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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  March 25, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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the 150 people killed in that crash. peggy fox reports they were loved by many. >> reporter: the international tragedy hit home here in nokesville. there is pain and sorrow, a mother and daughter both perished on that plane. >> that's it, no comment. >> reporter: a man is -- at the selke residence asked news crews to stay off the property. a family spokesperson sent out this statement. "our entire family is deeply saddened by the losses of yvonne and emily selke, two wonderful, caring, maggie people who meant so much to so -- amazing people who meant so much to so many. at this difficult time we respectfully ask for your privacy and your prayers." yvonne selke was a 23 year employee at the government consultant booz allen and spent her career working at the national intelligence space
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agency. she was called a wonderful co- worker and dedicated employee. emily was a 2010 sue ma laude graduate of woodbridge senior high school. she also graduated with honors in 2013 from drexel university in philadelphia where she majored in music industry. drexel said it was deeply saddened to hear of the tragic loss. emily was a member of the gamma sigma sigma service sorority which posted a photo and service memoir about emily who always put others before herself and cared deeply for those in her life. emily's linkedin page said she was a community manager for car workplaces in alexandria and was also a lifetime girl scout. peggy fox. >> as peggy mentioned, the family and friends of the selkes declined to comment and asked for privacy and prayers instead. we also learned today the third american was on that flight, but the state department has not released any details on
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that passenger. tonight french officials say it appears unlikely an act of terrorism or foul play brought down the plane and they should have a better idea what happened the next few days because they found usable audio from one of the black boxes. >> we hope to have a rough idea in a matter of days and having a full understanding of it with all the information coming in from all the other recorded parameters will take weeks and months. >> investigators have started analyzing the audio. so far they don't have an explanation for the crash. day four of the search for this missing 5-year-old boy and one word keeps coming up, frustrated. police and volunteer searchers are frustrated by the lack of clues in where noah thomas
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might be. still they're determined to keep looking for the 5-year-old boy. >> reporter: i'm mola lenghi in dublin, virginia, where folks continue to search for 5- year-old noah thomas. this is day four. every day that passes those folks searching say their frustration grows. they're scanning fields, combing through woods, examining road signs. >> we've covered 7 square miles. >> reporter: this state police team has walked more than 20 miles in three days looking for this 5-year-old boy last seen sunday morning watching cartoons in his living room. >> in the area surrounding noah's residence we continue to search those areas. >> reporter: after four days of searching where noah could have walked on his own, police are considering the possibility he could have been picked up. >> it entered the equation right away. again all the possibilities and scenarios out there, we continue to work those. >> reporter: the prevailing theory remains that noah wandered off. >> that is one of the no. 1 scenarios for a missing child is that they wandered, especially this age category. >> reporter: but still no
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proof. >> extremely frustrating. >> reporter: jess can i critterdon was so -- jessie critterdon was so frustrated she picked up a handful of flyers herself. noah thomas is on flyers, on store fronts, on the minds of the hundreds of people looking for him but not in the one place he should be, home. >> police have no plans of letting up their search. a yellow alert tomorrow. we could see and mary the first thunderstorm of the season -- hear the first thunderstorm of the season, how it could affect your ride to work. >> not only the rain, but a big temperature swing. we'll see 70s tomorrow followed by a crash into the 40s saturday. right now it's 74 in charleston, west virginia, 71 in lexington, kentucky. that air mass is heading our way, only 51 in downtown washington. your feels like forecast helps
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tell the story of how dramatic this shift will be. waking up tomorrow it will feel like the 50s, upper 40s north and west. by arch temperatures soar -- afternoon temperatures soaring into the 70s for many of us and then the crash starts to happen. by midnight friday we're down into the 40s when you factor in the breeze. in the morning friday as you're heading back to work and school, temperatures feeling like they're in the upper 30s to around 40 degrees when you factor in that breeze plus the air temperature. overnight tonight not bad, partly to mostly cloudy, maybe a sprinkle, 42 to 50, winds south 5 to 10 mile-per-hour. we'll talk more about the rain and arriving cold front coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. the widow of the man murdered at the donovan hotel broke her silence today. she got really emotional talking about the man she loved while also pleading for help in solving the case. >> i'm debra alfarone in the newsroom with a heartfelt
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request from a woman begging for justice. it was the plea so tough to deliver, but widow kim vuong is wanting to find this person of interest now determined to be involved in the murder of her husband of 30-year-old attorney david messerschmitt. >> my husband and my best friend, in one day i lost the most important person in my life and the man i loved so much. i have no answers. >> reporter: messerschmitt was found stabbed to death inside room 400 of the donovan hotel in northwest d.c. february 10th. vuong reported him missing early that morning. the only thing police will say about the investigation publicly is they want to
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question this woman. >> there are people out there who can bring justice to david and me, to our families and friends and to everyone in washington who deserves to live in safety. >> if you have any information that might help, police are asking you to call 202-727-9099. debra alfarone, wusa9. >> vuong described her husband as gentle, kind, dedicated, hard working and a brilliant lawyer. new developments from that bloody arrest of the student at university of virginia, governor terry mcauliffe is ordering alcoholic beverage control agents undergo new training. agents arrested student martese johnson outside a pub earlier this month. he suffered cuts to the head requiring stitches. that arrest is now under investigation. under the governor's order abc agents will undergo retraining on the use of force, cultural
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diversity, and interaction with young people. two young men in frederick are charged with opening fire outside a girls jv basketball game outside frederick high school last month leaving two boys murder. brandon tyler and chant -- hurt. brandon tyler and chandler davenport are the suspects. police won't discuss whether the victims are cooperating, but investigators say the victims and attackers knew each other but did not release a reason for the gunfire. no charges, but the frederick county sheriff's office is investigating a drug overdose at oakdale high. five female students took prescription medications and got sick. four went to the hospital. a 15-year-old student was handing out the pills. starting today more fire and emergency workers will be ready to help d.c. residents in
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need. mayor muriel bowser ordered up 10 additional support units and transport units to be on stand- by at the peak hours monday through friday. d.c. fire and ems department previously had about 40 ambulances and medic units in service. that number now could reach nearly 50 depending how many workers are available for overtime. going on right now in northwest metro workers are holding a discussion on the transit network's safety. the workers union is hosting it. metro's interim gm will lead the talks. this comes two months after this electrical malfunction filled a train and the l'enfant tunnel with smoke. one woman died. many went to the hospital. keether helped save the life of a great falls man who suffered a massive heart attack at his home.
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officer keether administered chest compressions and succeeded in getting the man breathing again who is still recovering. the officer said he was in the right place at the right time and any of his colleagues would have done the same. maryland school districts are writing their excuse notes hoping to get out of a few snow days. >> reporter: potholepalooza is
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the first time we saw it a new study shows a distracted driving among teens is much more serious, involving 60% of all teenage crashes, four times the government estimate. 4.1 seconds teens take their eyes off the road before anis dent. most of the incident -- an incident. most of the incidents occur where they're talking with
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friends and not keeping their eyes on the road. >> you can definitely lower the temptation by turning the radio down, turning the phone off, keeping everything low, but if you don't take those steps, it can be very high and very tempting to check your phone or blast your music because if it's a new car, you're a new driver. it's fun. >> if we did this to the adult driving population, we would probably find the same extent of distractions. that's how pervasive it is. >> aaa says parents need to set better examples and restrict the number of passengers and ban cell phone use in the car, if they can. car crashes remain the leading cause of death among teens in this country. d.c. started its war on pat holes today, potholepalooza, and stephanie ramirez has the details. >> reporter: today kicks off that aggressive effort fix the potholes in a short period of time. >> of course, every neighborhood has its trials, but those things are extremely dangerous. >> reporter: marty lamar said
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thank goodness for insurance because when he tore up his car going over this on juliette street southwest. his thoughts on the potholepalooza today? >> i think it's brilliant. >> my sister needs new linements and tires. whatever it takes, it should be fixed. >> reporter: today they're able to use all their resources to fill pot potholes -- potholes within 48 hours. since january 1st ddot has filled more than 19,000 potholes. >> it's been a really tough winter. we've had many snow events. we've had pavement temperatures below freezing. that just does havoc to the roadways. >> reporter: this year's potholepalooza is costing the city around $2 million. ddot promises to repair problems in 48 hours unless it's something major that looks like the roadway may need to be repaved. will at least start that
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process. >> potholepalooza will go on through spring until all the potholes are covered. if that doesn't take care of your most hated crater, we can help. head over to and fill out the form. a motorcycle cop on i-95 in wash ash state spotted a driver in -- washington state spotted a driver in the h.o.v. lane with a rather unusual passenger. >> he was a cardboard cut-out of the most interesting man in the world seen on commercials. the driver knew he was busted but claimed the cardboard cut- out was his best friend. he was fined $124, but he got to keep his best friend. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow, a little cool and cloudy, but temperatures are going to surge heading into tomorrow. overnight tonight temperatures don't really drop, 42 to 50, a
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sprinkle is possible, but more rain and mild weather in one year 5.6 million hospital workers helped perform 26.6 million surgeries deliver 3.7 million babies and treat 133 million e.r. patients.
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now congress is considering cuts which could increase wait times reduce staff, and threaten your community's health. keep the heart of america's hospitals strong. for you and your family tell congress: don't cut hospital care.
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in tulsa, oklahoma, the national weather service has confirmed a tornado has touched down. they are calling that situation very dangerous. they said that tornado moved through tulsa this evening. still residents are under a tornado warning there right
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now. >> you're looking live through somebody's windshield driving through that area. it is dark, rainy and ominous as you can see, tornadoes very destructive, of course. that is a part of the country where tornadoes can be known to come through but not so many so far this year. it's been quiet so far. >> it's the time of the year that that stuff starts up. let's get more information on this from erica. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather. >> as a matter of fact, this is the first tornado warning of the year, the first confirmed tornado of the year and it's been since 1969, more than 40 years ago, since we've gone this deep into a calendar year without any tornadoes. now it looks like a very damaging destructive one has moved right over the heart of tulsa, oklahoma. i'm sure we'll learn more as the skies clear and they get a chance to assess the damage. right now with the michael and son weather cam a beautiful shot downtown looking at the
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institute for peace and the lincoln memorial. it's still 51 and cloudy, winds fairly light south at 6 miles per hour. temperatures aren't going to drop tonight. in a couple spots the temperature might rise before it starts to fall again. on satellite and radar we have that area, watch box, showing where the tornadoes are most likely to happen. the tornado warnings have been issued in this watch box. we have seen destructive weather in that region of the country. this is including oklahoma and arkansas primarily. the cold front with that system is going to sweep its way toward us as we head into the day tomorrow, but by the time it actually arrives here the threat for severe weather is going to be gone and we might just hear a rumble of thunder. that's about it. we aren't looking at anything severe out of this system for us. on 9 futurecast a stream of moisture arriving in the morning hours producing shower just in time for that morning drive in the northern neck and also southern maryland. most of that stays south of the
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beltway. you can see that stream is pretty persistent through the day. notice temperatures getting into the 60s by noon. the main threat for rain will be in evening, but we could see an afternoon shower as well. notice this break in the cloud cover mid-afternoon that allows our temperatures to pop into the 70s, but here comes the cold front. that will bring the potential for a heavy downpour, a rumble of thunder, a few strokes of lightning possible as this cold front rolls through. in the morning friday could still have a shower lingering, but temperatures will be much colder, down into the 40s. you can see blue on the map in the mountains in virginia. there will be cold enough air for snow here by saturday. overnight tonight that's not the case. it's going to be mild, a sprinkle possible, but most of us stay dry, 42 to 50, winds continuing south 5 to 10 miles per hour. a sprinkle or shower is possible early in the morning, temperatures mild into the 40s and even 50s and then heading into the 60s by noon.
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our high temperature tomorrow in the low 70s. we'll reach that around 3 p.m. winds southwest at 15 to 20 mile-per-hour. that potential for thunderstorms will be in the mid- to late evening hours and then we're going to bring in that colder air, a high of 55 friday. a high temperature of only 41 on saturday. we could see a flurry or quick snow shower saturday. temperatures start to rebound as we head into the new workweek. maryland school districts are hoping to get a pardon for all the snow we got this year. school officials have apply to have up to three days of snow days waived. montgomery and prince george's county each used three extra snow days. montgomery wants to get all those days excused while prince george's county is applying to waive two of them. this afternoon that district announced next thursday, april 2nd, will be a makeup day. so spring break starts on the 3rd now. frederick county had four extra snow days. they're making up three and hope the board of
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taking another live look at tulsa, oklahoma, tonight, there has been a confirmed tornado touched down. >> the national weather service officials say the twister moved
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jon hamm after his rehab revelation. >> welcome back, man. >> did his hard drinking role on "madmen" take a toll on his personal life? >> i hope jon hamm gets out in front of this issue. britney spears may have done a secret stint in rehab. she's looking healthy and happy now. >> i'm indulging a little bit in virgin pea-- pina colada. >> celine dion and her husband face his cancer fight together. also tonight, we're breaking down the factors that make bill o'reilly polarizing. >> not one day has the media been fair to me. >> plus -- >> amal clooney raising the fashion bar even higher. the first lady, what happened to her hair? and kevin fraser meet rhonda rosy. talking about her love life. >> do you want to meet somebody some day? >> i'm an ovarian gold mine.
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i owe it to the human race to reproduce. >> now," e.t." we owe you our gold mine of entertainment news. >> hi, everybody, and thanks for joining us, nancy o'dell has the night off. >> anothee big headline, here is tonight's top story. >> britney spears, a report claims she completed a secret stay in rehab as she tells "people" magazine she's never been happier. i'm in hawaii right now and having a wonderful time on the beach. >> with a successful show, two wonderful kids and a loving boyfriend, britney tells people in her wildest dreams, she never thought she would be this happy. >> with me being in vegas, it's hard for us to plan trips and go to places. so this is a really big opportunity for me to be able to spend spring break with him here in hawaii. >> while britney says she's content with her two boys, she would maybe like a mini me to come along at some point.


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