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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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a mother's day murder in rockville, maryland, a man and wife found dead at their home. hello. i'm bruce johnson. >> i'm debra alfarone. a rockville businessman who owned and manage several hotels has been found dead with his -- managed several hotels has been found dead with his wife in their rockville home. >> police are offering few details tonight. garrett haake is standing by live. what have you learned this evening? >> reporter: investigators are still hard at work inside the home just over my shoulder through treat line despite the late hour treating this case as a priority. we saw a k-9 unit going across the property and tomorrow morning the victims' bodies will go before the medical examiner. this mother's day morning horror in the family home of richard and julianne vilardo.
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>> family members came to the house and found them deceased when they did not show up for an earlier meet. there is trauma to their upper bodies. >> reporter: the vilardos, dick and jody to their many friends and family, lived in this neighborhood for decades raising a family. >> it's a beautiful neighborhood and everyone is friendly. >> reporter: one body was found inside the home, one in the backyard. plisse reacted a tent to preserve evidence -- police erected a tent to preserve evidence. >> we were neighbors. they gardened and were very kind to our children. >> reporter: she heard nothing unusual last night or this morning. >> hard to believe, really hard to believe and very sad. >> reporter: montgomery county investigators are treating both deaths as homicides, but have released no information about how the pair were killed, who any suspects might be or why
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anyone would want the vilardos dead. >> part of the basic investigative process is look for previous calls of service in the neighborhood, speak with family members, co-workers, other friends, neighbors as the investigation begins to spread out. >> reporter: and with two unsolved homicides in the neighborhood police were circumspect about whether there was any danger to folks who live in the area, although they did encourage folks to keep their doors locked and remain vigilant just in case. baltimore area fans enjoying a prince concert tonight. >> and he announced that that concert rally for peace is a fundraiser for baltimore-based outcharities. he released a new song called baltimore that he says was inspired by the death of freddie gray as tracey lee young reports.
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tracy leong reports. >> reporter: baltimores erupted in chaos, even caught throwing rocks and bricks at officers. now the city is on a mission for change. the iconic singer press release releasing his song titled baltimore, address the unrest. the lyrics were inspired by freddie gray and the people in the devastated community saying, "does anybody hear us pray for michael brown or freddie gray? peace is more than the absence of war. " baltimore soulful symphony also joining the movement putting on a free concert as part of the one baltimore initiative. >> this is our way of saying hey, everyone, we're here. we support you, we believe in you and we also want you to pay a little bit more attention to the arts and what that brings to the community. >> reporter: the concert including songs of protest, home, healing and inspiration. >> music has a way of bringing us together. this is like a place for us to come together and just remember what's great about us in
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baltimore. >> reporter: from prince to soulful symphony baltimore is on the path to heal. >> we are told some ticket prices were going for as high as $500. two police officers in hattiesburg, mississippi, were shot to death during a traffic stop last night. tonight wendy gillette reports four people have been charged in connection with the killings. >> no, i didn't do [ bleep ]. >> reporter: 26-year-old curtis banks told a reporter he was not involved in the killings of two police officers in hattiesburg, mississippi. >> god knows i didn't do nothing. >> reporter: 34-year-old officer benjamin deen and 25- year-old officer liquori tate were shot and killed during a traffic stop saturday night. the officers pulled over an escalade for speeding. >> heard gunshot.
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next thing i know we see police cars. >> reporter: police say us unclear who shot the officers. the 22-year-old woman named joanie calloway and banks' 29- year-old brother marvin were both charged with capital murder. he faces additional charges for allegedly stealing a patrol car. curtis banks was charged with accessory after the fact of capital murder. all three were arrested at different locations overnight. the officers died at the hospital. >> they worked feverishly to try and save both. it just wasn't so. too much blood was lost and too much damage done internally. >> reporter: the suspects are scheduled to be in court monday. wendy gillette for cbs news. >> we're told the last time an officer was killed in hattiesburg, mississippi, was back in 1984. a woman is kidnapped and sexually assaulted in northeast d.c. tonight police want the public's help in finding that suspect. police say the woman accepted a ride from the suspect just before 3 a.m.
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this morning near 11th and g street. the driver assaulted the victim, refused to let her leave the car. that woman got away and tonight police are looking for the driver of a black four-door sedan with gray or beige interior and an uber cab decal on the left rear passenger vent window. a 2-year-old is seriously hurt after falling from a window of a two-story townhouse. the 2-year-old girl is hospitalized tonight with serious injuries after falling out of the second floor window. the child fell this afternoon from the town house in the 3300 block of brinkley station drive in oxon hill, maryland. neighbors describe the girl's family as squatters who should the have been living in that townhouse. a fallen d.c. firefighter will be laid to rest later this week. lieutenant kevin mcrae collapsed and died after fighting a two-alarm fire in a high rise in the city's shaw neighborhood wednesday. the funeral will begin friday morning at the d.c. armory on
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east capitol street in southeast. public viewing will be held from 9 to 11 a.m. a funeral service open to the public will begin at 11:00. firefighters from across the country are expected to attend. i think it was actually hot today, but more spring-like weather should be on the way. >> let's go to first alert meteorologist howard bernstein. >> kind of muggy now, a couple more days of this unseasonably warm weather. we have been nine in a row now above average. we've got two more to that streak before we get back to more maylike weather. we're looking at a bunch of storms out toward the mississippi valley. some of that severe. there's a front that will get here late tuesday. in the short range we got to watch what's left of ana coming through carolina, the northern neck, maybe southern maryland get in on some of that moisture. temps tonight, many of them still over the 70-degree mark.
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we the humidity we won't -- with the humidity we won't drop a lot. tomorrow we start 60s and 70s. by 9:00 it's 75, by lunchtime 80. we're going into the low to mid- 80s with spotty showers or storms here and there, not enough for a yellow alert, but by wednesday it's going to feel like may once again. after falling behind 4-1, you saw the game tonight. the caps rallied, though. >> the caps fell to the rangers 4-3. the rally fell short. >> the home fans are obviously disappointed. >> reporter: well, there's two fans commiserating still behind me with a few beers, but this place cleared out really fast after the game was over, lots of disappointment for the capitals fans tonight, but many looking forward to game seven. >> is this the curse of the caps?
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we blow nine 3-1 advantages. it's a curse. it's a curse like what is wrong with this team? >> they broke our hearts a couple years ago in game seven. we're going to return the favor in new york in their house, madison square garden. it's going to be a caps slaughter. the rangers are nothing. they proved that last year when they lost in the stanley cup final. >> big win in game seven. >> oh, man, what are you talking about? we're going to win it. we're going to take that and win it. >> we got game seven. it will happen. >> reporter: will it? >> yes, absolutely. game changer, game seven we got it. >> reporter: you saw the disappointment in that little boy's face in that video, but there is a game seven. there is a tomorrow, so to speak, coming up wednesday and a lot of caps fans will be watching. you can bet there will be some business down here in the verizon center.
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hank silverberg, wusa9. >> i like the stats guy nine times we've blown 3-1 leads. it's a curse. >> we were so sad. >> kristen berset is inside the verizon center tonight talking with the players. we'll hear from her and those players in game one overtime a bit later. law enforcement officers from across the country rode into d.c. to kick off police week to talk about healing during the tough time for their profession, that story coming up. >> also coming up terrifying moments for two people caught in the middle of a rajing floodwater on top of their -- raging flood yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking
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police have been in the headlines a lot lately and today law enforcement officers from around the world gathered in d.c. to kick off police week. >> it was their chance to open up about their profession. andrea mccarren reports from the national law enforcement officers memorial. >> oh, i wish i could just reach out and just hug everybody out here, but my little arms will not reach that far. >> reporter: it seemed fitting on this mother's day that the
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woman affectionately known of the mother of all law enforcement officers welcomed the crowd who rolled into d.c. on motorcycles to honor the fallen. >> i love the officers. i love all of them. >> reporter: shirley holmes' son was a prince george's county police officer. >> can't you tell? >> reporter: warren holm was killed in the line of duty -- holmes was killed in the line of duty in 2005. his been a tough year for law enforcement -- it's been a tough year for law enforcement culminating in the recent occur moil in baltimore. >> -- turmoil in baltimore. >> you don't very seldom see the good that's done. >> reporter: but behind the high profile cases is a reality they would like the public to know. law enforcement officers in the united states have 44 million contacts with the public every year. force or the threat of it is
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used less than 2% of the time. >> get up. i put on my uniform. i put on my bulletproof vest, put on my sidearm and hope that i never have to use it. >> sometimes we have one who goes astray, but we have more who don't. >> reporter: last year alone 15 police officers were gunned down in ambush attacks, triple the number in the previous year. >> police point out that one law enforcement officer is kill 60 hours in the u.s. more than 100,000 are hurt every year in the line of duty. severe weather in texas has caused flooding across that state and in sanger, texas, near dallas two people caught in the middle of raging floodwaters had to be rescued from ttohe p of that pickup truck. a helicopter airlifted the pair to safety and elsewhere in the state the national guard has been called in to make more
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rescues. rough weather pounded the great plains in the midwest today. tornadoes whipped through texas and south dakota. strong storms have shaken residents in counties surrounding dallas with some people needing rescued from severe flooding. don champion reports from texas tonight. >> reporter: there is a deluge in denton county, texas. blackhawk choppers airlifted people from the raging floodwaters to safety. cars are submerged in places with people wading through hip deep water and animals are stranded, too. tornadoes were also reported in communities just outside of dallas sunday. >> you need to take your tornado precautions at this time. >> reporter: saturday a tornado with winds up to 165 miles per hour hit the ranching community of cisco, texas. one person was killed. at least three were injured. much of mother's day was spent cleaning up or surveying the damage in cisco. at least a dozen buildings were destroyed or damaged here. >> can't beat mother nature. >> reporter: brett phillips
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owns a farm here. one of his barns was destroyed when the tornado cut right through his property. here you can almost make out its path. >> if people get a warning, they need to heed it. >> reporter: sunday marks the fifth straight day of severe weather in parts of the southern and central plains. tornado watches are still posted in parts of more than half a dozen states including oklahoma and texas. don champion, cbs news, cisco, texas. tonight we're getting reports several people were injured when tornadoes touched down in south dakota this morning. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> this is scary stuff, for sure. >> the height of spring weather season. i worked in oklahoma city and these can be some very long days, weeks, months. when we get into june, things settle down. the severe weather threat heads to the northern plains and even southern canada by july.
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right now storm chasers are keeping real busy. let's tell you about the 3- degree guarantee. we've had 10 of the last 11, 13 of the last 15 including today. >> you're the man. >> 84 and it was 85. so we did that. sunday's high 84. all right. right now 75, muggy out there. johnson, you went for a bike ride today. was it a little muggy when you were doing your thing? >> wasn't too bad. >> humid tonight and that humidity stays up and temperatures stay up, too. low to mid-70s now with a few, but i don't think temperatures will get much below the low 60s in the cool spots, close to 70 in town. if you're like me, the ac will be buzzing all night long. our weather headlines, unseasonably warm french on day nine in a row of above average temperatures last -- stretch on day nine in a row of above average temperatures last two
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now, could be 90 degrees tuesday. spotty storms possible tomorrow and tuesday. tomorrow if you're down in the northern neck, in southern maryland, those areas where with the recommend mans of ana -- recommend mans of ana -- remnants of ana coming through has more chance of showers. nighttime lows in the 50s, even some 40s in the suburbs. looking ahead to next saturday, that looks unsettled. i'm hoping we can only deal with saturday being unsettled, not saturday and sunday. a lot of the middle of the country is still dealing with crazy weather. that's one tornado watch in texas, had a lot of snow in colorado, wyoming, western nebraska, a foot of snow plus in a few spots, a little snow still falling in south dakota tonight, a chilly rain in minnesota and the dakotas and then the warm stuff, the dangerous such, tornado watch still in effect for little
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rock, all this headed toward them. finally starting to clear out some in oklahoma city, dallas after days and days of severe weather there. ana came ashore as a tropical storm this morning, tropical depression. it's got the circulation but over land it is weakening. enough moisture from this with the daytime heating we had some isolated showers here and there during the late afternoon. so futurecast, quiet, generally clear now. radar is quiet. we are thinking clouds will thicken up again toward morning, can start mostly cloudy. there what's left of ana, richmond down toward norfolk and williamsburg, that will try to inch up to the northern neck, potentially into areas toward southern st. mary's and eastern shore by lunchtime. if you get west of the blue ridge, not much going on. in the afternoon a few showers in the machines and a few showers maimly -- mountains and a few showers mainly east of i- 95. tuesday the wind becomes more
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westerly. some of the humidity will a bit and we'll bring in some temperatures by tuesday which could push 90 and finally a front will sweep through bringing in cooler air starting tuesday night. it's going to feel really nice, just a little breezy wednesday. forecast tonight mid- to upper 60s, slim chance of a shower mainly south toward morning under mostly cloudy skies. monday morning 60s and 70s, a spotty shower, wind southeast 5 to 10. in the afternoon we're going into the 80s, 83 to 87 with a couple spotty showers, maybe an isolated thunderstorm. tuesday hot, temperatures around 90 and none of these days are enough to warrant a yellow alert. 90 with an isolated shower or storm and then it looks a lot better wednesday, breezy, 75 degrees. thursday, friday delightful around here, highs mid- to upper 70s, lows in the 50s and 40s in burbs and a chance for showers or storms next saturday. if you don't like it and think
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it's a little early for this warm, sticky stuff, wednesday, thursday set your tee times. >> i'll set my tee time. >> got to learn to golf, though, right? >> that kind of tea? just ahead as mother's day winds down, some people
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we've got a little time left. today is mother's day and we all know that moms are priceless. >> but you still got to get mom a gift and people are spending more this year than last year. surae chinn reports how much more. >> i'm thankful for my amazing mother who helps me. i wouldn't be able to do anything without her. >> i'm thankful for my son and my amazing husband, just family overall. >> i think it's nice to get everyone together and celebrate the person who brought you into the world. >> reporter: who is more responsible for brightening and giving mothers more cheer on this day? some would say florists. what is your favorite flower on mother's day? >> i think peonies. >> which is gorgeous this time of year, very much in season, very much a mother's day flower. >> reporter: garon's florist in vienna has been making hundreds of deliveries this weekend. this is the busiest week all year-round for flories and the
11:25 pm
second busiest day after -- florists and the second busiest day after valentine's day. >> the most exciting thing is making all these moms and mothers and grandmas so happy. >> reporter: we're spending more on moms this holiday. nearly everyone who celebrates buys a card. roughly 2/3 will buy flowers and 1/3 will splurge on jewelry, but what moms cherish most is not the things but time with family. >> i couldn't ask for anything more, just the time to be together. >> she's always really loving and we play games together. >> i'm thankful for my mom. she takes care of me when i'm sick and makes us meals every night. >> i'm thankful for having the best wife and mother to my children that you could ever imagine and hope for. >> for the love of my family and my daughters and my parents and my husband. >> reporter: in vienna, surae chinn, wusa9. >> happy mother's day to you. mother's day is the third most popular holiday in the world behind christmas and easter.
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despite a furious comeback tonight there will be a game seven for
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> reporter: welcome back. well are live at the verizon center. the series just isn't over yet. the caps came into today's game 4-0 this post season after a loss, but the rangers brought all the momentum with them from new york here to d.c. for game six. they struck early and they struck often. it was an exciting game for sure. alex ovechkin and the crew looking for home ice advantage, but the rangers were quick to quiet the crowd. just 40 seconds in chris kreider finds the net, 1-0 rangers. caps got on the board, but new york was just on point tonight. up 3-1 dan boyle beat holtby up high to make it 4-1, but the caps were down but not out.
11:30 pm
they chipped away the deficit. joel ward gets the puck past lundqvist. the rangers steered the puck. the caps couldn't finish them off. they lost 4-3. the series heads to game seven. >> just got off to a tough start. we had a pretty good 1st period. it's tough. we tried to fight back. they came out better. >> we were excited about the community and we get to go to msg and have a chance at moving on toward our main goal. >> reporter: it was a very somber locker room, tough loss for the caps, but they have a lot to take from this game, a little momentum coming back from a 4-1 deficit. they'll look to advance to the eastern conference finals for the first time since 1998. we've got more caps and postgame reaction coming up next in game on overtime, but that's not it. the nationals with a big w and
11:31 pm
the weds ared back here for game four against -- wizards back here for game four against atlanta. back to you in the studio. >> exciting time to be kristen berset and dave owens, a lot going on. >> this is true. just a spotty shower or two tomorrow into tuesday before much cooler, more comfortable air wednesday, great by midweek. >> awesome. >> thanks for watching! game on overtime next. bye.
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coming up next time to ring the bell, boys. caps welcome the rangers into their house and try to close the door on new york. >> score! >> bryce harper does it again. >> harper gets one to center. >> as the nats put a beating on the braves. >> what a weekend for d.c. sports. the basketball world hears all about it. >> did you call game? >> game like game on overtime next. >> jim southern is the best. welcome to game on overtime, everybody, where we call game, too. paul pierson the truth, braydon holtby the stone fa


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