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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  May 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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we're following a number of breaking stories from overnight. the wreckage of a missing military helicopter in nepal has been found. the king of the blues, b.b. king dies at age 89. we're lye at the site of the deadly and suspicious fire in northwest d.c. investigators are focusing on speed in tuesday's deadly amtrak train crash. and healthier food options are coming for shoppers in prince george's county. the news starts right now. good morning and welcome to wusa9. it's 6:00 a.m. it is finally friday. a lovely day to end the week. i'm andrea roane. >> it's going to be nice and warm. >> but things may change on the weekend. >> the perfect acto start a weekend though right? the best day of the weekend according to allyson rae here with ever coo grow and -- erica
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grow and larry miller. >> for friday we should be pretty dry. a couple of showers but not for everybody really just areas to the west. a little bit of rain over the weekend though but we'll is those weekend plans coming up in just a bit. to today's forecast. today is friday. and your friday is looking okay. we are going to see some clouds though. take a look at your michael & son weather camera. you can see a little bit of pink out there. cloudy skies. and we'll be a little warmer, the winds are out of the south and that's going to help keep the. s higher than they were -- temperatures higher than they were yesterday. we were at 58-degrees and winds out of the south at 6 miles per hour. the do you want and humidity is not too bad right now. but we are going to see it steadily increase. so as we head through saturday and especially on sunday, you're going to notice a little bit more of a mugginess to the air. 54 for frederick and 49 for west minister so not as many 40s out there this morning. we're starting off in the 50s still cool but not like it was yesterday. headed to the upper 70s today. all right larry over to you. all right thank you. metro riders we have a good start right now.
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at 6:00. no issues on the trains or the buses. but we have a problem out in frederick, i want to take you to right now. the left lane blocked. this is i-270 southbound between maryland 85 and 80 because of an accident there. sky 9 is making its way so hopefully we should be able to get you a picture within the next 10 to 15 minutes. want to tyke you right now to the beltway. this is at river road. inner and outer loop no issues there this morning. as you make your way around town. for those of you traveling on 95 making your way northbound, northbound up toward the beltway, you should have no problems getting to your destination on time. your next update in about ten minutes. the nepalese army says it has spotted the wreckage of the missing u.s. marine helicopter a smaller chopper has landed in the area and they have found six bodies. >> it disappeared tuesday with six marines and two soldiers from nepal on board. no signs of life, again scene from the air. the chopper was delivering aid to earthquake victims when it disappeared. also breaking overnight, blues legend b.b.
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king died. king's attorney says he went in his sleep last night in las vegas. >> he was 9 years old and -- 89 years old and danielle nottingham looks back on the remarkable life and career. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: he was the last of the legendary bluesmen from the mississippi delta. ♪ thrill is gone away ♪ >> reporter: riley b. king was born on a cotton plantation and hitchhiked to memphis in his 20s and soon earned the nickname blues boy or bb. here's how he described the blues in an interview with cbs news. >> it's good for me when i'm feeling bad -- and it's good for me when i'm feeling good. it's kind of like -- the religious music is to a lot of people. >> reporter: king influenced generations of rock stars including eric clapton, they even did a song together called "riding with the king" ♪ ♪ king also teamed up with u2 for a song in the band's documentary "rattle and hump."
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♪ ♪ the 15 thyme grammy winner had an audience with pope pope john paul ii. in 2012 performed at a white house concert with president obama. ♪ ♪ king was married twice but the enduring love of his life was lucille. that's what he called his first guitar and every one he picked up since. >> this is lucille the 15th. i just woke her up. >> reporter: king had type ii diabetes later in life but still performed hundreds of concerts a year and continued to tour into his late 80s. he was also a licensed pilot who stopped flying around the age of 70. king always let his fingers do the flying and lived up to his nickname the king of the blues. danielle nottingham, cbs news. >> b.b. king was given his last grammy in 2009 for the album "one kind
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favor." >> still performing nearly until the end. you mentioned you saw him in concert -- >> three years ago. still got it. >> that voice will be missed. we are continuing our coverage this morning of the suspicious fire here in northwest d.c. where more than 17 hours out that this fire broke here on woodland drive. still considered a crime scene and police here at the scene and tape surrounding the house. take a look on the second floor, you can see the damage from yesterday's fire. that is where police discovered four bodies inside including a young child. now take a look at this picture. neighbors tell us 46-year-old savas savopoulos and his wife amy lived here for ten years, the couple have three thin and two teenage -- three children, two teenaged daughters and a 4- year-old sop. firefighters saw -- son. targets discover -- firefighters discovered the three adults and one child on that second floor. a housekeeper tells us mom, her son who stayed home from
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school, and another housekeeper were inside but police have not identified the victims. now they are telling us though, even though they have not identified the victims that there was a blue porsche parked outside of the house at 10:30 this morning: shortly before the fire started. they believe that car is linked. i'll tell you how you can help coming up at 6:30. we're live near embassy row in northwest, delia goncalves, wusa9. i'm nikki burdine with the latest on the deadly philadelphia train derailment. all 243 passengers on board train 188 have been accounted for. including the eight people who died. they are -- derrick griffith, rachel jacobs and former rock vires dent abid gilani and bob gildersleeve of baltimore, jim gains of the centered press and -- associated press and navy
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midshipman justin zemser. brandon bostian agreed to talk to investigators but bostian's attorney says his client suffered a head wound and a concussion. and investigators say they hope to find out why the train accelerated from 70 miles per hour to more than 100 as it approached that curve where seven cars derailed. >> 16 seconds before the end of the recording, the train speed was going through 100 miles per hour. >> 43 passengers are the hospitalized. now as for the engineer he has already submitted a blood sample to test for drugs or alcohol. back to you. metro may return to something it used to do 20 yearsing to try to -- years ago. >> plus some key questions being asked right now by the jury deciding on life or death for the boston marathon bomber. >> i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. it's okay out right now. you still need that light jacket for sure. but the breezes, the chilly
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weather that we had yesterday, that has pretty much gone by the wayside and this afternoon, high temperatures getting a little bit milder than they were yesterday. upper 70s instead of the low 70s. more clouds. rain is on the way. when does it arrive? allyson will have the answer coming up in the first alert
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welcome back. it's 6:10. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. it's okay to start today. yesterday we had to deal with those breezes as you are stepping out the door. today that's not the case. right now it is at degrees in downtown -- 59-degrees in downtown washington and 57 in hagerstown and 54 right now in good faithburg and 53 waldorf. as you're heading out the door lots of clouds in place just a few peeks of sunshine today. but mild and pleasant.
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a high of 77 degrees with also your 3:00 temperature. right now, we are giving you an update on that accident on i-270 southbound. this is between maryland 85 and 80. sky 9 is now in place. to show us not only the accident, but the delays where we have the shoulder blocked at this point. so we're asking drivers to add anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes to the drive time if this is the neck of the woods in which you travel. because we're seeing delays extend at least for a mile to a mile and a half at this point. but the accident is on the shoulder and things should ease up once it gets going there. we'll continue to update you throughout the show. we'll have another update for you in about ten minutes. andrea and nick over to you. tom brady is appealing the punishment in the deflate-gate scandal. >> he's going to have to take it up with the commissioner himself. we'll set the stage for brady's date with goodell. >> and here are the temperatures right now. little bit better and warmer i should say than yesterday. not as chilly. but cool and comfortable. i think it's a good rupp,' kind of morning. 52 for leesburg and 54
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gaithersburg and 58 here in d.c.. i'll let you know what your weekend is shaming up to be and we'll -- shaping up to be and we'll talk
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you both have family in town for the weekend.
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have you planned indoor activities for wart of your weekend? -- part of your weekend? >> i'm making some outdoor plans especially for saturday morning. i think that's going to be the time to be outside. >> that's it. >> i mean i'm banking on outdoors we got the bikes, we're going to be renting some. >> today looks good and tomorrow morning looks good. lot of farmers' markets on saturday. >> true. we'll go up -- and we'll see if we can convince mom to watch the preakness. >> yeah. i think -- >> that's right. >> the preakness might be a little wet. >> oh really? >> yeah. we are expecting a couple of showers saturday. saturday is going to be isolated it's going to be very hit or miss. so if it could hit preakness it could not. that's going to be a watching -- >> graduations that morning? >> all right, we'll find out -- >> all right. and on sunday, your rain chances start to bump up a little bit more. but still, that afternoon and evening trend holds. today, let's start you have off with cloudy skies. -- off with cloudy skies from our michael & son weather camera. we have a warmer start to the day than it was yesterday. still pretty comfortable out there. 58 degrees not too bad at all. and we're going to have winds out of the south at 5 to 10
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miles per hour today. so that southerly wind is going to help us get above average about where we were yesterday too. 54 right now for gaithersburg. so yesterday we had a lot of 40s even a couple of upper 30s yesterday. not the case today. we're at 50 for culpeper and 54 for winchester and front royal you're another 352 -- at 52. in easton you're at 56. here's the clouds. they are moving their way in. as far as rain is concerned today most areas stay dry. it's through the shenandoah valley and along 81 and points west that is where we're going to see some of the showers for today. everybody else should be relatively dry. so this is 5:00 today. as we head through saturday, the morning hours look good. we're getting to the mid 80s on saturday and sunday. this is 10:00. showers are isolated for saturday afternoon by 5:00. so we'll be dodging those couple of showers overnight saturday and into sunday. and then sunday, your rain chances pick up a little bit. this is a good time to use our mobile app. you can see our radar right there on the app. 78 degrees today. 85 for tomorrow.
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86 for sunday. and we'll head into a nice pattern by mid next week. all right harry over to you. all right thank you. the time right now 6:17. m.a.r.c. train riders no issues this morning. everything running on ken. same goes for vre. traveling on the inner loop of the beltway, within the next 10, 15 minutes from river road to landover road. you're looking at a 22 minute commute this morning. again no issues on the beltway. eastbound on 66, from fairfax county parkway to north lee highway, you're looking at a 26 minute commute this morning. if you're going to be traveling northbound on 95 coming up from courthouse road up to i-395. a 32 minute commute. we are issue and problem free on the 95 and virginia side this morning and westbound on 50 to kindle street northeast a 15 minutes commute. the situation in frederick, this is i-270 between maryland 80 and 85. accident right now on the shoulder but we have residual delays going on there. so we're asking drivers to add anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes to your drive time to account for the delays in that area. all right, mike we'll sended
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over to you. here's the things we have now at 6:18 this morning. police are investigating a deadly train accident happened an hour ago in southeast d.c.. a witness saw a person walking along the tracks close to the 1900 block of m. street and a csx train striking that victim. at last check the investigation is not impacting traffic in that area. another person in the district was hit and killed by a train in the area just yesterday. jurors now have heard three weeks of testimony. police are outlining where all of the bullets struck. it took more than a week for crime scene investigators to collect all the bullets and shellackingsings. the victim heather snyder showed jurors her hand and carly richard described fleeing when a tear gas cannister hit her feet. >> where on the diagram did that cannister land? >> the cannister landed right here, it would be right in front of the seats at our feet. >> prosecutors also presented jam' e-mail -- james holmes e- mail accounts and his online orders for ammo.
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the trial is expected to last throughout the summer. the personal day of -- first full day of deliberations over the boston bomber's punishment was one of questions, jurors deciding whether or not dzhokhar tsarnaev should live or die. submitted three questions to the judge on thursday. they included one about the concepts of aiding and abetting and conspiracy. the jury must be unanimous for tsarnaev to be sentenced to death in this case. the nfl players' association is breathing some new life into the deflate-gate scandal. now the union is appealing the four game suspension of new england patriots' quarterback tom brady. marlie hall reports. >> reporter: new england patriots' quarterback tom brady is back on offense. on thursday the nfl players' association filed the appeal of his four game suspension for using underinflated footballs during january's afc championship game. in a statement, the players' union said given the nfl's history of inconsistency and arbitrary decisions in
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disciplinary matters, it is only fair that a neutral arbitrator hear this appeal. but nfl commissioner roger goodell suicide he will personally hear the appeal which he is allowed to do under the league's contract with the players' union. patriots' fans are optimistic. >> i'm guessing that his suspension is going to be cut in half to at least two games if not just one game. he's going to come back even more well rested than he would have been. and we're still going to be a fine team. >> reporter: the patriots issued their own point by point rebuttal to the nfl's independent report. in one example, it says when equipment handler jim mcal lay call ld himself the deflater, he was referring to weight loss, not footballs. the patriots have not yet said whether they will appeal their $1 million fine and forfeiture of two draft picks. marlie hall, cbs news, foxborough, massachusetts. >> now as you might expect, social media erupted with reaction with this latest development in the nfl's soap
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opera. let's go to the bag today, this one -- tag board, this one -- this one from alexa -- this is certain to end well and be fair -- map and then, get what you deserve basically is what tony is saying, fans brady should stop whining, steelers are the only team to vote against the checkive bargaining agreement. that gave roger goodell the power to do this. then the brady haters, thousandback thursday. -- throwback thursday. this one from twitter but the nfl just won't make the teams use the same footballs tuned to the same psi. that would change things, brady suspended? you can get on -- bet on it. this finally, it's so heavy with all that air in it. [ laughter ] look a lot of people are upset that roger goodell is going to be judge
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and jury on this but plenty of people say look the patriots and brady are getting what they deserve guys. >> . it's an interesting dynamic the relationship between goodell and respect kraft one of -- robert kraft one of his biggest sporters until this started to unfold. >> maybe that's why he decided he would be the decider because of this relationship. >> we shawl see. he can. >> he can do it. thanks mike. 6:22. iran's neighbors voice their concerns to president obama about the nuclear deal negotiations, that's coming up. >> plus the top candidate appears to have emerged in montgomery county's search for a new school superintendent. >> i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. today is going to be another dry and mild day. but even a little bit milder than it was yesterday. the only real fly in the ointment today is if you are hoping for lots of sunshine. that's not going to be the case. increasing clouds and highs in the upper 70s. but the showers don't arrive until the weekend. allyson will track them coming up in the first
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[beeping] ooo come on everybody, i think this is my grandson. [lip syncing] ♪little girl you look so lonesome oh my goodness. ♪i see you are feeling blue ♪come on over to my place ♪hey girl ♪we're having a party happy birthday, grandma! ♪we'll be swinging ♪dancing and singing ♪baby come on over tonight
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at 6:25. here's some things you may have missed. a rare summit at camp david has resulted in a new agreement to strengthen middle east security. but the accord stops short of a bold new measure to end the chaos in the region. six persian gulf leaders
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attended summit in a joint statement announced a commitment to closer relations on security and other issues. a bill would give congress the power to review an iran nuclear deal has been passed by the house. the measure is now ons way to president obama's desk. he will sign it. the bill would give lawmakers the power to review and possibly reject a nuclear deal with iran. an arctic fleet which sparked massive protests is now sitting at a seattle port this morning. the polar pioneer is one of the rigs royal dutch shell plans to use to load drilling rigs and other supplies. president obama says he believes shell has strong safety guards in place to conduct offshore drilling. the metro is going with a retro approach to keep smoke from getting into some of its tunnels. take a look, that's according to our news partners that is "washington post." get back to washing down tunnels in the rail system. that practice ended in the early '90s, the hope is that keeping the tunnels free of dust and buildup will help avoid malfunctions like the one that caused big problems between the rosslyn and foggy
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bottom stations earlier this week. montgomery county could have a new man soon at the helm of the public school system. preferred candidate is andrew hoolihan. he is 36 years old and born of education president pa considered -- board of education president says they're impressed with him. it is just around 6:28. and we welcome you 6:00 a.m. it is friday. i'm andrea roane and today will be a nice warm end to the workweek. a not so bad start to our weekend. but -- there is rain in the forecast. >> there is indeed. we have our starting five huddled up together here to get you exactly ready for that weekend here with again, a nice little mix. we've got larry miller in the house, erica grow. and allyson rae. let's see if we can say hello to every everyone there. hi. i think we're going to wreck out the boxes just so everyone can wave real quick.
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larry and erica grow. can we see you guys? >> they're there we promise. >> but again up and down weekend but warm. >> it is going to be very warm. and a little bit more humid as the weekend progresses. so today not a bad day. it's just not a picture-perfect -- >> "pitch perfect"? >> erica. we're making "pitch perfect" references this morning. it's not picture-perfect as it was yesterday. you can't beat yesterday. but today not too bad. we're looking at upper 70s some clouds out there. and relatively dry for most areas. let's take a look how we're starting off from your michael & son weather camera. cloudy skies out there. if we do see some showers really off to the west, 81 corridor and off to the west. even more so than that. so most areas are staying dry but if you're getting your weekend travel plans going on a little bit early on and you're traveling along 81 later on today that's where you will run into some soft the showers, cloudy skies are cheer but with hep of the southerly -- here but with the help of the southerly wind we're warmer this morning and also warmer
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this afternoon. 58 degrees and we're into the 50s across the area. 49 thougñok> and they also say they've
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spotted at least six bodies son the ground. as jonathan vigliotti reports, the discovery comes after several days of intense searching involving u.s. and nepalese choppers and satellites. >> reporter: nepalese troops and a rescue chopper say they found the wreckage of the u.s. marine helicopter early this morning. nepal's defense secretary says crews have found several at the site. today's discovery comes three days after the chopper disappeared while delivering aid to earthquake victims in remote villages. the mother of phoenix marine jake hugh has been hoping he and his crew are still alive. >> she hasn't slept. she hasn't ate. just constantly waiting in a -- kind of she's told not to watch the news. >> reporter: chris nordegren a pilot from kansas reported a fuel problem before he and his crew disappeared tuesday night. six u.s. marines and two nepalese soldiers were on board. and it's still unclear what caused the crash. the missing helicopter was
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among more than a dozen u.s. military aircraft helping nepal recover from the two earthquakes. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news. also brovernight, the death of a music legend. >> absolutely. the thrill is gone. blues legend b.b. king has died. he got hiss nickname blues boys very early in his career and it stuck. ♪ ♪ b.b. king died last night in las vegas where he had been in hospice care for the last several weeks. riley b. king was born on a cotton plantation. the son of sharecroppers. in his 20s he hitchhiked to memphis where the classic sound made etc. way -- its way to mainstream radio. king played his beloved guitars all named lucille and sang while touring almost nonstop. b.b. king was 89 years old.
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we are continuing our coverage this morning into that suspicious house fire here in northwest d.c.. we're on woodland dry and more than 16 how abouts -- 17 hours after the fire broke. take a look on the second floor. you can see the damage from yesterday's fire. and firefighters that's where they found the four bodies including a young child. let's take a look at a picture that neighbors tell us the couple who lived here, 46-year- old sava savopoulos and his wife amy lived here we're told for ten years with their three children. two teenaged daughters and a young son. firefighters discovered three adults and a child dead on the second floor. a housekeeper tells us mom, her fourth grade son who stayed home from school, and another housekeeper were inside. >> right now, no obvious signs of forced entry. of the fire is very suspicious.
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>> reporter: now the chief also tells us a 2008 blue porsche that looks like this with d.c. tag dk-2418 was parked outside the house just hours before the fire. it was recovered at 5:00 p.m. they believe that car is linked to the fire. but they don't know where it was between the hours of 10 they know 30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. if you've seen that blue porsche, 2008, you should call police right away. we're live in northwest, delia goncalves, wusa9. i'm nikki burdine with the latest on the deadly amtrak train derailment. new this morning, all the train cars have now been remove from the crash site. and everyone on board the train has now been accounted for. after an eighth body was found yesterday. but the investigation is far from over. now they're focus is almost entirely on the engineer. his name is brandon bostian, he was at the control of the amtrak train and he is expected to speak with investigators
6:34 am
with the ntsb in the next couple of days. more than 200 people were hurt including the engineer himself. his attorney says his client does not remember the crash and suffered a concussion and a head wound. we're told he has already submitted a blood sample to test for drugs or alcohol investigators say they want to know why the train accelerated from 70 miles per hour to more than 100 as it approached the curve where seven cars ran off the tracks killing eight people. childhood friend james wear spoke with bostian after the accident. >> he's very distraught. he's very upset. and he's very sorry. i don't think there's any foul play or any -- anything like that. he was never one to do drugs. >> toxicology tests on bostian's blood are expected in the next couple of days. 43 passengers still hospitalized. some of them in critical condition. back to you. the funeral for a rockville couple found stabbed to death in their home on mother's day takes place today.
6:35 am
services for dick and julianne vilardo are set for 10:00 a.m. in river road in bethesda. police say they were murdered sometime after returning from dinner with friends in charlestown, west virginia. police believe the villa toe does were considering -- vilardos were killed during a burglary. a d.c. firefighter is also being laid to rest this morning. lieutenant kevin mccray collapsed and died last week after fighting a fire at a shaw high-rise building. a public funeral takes place at the d.c. armory starting at # 1:00 this morning. -- 11:00 this morning. a hearse carrying his body will lead a procession through the city before his burial at fort lincoln cemetery. tonight it's win or stay home for the wizards. in game six of the eastern conference semifinals. they fell behind 3-2 in the series to the hawks after dropping game five in atlanta in heart-breaking fashion. now the series shifts back to the phone booth. their backs are against the wall. but fortunately they have john wall who you just saw get knocked down by paul pierce
6:36 am
there. he's suiting up again instead of sitting in a suit. he felt fin after hagueing the return in the game five loss. -- making the return in the game five loss. game seven would be monday night in atlanta. it's 6:36 and tony mormon from stafford, virginia, you are our final facebook fan of the day. >> historic. tony says watching wusa9 every morning starts my day. tony for that we thank you and you win two tickets to see dave matthews band at jiffy lube live. >> next week the text to win campaign. winners will get two tickets to king's dominion. >> just text the keyword to 25543 for a chance to win. >> i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. we're going to see a fair amount of cloud cover today. don't worry, rain won't move in until at least tomorrow. it's going to be a little bit milder than it was yesterday too. high temperatures in the upper 70s throughout the entire metro area. that increase in cloud cover will lead to some showers along
6:37 am
the i-81 corridor and points west. when do the showers arrive here in the metro? allyson will time them out coming up in the first alert seven day forecast.
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welcome back. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. and it is 6:40 and it's a little chilly outside. but much more comfortable than it was yesterday at this time. take a look at those current temperatures. it's 58 in downtown washington. 54 in leesburg and good faithburg. and it's 57 degrees right now in hagerstown. more cloud cover today than yesterday. but it will be milder. today's high 77 degrees. that's also your temperature at 3:00. time for timesaver traffic once again here's larry miller. thanks erica. we have an accident right now on new york avenue. this is inbound at montana avenue. where we have a car versus a truck it seems causing delays all the way up to south dakota. we're asking drivers to be aware of that situation. consider rhode island avenue as an alternate at this point. around the beltway no issues at river road and light after on the inner -- traffic on the inner and outer loop of the
6:41 am
belt yeah. no issues getting to your destination on time. we'll have the drive times around the metro area after the seven day forecast. over to you. in the midst of a recall over listeria blue to new rules for future contamination tests. >> and not a shopping spree but a hiring spree at h&m the clothing store.
6:42 am
narrator: rural communities across the country are coming back thanks to bipartisan support for the renewable fuel standard. expanded renewable fuel production has created over 850,000 jobs. and the american biofuels industry produces the world's cleanest fuel from agricultural waste. but the oil industry wants the epa to protect their profits and foreign oil. the epa now faces a choice: cave to the oil industry? or keep their commitment to america's rural communities. paid for by fuels america.
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6:44 am
avoiding social media can hurt your chances of finding a job. >> and whole foods is coming to prince george's county. mike has the look at your money. >> indeed. we start with ice cream. texas and oklahoma are making sure blue bell creamery is up front about listeria concerns. the ice cream company signed new rules in both states. blue bell will now be required to inform the states of positive listeria test results. this comes after the company failed to tell federal and state health officials about listeria found in its oklahoma plant and that dated back to 2013. it wasn't just recent. avoiding a social media presence can actually hurt your chances of getting a job. in an annual career builder survey, employers admitted to using social sites to screen
6:45 am
their candidates. 35% of them said they are less likely to interview applicants who can't find them online. you might see something like this. not a model but an employee bothing about the company benefits and pay. the fashion retailer launched a national recruiting campaign. to help to hire thousands of employees for at least 61 new stores that are setting to open up -- next year. the new discount food store opening this morning in gaithersburg. a ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled for 9:00 this morning for the new aldi's store on quince orchard road. the first 100 people will receive a golden ticket which will contain an aldi gift certificate. stop by and get one of those. healthier food options will be available soon for shoppers in prince george's county. county executive baker unveiled the sign for a soon to be opened whole foods market. it's coming to river dale park station in river dale park. council members say it's part of a much larger project in the community within the
6:46 am
businesses and the parks along route 1. they want to try to build things up there. guys? >> all right if you see mike in the line for the golden certificate say hi. and thank you for watching. all right, 6:46. time now to see what the friend at "cbs this morning" are covering. >> norah o'donnell is live in new york with a preview. >> happy friday to you. ahead we're going to touch base with seth done of the wreckage of the u.s. military chopper in nepal. also david letterman opens up in his only interview about what his future holds and jane paw lee is here with the preview of her sunday morning conversation. and also here in studio 57, late show musical director paul schafer. how about that? only four shows left. the news is back in the morning, we'll see you guys right at 7:00. >> all right we'll be watching. we'll definitely want to know what paul is going to be doing after wednesday. thanks norah. and as for what you're going to be doing this weekend? we will all be outside for at least part of the weekend.
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>> yeah i'm definitely going to make some plans outside thinking maybe i might have to have a plan b. in place. that's my attack for the weekend. we are going to see a drier day today. and some clouds out there. not a bad friday at all. and on friday. so can't be too bad right? let's take a look how we're starting off a nice start there. some clouds hanging around and we have southerly winds so we are going to see a warmer day than yesterday. 58 degrees a lot of spots are still into the 50s. but we're out of the lower 40s that we saw yesterday. it was quite chilly yesterday. today just cool a little bit more comfortable. probably still a couple of layers though as we head through the afternoon we'll warm up nicely though. all right rain chances today not too great. most areas are driment along 81 and points west that we are going to see a couple of showers, even more so this afternoon. and into the evening. here we go by 5:00 some of them kind of trickle on over east of 81 i wouldn't be surprised but most of us are dry for today and tonight. as we head through saturday your saturday morning looks
6:48 am
great. and most of your early afternoon looks good. as during that afternoon and evening time frame, we are going to see a couple of pop you are showers and thunderstorms for freakness as well. that's because it's warm a very summer-like pattern as this warm front kind of lingers around. by 5:00 we have some showers and thunderstorms. it's pretty isolated. some areas will be able to dodge them but once you get understood one of the thunderstorms you could have some pretty good rainfall out there. as we head through the overnight hours and another round of showers will kind of push on through. our rain chances are with us until about tuesday morning. and until a cold front kicks on out. sunday another chance for rain and thunderstorm during the afternoon. still warm and muggy out there into the mid to upper 80s. i think sunday we have a slightly better chance for rain than on saturday. 78 degrees today. 85 for tomorrow. 86 for sunday. as we head to next week, another chance for rain on monday. and tuesday morning. then comes that front i just mentioned. and it kicks everything out so the nats' game on tuesday, that's at 7:00. so i think we'll be fine for
6:49 am
that. and even great weather for wednesday for the nats' game. 75 degrees. high pressure takes control for wednesday and thursday. and larry miller is here dancing away because it's friday morning. it is friday. it's friday and the weather is relatively nice. which means we're probably going to go for walks and i'm excited about that. yeah just a great day folks. all right, m.a.r.c. train on individual this morning. vre on schedule this morning as well. if you're traveling on the inner loop of the beltway from georgetown pike the landover road. a 26 minutes this morning -- minute commute this morning. eastbound on 66, coming from sully road to 20th street northwest a 26 mine commute this morning. northbound i-95 from dumfries road up to i-395 a 19 minute commute this morning. and westbound highway 50 a 14 minute commute. want to tell you we had that earlier issue on 50. this is inbound. this is adding some additional time to the drive time so you can just bypass that mess on 50
6:50 am
this morning. let's take some cameras right now and show you things live. this is the dulles toll road and inner harbors in and out this -- no issues out this this morning this area. around the beltway same deal on the inner and outer loops this at new hampshire avenue. just some typical traffic but again no issues for the most part. definitely friday light. which is what we like around here. we'll have another update for you shortly. we'll send it over to you. a former ño will congress ignore president obama's wishes when
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
i'm delia goncalves live in northwest. we've been following the investigation into this sis first pyre that so curred around -- suspicious fire that occurred around 1:00 in the afternoon yesterday here in wood landry. still an active scene. a crime scene at this point. take a look at that second floor. that is where the firefighters found the bodies of four people. three adults and one child. they haven't been identified just yet but police are telling us they want folks to take a lock at a pebble -- look at a picture of a blue porsche. it's a 2008 blue porsche there it is. that was parked in front of this house hours before the fire started. now they have recovered this car. but they don't know where it was between 10:30 and 5:00 p.m. so if you spotted this car between 10:30 and 5:00 p.m.
6:54 am
yesterday, you should call police right away. nikki? i'm nikki burdine in the satellite center with the latest on the deadly amtrak train crash in philadelphia. w this morning, all wrecked train cars have been removed from the crash site. now investigators say their focus moves almost entirely on to the train's engineer brandon bostian. investigators hope to speak with him in the next couple of days. but it might not happen. for at least two more days. they say they want to know why he was going more than double the speed limit around that curve. where eight people were killed and more than 200 people were hospitalized. now all 243 people who were on board have been accounted for. back to you in the studio. thanks nikki. the nem please army says it has spotted the wreckage of the missing u.s. marine helicopter that disappeared on tuesday with six marines and two nepalese soldiers on board. no signs of life were seen from the air. but chopper was delivering aid to earthquake victims when it disappeared. today the house is expected to vote on a $612 billion
6:55 am
defense spending bill and it increases defense spending by padding the emergency war fighting fund. it's already drawn a veto threat from the president. democratic lawmakers say it ignores automatic spending caps imposed by congress back in 2011. this morning a former tom aide to osama bin laden is scheduled to be sentenced in new york for his role in two embassies bombings. he was convicted in the 1998 bombings of the u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania. he is expected to receive life in prison. commuters across the dmv will be celebrating bike to work day today. if you choose to ride to work there are pit spots across the --stops across the city. lot of bikes today. metro is going to hand out free t-shirts giving bus bike rack demonstrations at fort totten and east falls church stations and as always with more cyclists on the road kipperer owe on the mirrors. guys? and a pretty good day for bike to work day. we're going to look at clouds
6:56 am
and dry weather. 78 degrees this afternoon. showers that do develop today will be for areas well off to the west. warm and humid over the weekend. we're going to be into the middle 80s and a couple of thunderstorms and showers each afternoon. especially more so on sunday compared to saturday. larry? still have that accident causing some trouble on the center lane of new york avenue. this is 50 westbound at montana avenue. causing delays all the way up to south dakota. so we're asking drivers to consider rhode island as the alternative at this point. over the 14th street bridge, fairly light traffic for the most part. no major issues to report and around the beltway, we are fairly light for the most part. around oh georgetown road. "cbs this morning" is next. with pig skin problems for tom brady and the patriots. >> and just won't go away. we've got a showdown now between the super bowl mvp and the commissioner roger goodell. we have a live report from foxborough but first the weekend. >> starting tomorrow at 7:00
6:57 am
continue to cover the situation in amtrak with philadelphia and of course it's preakness time. final leg of the triple crown. 5-4 favorite for american pharaoh. >> and we're going to track the weather of course because there's the potential for showers maybe even a thunderstorm during the preakness stakes and we'll watch that for you too. >> all right. >> and of course the app is where it's at. >> where it's at and we are going to be back in 25 minutes with more traffic and weather. >> join e camo and at -- erica me i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee.
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good morning. it is friday may 15 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a deadly discovery overnight. crews find the wreckage of a marine helicopter. new details about sudden acceleration before the amtrak disaster. plus ominous rants from the engineer about safety. david letterman. >> we begin with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. hr>> tee bodies found high on th e


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