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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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in fairfax county tonight where virginia's largest school district overwhelmingly voted to give student and teacher gender identity the very same protection the race, gender and sexual orientation already have. >> the school board decided to make that change. >> reporter: the fairfax county school board was expecting a large vocal crowd here tonight to have it out over this contentious issue and that is exactly what they got. when those votes were finally counted, the room practically exploded. >> all those in favor? moon, mcelveen, heinz, smith. >> reporter: with a vote 10-1 virginia's largest school district changed its nondiscrimination policy to include transgender people or those struggling with gender identity over the vocal objection of hundreds of parents. >> again welcome to our house and our school system. >> reporter: at times the
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school board meeting seemed more like a period of a playoff hockey game. >> we will give you one more chance. >> reporter: complete with shouting, hising, even ejections from the room. the meeting drew more civil demonstrations in front of the school began before it began. some knelt in prayer. inside 10 speakers chosen from hundreds who asked for time, each got to offer their opinion for three minutes each. a few spoke in favor of the policy change. >> i have met some of these kids. they know who they are and they are so incredibly brave and i challenge you to be just as brave in protecting them. >> reporter: but the vast majority were against it. some angrily so. >> if we rush this and let the law of unintended consequences wreak its inevitable havoc, there will be incidents that will leave all of us sorrowful, regretful, embarrassed and
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angry. these incidents will include -- >> reporter: now what this change means in a practical sense is still something of an open question. the district said in a statement they plan to hire a consult an to figure out what they might need to do to comply with their new rule and those rules may yet before we left the room tonight we were hearing grumblings about a possible lawsuit to fight them. >> 18 states including maryland and d.c. have laws preventing discrimination on the basis of a person's gender identity. virginia does not. new developments involving the freddie gray case. attorney general loretta lynch decided to launch a federal probe into whether the baltimore police department engaged in a pattern of excessive force. our partners at the washington post say lynch's announcement could come as soon as tomorrow. just yesterday baltimore's mayor called on the justice department to open that sort of investigation, this after the baltimore state's attorney filed criminal charges against
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six police officers involved in the arrest of gray who died of spinal injuries he suffered in police custody. prosecutors argued d.c. police officer samson lawrence was guilty of trying to beat his wife to death with a lamp, but the jury said today no, he is not and tonight he's a free man. officer samson lawrence had been charged with attempted murder. our mola lenghi is live at metropolitan police headquarters downtown with the rest of that story. >> reporter: after two trials and a year and a half of trying to prove his innocence in some very serious charges, this 22 year veteran of the metropolitan police department is a free man tonight. >> we're thankful for the verdict. >> reporter: thankful that samson lawrence, the man used to enforcing the law, has been cleared of breaking it. the d.c. police officer was accused of trying to kill his wife at their prince george's county home in november of 2013 beating her over the head with a metal lamp post and holding her against her will at
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knifepoint. he was facing attempted murder charges. >> these cases are tough. >> reporter: so tough it took two trials ending in a hung jury last july. this time the jury was unanimous, not guilty. >> this case was really about the tangible evidence. >> reporter: defense attorney brian mcdaniel says the evidence or lack of did not support the claims. >> she alleges that she was hit four or five times on the head with a blunt object. there was only one injury to the back of her head. she alleged she was bleeding profusely, but there was no blood on a cream colored carpet. >> we felt the evidence was sufficient, but the jury is the final arbiter and we respect that. >> reporter: defeated but not discouraged. >> 1 thing is for certain, which is we are absolutely going to continue to fight for victims of domestic violence here in the county. >> reporter: lawrence's attorney says that lawrence plans to return to his job here as an officer at mpd. he has been on administrative
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leave throughout the course of his two trials. live in the district i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. >> we should note mola did reach out to both lawrence and his wife for comment, haven't heard back yet. we'll keep trying. we're getting our first look at dashcam video of a dover, delaware police officer apparently kicking a suspect in the head. this video from august, 2013 apparently shows corporal thomas webster, iv kick latief dick areson after dickerson is already on the ground -- dickerson after dickerson is already on the ground. the corporal was responding to a disturbance at a gas station. the video of released today as part of a lawsuit by the american civil liberties union. a jury indicted him for second degree assault. d.c. mayor muriel bowser has proposed spending $5 million to outfit every cop with a body camera. >> the council could vote as soon as tomorrow whether to make the video from those cameras readily available to
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you. police chief cathy lanier supports the use of bode cameras, but she wants to restrict your access to video. at a council meeting today lanier said before releasing body camera video it would be necessary to blur out a lot of citizens' private information before it could be seen on camera and the process was too labor intensive to do that. >> other police departments found even with the best available technology it can take 17 hours to fully redact a short four minute video. >> a council vote might take place tomorrow. friends, family and colleagues of a d.c. firefighter killed in the line of duty returned to the place where he died today. a vigil was held for lieutenant kevin mcrae tonight outside the partially burned out high rise on seventh street in northwest. people lit candles and released balloons in memory of a man they say gave so much to the department and set of a great example knot cadets. >> -- example for the cadets. >> he was real caring. he cared about everybody.
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>> even after we graduated he would call me sometime, ask me how i was doing. i would come visit him. >> the vigil was organized by the final class of cadets mcrae caught before returning to the field. they called him light bulb because he was always so happy and always had an idea. if you'd like to contribute to the gray family, send your donations to d.c. fire ems foundations care of kevin mcrae survivor fund 439 new jersey avenue northwest d.c. 20001. we just got word from virginia state police a stow- away rescued from the burning luggage compartment of the greyhound bus is believed to have started the fire by lighting a cigarette. the man apparently snuck onto the bus in new york city. he was discovered after the driver noticed smoke from the baggage area on i-95 south in stafford county, so the driver pulled over, got the passengers out safely, opened the baggage doors and found the man. the man is hospitalized with life threatening burns. no one else was hurt. tonight some new video a bank robber who carried a gun
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and wore an oxygen tank. d.c. police say this man walked into a wells fargo bank on connecticut avenue in northwest tuesday. he went up to the teller, hands over a note, flashes a gun, grabs the cash and heads for the exit. if you recognize that man, please call d.c. police. there is a $5,000 re tonight a group that represents federal air marshals is blasting the tsa for policies it said put those air marshals' lives at risk, among the practices? asking hotels overseas whether the marshals had been drinking? the federal law enforcement officers said simpling that question would expose an air malacias' identity. -- marshals' identity. a cease and desist order has been entered. tomorrow crews will begin installing vehicle checkpoints on e street and the constitutional avenue entrance
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to the ellipse and some concrete barriers will be replaced with steel plate barriers that can be raised and lowered and sharp metal points will be installed on top of the white house fence. the work should be done by early july. police arrested seven separate men in virginia for going online trying to lure children and young teens with sex throughout prince william county. the fbi says the d.c. area is one of the busiest places for sex trafficking in the u.s. tonight a nonprofit who prevents people from turning into victims and debra alfarone has the story of survivors. >> reporter: if you look around this room at all these well dressed people, you may not be able to tell who is a survivor of sex trafficking and who is not, but they want you to know they survived.
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>> my name is stacy lewis. at the age of 19 i was held at gunpoint and abducted from washington d.c. i was taken to new york city where i was forced to live a life of prostitution. >> reporter: they're here to support fair girl, an advocacy group who helps victims escape to life. andreas powell found the organization. >> almost all of the girls that we service, 100 american girls a year, were sold on websites all over the city. so not only is the problem pervasive, but it's right in our face. >> reporter: this is their annual event. they raise money this way. stacy jewell lewis shared her story so everyone at this event can see this can happen to anyone and with organizations like fair girls anyone can survive and thrive. >> they actually are strong, beautiful individuals who deserve a chance, deserve
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assistance, resources and an opportunity to become more than what they're now representing and that is their trauma. >> reporter: at long view gallery in northwest d.c. debra alfarone, wusa9. >> we've got more information about fair girls on our wusa9 app. if you suspect someone you know is a victim of sex trafficking, call the national trafficking hotline 1-888-373-7888. tomorrow the maryland public service commission is scheduled to announce its decision on the proposed murder of utilities companies exelon and pepco. critics say it would give exelon too much power. it would set aside $100 million to give pepco customers in maryland a roughly $50 credit on their bills and help pay for emergency programs for low income customers. tom brady makes his first public appearance since being
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implicated in the deflategate investigation. >> we've been tracking this low pressure off the southeast coast and this just in. it is now a subtropical storm named ana, first one of the season. wake-up weather, comfortable tomorrow, 56 to 66 by 7:00 and 60s by 9:00. when we come back, we'll talk about what this means to our weekend forecast. >> but first milk does a body good, but breast milk for grown men? the answer w
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40% of streetlights in detroit at one point did not work. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did. they had the strength to help us go to the credit markets and raise the money. it's a brighter day in detroit. kids are feeling safer while they walk to school. 40% of the lights were out but they're not out for long. they're coming back.
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okay. evidently breast milk isn't just for breakfast anymore. >> andrea roane explains who is drinking temperature. >> reporter: some men are drinking it. you'll see how breast milk can enhance workouts often touted for high carbs, fat and protein content that's supposed to do a body good. others warn not so fast. in gyms across the country
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there are men lifting their way to a bigger body and some are willing to try anything to bulk up including breast milk. >> being in the lifting world fitness world anything that gives you a step up on your recovery, increases muscle, i've tried new things. whatever works. >> reporter: they buy it on the internet. it's not illegal but does come with some risks. >> the way breast milk is processed is not always safe. >> reporter: which means you could be getting a mouthful of any number of viruses or bacteria. dr. gagan cites a study in the journal of pediatrics which tested 100 samples of breast milk. >> they found most of those samples are contaminated with bacteria and there were also a few samples that were contaminated with salmonella even. >> reporter: as for breast milk's ability to grow bigger muscles, don't fall for the
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hype. >> there's nothing in breast milk that would enhance your physical performance. >> reporter: the medical community's best advice to athletes who want to get strong? eat a healthy diet, put in some hard work and put down the mother's milk. it should also be noted breast milk has less protein than cow's milk, 2.5 grams per cup compared to 7.9 grams. andrea roane, wusa9. >> if nose reasons are not enough to -- those reasons aren enough to stay clear of breast milk for fitness purposes, consider the cost. 1 ounce is 10 bucks online compared to $3.50 for a gallon of cow's milk. today a l boy got to celebrate his 8th -- a little boy got to celebrate his 8th birthday with some of the police officers and medical professionals who made it possible. jamari jenkins nearly bled to death while playing inside a car. he suffered cuts to a vital artery by a surgeon's scalpel that was left in the car after
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it was stolen earlier this year. it took quick and dedicated action by police and ems to control his bleeding to get him to the hospital in time to save his life. >> we have fire, ems, police, medical staff and hospitals all over this country who go above and beyond what's expected of them to save a life and you know why we do it? we care. we do it because every life matters to us. >> doctors repaired the little boy's artery. he was released from the hospital sunday and opening birthday presents today. today was also special for lee la burton celebrating her 112th birthday. she's the oldest person in virginia. burton, her family and friends celebrated with a cookout in norfolk. she's a bauble fan, likes hotdogs and cracker jack -- a baseball fan, likes hotdogs and cracker jacks and was given the no. 12 baseball jersey as a present. here's what she has to say
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about her fond memories of the past. >> i don't know. i have so many i could sit down and write a book. you don't want to know my favorite memory. >> yeah, we do. >> she's so cute. >> burton says she's always lived by the very same motto, treat people right because you don't know what's in store for you. 51 reported tornadoes barreled through nebraska, kansas and north dakota last night. 18 people were injured in this trailer park in oklahoma city and 1,500 farms were destroyed or damaged in bridge creek. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> it proves its accuracy with the 3-degree guarantee. >> we, we do.
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we sweat it out -- yes, we do. we sweat it out every day whether it's hot or cold outside. we went for a high today in the mid-80s with clouds and fog this morning. here's how it worked out, forecasted high of 80. the actual high was 81. it was 80 on the button a dulles. so we get a correct for that and move on. first things first, live shot from michael and son, temperatures very comfortable, 70 downtown, winds south at 7, humidity kind of high but nice. tropical season starts june 1st through november. we're a bit ahead of ourselves. this is where we normally look for tropical systems but not early in the season. you got to go to the southeast coast and you can see the system spinning. we've been following this all week. it does appear it will throw some moisture our way. what about the track of ana? it moves essentially back
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towards the west in retrograde and throw moisture closer to us. by 8:00 tomorrow night winds about 50 miles per hour, subtropical. the dynamics of the storm, it's built differently. saturday evening wind are 40 miles per hour and it starts to move ashore right around charleston and by sunday winds are about 35 miles per hour. as it moves towards charleston and northwestward, it will throw a little moisture our wayful we're not talking about flooding. in the meantime grab your sunglasses tomorrow, bus stop temperatures cool but comfortable, mid-50s to upper 60s, warm and dry finish to the week and weekend scattered showers and thunderstorms. tomorrow morning 50s and 60s to start, sunshine, 70 by 9:00. by lunchtime, 80 degrees downtown, 79 in gaithersburg. by evening still nice, upper 70s, low 80s, sunshine. by 10:00 temperatures still upper 60s and low 70s. we'll take it into saturday now
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and look ahead. by 9:00 some of that moisture begins to move up here. before we said showers confined to the afternoon. some of the showers could get in on saturday morning. we'll see sunshine and more showers saturday afternoon. no worries tomorrow. 64 at 7:00, 77 at 11:00, 80, sunshine by 1:00. some storms on saturday, 83 and some storms on sunday, also 83, not a washout for mom at all. next seven days monday good chance for showers and storms and tuesday upper 80s, dry, and back to average temperatures which are actually comfortable in the mid- to upper 70s as we get into wednesday and thursday of next week. >> this is awfully early for hurricane season. >> i think back in '09 we had one in may, but it's subtropical, not built the same way. we're talking john wall. >> wizards playing this weekend, now going to have to figure out how to do it without their point guard, more heartache for the wizards after suffering a serious loss, the
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latest on john wall's injury coming up. >> plus tom brady speaks out since being singled out in the deflategate investigation next.
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> oh, d.c. sports fans can't seem to catch a break. the wizards in the midst of a promising postseason run dealt a major blow with the loss of john wall this week. their all-star point guard is out for the foreseeable future. wall suffered five small fractures in his left wrist and hand during this hard fall in game one against atlanta. the biggest issue is the swelling. once that goes down doctors can decide when he can play or if they can secure it well enough for him to play. losing wall means losing one of the top players in the conference this season. the team says don't count them out just yet. >> that's sports, you know. it's not always fair and you've got to be able to play through that. >> by no means do we feel like
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this series is over or our goal has changed. so we're going to continue to go out there, our goals and continue to fight each and every night. patriots quarterback tom brady spoke about his findings in the deflategate scandal tonight. the recently released report claims brady more probably than not knew about the deflated footballs the patriots used in the afc championship victory over the colts. brady was making an appearance at salem state university. the moderator decided to address the elephant in the room first things first. when asked for his reaction on the report, brady pulled his best quarterback move. he dodged and eluded the answer. >> i don't have really any reaction, tim. our owner commented on it yesterday and it's only been 30 hours, so i haven't had much time to digest it fully, but when i do, i'll be sure to let you know how i feel about it.
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>> that was a very pro patriots crowd, so they liked that answer. there is capitals fever running through the dmv right now and not just with the hard core fans. many of the dmv's athletes were supporting their brothers on the iceful several members of the -- ice. several members of the washington nationals hung out on a rare night off congratulating the guys in the blocker room after a big win, a -- locker room after a big win, a small gesture, but it meant a lot to the caps. >> to see almost a dozen of them there just as excited as we were almost to win, we really appreciate the support. >> nice to have the support, good to support them as well, fun good relation between the players. >> the caps need fan support tomorrow night in new york. >> i'm thinking that the caps got to head out to nats park and return the favor, right? >> they got to cheer them on. once maybe they have a stanley cup, then they can take it out
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to the park
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okay. it's a tropical ana will enhance our shower chances over the weekend. it will be warm. we're looking at 83 tomorrow, gorgeous, 83 saturday. some of the showers and storms could be in the morning on saturday and 83 also for mom. >> owe, well. thank you, sir. that's our broadcast.
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