's request to stay out of prison while his appeal is pending. he was sentenced to two years behind bars for illegally accepting loans and gifts to promote a virginia man's business. there is no word yet on which prison he will serve his time in. another virginia politician serving time is joe moresey. but he's celebrating his reelection to the virginia house of delegates. he won his election, winning back the seat he gave up after he pled guilty last night to
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contributing to the delinquency of a minor. prosecutors say he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old at his law office. he got six months in jail. but he's out 12 hours a day under a work release program. he's scheduled to be sworn in tomorrow. however he may not be back in office all that long. he may be expelled over his conduct. the campus police department at virginia colleges are not required to notify prosecutors about sexual assault reports. state lawmakers will consider a bill that changes that. it will require that campus police notify the commonwealth attorneys within 48 hours after receiving a report of a sexual assault on campus. . changes are coming to the national museum of crime and punishment in northwest dc. the justice department has
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reached a settlement. under the settlement the museum had to deal with unaccessible routes and barriers and help those with disabilities to enjoy the museum the. kevin jorgson and tommy caldwell have spent the last two weeks clinging to the side of this with hands and feet. friends and family have been keeping a close eye from below. >> we're at a point where you know this is really going to happen but we won't feel the immensity of it until they're up on top. >> they're becoming weaker but the parts that are technically easy are just as hard as the hard parts. >> okay, then. [ laughter ]. >> the pair is expected to make their way to the top and into
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the record books sometime tomorrow night. >> that was a wife of one of the guys. she's watching with a baby boy. >> remarkably calm. >> she does this all the time. >> okay. speaking of cool guys, actor bradley cooper drawing a packed crowd at the u.s. navy memorial. >> he was town for the premier of "american sniper". the movie chronicles kyle's experience as the most lethal sniper in u.s. history and his journey back to his family life. the struggle that veterans endure after surviving war is also shown. >> i think we tend to lose sight of that, that the plight is not something that the soldiers go through but also their families. and that is something we wanted to shed light on with this film. >> this weight was lifted because he nailed it.
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they got chris as who he is. >> vice-president joe biden also attended the screening. "american sniper" opens in theatres this friday. . i think topper would be okay if he becomes a big star in some way with bradley cooper. [ laughter ]. >> i am looking forward to that movie. >> it looks good. >> the trailer looks very cool. >> so tomorrow, more about the timing, right? >> all about the timing. if this were overnight we wouldn't be talking about it but because it's during rush hour we know what's happening. temperatures down to 29. that's so far today. dewpoint is lower now in the low teens. relative humidity very very low. 47% for this time of night. winds out of the northeast at about 10. the pressure is still have i high. here is the radar. snow breaking out now across the
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norfolk area. and roan oak. most of the moisture will skirt south of us, but this is what we're watching. out toward lynchburg and south of charlottesville this will move northeastward and break out toward dawn. 1 to 2 inches south and east, including fredericksburg, less through the either side of 95. flurries herringersdown hagerstown. to make a point, i think i will. on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the awesome storm for the super bowl of super bowl, this had be a 1.5. in terms of the impact because of the timing, and that is key the impact could be anywhere from say a 4 to a 5 on the impact scale. so that's what we're looking at and that's why we're concerned
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because it's going to be right in the teeth of rush hour. i don't know if you remember back in 2000 in january, 4/10 of an inch of snow and it shut us down. critical times have not changed 4 a.m. to noon. little storm but moderate impact heaviest snow, a couple of inches, will be east of i-95 and south of route 50 into southerly maryland into fredericksburg. futurecast 3:30, activity to our south. then we get into 6:30, snow breaks out across the entire metro area. by 9:00 still snowing essentially all across the net row area. heavier amounts to the south. by 3:00 the snow should be over. so day planner look at this, 20s. 29 at 11:00 31 at 1:00 with flurries. once we get through tomorrow, we're fine. sunshine on thursday, 39.
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and then almost seasonable on friday temperatures near 40. now, the next seven days looking at temperatures going up in the 40s, mid to upper 40s on saturday and sunday. another front will come in on sunday. maybe a rain or snow shower, and then colder next monday and tuesday. >> balmy this weekend. >> yeah. >> 47! >> if you're a snow lover, wish we had a juicy low from the gulf of mexico, but we don't. >> dc rising. beating teams left and right. this franchise has ♪ ah, push it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ push it. ♪ ♪ p...push it real good! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ow! ♪
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. november 12th, 2005, that was the last time the washington wizards had beaten the san antonio spurs 17 straight losses. the longest active losing street to one team in the nba. but it came to an end tonight. gordon joined the game. bracing a tricycle. he smoked the fan by the way. first quarter, layup game high 25 points for wall. three-point game late in the
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fourth. to humphreys. he finished with 17. wizards win 101-93 ending that 17-game losing stream. >> it was night and day from atlanta to here in our ball movement and player movement all game long. and we got to understand that's our best and really only way to play. >> georgedown royals looking for their first big east road win. teak with the long two pointer. georgetown led by five at the half. rivera with the steal goes to the rim for the basket. they hold on to win 78-72. stay with us afterwards for a special postgame, game on, with
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appearances from gary williams, johnny holiday. and wallet williams. justin forset has gone from obscurity to an all-star. the ravens coaching staff had coach one of the squads. 2014 was a break out season for forset. forsett head all running backs. it's one of the feel good stories of the season. what is his future? forsett is a free agent that wants to stay in charm city. >> we want to be as strong as we can be at every position so we're not trying to bring more backs in here either, justin had compete like he always has. he knows he's going to compete and i would not count him out for a lead back roll. he proved that. >> he proved that this season. he was on his way out of the
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the at&t aspire initiative. helping students and communities across america. . and wusa 9 news in the morning will start a half hour early at 4:30 a.m. >> thanks for
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