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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  January 26, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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good afternoon. the snow is flying in dc and points nearby. as much as 6 inches but the
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snow will be measured in feet in new york and new england. thank you for joining us for the news at noon, i'm mike haiduk. we are under a yellow alert. awd howard take it away. >> reporter: that's right mike. we are still dealing with snow. more sporadic here this morning as we've seen snow earlier. that is starting to lose its identity. off the carolina coast, new low pressure is forming and this guy, that one's going to turn out to be the monster that clobber the northeast. you still see bands of snow and rain mixed across the region. most of the road surfaces have been on the wet side. this is not heavy, by meat meteorological terms but it is steady, light out there. you see it in the metro, howard, montgomery, fairfax and lowdon counties, most from a trace to an inch of snow. i want to take you to winchester. it was snowing decently down
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there earlier. greg geiss was out and he was telling me the main roads were fine, anywhere from 1 to 2 inches of snow but some of the become roads picked up a little bit of accumulation. the good news is the temperatures, for the most part, they are warm enough so we don't have any big road problems. back to the weather computer, cold temperatures upper 20s to around 30s. we are down to 35. that is how cold it is so far. 38 in fredericksburg. we are going to see tonight as a little bit more snow thrown back at us. might see some spots up in montgomery, howard, southern frederick, western lowdon. i'm going to come back in a few minutes, give you the totals i expect for tonight and when things are going to improve. make al, back to you. thank you howard. we'll see thousands of flights today and tomorrow
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canceled, ahead of this storm that could leave between two and three feet at some points of the northeastern seaboard. delia goncalves is at dulles airport with more on that. >> reporter: here at dulles airport several afternoon flights to the northeast have been canceled ahead of the big snowstorm. and airlines are accommodating passengers. in many cases, waiving the fee to reschedule flights. >> called my husband and said get me out. >> reporter: dodging the storm at dulles. >> he got us home early and it is kind of getting crazy out there. >> reporter: you can say these passengers and their luggage made it out in a new york minute. many changing travel plans to beat the snow ask inevitable cancellations. they hopped on a plane out of la guardia just in the nick of time. >> starting to flurry quite heavily. >> my flight was canceled. i had to reschedule and i reorganized everything to come here today and do my work. >> reporter: over at reagan national airport the sleep in
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has begun. stranded travelers trying to get back to the big apple. airports and just trying to see what is available. doesn't look like there is much available, but hopefully they will get it solved so we can get home to our puppy. >> reporter: home is also the destination back at dulles. for the lucky ones who flew out early. >> it is cold and i'm glad to be back here. >> reporter: at dulles international airport, delia goncalves, wusa9. the snow around here gets deeper the fact you head west today. scott brooke is live in martinsburg, west virginia. we talked to him early this morning. how are conditions now scott? >> good morning mike. it is not incredibly deep, but it is cold out here and light snow continued throughout the morning here in martinsburg. inside my mobile newsroom, let me give you a shot of the dash cam. residential area in martinsburg, this is why school's are closed in west
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virginia's panhandle and what commuters saw this morning as well. let me take you out on the roadways in the morning, some of the pictures i saw very early before dawn this morning, we had lots of plow trucks out and about. there was enough snow coming down it really needed to be salted. it one a lot but those places that were salted ended up with pretty clear roads. we did end up with snow still sitting on the roadways. interstate 81 a shot you saw. a lot of plow trucks available ready to spread salt as light snow is expected, particularly up and down the 81 corridor from here in martinsburg all the way to hagerstown, people shoveling small amounts of snow and getting on with their day. schools are one hour late in washington county maryland. come on back to me live in martinsburg, and we'll take a little ride down the lane here
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on this snow covered roadway. and you can see just places where there hasn't been a lot of traffic today. it is snowy and it is iced up of the as soon as you get to a roadway that has salt on it, conditions approve dramatically. so that is the rule awd. >> little bit of -- audio. we here did not feel the full effect of the storm but the north is bracing for what could be an historic snowstorm. new york mayor bill de blasio is warning residents they could see somewhere between two and three feet of snow when it is all over. marley hall has more. >> reporter: a light snow is falling in the northeast. but the real storm is on its way. >> reporter: a storm is it going to rapidly intensify as it passes south and east of nantucket tomorrow. snowfall rates pick up to two to four inches per hour.
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>> cars stranded on the roads. in new york, more than 100,000 pounds of salt are on standby. a blizzard warning was issued from new jersey to maine. the nor'easter is expected to dump two feet or more of snow. wind gusts could reach over 50 miles per hour. on sunday new york city mayor bill de blasio warned people to take the storm seriously. >> don't underestimate this storm. assume conditions will be unsafe. >> reporter: weather experts say this could be the biggest snowfall in new york city's history. the current record here is 26.9 inches, setback in february of 2006. >> i'm just going to go hole up in my apartment. >> this one is going to hit us hard. >> reporter: airlines have already canceled more than 4000 flights, and more cancellations are expected. marley hall, cbs news, new york. and four children are in the hospital today after falling through the ice in
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baltimore county. bystanders were able to pull three of them out of a pond near lance down high school. and emergency crews had to save the fourth one. at this point we are told two children are this critical condition and two are listed in serious condition. it is very easy to keep track of weather and the closings anytime on our wusa9 mobile app. it is a free download on the apple itunes and google play stores, and you can also check for any closings and delays and prioritize yours so it comes up first. coming up on wusa9. >> it is back to business as usual here outside the white house. but the work day started early for some secret service agents. we have details, ahead. plus a repair job to king tut's famous mask is causing a
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welcome back. a dc cab driver is in custody this afternoon after leading park police on a wild chase through southeast washington. they caught up with him on the south capital street bridge near nats park. police say before that, the cabbie made an illegal u-turn and slammed into several vehicles while he was trying to get away. the cabbie is now charged with felony assault of an officer among other things. president obama and the first lady are in india right now. this morning mr. obama became the first american president to attend india's republican day festivities. the ceremony is india's 66-year- old public tribute to its constitution. leaders of the world's largest democracy are attempting to improve its relationship with the united states. and president obama and other world leaders are condemning the apparent murder of a japanese hostage by members of isis.
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the islamic extremists are holding another japanese citizen right now and offering to release him in exchange if a failed female iraqi suicide bomber. japan's deputy foreign minister is in jordan right now trying to negotiate with its government to help save goat tow's life. the white house was placed on lockdown early this morning just after 3:00 a.m. after a device crashed into the southeast side of the complex. nick giovanni has the latest from lafayette park. >> reporter: all is quiet here outside the white house. now. but several hours earlier this morning secret service agents were seen scouring the property, combing over the north lawn time and time again after a device was found on the property. >> there is a device that has been recovered by the secret service at the white house. the early indications are that it does not pose any sort of ongoing threat right now to anybody at the white house. as the secret service has more information about their investigation, they'll share
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more information. >> reporter: just a short time ago secret service confirmed the device they recovered was a two foot quad. it did not pose an immediate threat. president obama and first lady michelle obama were spending the day in india. nick ceasefire vaughn any wusa9. the secret service is working to identify any possible suspects or even a motive for this drone crash. well it is the stuff of legend and curses, but now it is also the source of embarrassment. a recent photograph reveals that king tut's burial mask was hastily repaired with glue. workers who were attempting to change a light in the display case knocked off the beard of the boy king. xcel and the culprits botched the repair job. they used a glue that should only be used as a last resort and telegoofed it up. >> the museum is now saying that this conservation job is going to have to be undone of the suggests the substance used
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in this case was perhaps not quite perfect. >> conservators at the egyptian museum will have to fix it properly. still ahead a film
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fibroids can gop in women between the ages of 30 and 40 and african-american women are two to throw times more likely to be affected by them. here to talk more about uterine fibroids is dr. keith sterling, medical director of
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interventional radiology at nova hospital. people think and hear the word fibroid and sometimes they tend to think the worst. does that mean cancer? >> no, not at all. as a matter of fact, uterine fibroids are the most common benign, noncancerous tumor of a woman's pelvis. and they don't turn into cancer. uterine cancer is a completely different diagnosis but fibroids are basically benign tumors. >> symptoms the same? if not what are the symptoms? >> the most common symptoms are heavy bleeding, heavy menstrual bledding or pelvic -- bleeding or pelvic pain and sometimes they press on a woman's bladder causing urinary frequency. >> you would assume surgery fixes this. is it extensive? >> actually the most common procedure that had been done for forever was (audio difficulty). we have been performing a
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nonsurgical procedure (audio difficulty) shrinks the fibroids without surgery specialize in using x-rays to
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>> we are getting reports some of the sidewalks are getting covered up in silver spring. that is enough to cause the
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slick conditions. overall, by tomorrow i'm expecting 1 to maybe 3 inches. 1 to 2, 3 to maybe 6. i they we have had a couple before, most of the totals here in the blue so far. we get another inch or two there, same story for frederick, upper montgomery, western lowdon. although if we got more than an inch in a few spots south of town that would be it. temperatures in the mid- 30s, slowly dropping off this evening. we'll get 25 to 30 tonight. with an inch or two of snow expected that is enough it make slick conditions. williams port 49 in richmond. the storm is cranking off the coast. a rain snow mix and an east wind at 14. got to show you what is happening.
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and bomb (audio difficulty)
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welcome back. it is one of the most popular low as every year in dc. tens of thousands of people
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will be cruising in and out of the dc convention center this week for a look at all the cars the truck the suvs and the mini vans of the future. the washington auto show is in town through sunday. right near here is the show's chair, kevin riley. i was amazed at the amount of cars you said are in that convention center right now. >> over 750 vehicles in 750,000 square feet of space. 42 manufacturers represented, ferarri, lamborghinis, the greatest from ford, honda, it is a great show. >> if you are a total car geek, everything from the concept cars to the fuel efficient cars. is the hybrid version the most popular this year? what are some of the things from that realm are on display? >> joe biden was here last year. he loves his corvette. gets 650-horsepower that may interest you. for another person they may look at the toyota a hydrogen
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fuel cell vehicle. >> the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are very cool because water comes out of the tailpipe, they are as quiet as they could possibly be. does it seem like this is going to be a car of the future? it is really slow to market. >> that is why the washington auto show is one of the top five shows in the nation and important for the world stage. we are the ones who get industry and government to come together and put these new technology. the secretary of energy is a big fan. >> an suv for an entertainment purpose go to camp jeep and they take a jeep through an obstacle course. it is a big. >> you can physically ride on it right? >> yeah one of the jeep project presenters will invite you in the car 30-degree side inlye klein. my kids loved it. >> what about the exotic cars? >> ferarri, lamborghini, asston martin. all of them are there. right across you'll see historic vehicles like the gm
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future liner. >> kevin riley from washington auto show, we appreciate it. the show goes through this sunday if you would like to check it out. we are back at 5:00 and of course on our app take care everybody.
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