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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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crews are trying to restore power tonight after this winter storm. >> we're tracking snow for the entire metro area, could be the biggest snow of the season. we'll talk about which community is affected and you might be surprised when gets hit the hardest. >> reporter: this is just incredible. the base of this tree is almost as tall as i am. we have a look at all the damage in the area from last night's heavy wind. >> hello, everybody. i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us tonight. stay in if you can. it's dangerously cold tonight and a new concern that more snow is now on the way. let's go to chief meteorologist topper shutt. >> a general 4 to 8-inch snowfall will be across the entire metro area and this time you folks in southern maryland, you're bull's eye. so less snow in frederick, more snow in d.c. and more snow down toward fredericksburg. 4 to 8 in the immediate metro area, but very dry snow, nice for snowballs, general 3 to 6
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inches toward frederick, hagerstown and cumberland. here's the system. it's one of these storms we're very confident because it's already there. we're not waiting for something to develop off the coast. it's therology our way. it will be here tomorrow evening -- it's heading our way. it will be here tomorrow evening. it won't be heavy right away. it will be a factor if you're trying to get home. on a scale of one to 10, the bread-o-meter, this is a legitimate storm, a 6.5. now the impact meter, might surprise you, a little bit less. carmageddon was, of course, 10, only about a four because we're coming off a three-day local day and i think they'll be ready for this storm. erica will join me in a bit and give you some snowfall totals for individual cities in a minute. before the snowstorm hits tomorrow night we have to deal
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with subfreezing temperatures. shelters already filling out. power companies have been busy all day restoring electricity to thousands of customers. surae chinn is live right now at dupont circle. >> reporter: is it dangerously cold and the -- it is dangerously cold and the winds are picking up. it's about the worst time to be left out in the cold. >> it's freezing today. >> reporter: why are you out? >> my friend just came in town and i haven't seen her in forever. >> reporter: worth it? >> yes. i'm just freezing right now. >> it is so cold out here. it's like 9 degrees and so i have on a vest and i'm trying to keep warm. >> reporter: on the coldest night so far this season people brave the cold. >> right, but it's freezing. >> it is freezing cold. >> reporter: and some didn't have a choice after a large tree took down power lines on
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massachusetts avenue near goldsboro road in montgomery county. >> right now it's in the low 60s. >> reporter: about 100 pepco customers were left in the dark with frigid homes. >> it took down two trees. >> it's super cold inside, so we're headed to go out. >> reporter: it's a similar situation in homeless shelters in alexandria. >> just layer up, have a good pair of gloves and just be ready for it. >> reporter: you've got to have those layers. sometimes that doesn't even help, but you're going to have to use it if you're going to step outside. power companies have been working very hard this weekend to get everyone restored. pepco right now has roughly 1,200 customers without power. dominion, virginia power just under 100 smeco just a few and bge under 200. so quick work this weekend, but we're not out of the woods yet
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with more storms on the way. back to you, bruce. >> if you find yourself later in the cold with no place to go or discover somebody who needs shelter, we've got a list of cold whether shelters and resources on our wusa9 app. the strong winds have caused lots of damage across the region. stephanie ramirez checks out some of the hard hit neighborhoods. >> it sounded like a hurricane came through. there just was all this crashing sound. >> reporter: that sound brian wike later discovered came from his neighbor's tree in alexandria that collapsed on his neighbor's home. >> i've never felt wind that strong in this area. >> reporter: no branches pierced through the windows and the weight of the tree didn't go through the home, but the damage still had him on edge for some of the other trees around the neighborhood like here in northwest where the front of this home is not
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supposed to look this way. >> it seems to have fallen perfectly between the homes. >> reporter: two men checked after hearing an odd sound and found their tree had toppled over toward the neighbor's home. he was especially surprised because he's had a tree expert look at this tree in the past. >> we've also done things to maintain the health of the tree like make sure no too much ivey grows up it because that can -- ivy grows up it because that can choke and kill a tree. >> reporter: in bethesda a downed tree stopped traffic on massachusetts avenue bringing down power lines with it and on 12th street northeast wood that appeared to be part of this construction site went on a vehicle. the storm struck like a flash. >> it's just unbelievable. it's shocking really. it was strong wind, but to think it could do that, incredible. >> reporter: despite the damage in the area thankfully different police departments say no injuries were reported. stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. violent winds are blamed
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for damage to a commercial building in rockville, maryland. the winds blew out the windows of a building in the 13900 block of connecticut avenue. that building was not occupied at the time. today's windy weather hampered firefighters' efforts to put out a fire in capitol heights, maryland. it quickly spread to the second floor. nobody was hurt. the cause is still under investigation. the winds also blamed for this scene in northeast washington. a tree came crashing down onto a van. the location, 16th and rahm streets, fortunately nobody was hurt. residents in one annapolis had to take a detour today after a tree fell in the road. wilson lane became blocked in both directions, no injuries reported. two emergency workers are recovering tonight after being struck if i a pickup truck on -- by a pickup truck on the beltway river road today. the volunteer emt workers were
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assisting victims of a car crash when the pickup truck skidded across two lanes and struck the car where they had been giving aid. the emsworkers and pickup truck driver were transmitted to the hospital. no life threatening injuries we're told. updating a story we told you about last night a portion of battle street in old town manassas remains closed tonight. part of a brick building came crumbling down due to last night's high winds. nobody was hurt. 14 nearby apartments had to be evacuated as a precaution. an elderly woman had a medical emergency outside her spotsylvania home. her son tries to get home and he, too suffers a medical emergency. tonight both the 84-year-old viola cox and her 60-year-old son douglas cox, they're both dead. the sheriff's office says the two had likely been outside their home for most of the night. the bodies tonight are at the medical examiner's office for
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autopsies to determine the exact cause of death for mother and son. a man is stabbed to death in his hillcrest heights apartment and tonight his girl friend is behind bars charged with murder. prince george's county police say 28-year-old portia williams of bladensburg maryland stabbed 28-year-old ricardo johnson after an argument. williams has been charged with second degree murder. the shooting outside a stafford county restaurant leaves one person dead, two others wounded. it happened in the parking lot of the wings to go restaurant on garrisonville road. authorities say occupants in two vehicles got into an argument and then exchanged gunfire. one male was pronounced dead at the scene. the two injured individuals fled the scene and showed up at a hospital for treatment. their names have not been released tonight. still to come on wusa9 news this sunday night boston gets blasted with yet another round of snow. we'll take you up there for the latest on the big digout. >> over three dozen vehicles caught in a major pileup along a kentucky highway, going to
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look at that. >> and in pennsylvania the weinermobile involved in
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the walls came tumbling down on this unfinished building in las vegas.
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the nine-story tower was supposed to be a mixed use property in the heart of las vegas, but the project was scrapped a few years ago because owner said the building had structural deficiencies. it just didn't fit their vision for a residential and retail complex. you might recall the jingle i wish i was an oscar mayer weiner but you probably would not want to be behind the wheel of this weinermobile. the hotdog shaped vehicle was damaged when it slammed into a pole in pennsylvania. nobody was hurt. the vehicle is one of several weiner mobiles used to promote oscar mayer products across the u.s. a massive pileup in kentucky, some 38 vehicles involved in multiple highway crashes. 12 people were transported to hospitals including a firefighter. all are reported in good condition tonight. slick roads are blamed for the accident. in new england they're digging out from yet another snowstorm, up to 2 feet of fresh snow overnight setting new records.
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now extreme cold is setting in. jericka duncan has more from boston. >> reporter: boston's fourth major snowstorm in just two weeks has made february the city's snowiest month since the national weather service started keeping records. another foot of snow fell on top of the several feet already on the ground. up to 2 feet of snow fell over much of new england overnight. wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour whipped snow back onto newly plowed roadways and sidewalks. fatigue is setting in for snow removal teams. crews from six states and the national guard are helping out. meterologists say monday could be the coldest day in boston in 11 years. the arctic air has already settled over parts of the midwest where temperatures are well below 0. the south is about to get its own dose of this winter misery. forecasters say a monday storm could bring snow, sleet and freezing rain as far south as atlanta. jericka duncan, cbs news, boston.
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this is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa9 first alert weather. >> school kids are loving you because presidents day is tomorrow and then with the snow coming in tomorrow night they could be looking at a four-day holiday. >> that's funny because i had a great visit wednesday to a school in takoma park, the ticket education campus for 2nd -- the takoma education campus for 2nd graders and i told them they were going to have a snow day on hill and they were very thrilled to hear that. now i'm getting to pass along the good news and some of the federal workers who will have light working options, telecommute. this is the biggest snowfall for the metro area this season. we'll get it started with our chief meteorologist topper shutt. we'll bring us a look at that first snowfall forecast total map. >> we haven't had much of a
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season here. all of it's been going north of us, not this time. here's our snowfall forecast. it's on our website. we're looking at a general 4 to 8 inches in the immediate metro area, less to north. 3 to 6 inches in frederick, hagerstown and cumberland. the bull's eye this time, sometimes you feel you get gypped in winter storms, not this time, fredericksburg, st. charles county, calvert county, 4 to it's a inches, very dry and it's all snow -- 4 to 8 inches, very dry and it's all snow. critical hours 5 p.m. tomorrow night into 10 a.m. tuesday, a very dry snow, not good for snowballs. bull's eye is south and east of d.c., a general 4 to 8 inches on the way. you know what we like about this forecast? there's the storm. don't have to wait for it to develop. there it is spreading snow across the ohio river with rain south of arkansas into the gulf coast. we think snowfall by 9 a.m.,
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bowie, maryland, about 6 inches, downtown about 7 inches, leesburg maybe 5, 6 in fairfax and 7 inches in bethesda. we talked about this last week and i tweeted about it. this is a very dry air mass, so normally it's a 10-1 ratio, 10 inches of snow for every 1 inch of snow. this is probably a 15-1 or 20-1 ratio. sterling 6 inches, fredericksburg 11, frederick, maryland, 4 inches and oxon hill 6 inches. for the rest of the forecast here is erica. >> thank you, topper. we've got the michael and son weather cam to start you off. it's still clear out there and bitterly cold again, 13 degrees, but it feels like it's 4 below 0. the winds now are out of the northwest at 18 miles per hour. we still have some gusty winds, but that will change as we head into the overnight hours. the winds start to relax. we'll have a frigid start to the day, but on 9 futurecast
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you can see that snow approaching. topper showed you on doppler 9000 that snow making its approach and the leading edge of it coming in during that monday evening rush hour. since it is presidents day, a lot fewer people on the roads, great news for anyone who needs to be traveling or for the road crews to put the salt down. they'll have a little bit easier go of it. then during the overnight hours snow spreads across the entire dmv. look at the blue extending everywhere in the mid-atlantic region. this is an all snow event. dry air, cold air in place throughout the entire area, so we have no issues with whether the rain will mix in, not going to happen. by tuesday morning the snow is still falling and we're starting to see the back edge moving in. the back edge will push through as we head past the morning rush hour. by noon we're back to dry conditions in the immediate metro area, but wednesday we'll
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see some snow showers on the backside of this storm system, so a few flakes fly again in the middle of the workweek. overnight we have frigid air still in place, 0 to 10 degrees, wind chill well below 0 with wind out of the northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow morning temperatures in single digits and teens, partly cloudy, frigid, northwest winds 10 to 20. in the afternoon the snow starts to fall just south of town for the accumulations until we get past sunset, highs mid-20s, winds east, northeast at 10 miles per hour. so those yellow alerts are in effect for the afternoon and evening hours monday, of course, extending overnight. for the morning hours on tuesday as that snow starts to wrap up and notice the high temperature barely getting above freezing, so this snow will stick around. wednesday a few more snow showers and a high of 26 degrees. in the first alert seven-day forecast can you believe it, it's going to remain very cold,
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in fact, even colder thursday with a high of only 18 degrees. the arctic air will remain in place friday and then another storm system with the potential more snow than rain on saturday it looks right now, more rain than snow on sunday, but hey, the way that this winter is going we have a lot of more model analysis to do before we get there. >> what i'm hearing is that you can see this snow. you're confident we're going to have it. >> it's south of us on the map. >> how significant is it that it's a dry snow? >> easier to shovel, probably not as slick on the roads. it will be plowable, but it's a little better to have dry than wet. >> so it's going to be an event tuesday because the snow will be here. what are the chances wednesday are okay? we're back to normal? don't want to guess? >> i don't know if you could say we would be back to normal on wednesday, but at least we will have an opportunity to
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clear things up tuesday and maybe we'll start to get up and running again. this is not a shut everything down kind of snow. >> that's what i'm getting at. >> it's a legitimate snow. >> and you're excited. >> a little. containing my excitement. >> but nothing to fear, not that kind of snow. >> no. february. stay with us. think about buying a drone, topper? well, the faa is now proposing new regulations, back in a moment with
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the federal aviation administration has released its long awaited proposed rules on the use of drones by private citizens. wendy gillette reports from new york. >> reporter: you may be seeing many more of these in the coming years, drones zipping around in the sky. the faa finally released its proposal for remote controlled aircraft to share the skies with passenger planes. the new rules would require drones to be less than 55- pounds. they can fly up to 155 miles per hour but no more than 500 feet off the ground restricted near airports and crowds and could not operate at night.
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the operator would have to keep the drone within their line of sight at all times and pass a knowledge test every two years. >> the first threshold is and always must be keeping the american people safe as we move to integrate these new types of aircraft into our skies. >> reporter: there have been numerous cases of drones crashing like one last month that ended up on the white house lawn. drones would be allowed to help in search and rescue, to monitor crops, take aerial photos, but because of the line of sight rule they couldn't deliver small packages, what promised consumers. >> we have many organizations that want to fly commercially that need this rule in order to move forward. >> reporter: it will take at least a year before the final rules are established. the public will be allowed to weigh in. wendy gillette for cbs news, new york. >> in a footnote the white house has released a memorandum on privacy that describes how
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> hey, kristen, how you doing? west coast swings, not easy. you play it on times, body clock gets out of whack. ask the caps in the midst of a three game visit through the state of california. last night seemed to catch up with them. they lose, but tonight caps taking on anaheim for the second time in 10 days, looking to sweep the ducks there. tell you what. that guy there alex ovechkin doing his part. the great 8 visiting the nylon twice. no. 35 and 36 on the season. that leads the league duck
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hunting season in anaheim. caps win. we'll have a full report coming up on game overtime in just a second. we're also going to talk about the nba all-star game. john wall starting his first all is are game tonight in brooklyn. wall wanted on get 23 -- all- star game tonight in brooklyn. wall wanted to get 23 assists to break magic johnson's record. >> and, of course, it is freezing here which means it's just about time for the boys of summer to head to florida for spring training, the nats one of the favorites to get to the world series again. we'll have a preview with our nats insider coming up. boy, wouldn't we like to be in weather like that right now. >> nfl combine is this week, jay gruden, scot mccloughlan breaking down washington's contingencies and what they should be looking for this week
11:29 pm
at the combine. football just finished its super bowl. >> daytona 500 a week away today qualifying at the historic ole and a familiar name winning the -- oval and a familiar name winning the pole. we'll tell you who. game on overtime coming up next. don't close your eyelids. stick with us. >> you've always said i could ask you anything, right? >> unscripted. >> what are they looking for in the combine i mean with all these needs that the burgundy and gold have? what are they looking for? >> well, offensive linemen and safeties, those two things. >> and the other teams are looking for what? it's not like they go down there and we'll take this and that, right? >> no. some of those teams are looking for best player, but the skins offensive linemen, safeties, those two things. >> let's hope so that they realize they need that because they've needed that for like 15 years. >> a lot of people aren't impressed with what they've brought on board coaching staff. a lot of people are looking for older, mature guys in the
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locker room. you disagree. moving right along. want to recap? >> here's the snowfall map. we're looking at a general 4 to 8 inches, less to north. this is kind of interesting, but less up in frederick. >> the bull's eye is in extreme southern maryland and down toward fredericksburg into the northern neck of virginia. that's because this is an all snow event throughout the area. as you get closer to the center of low pressure, that's where more moisture will be present. so it's a little more moisture laden further south. that's where you'll have the higher totals. we're expecting the snow to start falling before the evening commute is finished on monday. you will have those flakes flying, but good news. it being presidents day, not as many folks on the road, but tuesday morning will be a tough one. >> we were talking earlier with bruce, nice and cold. every flake will count. and to the sinnics -- cynics
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out there, it's coming. for those of you who didn't prepare, call us and we'll get a crew out there to see how you make out. just kidding. thanks for watching, everybody, see you back here tomorrow. 24/7 we're online, wusa9 app. bye.
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coming up next the all-star game, john wall with his sights set on breaking magic's record. >> county capitals right the ship on the ice tonight? >> the nfl combine kicks off this week. who do the redskins have their eyes on? >> plus a busy weekend for local hoops. we break down their tournament resume. >> we got something special planned for you tonight. >> we've got this special story coming up. game on overtime starts right now. >> welcome to game on overtime, everybody. the subzero temperature


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