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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 9, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning. it is monday february 9th 20156789 welcome to "cbs this morning." a third winter storm this morning is pounding the northeast, threatening to shut down cities and disrupt travel. "60 minutes" shows how hackers can take over your car. this morning we'll talk with ed markey who says automakers are doing little to stop them. and sunday night belongs to newcomer sam smith. kevin frazier brings us the big winners. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 skojds. >> s thenow that's fallen it's
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up to my knees. there's nowhere to put it. >> theor ntheast fights another round of snow and ice. >> some areas facing up to 2 feet. >> it's unprecedented. >> meanwhile off to the west we continue to deal with this system. >> bringing wet weather off the coast into the pacific northwest. >> an american aid workd hel b unknown. isis says she was killed in an air strike. >> they tend to lie about these things all the time. >> i'm having a really really really good night. ♪ stay with me ♪ >> newcomer sam smith cleaned up taking home four awards. >> she had a memorable surprise. kanye west won album of the year. >> at this point we'reir ted of it. >> holding high-level talks with angela merkel. >> the skydiving instructor and his passenger has appeared to merely collided with it.
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>> all that -- >> the czech republic cop gets a little too close for comfort. the officer was not hurt. >> -- and all that matters. >> coach smith was the best ever on the court. >> legendary north carolina etbaskball coach d seanmith passed away at the age of 83. >> truly one of the iconic figures in sports in our lifetime. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> i want to thank the man who this record is about. thank you so much for breaking my heart because you got me four grammys. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." gayle king is off and jeff glor is here. it is the third snowstorm in two weeks for new england. this morning massachusetts is under a snow emergency.
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boston has gotten 62 inches of snow this morning. much more than usual. the city could get another 10 inches today and more tomorrow. >> her we go again in boston. it's been snowing much of the morning in the boston area. jericka duncan is in downtown boston where local officials are once again warning locals to stay home. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's definitely the advice a lot of people will be taking but officials obviously concerned about the new snow on top on what's already accumulated in two previous storms in just about two weeks about 5 feet has fallen in this area and the governor of massachusetts says plows across the state have removed enough snow to full 90 professional football stadiums. bostonians are waking up to crippling snow and freezing temperatures after back to back to back storms. for plows, it's become a race struggling to keep up with a new mess while
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trying to clear out the old. >> quite honestly we're running out of space on where to put all the snow we have in the city of boston. >> reporter: this is the third winter storm to battle new england since january, creating record snowfall and dangerous conditions. new hampshire highways were treacherous on sunday forcing this school bus off the road. fortunately there were no children inside. >> this is what it's like living in boston right now. it's a snow globe. >> reporter: massachusetts officials are urging people to stay home again today as more than 350 plows try to control the massive drifts spilling into the streets, burying cars and making it impossible to park. snow melters are being used to help get rid of the buildup. these machines can turn 400 pounds of powder into water in an hour. it's unusual to have to break out the snow melters like this. >> yeah pretty unusual. last year was a good winter. >> reporter: the city has
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already spent its $18 million snow removal budget but mayor marty walsh says he'll do whatever is necessary to keep bostonians safe. >> our main priority is making sure the streetses are clear for the residents of the city. the budget stuff, wheel figure that out. >> reporter: schools are closed today and tomorrow and the front page of the "boston herald" talks about the school's snow crisis. that's because students here have missed eight days of school so far because of all of this snow and there's talk about them making it up for spring break or possibly their summer vacation. >> wow. all right, jericka duncan thank you very much. the snow in the northeast is causing trouble at the airports around the country. already airlines have canceled more than 1,500 flights. meteorologist matt brickman from wcco is tracking the forecast on each coast. good morning. >> good morning. it's tracking across the states over the weekend an now moving toward the northeast, setting up
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new england for its latest round of heavy snow that snow really picking up throughout the day today and continues into the night. but just south of the heavy snow we're going to see a line of freezing rain and sleet setup that could cause some major icing for parts of new york, new jersey connecticut and parts of pennsylvania. the snow totals again for boston right in the bull's-eye. they could be digging out from a foot of snow by tuesday morning. behind the snow record cold and windchills could move in by the end of the week with lows around zero through new york and the windchill right around 10 below. gayle? >> thank you, sir. this morning some of music's biggest stars are showing off their grammy gold. it was a mix of longtime favorites and fresh talent. kevin frazier from our partners at ""entertainment tonight"" joins us from the studios of e.t. good morning to you.
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it was a long night. >> it was a long night and a fun night. sam smith was the big winner. best new arltest, new song of the year best new album. best pop vocal. it was the best night from a man who loves to sing about heartache. it was much more than beginner's luck for sam smith. "stay with me" was last night's biggest hit and he'll have it for a long time to come. music's master of melancholy had to deal with a whole set of emotions backstage. >> it's a dream come true. i'm the happiest i've ever been in my life. >> all smith needed for the perfect night was to win album of the night. that went to beck beating out ed sheeran, pharrell williams and
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beyonce. in a deja vu moment kanye west leapt to the stage to collect the award on beyonce's behalf. ♪ leading me on ♪ >> still beyonce enjoyed her moment in the spotlight grabbing three grammys, and there were other classic grammy moments, a powerful convenient between hozier and annie lennox. and madonna's matador production filled the stage. there was the bizarre kristen wiig doing an interpretive dance as she stood in for the notoriously camryeracamera-shy moment. but there were still the serious moments. >> albums still matter.
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like books, albums still matter. >> pharrell's song "happy" used and his song from the movie "selma." ♪ >> reporter: still what mattered most last night was the music. it was sam smith's night and his duet with mary j. blige shows he could be a new artist with definite staying power. ♪ stay, stay stay stay with me ♪ >> it really was a lovefest for sam. meanwhile kanye west as we showed you returned to the grammys after a six-year splash. it was that aborted stage rush after beck won album of the year that has people buzzing. remember six years ago when
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taylor swift won. he was at it again. this time the outcome a little different. >> we'll see you again in the next hour. the white house will welcome german chancellor angela merkel. they'll talk about the conflict and how to handle putin. good morning. >> good morning. so far the president has resist resisted sending weapons off to ukraine but he's increasing pressure by members of congress and others to do so. angela merkel and most west european nations are on the same page. instead they've threatened more sanctions if president putin doesn't agree to a deal to end the fighting in crew crane by wednesday when they meet. the president has options in
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hand including anti-tank weapons but the white house says it's important to keep up a united front with the europeans and they're insisting to us privately that the president will not be rushed into any decision, so what we're likely to see in today's meeting is the threat of more sanctions but still the possibility of offensive weapons down the road. jeff? >> bill thank you very much. this morning the parents of an arizona woman taken hostage by isis are hoping their daughter is still alive. it was announced the jordanian air strikes killed kayla mueller. >> good morning. she had been identified as the unidentified american female hostage held by isis. they withheld her name in an effort to secure her safety but with her identity revealed on friday the world is learning more about the selfless volunteer. >> i am in solidarity with the
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syrian people. >> reporter: 26-year-old kayla mueller traveled to some of the world's most dangerous locations, dedicating to helping the less fortunate, but now more than a year in captivity, her parents are praying for their daughter's return home. >> the strain of not knowing where their daughter is at and whether or not she's alive or not is something that's starting to wear on them. >> reporter: in august 2013 mueller was kidnapped in syria leaving a hospital run by an aid group. later the captors provided proof she was alive. later forces found strands of hair believed to be mueller after an unsuccessful attempt to save american hostages in the city of syria. isis said mueller had been killed in one of the jordanian air strikes seeking to destroy the terrorist's strongholds. they claim she was killed in
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raqqah when the building she was being held in collapsed on top of her. on sunday jordan dismissed the claim as propaganda. >> what we know is they're liars, they don't have any haven't for human life. that's why it's difficult to make any accurate assessment or conclusion regarding the fate of the american lady. >> reporter: if mueller's death is concerned, she would be the fourth american hostage killed while in isis captivity but her family and friends remain hopeful. >> it's time for this to have a happy ending and bring kayla home to her parents and family. >> mueller's parents released a statement asking her captors to contact them privately. she's isis's last known american hostage. >> thank you. in iraq america's staunchest fighters are known as the pes
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more ga, but they're getting frustrated. good moaning. >> good morning. we traveled to mount sin. in northwestern kurdish iraq to land they recently recaptured from isis militants. the peshmerga men were fighting. they have the best track record of defeating the militants, but they're massively outgunning. the kurdish forces say they've clawed back 1,500 square miles of territory from isis since december and have done merely all of their fighting relying on small caliber weapons like these. >> we've lost more than 1,000 peshmergas, and somewhere around 5,000 have been wounded. >> reporter: the kurdish national security adviser told
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us 70% of those deaths could have been prevented if the u.s. would give the peshmerga the hundreds of armored vehicles they want. so far they've received just 25. >> of course they all praise the peshmergas and thank us, but that is not enough. we need the equipment. let's not forget. this is the war. the enemy doesn't wait. they're not waiting for us or for our allies to provide us with the right equipment. >> the armored cars would even offer some protection against the biggest killer of the kurdish fighters. car and roadside bombs. in battle last month, isis attacked them with 14 car bombs in just one day. what do you say to the families of those men who have died whose deaths were preventible? >> these are our heros and we need to protect the heroes, and i think they're the heroes of the free world, and it's the responsibility of the international community to
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protect them. >> the reason the u.s. is reluctant to equip the peshmerga is the kurdish people want independence and helping them angers both the iraqi government as well as the authorities in turkey where there's a large kurdish operation, but that leaves them desperately underequipped. charlie. >> thanks. north carolina flags are flying at half-staff this morning for hall of fame coach dean smith. he died at the age of 83. in 36 years at the university of north carolina he won two championships and 879 games. he recruited the school's first black scholarship athlete. president obama gave him the presidential medal of freedom in 2013. in statement he said coach smith showed us something that i've seen again and again on the court, that basketball can tell us more about who you are than a jumpshot alone ever could.
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michael jordan one of smith's former players said he was more than a coach. he was my mentor, my teacher, my second father. the worst of the heavy rain in the west is over this morning. the pacific storm dropped several inches in northern california over the weekend. that caused flooding and knocked out power around the region. carter evans is there where the last of the rain pushes east. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. after historic amounts. february has been a different story in northern california with two powerful storms passing through in just a matter of days. for the second time in three days, a powerful pacific storm dumped heavy rain on northern california. packing winds up to 50 miles an hour. strong enough to bring down trees. >> fences are down. they don't have their yard anymore, but, you know we'll deal with it. >> in sacramento flood warnings were issued and slick roads were
7:18 am
blamed for several violent car wrecks. some of this weekend's storms created what meteorologists call an atmospheric river, bringing amounts of moisture from the hawaiian islands to the pacific northwest. now scientists are getting the chance to study the phenomenon up close. went along as they flew directly into sunday's storm. this is essentially a flying weather lab. scientists use sep sores on the plane to take wind and moisture readings. meteorologists want to learn how these storms form so they can better understand california's drought patterns and better anticipate severe flooding. why is it so important that they fly into the atmospheric river to take reads? >> because we need actual observations. the more we need to know about structures, the more we can anticipate true rainfall amounts. >> well, any amount of rain helps. it really only makes a accident
7:19 am
in this drought right now. the real hope is these will bring snowfall to higher elevations. all that snow in the summer will eventually end up in california's reservoirs. game? >> all right. thank you. they need the water. thank you, carter. it's now 7:19. how an ipod and >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay.
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"60 minutes'" lesley stahl finds a remote control threat to nearly every car on the road. >> a troubling report on the heels of last night's "60 minutes" investigation. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of
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kanye west says he wasn't joking when he crashed the stage when beck received album of the year awartd. lots of people thought it was a joke back in 2009. >> i just want people to know if they want real artists to keep coming back, they need to playing with us. we amt going to play with them no more. the beyonce video and beck needs to respect artistry and he should have given the award to beyonce. we as musicians have to inspire who go to work every day and they listen to that album and they feel like it takes them to another place, but i am here to fight for creativity. that's the reason why i didn't say anything. >> look at kim's face. she's saying okay dear. i thought she was kidding too. >> give me a break. as if beck is not creative.
7:31 am
>> seriously. exactly. he did it five years ago and he does it again? >> the thing you can say about kanye, he always speaks his mind. >> and he's very talented. >> whether we want to hear it or not. >> he's got lots to say. >> you don't feel bad about it. >> no, not at all. coming up this half hour," 60 minutes" shows us the danger. the senator behind the study shows us how it's not the only threat to your privacy on the road. plus legal pot becomes even more powerful in colorado. see how marijuana is creating new jobs outside the industry and leading a bit of a real estate turnaround. that's ahead. britain's "guardian" tells us about leaked computer files from banking giant hsbc about its swiss banking practices. media outlets including "60 minutes" obtained the files. they covered a period from 2005
7:32 am
to 2007 around shay showed how hsbc helped clients dodge taxes, hide millions of dollars of assets and circumvent taxes. >> "the new york times" says brian williams is on leave this morning from "nbc nightly news." last week williams admits he misled the public when he claimed he was in a hospital struck by a grenade in a war in iraq in 2003. in a statement on saturday williams said, quote, it's become painfully apparent to me that i am presently too much of a part of the news due to my actions. i have decided to take myself off of my daily broadcast for the next several days. he was scheduled to appear on david letterman's show but has canceled his appearance. a court reopens the 'peel.
7:33 am
they convicted him of murdering his girlfriend. now he'll get to argue for a new trial. jan crawford first spoke to syed's family in november. good morning. >> good morning. he was just 18 years old when he was accused of murder and he's now spent almost half of his life behind bars. two of his previous appeals, those were rejected. but now this latest development is giving his family a glimmer of hope. millions of people probably never would have known about him had it not been for radio journalist sara koenig. >> in case you haven't noticed, my thoughts about who has been lying and why have not been fixed over the course of this story. >> reporter: they apeernltly have questions too. his family so accustomed to disappointment over the years delivered the news to syed over
7:34 am
the phone. >> my brother didn't believe my mom, so when i grabbed the phone and i told him, he was so happy. like he was just like laughing. >> reporter: syed was sentenced to life in present for the death of an honor student who was strangled in 1999. the prosecution's key witness was a drug dealer who claims he helped syed bury her body in a baltimore park. during the twists and turns of the case it cast out his account and it also listed why another student who could have provided an ail bay for syed was never listed as a witness or called to testify. christina died in 2004. to this day he maintained his innocence. >> no one should every come with any type of proof or anecdote or anything to ever say that i was mad at her, that i was ever angry with her, that i ever threatened her. >> it's like one day you know
7:35 am
you have a nice family you have three children you want to raise them. education and suddenly it's like the storm coming. they destroy everything. >> reporter: fans of the podcast have donated more than $80,000 toward syed's legal fun. they say they're grateful for the support generated from the serial. >> we're grateful for the support. >> they're saying the case is still pending but the odds are stacked against ayed. i mean even though this court said they're going to listen to his argument he's a long long way from getting a new trial or getting out of jail. >> those podcasts are riveting.
7:36 am
i just finished the whole series. i find myself going back and forth, back and forth. for now i'm glad he's getting a second chance. there's new information. lesley stahl talked to researchers the at the pentagon's doorlab. >> reporter: using the laptop the hacker dialed the car's emergency communications systems and transmitted a sears of tones that flooded it with data. as the cash's computer tried sorting it out, the hacker inserted an attack that reprogramming the software gaining total remote control. >> oh my gosh. >> the horn. >> they can control the gas, the acceleration. >> that's right. >> they can control the braking. >> that's right. >> and they can do this from anywhere in the world. >> so you think that's scary?
7:37 am
yeah. nearly all cars are vulnerable to hacking. >> it comes from massachusetts democratic senator ed markey. he joins us this morning from washington. senator, always good to see you, sir. first of all, tell me a little bit about this report. why did you put it together and what were the most disturbing findings? >> well, there are a number of big issues that are being created as we move from the era of the internal combustion engine to an era where they're driving around in computers. that's what the automobile is and it raises questions of safety, it raises questions of privacy because no longer do you need a crowbar in order to break into a car. now you can do it with an can affect the breaking system, you can affect the acceleration, you can affect any part of that vehicle and at the same time you have privacy
7:38 am
information because information is gathering about you at all times, where you park where you go, and it's being kept by the automotive industry without any real standards that are in place today. >> senator markey, charlie rose here. so what do you do then? what's been the response on the part of the auto companies, and what can they do? >> well my study indicated that many in the automotive industry don't even understand fully what the implications are of moving to this new computer based era. and i think that's frightening and it's why i think that the highway safety agency the federal trade commission they have to begin to put new rules for the road in place for visa vehicles in order to protect ordinary families again, their safety and their privacy. right now there aren't any clear guidelines that are on the books. >> even that's scary hearing that. people listening to you right
7:39 am
now, senator, what if anything condition k they do and why did you think this was an issue in the first place? >> well i've been tracking privacy issues and auto safety-related issues my entire career and now it's merged. that should be a concern to everyone who is driving a car in america today because their car can be hacked in order to control the vehicle. >> what can i do? what can i do? >> right now you can, one rks i think, begin to complain to the government that they haven't given you the protections you need in order to say to the auto motive industry stop storing my information, where i park where i drive, where i go. and at the same time we need to say to the federal government put up safety ratings on the vehicle as people are purchasing it. in is same kwa you know how many
7:40 am
airbags you have how easy it is to withstand a crash, we need a rating isn't for security for that safety of that vehicle for it being hacked from an outsider that could cause an accident cause real danger. >> all right. senator markey, we have to leave it there. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. next we're in colorado with the unexpected financial boom for legal marijuana. how one pot shop is bringing a run down strip malbec to life. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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colorado this week expects to release marijuana tax figures for december. that means we'll get a complete look at how much the state made in first year of recreational sales. barry petersen is at a pot dispensary in aurora with an surprising information. good morning. >> good morning. when colorado agreed to recreational sales it left the
7:45 am
city to decide whether to allow or ban pot shops. aurora is the most recent city to allow it. they're surprised by their new neighbors and are reaping some unlikely benefits. >> it's always good in a city lie aurora is opening a business. >> all the money we make from our sales revenue is going to stay in aurora. >> reporter: but sweetleaf isn't just any business. this will be a pot shop. aurora had been waiting to see how the experiment and recreational pot would pan out in nearby denver. in denver a city council finally said okay and now a city that had no pot shops has more. star buds has opened.
7:46 am
many local landlorded didn't want to lease to a pot shop and the city demand strict guidelines so brians small deteriorating strip mall and that was just the beginning. the building had to be redone literally from top to bottom from a new roof to pantsing the front right down to repaving the parking lot. so how much are you in for do you think? >> at this point, a little less than a million dollar. >> to open a pot shop. >> yes. >> i did it because i think this is a great opportunity and in the long run i believe it will be a worthwhile investment. >> the marijuana welcome wagon including kevin hogan, president of the aurora chamber of commerce. they not only refurbished old buildings but they're now claimer members. >> did anybody call you up and say how in the world did you do that? >> no. actually the calls have been where are the locations.
7:47 am
>> aurora is guaranteed new tax revenue, but for pot shop owners, it's gamble to see if they can recover the hundreds of thousands they've in vested just to get up and running. >> how long you do think lit take you to recoup? >> i have no idea but it will be in the magnitude of years, not months. >> hightimes that come with high risks. this is the
7:48 am
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ahead, what did sam smith crave most after he won? we'll have a recap. show how hunger overtook. plus the unforward fashion performance that always has people buzzing the next day on the grammys.
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it is monday february 9th 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more on the grammy
8:00 am
awards. kevin frazier comes back with more of his favorite moments, but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> boston officials concerned about the new snow on top of what's already been accumulated. >> throughout the day today and continuing into the t.nigh a >>fter historically low rainfall amounts last month february has been a different story in northern california. am>> sth smi was a big winner taking home that arm lode of grammys. >> i've got to say something now witthou crying. >> beck needs to respect ti arstry. >> beck always speaks his mind. >> and he is talented. >> whether we want to hear it or not. >> still the possibility of weapons down the road. >> u the.s. government has not corroborated the report of muellers death. she's isis's last known american hostage. >> they've clawed back 1,500
8:01 am
square miles of territory. >> no no. >> many in the auto industry don't fully understand what the implications are. >> we've been gone for the last three months and you're probably thinking i was on vacation. that was not in fact the case. much like brian williams i voluntarily took myself off the air. >> announcer: today's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presents by nationwide insurance. >>rlie rose along with gayle king and jeff glor. norah o'donnell is off. singer sam smith had an emotional night at the awards. the newcomer took home four trophies including new artist. >> beyonce added to her collection. she offered one of the show's 23 performances. kevin frazier of "entertainment tonight" was on the red carpet.
8:02 am
i think the person to talk to is sam smith's ex-boyfriend. i got me four grammys, drop the microphone. >> don't worry. he has moved on. it's always great night of unique collaborations. he sung "stay with me." it was impossible to resist. ♪ why don't you stay with me note. >> i want to thank the man who this record is about. thank you so much because you got me four grammys. >> are you tired of a broken heart and ready for love? >> i am. >> before smith goes looking for lasting love, he went looking for a quick meal. >> i'm an in and out burger fan. i've been juicing for the last few weeks. >> the winner is morning phase.
8:03 am
>> the big shot of the night, beck's win for best album and one artist not so pleased. yep, that's kanye looking like he was about to repeat his infamous 2009 vma stunt when he crashed taylor swift's speech. >> i'll let you finish but beyonce has one of the best videos of all time. >> lucky for beck kanye went back to his seat and while everyone thought he was joking including jay z and beyonce, turns out he was serious. kanye said later, beck should have given the award to beyonce but he was griping about the grammys even before the show started. >> the grammys could adjust their voting system. i think it's a bit flawed. we're going to work on it. i'm not going to cop plain about it. >> perhaps the most theatrical moment of the night, madonna's "living for love." the 56-year-old material girl still proving she can concur a crowd including fans like taylor
8:04 am
swift. >> i don't know if you know this madonna said she loves taylor swift. >> don't tell her things like that. >> this are things that make me break out in a full body sweat. >> ed sheeran still not so recognizable. >> does ed sheeraning are have to have a ticket to the grammys? >> if i don't turn up with an on ter rage and push people out of the way, they won't know who i am. >> sheeran made it clear who he was when he took the stage with yellow. here's something else we won't soon forget. pharrell on the stage with an outfit that may have been better suited for a hotel. the grammy-winning bellhop definitely delivered happiness. ♪ i'm trying to make it back home ♪ >> sir paul rocked it with rihanna and kanye while gaga and
8:05 am
82-year-old bennett go deeper than a song. >> i understand he stopped you from quitting music altogether, is that true? >> yes he did. i was going through a hard time and when i met tony i found a friend and through that friendship i realized anything is possible. >> gaga who was great -- sam smith's album in the lonely hours seemed to resonate with everyone. the performers were talking about sam. mary j. blige told me she heard him the first time on the radio and said to everybody who was in the car with her, who is that guy, i got to meet him. >> that was a nice moment that mary j. and sam smith, i had goose bumps. also with common legend and beyonce, i thought that was great performance too. >> i thought it was fantastic. it was beautiful. and the messages in all of those performances were all very
8:06 am
important. >> why was see ya looking like she was singing in a time-out deal. >> here's the deal. she performed very well and took a hiatus. she put together an album after having a lot of success. she said if i'm going go back to touring and promoting this album, then you will not see my face because i want to protect my privacy. she said one time she was sitting with a friend who was telling her she had cancer and someone said can i take a picture with you. those are the kinds of things that have inspired her to say, i'm not going to show my face anymore. but she did show her face when she performed for a charity fund-raiser for the president. she said at fund-raisers she will show her face but for performances and promotional stuff, nor get it, you will not get look at her. >> most of us don't know what she looks like. >> always a pleasure. >> we feel that too.
8:07 am
check your localt airs on your local stations. the northeast is getting hit with more snow and ice. boston could have more than 6 feet of snow on the ground when this storm is other. schools are closed today and tomorrow. meanwhile some areas in northern california got flooded. hundreds of thousands of people lost power at some point over the weekend. >> this morning hall of fame coach dean smith is being remembered more than just a basketball legend. his team won two national titles and played in 11 final fours. but he was also a civil rights champion and mentored many former players like michael jordan. i spoke with him on my pbs program in 1999. what was the joy of coaching for you. >> >> i really enjoyed teaching and practices more than anything and a tough ball game where it was going to be a contest.
8:08 am
i liked xs and os and treating them like men. our fill ossi was play hard play smart, and play together, and have fun. we don't talk about winning. it's a by product if you play hard and play smart and play together. >> dean smith died in his home on saturday. he was 83 years old. a wonderful man. >> everybody who worked with him loved this man charlie. >> the whole state just loved him. he meant so much and had such integrity. he was so important to the lives of people like michael jordan and expressed it so well. >> certainly one of the greats. ahead on "cbs this morning," the author of the blockbuster novel, it's called "the girl on the train." she
8:09 am
>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by nationwide.
8:10 am
the producer of the album with beck but the guys behind warby parker glass are behind something besides glasses this morning. the co-founder joins us inside studio 57 as we bring you a major announcement. that's ahead on "cbs this morning."
8:11 am
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8:14 am
and the bafta goes to "boyhood." >> if it's any indication it will find the oscars. it took home best picture and best director. julianne moore was named best actress for her role in "still alice" and eddie redmayne earned best actor for playing stephen hawking in "the theory of everything." he came onstage himself to receive it. >> i'm particularly pleased to present this award with the only person on the planet more intelligent than stephen frye. >> yes. and better looking. >> how good is that. >> brilliant. >> brilliant.
8:15 am
>> also one that directed the award, the baftas and bgas are the last major award shows until the academy awards in about two weeks. can't wait. >> that's a great moment. >> stephen hawking on stage? >> sufficient a good sense of humor. meet the woman who created the service and see how she answers the critics who call it's lettist. that's next. jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen.
8:16 am
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8:19 am
there is new representative by michigan state university suggesting you should start settling for mr. and mrs. okay instead of waiting for perfect soulmate. i don't know. that's based on the primitive model of our ancestors but don't despair. there's a new dating site that provides you will find the right partner provided you fight in. anna werner on "cbs this morning." good morning. >> good morning. it's called the league and like a lot of other dating sites out there, it's free to join. but unlike others good luck getting in. it's only active in san francisco so far and already has a waitlist of 75,000 people. it's the question behind the fictional love lives of the "sex and the city" women. how to find the perfect mate.
8:20 am
>> i've been dating since i was 15, i'm exhausted, where is he. >> who? the white night? >> it only happens in fairy tales. >> reporter: in real life 30-year-old amanda bradford was struggling with the same question. >> can you describe who you're look for? >> yeah, if i were to boil it down to one word it would be ambitious. >> which definitely describes bradford. she worked at goingogle and got into university of stanford. she's been in ee harmon in tinder and others. few likely prospects. >> you know hardly anything about them other than finding them attractive. >> so she started her own service, the league. to join perspective members have to apply and share both their facebook and linkedin formulas. a computer program helps short
8:21 am
through applications and bradford's team decide wls to approve people based on selective criteria based on their education jobs and even photos. >> people have tagged you as elitist. >> i think it's less about pedigree and where you went to school and where you work but more about ambition and passion. we don't want everyone to have an advanced degree degree or be a major. >> so construction worker and guy with an mba can get in. >> yeah, we have both of those. >> the league sends members just five prospects per day on the theory of quality over quantity. >> the algorithm you're trying to figure out who the quality person is. how does that work? >> there's no way to answer that. but we can put people into the community that seem to be serious about dating and we can
8:22 am
look at making sure that they're a really good fit with the community and they're adding diversity to it. >> the app just launched in november but already has 5,500 members. >> it's really hard to spend a lot of time researching people which is what you have to do with most of the other dating apps. >> liz, dana katy and luella are all professional women who say they tried other sites, then switched to the league. >> so you know who your mutual friends are, where they went to shool, their profession, how tall they are, which makes it a lot faster to decide if you want to engage with that person. >> you find it -- >> yes. >> they're not alone. a number of american singles found the number one way to look is online. although luella as mitts she dreams of romantic meetings.
8:23 am
>> i want to tell my children we reached for the same avocado. >> he agrees. >> i'd like to thing i've been the guy that reached for the statement avocado and it happen. >> but he said working 0 hours a week he found that unlikely, so he joined in september and in weeks found a special someone. >> go with the app is what you're saying. >> it's going to make life a little easier. she's solving a problem with two people are really excited to meet each other. >> ily are a couple of different lenses we want to look it through. >> and maybe the league's founder will get close to the answer she's seeking. >> who's the perfect guy? >> oh, man. that's a good question. i'm still looking for him. >> listen. dating sites are a lot like the people that use them. different personalities looking for different things. right now the league operates in a tight knit community in san francisco, so who knows how well it will do in other parts of the
8:24 am
country with totally different demographics. amanda said she wants to expand but you can't write the perfect algorithm to find the right person. the question is when she expands what happens to the tight knit family. >> it sounds cool, the league. >> i think so. >> yeah. >> charlie said something once, there's a lot of nice people in the world who keep missing on connecting. i'm for anything that
8:25 am
8:26 am
narrator: gas prices are down helping middle class families. but now, the white house wants to impose title ii regulations on your internet meaning new government taxes and fees. every month: you'd pay more. 11 billion dollars a year in new taxes and fees. internet freedoms can be protected with the white house and congress working together, but imposing new tax increases through public utility style regulations will hurt middle class families let's protect the internet we love without regressive taxes and fees. no to title ii.
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éw haveces]rondzm!ves ñ"ká+]q].ilc,>u rice (vmpy wjqt at&t aspire initiative. helping students and communities across america.
8:30 am
number one this morning on "the new york times" best searl list. it debut at the top spot in january. a feat unmatched by any novel in a decade. more than half a million copies are already in print and we're so pleased to welcome the author. her name is paula hawkins and this is her first tv interview. we thank you. >> thank you very much. >> here's what stephen king said. the girl on the train really great suspense novel. kept me up most of the night. i feel like stephen hawking too.
8:31 am
>> you mean stephen king. >> stephen king. did you think of that? >> i thought of him cob, suspicion, paranoia and self-doubt. >> there's a missing wife and it has the title "girl on the train." after that that's it. you have written four novls. you're a financial writer. this is the first one you had written in your own name. why this one? >> the other novels were commissioned. this one came completely from me. this was the book i really wanted to write. i'm interested in crime and the dark side of psychology and so this was really my book. >> but you have said this like the last throw of the dice for you. >> it was to some degree. i was -- the last novel did not set the world on fire and i basically wanted to make some money. >> how desperate were you many? >> i wasn't about to be out on the street. things were getting tight.
8:32 am
the wolf is at the door. >> you sent it to a publisher without knowing or disclosing the end. >> i did know the end. i hand written it yet. i knew what was going to happen. >> did you tell them? >> i did. i sketched it out. >> they were excited about knowing. the plot centers around rachel. she's a divorced woman. she takes the commuter train. she sees something very interesting and we're off to the races so to speak. were you a big train rider? >> i've commuted into various bits of london. i used do that. looking past and imagining what their lives are like. >> i do. >> don't you feel like a sense of connection, almost like you know them. then i started wondering idly if i saw something surprising or shocking or. >> you have a novel right now. >> yeah. >> so when you were a financial journalist from the get-go did you say i'm really a novelist
8:33 am
that's what i want to do that's what i want to be and that's why i'm here? >> it was more a dream than a plan. i wrote fiction on the quiet, on the side. it wasn't a career plan. i don't think anyone goes into fiction like a career. you don't think this is what's going to happen to you. >> are you already to work on the next one? >> i am. >> any previews? >> no. >> no previews allowed? >> sorry, not yet. >> quickly about the movie, do you have somebody you'd like to see cashed? >> i thought about megan. i wondered about michelle williams. she's tough to cast. if anyone has any suggestions -- >> sorry. did you drink gin and tonics the way rachel does? >> not on a train but i have occasionally on a friday evening. >> it picks up quick. it captures you really quickly, doesn't it? >> but i mean how has it changed
8:34 am
your life? >> well the book's only been out for a month so nothing's changed quite yet. i've been on a whirlwind tour of the state, so that was new. no, it hasn't really changed anything. >> and this involves some xexes in the book. you live with an ex- >> i do. he's my longer. >> your longer. rachel has an ex. is he concerned at all? >> i don't think so. >> it zigs and zags. it's about betrayal and betrayal. >> oh yeah but ours isn't like that. >> what do you like most about the book? >> ily's an atmosphere of menace and i think that's the thing that's really compelling. it's an everyday situation but there are dark things lurking
8:35 am
beneath the surface and that's something i'm drawn to. >> one of the best lines is life is not a paragraph and death is no parentheses. that's so true in this book. paula, congratulations. >> thank you. >> drawn to the menace. "a girl on a train" is on sale. up next a mom thought she might be giving birth to twins. it was only one. >> that's a new born baby? >> yes yes, it is.
8:36 am
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that's the perfect song for this. big surprise. a florida baby is home with his family this morning after making a big entrance. avery denton set a record to become the biggest baby ever born in tampa. he weighed in at more than 14 pounds. she didn't even know she was pregnant until her third
8:39 am
trimester. labor took 18 hours and then she learned the big number. avery's dad calls him a linebacker in the making. i say go avery and ouch to mom. >> he looks like he's 3 years old. >> that does it for us. for news any time anywhere, log on as a small business owner you wouldn't deliver just half of what you have to offer to your customers. so why are you settling for half-fast internet? only verizon fios comes with speedmatch-- upload speeds as fast as your download speeds so files go out in a snap. call today to get $200 back when you switch to fios internet and phone for just $99.99 a month with a 2-year agreement and get $200 back. just call 1.888.774.4418 today. is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number now there's an adjustment for that. you can only find sleep number at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed.
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>> these images, graphic. somewhat difficult to look at, we are showing them to show you the real cost of beauty. >> how a simple procedure rotted her legs and nearly took her life. >> this is malpractice. >> here's what's breaking in today's news in two. >> gwyneth paltrow navagil steam, to the anti-vaccine movement, the dangers of doc hollywood, that's today! ♪ ♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> hello everybody! we are gonna start off with a topic
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