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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 11, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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friends. they got home just before midnight. the neighbor across the street who went with them says there was no big jackpot, nothing to attract a killer to follow them home and friends say despite the vilardos' prosperity it was not like the couple to show off the were they ostentatious? no no, no, no. that's what i mean, no, not autism. >> reporter: they didn't flash money. >> no. she probably drove a monday i van like did i because she baby sits her grand kids during the week. that's the type of person. >> reporter: back now life the couple had been married for decades. they had two children and two grandchildren. police say it is too early to know whether this was a random break-in or if the vilardos were specifically targeted, but they are advising people throughout montgomery county to secure their homes. live in rockville bruce leshan, wusa9. >> some good advice. we have a few more facts on the
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vilardos. victimmed are vilardo made his money in hotels -- richard vilardo made his money in hotels. police are desperate for clues and are asking anybody who knows anything, please call them. a par of sheriff's deputies shot and killed a man last night in the parking lot of an elementary school. scott broom is with us in landover with lat sheriff's department is now saying. >> reporter: remind you these are sheriff's deputies. that's a separate agency from the police department here in prince george's county. the department's unsector general told us late this afternoon that -- inspector general told us late this afternoon that 34-year-old lionel lorenzo young had threatened his girl friend with a of new last night and used his pickup -- a knife last night and used his pickup truck to ram the two deputies last night. two deputies open fired on an
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attack that had them fearing for their lives. this happened at 10:00 last night of lorenzo's girl friend called 911. she was told to get in her car and get away from lorenzo. deputies caught up as lorenzo was following her and hit her car, too. there was a chase that ended up here in this deadly confrontation. lorenzo was supposed to be in court today after the woman in this case had sworn out a protective order against him. at 6:00 lorenzo's stunned family and friends who do not believe this official account, they are asking for an independent investigation and the inspector general told us that's exactly what they're going to get. i'll be back at 6:00 with the details. live in landover scott broom, wusa9. we've got breaking news out of florida where police say george zimmerman was shot at but not hit. zimmerman, of course, is the man who shot and killed trayvon
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martin now more than three years ago. zimmerman's attorneys say the bullet missed his head, but he was struck by some broken glass. it appears the shooting is connected to a road rage dispute zimmerman had last year. the man who called 911 to report the shooting today is the same machine who was -- man who was involved in that dispute last year. more breaking news, this time out of rockville where 11 people are in the hospital after a carbon monoxide incident. fire crews found extremely high levels of co inside the construction site on southlane lane. eight of those people are now at baltimore's shock trauma in serious condition. none of their injuries are considered life threatening. while the cause is under investigation, a piece of equipment left running inside the building may be the culprit. metro has issued a formal apology today to all those riders who experienced terrible delays on orange, blue and silver line. >> it was a very long morning. service was suspended between
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rosslyn and rocky bottom. the central operation center got a call about smoke in the tunnel. metro provided shuttle service around those closed stations, but frustrated commuters said communication from metro was poor and many waited for hours for a ride. >> awful, awful. i mean everyone is trying to get to work right now. >> reporter: how long have you been waiting? >> probably about an hour or two. >> i was tanned inside a train an hour -- trapped inside a tran an hour myself. >> it was crazy. >> service on metro is restored this evening. in the end the transit agency says it failed to find significant smoke in any of its stations. metro is still not answering to a wusa9 investigation that has identified again and again speaker systems that customers cannot rely on in emergencies. investigative reporter russ ptacek saw it firsthand today and he is once again calling on metro for answers.
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>> social media was full of complaints about today's metro mess including passengers saying train speakers never worked, a speak are was so old you couldn't -- speaker was so old you couldn't hear it and some saying the entire speaker system is not working. >> reporter: have any of you been able to build what's going on, what the problem is -- able to understand what's going on, what the problem is? >> no. >> reporter: delays started with one smoking insulator at capitol heights around 7:30 this morning and it continued until 11 a.m. >> three hours now. >> reporter: that's because there were more smoking insulators. firefighters responded to multiple incidents between foggy bottom and roslyn. >> you also can't understand what's being said over the loudspeaker either most of the time. >> reporter: in a 2014 investigation a wusa9 analysis found 79% of on board announcements unclear or worse.
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>> not a clue. >> reporter: in that investigation we asked grammy award winning sound engineer pete novak to estimate clear announcements. >> very little, about 5% maybe. >> reporter: after hours of delays today rider are asking the same question we did a year ago. >> just wonder if it were a real emergency, would we know what to do? >> reporter: metro hasn't responded to our questions about speaker problems, but last year in our investigation metro denied that the problem was significant. we'll stay on metro until we get an answer about these speakers. >> it's clear, russ, from all your reporting today and from what you heard from riders that there are some communications challenges that still exist today. >> having trouble getting a clear message to metro. >> thank you. well, if you were outside and not on the trough, it was unseasonably hot and humid out there to start off our workweek. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is with us now.
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perhaps a few showers to cool us off tonight? >> it's very isolated, mainly southeast and southwest of us. futurecast tomorrow, you think it's warm today? by 2:00 tomorrow 88 downtown, i think we'll hit 90. it will be our first 90-degree reading on the year. we won't stay hot long. cold front goes through tomorrow afternoon. the cold air lags behind and rushes in tomorrow night. so by 2:30 on wednesday. remember we were in the 80s to 30 tomorrow? 70 downtown, 65 in leesburg, 67 in manassas. we'll drop about 20 degrees between tomorrow and wednesday. we'll come back, let you know cool and dry the rest of the week. a public funeral service for a fallen d.c. firefighter kevin mcrae will be held later this week at the d.c. armory,
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but today lieutenant mcrae's wife and children are talking to our own bruce johnson. they sat down this afternoon in their waldorf home. >> i thought he was a popular firefighter. i'll tell you, we're talking a very popular firefighter but even more so, a great father and husband. lieutenant kevin mcrae joined the cadet program out of high school at ballou senior high school in southeast. the 44-year-old firefighter died last week after fighting a two-alarm blaze in the shaw area. >> the company has been keeping me uplifted during this whole time. i haven't been alone since then. >> he went out doing something he loved, went out a hero, so we can be proud. >> he always made sure that i knew to stand on my own two feet and not depend on nobody else.
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he always pushed me to do what i wanted to do. >> reporter: how is she doing? >> i don't think it's set in yet so much. she's used to the days when he's gone for 24 hours, but now she knows it's more than that. >> that was his wife, his two sons, young daughter, stepdaughter, stepson. we'll have a full report at 6:00. he once wrote on his facebook page about what it meant to be a d.c. firefighter. in doing some research i found those remarks, put it up on my facebook page. it's been shared now by nearly 2,000 of my facebook followers and if i'm even close in my estimates, derek, by the time the funeral rolls around on friday thousands upon thousands of people will have read his comments, perhaps even as many as a million, and we'll put that on the wusa9 facebook page. >> you see his family and get a real sense of the loss.
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>> it's a public funeral at the d.c. armory. the wake starts at 9:00, funeral services at 11:00. >> huge loss, not just for that family, but for the entire community. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00, h.o.t. lanes or h.o.t. mess? >> plus what happened to spring? topper is back with when we get back to some more seasonable temperatures. stay with us. >> two people confirmed dead and nearly 30% of 1 texas town either destroyed or damaged. i'm in van, texas, where there is a rush now to locate over a half dozen people who were missing. >> right after the break watch what happens when this plane hits the runway without its landing gear. you've got to see the rest of this video up next.
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this is pretty scary. a united express regional jet 43 feeks on board had to make an -- folks on board had mic an emergency landing in l.a. landing gear wouldn't deploy all the way. so watch the plane as it skids down the runway on its belly, came to a complete stop, though, nobody hurt. that's the good news. the defense rested in the case against accused boston bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. the death penalty opponent testified that tsarnaev expressed genuine sorrow for what he did. the prosecution wrapped up its case today. both sides will present closing arguments wednesday. then the jury will decide whether the 21-year-old gets life in prison or the death penalty. an outbreak of tornadoes tore through texas and arkansas killing five people and
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destroying dozens of homes. emergency crews are searching for survivors. eight people at least are still missing. here's the latest texas. >> reporter: a powerful tornado slammed into the small town of van about 70 miles southeast of dallas. 1/3 of the homes are destroyed. >> we lost a lot of good properties. >> reporter: the tornado tore away the front of chelsea lenox's home. >> i could hear the sides of the house kind of ripping a little bit. >> reporter: lenox rode out the storm under her staircase. >> when i heard everything and the pressure kind of building up a little bit, i just started saying heavenly father, protect us. >> reporter: chelsea's immediate family and friends are helping her move her belongings due to the threat of looting. theresa alsobrooks drove an hour from tyler, texas, and stop at the first damaged home she saw. >> it's just so much disaster.
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i figured i should come and help. >> reporter: officials say more than 40 people were rushed to hospitals in the area. emergency crews spent the day going door to door looking for people still missing and possibly trapped in the rubble. in arkansas authorities say a couple died when a twister slammed into their mobile home in nashville. the couple was trying to protect their young daughter who survived. it may not be over. more bad weather could return later this week. >> officials say the death toll could climb as more homes are searched. tough, tough, tough. there is tornado watches now in ohio, but we'll escape this particular outbreak, which is good, but tomorrow could be our hottest day of the year. we are sweating out our 3- degree guarantee today once again. here's our high today, again a tricky forecast, 86. how did we do? we will see you tonight at
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11:00. okay. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, right now still 80 gun downtown. there are some areas that have been rain cooled a bit off to the east. we have some showers, generally upper 70s, low 80s, humidity kind of high 61%, wind east at 10. here's the radar, big picture. we have these showers that have been kind of stationary really over the past couple hours from baltimore through howard county and back into northern prince george's county, nothing heavy. it's all shades of green now, which is very light. heavier activity across into west virginia. i think some of this will cross over i-81. we'll track it for you. i don't know it will get all the way to warrenton or culpeper. that said we do have a chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm through tonight. close-in view, bowie, a little shower activity stretching across 50 and also down toward clinton and upper marlboro. the movement on this is almost nonexistent kind of stationary
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the past couple hours. we're tracking a few showers tonight. bus stop temperatures very warm, 64 to 78. that's 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. tomorrow can be our first 90- degree day and much cooler the rest of the week, nice but cooler. futurecast 10 p.m. tonight, futurecast trying to hold shows showers together to push them -- those showers together to push them across i- 81. we do have them in the forecast tonight. by morning it's warm, upper 60s to low 70s, a few showers in the mountains, but for the most part the cold front clears us by 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon, moves through dry. 9:00 we're 78 downtown, mid-70s north and west. by 1:00 it's 87 downtown, la plata, 84 in frederick. by 5:30 knocking on 90 inside
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the beltway, generally clear skies. the winds shift tomorrow. the cool air lags and comes in tomorrow night. for tonight mostly cloudy mild, keep the chance of a shower or thunderstorm in, lows 64 to 70. day planner 72 to start, 83 by 11:00, 87 by 1:00. need your shades tomorrow, not so much your umbrella. after this breezy and cooler wednesday but gorgeous, 74, 74 on thursday, also, very nice and next seven days. friday a couple showers possible late. over the weekend again not a washout but showers and storms possible, a little warmer low 80s, saturday and sunday mid- 80s, a better chance of more storms. the 19-year-old accused of attacking a man at the eastern market metro station is out of jail, but elijah smith must
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wear an average bracelet and adhere to a curfew. the attack on the 59-year-old man was cuts on camera. smith was already on probation for a 2014 assault in silver spring. one person is dead after being lit by a csx train -- hit by a csx train. it was on its way to south carolina from baltimore. no one on the train was hurt. the charges have now been dropped against everyone who was arrested solely for violating baltimore's citywide curfew. the baltimore sun reporting prosecutors are calling the arrest punishment enough. however, the move comes as public defender are questioning whether mayor stephanie rawlings-blake actually had authority to impose such a curfew. as baltimore is trying to get back to normal, according to the baltimore sun thousands of people had to be turned away from the jail after they were arrested because they were hurt too badly while in police
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custody. this news comes as the department of justice it beginning to probably into the baltimore police department practices in the wake of the death of freddie gray. why coffeemaker keurig is apologizing tonight. >> plus you might want to hold onto the wheel in some of those self-driving cars. i'll tell you why in tonight's consumer alert. >> plus this choir about to get a re
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this is some incredible video. we've got a stage collapse in china. look at that. wow. the whole platform gives way. 80 people in the choir dropped 15 feet. only eight people injured is the good news. everybody is expected to survive. in tonight's consumer alert the stock market ends in the red on the first day of trading, the dow down almost 86 points. nasdaq fell by 10 points. the race to get self- driving cars on the road has apparently come with its share of fender benders. the california dmv says four out of 48 vehicles have been involved in accidents since september. the driverless wheels belong to google and delphi. both companies say things were minor and their car -- say the
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accidents were minor and their cars were not at fault. keurig said it made a mistake when it added a lock to its coffee brewer. this change prevented people from refilling its refillable cups. keurig sales fell by over 20%. the company now says we'll bring back the reuseable k cups by the holidays. good seat is recalling all of its 1, 2 and 10-pound packages of soybean and mung bean sprouts that may be contaminated with listeria, an organism that can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections. return the sprouts where you bought them for a full refund. it is 200 times slower than broadband, but more than 2 million people in the u.s. still use aol dial-up to connect to the internet. they say they can't afford to upgrade, don't have broadband access or don't care enough to switch to the faster service. tomorrow a maryland town will swear in the youngest mayor in the state's history.
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>> this kid named brandon paulin is 19 years old and he won the election in indian head may 5th. he got 239 of the 383 votes cast. only about 4,000 people live in the charles county, town. paul lynn is aplite -- paulin is a political science major. his campaign includes things liw business to the town of indian head and breathing in new life to the old businesses. a virginia woman is headed to prison for helping isis, how she assisted that terror group coming up. >> plus the latest on the four people charged in the deaths
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if you have taken those h.o.t. lanes in virginia to get out of town on a friday, there's a good chance you ran into something like this which leaves you asking the question i paid extra to go slower? peggy fox joins us now asking similar questions. >> reporter: this is the exit ramp, the final exit ramp from the express lanes to the main line. you can pay anywhere from $10 to $20 during rush hour. you would think that would mean you'll have a faster ride, but often it doesn't and sometimes it will even take you longer. would you pay $12.35 to ride the 95 express lines only to sit and stew in this?
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the express lines are supposed to be express, aren't they? >> they're supposed to be, yes. they are supposed to be. >> reporter: on a friday afternoon last month the express lines were backed up for 6 miles, a slow ride that cost more than $14 in tolls. the free lanes were moving faster. >> it's a runoff! >> reporter: friday of spring break a lisa more son and her family took the -- alicia morrison and her family took the express lanes and sat in a 7-mile backup. >> we were watching the cars that didn't pay fly by us a good portion of the time. >> reporter: morrisonn felt they paid for something they didn't get. >> it's a burden to spend that kind of money and to know you're not going anywhere and sit and sit and sit. >> reporter: transurban does warn drivers to exit now to avoid delays at joplin road near quantico, but at that point the express lanes are still moving and the free lanes aren't. the motorist has no idea what
5:30 pm
lays ahead. >> it demands and warrants immediate attention and remedy. >> reporter: aaa says transurban needs to tell drivers how long trips on the express lanes will take. >> if they're open and transparent about the drive times, then there's greater transparency and people know what they're paying their money for. now they don't always know and that's the problem. >> reporter: transurban says it is using twitter to advise travelers of the conditions here at the end of the express lanes and they say they're working to put those congestion advisory signs that you do see on the express lanes on their website. however, i think we can all agree that if you're driving, you should not be looking at the website. >> neither should you be looking at twitter, thank you. if you do pay those tolls and you don't get an express ride, you might be wondering can i get a refund? no. however, transurban says if a driver is not satisfied with
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their trip, contact the customer service center. a virginia woman sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison today for lying to investigators about isis, heather kauffman, 29, admits she used several facebook accounts to support the islamic state. using the internet she attempted to recruit fighters to travel to syria and fight alongside isis. lawmakers came together for the 36th annual -- law enforcement officers came together for the 36th annual law enforcement memorial service. today two other officers who died in the line of duty were remembered. >> this year remember the two brave men united states capitol police sergeant clinton holtz and corporal jamelle clagett. >> this is part of national police week which honors fallen officers across the country. a mississippi town is among
5:32 pm
those mourning the deaths of two police officers killed during a traffic stop. four suspects charged in connection with the shooting made their first court appearance. here's craigs boswell. >> reporter: family, friends and fellow officers gathered in hattiesburg, mississippi, to remember benjamin deen and liquori tate. tate's family said the 25-year- old was living his dream of becoming an officer. >> officer tate wanted to become a cop more than anyone i have ever met. >> reporter: 34-year-old benjamin deen, a father of two, was named officer of the year in 2012. >> he went inside and saved that family from the fire, got them to safety. >> reporter: four suspects arrested had initial court appearances monday, marvin banks and joanie calloway charged with two counts of capital murder. police charged cornelius clark with obstruction of justice and curtis banks with accessory.
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the officers' deaths come as national police week gets underway in washington. a remembrance of those who lost their lives in the line of duty. attorney general loretta lynch called the deaths devastating and phoned the hattiesburg police chief to offer assistance. the fbi says 51 law enforcement officers were killed last year, almost twice as many as the previous year. >> ofs dean and tate -- officers deen and tate are the first hattiesburg police officers killed in the line of duty in over 30 years. guards are now in control of a maximum security prison tonight after a riot that started yesterday afternoon. one inmate called the local newspaper late last night claiming the prisoners had taken control of the entire prison. two inmates were killed. there was property damage. the white house said that
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the saying that the administration lied was baseless. the white house says any notion that what killed bin by was anything but a u.s. mission -- killed osama bin laden was anything but a u.s. mission was technically false. a principal's bizarre explanation libbed behind a comment that some are slamming as racist. >> very nice evening, a few showers west of town, no showers, pollen's high. here's the reading. you can get this on our website it's high for trees and grasses, low range for weeds and mold spores. we'll come back, tracking a cold front tomorrow. you might be surprised how hot it will get before that cold front rolls through.
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trending now, the devil made me do is the excuse from this georgia principal after she said this at a graduation on friday. >> all the black people. >> that was the principal who accidentally skipped the
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valedictorian speech and said everybody could leave but then said oh, i made a mistake and asked everybody to come back. she said, "when i looked up, all i saw was the black families leaving and thus the comment." parents suggested she might want to find another line of work. morgan freeman sharing his candid views with pot. >> freeman said he'll take marijuana any way it comes. he'll eat it, drink it, smoke it or snort it. the actor has fibromyalgia pain in his arm and said pot is the only thing that helps. freeman is calling for across the board legalization. >> who knew? let's get to some great video. this is a wild boar. >> well, stop one second. this is the story about american idol and apparently this is going to be the last season for american idol. >> no! >> the last one after all these years, but all of the judges, jennifer lopez and all the others will be back for the final season.
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now to the video i mentioned earlier, a wild boar on the loose inside a kids clothing store in hong kong. turns out the giant pig busted in the store through a dropped ceiling. it's 55 pounds big, knocked over mannequins, sign and shoppers squealed in delight. i'm surprised they're not squealing in fear. the vet came in, tranquilized the boar and took it to an animal rehab center. we called and asked how it was doing. they said he was delicious, that's right. >> so predictable, derek. did you see this video from over the weekend? a black bear and her cub chasing visitors in yellowstone national park. people are running and walking trying to get away from these bears, though some appear more concerned than others. >> i'd be very concerned about bears. coming up you'll meet a florida man walking to new york city. we caught him in our neck of
5:40 pm
the woods. he explained the emotional reason why he's doing this. diane roberts will have the story. it's just ahead. >> reporter: this cricket farm is the first of its kind in california. i'm danielle nottingham in los angeles. coming up i'll tell you how the crickets in these bins are
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we're following some breaking news out of georgia. greensboro police say a man was found hanging in a tree this morning outside atlanta. it's being considered a death investigation. they say there was no other apparent cause of death other than asphyxiation by hanging. more breaking news, this time from the nfl and the fallout from deflategate. patriots quarterback tom brady has been suspended for the first four games of the nfl season. the report said brady probably knew the balls used in the playoffs were not fully inflated. the team was fined $1 million will lose their first round draft pick next year. the four game suspension means brady will miss 25% of his team's games. moving on to campaign 2016,
5:44 pm
jeb bush saying he agrees with his brother's decision to invade iraq in 2003 and says he would have done the same thing. in an interview with fox news bush reminds everyone that hillary clinton would have, too, that is based on the intelligence that everybody had at the time. jeb bush does admit the war did not go perfectly well. volvo will be its first ever u.s. factory just outside of charleston, south carolina. the $500 million facility could eventually employ up to 4,000 people and the factory has the capacity to pump out 100,000 cars a year. actress elizabeth wilson passed away. she was 94 years old. a friend of hers confirms the news to the new york time. wilson may have been most famous for her role as dustin hoffman's mom in the 1967 film the graduate. in addition to being a actor, she was a tony award winner making her broadway debut in 1953. it might be hard to imagine
5:45 pm
eating spiders or beatles for dinner, but most of the world already eats insects as part of their daily meals. the idea is catching on in the u.s. where more and more businesses are catering to insects for protein. >> reporter: scott trimble doesn't just blog about crickets and worms. he eats them. 2billion people around the world eat bugs regularly and americans are starting to warm up to the idea. insects are rich in protein, minerals and vitamin, just like meat. >> i think a lot of people don't realize insects are very closely related to crustaceans. a lot of insects taste like shrimp, others like lobster or crab. >> reporter: companies are using cookies played with cricket flower and spicey worms. -- flour and spicey worms.
5:46 pm
this business freezes crickets and grind them into flour. >> once the word got out what we were doing, our e-mail boxes have been filled up. >> reporter: the trend is compared to sushi which americans were also hesitant to eat with at first. >> we've got these cultural inhibitions we were raised with that bugs are dirty and gross, but they aren't. >> reporter: insects require less land, food and water than livestock giving bugs a real shot at becoming an american staple. >> we may have our cull really -- cultural inhibitions about insects, but the u.n. has been advocating insects as a food source because by 2050 food production will have to double to meet demand. a maryland 6th grader is among 10 students heading to
5:47 pm
the finals of the 27ment annual geographic bee -- 27th annual geographic bee. >> the young man making the cut at the preliminary round today. 54 state level winners took part. the final round is wednesday here in d.c. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> 3? >> we're sweating a little bit. we went 83 today for the high and we're in the 70s now, but we'll keep the faith. most of the showers are east of us and light or well west of us in the mountains. we'll keep a chance of an isolated shower overnight and that's it. tomorrow could be our hottest day of the year. it's back to 81. the relative humidity a little high at 61%, easterly winds at 10. here's the radar. we'll sort of put this into motion the past hour. you can just see a little bit of activity in prince george's county and also kind of
5:48 pm
sneaking into a portion of northern charles county and anne arundel county. it's all light generally green. this is all ground clutter. these are some of the showers we're following that could affect some of our western areas tonight at 9:00 or 10:00 if they hold together. now they're well west of i-81. we'll zoom in here. they didn't move much the past three hours and then sort of dissipated pretty much. we'll just track a few showers tonight. bus stop temperatures warm, 64 to 78, yum, 78 by 9:00. could be our first 90-degree day tomorrow, our first since last september. then much cooler the rest of the week. it's a good thing, though. we'll go back to average temperatures and a spectacular finish to the week. here's futurecast. there are those showers and storms, not quite as heavy always last time, but still there's some orange in there, pretty heavy rainfall. now it's on the east side of i- 80 up with south of 50 drifting
5:49 pm
south -- i-81 south of 50 drifting south and east. look at the temperatures. at 10:00 it's 70s across the board. by morning we clear out. showers linger in the mountains toward romney and cumberland, 71 at 6:00 downtown, upper 60s about everywhere else. by 9:00 a few clouds roll through. the cold front will move through around lunchtime crossing i-95 and it moves through dry. ahead of it some kind of toasty, 87 at 1:00. winds pick up out of the west, southwest, 85 in manassas and by 6:00 still 89 downtown, 84 in leesburg. even though the cold front goes through after lunchtime the cooler air will not rush in until tomorrow night. you can definitely open your windows tomorrow night. we 10:30 we'll be in the 60s headed for the 50s. tonight mostly cloudy, mild, slight chance of a shower or
5:50 pm
thunderstorm, 64 to 70. by morning skies return, partly cloudy, could be a few clouds early, 64 to 86 for temperatures and by afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy, almost hot, highs near 90. day planner 72 at 7:00, upper 70s by 9, low 80s by 11:00 and in the wake of the front breezy and cooler wednesday, 74, gorgeous day, 52 for the low downtown temps. that means mid-in the burbs. very nice on thursday, 74 also with sunshine. next seven days friday will be nice as well, some showers possible maybe friday night, warm front goes through, no big deal. low 80s on saturday and sunday, so warmer, some scattered showers and storms. keep your tee times. 86, more thunderstorms on monday. ed from
5:51 pm
the wizards getting ready for game four of their series with the hawks and the big question tonight, will john wall be able to get out there? >> our kristen berset is live at the verizon center with the latest. i wonder if it's going to be another last second buzzer beater. >> that was a game. >> reporter: that was an exciting game. we did talk to randy wittman today. he said there's no change in john wall's status. so for the third straight game he will be on the bench. he also didn't really give us an updated timetable on his injuries. so the wizards going again without their all-star point guard. they'll have to find a way to get nor w to take the lead -- another w to take the lead down to atlanta. i asked about the buzzer beater, the way they won saturday night, it does something for a team and their confidence. he said it may, but this team got their confidence boost in game two, which of their first without john wall. despite the loss wittman and the team were that he with their performance and the way
5:52 pm
everyone stepped up and played to their own strength. they'll have to do it again tonight. we'll have more coming up at 6:00, but we wanted to bring you more on this incredible story. diane roberts met up with a man who knows walking is good for you firsthand. >> reporter: richard albero is a 65-year-old learning to be one with the earth one step at a step. he's walking from tampa to the bronx for a cause. >> a lot of different reasons. i wanted to be able to do some good and then i wanted to do it for somebody. >> reporter: the good he wanted to do was raise $25,000 for wounded warriors. he reached his goal 3/4 of the way through the walk. on the day we caught up with him an outside outside of d.c.
5:53 pm
in stafford, virginia. >> i'm approaching the 900-mile mark. >> reporter: and he's doing it to honor the nephew he lost in the 9/11 attacks, gary albero. we stopped at a roadside pizzeria to find out more about the former teacher's trip. he walks 19 miles a day. did you feel like you might quit? >> no. i knew i would never quit when i took the first step. >> reporter: what is the moe surprising thing that has happened -- most surprising thing that has happened to you on the journey? >> how dangerous it is. move over. when i say my prayers in the morning to protect me, i didn't know if it was going to be my last day, not to overdramatize it. >> reporter: he should arrive at a place he and gary both loved, yankee stadium, by memorial day.
5:54 pm
>> reporter: an incredible journey richard is on. to learn more or follow along, go to our website orto donate to his good cause. the guys are here on the court. we'll have much more about tonight's game coming up later in sports. i'm kristen berset. back to you. >> we should note walking through d.c. as we speak. >> good for him. at 6:00 a story only on 9, the family of d.c. firefighter killed in the line of duty talks to our bruce johnson about the void left with the passing of lieutenant kevin mcrae. >> also ahead. >> reporter: a woman who got assaulted on what may have been an uber car hailed it
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
877-241-luna. the assault and kidnapping of a woman who just wanted a ride home after a night out early sunday morning is raising questions once again about uber. >> the woman got into a car she thought was an uber car, but she couldn't get out. as hank silverberg reports, police are still searching for that driver and trying to determine if he really was associated with uber. >> reporter: it was here at 13th street and g street northeast just off the busy eighth street corridor that the woman hailed the car with an uber sticker in the rear passenger vent window. uber says they're working with
5:58 pm
police to track down that driver, but they have no record of the woman calling for an uber ride. hailing off the street is against both city and company rules. some female uber riders we talk to say they have always felt uncomfortable riding in uber vehicles alone. >> usually when i take a cab or uber, i'll tell someone and tell a friend or my parents where i am just because that does happen. it is scary like sometimes. >> i am cautious. i haven't taken one alone before. >> reporter: the driver is described as middle eastern, light complexion, black layer and slim build. when you -- black hair and slim build. when you use the app to call for a vehicle, you are sent the driver's name and type of car they're driving. >> being able to track the route and being able to see where the car is really helpful and it's something i personally never felt worried taking one myself. >> i never hailed one. i've always went through the program on my phone. >> reporter: neither the police nor uber can confirm if
5:59 pm
the man who assaulted the woman was actually a driver or imposter. >> the car was a black four door sedan with a beige interior. >> reporter: in independent investigation launched. two prince george's county sheriff's departments who shot and killed a suspect in the parking lot of an elementary school last night. i'm prince george's county bureau chief scott broom coming up, the latest details in the case. >> reporter: the state medical examiner rules the deaths of a couple in this rockville home homicide, the manner of death, sharp force injury. i'm bruce leshan. i'll have the latest coming up. >> reporter: what percentage of metro announcements do you think are understandable? you'll see our analysis and hear from angry riders coming up. the prince george's county sheriff's department inspector general tonight says investigators from outside his agency will handle the shooting
6:00 pm
by two deputies. thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. that shooting killed a domestic violence suspect who had been chased into an elementary school farcing lot. scott broom joins us from outside the elementary school in landover with the new details. >> reporter: the sheriff's department's side of the story is that this suspect was using his pickup truck as a weapon against these two deputies and that is why they shot him to death in this parking lot here. killed in confrontation was 34- year-old lionel lorenzo young who according to court records was due in court today after his girl friend swore out a protective order against him. >> her life was being threatened by her boyfriend aknife. >> reporter: the girl friend called 911 before 10:00 last night saying young


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