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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the national geospacial intelligence agency. a company executive called yvonne a wonderful co-worker and dedicated employee. she said employees are mourning her sudden and shocking death. yvonne's daughter emily was a 2010 summa laude graduate and also graduated from drexel where she majored in music industry. drexel was deeply saddened to hear of the tragic loss. emma was a member of a sorority which posted a photo and memoir about emily who always put others about herself and cared deeply for all those in her life. now emily's linkedin page says she was a community manager at car workplaces in alexandria and it says she was a lifetime girl scout. reporting live in nokesville peggy fox, wusa9.
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now let us get to the latest on the investigation. garrett hake joins us live in studio with that. >> french officials say it could be days or weeks before the remains of all 150 victims of tuesday's plane crash are recovered in the alps. investigators are trying to figure out what brought that jetliner down with no warning. investigators have started analyzing one of the voice recorders from one of the plane's black boxes. they caution the findings are preliminary. >> we hope to have a first rough idea in a matter of days. >> reporter: authorities say they don't have the slightest explanation why the germanwings airbus lost altitude and slammed into the french alps shredding into pieces. french president francois hollande said the casings of the second black box has been found but not the flight data recorder itself. hollande, german chancellor
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angela merkel and spain's prime minister expressed their condolences to the families of the 150 victims. the crash site is only accessible from the air, so emergency crews are staging 8 miles away. helicopters will be used to transport remains, but warn the steep rough terrain will slow down their efforts. most of the passengers were from spain and germany including 16 students and two teachers from the same high school in the small germantown of haltern. the school's principal says nothing will be the way that it was at our school anymore. right now french and german officials say terrorism or foul play are unlikely to be behind the crash. breaking news out of iraq, a source tells the associated press u.s. military forces have launch ed airstrikes over tikrit in support of a stalled iraqi ground offensive to
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retake that city from isis. the source says the iraqi government requested the help from the u.s. we've got a yellow alert in place for tomorrow. our first alert meteorologist erica grow is joining us now. >> we might have thunderstorms at this time tomorrow. taking a look at our look ahead here, we will see those thunderstorms pushing toward us. the question will be whether they maintain their intense is i for that evening commute. -- intensity for that evening commute. the timing will be essential to see if we get those thunderstorms or not. it is definitely a yellow alert day tomorrow. that thunderstorm activity even if it's very minor will still affect the evening commute on thursday. tomorrow is also the warmest day we will have so far this calendar year. temperatures will reach into the 70s and then again you'll need the winter coat on both friday and saturday, a big drop in temperatures after this big surge of mild care and you can see it approaching. right now it's in the mid-70s
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in charleston, west virginia, 72 in lexington, 45 in philadelphia, so we're kind of in between there temperature- wise. it's because of this warm front lifting through, a few lingering showers for the evening commute. for the most part we coop thing dry overnight and it -- keep things dry overnight and it will be milder, 40s to around 50 degrees throughout the metro area. we'll talk about the big temperature swing coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. right now two young adults with gang connections are behind a shooting that wounded two freshmen outside a girl's jv basketball game last month in frederick. police announced arrest today. scott broom is outside frederick high school with reactions. >> reporter: arrested last night the alleged gunman brandon earl tyler, 21, and alleged accomplice 19-year-old chandler dna important, accused of targeting two -- davenport,
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accused of targeting two freshmen boys outside the high school. >> we believe one weapon was fired at this point. we believe brandon tyler is our shooter. chandler davenport was inside and when he came t oudrhoew tse individuals outside and that's when brandon tyler fired. >> reporter: investigators said two school employees had to duck and run to avoid being hit. the incident put the school on lockdown and forced a closure of frederick high school the following day and resulted in heavy security in frederick high and nearby thomas johnson high school where one victim was a student. >> frederick school officials said they do consider gangs a community problem but also said they believe that schools are safe. new information on the 30- year-old capitol hill man stabbed to death at the upscale donovan hotel. the victim's widow broke her silence today. debra alfarone joins us live from the newsroom with what she said and where police are with
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the information. >> at one point kim vuong was so overcome with emotion she had to pause, but she pushed on to try and get any answer she can from the public about what happened in that hotel room where her husband david messerschmitt was found mysteriously stabbed to death. it was a plea so incredibly tough to deliver, but widow kim vuong is urging you to help police find this person of interest now determined by police to be a woman in the murder last month of her husband 30-year-old attorney david messerschmitt. >> my husband and my best friend, in one day i lost the most important person in my life and the man i love so much and i have no answers. >> reporter: messerschmitt was found stabbed to death inside
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room 400 of the donovan hotel in northwest d.c. february 10th. vuong reported him missing early that morning. the only thing police will say publicly about the investigation is they want to question this woman. do you confirm that you notified the mpd's gay and lesbian liaison unit about this homicide? are you in contact with them about this? >> i cannot confirm anything that has anything to do with mr. messerschmitt's lifestyle. >> reporter: a search warrant offers only the vaguest of clues. messerschmitt was stabbed in the back. credit cards were strewn about but left behind and among the items found, condoms, lubricant and an enema. this surveillance video is a crucial link. if you know anything about that person of interest or anything else that might help police, call them at 202-727-9099. >> that was so hard to probably watch her give that statement there. they described her husband as the gentle, kind, dedicated
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hard working and brilliant lawyer as well. the u.s. military charged army sergeant bowe bergdahl with desertion and misbehaving before the enemy. bergdahl went missing from his post in afghanistan in 2009 and then held captive by the taliban until last spring when he was released in a trade for five prisoners held at guantanomo. his case now goes to an article 32 hearing which is similar to a grand jury. from there it could be referred to a hard court marshal and go to trial. the frederick county sheriff's office is investigating the drug overdoses of five students. resource officers responded to oakdale high at 11:00 this morning. investigators say they found a 15-year-old female the unstob who gave ambien and adderall to other students. an ambulance transferred four students to the hospital. the other student was released to a parent.
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investigators say a dump truck slammed into a pickup trying to cross northbound lanes on branch avenue. the driver of the pickup has been identified as 78-year-old don beachnard who lived in prince george's county. a final farewell for a 2- year-old struck and killed while walking across the street with her grandma nearly two weeks ago. funeral services were held this morning at spirit of faith christian center in temple hills. dynasty and her grandma had gone to cvs while her dad was getting an oil change. they were crossing route 197 on old chapel road in bowie when a driver hit them in the crosswalk. the driver has not been charged. the investigation should be completed in 30 days. the supreme court ruled today pregnant employees can claim the same on the job accommodations that employers grant to large numbers of other workers temporarily unable to perform their duties. at issue, a former ups driver who became pregnant was denied light duty during her pregnancy
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and sued ups citing discrimination but lost on appeal. today's supreme court ruling sends the case back to the lower court for further review. we're just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. a new report shows distracted driving among teens is worse than previously thought. surae chinn brings us the sobering details at 5:30. >> but war on potholes, but will it
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maryland has joined a growing list of states to ban the sale of powdered alcohol. the state has reached a voluntary deal way group of agencies not to sell products like palcohol. the controller says it poses a
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significant health risk to consumers. virginia is on its way to banning palcohol sale as well. walter fauntroy was last seen three years ago in a heap of trouble after a $50,000 check bounced. friends are concerned about his health and safety. >> walter, if you hear about us and know about this, we want you to come home. we need you here. we can solve those issues, whatever they may be, i'm sure, but we want you to come home. >> the friends are asking for donations to help fauntroy's wife stave off foreclosure in their home in northwest. the national congress of black women is taking contributions. our bruce johnson is the first
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to report on the disappearances and has mores on press conference at 6:00. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather. >> erica joins us now with this roller coaster forecast. >> temperatures surge upward tomorrow and crash downward on friday. it's typical for this time of year. let's look outside right now with the michael and son weather cam, a few clouds in place right now, 54 degrees, lots of high cloud cover at the moment. we don't have any precipitation falling in the beltway, but there is some rain in southern maryland. winds are light out of the south at 8 miles per hour. those winds will really pick up tomorrow and help surge in the mild air from the south. overnight very mild. we will see a sprinkle, not a big deal. heading out the door tomorrow temperatures between 45 and 55. so those morning temperatures
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are going to be about where our afternoon temperatures were today. so a much milder push of air is on the way, could see a shower during the day thursday, but most of the rain holds off until we get to the evening drive, a cold front on the way. that will bring us rain and maybe some thunderstorms. it totally depends on the timing of that rain's arrival whether we get the thunderstorms or not. to our west you can see rain arriving here on satellite and radar. some heavier cells heading towards st. louis, that is where the potential right now for severe weather is. by the time that system heads our way, we're not looking at severe thunderstorms, but we could see thunderstorms as we head into that evening commute and toward dinner time. on 9 futurecast here comes the surge of milder air, but we will see sprinkles and showers as well. 7 a.m. thursday maybe even a little bit of stead why are rain in southern maryland. -- steadier rain in southern maryland. that surge of warm air and moisture continues basically along the same streamline
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through the day. so southern maryland, the northern neck has a better potential of seeing pockets of steadier and heavier rain during the daylight hours thursday. we have a brief period of sunshine in the afternoon thursday. then here comes that cold front, could see a few rumbles of thunder overnight, but once we get past about 10 p.m. that threat pretty much diminishes completely. then much colder air starts to arrive. we'll have a couple showers lingering early friday morning, but by afternoon we're back to the clear stuff, but it will get colder again, too. look at the blues showing up on 9 futurecast. we'll see some of that colder air descend in just in time for the weekend. overnight fairly mild, a sprinkle possible, 42 to 50 for your overnight blows. in the morning we could have another spring -- lows. in the morning we could have another sprinkle or shower and in the afternoon highs in the low 70s under partly to mostly
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cloudy skies, warm and breezy, a few showers possible. the last time we had a temperature in the 70s was on st. patrick's day. that's the only day we've reached the 70s this calendar year so far. that milder air moves out friday and then it's cooler on saturday, a high temperature of only 41 degrees after a high of 73 thursday, so a huge drop in temperatures here. in the first alert seven-day forecast back into the 50s sunday, but still chilly. seasonable air arrives as we head into next workweek. it's been four days of searching around the clock for this missing 5-year-old boy, but as more time passes and concerns grow, new leads are fading. noah top was last seen sunday morning in his bub lynn, virginia home -- dublin, virginia home. >> reporter: noah thomas is everywhere in dublin, virginia, on flyers, store fronts, on the minds of the hundreds of people
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looking for him scanning fields, combing woods, examining roadsides. >> we've covered somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 square miles. >> reporter: this state police team has walked more than 20 miles in three days looking for this 5-year-old boy last seen sunday morning watching cartoons in his living room. >> in the area surrounding noah's residence we continue to search those areas. >> reporter: the scent for noah thomas ends right around here at the end of his long driveway and so today police are refocusing their investigation in their search on highland road which may seem like a quiet backroad but locals say it's not. highland road connects two major roadways in pulaski county. many drivers use it as a cuts- through. after four days of searching where noah could -- cut- through. after four days of searching where noah could have walked on his own, there's also the possibility he could have been picked up. >> we continue to work all the scenarios out there.
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>> there's no evidence of him being picked up. >> reporter: authorities say they do not have enough descriptive information to warrant an amber alert. >> the purpose is to rapidly notify the public, but in this case the public's already notified. >> reporter: the prevailing theory remains noah wandered off. >> that is one of the no. 1 scenarios for a missing child is that they wander, especially this age category. >> but still no proof. >> extremely frustrating because of few leads. >> reporter: while noah thomas seems to be everywhere in dublin, he's not in the one place he should be, home. mola lenghi, wusa9. >> we made several attempts to speak to the tammy, but they are not ready to -- family, but they are not ready to speak to the media. a 13-year-old girl not seen since march 12th, aerial taylor was last seen on 13th street in southeast, african american girl, 135 pounds, brown eyes,
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brown hair, light complexion. if you have any information, please call d.c. police, 202- 727-9099. we got word late this afternoon prince george's county schools are adding a school day to the calendar next week. so thursday, april 2nd, is an with a two hour early dismissal. spring break begins the next day. kids, remember all those snow days? this is making up for at least one of them. the county is asking the state for a two-day waiver so they don't have to make up even more days. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg says he's making the messenger app more versatile. facebook is opening messenger up so outside programmers can build in features programmed for the service. messenger will add the ability to display store receipts and shipping information to help users keep track of their interactions with businesses. new developments in the battle over the redskins trademark. >> plus it's one of the biggest food mergers in history, how
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wusa9 learned the department of justice filed paperwork supporting the move to end the team's tradework rights. the team can still use the name redskins, but so can anyone else. a hearing is set for june. in tonight's consumer alerts a drop in orders for american made durable goods tanked the market on wall street for the third day in a row. there's some huge buzz in the food industry about a huge merger, $40 million, between two iconic american brands. heinz and kraft are joining brokers in -- are joining by a deal brokered by berkshire hathaway. radioshack's bankruptcy auction is underway.
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your personal info could be up for bids. the company claims more than 117 million customers contact and e-mail addresses as one of its assets. however, in a legal challenge the state attorneys general of texas and tennessee say this would breach radioshack's 94- year-old privacy policy saying they will not sell customer data. ford has new technology that could prevent drivers from ever getting speeding olympics it. its intelligence speed limit -- speeding tickets. its intelligence speed limit technology will slow you down if you're going too fast. this new technology is available in europe on the new ford x max. here's what's coming up in the next half hour on wusa9. >> reporter: pothole blues underway in d.c. i'll have that coming up plus the price tag. >> reporter: it's wo
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a sobering new study shows distracted driving among teens is a much more serious problem than first thought. aaa says distractions were factors in six of nearly 10 moderate to severe crashes. surae chinn is live in bethesda with the details. >> reporter: this is the most comprehensive and multi-year study yet, 1,700 pieces of video and what was captured is troubling because the teens
5:29 pm
knew they were being recorded but still got distracted. the young man looks both ways twice and still gets hit all while on a cell phone. a young woman texting looks down for a few seconds. these girls are just talking to each other. different distractions that gained similar results. aaa found that distraction was a factor in 58% of all teenage crashes, four time the government estimate of 14%. the study found teens using phones take their eyes off the road an average of 4.1 seconds before an incident. >> they are so obsessed with that electronic device. >> reporter: teen drivers talking with their friends in the carr can be even more dangerous. -- car can be even more dangerous. >> when it's another dangerous, the teen driver, that person riding shotgun might as well put a shotgun to that driver's head. >> reporter: max style of gaithersburg is a junior at gonzaga in driver's ed class
5:30 pm
called i drive smart taught by police officers. >> being a new driver really makes me want to be as safe as i can while i'm driving. >> no cell phones. turn them off. >> reporter: styles says sometime it's hard to just concentrate on the road. >> you can definitely the lower the temptation by turning the radio down, turning the phone off. >> it scares me because as adults we have more experience in being on the road and multitasking. they don't have this yet and they think they feel kind of invincible. >> reporter: aaa says if the same study was done on adults, they might see the same thing, but they say parents need to set better examples. they need to restrict the number of passengers and ban cell phones in the car. car crashes remain the leading cause of death in teens in the united states. mayor bowser getting her hands dirty today filling a pothole kicking off d.c.'s potholepalooza campaign. it's the district's war on
5:31 pm
potholes and apparently it's a lot harder this time around and more expensive. stephanie ramirez is in southwest d.c. with the details. >> reporter: this chunk of asphalt sitting on ground is not that hard to find, the folks living here telling me they're happy to hear about potholepalooza. >> those things are extremely dangerous. >> reporter: marty lamar goodness for insurance. he tore up his car going over this on juliette street southwest. ddot has been filling potholes sense january. starting today they're able to use all their resources towards filling potholes within a promised 48 hour time period, whereas before many ddot staff vehicles were still being used to salt and plow roads. since january 1st they've already filled more than 19,000 potholes. >> it's been a really tough winter. we've had many snow events. we've had pavement temperatures
5:32 pm
below freezing. that does havoc to the roadways. >> reporter: potholepalooza costing the city around $2 million. >> when you think about the number of vehicles that travel on our roadways, the amount of commerce generated because people can go to work, it's relatively small. >> they actually did fix it. >> reporter: this woman is concerned about the numbers showing me a photo of the same stretch since last december. >> what did you use and what observation did you take before actually trying to fill that pothole? >> reporter: ddot is promising to repair problem within 48 hours unless it's something major that looks like the roadway may need to be repaved. still call it in because they will at least start that process. >> you can map ddot's progress. we've got that and how to fill out your own pothole claim and report on if you've got a pothole you want our both to help you get
5:33 pm
fixed -- our pothole patrol to help you get fixed, go to please include the cross street or block number of the location of the pothole. tonight we're hearing from a former university student taking part in a racist chant. >> i'm so sorry for all the pain i've caused. although i don't deserve it. i want to ask for your forgiveness. all the apologies in the world won't change what i've done, so i'll spend the rest of my life trying to be the person that heals and brings persons of all race together. >> levi petit said he did not speak publicly until now because he wanted to apologize directly to community leaders first. amanda knox is said to be very nervous as an appeal of taken up of her murder conviction. it is the fourth time an italian judge will be determining her faith. she was acquitted in 2011 of the murder of a former roommate
5:34 pm
and has been in seattle ever since then. a ruling against knox could spark a fierce extradition fight between italy and the u.s. a picture of children playing on the vietnam women's memorial here in d.c. has some folks upset. look at. this matthew munson posted this photo on his facebook page. he said he was visiting the memorial when parents encouraged their kids to climb up on the statue. you can see the look of disgust on the faces of the two men on the right. many on munson's facebook page say those parents ought to have done a better job teaching their kids how to be respectful of our monuments. the national park service on putting out a contract on those darned canadian geese. it's looking to send trained border collies on the national mall to chase them away. apparently there's a pretty huge geese population down there. those birds present several fowl problems including leaving droppings in the lincoln reflecting pool. each bird can leave behind 2 to 3 pounds of poop per day.
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carpool shenanigans with the most interesting man in the world, how the f word ended up on the back of a basketball player's jersey and this dog, he's learning no new tricks at all. >> oops. coming up at 6:00 while many celebrate the hiring of 1,000 construction workers to work on the new mgm casino in prince george's county, some say officials are not spreading the wealth to minority contractors. >> i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. we'll get into 70s tomorrow before temperatures crash
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looking at stories trending tonight, madman star john hamm is getting clean. >> hamm recently completed treatment for alcohol addiction. he apparently entered a facility in connecticut the end of february. co incidentally his madman character also struggles with alcohol. the final season starts april 5th. the most interesting man in the world apparently not fascinating enough to keep a driver from getting a ticket. >> washington state patrol pulled over the driver using
5:39 pm
the car he pull lane because the trooper noticed an odd passenger. the passenger was a cardboard cutout of the man used in a beer commercial. the driver said i don't always violate the h.o.v. lane rule, but when i do, i get a $120 ticket. a basketball player with a last name we can't show you is going to use the surname on the back of his jersey. >> his brazilian last name is four letters and pronounced huuki. no. 14 in the back rehab using first and middle names only which you can understand with that last name that i cannot read. he is proud of his last name even though it's not a word used in polite company in this
5:40 pm
country. once his team made it to the championships, he was allowed to have his name printed on the back of his shirt. trending on youtube fritz the dog learns to catch or not. his family throws food in the air. >> what the heck? >> he comes up short every single time. >> i've never seen a dog that couldn't catch food. >> oh, my. >> i think he's got some kind of brain issue seriously. >> we're told his eyesight is fine, by the way. >> he can see. >> almost, almost. >> almost got it. i think he got that one, whatever that was. a hotdog, that's a prize thing. look at that. >> oh. >> let's try again. can you get pizza at least? how about this? no. [ laughter ] >> the pizza stabbed him in the
5:41 pm
head. they're making us stop now. academia meets football, coming up in sports we'll introduce you to one baltimore ravens player who is a masked genius. i heard this guy. he is amazing. >> plus doctors accused of not telling patients they could have life threatening conditions. why would they not tell them? more details in tonight's health alert. >> you're watching wusa9 news at 5:00 broadcasting live from our nation's
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5:44 pm
swallowing a bus? >> oh, my goodness. >> that is something you don't see every day. >> were there people inside? >> this was in brazil. investigators say the bus went into the river and got washed away. what else could happen? amazingly no one was hurt, but later on it was seen going down a volcano. >> the most important thing, no one got hurt. >> nobody got injured, that's why we can joke and make fun. right now investigators are trying to figure out who rigged up an explosive device inside a
5:45 pm
home set to detonate when somebody turned on the lights. this is milton, massachusetts, where the device was hidden behind a recently plastered section of wall. cops are looking at the former tenants who are suspected of pouring concrete down the drains. transportation officials unveiled plans for a high speed transit system from london to the united states called the transeurope belt development that would somehow go from london to siberia to alaska. it could link up already existing networks and somehow transform the global economy if it happens. cheap at the price. in tonight's health alert imagine having a life threatening condition and your doctor did not even tell you. it may keep you from participating in clinical trials. andrea roane explains this is actually more common than you might think. >> the literature tells us doctors are afraid of telling people they have this disease
5:46 pm
because they think it will cause emotional distress. >> a disturbing new report from the alzheimer's association shows only 45% of people with the disease were told about their diagnosis. >> i think doctors also are pressed for time. i think we all know when we go to the doctor, sometime that appointment isn't long enough. it takes time to talk to someone about what they need to do in planning for the future. >> in contrast more than 90% of people with breast, colorectal and prostate cancer were told about their conditions. >> can you imagine having cancer and having your doctor not tell you? this robs people of the ability to make important decisions in their life. >> reporter: decisions about making physical decisions for the patient as the disease progresses. >> you might decide to take that anniversary trip earlier before the disease progresses.
5:47 pm
you can participate in clinical trials. >> for a link to the facts and figures report from the alzheimer's association, go to always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather. >> let's see. it's going to be about 75 degrees tomorrow or something? >> it's going to get into the 70s. >> and then real coal after this. >> they be temperatures -- cold after that. >> then temperatures cold after that. >> generally this day is right before the cold front arrives. so that's why it's going to be warmer tomorrow. temperatures plummet behind this. the weekend looks downright cold. let's look right now at the michael and son weather cam, cloudy but 54 degrees, winds south at 8 miles per hour and the dew point 35 which means we have light showers that some of which are evaporating before they hit the ground. in our weather headlines very mild tonight under that cloud cover and an occasional
5:48 pm
sprinkle possible. overall we aren't looking at any significant rain in our forecast over the next 18 hours or so. about the main event arrives tomorrow evening. as you head to the bus stop temperatures between 45 and 55 degrees. in the afternoon they'll get rid of any jackets because temperatures will be warm enough for t-shirt weather in the 70s. it's the mildest day we've had since st. patrick's day. it will be breezy and a shower is possible in the afternoon. as we head into the evening we'll see rain and thunderstorms. that is a possibility as we move toward dinner time tomorrow. you can see the area to the west of us here on satellite and radar with the severe weather watch box. this is a severe thunderstorm watch. that is where the most potential for thunderstorms is at that moment. that will start to move toward us as we head into tomorrow. in the meantime the warm front of this same storm system is producing light sprinkles and showers. that kept things dreary today.
5:49 pm
tomorrow we'll enter the warm sector of our system. that is going to allow our temperatures to get much milder. starting out tomorrow morning some showers pretty much aligning with where they are right now. in southern maryland and down toward the northern neck a couple areas of potentially heavy rainfall embedded there. moving into the afternoon temperatures heading into the 60s and most of the rain still south of the beltway. that will change as we head into the evening hours. in the afternoon we'll get some breaks of sunshine allowing temperatures to surge into the 70s, 70 in gaithersburg, 73 in manassas and la plata. the cold front arrives in the evening. 7:30 some red and orange is showing up on the map toward baltimore. that is indication of heavy downpour and maybe some rumbles of thunder, too. then as we head into friday morning temperatures much colder, back into the 40s. with the wind it could feel like the 30s as you step out
5:50 pm
friday morning. overnight tonight 42 to 50, not that bad. a sprinkle is possible, partly to mostly cloudy. winds remain light out of the south 5 to 10 miles per hour. another sprinkle or shower is likely during the monday morning drive, 45 to 62. the better chance of the rain in the morning is in southern maryland. temperatures reaching the low 70s in afternoon tomorrow, partly to mostly cloudy, showers possible, windy as well with winds southwest sustained at 15 to 20 miles per hour. we'll see the chance for a thunderstorm. tomorrow is a yellow alert day because of that threat for the evening commute. friday temperatures falling very quickly, a high of 55 early in the down. then we're down into the 40s, maybe not getting out of the 40s in some of the suburbs on saturday, back to the 50s sunday and monday we're back to the upper 50s.
5:51 pm
now wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> brenda frese lost five seniors last season but led the terps this year to a big 10 title and a one seed in the ncaa tournament, but they're not done. they have the national title in their sights, but first they must get past the duke blue devils. the terps held a final practice today before departing college park to begin their journey to the sweet 16 in spokane, washington. >> there was a lot of horn blowing there. >> very excited. i have to ask you guys were you good at math? >> no. that's why we're journalism majors. >> i was, but i'm afraid to say that but i need to know what the context was. >> jan was a mad genius. >> stop it. >> one member of the baltimore
5:52 pm
ravens not only knocked down his opponents on the field, but he's smashing every stereotype there is that football players aren't smart. john erschel said he is addicted to football, but he has a unique talent. he is a math genius. he graduated from penn state university with a perfect 4.0 gpa, a bachelor's and master's degree in mathematics and is a published mathematician several time over. for him he said math fuels that same competitive spirit that he finds out on football field. >> honestly i treat every math problem just like a puzzle and it's that competitive drive in me, the same thing that drives me on the football field drives me to be a great mathematician.
5:53 pm
>> he was an author of a paper published in the prestigious journal of computational mathematics. i'm going to have you read the name of the article, derek. >> all right. i don't have my glasses, but this looks to say a cascadic multi grid algorithm for computing the sealedder vector of grass laplacium? >> very good. >> ask me what that means and i have no clue. >> i am impressed. >> so impressive with him. he's just a really cool guy down to earth. erica grow was just telling us he taught classes at penn state his fifth year, taught college kids a couple years younger than him. >> my old man said the smartest players on the football field are the offensive lineman. here's a perfect example. >> everybody asks him why are
5:54 pm
you playing with all the talk about concussions, aren't you worried? he says he's aware of it, but he loves football so much. >> you got to have life after football. >> you have to ask if something doesn't go your way, it's worth it. we'll talk about it some more. jay gruden speaks out today about his expectations for your no. 2, more on that coming up in sports. >> coming up at 6:00 as well supporters of political icon walter fauntroy facing the camera as they struggle to figure out more about how he's doing and how they can help save his wife's home. >> reporter: jurors in the boston marathon bombing trial got a
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
day 13 of the boston marathon bombing trial focused on testimony from the agents. >> reporter: an fbi agent stood in the witness box to show jurors this flag, the large black flag with arabic writing that used to be on the wall of dzhokhar tsarnaev's family home. an agent testified investigators confiscated
5:58 pm
anything dzhokhar and his older brother tamerlan could have used to make a boom. during cross-examination defense attorney -- bomb. during cross-examination defense attorneys suggested it belonged to tamerlan's wife and he, not to dzhokhar. evidence was also recovered from his dorm room. fbi special agent kimberly franks said investigators found a white hat like the one the defendant was seen wearing in surveillance video the day of the bombing. franks recovered a large fireworks device, box of bbs and packaging for a bb gun. prosecutors believe the defendant played a key role in the deadly 2013 attack, but the defense claims his late brother tamerlan was the criminal mastermind. marley hall, cbs news, boston. >> prosecutors are scheduled to put a medical examiner on the witness stand tomorrow who reviewed autopsies of the
5:59 pm
bombing victims. thanks for watching wusa9 news at 5:00. wusa9 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> reporter: mgm hired their 1,000th construction worker to build this casino behind me. we talked to some of those workers today. i'll have that story coming up. >> reporter: an outpouring of grief and sorrow for the mother and daughter from nokesville lost in that french alps plane crash, i'm peggy fox. i'll have the story coming up. >> reporter: where is walter fauntroy? today a group supporting his wife held a press conference. they can't seem to agree on his whereabouts. mgm says they've hired 1,000 construction workers to build the $1.2 billion casino and today they're trying make sure to celebrate. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. ellison barber joins us from the newsroom with more. 1,000 workers sounds like a goodley number. >> it is, but we wanted to know how many are from prince george's county.
6:00 pm
we got to meet three. that's janey oliver, a native of maryland and lives 15 minutes from the mgm site where she works as an electrician. thomas and brian work on the site and say they've lived in prince george's county for years. construction carried on behind them as mgm executives began to flood the site celebrating hiring 1,000 construction workers. governor larry hogan praised the project for creating jobs, but not everyone is convinced the project is off to a good start. some say mgm is not hiring as many minority owned businesses or local workers as they originally promised. last year -- >> year going to overhire the entire program and revamp the entire procurement process. >> reporter: last year an audit found a martin o'malley's administration failed to monitor or report minority participation on four other


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