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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  May 6, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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firefighters are mourning the death of lieutenant kevin mcrae, a man they say was their brother. i'm ellison barber. i'll tell you more in a minute. >> the national guard is stepping out. now baltimore's mayor wants the doj to step in. >> reporter: the aclu demanding answers about secretive flights over baltimore during the unrest. i'm scott broom in baltimore, coming up what civil libertarians are worried about. >> video released today from the deadly police shooting of an unarmed man in virginia. >> reporter: a former montgomery county council candidate says his 87-year-old mom did not want to go to the hospital. jim kirkland denying allegations that he abused and neglected her. first at 7:00 more storms moving through the area, some of them packing quite the
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punch. good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. we got a lot of rain, even hail reported. our chief meteorologist topper shutt is tracking who is getting hit hard now. where are those storms headed? >> generally moving south and east, slow go up 270 northbound and especially out i-66 west bound. heavier activity has spilled south of i-66 towards culpeper. the lightning strikes in reds and oranges is heavier activity. this is a pretty big complex of storms, too, north of cumberland and south of breezewood. there's a severe thunderstorm warning for this complex until 7:15, some small hail possible and also strong gusty winds. this will move essentially down the river. so on our storm tracker we aren't done just yet, martinsburg at about 7:56 and percyville at 9:26. you've been hammered all day in the percyville/bluemont area. further south and east heavy activity up from montgomery county on the east side of 270
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toward laytonsville, olney and this is pretty heavy rain, don't see hail, slow going toward rockville, olney, back down to silver spring. we'll come back, talk about when these showers and storms end, what they may leave behind in their wake and look ahead to mother's day. tonight loved ones and fellow comrades mourn the death of a d.c. firefighter, kevin mcrae, a lieutenant who died this morning after working a fire at a northwest apartment building. what makes this even sadder is that he is the second firefighter in his family to die in the line of duty. >> our ellison barber has the story. >> reporter: the lieutenant responded to an apartment fire early this morning, but this time he didn't come back. firefighters lined up alongside the back of a d.c. hospital and waited for lieutenant kevin mcrae 's casket to leave.
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mcrae was a d.c. firefighter 25 years and no one expected the morning to end like this. >> as they exited the building, lieutenant mccray collapsed. >> reporter: -- mcrae clapped. >> reporter: he worked with fire engine 6 roughly six years. deputy chief john donnelly worked with mcrae in the rescue squad. donnelly said mcrae did more than just succeed. >> whether it's going over the side of a building on a rope or how to search in a burning building to find a victim, kevin had done all of those thing at an extremely high level and taught others to do them. his smile and positive attitude are the best things about him. >> reporter: praise from mcrae went beyond this firehouse. firefighters from all over d.c. and some from maryland paid respects. even students that went to school with mcrae's son came by. >> when he heard about his father dying this morning, it was very painful. so we just want to show the fire department love. >> reporter: everyone said the city lost a hero today, but one
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family lost their dad. the last firefighter to die in the line of duty was in 2007 james mcrae, actually lieutenant mcrae's cousin. some firefighters today said knowing their family has been through this before makes what happened today all the more tragic. reporting from northwest washington, i'm ellison barber, wusa9. the state of emergency is over in the city of baltimore and now the mayor is taking a dramatic step to help transform the police department following the death of freddie gray. today stephanie rawlings-blake called on the justice department to investigate whether baltimore police have a pattern of misconduct including excessive force and improper arrests. she says failure is not an option. >> we cannot be timid in addressing this problem and i'm a mayor that does not shy away from our city's big challenges. at no other time in our city's recent history has any administration brought this level of resources to the table
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to change our police department. >> the baltimore police union welcomes the doj investigation. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch visited baltimore yesterday and is considering the request. lawyers for the six officers charged in gray's death vow to fight those charges and argue gray was carrying an illegal knife and that contradicts what the prosecutor said making gray's arrest legal. cvs said it will rebuild in west baltimore after rioters looted and set fire to two stores. the ceo said the company's mission is to help people on their path to better health and see no better way of doing that than rebuilding. american silver lake you're thes union wants -- civil liberties union wants to know more about mysterious flights over baltimore during the unrest. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in baltimore where it was a citizen using twitter who first raised the alarm about the mysterious flight over the city. the cessna 182 and a citation jet were tracked by civil libertarians on a website
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called flight radar 24, graphics published by the washington post. the patterns and orbits of the flights over the unrest in baltimore very precise. the american civil liberties union has filed freedom of information act requests to learn more. jay stanley specializes in privacy and technology for the aclu. >> our concern here is there's a lot of brand-new very powerful surveillance technologies out there, some of them sweeping up communications and cell phone information about tens of thousands of people and others of them can track vehicles and pedestrians across like a 25 square mile area. >> it's technology that can be used to repress or oppress. >> reporter: the fbi said today it provided the aircraft to baltimore city police for the aerial imaging of potential criminal activity, not to monitor lawful protesters. in baltimore scott broom, wusa9. >> baltimore police are not commenting. fairfax county's finally releasing video from a nuggets
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police shooting of an -- a fatal police shooting of an unarmed man 5 1/2 years ago. it was taken from an officer's dam cash in 2009 traveling along route 1 in fairfax county. it shows officers pursuing the green chevy blazer they thought was stolen. it wasn't. the driver 52-year-old david masters refused to stop, weaved through traffic, ran a couple red lights. they boxed him in at a red light. officers jumped out, guns drawn. then one officer fired into the back of that blazer. the vehicle moved forward again and crashed. peggy fox spoke to masters' father from florida today. >> and the most david could have possibly been accused of was stealing $5 worth of flowers. the officers that shot him didn't even know anything about the flowers. so why did he shoot? >> the officer who fired was fired from the job. the commonwealth attorney said he did not have the evidence to
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file criminal charges against the officer but added lack of charges is no vindication of that officer. now to prince george's county tonight, a teacher is in custody charged with sexually abusing one of his elementary school students. this is video of the teacher at the landover school. the 9-year-old told officers the teacher kissed him in the classroom and touched him inappropriately several times since last september. right now at 7:00 prince george's county detectives are in michelville trying to solve a sexual assault case handing out flyers in 11000 block of lake arbor way. a 19-year-old woman said this man forced her into a nearby field and sexually assaulted her while saying he had a gun. she described him as a black man with freckles, 20 to 30 years old about, 5' 7. you recognize him, please call prince george's county police. a horrible case of alleged
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elder abuse tonight in bethesda and it's a former montgomery county council candidate accused of neglecting his 87- year-old mom. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan in bethesda. at last check 87-year-old joan kirkland was in very serious condition at the hospital. >> end of life issues are tough for all families. i did the best i could. >> reporter: jim kirkland is out on bail and that is all he would agree to say on camera about the allegations that he abused and neglected his 87- year-old mother, but neighbors say he and his family have been trouble for years. >> he needs mental help. >> reporter: police say kirkland admitted leaving his mother day and night in a plastic clair in front of a tv in the living room of a home that is filled with stuff. she is incontinent and unable to feed herself and police say kirkland wrapped the wounds up and down her legs and buttocks
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with newspaper. they say they also found his brother, an adult with special needs, inside the home naked and covered with feces. police say that joan kirkland's wounds were so bad that the bones in her spine were showing and her compression socks had to be surgically removed. in bethesda bruce leshan, wusa9. >> wow. jim kirkland insists his mom did not want to go to the hospital and it wasn't until she got there that somebody called the cops. some incredible video now, kids just enjoying a day outside, but look out! a tree comes crashing down. we'll tell you if those children are okay tonight. >> the rocket man spotted on capitol hill today, why sir elton john was testifying before congress. >> up next a howard student vanishes after getting dropped off right near the campus, what he was doing when loved ones last heard from him.
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or won't he run? >> watch capital download on wusa9 sunday sponsored by sodexo. take a close look at this next story. the 33-year-old howard university student lance buckley is missing. he texted his wife yesterday morning while picking up his graduation packet. they have not heard from him since. he was last seen wearing jean, a dark colored shirt and gray sneaker. please call local police if you have seen him. a school bus driver in arizona has resigned but is still facing an investigation for allegedly locking kids on his bus because they were too rowdy. the bus security video shows the kids screaming to get out and crying for their parents, some of whom were waiting right there at the bus stop, but instead of letting those kids out the driver takes off and goes back to the elementary
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school. there he finally opens the doors. nobody hurt. two children were badly hurt when a large tree fell onto a playground in chelsea, massachusetts. witnesses heard a crack just moments before the tree came tumbling down early monday night. two young boys suffered severe head wounds. other children escaped with minor injuries. the park is closed while experts check other trees in that area. those footballs, they didn't deflate themselves. an nfl investigation is pointing fingers at who likely let the air out and whether tom brady had any knowledge of it. >> look off to the west and see sunshine, still a couple sprinkles in the northwest. we'll zoom up toward hagerstown and cumberland, a severe thunderstorm warning in effect south of breezewood near fayetteville. we'll track these for you when these come back, what
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the company spacex calls today's test launch a success. spacex tested an escape system for astronauts should something go wrong during a launch. there was no one inside the capsule at today's test at cape canaveral. it was fired into the sky and separated cleanly. parachutes opened and it splashed down as expected into the atlantic ocean.
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sir elton john is pushing to keep up the global fight against hiv aids on capitol hill today. he said america's efforts against the disease in africas had saved millions of lives so far, but he called on congress to keep on providing money to fight aids and he said the window of opportunity is now. john also said congress has the power to end aids and if efforts slack, the disease could once again become a ruthless pandemic. new information on the so- called deflategate, an nfl report found patriots quarterback tom brady probably knew something illegal was going on when those footballs were deflated. league investigators released their 243 page report today. they also found team employees likely took some air out of the balls, that brady was generally aware of the violations and the coach and team management knew nothing. he may not wear a jersey, but today pope francis pulled off some basketball tricks at least with the help of the
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harlem globetrotters. the team traveled to meet with the pontiff and gave him a custom jersey. he somed to have a pretty good time trying his hand or finger at the ball spinning tricks, pretty good. >> they didn't do the bucket of confetti trick. >> capitals host the rangers tonight in game four of their best of seven series looking to take a commanding 3-1 lead. >> our kristen berset is live at the verizon center with a preview. >> reporter: capitals fans are starting to pour in at the verizon center for game four against the rangers, no doubt this place will be rocking tonight. what we have gotten from this series is some intense incredible hockey and as we get further, the intensity just continues to build. we saw that here monday night, jay beagle and braden holtby with an incredible 30 saves. the caps is bring a two-game advantage up to new york if they can get this.
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>> you're not going to win games by two, three, four goals. >> reporter: the puck drops tonight at 7:30 and we'll have a full recap tonight at 11:00. time to rock the red. kristen berset at the verizon center, wusa9. >> historically when a team leads a series 3-1 that, team advances 90% of the time. so caps win tonight, they're in great shape. this is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa9 first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> what's the latest on the storms? >> nothing severe, no severe thunderstorm warnings, but there's some pretty heavy storms and they're not dying down. there's upstream storms near hagerstown i think will roll right near the river. the sun has reappeared in many parts of the area and it's quite pleasant, 78 degrees, relative humidity 56%. we'll talk about the radar in
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the last hour. any time you see reds and oranges, that's heavier rainfall. we have heavy activity crossing the border south of breezewood. dying storms in through montgomery county but still heavier rain and heaviest storm on this particular map is down toward culpeper, see the predict lightning? breezewood is now just having light rain. this will move south and east and it's going to hit place like brunswick on our storm tracker at about 8:02 and then hits germantown at 9:16 and gaithersburg at 9:31. some of these folks have already been hammered by this storm which has weakened a bit. see the yellows there, moderate rain and around the spur there. again moving essentially southeast headed toward fedex
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at 7:58 and upper marlboro probably about 8:27. main threat there is heavy rain, not much hail. this is not a shabby storm here in culpeper, heavy activity south of warrenton down 15, but into culpeper see all the frequent lightning? this is the 1 that might have penny size hail headed toward burr hill at 7:36, all these moving southeast and mine run at 7:55. so yellow alert, we still have heavy and severe thunderstorms across the board for another couple hours it looks like. bus stop temperatures 58 to 70, not as warm tomorrow but nice and a warm dry finish to the week. day planner, should get down into the 60s even downtown, mid- 60s by 9:00, low 7s by 11:00 and upper 70s at 1:00 under partly cloudy skies.
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could have a shower tomorrow but not a thunderstorm-type atmosphere, warm on friday, low to mid-80s, warm on saturday, 85, a few afternoon storms. next seven days, a few storms for mom, too. if you download our app, you can put it in futurecast and see if you can cook out. storms on monday, 88, early showers on tuesday, 88 and cooler back into 70s on wednesday. look at all this snow in vail pass, colorado, and that fresh powder fell this morning. sadly skiers will not be able to get to it. the scope shut down a couple -- slope shut down a couple weeks ago. you could call this a stroke of genius. after the break the new font you just might
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that's a hard question. (laughing) we are the fay family from chesapeake, virginia. williamsburg is just beautiful. because we have thrill seekers and not such thrill seekers, i try to find something that everybody likes. this is a very good spot to do that. the most exhilarating part about this vacation was being with the whole family. it was amazing. didn't graduate at the top of your class? that's okay. you can still write like a genius. a man in germany is using a digital pen to painstakingly
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create albert einstein's writings. it will be compatible with most digital devices and cost 15 bucks on the project's kickstarter page. >> got to wonder if it's worth it. >> you couldn't understand it. it's too
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newly split bradley cooper back off the market caught making out with a famous new beauty. >> we'll tell you who she is and show you all the new hot and heavy shots. >> bradley likes to keep his relationship out of the public eye. >> oh, man. so busted, right? locking lips, holding hands. see the juicy pics after they went under cover to the met gala. then -- >> he's ridiculously stupidly talented. >> are charlize and sean penn moving in together? and what we're hearing about "dancing's" real life romance. >> i'm having so much fun. plus i'm talking to jamie foxx about his new album, rumors he's dating katie holmes and the national anthem controversy. >> we were walking around like, wow, we nailed it. melissa rivers on joan's will and did she have second thoughts about taking her mom off life support?


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