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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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them now. who is going to get the brunt of this? >> well, here's the line of showers we've been watching the past couple hours. nowsch notice the -- notice the reds and magentas and the possibility of hail. this is a pretty heavy storm southwest of leesburg, everything moving north and east. i want to zoom in on this storm between hagerstown and martinsburg. this may have some hail in it just to the southwest of hagerstown moving north and east. another storm up there just southwest of waynesboro not far from greencastle will run right in between you. that could also have some hail. we'll storm track this. this is headed for hagerstown about 6:02 and eventually up towards smithburg at 6:14. i would take these storms seriously. they could produce brief heavy downpours and flash flooding. where is the line going? by 7:00 essentially gaithersburg back to leesburg and just to the north of
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culpeper and by 9:00 right through the metro area extending either side of i-95. temps fall a little, back in the 60s by 9:00, which is still warm. by 11:00 most of the thunderstorms are to our south, but we aren't done with the rain and showers. we'll come back. we had to extend our yellow alert tomorrow. we'll explain why. in dublin, virginia, authorities explained the body of 5-year-old noah thomas has been found. let's listen in. >> forensic support in the investigation, we are essentially collecting evidence and processing the scene at this time. so that information will be provided to the sheriff's office as we move forward. we will continue to provide whatever support the sheriff and his office needs through the duration of this case.
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>> again you've been listening to a press conference in dublin, virginia, where it's been confirmed the body of 5- year-old little noah thomas on day five of the search was found in a septic tank. not a lot of other information was revealed. our mola lenghi is headed to dublin, virginia. he'll have a report tonight after basketball. we'll have the latest developments on the wusa9 app. we are getting a better idea of the final moments inside the germanwings plane that crashed into the french alps. it's clear from the cockpit voice recorder this was no accident. the copilot intentionally flew the plane into the side of a mountain from what they can determine. they believe andreas lubitz locked the captain out of the cockpit. he's later heard banging on the door. prosecutors say passengers likely didn't know they were going down till the very end when the reporter picked up their cries of terror. all 150 people were killed including three americans. the state department identified the third person as robert d in spain.
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the other two victims, a mother and daughter, yvonne and emily selke from nokesville, virginia. today friends of emily remembered her as a woman with incredible potential. >> garrett hake spoke to some of selke's co-workers and oldest friends and joins us live from woodbridge high school where she was a standout singer. >> reporter: those friends said selke came into her own here when she became a member of the elite woodbridge singers, a choir group. some of the students in that group with her said they're still struggling to process the loss. >> she was like a sister really. >> reporter: kara hollis now at george mason university remembers selke as the girl everyone wanted to be around. selke wasn't just a great sing are. she was a -- singer. she was a leader, a mentor. >> she had a really great way of always being supportive towards everyone in the choir
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and being a friend to everyone. >> reporter: in the mental picture hollis will carry of her friend now among the 150 victims of tuesday's plane crash in france, emily will be smiling. >> i will always remember her smile and try to remember to smile as much as i can as she did. >> reporter: we heard a lot about that smile today from other long time friends. >> very easy to talk to. you can tell just by the way she smiled she had a very warm welcoming smile. >> reporter: and from colleagues in alexandria, virginia. >> she literally was a shining star. she always had a smile, made us laugh every day. >> reporter: selke started working there last january as a community manager and threw herself into the work. >> her first day i remember how scared she was but yet so eager. >> reporter: to her old friends that probably sounds just about right. >> she knew that life wasn't about just living it for herself, but always serving others.
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now selke's friends are trying to come up with some kind of tribute, preferably something that involves the music she loved so much, but right they say that's just too tough. >> really tough week for them. emily and her mom yvonne were parishioners at sacred heart catholic church in manassas. we spoke with those who knew the spiritual side of the family today. you can hear and read their kind words on our wusa9 app. a d.c. politician is part of a video making its way around the webbed to. it's not the best parking job. ellison barber joins us to explain who was behind the wheel. >> representative eleanor holm nor holmes norton was -- norton was parking or trying to and it was all caught on tape. >> she has hit that red car next to her repeatedly. >> this is video of congressman
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norton trying to farc her car just outside the capitol building. they parks in wrong direction wrong angle bumping both cars next to her before stopping and getting out. she comes back briefly but doesn't seem to leave any sort of note on either car she appeared to hit. it happened on this street and the video was published last night by the blog heard on the hill. roll call, the newspaper that runs it, tells usa today by 2 p.m. today the video had been watched over 120,000 times on youtube and now it's on many other websites including ours. the congresswoman declined to speak with us but gave us a statement saying no damage was done but lesson learned. "i may take some new parking lessons or perhaps upgrade to a self-parking car." but some say this is not simply bad parking. it's a politician not caring about >> politicians think they're the convention to every law. that's why they become politicians. >> why would you park like that in between two diagonal cars?
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>> reporter: some brought image suggesting at 77 maybe she's too old to drive, but experts we spoke with at aarp said that's silly. driving well is about being healthy, not a number and her staff tells us her health is fine. >> it's simple as that. she can't drive. try something else. get a bicycle. >> reporter: staffers said the congresswoman was hurrying to a live interview when this happened. it was terrible parking. according to the rule book that capitol police puts out, in chapter 6 it says if you are parking on capitol grounds and know or think you may have hit another vehicle, you should stop immediately and if there's damage, leave a note. >> she didn't leave a note, but staffers did say they came back later and did leave information. they also said the congresswoman spoke to the owners of the cars and they reportedly told her there was
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no damage. the uva student whose bloody arrest sparked outrage and accusations of police brutality will be back in court in two months. today marquise johnson had support of 100 people who packed into a charlottesville courtroom. alcoholic beverage control officers arrested him last week after he was denied entrance into a bar. the case was continued to give virginia take the police time to finish its investigation of the arrest itself. maryland state lawmakers have a couple kinks to work out, but today the senate approved its version of the $40 billion budget. lawmakers made cuts elsewhere to restore education funding for one that previously was trimmed. it also adds in a 2% cost of living raise for state workers. part of the plan includes tapping about half of a $150 million extra payment into the pension system. some republicans didn't like that, but supporters say maryland will reach an 80%
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funding goal by 2023. the house and senate plan to meet next week to work out those differences. when is one cent worth $1 million? when it's one of these. this one cent coin is expected to fetch maybe $2 million at an auction now underway in baltimore. really? it's minted back in 1792, an experimental coin, a precursor to the penny. only 12 were minted. another birch cent sold last january for more than $2.5 million. i got to be looking at some of my change. coming up get ready for a d.c. traffic nightmare. thought we called that tuesday. this is planned, what to
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welcome back. a commuter alert for 16th street in the district. the d.o.t. says repairs to bridge over military road begins tomorrow. commuters should expect significant delays. military road will be closed on select weekends for demolition work. the project is expected to last up to four months. commuters are encouraged to use georgia avenue as an alternative. happy ending to a very dicey situation that went down on the shoulder of southbound 270 at shady grove road. >> that's where mom amanda nelson gave birth to a baby boy with the help of her husband jon before first responders could get there. here's what it sounded like to the 911 operator.
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>> oh, my god, i just gave birth in the car. he's not crying or anything. help me, please. >> is he out? did you already give birth? >> he's out. [ crying ] >> oh, god. >> is he crying? >> breathe, little boy. >> yes. >> initially she said he's not crying, but all of a sudden he cried. mom and baby are fine despite a breech birth feet first delivery. the couple were just a mile short of the shady grove hospital. the little boy is named jacob kenneth nelson. that is their third baby. so she's had a little practice with this. nonetheless very scary. >> talk about special delivery. wusa9 news and the washington post are joining forces. a new agreement announced today calls for wusa9 video, video reports and live video streaming to appear to the post website. the partnership means washington post content will also appear in wusa9 newscasts and on as well as
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on our mobile app. the new media alliance takes place immediately. the power of severe weather caught on camera. after the break some of the incredible video from the oklahoma tornado. >> rain and storms are heading into our neighborhood now, but topper is tracking a major shift in weather. we'll explain who could go from the 70s and shine to snow this weekend. you're watching wusa9 news at 6:00. it's the biggest trade violation in history. today middle east governments are shredding open skies agreements they signed pumping over $40 billion
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in prohibited subsidies into their state-owned airlines. protectionism at its worst. and their actions threaten thousands of u.s. aviation jobs. it's time for middle east countries to play by the rules. restore competition. restore open skies. fight for american jobs.
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a short time ago authorities in southwestern virginia confirmed they found the body of 5-year-old noah thomas. here's sheriff jim davis. >> his body was discovered in a septic tank during a more detailed and aggressive search. the recovery of the body is now part of our investigation and ongoing. at this time no one is in custody and a cause of death has not been determined. his body is being transported to the medical examiner's office in roanoke for autopsy. the parents continue to cooperate with authorities during this tragic time. >> mola lenghi is on his way to the scene, so you can look for his report after tonight's basketball game. on the weather front clean- up underway in oklahoma 24
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hours after a deadly tornado touched down. the storm gathered strength over moore close to oklahoma city in this video. rapid electrical fire as the storm sweeps over the city. you're looking at a time lapse, the worst of it in sand springs outside tulsa where a twister plowed through a mobile home park killing one person. storm chaser in moore, oklahoma, caught the storm's power on camera. the storm tipped over a big rig. the driver walked away from the wrecked truck, though. this is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa9 first alert weather. >> that same system is going to roll through the metro area tonight. we'll see thunderstorms in the next few hours. some could be heavy, a few severe. right now it is gorgeous outside. don't let that fool you, though, on our michael and son weather cam. it's 76 as warm as it's been all year, winds south,
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southwest at 15 continuing to pump up warm air. here's doppler radar over the past hour. these are pretty heavy storms. this is more like june. look at all the red up toward hagerstown west of frederick, big storms beginning to fire on the east side of i-81, on the north side of i-66. these have become pretty heavy in the last 15 minutes. the red is at least heavy rain over an inch per hour rolling north word crossing over search -- northward crossing over 17. this storm will head toward charlestown and could produce heavy rain. heading further up this line of showers and storms, all the deep red is heavy rainfall. the purple has gone. it could have been hail southwest of hagerstown. look at the rainfall rates. red right here, rainfall rates over 5 inches per hour. at the very least you'll have heavy rain in the next hour or so if you're up near
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myersville. it's headed towards boonsboro about 6:34 and myersville about 6:42. this is pretty heavy activity especially north and west of town. some of the storms could be heavy and severe. that means gusty winds and hail. bus stop temperatures in the 40s, a different season tomorrow, bring an umbrella, a miserable day in the morning and a coat, too. wet in the morning, so we've extended our yellow alert through friday morning. grab a coat, much colder on friday. that's just a harbinger of colder air saturday. futurecast doing a pretty good job with this line of showers and thunderstorms. 8:00 gaithersburg and maybe toward rockville into fairfax county. they move through between 8:00 and 10:00. temperatures fall a bit. we're back in the 50s by 10:00. notice there's no more reds or yellows in the immediate metro area. we're just looking at rain.
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heavy rain rolls in overnight. by 6 a.m. temperatures almost 30 degrees colder with rain and producing a little bit of snow north and west. it's going to be a miserable morning. 46 at 7:00, 45 at 11:00 and 47 at 1:00 with a few cloud breaks. saturday no joke, rain and snow showers, 43 and back in the low 50s with some sun sunday. next seven days upper 50s monday and tuesday, keep it dry for now, 63 wednesday, april fool's day, near 60 thursday, rain developing late in the day or by evening. brenda frese and her terps are enjoying the ride right now. we've got the
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in part by your local toyota dealers. now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> the lady terps had a long ride out west, but they're settled in preparing for their sweet 16 showdown against duke. dave owens is in spokane with the team. >> reporter: guys, this beautiful backdrop behind me lets you know we made our way to the pacific northwest welcome. we're actually on the campus of whitworth university about five minutes from spokane arena. the day began a little earlier. maryland boarding the buses, the whole gang getting set to come over to this practice facility.
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brenda frese going through a lot of technique work with her ballclub, doesn't want to tire them out, but make no mistake, no excuses about a cross- country trip. this is the sweet 16 and brenda frese says her squad is ready. >> this team isn't ready to be finished. this team has a very businesslike approach. they want to put in the great preparation like they always have and be ready to tip it off. >> reporter: this is even better. when you follow maryland women's basketball, it's a family affair and there they are. brenda frese's beautiful twins, always following coach around the country wherever she go i think we've got some future ballers. later in practice check this out, doing what young kids do. practice going on, they're not the least bit interested on their phones playing video games. at 6:20 we'll have much more from this private workout at whitworth university.
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we got great access to them and we thank the university of maryland and brenda frese for allowing us to do that. we'll hear from some of the players in a bit. now here in spokane, washington, back to you in the studio. one of the best stories out of this year's ncaa tournament is the newly formed relationship between a few wisconsin basketball players and the tournament stenographer, the folks that transcribe all the press conferences for everybody. we showed you earlier how wisconsin sophomore nigil hayes was quite embarrassed after he was caught commenting on how good looking he thought the stenographer was at staples center in los angeles last night. love the reaction. an honest moment that's gone viral. so everyone wants to know who is this woman? we now know her name is debra bulman and here she is. >> i'm doing my research currently. i'm making sure that nigil doesn't one up me today. so we're getting some extra special words in the computer. i've got the dictionary open
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online. see what happens. >> now debra bulman's newfound celebrity hasn't gone unnoticed. her daughter is a musician in high school and wants nothing more than to move to l.a. she tweeted today i've been working to get out there for years. my mom gets called beautiful by a basketball player and now extra is calling like what? how is this happening? where's my attention? >> that's awesome. she's preparing. she's got all her words ma sure they don't throw anything and stump her. >> she is beautiful, by the way. >> she is beautiful. they've had so much fun with it, love those stories. >> wisconsin still smiling, too. >> that's all for wusa9 news at 6:00. cbs evening news is next. >> we'll see you back here
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>> pelley: we've learned a lot about the copilot accused of mass murder today in the alps jets disaster. airlines are scrambling to change their flight rules after prosecutors reveal what's on the cockpit voice recorder. also tonight the first tornado the season is deadly. and federal drug agents are accused of having sex parties paid for by the drug cartels. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: it seemed today that about the only thing that could make the disaster in the french alps more tragic was learning it was intentional. today, prosecutors say firstlubitz, a 27-year-old german, deliberately crashed the


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