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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  February 24, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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there. >> weather wise? >> cold. >> we some some delays because of it. it just looks like a cold pattern but some light at the end of the tunnel. >> i think by the end of the seven-day forecast, we'll be looking a little bit better than the next couple of days. that's something to look forward to these are the actual temperatures. these are not the windchills. we're not factoring wind here. temperatures at zero degrees at frederick. dulles minus 1. there are a few spots through germantown that are below zero as well. the record for baltimore is at 2. it's close but i don't think we'll get there for this morning. the record at reagan national is intact. no problems there. lots of sunshine for us today with clear skies, calm winds and that snow pack. that's why we're seeing temperatures this morning just bottom out. this afternoon a few flakes possible for the northern neck. that's about it. other areas will enjoy some
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sunshine. temperatures stay above freezing if not a few degrees below. lots of sunshine. enjoy it. we'll talk about maybe warmer weather headed your way in the seven-day. good morning to all of you. hope your day is getting off to a good start this morning. the first thing we're talking about is a water main break, this taking place in southeast d.c. on southern avenue between fitch street and central avenue. our photographer deion wiggins is there right now. you can see the water starring to makity way on to the road there. if you're traveling be mindful of that. we'll continue to keep an update on that. sky 9 also in there right now giving us a live look and showing us how things are shaping up along the beltway. this is the outer loop right there. inner loop on the left hand side of your screen. no issues on the beltway this morning. a freely moving commute. back to andrea and mike. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is offering up a new tactic to trie try to keep the homeland security department running past friday at midnight. >> he's planning to split a bill which targets president
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obama's immigration policy into two part. but so far the move appears unlikely to diffuse the standoff which has paralyzed congress for weeks. >> point is it's time to allow this homeland security funding measure to come to the floor. >> we should be voting on the final passage for a clean homeland security bill. >> homeland security secretary jay johnson says a shutdown of his department would apartment to, quote, a serious disruption in our ability the to protect the homeland. today a maryland house committee is going to hold a hearing on a bill which would legalize marijuana. >> it's the marijuana control and revenue act. it would put marijuana in a class similar to alcohol. delia goncalves joins us from the wusa9 newsroom. >> delia, we're talking about taxes on the sale of the drug, right? >> reporter: that's right. it should not be confused with medical marijuana. that's already legal in the the state of maryland. last year they made possessing 10 ounces of pot a civil penalty meaning you get a fine
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and not jail time. now a move to allow adults to legally possess 1 ounce of marijuana, even grow up to 6 plants at home. the measure also calls for the tax and regulation of marijuana and the monitoring of facilities that sell and manufacture pot. the proposed legislation also creates an oversight committee to monitor marijuana businesses but get this. this is not the first time they tried to pass a pot bill in maryland, not even the second time. coming up, i'll have more on the long history between maryland and marijuana. mike, back to you. >> thank you, delia, live in the the newsroom. you can now legally smoke marijuana in alaska. alaska is the thirds state to legalize recreational marijuana. smoking, growing and possessing marijuana all legal thanks to a voter initiative in that state. there is more good news for people who are in favor of marijuana or are advocates of its use. new research finds that it might be safer than previously
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thought. researchers found that the level of individually -- of individual use of alcohol was the deadliest substance followed by heroin and cocaine. pot was about 400 times less deadly than alcohol according to the the study that appears in the journal of scientific reports. if some lawmakers get their way, 40,000 former inmates could soon win the right to vote in maryland. this would happen as soon as they get out of prison. the lawmakers along with civil rights leaders and exoffenders plan to outline their proposals at a hearing in annapolis today. it's set for 11:00 this morning in the james senate office building. right now maryland law prevents former inmates from voting until they finish their term of probation and parole. a nurse accused of sexually abusing three female patients at three separate d.c. area hospitals is due in court today. >> nikki burdine is live outside d.c. superior court. what do we know about this nurse and his alleged crimes?
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>> reporter: we know that the crimes jared klein is accused of are disturbing. groping and fondling women at their most vulnerable state and now we're also hearing there's a possibility of a plea deal today in court. kline is from falls church accused of doing these acts at three different hospitals in the area. united medical center, george washington university hospital, and med star washington hospital center. these women claim he groped them, kissed them and forced them to touch his genitals, even receiving unwanted text messages from him. the alleged abuse happened in may and december of 2013 and in august of last year. the d.c. board of nursing shows after kline was fired or suspended from one hospital, he already had work lined up or was already working somewhere else. coming up in our next half- hour, i'll tell you why there's a warrant out for his arrest in the state of maryland. more on that coming up at 6:30. back to you in the studio. thank you, nikki burdine outside the court.
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the fence jumper who made it all the way into the white house is due in court today. omar gonzalez got past at least two secret service officers before being brought down in the east room of the white house last september. the army veteran was allegedly carrying a knife and 800 round of ammunition. the president was not at the white house at the time. gonzalez could get up to 16 years in prison if he's convicted. don't backtrack on the bay. that's the message from hundreds of people expected at a rally for clean water today in annapolis. it will be held at noon on lawyers mall. that's at 100 state circle. protesters are pushing for a measure to reduce poultry manure pollution. they'rele out to block a repeal of a storm water management law. we all love free, especially when it comes to food. today only california tortilla in vienna is serving free burritos and a beverage for both lunch and dinner to celebrate the grand open drag on gallows road. customers need to be in line at 1:30 for the lunch, 7:30 for
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dinner to get the free burritos. >> it's only at the california tortilla in vienna. it may be one of the most misunderstood medical conditions but now doctors say there is a way to prevent children from developing peanut allergies. >> some construction in virginia may force you to permanently change your route. >> still looking at very cold temperatures. the 2 below at dulles is a new record for the date smashing the old record by 16 degrees. single digits and teens to start your day. not too bad a tuesday across the region. i'll have your tuesday forecast. look at the beautiful sunrise. we'll have the tuesday forecast
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just about 6:10. a beautiful sky as we look toward the horizon ahead of sunrise, still about 45 minutes away. we're looking cold. temperatures in some spots below zero. the 16 on the screen is reagan national. a few more clouds south of town than north. quite cold again, well below the average of 49. looking for a high from 26 to 32, going 31 here in washington. seven-day forecast has some 40s in it. i'll have that for you coming up at about 6:16. let's go to larry now. he has timesaver traffic. we still have delays on the metro this morning. yellow and blue lines, delays in both directions because of a signal issue outside of the van dorn street metro station. again before you head out the door, i would suggest adding about ten minutes to your commute to handle this delay on the yellow and blue lines. for those of you traveling on 66, you'll have no issues as you travel eastbound from front royal making your way toward the beltway. eastbound as well as the westbound lanes of 66 free and clear of any issues and/or of you
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traveling inside of the district, everything free and clear. this is a live look right now of the 14th street bridge. back to you. we have another travel alert for those of who you drive on i-395 using the third street off ramp in northwest. that ramp will be permanently closed starting today. the first phase of the i-395 third street tunnel project is beginning and the construction in this area is expected to last until august. merchandise midis putting the brakes -- maryland is putting the brakes on its light rail plans till august. they are encouraging bidding companies to find ways to save some money. the purple line will be a 16- mile system connecting new carrollton to bethesda. doctors call this a games changer when it comes to allergies. a new study says exposure to peanuts at an early age could be key to preventing peanut allergies later on in children. the research finds exposing
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infants to peanuts before age 1 lowers the risk of developing a peanut allergy by as much as # 1%. up until now, parents have gone to extremes to keep their kids away from peanuts who seem likely to be allergic. >> i would encourage people with babies between 4 and 8 months of age to come in and get evaluated and get started on peanut protein if you're at high risk. >> evan, this boy here, 8 years old, took part in the study. he's now able to enjoy a peanut butter sandwich. when he was a baby, his mother thought this would never happen. it's 6:12. coming up next, a marine who once claimed he was kidnapped by insurgents is sentenced for desertion. >> a rescue effort to free 19 men seen stuck in a florida storm drain has come to an end.
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. in the news right now at 6:15, a u.s. marine convicted of desertion in two cases has received a two-year prison sentence. corporal wassef ha sown dis-- hassoun disappeared twice in iraq. he left his post and fled to lebanon. after a brief return to the united states, his lawyers argue he was kidnapped by insurgents. the attorney representing michael brown's family in ferguson is taking on a new high profile case. benjamin crump is representing the parents of an unarmed mexican man shot by police.
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antonio zap bran know -- zambrano-uponmontes was killed in washington state. congressman ted lieu is asking congress to hold a hearing on the superbug two patients died after becoming infected with the antibiotic resistant bacteria. in west africa, a new antiviral drug is showing encouraging signs against ebola. the drug was recently tested on patients at a clinic in west africa for the first time. researchers say two few people have been treated to know whether it helps. they are called the gentle giants of the sea. more than a seen manatees became lodged in a large drainage pipe near cape canaveral. >> as don champion reports, crews use huge machinery to carefully pull the endangered ma'am ma'ams out one by one.
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-- mammals out one by one. >> reporter: crews lifted the final manual tee to safety just -- manatee to safety just before 2:00 in the morning marking the end to a dedicated and delicate rescue effort. >>it's craziness. never seen anything like this before. >> reporter: neighbors in satellite beach, florida near cape canaveral gathered monday evening to watch the rescue. it started after a marine biologists discovered the manatees in the drainage pipe. neighbors had seen the ma'am ma'ams earlier in the -- ma'am ma'ams earlier in the day -- mammals earlier in the day. >> i thought they were coming in and going out. i didn't really think anything of it till this. >> reporter: the manatees were apparently trying to reach warmer water when they got stuck. they're known to congregate in beachside can that wills in cold weather. one by one crews used heavy earth moving equipment to pull 19 of them out of the pipe. some had minor scratches but were healthy. onlookers cheered as crews then released the manatees into a
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nearby pond. >> it was absolutely awesome. got the whole community out here, all the various agencies working together and then have the final one come out. that was awesome. >> reporter: experts from seaworld helped with the rescue. don champion, cbs news. >> like most of us, these gentle giants are just sick and tired of the cold. >> they're so sweet. i have cousins in melbourne. i've been so close to manatees there the gentlest, largest animals, nonthreatening and they get hit by power boats. you see them with scars because of propellers. great story for them. when will the cold end for them and for us? >> we'll see 40s by the end of the weekend into next week. may see 50s on monday. dulles 2 below right now. that's a new record by a lot. the old record was 14 in 1967. look outside. it's a gorgeous looking
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morning. andrea, i know you want it warm but until then, we get sunrises like this. >> a little warmer. >> this is a beautiful looking sky this morning. it's not going to be warm at all. 31 the high at 3:00 after starting in the single digits and teens and even a couple below zero this morning. not too much wind. south, southeast 5 to 10. the records we were trying to beat, the 14 in 1967 smashed. martinsburg 6. 1929. smashed. baltimore we're close. that 1 in walk, that's -- in washington, that's not going to fall. baltimore is at 4. 1 in culpeper and manassas with 12 at andrews. 8 la plata. when we look closer, we're below zero in upper montgomery, lovettsville and northern lou down. the 1 below in nokesville, alexandria 10. a very cold morning. thankfully the winds are light. biewf on our michael & son -- beautiful on our michael & son weather camera but cold. 16 at national. it feels like 6 but most areas the winds are just dead calm. the storm system passes to the
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south. may throw a few clouds to our southern suburbs today. if you're trying to travel down to north carolina, going to be a little bit of snow there today. also tomorrow night into thursday morning, more snow down that way which might give us a few snow flurries in our far southern suburbs. not as cold tonight. d.c. 24. mid-teens in the cold spots, not zero. 38 tomorrow, a tad milder but back to 34 thursday with the early flurries or snow showers south. friday, saturday still very cold, though highs only around 30. annual dray ya, there are your -- andrea, there are your 40s. a chance of rain. larry miller, you've been talking about a water main break and other issues. we have downed power lines in today damascus. a live shot shows you emergency crews responding to that situation. again iew tilety pole and power -- utility pole and power line down in damascus. emergency crews there working to get the situation under control. we have some delays and we'll talk about alternate routes shortly. we'll also let you know how
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things are shaping up there. a really serious situation going on there causing delays as we as other backups. we've also been talking about this water main break in southeast d.c. on southern avenue between fitch street and central avenue. our photo journalist is there right now to show us the water that's coming on to southern avenue there causing some delays and backups. you want to be mindful of the situation out there. for those of you getting ready to head out the door, drive times looking good for the most part. if you're going to be traveling from kenilworth avenue to river road rkt you're looking at an 18 commute this morning. in virginia traveling from prince william parkway to l street northwest, a 34-minute commute. heading from dumfries road to the beltway, a 16-minute commute. we will send it back to you. there appears to be less fighting in the disputed regions of eastern ukraine. >> and it's not just the d.c. area. the eastern half of the nation is dealing with an arctic blast so of course alaska must be seeing summer and spring like conditions. more on
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people of the coffee-drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right, for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter -- put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. at 6:24 here are some things you may have missed. there are new signs this morning a cease-fire in ukraine is holding at least for now. a united nations organization monitoring the cease-fire says the levels of military exchanges between government and separatist forces has gone down. still the u.n. says there have
6:25 am
been a number of violations in the south and around towns that have been seized by separatists. the united states and russia are trading accusations over alleged violations of u.n. principles. russian's foreign minister, for instance, says the bombing of syria violates u.s. principles. samantha power is criticizing russia for blocking security council action against syria. both power and the russian foreign minister spoke at a security council meeting. rock mcdonald is apologizing for falsely claiming he served in special forces. he made a statement about his military record to a homeless veteran. cbs aired the claim in a report last month. in an interview with the huffington post yesterday, the secretary says, quote, i have no excuse. i was not in special forces. federal reserve chair janet yellen will be speaking to congress today about the economy of course. shelf' be delivering her semiannual economic reports to
6:26 am
lawmakers. and investors will be listening. this speech comes at a time when there's concern about low inflation and weakness in the job market. 6:26. you know it. a good portion of this country is dealing with temperatures that are way below freezing. >> the latest round of winter weather brought sleet and ice to the deep south and subzero temperatures to the midwest and northeast yet again. adriana diaz reports. >> reporter: a winter storm is pounding the southwestern u.s. with rain, sleet and snow. there are whiteout conditions in oklahoma. by monday afternoon, police in oklahoma city stopped responding to collisions if there were no injuries. icing conditions are making driving difficult in dallas and dangerous in amarillo where a multivehicle pileup shut down i- 40. in northern texas, many stayed at home but others ventured out. >> we didn't plan well for this snow. >> reporter: here in dallas, they're expecting up to an inch of ice before the storm moves out tuesday. more than a thousand flights
6:27 am
into and out of dallas-forth worth were canceled monday. farther west the las vegas valley got a rare dusting of snow. and to the east thousands in tennessee will be without power for days after a weekend storm brought down power lines. up north, the brutal cold that took hold weeks ago won't let go. chicago was below zero again monday morning. commuters are getting used to bundling up. >> with the windchill, you've got to cover up to your eyes. >> reporter: forecasters say arctic air will hang over the midwest and northeast for the next several days but not everyone's winter weary. this driver in plano, texas used the black ice in an empty parking lot to practice making donuts. adriana diaz, cbs news, dallas. >> wow. oddly enough the snow and the cold are not a problem in alaska. in fact, it is so warm there, they canceled anchorage's annual winter festival. anchorage has saved about a million dollars so far this winter when it comes to snow
6:28 am
removal and other weather- related public services. warm, summer like conditions in alaska. ice and slick roads in texas and bone chilling low temperatures here in the mid- atlantic. what's going on? >> a number of communities -- not often you get to quote marvin gaye. record lows in a lot of communities. some records are already broken. you were saying dulles is-- >> 2 below at dulles. >> we smashed the record. the records was 14. >> whoa. >> we don't have any snow. we don't have any independent but because -- any wind but because of the cold, we've had water main breaks. >> we're now talking about doubled power lines in today has cuss. >> those -- in damascus. >> those things will impact your commute. when do we finish with this stuff? >> probably through saturday. by sunday, monday 40s on our seven-day. >> this morning is the worst. of the week ahead. something to look forward to.
6:29 am
only going to go up. look at this from our michael & son weather cam. a beautiful start. it is frigid out there. we're talking temperatures near zero if not below but from here on out, we are going to be cold. we are going to be below average but we're headed on up. we're headed to the 40s by the time the weekend is here. 16 degrees out at reagan national. temperatures, look at this. we're 30, almost 40 degrees colder than we were at this time yesterday. zero degrees for germantown. dulles minus 2. laurel at 2. 7 for college park. bowie, you're at 4 degrees and farther south into the 10s and 11s range. lots of sunshine for this morning and through the afternoon. a couple more clouds as you head tart south. those clear skies, a little bit of snow left over on the ground and calm winds left for a frigid start this morning. got to bundle up. we'll not make it much above freezing if at all. 32 degrees by 4:00.
6:30 am
a lot of places staying into the 20s for the day. not a lot of wind. the wind stays out of the south. a gorgeous looking day, just on the cold side. good morning, larry. what's going on with traffic. >> reporter: it's been busy today. right now we are talking about doubled power lines going on right now in damascus. woodfield road closed between hawkins creamy road and sweepstakes road. sky 9 is live there now to show us what's going on. you can see the power lines on fire right now. stay away from this area because it's highly dangerous. a number of emergency crews right now are on the scene working to get the situation under control. of course we'll let you know how things shape up. for those of you traveling on the beltway, no issues. everything is free and clear both on the inner loop and outer loop of the beltway. this is a live shot at old georgetown road. traffic is certainly moving. traffic 066 also looking nice as well. no issues, no incidents to report. so if you're about to head out the door, you should have no problems getting to walk and/or school on time. back to you.
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6:31. congress has until friday to pass a bill funding the department of homeland security or risk shutting down. a provision in a funding measure which would block president obama's executive action on immigration has been the holdup. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is trying to prevent a shutdown. he plans to separate the issues of funding dhs and immigration later this week in a separate bill that would block the president's orders oil graition will be introduced. if dhs funding deadline arrives without a deal, 30,000 workers could be furloughed. meafn more would be expected to -- many more would be expected to come to work without pay. a short-term extension funding is possible if lawmakers can at least agree on that solution. today lawmakers in maryland will meet in annapolis to discuss possibly legalizing marijuana. >> one part of the discussion will focus on regulation. delia goncalves joins us from the wusa9 newsroom. >> this would include limits on who could use the drug. is that right? >> reporter: of course. the bill only applies to adults. you have to be 21 years old or older. the sponsor of the bill is a
6:32 am
baltimore democrat who is hoping the third time's a charm. why? that's because he's tried twice before and the measure failed both times. this year's bill much like the others would allow adults to legally possess one ounce of marijuana, even grow up to six plants at home. proponents say it could be a long shot this year, especially with maryland's tight budget but they're hoping lawmakers will be swayed by a recent poll showing that 53% of folks who live in maryland support legalizing marijuana but there is one maryland who does not want to legalize marijuana and he's a pretty important guy. of course republican governor larry hogan. he's opposed to legalizing marijuana and even opposed to medical marijuana when ch was signed into law by former governor martin o'malley. today's hearing in annapolis begins at 1:00 this afternoon. mike, andrea, back to you. >> thank you. firefighters are keeping a
6:33 am
close eye on the smoldering remains of a fire fire near bwi airport. the smoke could be seen for miles. firefighters had to battle both the flames and the bitter cold as they tried to put this out. crews tried to keep the fire from spreading to nearby businesses as well n. is an industrial -- well. this is an industrial area no one was hurt. the attorney for accused child moll rester michael gardner -- molester michael gardner is off the case. a judge ruled his lawyer chris liebig could be called to testify against his own client so he withdrew from the case. prosecutors want to question liebig about the discussions he had with gardner concerning an alleged murder for hire plot. gardner is the former chair of the falls church democratic party. the owner after popular maryland restaurant is under arrest this morning accused of videotaping women in a kyle muehlhauser is president of the rams head group and is accused of taping the women in a bathroom at the restaurant in
6:34 am
savage mill. howard county police have said they believe this is an isolated case and that no other locations are involved, but those locations have been informed. imagine if you or someone you love or a family member are in the hospital and you're at your most vulnerable. and you rely on a nurse to take care of you. then imagine that nurse ends up sexually abusing you or one of your loved ones. >> it's a terrifying scenario but prosecutors say that's exactly what happened to three women in our region. today that nurse is due in court to face charges. nikki burdine is live at d.c. superior court with a preview. good morning, nikki. >> reporter: good morning. yes, disturbing to think about what this traveling nurse jared kline is accused of doing but he is expected to be in court at 9:30 for a hearing. we are hearing he could be offered a plea deal. first let me give you a little bit of background on this case. jared kline is accused of groping, fondling and kissing at least three women at three
6:35 am
different hospitals in the area, united medical center, george washington university hospital, and med star washington hospital center. he was a traveling nurse from falls church. he was contracted out as a freelancer to these different hospitals. one of these women also says she was asked to touch his genitals and she also received unwanted text messages from kline. that is what today's case is involving. it stuns out there is also a -- it turns out there is also a warrant out for his arrest in prince george's county. we will be in the courtroom and tweeting updates about what happens today and we'll also be on our wusa9 app. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, nikki. well, if you're watching your waist line, today might be a day to cheat. that is because krispy kreme is celebrating the only way it knows how. the donut chain is giving away free donuts for the first 1,000 customers at every store. it's all to celebrate its
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1,000th store opening. 6:36. we want to congratulate shannon hodge from springfield. shan none, you are our facebook fan of the day. >> shannon says i should be the wusa9 feign of the day because i love watching channel 9 and my daughter would love watching the circus. >> shannon wins four tickets to see ringling brothers barnum & bailey circus showing at patriot and verizon centers. you could, too. to enter go to our wusa9 facebook page, fill out the form. howard? it's really cold outside but it's gorgeous. stop if you're not looking at the tv. you've got to look right now because we have beautiful color on the eastern hoof the sunrise. still below zero. a cold day ahead but warmer temps in the seven-day forecast all coming up in just
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absolutely gorgeous out there right now. a few minutes before sunrise. look at that sky. it is going to abtremendous sunrise. it's also fridge jitd out there. -- frigid out there. thankfully the winds are light. 16 in town. a cold day. we should be 49 for the average high. we'll be about 31 degrees but there are some warmer days ahead as we get towards the latter part of the seven-day forecast. i will present that you to at about 6:47. larry miller tracking water main breaks and electric lines on fire. good morning, larry. >> certainly, right? that electric line in damascus still burning right now. we'll talk about that shortly but right now want to give you an update on the water main break it fitch street and central avenue.
6:40 am
still causing delays in that area. deion wiggins is there live right now, our photo journalist to show us what's going o. looks like things are quieting down just a bit. we still have road closures. be mindful if traveling along in that area. we expect things to wrap up shortly. we'll let you know how things go during this broadcast. if you'll be traveling into the district over the 14th street bridge, no issues this morning. looks like traffic on the bridge starting to build a bit but no delays or any major issues this morning. you should be able to get where you're going on time. mike and andrea, back to you. don't shop on an empty stomach, right? a new study find as connection between hunger and spending. that begins this morning's your money report. researchers at the university of minnesota conducted experiments which show hunger may push people into buying more than they would if shopping on a full stomach. scientists say the same biological drive which causes people to crave food may cause them to pile more clothes and other items into their shopping cart. target is cutting its
6:41 am
minimum online purchase to just $25 per order to qualify for free shipping. the retailer is ramping up online koch television with wal- mart and amazon. both have higher minimums for standard purchases. mercedes is recalling more than 147,000 vehicles to fix a problem with an engine compartment seal. the company says the rubber seal in the back of the engine could stick to the vehicle's hood, fall into the engine itself and then catch on fire. jaguar landrover is recalling almost 62,000 vehicles because of faulty airbags. according to the company the front passenger side airbag may be disabled if a lightweight adult sits in the seat. the recall affects rangerovers and rangerovers sports from model years 2013 to 2015. dominion virginia's proposed solar power project in fauquier county will come under scrutiny this summer. the state has schedule add hearing in richmond on july 16.
6:42 am
the utility says 90,000 solar panels would generally rate enough power to power 5,000 homes. the solar facility is scheduled to open in october 2016. if you have a high school diploma or the equivalent and a strong interest in hunting or fishing, this job could be for you. the virginia department of game is recruiting up to three dozen conservation police officers. the officers will have full police authority and they'll mainly enforce laws regarding fishing, wildlife and boating. the applications will be accepted through march 13. it is 6:42. a new report says we're all paying for empty seats on planes all over the country. that's coming up this about 30 minutes. >> "sesame street" comes to washington, d.c. in a parody of a popular netflix series. wusa9 is back right after this. >> a wusa9 investigation we uncover a frightening trend in one maryland school district. workers arrested for sex abuse and exploitation
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time 6:46. time to see what our friends at cbs this morning are covering. >> norah o'donnell joins . >> good morning. wyatt andrews has a closer look at the vrchlts a.'s -- va secretary's apology after lying with cbs cameras rolling. and how passengers are playing for empty planes all over the country and a war photographer opens up about her experiences overseas and how about being kidnapped inspired her to start a family. the news is back in the morning. see you right at 7:00. >> we'll be watching, norah. have a good morning. howard has been busy pulling live pictures. >> the sunrise this morning has been incredible. it's cold. i love sunrises. i love snow and i'm having a good day with the sunrises. i snow it's below -- i know it's below zero and we've set
6:47 am
records but go to the tv. i've taken about 30 of these. i'm not going to tweet out all 30. the light of the day changes so quickly. every 30 seconds to a minute you have a completely different picture. a beautiful sky this morning. it's really cold. down to the single digits. a few spots below zero due to the deep snow pack from saturday that's still out there. the light winds, the dry air. winds won't be too bad today, south, southeast 5 to 10. we'll get to 31, maybe 32 but that's way below e. average is 49. the sunrise in a few minutes at 6:48 setting at 5:55. a week from sunday we go back to daylight saving time. the records we were shooting for, 6 in martinsburg. we have set records at dulles and martinsburg. martinsburg has been down to 2. there it is right now. dulles 2 below. that's a new record by 16 degrees. we're still sitting at 16 in
6:48 am
d.c. baltimore still not in record territory but close. manassas, culpeper 1. 5 below westminster. 9 below in new york. there's the 2 below in dulles. we're hovering around zero or slightly below in northern loudoun, upper montgomery. prince william county, look at that, around zero, 1 degree. there's our sunrise. beautiful, beautiful sunrise this morning on our michael & son weather camera. the 16, feeling like 6 with a northeast wind at 7. that's at national. the only thing we're watching is this storm bringing snow to tennessee, the carolinas. extreme southern virginia. but around here, other than a few clouds from time to time, shouldn't bother us much. so today 31. more clouds south. 24 tonight. won't be as cold with teens in the the suburbs, not zero. 38 tomorrow. tomorrow night, thursday another system passing through the carolinas. could throw flurries or light snow into our southern suburbs like fredricksburg, southern maryland, 34. still cold as we get into friday and saturday. by sunday and monday, here of
6:49 am
your 40s. monday a chance of rain. we might make a run toward 50 in a few spots. larry miller, happy tuesday. happy tuesday, howard. we're still talking about this water main break in southeast d.c. right now. again southern avenue between fitch street and central avenue, you want to be mindful if you're going to be traveling along in that area. the alternate route is largemont avenue will be your best bet at this point. photo journalist deion wiggins giving us a live look. looks like water coming on to the street there. we're told that emergency crews are on the scene but they're still waiting for crews to actually clean up this mess and get this water main break taken care of. we'll let you know how things shape up there. for those of you getting ready to head out the door, looking like the morning commute shaping up to be a nice one. kenilworth avenue to gw memorial parkway, looking at 31 minutes this morning n. virginia traveling from prince wl parkway to constitution avenue northwest, looking at 52 minutes right now. from dale boulevard to i-395, 15 mince and from -- minutes.
6:50 am
and from mlk highway to patrick henry drive, a 42-minute commute. we'll send it back you to. the phenomenon house of cards always captivates the washington area but it's never been super safe for your children till now. >> you know frank underwood if you love the series but now you get to meet frank underwolf. tommy mcfly joins us to explain. good morning, tommy. >> yeah. maybe you were like, gosh, is it too soon to teach my little tyke about house of cards? luckily yesterday "sesame street" pretty much broke the internet when they released their house of cards parody. we've got of course all the capitol hill favorites like the capital supreme court and the white house of cards. so frank underwolf, that diabolical fellow tries to make his way through. let's give a listen. >> now the white brick house is mine. finally i get what i deserve.
6:51 am
>> okay, now, guys, huff and puff. [ huffing and puffing ] >> ah! >> our plan worked. we fooled you. >> yeah, just wasn't a house of bricks at all. it was just a house of cards. >> i'm not sure kevin spacey could have done it better himself. it was funny. everyone was retweeting. the house of cards, season three comes out on the 27th. i hear it's about 13 hours worth of content so plan your snack breaks and your bathroom breaks and sleeping accordingly. in the 94.7 fresh fm studios, i'm tommy mcfly, wusa9. >> tommy, thank you. it is 6:51. there are no active plots against american malls but the federal government is still advising shoppers to be vigilant. >> and the winter weather not
6:52 am
only slamming us. ice and slick roads hitting parts of the south, too. wusa9 is back right after this. i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup
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a traveling nurse will appear at 9:30 for a preliminary hearing. jared kline is accused of mondayling three different -- fondling three different women. we're hearing after possible plea deal. >> reporter: could maryland become the next state to legalize pot? supporters have hoped this third time around because polls show 53% of marylanders support legalization except governor larry hogan. a hearing is scheduled for this afternoon in annapolis and we will be there and have details for you later today. congress has until friday to pass a bill funding the department of homeland security. yesterday senate democrats filibustered a republican funding proposal for the department because it linked provisions that would repeal president obama's executive actions on immigration. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is expected to separate the issues and bring a separate bill to the floor this week to block the president's actions. but the battle over funding
6:56 am
dhs has been complicated by a terror threat against shopping malls. a somali terror group is calling for lone wolf style attacks on am federal authorities say there's no known active threats against any shopping center but they are reminding everyone to be judge hasn't. we're looking -- to be vigilant. we're looking at temperatures in single digits, even below zero. a few more clouds south and north. tomorrow 38. maybe a flurry or period of light snow well south of d.c. thursday morning. cold over the weekend and warming up sunday and monday. sky 9 still in the air over the downed power line that was on fire. the fire is out but the power lines are on the road. you want to stay far from this area because it's certainly dangerous. cbs this morning is next with flights to nowhere. why your taxpayer dollars are paying for seat after empty seat on planes all over the country. >> reality show survivor
6:57 am
celebrating its 15th anniversary and 30th season starts tomorrow. executive prower jeff prose is the host and discusses the milestone and what you can expect for the newest season. we'll have your latest traffic and weather in 25 minutes. >> use the wusa9 app for weather, traffic and news. >> we'll see you back here at noon. take care,
6:58 am
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good morning, it is tuesday february 24, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." an embarrassing admission from the head of the d.a. cbs news captured the moment. an ice storm has much of the south slipping and sliding. and cbs news investigates why hundreds of millions of tax dollars are spent to fly nearly empty planes all over the country. we begin with today's eye opener. >> the wind chill you have to cover up to your


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