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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630pm  CBS  May 31, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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gunfire breaks out in a neighborhood park in prince georges county. one person is dead. three are hurt. hello, i am debra alfarone. >> i am bruce johnson. breaking news tonight. families, including children, were enjoying ardmore park this afternoon when gunfire erupted. county police say a car rolled up, shots rang out from one of the vehicle's windows into a crowd of people on the basketball court. >> four people were hit. one is now dead. garrett is live on the scene in springdale where he talked to witnesses and police. >> reporter: you can tell by the size. crime scene behind me this is a very big and on the weekends a very active community park. i spoke to some folks who have
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been coming here sunday for decades and they have never seen or heard of anything like today's brazen midday drive by shooting. police say around 2:30 this afternoon a car carrying at the least one gunman rolled into the parking lot at the ardmore park and opened tire. the shooting happened near the back of the parking lot towards the basketball courts. bullets struck at least four people, including an older man here pitching horseshoes, who was hit in the stomach. he was able to walk to an ambulance. two other people suffered serious injuries, and one of them later died at a hospital. across the parking lot in the park's community center a large gathering of people was enjoying a crab feast with their music blaring. they had no idea i am told what happened until a young boy ran inside in tears. >> we were sitting inside eating crabs, okay? some kind of family reunion. this nine-year-old kid came in and said somebody is dead in the parking lot. he said somebody's been shot. >> reporter: now, police tell me they have been getting a lot of
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cooperation so far and they are hoping to get at least a suspect vehicle description out here in the not too distant future. a lot of folks in this neighborhood are made nervous by this situation today not just because of what happened. because of where we are just across the street over here on my right shoulder is an elementary school. reporting live in prince georges county, garrett h a nice play ke. >> police are looking into the possibility that the shooting is related to another fatal shooting last night in nearby glenarden. at this point there is no evidence to suggest that just yet. there was a viewing today for the family at the center of that horrific quadruple homicide in northwest washington two weeks ago. family and friend paid respects to savvas, amy and phillip savopolous at joseph gawler and sons funeral home. tomorrow a funeral service. right now friends of the
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family's housekeeper veralicia figueroa are raising money to send her back to native el salvador. the investigation into the legislation continues in evening. one suspect, daron wint is in custody. secretary of state john kerry will be flying back to the united states aboard a plane with special medical equipment after breaking his leg in a bicycle crash in switzerland. doctors recommended the special flight to ensure that he remains stable and comfortable. he was taken by helicopter to a hospital crashing. it forced him to scrap the rest of a four nation trip. the president and first lady michelle obama today paid a visit to vice president joe biden and his family to express condolences following the deaths of the vice president's son. beau biden died of brain cancer yesterday at the age of 46. he was being treated at walter reed national medical center in
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bethesda, maryland. vice president biden said in a statement last night the entire family is saddened beyond words. hissen tire family was at his bedside at the end. no funeral arrangements announced that point. now it looks like storms are heading this way. >> that's right. monday morning. let's head over to first alert meteorologist howard bernstein. >> we may get an isolated shower or storm tonight. yellow alert tomorrow. this evening we are tracking a lot of activity from west virginia and up in pennsylvania. we had a couple of severe storms towards the shenandoah valley. nothing right now is severe. we have a couple of downpours and really you can see over the last hour how things have weakened. in montgomery county this is weakening. this shower as it crossed 270 moving towards the northeast. maybe a few sprinkles out of the
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rockville area. there is a heavier downpour that is following crossing the river out of fairfax. going to past south of dawrence town and north of potomac as it's moving to the northeast. this shower towards falls orchard at 6:42. gaithersburg at 6:53. 92 today. seventh time this month we have been 90 or more. we are down to 86 in town with some of the rain showers. it did pour in hey market. they are at 77 right now. 80 in damascus with a couple sprinkles headed your way. waldorf on the toasty side and owings at 85. a stray shower this evening or storm. warm and muggy. 83 by eight. the 80 at ten. 78 at midnight. i will be back in a few minutes talking about record heat and yellow alert days to start june in a few minutes. bruce and debra, back to you. lots of people were taking advantage of that summer-like weather that howard was talking about. for all kinds of outdoor
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activities here on the potomac river small boats, paddle boats cruising along the water there. on the national mall was on the volleyball court. >> i was taking in the good weather and hanging out with friends and getting some play in. >> not sure who won, but that looks like everyone is having a good time that still ahead on wusa 9, why some celebrities are getting together this this area for a deserving group of young men and women. we are tracking the storms moving evening. well, sir. after some serious consideration i'd like to put in my 15-year notice. you're quitting!? technically retiring, sir. with a little help from my state farm agent i plan to retire in 15 years. wow! you're totally blindsiding me here. who's gonna manage your accounts?
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we know the name of the man fatally shot yesterday. 722-year-old pierre edwards of northeast washington was killed in the 2800 block of hornbeam court. police do not believe this was a random shooting. a reward of some $25,000 now being offered for information leading to an arrest in this case. members of the u.s. marines and some celebrities got together to make a deserving group of young men and women fool like princes an princesses for the day. >> stephanie ramirez tells us they had their own sind cinderella ball. >> reporter: rg-3, honorary draft pick isaiah austin and robert may have 'em seed and presented. but the real stars today are these young men and women.
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sons and daughters of military personnel who are disabled or have life-threatening illnesses. today they got the royal treatment. a cinderella ball or prom that even included 30 members from the u.s. marine corps base in quantico. guests looked gorgeous and couldn't be more excited. >> everybody is here and it's awesome. >> reporter: a.j. bores mow was peppering me up with espanol. >> i hear you are quite the dancer. >> thanks. >> reporter: is that true? >> they are awesome together. they have a fabulous time. they are normal kids. >> reporter: we could only stay up until the awards. after is the dance. the event is hosted by the house incorporated student leadership center. a nationally recognized youth development program. this is the tenth annual national capitol cinderella ball. new this year are more scholarships for the men and women. the house, inc.'s founder says the goal is to help young adults grow educationally and
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socially. >> when we find their peers that are sidelined socially and to events like a prom, we know that that's unacceptable. >> they took a dance in the evening. it's just absolutely wonderful to watch their faces. it's terb risk. >> we find out kinds of friends. >> they treat him like a prince and they roll out the marines out there, it's spectacular. >> reporter: in d.c., stephanie ramirez, wusa 9 news. this year's ball took place on pennsylvania avenue at the willard continental. coming up, quite a scare in manhattan when an air-conditioning unit falls from the sky. >> and residents in the lone star state trying to recover from days of severe storms. we are going to have
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a terrifying moment in midtown manhattan this morning. the cables on a crane lifting an air-conditioning unit apparently snapped and the unit fell some
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30 stories to the ground below. ten people were hurt in the accident. two were con construction workers. the rest pedestrians. people in passing cars hit by falling debris. the crane is now leaning against the high-rise building. floods and severe weather in texas has devastate the lone star state. 27 people have died and ten are still missing tonight. preliminary damage estimates show that the flooding from recent rains in the houston area over the weekend are at least $45 million. are these big storms? >> the ones we have tonight? >> yeah. >> they are a couple of big ones in the mountains. nothing severe. the stuff in the metro is isolated to montgomery county. looks like a decent evening. i mean, warm and muggy out there. temps in the 80s for most of us. we have one more really uncomfortable day and then it's going to get closer to where it
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should be. average high now is 80. here is doppler right now. a lot of activity in pennsylvania and in the mountains. locally, though, been tracking a couple of lone showers that have been near the metro. you notice over the last hour things have really kind of weakened significantly expect for this guy right here in southwestern montgomery county. it's packing a punch. it's not severe, but there have been torrential downpours in these showers today because of the juicy atmosphere. you can see is north of potomac. over towards great seneca highway, this is moving to the northeast. over towards falls orchard in a few minutes. rockville 6:50. brookeville at 7:13. it's moving about 20 miles per hour or so. the biggest stuff, more active where we've got lightning and thunder in the mountains of west virginia. is moving northeast west of romney approaching fort ashby right now out of the more field
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area. there is a cluster of lightning to the northeast. cumberland east. maybe berkeley springs over the next 30, 40 minutes if this moves right into towards allegheny county out of west virginia. locally what a pretty night we have got in washington right now. great afternoon to be on a sailboat. still 86. with the dewpoint at 70, feels like 91 out there. winds out of the south at 13 miles per hour. and temperatures still toasty. especially in fredericksburg. 88 degrees there. some rain cooled 70s here for parts of the shenandoah valley. across the bay 84 in easton. 92 today. seventh time this month we have been 90 or more. last year we hit 90 once in the month of may. in 1991 we averaged 73.0 degrees. our records go back to 1872. if that holds, and i think it probably will, the new record 73.2. a record we probably didn't
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want but we have the warmest may in washington history. hot and humid one more day. that's going to be monday. yellow alert day monday and tuesday because we will have afternoon and evening thunderstorms on monday. much cooler by tuesday. in the 70s. and more showers tuesday. so right now we will keep the yellow alert going. you can see the moisture from really mississippi. we have one cluster of moisture in pennsylvania and new york. so a lot of available moisture for some heavy downpours. that's the case tomorrow afternoon and evening. here is the futurecast. morning is quiet. midday things are going to start to pop. mid to late afternoon, evening, some heavier showers and storms. some could be lingering tuesday to wednesday depending how far south that front gets. and even that's a little bit in question. 66 to 74 tonight with the isolated mainly evening showers and storms. otherwise, warm and muggy. tomorrow morning partly sunny. warm. humid. we are going to rise quickly into the low-to-mid 60s by lunchtime and then the afternoon showers and storms. some could be severe to highs
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85 to 90. on tuesday more showers. especially south. wednesday more showers. in the 70s. we head towards the second half of the week we will warm up. with that front nearby, what's left of it, can't totally eliminate the shower or thunderstorm chance. nats will be back. we have the games on friday night and saturday right here on wusa 9. >> okay. like howard said, it's been a tough road trip. it continues today. tough weekend continues for the nats. been a month since we have seen what you're about to see, gang. cincy treating washington with disdain. bring out the brooms. the tr
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now wusa 9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> got to go back to april 25th to find a time when the nats lost a series. calm down, guys.
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since then nine straight series wins and aperch atop the national league east. nats trying to avoid the sweep treatment this afternoon. let's get to pete rose. >> i know that go. >> makes since. cincinnati. pete rose. he is allowed to be in the stands. tanner o'rourke, his pitches not staying in the park. michael taylor has had five rbis in two days. yesterday he filled in for bryce harper. today doing some good stuff. we got a close ballgame. bullpen trying to keep it close. matt grace. no. lit up like a christmas tree. didn't retire anybody. giving up six runs. the nats are swept 8-2. afterwards matt williams says fatigue hurting his bullpen. >> they have been pushed, you know, with the short starts and the spot start, pushed a lot on
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this road trip. you know, it helps if we go deep in a game from a starter's perspective. >> not making pitches. that's the bottom line, you know. balls out of the zone. not ahead of guys. that's what happens. >> give him credit. he is a stand-up guy. kids day down at orioles park. great stuff. delmon young. young and the wests. two home runs today. his first two of the season. that's a way to get on the board. boy, steven souza had himself a week. local a po lose a steven excuse -- local a po lose a, stevenuza. 2-3 baltimore. baseball. baseball down a level. if you are a maryland fan it's hard to keep up with your squad's tourney journey. they are on the west coast and they will start times 10 or 11:00 eastern. yikes. howie, that's way past your bedtime. that's why i'm here to report the terps are alive and well
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and streaking through the college baseball playoffs. last night was the lamont wade show. remember that great catch friday night? check this out. base knock to center and wade comes up with the hose. khristov bonnel trying to score. and that is right on the money. awesome. inning over. bottom of the third. we saw him do it with the arm. how about the stick? leading off. hits a solo shot to right. terps bullpen pitched seven scorelessless and advance to go tonight's regional final. they beat ucla. more information on these great terps here. working its magic again. a perfect 2-0 in the l.a. regional. last night knocking off the top seed. double elimination tournament. they have some work to do. outfield assist and a homer last night. a miss of a homer on friday night. like i said, they will face the winner of ucla and bakersfield at 11. looking to advance to the second straight super regional. wow. doing some good stuff. time to get you updated on
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nascar. a little history here. even if you don't know a lot about racing, you know names like dale jr., jeff gordon, jimmie johnson. the last guy, johnson, has done just about everything in the sport. today another milestone. looks look at this video. nascar up the road in dover. look at that guy. paratroopers coming in. 175. here comes the wreck.familiar face. the jimmie johnson goes on to win. his record tenth career win at the monster mob. jimmie johnson doing it again. golf. final round. beautiful. well, no, that's not beautiful. sorry about that. i did not mean to say that. that's flooding going on there actually. i jumped the gun there. birdie putt at 16. the drop. next holenerburdi putt. he gets that to drop. finally, gang, coming up
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tonight a jam packed show for you. holden kushnir to talk nats and stephen strasburg. washington just finished their otas. a skins player with a local tie. and gio gonzalez like you have never seen him before. an exclusive look at its the nats pitcher. so that's sports at 7:30. we are out of time. thanks for watching. we will see you back here at 11. >> don'
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> good morning. >> good morning, chief. >> whitaker: chief calvin williams is trying to reform his police force while working in one of america's most violent cities. you've got a predominantly black city and a majority white police force. does that need to change? >> if you come from the premise that, you know, only an african american can police other african americans, then we're all doomed to failure. >> stahl: it's getting harder and harder for the world to meet the demand for fresh water. so as you'll see tonight, more and more is being pumped from deep underground.


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