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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 28, 2015 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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bill: think positive if you're utah. got a quick hitter, get yourself organized defensively. maybe a drive draw kickback out for a three. jim: taylor or loveridge an open look from the wing perhaps. here's taylor. [whistle] drive and a whistle outside. seemed a little late but -- bill: might be jones, i think from the rear there trying to strip. grant: taylor, nice hesitation on the three. got jones. and got the arm there. jim: ninth team foul so still one-and-one. grayson allen in for jefferson. in and out. grant: a smart move by taylor. you don't need a three. just need a basket and a chance to set up your pressure against
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duke. bill: when you do that, you sometimes get the three. they collapse, get a nice, open kick. jim: taylor. just a moment ago hit both ends of a one-and-one. bill: tough guy. a lot of moxie. done a great job, i thought, defensively for this team. jim: so that brings it to five with 20 seconds. grant: that's for a home run play there. oh, wow. i don't know about that, coach. bill: well, it stops the clock. that's about the only good thing about it. doesn't let the clock start, i should say, but goodness. jim: fourth on taylor. cook in there now for the two. grant: yeah, he got him. he got him.
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jim: rattles around and drops. that is quinn's mother janet, fingers crossed. will she look up or not? bill: you don't need that because your son is a great free throw shooter. if they give it to him. jim: she had to look up. what was going on? it was a long time. [laughter] grant: did he make it? miss it? jim: what happened? bill: did they take it away from him? this kid is one of those great stories when you think of it that moved to the shooting guard, welcomes tyus with open arms and anything for a victory. jim: and with the blue devil nail polish. she can now applaud as he hits them both. seven points in front, 20
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jim: coach me up heroics fellows. how do you make up this much ground with this little time? bill: you go as hard and as quick as you can to the other end and try and create havoc. find somebody in the passing leanen -- lane and defensively just double up as quickly as you can. see if you can come up with a steal. maybe one pass in the passing lane. make duke, for example, make this team use some clock and not foul. there they go. jim: they let wright go in for the two. and a time-out called by coach krystkowiak. the margin five.
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to get to you... they'd have to get pusast . america's navy. jim: what does utah do now? grant: i think on the inbounds pass, try and get a steal.
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if you don't get the steal immediately you foul duke. bill: do you remember a game where you inbounded the pass to christian laettner? jim: sounds familiar. bill: there was nobody guarding you. maybe you try and get a five-second violation is a possibility too. but face guarding, make them throw a loop and somebody can intercept. perfect trap, just get a jump ball. jim: a traveling call on cook! bill: ooh. a little shuffle in the corner e. i think he was trying to run the clock out and kids never throw the ball like that in the schoolyard, right? grant: great trap. trapping with their body kind of forcing cook to take a few steps. jim: from the corner, trying to inbound it. to loveridge. front of the rim.
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pulled down by cook. and now they just let it go. [buzzer] the game is over. and the blue devils are on to the regional final. bill: i think they're going to shoot the foul. there was a foul. i think they're going to make cook shoot the fouls. there was a foul just prior to the horn going off. jim: the coaches are just wrapping things up and they turn around and look. and the officials are still asking for cook to come out and shoot the free throws. bill: watch this now. he gets pulled there. that's where the whistle went off. grant: wright tried to get a jump ball here. bill: could have been a two. i think they're finally agreeing that it's over. that's not where he got fouled though.
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grant: he got fouled by taylor right here. bill: yeah .1 seconds. i think they're going to have cook shoot. jim: and utah is already headed to the locker room. the game's over. the officials are going to come over and explain. [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] you're going to put .7 back on the clock? so utah is going to come back out from the locker room. bill: it's when the foul occurred he's saying. jim: so they're putting .7 on the k.cloc but the foul occurred, not the whistle or the buzzer. grant: utah was off the court. they have to come back out.
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bill: it's almost wrenching emotionally when you think of it. it's hard enough to walk off and know it's over. they're shaking hands and now you have to come back and -- jim: speaking of it being over, down the far end of the floor delon wright, the senior and such a big part of this turnaround of utah, as chris cove -- as krystkowiak tried to bring the program back to the majerus level. what a career he's had at utah. finalist for the naismith, the cousy and wooden awards. there you see taylor who committed his fifth foul with that. [buzzer] and bachynski just launches it to the far end. it's a duke victory at 63-57. duke and gonzaga sunday.
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, which based on what i saw tonight with the zags this is going to be a good one. bill: i would agree, the offensive-minded zags, they have a lot of weapons. jim: tracy wolfson, over to you. tracy: coach, an interesting ending there and you mentioned your players were nervous. coach krzyzewski: in the first half. second half we started out storage then we got that 13-, 14-point lead and we couldn't hit and they got seven straight points, put a lot of game pressure on us and justise really came through for us. tracy: he always seemed to be there when you needed him. coach krzyzewski: he has in these three games. points are important but points at critical times, they're worth a lot more. he's getting those points in critical times. tracy: now you're all -- off to the elite eight.
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you face a tough challenge in mark few. how big a challenge will that be? >> they have a great program. they're old. hopefully our guys have learned from wing tonight and won't be nervous on sunday but we were a little bit nervous today. utah makes you that way because there's a -- they're a good team. tracy: appreciate it. jim? jim: third game in a row of the tournament, winslow at the critical time made sure that the momentum went back for good to duke. you can turn now to michigan state and oklahoma on tbs. for raft grant, and tracy, jim nantz saying so long from houston. greg: work bark to our studios here in new york. so the blue devils 63-57 winners over utah. they will play gonzaga in the second game on sunday, tipping at 5:05 p.m. eastern time.
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in the michigan state will have oklahoma east region semifinal. 1:19 remaining. the spartans trying to hang on to a three-point lead. the winner there plays louisville and that game will tip at 2:20 eastern time on sunday. tonight, after your late and local news dave and then see what everyone is talking about on "the late late show" with james corden. tomorrow on cbs, a champion is crowned in the division ii men's basketball championship. florida sexourn indiana university of pennsylvania at 3:00 p.m. eastern. tomorrow's ncaa tournament action is on tbs. we begin at 5:00 p.m. eastern with the infiniti ncaa tip-off show, then the west region, number two seed arizona and number one seed wisconsin followed by three-seed notre dame taking on the number one overall seed, kentucky. we'll see you back here on cbs on sunday at 1:00 eastern time to close out the road to the final four.
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for clark, charles kenny i'm greg. [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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ing in says spring time like snow time in the nation's company. top of the morning. >> believe it or not we can see some snow showers for your saturday. a timetable of the flakes. >> wind and super super cold. a snow not a big deal. 7:00 in the morning. we have sunshine to start. temperatures 30 in leesburg.
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by 10:00 clouds move north. by 2:00 those are snow showers. as we go through the afternoon some know shower possible even out toward prince george's county. temperatures still in the upper 30s and 40s. do dress for 30s tomorrow. it will feel like it's in the 30s. we'll talk about when we will get back in the 60s in a minute. a crash that killed a police officer. >> he was killed while trying to make a stop at lanham. this is coming directly from the police chief correct? >> that is correct. we are at the scene that took place on march 7th in the early morning hour. he had a female passenger with
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him. >> we will never truly know what happened to brennan. >> reporter: officer rabane had speeds 106 miles an hour. he was going 64 miles an hour when his car left the icy road. he had a blood alcohol level of .07 and was reaching down to change the frequency of his police road. >> i don't condone consuming any amount of alcohol. the outcome is tragic, the excessive speed cannot be ignored. >> the best witness we have is the witness that is coming behind him follows him for
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several miles never mentions anything about swerving that would indicate he was intoxicated. >> reporter: there is indication he may not be following police policy on speed. >> there is only four areas we can pursue a vehicle a homicide a shooting, a robbery and a carjacking. >> reporter: this is a tragedy for the family and the police department. the investigation is not over. we are live in lanham wusa 9 news. new sexual assault surface friday. not everyone was thrilled to have him in town. tonight's protest from baltimore. >> reporter: bill cosby
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performed tonight it brought out fans and protesters. they didn't come for the show, they came to protest. >> i believe bill cosby is a victim. >> reporter: they held signs read out his alleged victims. and shouted at attendees. most of the people coming to see the show quitely walked inside. others shouted back. >> if we thought there was a problem, we wouldn't be here any way. >> reporter: most were simply fans. >> in america you are innocent until proven guilty. >> reporter: many venues don't
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have option, if they cancel it's a breach of contract. protester said they understand that. >> the lyric couldn't do too much about it. >> reporter: for tonight the show went on. the theater holds about 2500 people. we were told that this event was close to being sold out. wusa 9. >> he is currently on tour through june. alleges of sexual abuse of calvary temple church in sterling. he released no other details the sheriff's office launched an investigation a decade ago as for the current investigation no one at the churn has been charged. they did reach out to the pastor but no one has been available
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for comment. protest what they call a culture of racist and sexest behavior. lowe said he was there to show support for students expressing the core values of the university. after the sit-in they marched around campus. i'm grateful to have my life back that's what amanda knox said. >> on friday, italy court overturned her conviction. she was here in the state when she learned of that decision which brings them to a long ordeal. she talked to reporters outside tonight. >> i'm still ob soshing what
12:23 am
this means. what comes to mind is my gra attitude. >> she was acquitted on an appeal in 2011. two years later knox was retried and her acquittal was overturn. we may have come across happy and healthy to some of his colleagues new evidence shows the co-pilot. they searched his apartment discovered a torn up doctor's note. we are seeing he suffered from depression. the father of one of the three americans is offering his condolences to the co-pilot's
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family. >> i don't feel angry. i can't imagine they are going through right now. >> recovery teams are going through the field. in the wake of the crash europe's aviation is now mandating there are two people in the cockpit at all times. the death of noah thomas. the body was found yesterday in a septic tank four days after he -- a hard and incredible tip to look into that septic tank. investigations is still underway. the autopsy on noah is complete but investigators will not say when they will release those results. a day care operator is
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charged with felony child abuse had a state line to operate. police arrested ana this week. she runs a day care outside of her home. a baby in her care suffered severe injuries connected to shaken baby syndrome. the little girl suffers from vision and neurocal damage. his name is allen michael he is being held without bond. they found the millions yesterday in his home in the apartments on west way lane. the complex was temporarily evacuated. in a courtyard of dc cannabis -- tomorrow will be bigger than the first one
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thursday night that was in adam's morgan, people are able to give away 1 ounce of seed but no money can ever exchange hands. there are certain stories you never get tired of. >> diane roberts shows us one such dream. >> it was sweet. we caught up with the cameras who spent his entire day with his favor team. can you imagine running out on the court with your favorite team at 13 years old? this was icing on the cake of an exceptional day. >> they are my favorite team to watch every week. i would love to be part of the organization. >> you can see this is official nba -- >> reporter: he's part of the
12:27 am
organization all right. signing a contract with the owner and the general manager. the entire day part of adventure made possible by make a wish foundation. >> if i come to the team, i give whatever they give to the teammates. >> it's just an initiation. >> reporter: he is battling a form of brain cancer. he is always a positive boy. >> it would be an under statement for me to say it's a dream come true. >> it was tough for me and all the times that i would feel sick but keeping a positive attitude gets me through it.
12:28 am
i'm glad to be here. >> he rebounded the ball for john wall. everybody hopes he rebounds from the disease inside his brain. he said he was in shock seeing them in person. he cheers for them on tv. and john wall and him were together this weekend. >> double overtime win. >> i like what he said though better than medicine. >> he has a great smile. coming up soccer fans hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the world's greater players. one high school is looking for a big visit from tom hanks.
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there is still plenty of buzz tonight about senator reid not wanting to run for 2016. >> the nevada democrat spent
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eight years serving a senate majority leader. he now endorsed new york senator chuck shumer. she wrongfully of racially profiling her son. the officer respectfully dealing with her 20-year-old son. accused the officer of profiling her son. today, she said she was sorry and that she overreacted and she thanked the officer for being kind to her son. american astronaut has arrived at the space station the space station w kelly
12:32 am
after their capsule blasted off. it's new territory for nasa. >> and lift off. >> reporter: he blasted off earlier today. his fourth trip into space. >> this time i get the sense i'm going somewhere and not coming back for a long time. >> earlier they said their emotional good-byes. they say political issues are left back on earth. >> i have never once set any real conflict with my crew members. >> reporter: they will conduct four scientist experiments. the year long trip on --
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>> i hope i get six month into this and i have six months of nj of battle battery to get to the end. >> and the russians hold the longest trip to space which was 14 months. that was back in the '90s. the fans tried to see the soccer player lionel messi. he has been practicing for a game against el salvador. pictures like this, taken at the pep rally friday. students have taken to twitter to see their production of big a
12:34 am
musical based on '80 start. they had it trending. no word if hanks has rsvp. bears make their debut at the zoo. i think we are improving there. those names were selected by voters online through the national zoo's web site. first alert weather there it is. >> you can be on bear watch will the weather corporate? >> for flying a kite yes.
12:35 am
>> aren't you doing that tomorrow morning? >> 9:30 in the morning. it's a family affair so to speak, it's free, bundle the kids up. it will be in the 20s with windchills in the 30s all day. hard to believe we were 77 degree. right now it's 44. winds are still north and northwest at 16 so it feels like it's in the 30s. went temps get in the 30s late tonight, it feels like in the 20s. nice for flying a kite, yes. the kite festival, information and a link. a snow shower, late morning afternoon. more sunshine on sunday, but still kind of school and chilly. we should make 50 though. the 60s


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