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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  July 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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court today. another major church votes in favor of same-sex marriage. try a recipe that calls for adding peas to guacamole has social media buzzing this morning. the news starts right now. good morning and welcome to wusa9 at 6:00 a.m., it is thursday, july 1. we could see some showers today, but the payoff could be slightly cooler temperatures. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm nick giovanni. we are half way through 2015 already. happy mid year to everybody. we are celebrating with our team of trackers. how are we shaping up today? so far, so good. >> some people will need the umbrella and extra time to travel. parts of 66, and the rain time is here through the district and just about a half an hour. so, here we go.
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she's timing me. okay, take a look at our michael and son camera. a lot of areas are dry and cloudy and a little hazy. we have some smoke from a canadian wild fire trailing through our area. 74 degrees. it's warm, it's going to stay warm, but not too hot. take a look at doppler 9,000. this is going to be our setup this afternoon and into tomorrow. showers here, headed to the district very soon, maybe some light showers. right through fairfax, right along 66. right through the beltway is going to be wet and 270 is wet as well. high temperatures today into the mid 80s. live on georgia avenue in wheaten. i have good news and i have bad news. the good news is, the water main break here on georgia avenue has been fixed. the bad news, the road above it has not. take a look. you can see the situation here on georgia avenue. the north and southbound lanes of traffic are splitting and they are now sharing the northbound lanes. the morning rush will be this way until crews can get out
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here and fix this road and they won't be here until after 9:00 to begin their work. so, morning commuters, this is what your drive will look like. however, it was a different scene yesterday, way worse than we are now. the 68-year-old pipe burst sending more than 2 million- gallons of water through the road, down the street, georgia avenue really looks like a river. water rushed into businesses and to homes and several families were forced to leave their houses. >> actually, we're okay. but the water on the room and we are afraid if something happens with us. >> this is the second time those families have had to leave their homes because of that same water main breaking. now crews will be back out here again after 9:00 to start fixing that road and they don't have a time line as to when that will be opened up. coming up, i'll tell you why after all that is fixed, crews will be back out here digging
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up another section of the road. live in wheaten, i'm nikki, wusa9. >> all right, nikki, thank you. talking about alternate routes to get around that headache, consider kent mill road as well as veers mill road as an alternate to get you around that situation. meantime, no issues on metro. everything is running on schedule. and around the metro, pretty much problem-free other than that situation in wheaten. again, no issues on the inner or outer loop. 295 free and clear of any problems. no issues on 50 as well. your next update coming up in ten minutes. >> it is 6:04. good morning if you're just waking up, this is mike hydeck. you must aboard by the supreme court ruling on same-sex marriage. that's the order from the fifth circuit court. telling officials in louisiana, mississippi, and texas, it is the law of the land and they need to abide by it. wednesday's order was issued on the same day a federal judge in
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alabama told counties in that state that they need to abide by that decision as well. and there are also changes taking place in the episcopal church when it comes to gay marriage. voted overwelmingly to allow gay marriages in the churches. the vote came wednesday at the denomination's national assembly. >> i think we finally got our courage together and i'm very happy. >> i think we'll find, give it a year or two, that this will probably not be the big issue we talked about. >> now the new york based churning of nearly 1.9 million members is known for electing the first openly gay episcopal bishop in 2003. that was in massachusetts. since then, many diocese allows priests to perform civil same- sex weddings. under the new rules, clergy can decline to perform the new ceremonies. happening today, the man charged in the mansion murders
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faces a judge. darren wednt will appear with his new private attorney inside a d.c. superior courtroom and this will be his first hearing in his quadruple murder case. the 34-year-old is the sole suspect in the may murders, but police right now telling us they are actively looking for more suspects. investigators have physical and dna evidence linking wednt to the murders of his former boss. his wife, son, and housekeeper all inside the woodly park mansion in northwest washington. prosecutors say he committed these crimes, not alone, but they say he did so for $40,000 ransom. wednt was born in south america and told could face deportation as a result of these first- degree murder charges. coming up at 6:30, i'll have much more on his immigration stay it status and how that led to hire this new attorney. for now we're live outside d.c.
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superior court, wusa9. >> a maryland man accused of jumping the white house fence learned his fate today. could get up to a year in prison, plus face a fine. the 23-year-old has been in custody since secret service agents arrested him last october. also charged in the district with illegally entering the white house grounds last july. police say they caught the man who torched a cvs store during the rioting in baltimore. that is a 24-year-old baltimore man. he is accused of committing the crime during the protest over freddie gray's death in police custody. carter was taken into custody yesterday after a foot chase in the federal hill area. investigators believe he acted alone. >> and former baltimore mayor, seau la dixon, apparently wants to make a comeback. she plans to run for mayor again. dickson, a democrat resigned after she was found guilty of embezzlement. some renewed optimism this
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morning that greece's financial crisis could soon be resolved. greece's finance minister says he believes the deal with leaders could be reached following sunday's referendum. voters decide whether they are willing to endure more belt tightening. the greek finance minister says both sides remain quote, very close on cost cutting reforms. >> there is just nothing left. those are the words of people living in one washington state neighborhood that has gone up in flames. at its peek, the sleepy hollow wile fire was relentless. consumed 29 homes and damaged four businesses. a number of homeowners have returnedded to see what's left of their homes, if anything. new claims of wikileaks. >> the nsa targeted several people inside the government beyond chancellor. >> wusa9 is back after this, but first, here's erica with a look at weather and who is seeing rain now. >> we don't have rain yet in northwest d.c., but it is on
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the approach. you saw it at the beginning of the show on doppler 9,000, we have a lot of clouds in place. those clouds will remain with us for most of the day and another round of showers and thunderstorms will develop this afternoon. high temperatures in the mid 80s today. more rain for friday. but what about that all important fourth of july holiday? we'll have the forecast coming up in
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welcome back. it's 6:10, i'm erica grow. we still have those showers moving through the metro area heading toward the beltway. so if you don't have rain falling yet, you will have rain within the next hour. right now, it is 74 in downtown washington. 65 up in hagerstown and it's 70
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degrees right now in charlottesville. 68 at andrews. we're going to see cloud cover really hanging on throughout much of the day. a little bit of a peek of sunshine from time to time. but that little bit of sunshine will provide the instability that gets showers and thunderstorms rolling again. plus, there's an area of low pressure on the way for friday. we'll keep that instability in the forecast not only today, but also tomorrow. 79 degrees at 1:00. 84 at 3:00. and we'll reach a high of 85 degrees around 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. cooler temperatures tomorrow, but then a nice weekend on tap. we'll talk about it in the first alert seven-day. time for time saver traffic. >> for those of you in prince georges county, good morning to you, no issues on 50 this morning. free and clear on westbound and eastbound side. bw parkway 95 on the maryland side free and clear of any problems and the topside of the beltway in college park and parts of silver spring, no issues this morning. we're off to a great start. southern maryland, all lanes are open on 301 at route 5. no issues for you this morning.
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if you're traveling eastbound, just expect some volume on the eastbound side as you make your way into the beltway. coming up, we'll have your drive times around the metro, we'll send it over to you. >> another shark attacks a swimmer in north carolina. >> plus, this is plead week.
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always watching. alms tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. d.c.'s most accurate. >> 6:15, we are tracking some rain showers in our area. >> moving right through the district, and starting off to be light, but heavy pretty soon. so, grab the umbrella and probably an extra couple minutes. we'll have showers and the chance for showers and thunderstorms is going to stick around throughout today and tomorrow. our best rain chances setting us up for a better fourth of july weekend. take a look at our michael and son camera. the clouds are in place. you can't see rain just yet, but it's coming. temperatures are comfortable. 74 degrees. we're going to head to the mid 80s, so the clouds are here and so is rain. it will keep us below average until sunday. our temperatures are going to be a few degrees below average. tomorrow will be our coolest day. doppler 9,000 is very busy. we have good downpours, but not tracking any lightning in the
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region right now. here are the downpours. just some light rain as you head through the eastern parts. as you head back to the west through just north of alexandria, these will slide right on over and the chance for rain will kind of fall behind it as well. these showers off to the north and west have been pouring for areas along 270 north of germantown, south of frederic, but back on to the west, it continues to have light rain following the heavier downpours. i expect rain on and off today really. our boundary setting up farther south of us is stalled out. that leaves a nice little platform for some of these showers to just push on through for today and tomorrow before we see things settle down a little bit. here's a look at your forecast. your future cast, and really it's the idea, are we going to have passing showers not only today, but tomorrow. we really don't want to take any pinpoint of an exact time or place throughout the next couple of days.
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keep the umbrella with you. 85 for today. 80 for tomorrow. by saturday, we'll be dryer, a few showers here or there. but i think the fireworks are going to be nice. by sunday, dryer, near 90 for monday and tuesday. all right, larry, what do you got going on? >> looks like we have issues on metro on the red line for you this morning. we have single tracking going on between medical center because of an earlier issue outside of tenlytown. we can expect delays in both directions this morning. if you're going to be traveling on i-270, as we just heard from allison, watch out for rain in the forecast there, but also slippery roads as well. you want to decrease the speed, increase the distance between you and the driver. from middle brook road to the beltway, 13 minute commute this morning. no issues on 66. all lanes are open. traffic flowing freely. you're looking at a 19 minute commute. for those of you making the
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trek up 95, up toward the beltway, no issues there. a 15 minute commute for you on westbound on 50 from mlk highway to l street northwest. you're looking at a 17 minute commute. let's take cameras and show you how things are shaping up. you can see traffic is fairly light on both sides. again, typical for a thursday morning, overall, fairly light and luckily accident-free. we'll send it over to you. in the news right now, wikileaks is out, what could be proof the national security agency spied on senior german officials beyond chancellor murkle. other documents, wikileaks says those numbers belong to senior officials of germany's economy and finance ministries. this information comes two years after murkle's phone has been targeted by the nsa. the united states is another step closer to
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normalizing diplomatic relations with cuba. president obama announced the two will reopen embassies and appoint ambassador it is. in a letter hand delivered to leaders, they want full diplomatic ties to be restored july 20. >> we don't have to be imprisoned bythe past. when something isn't working, we can, and will change. this is what change looks like. >> opponents remain skeptical. cuba's government is demanding an end to the u.s. embargo and the return of the u.s. naval base at guantanamo bay in order for relations to be fully restored. >> a baseball sized chunk taken out of his right knee. that's how one witness describes the aftermath of another shark attack. a 68-year-old man was bitten around noon yesterday. he was air lifted to the hospital with serious wounds. >> like right as i had gotten out of the water, that guy got bit. so i just felt kind of a sense
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of lucky to get out of there. >> this marks the seventh attack along the state's coast in the last three weeks. >> the haitian prime minister calls it a humanitarian crisis. now protesters are taking to the streets of miami demanding a boycott if the dominican republic goes through with the crackdown on migrants. deporting noncitizens who not submit. many migrants are haitian. >> we will not stop until justice is served because this is injustice. >> the two countries shared the island. more than 14,000 people have crossed the border into haiti. that includes people being deported and those leaving voluntarily. >> this morning, more than a thousand young men and women are waking up for the first time as plebes at the u.s.
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naval academy. the class of 2019 arrived. >> it is 6:00 a.m. when the bus pulls into annapolis. >> woke up this morning thinking to myself, what am i doing? >> 1200 pleads and their parents arrive. >> i am excited to get started. i wanted to do something bigger and are different and have an opportunity to serve my country. >> last minute pictures with parents. >> i'm scared, i'm nervous. >> she has a lot of courage. >> before they say their good- byes. >> see you later. be safe. >> induction day is underway. after mom and dad, the next to go is the hair. lots and lots of hair. >> it's very becoming of an officer. very handsome, top gun for sure. >> last name, first name, middle initial. >> then it's new socks, new shoes, new hats, measurements for uniforms. >> stay on the left side of the chairs, do not run, walk.
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>> and their very first lesson. >> the first and last words out of your mouth will either be sir or ma'am. is that ?und. >> yes, sir. >> it's their first day of military service. 51 days of summer training. >> i just really look forward being able to mold these young men and women into leaders of the navy and marine corps for tomorrow. >> and these pleads will be ready for their next four years as mid shipmen. >> imagine that top gun line may come back to haunt that one new addition. this class is made up of 27% women. the most in class history. a new drug shows promise when it comes to helping americans lose weight s. >> plus, a federal investigation looks into whether u.s. airlines colluded to keep ticket prices higher. >> the rain moved into the beltway and it's going to be heavy at times. you can see that on doppler
6:23 am
9,000. areas in red, in arlington and along 66 and parts of fairfax county, those are areas that have rain falling and more than an inch per hour. we'll get a break in the action, but then more showers and thunderstorms develop. highs in the mid 80s. we'll talk about the threat
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at 6:25, here's something you may have missed. the justice department is investigating several airlines for possibly working together to limit the number of available seats to keep air fares high. >> the government requested information from carriers as part of its antitrust probe. >> the airline is under investigation are some of the industry heavy weights. americans, southwest, and united. all receive letters from the department of justice which american airlines has asked for documents and information from the last two years. related to statements and decisions about airline capacity. federal prosecutors want to know if airlines inspired to limit available seats. if true, that would keep air fares high, with four mergers since 2008, four airlines now control more than 80% of seats on u.s. planes and the average domestic air fair rose 13% from 2009 to 2014.
6:27 am
leading airlines to record profits. a spokesperson for the industry defended the airline saying it is customers who decide pricing. and our members compete vigorously every day in the traveling public has been the beneficiary. >> is this happening? keeping prices high rather than lower? >> almost certainly, no. >> industry analyst, josh marks. >> technology is so pervasive that airlines can watch in real time and make decisions almost instantly that change their level of capacity based on what somebody else is doing. >> current industry landscape has made accusations inevitable. the u.s. travel association says it is concerned these latest allegations could be another punch to the gut for already unhappy passengers. cbs news, washington. >> the u.s. government wants to put a stop to a new acquisition involving general electric.
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the justice department filed a lawsuit to stop electroluxe from buying ge's appliance division. dominate sales of kitchen appliances. ge will defend the sale in court. the company intends to complete the deal this year. well recently fda approved weight loss drug is becoming more widely available. it has given us a daily shot under the skin. most recent study published in this journal found the drug does, in fact, help weight loss. >> it tends to decrease emptying the stomach and lower hunger and increase. >> and there are some side effects like nausea and low blood sugar. study participates who took the drug lost 18.5-pounds.
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good morning and welcome back to wusa9. it is 6:29. thursday, july 2, i'm andrea roane, we're in for another day of rain. in fact, allyson said it would be here in 30 minutes and it's here in the district. >> sew, without further adieu, larry miller will be monitoring georgia avenue in just a moment. first erica and allyson, how long are we in for this rain? >> it will be on and off. it's pouring in some places. you'll need that umbrella and some extra time on the roads. let's take a look outside, or what do i have put up? doppler 9,000. all right, here we go. showers are quickly pushing on through. the district is just pretty wet, but we're not looking at any thunderstorms right now.
6:30 am
no lightning, but your commute will be hard to see out there. we have showers pushing out. so another 20 minutes for the eastern side of the beltway. as we head off to the north and west, 270, it's been wet for awhile. the roads continue to be wet. push off to the east, you're going to see more light showers fill right back in. all the way from near frederic, urbana, germantown. you'll see that wet weather stick around. now with the clouds in place, we are going to see temperatures in the mid 80s. it's not going to rain all day, but the chance of rain will be there with this set up. we'll get to the details on your holiday forecast in just a bit. i'm nikki live in wheaten. happening right now, traffic is starting to build up here on georgia avenue. this is all due to that water main break that we saw yesterday. the water main break has been
6:31 am
fixed. the bad news is that the two lanes are having to be shared by both northbound and southbound traffic. that's because the water main break has been fixed, but the road above it needs to be paveed. it's only going to get worse, at least we are better off than we were yesterday. take a look at this video. you can see water was covering the roads. more than 2 million-gallons of water burst through the road flooding the streets. the pipe that burst was 58 years old and several homes had to be evacuated and businesses were closed. one doctor here had to send all of his patients home and water flooded his office. >> we had to cancel the afternoon hours. i'm not sure what's going to happen. it's devastating. i'm fed up. >> reporter: he is fed up because this is the second time this has happened to his business.
6:32 am
the second time this same water main break has busted and caused flooding in his office. i want you to take another look at it. crews are going to be showing up in just a couple hours. i'm told that paving crews will be here after 9:00 and they will start paving this road. but that is not the end of it. even after they get this fixed, wssc says they will be back out here in the same area to dig up this road once again and permanently replace that water main. the work was already set up. another headache will be on the horizon. you have to make it through your morning rush hour. >> nikki, thank you. to gleet you around that trouble spot, ken kemp mill road will be your best bet. we have a lot of issues going on. first we stouterred off good.
6:33 am
red line, so delays in both directions, the on, blue, civil line. we also have an accident on the topside of the beltway here out in college park. the outer loop between baltimore avenue and the i-95 interchange. from our traffic land camera, we're not seeing much in the way of delays. just volume building up, but again, folks need to be mindful a z as you head out this morning. your next update coming up in ten minutes. later today, we should learn more about the charges against a man accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year- old girl in forestville. isaiah is accused of following the girl into an elevator on brooks avenue, then attacking her. the alleged incident happened back in may. happening today, the man charged with the mansion murders faces a judgtoday. the family of darren wednt recently hired a new private
6:34 am
attorney because of his experience in immigration law, even though this will be that lawyer's first murder case. the 34 faces first-degree murder charges and now deparration. investigators do not believe darren wednt acted alone. pros cue tossers will likely present physical and dna evidence linking wednt to the murders of his former boss, his wife, son, and housekeeper inside that woodly park mansion in northwest washington. prosecutors say he tortured and killed a family and the housekeeper all for a $40,000 ransom. wednt faces deportation, will be in the custody. we're told after he serves tomorrow. that is if he's found guilty against the charge against him.
6:35 am
we are expecting darren to plea today. delia goncalves, wusa9. >> 5,000 people got an early wakeup call and told to evacuate their homes in tennessee. that's because a tsx train carrying a toxic chemical derailed just after midnight. the csx tanker was carrying a chemical. moved to a mall because of the fumes. now it is used in acrylic fibers is highly flammable and toxic. it's listed as a carcinogen. it appears one of them caught fire. >> no injuries reported so far. 12 emergency worker haves to be decontaminated. the red cross is setting up a shelter. we'll bring you more as soon as
6:36 am
we get it. >> our newest newsroom colleague gets to vacation a lot longer than me. >> the story of this puppy, how he'll help wounded warriors. and if you're looking for something to do this holiday weekend, how about four free tickets to six flags america? >> just text six flags to 25543 gar your
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welcome back. i'm erica grow. it's a day where you want the rain gear if you have to walk to the metro or if you take the bus to get to work. take a look at doppler 9,000. i'm giving you a one hour loop. these are fairly fast moving, but very intense showers. in fact, i was just outside on the weather terrace and it was really coming downright here in northwest d.c. at the moment. current temperature is 70 in manassas. 65 in hagerstown. 68 at andrews. it's that kind of sticky, muggy atmosphere and now on the michael and son weather cam, we are starting to see the evidence of the rain falling. you can see that the rain is
6:40 am
over taking the washington monument. it's on the left of your screen. you can't see it anymore. we'll see a little bit of a break in the action as we head into the later morning and early afternoon, but then more showers and thunderstorms and a high of 85. we'll be at 79 at 1:00. 84 at 3:00 with that threat for showers and thunderstorms continuing. what about the holiday weekend? allison will have the answer for your travel plans and holiday plans in the first alert seven-day. right now, it's time for time saver traffic and larry miller. >> thank you so much. just want to give you a head's up. the right lane is blocked on pennsylvania avenue between wood yard road due to a disabled vehicle. so causing some minor delays. i want to give you a look from our traffic camera to show you how things are shaping up. no major delays this morning. be mindful of how the situation is shaping up as we had an earlier issue this morning. we'll send it to you.
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and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. welcome back. our time right now is 6:44. a recipe which calls for adding peas to guacamole? it's causing a big stir on social media. >> even politicians can agree that's where they draw the line. this pea controversy got president obama's attention. >> when it comes to guacamole, californians take the popular dip seriously. >> i love it. >> so imagine the foody furor that erupted on social media after the "new york times" tweeted a res pew recipe made with green peas. according to the paper, it's a radical move, completely obvious after you taste it.
6:45 am
>> the guacamole is only with an avacado. leave it o to new yorkers to talk about a pea. >> once word of the recipe spread on twitter, it stirred up plenty of reaction, earning the hashtag, guacamole gate. respect the "new york times," but not buying peas in guac. onions, hot peppers, asclsic. and it turns out, peas in guac is an issue both sides of the aisle can agree on. jeb bush tweeted, you don't put peas in guacamole. at the original farmer's market, jimmy shaw says don't expect to see peas added to his guacamole any time soon. >> i tend to stay with straightforward delicious guacamole. >> avacados. that's it. >> more than 80% of the nation's avacados come from california, which is why folks say taming guacamole with a
6:46 am
lesser vegetable would be desecration. >> i grew up eating guacamole with avocados, so not interested in peas. >> people are weighing in. many saying they are not willing to give peas a chance. in the fairfax district. >> there you have it, guacamole. >> no way. >> you cannot knock it until you try it. it's about changing the textures. >> i can. >> you heard it here. >> i'm not a big pea person. >> there goes peas in your guacamole. >> you can try it, you're our food person. >> i'm curious, there's definitely been some backlash. time to see what our partners are covering. >> good morning, charlie. >> we're covering guacamole and peas. >> hard news, my friend. >> hey, good morning nick and andrea. we'll talk with john miller
6:47 am
about terror warnings and increased security for the fourth of july celebrations, plus, dr. holly phillips on the newest diet drug. also, the cutting edge technology. and, incredible story of two sisters raised a world apart. who found each ore and are now shaking up the wine industry. all of that and more. the news is back in the morning, see you at 7:00. >> and we know kandahar lee will continue tracking guacamole. >> are you going to weigh in, charlie? will you try the peas? >> no. >> i will not put peas in guacamole. i can't imagine that. >> all right, appreciate it. allyson rae back with us, just checked the calendar. it says thursday, but let's be real. >> it's not? >> this is friday workweek for a lot of people. so, let's start talking about the weekend.
6:48 am
>> what was your question? >> grilling going to be safe throughout the weekend? >> today and tomorrow is going to be wet out there. friday, for the fourth of july, i think it's going to be dryer, not ruling out chances for rain on the fourth of july. we're going to get through most of it, today, and tomorrow. with that, temperatures stay cooler. let's take a look at doppler 9,000. it's wet out there and areas south of frederic, we have been seeing rain for a good while. so watch out for any ponding on the sides of the roads there, because that rain will continue and it is warm out there and a little on the muggy side. i want to bring your attention to what's going on behind or to the west of the district. we do see these big downpours pushing on through, but trailing behind it, these showers are building backwards. we are going to continue to see the chance of rain, even though the heaviest stuff is out of here. they will continue to track in the same line and see the showers continue. don't put those umbrellas away just yet. alexandria, but the rain is
6:49 am
pretty heavy. it's headed into bowie. off to the north, we're looking at some showers for awhile now. south of frederic, some lighter showers, but those oranges and yellows will be the heavier rain fall. it's wet, grab the warm. it will dry out in the middle of the day, but the chance for rain will continue. could be even more wet as this stationary boundary slides to our south or stays there. it is going to give us a nice little access for these showers to roll on through for the next 48 hours. 85 degrees today. we'll see moments of dryer weather this afternoon. 80 tomorrow, and your fourth of july, not too bad at all. 85 degrees. by sunday, a little hotter, but dryer, 88 degrees. larry, over to you. >> allison, thanks. we have a lot of issues popping up on metro. seeing some type of delays. the red line now, some single tracking between judiciary square and rhode island avenue.
6:50 am
on the orange, blue, and silver line, delays to largo and new carolton. folks on twitter are not happy about it. and a lot of shade is being thrown for what we have seen thus far. i want to take you to i-270 for those of you traveling southbound to the beltway. 11 minute commute. eastbound on 66. volume starting to build up in parteds of centerville. toward the beltway, a 19 minute commute. expect some volume starting to build up. but it's typical. still relatively light from what we would normally see during any given workday and westbound on 50 this morning from crane highway to 4th street northwest, you're looking at a 22 minute commute. let's show you how things are shaping up live, if we can, to show you how things are shaping up at the beltway. this is at route 1. you can see traffic is flowing. the weather is starting to take
6:51 am
a turn. folks need to increase the distance between and the person in front of you. >> determines who will face team u.s.a. in the world cup championship match. >> what a finish. plus, we'll take a look on efforts to patch up a local roadway. that's after the break. as you can see, i'm here at the white house, not to talk about the president that's in there right now, but the president that was here when the washington senators won the world series in 1924. that president, calvin coolage, who is also the newest racing president joining the corps 4, also taft. he makes his debut at nats park and listed as a 100-1 underdog. and that's your
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why are we watching this again? i pay for all these channels, so i make myself watch them all. joey, i'll watch anything except this.
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i'm nikki where the water main break here has been fixed, but the roadwork is just beginning. take a look. you can see crews starting to get their work underway. the next step will be after 9:00. they will start paving this so they can reopen these lanes. commuters coming through right now, the northbound and southbound traffic, they are sharing the northbound lanes. now i want to send it over to delia. >> the suspect in the mansion murders faces a judge here at d.c. superior court, darren wednt will appear with his new attorney who was hired because of his immigration law experience. even though this will be his first murder trial. darren wednt faces four counts of first-degree murder and now deportation to his native ghana. back to you in the studio. >> mandatory paid sick leave is coming to montgomery county. expected to sign a bill requiring that all employers
6:56 am
offer paid sick leave. workers will receive a minimum of one hour paid time off every 30 hours up to seven days per year. the measure affects nearly 100,000 county residents. the bill passed the county council in late june. japan will face off against team u.s.a. in the women's world cup final. after one of england's players accidentally scored in her own net. ouch. japan is going to face the american women sunday in a rematch of the 2011 championship game. allison. >> can't wait for that. today, grab the umbrella and some extra time if you can find it this morning. it's pouring in some areas. 85 degrees this afternoon. another good chance of rain for tomorrow. we'll start to dry out a little bit come the holiday weekend. >> everything is relatively quiet around the beltway, you know. so no major issues there. we talked about guacamole going on and much seeing the
6:57 am
delays. all but the yellow, so just account for that, with some additional drive time or commute time, anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. that's what we are hearing from commuters this morning. i think that's about it. here's a live look around the beltway. no issues there. >> and l.d. miller at wusa9, you understand the reference. >> you'll have to explain that later. >> cbs morning news is next. >> and co-pilots out, high-
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good morning. it is thursday july 2nd 2000156789 welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news overnight. a freight train derails spilling poisonous gas in east tennessee. thousands are forced to evacuate. >> police are on high alert for possible july 4th terror attacks. the nypd's john miller will assess the threat and what's being done to protect millions. >> and new technology is replacing co-pilots with digital pilots. we look at the changes that could save lives. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world


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