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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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th away at boarding school. >> they are great family. their first priority was their children. , those beautiful two daughters and son that they have. >> reporter: law enforcement forces tell wusa9 the fire start in one of the kid's room and money was also missing from the house, also missing a porsche later found by police. firefighters say one of the victims smelled of gasoline and showed signs of trauma to the head. their housekeeper says just before the fire broke out amy sent her a message not to come to working but she said her good friend vera was there working for the family. >> i felt so sorry for the housekeeper because i'm the how one brought her to work for this family like four years ago. >> reporter: this afternoon students held a memorial service. the youngest victim was a 4th grader just starting out at st.
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albans school near national cathedral. also on s street where phillip, the grandfather of this family, lives on another of d.c.'s most wealthy neighborhoods in just go a mile or so from the burned house. mourners were coming and going all day, the family too distraught to talk to the media. bruce leshan, wusa9. >> again as soon as the player and police chief get there, we will bring you -- mayor and the police chief get there, we will bring you their news conference live. we've got other breaking news, this time out of boston where a jury has sentenced marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev to death. the jury deliberated over 14 hours and three days and were apparently unmoved by pleas tsarnaev was swayed by his older brother's influence.
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tsarnaev was convict last month of all 30 federal charges against him. >> reporter: tsarnaev never testified in his own defense and showed emotion only once when one of his relatives wept on the stand. jurors heard from forensics and terrorism and sat through heartwrenching testimony of survivors of the attacks and family members of those who died. three people were killed, 260 others injured back in the april, 2013 attack. years of appeals are likely in this case. here's an interesting side note. a majority of bostonians are against tsarnaev being put to death according to a cbs news poll. the georgetown rabbi who secretly videotaped women taking off clothes in a ritual bath will get 6 1/2 years behind bars. debra alfarone joins us now live with more on the fate of barry freundel and the
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prosecution many asked for 17 years. >> reporter: absolutely. yeah. we were hearing 17 years. that would be four months for every victim. however, when it came down, it was ending in about 6 1/2 years, but more than a dozen victims made statements today, some of them in tears. one of them that said he trolled herred verying looking for new victims to -- her wedding looking for new victims to videotape. you're looking at video of barry freundel walking into the courthouse. he won't be walking out after he got a sentence of 78 months. that's go 6 1/2 years for 52 different counts of voyeurism, for videotaping women as they undressed to get into a ritual bath called a mikvah at kesher israel where he was arab buy for years. he had actually -- a rabbi for
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years. he had actually videotaped over 100 women, but those were outside the statute of limitations. he did speak today and apologize and blame his reprehensible behavior on childhood degradation, but i want you to hear right now from one of the victims we spoke with today. >> i was wrecked emotionally, psychologically, sexually. i can't trust anyone in my community anymore. i've been shunned by my community. this hypocrisy has wrecked me. >> reporter: the 63-year-old's lawyer argued for community service and a much lesser sentence, again the sentence today handed down 78 months, about 6 1/2 years. the victims were making their statements and there were over a dozen. that's when the rabbi had his head in his hand and when people spoke on his behalf, that's when he sat up straight about also we did speak to his lawyer who said he's definitely filing an appeal. live at the d.c. courthouse, debra alfarone, wusa9.
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today in philadelphia the ntsb is standing by to get another update on that deadly train so today first responders talked about the dramatic rescues they made after amtrak 188 crashed tuesday night and there is new background on the train's operator. scott broom continues our coverage from philadelphia. >> reporter: the last of the wrecked railcars have been hauled from the site in philadelphia and the reconstruction of the railroad is job one at this site, a contrast to the descriptions first responders gave us today for the first time of the chaos tuesday night. >> there were so many police officers in the regular clothing, no protective gear and they were diving in. >> it's very chaotic like the scene of a movie. once we gained access with downed power lines, jagged rocks. >> when we first got on location, there was just people everywhere. >> the passengers on this train that have no idea where they're at. >> reporter: a 911 dispatcher
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said cell phone tracking was critical as disoriented survivors called for help. >> it was showing exactly where the train crash had curbed at frankfort junction on the curb. >> reporter: more on the 32- year-old operator brendan bostian who was a safety advocate. "it shouldn't take an act of congress to get the rail industry to adopt common sense safety systems on their own," he once wrote. friends say he's a good man. >> he's very upset and he's very sorry. i don't think there's any foul play or anything like that. >> reporter: investigators obtained a search warrant for bostian's phone, but the train operator's lawyer says he remembers literally nothing about the accident. in philadelphia scott broom, wusa9. >> amtrak is aiming for full service restoration by tuesday. we also learned delta airlines is going to honor existing tickets for amtrak travel that
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had been previously already done between d.c., boston and new york. so that is new information about travel. flags are at half staff at the naval acme in annapolis in honor of the -- academy in annapolis in honor of the midshipmen killed. justin zemser was onleave and head those home when the train crashed. the second day in a row somebody was killed by a train, this time before 5 a.m. this morning near the end of m street close to the anacostia river in southeast. the cuber reported the accident. someone was also -- the conductor reported the accident. someone was also struck and killed by a mark train yesterday outside union station no, word on the identity of those victims. legions of firefighters, friends and family all came together to say farewell to fallen firefighter kevin mcrae. he collapsed and died after fighting a fire last week. he was 44 years old and he is
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the it un00th firefighter in the district to -- the 100th firefighter in the district to die in the line of duty. his cousin ironically was 99. surae chinn is live where the funeral took place. >> reporter: it was an incredible tribute and show of respect. lieutenant mcrae's casket was placed on the bed of engine 6. lieutenant mcrae's last drive through the district. firefighters gave a salute. his company watched over him, stood over him as well as they passed by his firehouse on new jersey avenue and finally arriving at his engine company 6 on new jersey avenue and finally arriving at ft. lincoln cemetery going through the arch of ladders. the mayor, police cliff and city council were in
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attendance. here's more of the celebration. music filled the d.c. armory and brought mourners to their feet. >> truly exemplified the best of the best in this great department. >> his last alarm was on may 6th, 2015, serving the citizens of the district. >> reporter: lieutenant mcrae collapsed. >> we're getting out of that report because the mayor has come to the podium to give us the latest on the murders in northwest d.c. >> northwest washington d.c. yesterday, 3200 block. about 1:30 p.m. there we told you we discovered three adult residents who were deceased and one child and today the chief will be able to provide you with all the information we have about the identities of the person deceased and give you any
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updates we have available at this point about the homicide investigation. chief lanier? >> thank you. so to try and give you a summary. yesterday and what we know as of today, evidence collection will go on for several days. there's still a lot more that we don't know, but we're continuing to learn as we continue to investigate. we do know the fire appears to be intentionally set and arson. although autopsies are still being conducted, we have confirmed the identities of two of the individuals. those are the identificationful the 46-year-old savis sobopolous, his 47-year-old wife amy. we believe the other two
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victims are 57-year-old faralicia figueroa, housekeeper, and the couple's son, 10-year-old phillip. we anticipate again this evidence collection will take several days and we'll have additional information as those days go on. we have, however, expanded our timeline in our request for information from the public. first i want to say thank you to everybody who has provided information. we have gotten a steady stream of information coming in from people who either lived or were in the area or had some information they thought it would be useful. we appreciate that. it's been very helpful. we are now asking again for anybody who may have information go that 2008, the blue 2008 porsche, that is the vehicle we asked go yesterday. it had d.c. tags d -- in david, k as in -- -- in david, k as in king, 24 it un8, even though
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that car was -- 2418, even though that car was recovered yesterday evening on an annapolis county road and had been set on fire, we are asking anybody who may have seen that car between defense, the 13th , and thursday around 5 p.m., anybody who has seen that blue porsche between those times, we're asking you to please call us with what information you play have where you saw that vehicle or any other information you'd have. also we're asking anybody that may have information or seen anything suspicious in or around the home in the 3200 block of woodland road between wednesday, the 13th, and thursday, the 14th, around 5 p.m. please give us a call at 202- 727-9099. we have anonymous text tip line 50411 or any means you feel comfortable reaching out.
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people have e-mailed. i want to remind folks we have a $25,000 reward for any information that leads to arrest and conviction of a homicide in the district. so again we appreciate all of the information that we've gotten. i think the only other information that we have that is new since we have started now going through the autopsies of the individuals recovered, we can say that there were at least on three of the four victims there were injuries discovered, appear to be blunt force or sharp object injuries to three of the four victims. so additional injuries were discovered through autopsy process. with that i'll take what limited questions i can and see if i can answer them. [ can't hear question ]
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>> it's still very early on. we've got a lot of other things to do. other than what was made by the fire department, we have not discovered any obvious signs of forced entry. we're continuing to collect information. obviously there are not many places you can go anymore where there are ant videos. we've got a lot of video -- are not videos. we've got a lot of videos to review. we want to have more time to sort through the evidence. [ can't hear question ] >> at this point we do, yes. [ can't hear question ] >> as always, there's going to be a lot of different information that comes from a lot of different places i'm not going to be able to comment on. i'm aware of the information
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you're talking about. i'm not going to talk about anything that is speculative or may be evidence in the case. i'm not going to respond to that. [ can't hear question ] >> obviously the car is registered to the family and the home. we don't know who had the car, but obviously the conditions in which it was found set afire shortly after they were discovered we certainly want to know if anybody saw that car and who was in that car. [ can't hear question ] >> i can't comment on anything that's evidence related. [ can't hear question ] >> yes. [ can't hear question ] >> i'd rather not, sensitivity for the victims. i'll just say the autopsies have not been fully completed. so i don't have anything additional right now.
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i can't comment on that because i just don't have the answer to that. the question was had the house been ransacked? obviously the condition after the fire department goes in to put out a fire it would be difficult to make that determination and we want to finish the evidence collection first. the other question that was asked about video, if it's evidence related, i can't answer the question. [ can't hear ] >> we're trying to expand our timeline. yesterday we had asked if anybody had seen the car within a six, seven hour period of time. we want to ask for anyone with information now within the extended time frame. [ can't hear question ] >> i'm not going to comment on that at this point. if it's evidence related, i'm not going to comment on that.
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i can't comment on that at this point. thank you very much. >> occupy -- you've been listening live to d.c. police chief cathy lanier as she gave us a lot of information about the death of four people in northwest washington. they believe the four bodies were 46-year-old savo sabopoulous, his wife, son and the housekeeper are the four people they believe were murdered. >> they say three of the four victims suffered some sort of blunt force object trauma to the head or somewhere on the body and suggest this was not a random act. we'll continue to follow this throughout the newscast. now i think we're going back to the story that we've been telling you about, the d.c. firefighter laid to rest today, lieutenant kevin mcrae.
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♪ ♪ he's my rock he's my gorgeous ♪ ♪ >> reporter: music filled the d.c. armory and brought mourners to their feet. >> kevin truly exemplified the best of the best in this great department. >> his last alarm was on may 6th, 2015, serving the citizens of the district. >> reporter: lieutenant mcrae collapsed and died after fighting a fire in shaw neighborhood at a high rise building where senior citizens lived. >> residents credit him for saving their lives. he loved his job. he loved his job. >> reporter: mcrae became a cadet as a ballou high school student in 1989. he worked his way up to lieutenant and led engine 6. >> we grieve with you and our souls ache with you. to my brother kevin mcrae, rest easy. we'll take it from here. and you will not be forgotten. [ bagpipes ]
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[ bagpipes ] >> we should note firefighter mcrae wanted to become a firefighter since the age of 5. firefighters from as far away as new york city came to pay him their respects. let's move on to another story. a judge denied the request for jesse matthew's attorney to delay his trial in fairfax. in addition to being charged with the murder of uva student hannah graham, matthew is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in fairfax and is charged with her attempted murder. matthew's lawyers say they needed more time to prepare for that case and now it appears the june 8th trial will go on
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as scheduled. today the exelon energy company's marriaging with pepco was approved -- merging with pope co was approved with -- pepco was approved with stipulations. the commission said the merger will help pepco prevent power outages related to weather and respond better to the outages when they happen. the merger still needs approval from d.c. and delaware. ted on wusa9 news at 5:00. dangerous sparks and fires are on the rise on metrorails. russ ptacek brings us metro's explanation at 5:30. top? >> very nice evening, a few clouds. the pollen just brutal again today. you can find in on our website at, high for trees and grasses, moderate for mold spores which is kind of weird, hasn't rained much in the last 15 days. we'll talk about when you should plan your outdoor
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activities for the weekend. >> the music world says good- bye to blues legend bb
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the thrill is gone tonight for millions of music fans. the great blues lend, the guitarist bb king died last night at his las vegas home. he was 89 years old. the man known as the king of blues was one of the most influential musicians in modern music history. bb king had a very simple way to describe the blues. >> it's good for me when i'm feeling bad and good for me when i'm feeling good. >> the 3:00 blues was his first big hit way back in 1952, but even decades ago king famously was naming every guitar he played lucille. bill black of silver spring has one of those guitars and the story how he got it was from an encounter following a bb king. unlike many celebrities, if you stopped to talk to bb king, he
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would talk back. >> he would talk with you, look at you right in the eyes and have conversations with you. >> reporter: years later bill would go on to become a satellite radio host of a show called bluesville and ran into king again in new york. >> bb king gets up and says son, i've been wanting to meet you. you do a really good job and all i could say was mr. king, this is all wrong. i'm supposed to say that to you, not you say this to me. >> turns out the two had the same passion for the blues. they went on to record 41 radio shows in vegas at bb king's dining room table. they became such good friends one day the legendary musician had a present for bill. >> all of a sudden he goes bill, i'd like to give you something. you see that line of five or six by tars guitars over there? i want -- guitars over there? i want you to pick one out for
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yourself. >> bb king, we will miss you. bb king influenced jimi hendrix and actually opened for the rolling stones, eric clapton and youtube before he got out of this place, bb king. >> i just put it on my facebook. you know what bb used to say? blues are the roots and everything else is the fruits. that's just so true. i've been doing some research. when the levee breaks was not written by led zeppelin. it was written in 1929. temperatures are spot on average, 76, where we should this be time of year. that will change over the weekend as we get warmer air. winds out of the south at 10. for tonight maybe a shower north and west, lows between 60 and 65. if you're planning a cookout, odds are with you tonight. 85 tomorrow, 80 five sunday, 86 monday -- 85 sunday, 86 monday, scattered showers and
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thunderstorms. play in the morning and try to be done before midafternoon. mid-80s saturday, sunday, monday, 86 on tuesday, more storms, nats in found and then we're in good shape, 79 wednesday, beautiful day nats in town, mid-70s on thursday, back to 80, nats in town friday
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there are a lot of channels on your tv but only so many you want to watch what if you could pay for the types of channels you want and not the ones you don't now, fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv, at a price that's totally affordable. starting at $74.99 per month. get custom tv, including internet and phone. price guaranteed for two years. plus, get a $300 visa prepaid card with your 2 year agreement. go to today. cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v tonight only on wusa9 we've identified an alarming trend at metro. since the january death of
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carroll glover investigative reporter russ ptacek has been tracking wmata smoke and fire incidents. >> russ, what you found is the replacement of some of those vital electrical parts has dramatically decreased and those dangerous sparks and fires on the rails have gone up. >> we've got the numbers. they've blamed this on lack of funding for several years going end on end and saying that impacted maintenance. they say prior to our investigation they already had a program in place rebounding from delays and maintenance and as part of that the track that actually ignited into sparks monday, insulators there, had already been designated for maintenance, but the maintenancere the wasn't duschetoled happen until june. there are several types of sparking incidents called electrical arcing on metro. above ground and below they're the type experts say are normal when trains change third rails, but firefighters are
5:31 pm
increasingly responding to abnormal and dangerous arcing. like the electrical cables blamed on the january 12th l'enfant plaza death of carol glover and monday's third rail sparking and smoke incident between roslyn and foggy bottom that paralyzed the system for hours. >> it's terrible. >> reporter: this wusa9 arcing animation shows how the third rail in later can erupt into smoke and flames. >> i've seen a lot of arcing. >> reporter: al ingle is an internationally recognized transit engineer. >> it's a matter of routine inspection if you see any kind of buildup. you make sure you clean that off. >> reporter: this is just one of the insulators that failed monday. you can see that white porcelain. that's what this entire piece should look like, but as you can see, it's filthy. this is metro video of the tunnel incident, a tunnel that
5:32 pm
hasn't been cleaned since 1991 and that failing insulator went without cleaning maintenance since 2012. you think metro is failing here? >> we will continue to clean up. i don't know i would characterize it as failing. >> reporter: as recently as 2012 metro had been replacing 900 insulators a month. since then that's dropped to less than half in. that 2013 wmata reported electrical current arcs generating smoke about twice a month. our investigations found failures have increased to about three a month in 2014 and more this year, about five sparking and smoking insulators every month, more than double the failures since 2013. >> we are going to reverse it. >> reporter: as an expert, these are failures higher than you would have expected. >> again, these are trending the wrong way. >> reporter: george washington
5:33 pm
professor amahdi demonstrated difference of sparking on clean metal and contaminated, fires increasing on metro each year with no plan to change insulator maintenance. metro officials say reported sparking incidents are not always founded and that the agency had a plan in place and is working on that plan to step up replacements. wmata emphasized overall smoke and fire incidents have been trending down, overall, not on insulators, going down the past four years. >> even though metro is insisting they're trying to make things better, even with the increase in failures no plan to change the replacement rate. what about the cleaning? >> yesterday metro made a big announcement about pour washing tunnels. that may help a little bit, kind of like vacuuming your house makes you need to dust less, but these insulators still need specific cleaning and they say they're staying by their current plan to maintain the way they were last month and last year.
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>> russ ptacek, thank you. let's turn to campaign 2016 and rick perry appears to be poised to make an official announcement next month in dallas. perry has been testing the campaign waters of the early primary states. abc is standing by george stephanopoulos even after his journalistic credibility was called into question. the anchor himself went on to gma this morning to apologize for not disclosing he made a $75,000 contribution to the clinton noun addition. he will no longer moderate a gop debate in february. hillary clinton will make virginia one of her first gain stops outside of the four early primary states. the democratic presidential frontrunner will headline the jefferson jackson dinner next month which is traditionally held in richmond, but there are some plans afoot to move it to george mason university. sentencing was handed down
5:35 pm
for a former top aide to osama bin laden. he was ordered to spend the rest of his life in prison for conspiring in the 1998 bombings in kenya and tanzania which killed 224 people including a dozen americans. wait until you see or hear what this woman says to a college student waiting to talk to his advisor. it's a viral video. >> he with hear from david letterman about what it really feels like to call it quits on
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♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there.
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>> wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. it's been retweeted more than 7,000 times. kennesaw state university student kevin bruce who is black was trying to meet with his advisor. >> he recorded the incident where he was not so politely asked to leave. >> i can call security. you can fill out the forms like anyone else does. >> i'm waiting to talk to someone. i'm not harassing no one. >> sitting here until someone is available is harassing them. >> that's not harassing. >> it is. would you like me to call
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campus security? >> okay. >> when you go to see an advisor, sometimes you have to wait. bruce says he called to see his advisor, but he can't seem to get through to that person and so he came to the building to wait. the #it'sbiggerthanksu has been trending nationally. ken saw state tells us -- kennesaw state tells us they're working to straighten this it out. singer robin thicke learned some news no son wants to hear. his dad is just as famous as he is. ailanthic admitted he listens -- alan thick admitted he listens to his son's music when he's romancing his wife. the song is sex therapy. his son said dad, i need you to give back all of my music
5:40 pm
immediately. signed ew. s there another high interest boxing match tonight -- there's another high interest boxing match tonight in, many corner mitt romney and in in corner -- in this corner mitt romney and in this corner evander holyfield. >> i saw some film of mitt romney's workout and he's not quick. let me just tell you. >> he did say stay away from holyfield's ear. >> he's lost some hand speed. hard to believe david letterman is down to his last four shows. his final guests on wednesday will be tom hanks and bill murray. >> let's take a preview. >> i'm naked and afraid because and it's so cliche, but i'll share it with you anyway.
5:41 pm
any enormous uprooting change in my life has petrified me, but once i've come through the other side the reward has been unimaginable. i don't think i'll ever be back in this building honestly. >> reporter: because? >> i think it would just be too difficult for me, emotionally too difficult for me because i just don't want to come back and see others living our lives. >> dude, you're really, really rich and you're going to be relaxing at home. i'm not feeling your pain. letterman tells pauley he's not going away even though he's retiring. tonight's guests oprah and norm mcdonald. >> he could be rich and still feel things. >> he'll be living the life of
5:42 pm
riley. >> but remember he's been doing this so many years. >> that's why he's so very rich. the party is over at this massive home on dupont circle, why a judge ordered the homeowner to pull the plug on the giant gatherings. >> tonight is the big night for the wizards. we'll see if d.c. can indeed rise to occasion. dave owen
5:43 pm
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right now at 5:45 a series of burglaries in fairfax county may be connected to an organized crime family in chicago. the thieves are taking high end jewelry. this reston homeowner lost about eight grand worth. at 6:00 peggy fox talks with that homeowner about how the thief got through a deadbolt lock and what she's doing now to help prevent it from happening to anybody else. police in prince william county hope this new billboard on jefferson davis highway helps bring killers to justice. last february three men walked into the platanios grocery in woodbridge and shot and killed glenda marisol romero. they left without taking money, but if you have information
5:46 pm
that leads to an arrest, you could be eligible for a reward. we told you about this property as a venue for wedding and concerts, but the loud noise resulted in dozens of complaints from neighbors. today a judge ordered jeffries to knock it out inform he gets a business license. he has -- it off until he gets a business license. he has to pay $8,000 in fines. today on the capitol lawn president obama offered his condolences and gratitude to families at the national peace officer service. >> we hold them up always heroes bouts that's -- as heroes because that's what they are. it takes a special kind of courage to be a peace officer, to be the 1 people turn to in their most desperate moments,
5:47 pm
be willing to run into a dangerous situation when everybody else is running the other way. >> the president said the government needs to make sure officers have the resources they need to do their job. in tonight's health alert chronic fatigue syndrome, many people who feel they have the syndrome people as though doctors don't take their seriously, but a recent report hopes to change that. in the report the institute of medicine calls chronic fatigue syndrome legitimate and serious. >> the disease is real. that's the most critical piece. secondly, it gives them clear guidelines to make the diagnosis. >> if a patient has profound fatigue and can't partake inivity its over six months -- in activities over six months and if sleep does not help, chronic fatigue syndrome hits people in middle age and affects many more women than men. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate.
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>> second leg of the triple crown, kind of concerned about a shower or thunderstorm, 82 to 86 degrees, perhaps we'll get lucky. some of the computer models are putting the showers more south. 3-degree guarantee, we went 78 today. how did we do? we'll talk about it tonight at 11:00. live look outside, fantastic, 76 now, within 3 degrees, humidity in check, 48%, winds south at 10. milder tonight, just an isolated shower primarily west of i-81. they're diminishing now. highs in the 80s with afternoon storms both saturday and sunday. in fact, i think we'll see more storms, a little more numerous on sunday. check your radar with our app or go to our website you, too, can click on futurecast and see where the forms are moving if you're
5:49 pm
grilling out. that said if you want to plant flowers tomorrow, do it in the morning. 10:00 tonight, 70 downtown, upper 60s in the suburbs, pretty nice night. 8 a.m. still mild, upper 60s to around 70, sunshine. by 1:00 now i see showers starting to develop especially west of town. you folks toward winchester, luray, up into martinsburg and hagerstown, we'll have showers around lunchtime until 2:00, 3:00 in the immediate metro area before they really develop. they'll roll through. 6:00 there's a little shower near baltimore. hit or miss for the breakness. i'm feeling confident they'll be okay. look at the showers and storms down toward culpeper. by 6:00, 7:00, they begin to wane. overnight tomorrow night you could have a leftover shower north of up to, upper 60s in the burbs, low downtown.
5:50 pm
tonight isolated shower possible mainly north and west, low temperatures 60 to 65. day planner, most of the sun in the morning, 67 to start, 74 at 9:00, 78 by 11:00 and 83 by 1:00. next three days pretty much the same deal, 85 saturday and sunday, better chance of storms on sunday, even better chance of storms monday, mid-80s. next seven days we delay the cold front, so tuesday will be warm and unsettled with showers and storms, nats back in town, gorgeous. mid-70s on thursday, beautiful and also on friday back near 80 with the nats still in town. in tonight's consumer alert the marks end mixed on the last day of trading on wall treat. the dow was up 20 points, but the nasdaq lost more than two points. honda adds nearly 5 more million cars to its faulty tay
5:51 pm
takata air bag problem. there's a leak that can cause them to rupture and explode. this brings the total number of cars recalled for those problem air bags to 33 million. the washington wizards looking to avoid elimination tonight as they oh the hawks in game no. 6 of their series. >> our dave -- host the hawks in game no. 6 of their series. >> our dave owens is live tonight. >> reporter: the wizards warming up behind me, drew gooden getting in a little splash work, will bynum over there dropping it like it's hot, getting one off the glass there. i get it the pacers were the opponents last year, but wizards were down three games to two and were the underdog and had to play at home to try to keep their season alive.
5:52 pm
this year the story has been about john wall. he's going to play tonight. that's not breaking any news, the team saying that hand/wrist did not swell up after game five, so things looking really good for john wall. it's going to be about pain thresholds for him tonight. we shall see, john wall a big part of what the wizards try to do. he's the wall star. of course, injuries always a part of every sport no matter what the level. it's a pretty good segway to our high school weekly feature this week. we'll head over to rockville where a young lady experienced the unexpected, but she was able to turn that pain into something prosperous. head coach john norton is sitting his star player devin gett for the entire season. >> that was terrible hard. that really set in a chain of events. >> reporter: it's not that he doesn't want her to play. instead he's simply doing what's best for the student atmosphere heat. >> my knee and ankle wore
5:53 pm
outwards and i fell the other way. >> reporter: this past fall goetz tore her acl playing field hockey. coach stepped in with a mandate, sit out this season and fully heal. >> i was worried i wouldn't be able to play collegiate sports and i was concerned about leaving my team. >> reporter: she didn't have to leave the team. coach horton had another plan up his sleeve. his star player would become his star assistant. it's working. her former teammates say coach goetz is both supportive. >> they has this drive and push that's like infectious. >> reporter: and brutally honest. >> keep the center of your body. >> she'll tell you straight up how it is, you need to work on this, you need to fix that. >> reporter: all in all the plan worked. the rockets made the playoffs, goetz made the best of a tough situation. >> you make a great play or tiful
5:54 pm
hit, i've never seen someone so pumped. >> reporter: cool stuff. coming up at 6:20 we'll talk about john wall embracing the brace. this guy dribbles with this thing. can you believe it? that's why he's a pro and i'm not. >> that's actually a pretty good attempt. i didn't know you had that skill, dave. >> day of can't dribble without that brace on. thank you, sir. a suspected high end burglar is behind bars tonight. at 6:00 how you can help investigators catch as many as three others they say helped pull off the break-ins. >> plus why u.s. officials say there is not a lot of hope left that anybody survived
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
by luna. >> 877-241-luna. right now a missing u.s. marine helicopter on a mission to help earthquake victims in nepal has been found. the military says it is unlikely anyone survived. susan mcguiness reports from washington. >> reporter: searchers in neophile found the u.s. helicopter missing since -- in nepal found the u.s. helicopter missing since tuesday. >> it is unlikely that there are any survivors at this time because of the nature of the wreckage. >> reporter: freezing temperatures and violent storms forced crews to suspend recovery operations. >> we cannot afford to put service members at any further risk. >> reporter: the chopper went down in southeastern nepal about halfway between katmandu
5:58 pm
and mount everest. >> the wreckage was found in approximately 11,000 feet in extremely dense forest and exceptionally rugged terrain. >> reporter: the crew had been part of the u.s. effort delivering supplies to remote villages after a devastating earthquake killed more than 8,000 people. friday president obama asked for prayers for the marines' families. >> they went to that remote land to help people who suffered devastating losses in the terrible earthquake. they represent a truth that guides our work around the world, . when our friends are in need, america helps. >> reporter: the victims' families have been notified and the military is investigating the cause of the crash. >> the rescue team from fairfax helping with those efforts in neophile will return home tomorrow morning. virginia task force -- nepal will return home tomorrow morning. virginia task force one was part of the group that rescued a teenager nearly five days after the first quake. that teen will fly in from dubais -- team will fly in from
5:59 pm
dubais and is expected to land at 6:30 a.m. new details in that mansion fire in one of d.c.'s wealthiest neighborhoods. the police chief says three of four victims were beaten or cut before the fire was intentionally set. i'm bruce leshan, this story coming up. >> reporter: first responders in philadelphia talk for the first time about the chaos after the derailment of amtrak 188. i'm scott broom in philadelphia, coming up how cell phone tracking helped. >> reporter: a series of burglaries in fairfax county may be related to an organized crime family out of chicago. i'm peggy fox. coming up i'll tell you about the video surveillance have a little that caught one of the suspects on -- that caught one of the suspects on camera. chilling new details on the four people found dead inside of a burning home in northwest d.c. thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. police chief cathy lanier told us who those people were and
6:00 pm
perhaps how they died. our bruce leshan is live with the newest information. >> reporter: a couple take- aways from the news conference that just wrapped up within the hour. one, the police chief says that someone beat, cut or stabbed three of the four victims, the four intentionally setting fire to that $4 million mansion near the naval observatory and the vice president's house. from the police report it is clear that includes two of the adults and the 10-year-old boy phillip. the chief also says that investigators are expanding the timeline. they want to know if anyone saw anything suspicious at the mansion on woodland drive on wednesday in addition to thursday when someone set the fire. the chief also confirmed the identities of all the victims,


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