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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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remarkable new way to train officers to avoid the ferguson scenario by taking them out of the academy into the community. scott broom is in waldorf to tell us more about this new strategy there. >> reporter: well, that is unique to get officers out of the academy and in front of members of the public. let's not make a mistake. tensions here have not reached the ferguson level here, but the sheriff who by the way is the first black sheriff in this county's 350 year history says the seeds for conflict exist here just like they do in almost every other place in america and he wants to nip those seeds in the bud. >> split seconds decision. >> reporter: which is how the charles county sheriff's department command staff ended up in a catering hall today listening to members of the naacp talk about incidents like this one in ohio where tamir rice, a black 13-year-old with a toy gun, was killed by responding white cleveland
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police. >> how did we get so fearful that we think deadly force is the way to stop some situation like that? >> reporter: and the community hearing responses like this from an officer. >> that the average citizen would run. if they believed that was a gun would run, but the police officer can't. >> reporter: this is new sheriff troy berry's idea of training. >> we here at charles county sheriff's office are trying to learn from national incidents. >> these are automatic flight and fight take over our brains. >> reporter: the discussion was led by retired d.c. metropolitan police veteran melanie smith, now a phd. >> law enforcement agencies train more in terms of firearms training rather than how to deescalate conflict resolution. >> people purr really afraid if they got stopped -- are really afraid if they got stopped by the police that they might make the wrong move and all of a sudden something go wrong. >> reporter: pastor benjamin watkin says making conversations with people part
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of training can change that. naacp chapter president janice wilson. >> i think this is groundbreaking for charles county. >> unfortunately in law enforcement what happens in other areas affects what happens right here in charles county. we are all painted with a broad brush. >> reporter: so the conversation here begins just like the honest conversation that our own bruce johnson started on the air at wusa9 and with the washington post with some frank talk here about race relations making that part of the training regime and this again is distinct from doing it in a classroom at the academy. sheriff berry says he eventually wants all his rank and file officers to experience something like this. he's not there yet, but he's working on it. reporting live in waldorf, maryland, scott broom, wusa9. >> i just love the way people are engaging in these honest conversations in the wake of that special. thank you so much, scott. by the way, you can continue to
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engage in that conversation hosted by bruce johnson on our website and our app, wusa9. just search honest conversation. deb? there have been five attacks on women in the arlington area in the last few weeks and police are now looking for any similarities to see if they're related. >> reporter: this is hank silverberg in arlington. on this hill last night a woman was attacked on her way home from work. police say the woman saw a man following her, but that's not unusual in this area where people walk a lot at night. arlington deputy police chief jan murray said the man was carrying a stick and grabbed the woman as she walked up the hill. >> he tried to pull her into an adjacent wooded area and she started screaming and fighting. he got her there but she was very actively resisting. >> reporter: the attack was similar to four others in the region in the last few weeks going back to july 25th. >> we want to look at each one individually. i'm not ruling out that they were not a serial or
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potentially multiple serials ing on. >> reporter: this area off columbia pike is bustling at people even at 10:30 at night when the latest attack occurred. police are suggesting women take the usual precautions. >> you want to be careful about that because you don't want to make the wrong assumption about people just walking by you. that kind of creates a tenuous environment of. >> as a female it's just keeping more awareness -- environment. >> as a female it's just keeping more awareness and being alert. >> reporter: there are two positive identifications on july 15th and july 31st. >> if you need another look at those sketches, they're on our website well, d.c. police made an arrest in the case of the accidental shooting death of 3- year-old dalis cox last month. police say cox's 7-year-old brother accidentally shot her in their mother's apartment july 29th. monday police arrested a 17- year-old and charged him with child cruelty and a source says
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three gun-related crimes. cox's father told wusa9 today he doesn't agree with those charges being filed calling that shooting a tragic accident, but his family is still trying to recover from it. >> my daughter has been laid to rest and i'm having to celebrate her life, you know, the good times. i'm not trying to go, you know, through any more bad times. >> the teenager whose name is not being released will be held until his trial begins september 2nd. by the time his parents drove the toddler to the hospital it was too late to save him. prosecutors in montgomery county have just charged those wheaton parents with murder and a judge today ordered them held on nearly $1 million of bond. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan in district court in rockville. little matthew died in february. the autopsy came back in june, but prosecutors say they waited until now to file murder and
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child abuse charges against his parents because they wanted to be sure they had those charges exactly right. outside the basement apartment in wheaton drink glasses by the barbecue, but not a single toy, not a trike, not a thing you might expect at a home where four little boys once lived. their parents are now facing as much as 3/4 of a century behind bars. neighbors devastated. >> it's hard to believe. >> reporter: that someone would hurt a child. >> would hurt a child like that, yes. >> it's beyond wrong. it's devastating, shocking. >> reporter: police say matthew's mother admitted he fell off the kitchen table three weeks before he died, that he fell off an office chair three days before he died, that she hit him the next day. the medical examiner says matthew's death was homicide by dehydration and pneumonia and he says his injuries and his severe dehydration is evidence
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of negligence. in rockville bruce leshan, wusa9. >> and jonathan navarrete turcious and blanca reyes have three other boys age 3, 4 and 5 now in the custody of child protective services. today the gaithersburg germantown chamber of commerce honored several police officers' special operations teams, firefighters and paramedics. awards were handed out at the 20th annual public safety awards breakfast. the chamber of commerce also recognized four girl scouts from troop 274 for their commitment to pedestrian safety. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> okay. heating up over the weekend. the 90s roll back in here. want to escape the heat? go to the beach. it's going to be a spectacular weekend at the beach. it's going to be nice here but better at the beach with temperatures only in the mid- to low 80s. so we're looking at just a
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perfect, perfect beach weekend and not that hot. get your groceries inland and you'll find temps upper 80s to around 90, but generally temperatures mid-80s in ocean city, fenwick up toward bethany and rehoe beth same deal -- and rehoboth same deal, sunshine saturday, sunday and monday. now let's talk about the immediate metro area. for tonight cool, not as cool, 70s, 73 in gaithersburg at 9:30 and 74 in leesburg and 73 also down in manassas. now by 8:00 in the morninit will be comfortable, not as cool as it has been but still 68 in gaithersburg, 66 in manassas, 66 at 8:00 in la plata and about 67 also in bowie, so really a pretty nice morning once again. by 4 p.m. we're 90 downtown and we are seeing some showers and storms developing essentially west of i-81. if you have plans for camping in the mountains or shenandoah valley, do be advised you'll
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have showers and a few thunderstorms both saturday and also sunday. by 11:30 saturday night comfortable, dry, temperatures in the 70s. we'll come back, talk about how long the 90s will continue and have your 3-degree guarantee. some talented students try to create their own version of a help hiking robot after -- hitchhiking robot after the original caught a bad break in philly. >> but first pants
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the pentagon says it's likely isis militants used mustard gas against kurdish forces in iraq. a senior defense department official tells cbs news the reports are credible because of prior information but did not elaborate beyond that. some experts believe it's a sign that the terror group continues to expand and adapt. tonight a suspected gang member is dead and a new york city firefighter wounded after a standoff. >> police say this all started when u.s. marshals went to execute a warrant for the suspect. they say he opened fire when authorities approached his home around 6 a.m. this morning. that standoff ended with a series of shots and loud explosions. authorities have not said if the man shot himself or if he was killed by police. the firefighter is in the hospital in stable condition. after a trip to d.c. some australian tourists are returning home with quite the steer to tell. jackie wilson, her -- story to
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tell. jackie wilson and her husband and brother were going up the turnpike when they saw the two big rigs on fire. they stopped to help and raced to one truck driver whose pants were on fire. >> it's right in front of you. you're 20 feet from it. what do you do, you know? it's not like you can't just sit there. >> the truck driver was holding my hands and he was just saying i had nowhere to go. i had nowhere to go. he was obviously in shock. >> the group refuses to acknowledge they did anything heroic. they just hope the driver recovers. well, get ready for a steamy weekend. topper is up next with more on
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members of philadelphia's tech community have set out to create a version of hitch bot philly style. it will be called the philly love bot and instead of hitchhiking it will have another method of transportation. >> it will be passed person to person. when somebody receives it, they also make a commitment to do a good deed. >> okay. that's a nice smiley face there. all this is prompted by what happened to the hitch bot in philadelphia.
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the hitchbot was a robot that was a social media experiment created by two canadian inventors. when it got to philly, someone destroyed it. it was found two weeks ago in pieces on a philadelphia sidewalk. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> no brotherly love for the bot. the bot got got. pretty funny. poor bot. >> he didn't feel any pain. we feel its pain. we are looking at a 3-degree guarantee. actually we feel pretty confident right now, really do. we went 89 today. i kept it just south of 90, thought that was the smart thing to do, thought that was prudent. we'll let you know tonight at 11:00. we will see. live look outside, gorgeous, temperature 85, so that's not within three. dew point still in the 50s, relative humidity 41%. that's just simply fantastic.
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now the winds have turned. they're from the south. remember this time yesterday winds were more north, northwest, a little more refreshing wind but still a very nice evening. so a perfect night. open the windows. it was 53 this morning at dulles, so won't be quite as cool tomorrow morning. 90s come in over the weekend. some mountain showers west of i- 81 and then the 90s are going to stick around much, if not all, of next week. so a little mini heatwave coming our way. humidity stays in check through the weekend. 10:00 tonight we're in the low 70s on futurecast, generally clear, 71 in gaithersburg, andrews and down in la plata by 10:00 it's 69 and 69 in frederick, about 70 in bowie. so temps fall but not as rapidly as they did the same time last night. they really fell last night. 8:00 in the morning tomorrow 60s, don't see any 50s, upper 60s, 72 downtown and by 1:00 we're approaching 90 degrees downtown with mid- to upper 80s in the suburbs and then showers
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firing along either side of i- 81. by 6 p.m. showers again winchester, luray, romney a shower, petersburg, oakland, not a washout but afternoon showers. then by 8:30 we're still in the low 80s tomorrow night but a really nice friday night. plans to grill out, no worries, keep them. clear and not as cool tonight but perfect again for viewing the meteor showers, low temperature 60 to 70, winds south, southwest at 10. it is a new moon tonight, so no worries in terms of them competing with the moonlight. now tomorrow morning mostly sunny and warm. grab your sunglasses, 60 to about 88 and by afternoon we'll call it hot, a little bit more humid, again isolated thunderstorm west, high temperatures in the low 90s, winds south, southeast at about 10. so even oakland will be about 82, isolated thunderstorm
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possible. 90 in leesburg and manassas. you're dry there. once you get to hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester you do have a chance of a shower or thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. downtown 91, gaithersburg, rockville 91 and bowie and 86 on the water and actually a pretty nice day to be on the water. so sunshine to start, 76 by 9:00, 88 by 1 p.m. then we're looking at just an isolated shower in the mountains sunday, 93, but by monday we could see an isolated thunderstorm even here in the immediate metro area. so the next seven days look like this, temperatures generally in the 90s, isolated thunderstorms possible, looking at a chance maybe of a thunderstorm or so especially as we get into tuesday and wednesday and then we get into thursday the burgundy and gold in town for the first preseason game and nats come back into town friday. >> well, look at that. the game was good until ouch. >> you know, players forever have been saying they shouldn't
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have this many preseason games because of this exact reason. most nfl players hate it. they hate preseason football for the exact reasons we saw last night. the inevitable carnage of football. we'll give you
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now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> for professional football it's a brutal business, isn't it? stand down on the sidelines during a game and you'll realize a devastating injury is inches away from happening on
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every play. i've been there. the next time a guy holds out for more money remember that. last night we were reminded of the game's brutality. niles paul's season is done, dislocated fractured ankle. teammates and coaches, they love this guy. i can tell you that much. he had overtaken jordan reed for the starting tight end spot as well. running back silas redd lost to an acl tear as well. jay gruden disgusted about those losses and he talked about it, especially about niles paul. >> we're upset about it, but fortunately he's going to work hard to get himself right and we have total faith he'll be back for us next year, but it's a major loss. there's certain guys on the team. you hate to see anybody get hurt, but somebody of miles' position in the locker room and off the field and on the field, it's a huge loss for us. >> yeah, he's a vocal leader as well. so the skins are also without jordan reed because he's got a bad hamstring. logan paulsen has a bad toe.
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the tight end position is decimated, many wondering about a chris cooley comeback maybe. the popular cooley retired in 2013 after nine seasons. i spoke with him today and he told me this. "dave, i want to play lots." that's what he said, topper. i want to play lots. we'll be talking football all weekend. game on special tomorrow night at 7:30. we'll be breaking down the skins' first preseason game, also talking local college football, maryland, navy, georgetown. if you like football, you got to watch tomorrow at 7:30. university of maryland women's basketball staff lost one of its members today. bryce mckey, an assistant to brenda frese resigned amidst very serious allegations stemming from his time at xavier university where he coached prior to coming to college park. mckey is accused of sexually abusing a xavier women's basketball player. the alleged incident occurred after mckey was no longer
6:26 pm
employed at xavier and before he arrived at maryland this april. brenda frese said, "it is best that bryce tend to his personal matters and step away from coaching at this time." on to football, if you asked anyone to predict maryland's football fortunes last year, they probably would have said football, i'm not too sure. maryland was heading into the big 10 for the first time and a lot of people thought they would get thrashed, right? they did okay. they beat michigan and penn state, won seven games, all camp getting underway this year, countdown to the september 5th opener against richmond and it's likely you already know that young man right there, one of the best dbs and return men in the country. hard to catch the guy, but we did. >> in camp everybody will adjust to the new playbook, defense playbook, defense getting it right, offense getting it right and we're pretty much excited overall. a great team out there and in
6:27 pm
the big 10 we learned you got to play all four quarters. that's a goal this year. finally navy football starts a new era. they joined a football conference called the american athletic conference. they were independent forever, but with the changing culture of college football change was necessary. >> there's so many things that we knew that we had to increase as far as off the field till we got to this point, but the football game, football's still football. that was preparing for the same. >> as far as being navy football and doing what navy football is and establishing our culture, none of that changes. it's all the same, the keys to winning the same, just different opponents now. >> football, can't wait. >> looking forward to tomorrow. >> stay with us. the cbs evening news
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what? >> pelley: disturbing new revelations today about how u.s. intelligence believes an american woman was abused by her isis captors. also tonight, a new era gips in relations with cuba, but old tensions linger. a white police officer testifies he feared for his life when he fatally shot an unarmed black man. and what steve hartman does when he's off the road. >> i mean, sometimes he's out there past dark. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today, on what would have been kayla mueller's 27th birthday, we learn that u.s. intelligence has been told that she was tortured and sexually


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