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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  January 16, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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more sense of the timeline of this tragedy that killed 1 woman and sent 86 people -- that's a new number -- 86 people to hospitals. we also got our first look at the damage the arcing that caused all the smoke. these are pictures of the electrical arcing damage on the third rail. the ntsb now says that this was about 1,100 feet ahead of the train that was stuck in the tunnel. now the mayor said on thursday that she did not know exactly when this happened. now we do. the ntsb says a breaker at one end of the third rail trimmed at 3:06 p.m. on monday -- tripped at 3:06 p.m. on monday, but the breaker at the other end stayed on until it was shut off by metro control some 44 minutes later. the ntsb also confirms that there were two trains involved, one in the tunnel, one in the station and as we understand
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it, that train in the station blocked the other train from getting out of that smoky tunnel. 1 big question, was there even an operator on board that train on the platform or did he evacuate, too? at l'enfant plaza bruce leshan, wusa9. just yesterday the d.c. medical examiner ruled the lone victim in the metro tragedy carol glover died from smoke inhalation. the father of montgomery county toddlers murdered in an exorcism erupted in a courtroom. one of the suspects was convicted but not criminally responsible for her role in the killings. the content of the testimony is disturbing and graphic. andrea mccarren was there for the emotional proceeding. >> he fought the both of them. it took two grown women to take my son out. >> reporter: the father wracked with grief upon learning how his 18-month-old
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son struggled to break free from monifa sanford and his own mother. according to testimony, little norell harris was pinned down, a serrated knife plunged into his neck at least eight time. >> multiple lacerations to the neck. which he had to choke him and hole him down. >> reporter: sanford's ascent into the depths of mental illness included hallucinations and voices including one she believed to be satan. according to testimony, he told her he was going to "kill the baby." if they want them to go to heaven, she had to do it herself. >> she believed that she had been initiated into this group of demon assassins. >> reporter: assassins that included a boyfriend linked to each of the women, men the investigation revealed were imaginary. >> they had believed that inanimate objects had been
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possessed, that there were demons in their house, that they had been possessed individually, that at other times the children had been possessed. >> reporter: on january 17th of 2014 the children struggle and screamed but were choked and repeatedly stabbed. by the time the bloodshed was d norell and his 2-year-old sister zyana were dead. their 5-year-old sister and 8- year-old brother were also stabbed and choked but somehow survived. andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> sanford has been committed to the state mental hospital for treatment. she could stay there for life. zakeiya avery, the mother of the four children, is expected to go to trial later this year. the man charged with plotting an attack on the u.s. capitol will remain held without bond. 20-year-old christopher lee cornell appeared before a judge this afternoon at the federal courthouse in ohio. the fbi says he was set to
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attack the capitol with pipe bombs and shooting government officials. he's been held upper tight security at a jail in cincinnati since his arrest outside a gun shop wednesday. the warden says he's been acting strangely. >> he talks with a fake accent right now as though he's from the middle east and he's a different kind of individual. i went back and looked at him today and observed him. he does not look like anybody that has any remorse or as farr as what i've seen and i've been do -- far as what identify seen and i've been doing this for almost -- i've seen and i've been doing this for 40 years. >> the prosecutor called him a flight risk. cornell's attorney asked he be released to his parents with electronic monitoring. today a judge granted a request by prosecutors to delay court proceedings in the case of a local rabbi accused of voyeurism. prosecutors say they needed more time to gather evidence. rabbi barry freundel is accused
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of secretly recording women as they undress for a ritual bath known as a mikvah. he has pleaded not guilty to the charges. he made an appearance at today's hearing and so did the alleged victims and their supporters. >> i'm concerned. i was one of the victims. i respected him. i still do, but i think he deserves punishment for this. >> prosecutors say the secret recordings were made at kesher israel in georgetown where freundel served as rabbi for 25 years. the synagogue fired him last month. the u.s. supreme court will decide whether same sex couples have a right to marry under the constitution. the case will be argued in april with a decision expected by late june. justices will review an appellate ruling that upheld badges on same sex unions in kentucky, michigan, ohio and tennessee. same sex marriage is now legal in 36 states. after a seasonably nice day get ready for a 50/50 weekend. we'll take the good 50.
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>> all right, top. how about it? >> it maypop being a 70--- may end up being a 70/30 weekend. sundaybe that bad. the good news winds are dying down gusting under 15 mile-per- hour in the immediate metro area. the bad news is it's a dry air mass. temps will fall quickly and there's still enough wind to generate wind chills in the 20s. by 10:00 we'll be in the upper 20s as the straight temperature in gaithersburg and frederick and hagerstown, hanging around 30 in leesburg, manassas, la plata and andrews under clear skies. midnight still looking at 20s across the board and by 1:30 if you're out late, low 20s north and west, mid-20s south and east. looking ahead a bit cold tomorrow, but minus the wind a pretty good day for a walk or jog. sunday will be milder with some showers but not a washout, best chances actually east of i-95. they could get in by morning. martin luther king day will be nice but breezy and temps in
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the 40s. we'll come back. we have a couple snowflakes in the seven-day. misconduct raids and arrest suspected tear -- police conduct raids
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more delays for d.c.'s new streetcars is driving some people crazy. the 2.4-mile line along the h street corridor will not open next week as former mayor vincent gray promised and the district department of transportation won't say when passengers will be allowed on board. >> we're taking a long look at the system. we want to make sure that the safety certifications are in place. we're going to work very closely with the sso, the state safety officer for the district, to make sure we're going through through to make sure this system is safe for passenger service. >> test trains have been running on the line for weeks
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now, but the $190 million project has been beset by delays. many question whether the benefits outweigh the costs. the son of marion barry is pledging to continue his campaign for his late father's d.c. council seat. 34-year-old marion christopher barry is under investigation for allegedly threatening a bank tell are and destroying a security camera -- teller and destroying a security camera at a downtown d.c. bank tuesday. he has not been charged and in the statement on his facebook became christopher barry said he wouldn't get bogged down and deterred by sensationalism and the frivolous. barry has been arrested at least six time in the past four years. he is currently on probation. maryland's health department joined in the investigation into at least 10 mysterious dog depths in waterfront communities near nap -- deaths in waterfront community near annapolis. early suspicion has focused on some small shellfish called dark false mussels because two of the dogs may have chewed
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mussel covered sticks they retrieved from the water. >> we took her to the emergency room and two days later she was gone. her liver toxin levels were something like 4,000 times the normal level. >> no ling has been found so far. the health department is collecting reports of other dog deaths which did not involve the shellfish to see what could be going on. coming up we take you to a local muslim service where the faithful talk about those terror attacks in france and deliver a message about peace. >> high temperature 48 in national, only 42 at dulles, both above average. lows tonight, winds diminish, lows in the 20s, 28 downtown, 22 in fairfax, 19 in leesburg tonight for a low, 25 bethesda, 23 in rockville and bowie. we'll come back, talk about another cold front over the weekend, tell you
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wusa9 news is sponsored in part by health mart pharmacy. if you're just joining us, here's a quick check of headlines tonight. europe is on high alert. authorities conducted raids and arrested more than two dozen terror suspects in belgium, france and germany. belgium police are now looking for several more people who trained with isis in syria and they are taking ids from people suspected for traveling abroad with terror in mind. >> the fighters who are going broad whether it's to iraq, syria, yemen or elsewhere really do pose a threat and so counterterrorism officials are taking no chances.
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>> just yesterday officers in belgium killed two terror suspects and arrested another they say were planning large scale attacks on police. in france today hundreds gathered to say good-bye to the charlie hebdo editor killed in the newspaper massacre. secretary of state john kerry also visited the french capital and he took a moment to remember the victims. >> we will turn this moment of profound loss into lasting commitment. >> officials have not linked the latest arrests in belgium to the terror attacks in paris that killed 17 people last week. president obama and british prime minister british cameron wrapped up two days of meetings at the white house. at a joint news conference this afternoon the president says the recent terror attacks underscore the need for cooperation not only in the fight against terrorism, but against homegrown violent extremism and the use of social media by terrorists. >> social media and the
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internet is the primary way in which these terrorist organizations are communicating. now that's no different than anybody else, but they're good at it. this is a problem that causes great heartache and tragedy and destruction, but it is one that ultimately we're going to defeat. >> the president called the attacks on paris vicious and he said both the u.s. and uk stand with the french and all allies in fighting the scourge of terrorism. meanwhile local muslims are defending their religion after those terror attacks in france. >> peggy fox attended a muslim service in chantilly today where followers are speaking out about what islam is all about. >> reporter: in muslim communities right now there's a feeling of being misunderstood. >> the true meaning of islam is peace. >> reporter: they feel wrongly associated with the attack on the satirical newspaper charlie hebdo by terrorists who claim to be avenging the prophet muhammad.
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>> which prophet would say go do this to protect my identity? no prophet would do that. >> when ignorant muslims responded to the ignorance of these cartoonists. >> reporter: the imam at the mosque in chantilly invited journalists to hear his sermon today about blasphemy and the charlie hebdo attack which he says muslims everywhere condemn. >> no matter how offensive what someone said, we are taught human life is precious. >> reporter: they tell me it goes back to the first basic islamic teaching of peace. local pakistanis gathered in dupont circle tonight to condemn terrorism in pakistan and elsewhere and remembered the 141 children and teachers killed in a school attack in peshawar. the taliban claimed
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responsibility for last month's massacre. the white house announced a new push for private/public partnerships to build new roads and other infrastructure and as a backdrop used the anacostia riverfront project which is designed to store sewer overflows that would otherwise go into the river. biden said projects like this are needed all over the country. >> 760 of our cities in every state in the union have outdated water systems and outdated sewer systems. >> to encourage funding these projects, the white house plans to create a municipal bond that would offer benefits to public/private partnerships. always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> we're about to head into the all important weekend, so we need the all important weekend forecast. which day is better? >> three-day weekend, tomorrow
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is going to be a great day, cold, no wind but lots of sunshine, but sunday may be a pretty good day as well. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, temperatures downtown still 41 degrees, dew points pretty low in the temps are going to fall pretty far and fast tonight, in fact, upper teens in the suburbs. winds diminish and very cold, saturday great for a run or hike. yes, it will be cold but no wind tomorrow. if you're moving around a little bit with the sunshine, you're going to be fine. saturday night dry and not as cold and then milder sunday with some showers. it is not going to be a washout sunday by any means. the futurecast, looking at midnight tonight temperatures in the 20s pretty much across the board, maybe 32 downtown but essentially in the 20s and by morning 8:00 in the low 20s in gaithersburg and frederick and hagerstown, even down to 24 in la plata, so a cold start tomorrow, but again no wind. it's going to feel comfortable
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by afternoon. by 1:00 upper 30s downtown, low to mid-30s in the suburbs and by 5:00 still mid- to upper 30s with generally mostly sunny skies across the board and again no wind tomorrow. that's great. by 9:00 temps are going to fall tomorrow night but not as far and fast as tonight. 34 downtown. i think 29 is a little overdone. i think mainly around 30 across the board tomorrow night and by 11:00 maybe a 29 gaithersburg, but notice most of the folks holding right around freezing or a little above. winds are going to become more southerly tomorrow night, the arrows. that will keep temperatures up and a few clouds may come in by dawn. futurecast at 7:00 in the morning sunday, i think this is pretty accurate. showers might be further west, but if you're west of 95, you have clouds, no showers. you may have a wet ride to church 10:00 in the morning sunday, some showers in southern maryland, maybe up to annapolis and down to st. mary's city, but by 12:30 everything starts to push offshore with the cold front.
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we should see some sun return in the afternoon and early evening. okay. day planner, 20s to start downtown temps, 32 at 9:00 and 37 with sunshine at 1:00. next three days showers possible sunday, but leave a little sun peaking out, upper 40s. for the holiday martin luther king day not bad, 45. it will be breezy and feel a little colder, but all in all a pretty good weekend. next week clipper comes in tuesday, tuesday night maybe a rain or snow shower, flurries possible on wednesday and then just kind of seasonably cold thursday and friday but dry at this point. >> i'm loving those temps, 40s? >> we are not convinced they are going to produce snow. coming up the answer to the question, what
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let freedom ring from look top mountain in tennessee. >> let freedom ring from every molehill in mississippi.
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>> from every mountainside let freedom ring. >> today these 5th grade students from watkins elementary the beneficiaries of the dream of dr. martin luther king, jr. stood where he delivered his i have a dream speech today. they recited his words. it's become an annual tradition at the lem, part of the observance of the up-- lincoln memorial, part of the observance of the upcoming martin luther king holiday. what do you do with an old washing machine? >> how about turning it into a fish tank. the guys at a rochester new york appliance store did and even put l.e.d. lights on the cover that change colors. the laundry machine aquarium has become quite the attraction in their showroom, not for sale, though. it took 50 hours to construct is probably why they don't want to give up that bad boy. what do you think? that looks like a nice washing machine. >> i used to have one of those thing. they take forever to clean. >> you can't open that. >> no. >> i suppose they are giving it second life, right?
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>> better unanimous a left hand fill. >> -- than a landfill. second look at the forecast? >> cold are and then milder on sunday. >> that's it for
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all the international media is talking about is you and angelina jolie on the red carpet at the same time. >> speaking out about the headlines that she and angie avoided each other at the critics choice awards. >> it's time people stop with that petty b.s. >> plus her oscar snub. >> i was so bummed you were not nominated for an oscar. >> and the stars for oscar gold. >> and how birdman almost took flight. plus, the price is right tumbler today. >> my ego is so bruised. >> also we are with hollywood's comedy king behind big bang, two and a half men, mike and molly. >> and -- >> by now they should be sitting in a rocker. > am> i with betty white who is turning 93 with the help of a few little friends. >> think you fade off into the sunset. well, the sun sets every night
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but i just won't go away. now, "entertainment tonight." we love entertaining people. the race to the oscars is on. the nominations just out yesterday. and everybody's already placing their bets on who is going to win. we got another good indication last night. >> i had a blast at the critic choice movie awards. historically, they a pre aretty good predictor. a lot of stars in the running for oscar were also there. >> how did you get the news this morning? and who was the first person that you called? >> my husband called me this morning. and then my kids came in and said mommy. >> the critics choice awards could really also be called something else. ftheirst big night out for newly anointed oscar nominees. >> today's the big day. >> today is a big day. >> where were you when you found out? how did you react?


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