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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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murder mystery in montgomery county continues to deepen tonight as police hunt for clues in the death of two rockville grandparents killed in their own home. thanks for joining us tonight. >> i'm derek mcginty. the medical examiner confirms the vilardos deaths were caused by injuries. >> reporter: police say it could take another full day to finish processing what is a very large scene out here which includes not just the vilardo family home behind me, their wooded lawn behind it where dick vilardo's body was discovered yesterday afternoon. police have made no arrests and if they have any suspect information, they aren't sharing. investigators removed evidence by the bagful from the vilardo home tonight collect everything
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they can as they try to piece together a mother's day murder mystery. >> they're looking at a lot of different things deciding which direction to go first with which type of evidence and hopefully carry through so they can find out what committed these crimes. >> reporter: monday brought some answers to a case that produced mostly questions on sunday. the vilardos were killed by being stabbed or cut the medical examiner ruled and police determined their killer or killers likely got inside their house through a window in the back. >> we were told that isn't a normal part of that household, that window being open. >> reporter: also today montgomery county state's attorney examined the scene and met with detectives. we also learned on saturday night the couple gambled at a west virginia cass flow with their garden club and came home -- cass flow with their garden club and came home -- casino with their garden club and came home just before midnight.
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the couple were doting grandparents, active in the neighborhood and community. in short they were loved and will be missed. >> she would give you a hug and it was warm and genuine. >> reporter: the vilardos were wealthy. property tax record show their home valued at over $700,000, but police aren't saying whether or not they were robbed during the commission of this crime, if their home was ransacked or whether or not this was even a random event. reporting live in rockville, player marion, garrett haake, wusa9. >> -- maryland, garrett haake, wusa9. breaking news from metro. metro center is closed now. the transit agency is reporting some major service disruptions due to what they are calling fire department activity. the specific reason is not clear, but there is no blue, no
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orange, silver or red line service at metro center and bus service is now being established. we are working to learn more about a scary ride for a woman this weekend after police say she got into a car with an uber sticker tamed on a side window. elf -- tamed on a side window -- taped on a side window. ellison barber is live in d.c. with what happened next. >> reporter: the man refused to let her out and assaulted her and tried to sexually assault her. right now they're still looking for that man. 11th and g street northeast is a residential street. it was particularly quiet today, but police say yesterday at 2:45 a.m. a man driving a black four door sedan with gray or beige interior and an uber sticker on the back passenger window kidnapped and tried to sexually assault a woman after she got in his car. h street where there are plenty of restaurants and bars is only 1 block away.
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some people who live here often take uber. >> i take uber at least twice a week. >> reporter: when they hear a story like this, it worries them. >> i got really scared. e it for travel at all time of the day, especially because i always thought uber checked out who the people were. >> reporter: in a statement a spokesperson said uber is working closely with d.c. police to support their investigation of this disturbing report in every way we can. a senior employee with the company told wusa9 they do not believe the driver involved in this assault was actually called through this app. instead they say some of the initial reports that police gave they suggest it was actually hailed on the street. police haven't released that information. they've just said they believe his car had an uber sticker in the window. uber says they give new drivers these types of stickers, but they're available on websites like ebay. how long have you been driving with uber? >> about one year. >> reporter: one uber driver we spoke with said he went through a background check when
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he applied with the company. >> the rider has to request on the app. the request comes onto my app. i go to the destination and pick the ride up. that's the only way we do it. >> reporter: right now we don't know if this was an uber driver or someone pretending to be one. police are still investigating there, but regardless this is a very scary story for a lot of people. reporting live from northeast washington i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> d.c. police are looking for an adult middle eastern male with a light complexion, slim build and short black hair with a widow's peak. if you know anything about the case, give them a call. get ready. the hottest day of the year so far is on the way. >> first alert chief meteorologist to were -- topper shutt joins us now with the hot -- hottest day of the year so far. >> at 6 a.m. we're still low 70s downtown,
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mid- to upper 60sed in burbs, very warm start. by 9:00 we're in the upper 70s inside the beltway. by 1:00 we're in the upper 80s already and temperatures north and west, 84 in frederick and leesburg, our average high is only 75 this time of year. 90s by 4:00, winds out of the west, southwest could gust over 25 miles per hour tomorrow. we get into the 8:00 hour, it's still 80 degrees downtown with temperatures in the searchs. we'll come back, talk about whether or not -- 70s. we'll come back, talk about whether or not any record highs could fall tomorrow. investigators from the outside will review the deadly shooting by two prince george's county deputies. >> last night 34-year-old lionel lorenzo young was killed. the sheriff's office said the deputies were chasing young after he threatened his girl friend and cornered him in the parking lot of rice elementary
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in landover where he allegedly used his pickup truck as a weapon. snow used his vehicle aim number of times -- >> he used his vehicle a number of times. >> prince george's county police will conducts an independent investigation of the shooting. only on 9 tonight the family of d.c. firefighter kevin mcrae is speaking out and talking about the severity of their loss. mcrae died in the line of duty last week while fighting a fire at a building in d.c.'s shaw neighborhood. he collapsed to the ground in cardiac arrest. today his wife and two sons spoke to our bruce johnson at the family home in waldorf. >> every time we go anywhere we were like velcro. we wouldn't do anything without each other. >> he always made sure i knew to stand on my own two feet and not depend on nobody else. >> i'm going to try and join the cadet program and be like
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my father, be a firefighter. >> kevin mcrae is the 100th d.c. firefighter to die in the line of duty. allurer for a georgetown rabbi who -- a lawyer for a georgetown rabbi who pleaded guilty to voyeurism charges is asking a judge to sentence his client to community service, not prison. bernard freundel pled guilty earlier this year to secretly videotaping dozens of women in a jewish ritual bath. last week prosecutors asked him to be given more than 17 years behind bars. he will be sentenced on friday. reaction from former washington redskins led coach bill gibbs to the punishment in the deflategate scandal. the nfl suspended new england quarterback tom brady without pay the first four games of the 2015 season. an independent investigation found brady likely knew the patriots had deliberately violated the rules by underinflating footballs during january's afc championship game against the colts.
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>> i think if somebody breaks the rules in any of our big sports, i think there's a price to pay there and for the credibility of the sport and this is the case of the nfl i think there's a price to be paid for that. >> the patriots were find a million bucks and have to forfeit two draft picks including next year's first rounder. the team released a statement tonight saying the punishment far exceeded any reasonable expectation and brady has their unconditional support. brady's agent says he'll appeal. it was reopening day in baltimore tonight. >> the orioles played at home since the first time the riots two weeks ago forced the game to be played in front of an empty stadium. tonight that stadium was far from empty. mola lenghi is live in baltimore where baseball is back. >> reporter: that's right, lesli. sports have a way of bringing people together and baltimoreians say that is exactly what this city needs.
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so here at camden yards tonight that's where the orioles came into play. on april 10th the baltimore orioles held opening day at camden yards starting the 2015 baseball season. >> i was out here for the first opening day. now i'm here for reopening. >> reporter: but tonight something else started. >> today is a big deal. >> reporter: they say they're starting the healing after two weeks of tension, a week of unrest and a night of violence. >> we went through turmoil these last two weeks and we just want to come out here and show baltimore is fun. >> there's been a lot of negative coverage lately really around the world pointed at our city. we wanted to show everybody that baltimore is ready to come together and ready to rebuild. >> i think people are hungry to do something to support baltimore. >> reporter: reopening day began when native battlians and lifelong o's fans like -- baltimoreians and lifelong o's fans encouraged people to come out and support the team.
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>> the local businesses have been affected by the events the last couple weeks, give them some business. not only the ones around the stadium, but go to a local bar or restaurant with your friend. >> we want to support our team, but more than anything we want to support our city. >> they're ambassadors for the city. they draw people out and give everybody a sense of community. >> reporter: can sports do that for community? >> a little bit, but it takes a lot more than that to heal the issues that baltimore has. >> reporter: the way it takes an entire team to win a game it will take an entire city to heal their pain. >> this isn't going to solve all baltimore's problems in 1 night, but it gives people the opportunity to celebrate baltimore for 1 night. >> reporter: obviously ridging helped and the -- winning helped and the orioles did just that topping the blue jays 5-2 at camden yards. let's go o's. live in baltimore i'm mola
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lenghi for wusa9. coming up details of a record breaking night at christie's auction house in new york city. >> but first a washington woman missing for years, her family desperate for answers and now her anguished mother wos nder
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boy, it's been a tough day for metro. metro center is still closed right thousand, but metro tells us there was a transformer problem and the situation is under control. the fire department is wrapping up praying. service should soon be restored -- operations. service should soon be restored at metro center. . if you were to search the name unique paris on the internet, only a handful of sites would mention that name. >> the 24-year-old vanished back in october of 2010 and her mother is frustrated. >> reporter: chances are you've never heard of unique harris. unique's case has received scant attention since she disappeared four years ago.
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meanwhile her mother continues to search and wonders if race is playing a role in anyone caring. >> no family deserves to have to endure this. no family. >> reporter: the anniversaries are hardest. valencia held a vigil in october, four year after someone plucked unique from her home on hartford street in southeast while her boys ages 3 and 4 and young cousins slept. >> and i promised them that either grandma is going to find your mother or she's going to die trying to find her. >> reporter: her determination is palpable even as people want her to give up. >> i'm not going to let anybody kill my daughter off and i don't have any proof that she's dead. i don't care whether it's the judge. i don't care whether it's an attorney. >> reporter: she keeps unique's belongings close including the jacket her daughter wore the night she disappeared. >> i've never even washed it. still smells like her. >> reporter: valencia has her daughter's glasses.
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unique would have never left home without them. >> she couldn't have seen her way down the first flight of steps of that be, least alone all the rest of the flights of stair and out the building without her glasses. >> reporter: adding to the struggle is getting people to care about her daughter's disappear. >> sometimes we will -- disappearance. >> sometimes we will come out here and some people won't even take the flyers. >> reporter: that something is a documentary film. >> i don't think that any mother should have to deal with pouring their heart out trying to get help from a media outlet and being hung up on. >> reporter: healthy marsh, an american university grad student followed advance valencia for a year to tell the story and shed light on minorities who go missing. >> five minutes away from me, a minute away from the police station in washington d.c., i just thought that she would be safe. >> reporter: how does that
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happen? how do i not hear about it when it's in my own community? >> i want there to be some social change. >> reporter: d.c. police is currently investigating unique's disappearance with the same resources as a homicide case with homicide detectives? do you think she's around? >> oh, that's a question that i have asked myself probably a zillion times and what i will say about that is miracles happen every day. >> reporter: valencia says days before her daughter went missing she witnessed a murder from her apartment window. did this play a role in unique's vanishing? all valencia knows is she just spent another mother's day without her daughter. surae chinn, wusa9. >> if you have any information, any at all that, could help find unique, just go to our wusa9 app or website where we have the information on who you should call. as for kelsey marsh's
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documentary called noncritical, it has been accepted a the diversity conn -- at the diversity con film festival in france. george zimmerman told the cops he was injured by flying glass when a bullet came through the window of his suv in lake mary, florida. >> stated he had been involved in a shooting and someone had shot at him and his vehicle. simultaneously we received a third-party 911 call from a matthew apperson who stated he was the other party involved. >> zimmerman was treated and released from the hospital. no charges have been filed. last year apperson accused zimmerman of threatening to kill him during a road rage incident but decided not to press charges. at christie's auction house in new york city a pablo picasso painting set a world record tonight. women of algiers version o sold
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for $179.4 million. a sculpture called pointing man sold for more than $141 million. that is the record for a sculpture. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> are you not impressed by those numbers? >> the numbers are impressive. it's not my favorite painting. >> the only numbers we're concerned about tonight are the 3-degree guarantee. >> we were sweating it out again. we actually were okay. the high temperature we forecasted today was 86. we hit 83, so we did it. our forecast lie for tomorrow -- high for tomorrow is 90. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 74, relative humidity 82%. it's like a muggy summer night. let's look at radar. quiet in the immediate metro
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area, but there are some showers and storms holding together still west of i-81. we do have a shower or storm in overnight, i think most of which will be winchester, frederick and hagerstown points north, but you could see a shower into warrenton. most of the activity hugs into the i-81 corridor. could be our first 90-degree day tomorrow. bus stop temperatures 64 to 78, very warm, breezy and much cooler wednesday. staying cool the rest of the week but really nice. records to beat, 89 in dulles. that is in jeopardy set back in 2007. 93 in d.c. should be safe, 94 in baltimore also should be safe. futurecast 1:00 already 87 downtown, partly cloudy skies. by 5:00 we're 89 and by 10:00 we're still 74 degrees, a few clouds by 1:30 in the morning, temperatures falling quickly into the 60s headed for the 50s tomorrow night. 72 to start, 78 at 9:00, 83 at
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11:00, 87 at 1:00. next three days breezy, cooler, gorgeous wednesday, 74. 52 for a low, 74 thursday, 53 for a low. that means 40s in the burbs for lows. next seven days finish the week out great, maybe a sprinkle late friday, not a big deal. some scattered storms possible saturday and sunday and monday but not washouts and we're back into the 80s. paul pierce has powers, but they are not 100%. >> no. couldn't be the hero again tonight. he tried. without john wall the wizards are still finding ways to get it done. tonight their third game without their point guard, a look at how it all went down. how about some more refreshing weather in the seven- day forecast? join us tomorrow morning for news, traffi
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again without john wall, a very interesting suit there. see more of that in a moment. paul pierce with the three to get things going. it was a big night for bradley beal. the three gives the wizards a two-point lead. the wizards played most of the game from behind. nene riding some momentum from good play lately, tied the game 31-31. that was that wonderful suit again. next play we've got paul pierce getting in there with the three and 9-0 runs, but hawks playing like a no. 1 team again. pierce had a chance to tie it up. could he be the hero, but no, hawks win this one 106-101 to tie the series at two games apiece. >> i thought i got a great look, the way it goes sometimes. sometimes you make it. sometimes you miss. we're not going to put our head down, just look at the things
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we need to do better, get back ready for game five. >> the open one is always the hards one to make. it's great just knowing -- hardest one to make. it's great just knowing we afraid -- played a great game. the nationals are 7-2 this month and their young all-star bryce harper is red hot now named national player of the week after hitting six home runs over three games. so far tonight two hits, one run and an r.b.i. nats begin a seven-game road trip out west. up 1-0 in the 1st. brian zimmerman hits his fourth home run of the season, up 4 -0. they pile it on in the 2nd. wilson ramos bases double. right now it's 11-0 washington in the 6th. it was reopening day in baltimore, orioles playing their first home game in front
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of fans since april 26th. manny machado with the solo home run to lead off the bottom of the 1st. four batters later chris davis his hits eighth. adam jones decided to join the party, a day to celebrate in baltimore. orioles win 5-2 on reopening day. >>re> he's your daily reminder to vote in our high school game of the week poll, text the code of the game you want to 25543. we'll highlight the winner friday night. this guy has a knack for good timing, white sox prospect courtney hockens. that is a home run and that is a train that he hits right off the top of a moving train. that's in montgomery, alabama, and a former mayor said he would play $1,000 to any player that could ever hit the train. courtney said he'd give it to char
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sponsored in part by the blood quilt at arena stage. oh, man, i'm laughing because the weather is going to be so interesting. >> it's going to be almost 90 tomorrow. we could see a record high at dulles. then big change but beautiful change, mid-wednesday, thursday and friday. we're going back to average. sometimes, by golly, average is sweet. >> or it's gorgeous. >> that's our broadcast. thanks for sticking around. >> letterman is next. he's got howard stern
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