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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  January 21, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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some rather big snow flakes are failing right outside our -- falling right outside our studio and around the metro. the big question? how much snow are we in for? thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane a. winter
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weather advisory top our now. howard bernstein is standing by with all the details. we can see the snow on the brim of your hat. >> reporter: it was a pretty scene out there. if you're driving, anywhere from a trace to 3isms across the region. we're looking at the system. the back edge trying to get into the shenandoah valley. we've seen snow break out in the last 50 to 90 minutes in d.c. metro. south of town, this is snow. i'm getting reports as far south as waldorf of snow mixing in. this should be white down here but it's a little warmer. northwest seeing it melt more than stick. north and west of town, i want to show you the temperatures. you can see why it is sticking. 30 in gaithersburg, 32 leesburg. 38 at reagan national. so we have to watch this. i want to take you out to some of the locations on our traffic cameras here. we're going to go to winchester first. they're doing a good job out on the roads. the roads are wet but we're seeing the buildup on the grassy areas. haymarket, virginia, pretty much the same thing. here we are. i think this is 15 by 55, not far from 66 there in haymarket.
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up in clarksburg, this will be more like frederick road, got to watch out. some of these roads, it's coming down hard enough, reports from our weather watchers, where it's starting to stick. the shoulder this is northbound 355, clarksburg road just to the south headed towards hyattsville. we're getting pictures there as well. many reports coming in of the snow actually sticking to the ground. when you get past win chester west, it starts to break up in cumberland. boonsboro reporting an inch of snow on the ground already. you may get another half-inch. outside chance you'll get 2 up there. i want to show you the futs cast n. is coming -- futurecast. this is coming through. the next two to four hours we'll be dealing with this band of snow. by 6:00, 6:30 it's toward the bay and we start out. hang in there. a lot of the main roads will be wet. some of the secondary roads will get a little bit of buildup for a few hours. in montgomery county, the after school activities have been curtailed and a few other counties as well. we'll bring you that
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information as we get it. that's the information for now. a nice band of snow but maybe not so nice if you have to travel through it. firefighters made a today today malt -- made a dramatic rescue in arlington county. they plucked two people off the roof of a home. flames and heavy smoke were on all three floors. in addition to the cold, captain gregg karl said firefighters had to overcome an additional obstacle. >> there are hoarding conditions present in the home. completely changed the operation. the normal firefighterring operation as you move through the home was hampered. the clues definitely had to take -- crews definitely had to take more precaution because they were not sure what structures may have been burned out. now for the latest on the mansion fire in annapolis.
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an alcohol, tobacco and firearms command center is on the scene along with 15 to 20 a.t.f. agents. a construction crew sls on the scene to lift heavy debris from the burned out multimillion dollar home. >> this occupancy gives us some unique challenges because it is built more like a commercial building than a house. it has large steel i-beams and may have to be limited out of there. it will be a time consuming, meticulous process to start digging out. >> six people are believed to have been in the home when it caught fire monday and are still missing. froms are sifting through the debris looking for them. local members of congress will receive a briefing today on last week's smoky disaster at the l'enfant plaza metro station. they'll hear from metro officials and national transportation safety board investigators. after the meetings on capitol hill, lawmakers will share what they've learned during a press conference later today. the ntsb will also speak to the news media in a separate event. we have a traffic alert for
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you now in northern virginia that may affect your drive home. both lanes of route 7 or east broad street at fairfax street in falls church are shut down main break. delia goncalves shows us why. >> reprter: this water main break happened last night here in the 300 block of east broad street at fairfax here in downtown falls church. you can see right now that crews are pumping water out of that 12-inch main and besides that massive hole in the ground you see there in that lane, come and take a look at this lane. it is muddy and mucky. and look at that mess. the water main break buck himmed the road -- buckled the road and that's why both lanes of east broad are shut down, close to traffic. it will likely be like this until the evening commute. it's going to take some time for them to pump that water out and repair the road. homes in the area are affected. so far we know eight homes plus
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a church have no water. in falls chump, delia goncalves, -- falls church, delia goncalves, wusa9. two months ago he said he was just a small businessman. today larry hogan is maryland's new governor. the first time public office holder is scheduled to take the oath of office right about now at the statehouse in annapolis. his day began with a prayer service and will end with a gala tonight in baltimore. new jersey governor chris christie who campaigned for hogan will introduce him during the inauguration ceremonial. larry hogan becomes the 62nd governor in maryland history, only the second republican elected in the last 45 years. ward 8 d.c. council candidate christopher barry turned himself into authorities today. barry is accused of threatening a teller and throwing a trash can that damaged a security camera inside a pnc bank in chinatown. christopher barry is the son of the late ward 8 councilman marion barry. prosecutors are reviewing the
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allegations against him to determine specific charges. barry has been arrested at least seven times over the past four years and is currently on probation. he has apologized for the bank incident on his facebook page. president obama is on a row promoting the agenda he unveiled in last night's state of the union address. the president was defiant in his first speech before congress where both sides of the capitol are controlled by republicans. mark albert has more from capitol hill. >> reporter: president obama has made his case to the republican-led congress. >> it begins with our economy. >> reporter: now he's headed into g.o.p. territory to sell the american people on his ideas. >> middle class economics works. >> reporter: the president used his state of the union address to say his policies have improved the economy and challenged republicans to pass new programs targeted to support working americans. >> all the president is saying don't stop momentum now. you're acknowledging there's real momentum. now let's keep it going. let's get the middle class a
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better deal. >> reporter: republicans say the middle class is their focus as well but they're not on board with the president's proposals or his plans to pay for them. >> all the president really offered last night was more taxes, more government, more of the same approach that has failed the middle class for decades. >> reporter: the g.o.p. says voters put them in control of congress and last night's speech was an insult to their agenda. >> the state of the union can be about more than veto threats. it would have been most constructive if he put the focus of his address on those where there is potential agreement. >> reporter: republicans say they can still work with the. on cybersecurity, reforming the tax code and expanding trade. mark albert for cbs news, capitol hill. >> how much of the president's agenda will succeed? we'll have analysis from richard kelsey, assistant dean of george mason university school of law later in this newscast. the flag outside boston's brigham and women's hospital's
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front entrance has been lowered to half staff in honor after prominent cardiovascular surgeon dr. michael davidson who was murdered there. 24 hours ago stephen pasceri walked into the hospital and asked specifically for dr. davidson. after a few worlds were exchanged the 55-year-old pasceri shot davidson twice. it happened outside a second floor exam room. police found pasceri dead on another level of the hospital. he had taken his own life. davidson had operated on his mother who died in november. tel aviv says ten people were stabbed and they are calling it an act of terrorism. >> reporter: emergency crews rushed to save victims who were stabbed on a bus wednesday on the busy streets of tel aviv. one passenger said the suspect who was riding the bus had murder in his eyes as he stabbed one person after
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another. prison officers in the area saw the bus swerving out of control and the man running away. >> special patrol units chased the suspect. he was shot in his leg and is now in police custody. >> reporter: police identified the suspect as a 23-year-old palestinian man from the west bank who entered israel illegally. investigators say he confessed to the stabbings saying the attack was revenge for israel's war against gaza last year. a spokesman for the hamas militant group praised the attack. he said, what happened in tel aviv is a response to israeli terrorism against our people and our holy places. israeli officials condemned hamas for supporting the attack which is believed to be the late nest a string of lone wolf assaults. >> hamas once again demonstrated that is a ruthless and brutal terrorist organization. >> reporter: israeli police say there is heightened security in and around tel aviv as they make sure there are no other
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terrorists in the area. marley hall, cbs news. still ahead on wusa9, another acc fraternity finds itself at the center of a sexual assault allegation. details are just ahead. >> plus, demolition man. a husband knocks down his wife's home without her permission or knowledge. those stories and
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a fraternity house at zuk university is suspended while police investigate rain allegations. a woman tells authorities she believes she was sexually assaulted at an off campus house belonging to alpha delta phi take ternlts. the woman told -- take ternlts. the woman -- fraternity. the woman told police she was
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served hot chocolate and woke up the next day wearing no underwear. a new york man is facing charges connected to the demolition of his wife's house. police in middletown, new york says she didn't know or give her permission for her house to be knocked down. but neighbors say that's just what james ryan did. he reportedly rented an excavator this week and completely knocked the wife's house to the ground. >> he bulldozed all her clothes in there. washer and dryer first. everything was in there. in fact her medication was still in there. >> he's charged with criminal mischief. additional charges are likely. still ahead on wusa9, the new england patriots under pressure just like their footballs? we'll have the latest on the deflate-gate when we come back. right now here's a look outside our window. this is the weather terrace. you can see the big snow flakes
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are falling and sticking to at least our floral out
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this saturday evening -- [ inaudible ] -- lives have been saveness genomics. meet daiquiri born -- meet zachary, born at just two pounds with a birth defect that caused him to grow faster than his skull. >> the surgery you know is going to be a seven-hour surgery where they'll remove the top part of his skull. his brain was completely exposed in that surgery. a multitude of things could go wrong. >> learn how doctors used genomics to figure out zachary's condition and what they did to save him. genomics: the power to predict is this saturday at 7:00 p.m.
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on wusa9. we'll be streaming is live on our week site turning to the so-called deflate-gate, espn is reporting 11 of the 12 footballs used by the new england patriots in sunday's game against the indianapolis colts were underinflated. experts say that makes the altered balls easier to grip and catch and could have given new england an unfair advantage. the n.f.l. requires each team to provide 12 footballs of their own for the game even if the underinflation allegations, there isn't much after penalty. the patriots could be fined $25,000 and lose future draft picks. new england won sunday's game handedly 45-7. when did indianapolis figure this out? >> i don't know. but you think the league in a situation like that, they would be the ones to handle the footballs. let the officials handle the football. i think in a lot of sports, the referees handle the baseballs, hockey pucks. >> howard loves to tweet and he's been getting lots of reaction from viewers.
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>> twitter, facebook. i asked the snow is moving in, what are you seeing? wow, did i get bombarded. thank you so much gl. what do you think? >> a lot of saw moderate snow. doppler 9000 is showing this very nicely coming in west to east across the area. some areas we're seeing it stick to some of the roads, especially north and wrest where it's just coming down heavily enough and temperatures hovering around freezing. a lot of areas seeing wet streets. i want to point out i know it's snowing farther to the south than we're seeing. it's snowing in waldorf so we know it's in charles county, across the metro. but i want to point out the back edge is approaching i-81 where the snow is starting to taper off. west of there is really is. we have snow down in waldorf, probably down in la plata, punch of prince george's, northern calvert county reporting snow but not sticking to the roads down here. it's been north and west where temperatures are closer to freezing like leesburg and gaithersburg and also manassas. i want to show you some of the pictures out there. we shared them with you at the top of the broadcast.
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if you missed it, i want to take you out to clarksburg. frederick road, 355, you see what's happening here where it's not treated n. is probably indicative of many of these secondary roads, the back roads north and west of town which has been snowing up there. but temperatures as i said are closer to freezing. i want to take you back to doppler. i do want to point out as you get up do i-81 -- toi-81, low to mid--- to i-81, low to mid- 30s. you have to get out and about, shouldn't be too tissue blip. watch out for the isolated slick spots. cumberland west, things are starting to shut down. i've heard from folks in cumberland, west and east virginia, all over the place actually with very pretty pictures they've sent me. here is the white house. starting to pick up a. noontime shot here in the nation's capital where we're expecting snow on and off the next hours. temperatures mid- to upper 30s in d.c. cooler north and west. so most of the accumulation we're going to see will be on the grassy areas.
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tonight this stuff will be out of here by late afternoon with mid-30s this evening. upper 20s to low 30s tonight. how much are we ago at? a -- we looking at? a trace to an inch generally. if you have more than that, don't sue me. it's the forecast, not the gospel. in the the influence area, mason-dixon line, back in the higher elevations, 2 to 3, outside chance somebody gets 4. i'm not worried too much about the road impact especially south of d.c. where even some rain could mix in. 37 now. thankfully the winds are light. we do have the snow light to moderate across the region. much different than january 6 when temperatures were like 20. so all sorts of problems. also, this is during the day, not at night so that's helping to keep the roads more wet than white. by 4:00, 5:00, most of the moisture is out of here. so tonight partly to mostly cloudy. temperatures upper 20s and low 30s. then we'll be in decent shape for tomorrow and friday. i have to caution you. friday night into saturday, another system brings wintry weather and another one on
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monday. so 38 today. we probably peaked for the high here in washington. some areas north and west low to mid-30s. we're going to have to watch out for that trace to an inch in d.c. metro. looking at 1 to 3 tort and northwest -- north and northwest. tomorrow and friday no problems. temperatures in the 40s. agent cold at night. as we head into in toward saturday, now we could have a wintry mix. the plunge fest to benefit the winter olympics, the polar plunge, 37. we'll have to watch the weather carefully. then on monday with temperatures in the mid-30s and another chance of snow. stick around. we've got more wusa9 news at noon on this snowy the world is filled with air. but for people with copd sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta.
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welcome back to 9news. president obama on the road touting what he announced last night in the state of the union address. here with reaction and analysis
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is richard kelsey, assistant dean at george mason university school of law. always good to you have here with us. your thoughts on the speech last night? the president said the economy is strong. >> we've never seen a president say at the state of the union it isn't -- the state of the union isn't strong. so that's not a surprise. the president wants to propose things that the republicans will never pass. the republicans want to propose bills that the. will never -- the president will never sign. that's basically the lesson of last night. >> did you see any areas where we can expect compromise? i know voters voted for a change on both sides of the hill but they still want these law maketories do something? >> i think at best we might see compromise on the transportation bill and on small marginal issues but on the big issues like tax reform, foreign policy, the things that really matter, i don't want to say transportation didn't matter but the big ticket items, i don't see any compromise and i see no effort
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by either party to really substanley compromise-- >> substantively compromise. >> what do you think about her state. was it strong enough and the right message for the g.o.p. to send? >> most of this was staged and not crafted. in this case the republicans wanted to send a message. they're very unpopular. congress' popularity is around 13%. they wanted to send a simple message, hey, we represent women, we represent veterans. we're not mean, scary people. and i think that was the goal of that speech. very difficult no matter who you are to follow a sitting president with a full house. she looked a little bit stiff. but she certainly didn't make any major gaffes. she wasn't reaching for beverages or doing anything crazy. i think she did what she set out to do. >> thank you very much. we'll be analyzing the speech and the campaign 2016 ready under way over the next couple of weeks and months.
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that's it for wusa9 news at noon. we'll be back at 5:00. until then, have a great day. be safe out there in the snow.
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>> adam: "when asked about her relationship with abbott chelsea's eyes danced with adoration and love." my god. can you believe this? >> sage: calm down. >> adam: how am i supposed to stay calm when every day that goes by is another day that i've lost with my wife and son? we need to speed this up. >> sage: we need to be careful. we're supposed to be having coffee like happy married couples do. okay? so if you start taking shortcuts, you're gonna make a mistake. >> adam: okay, listen, you just take care of your end, all right, and keep pumping nick for information about the good, ol' days, because the more information i have, the less chance he has of realizing that i'm not his good buddy gabe from boarding school. >> sage: i'm doing everything i can! >> adam: are you doing everything you can? really? okay, are you playing on his interest in you? because you've obviously sparked something, sage. he likes you, okay? so, you know, make your eyes dance with adoration, all right? both of our futures depend on this. >> nick: it's never gonna happen. i never lose at this game. i'm a master of it. you don't want none of this!


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