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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  August 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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said it started with his own kids when they were younger. >> when lenny saw how he so make other people happy, particularly kids -- how he could make other people happy, particularly kids in the hospital, he would travel all over making other little kids feel better that. brought him joy. >> he was just a nice guy and batman made him even nicer of. >> reporter: friend alan gordon said lenny robinson was a self-made man who started cleaning windows and cars in high school and turned it into a multimillion dollar commercial cleaning contracting business while building his family in owings mills, maryland. first he drove a lamborghini seen in the 2012 police video. since then he bought a $250,000 replica carcass top built on a vintage link -- car custom built on a vintage lincoln. >> it was not about me, batman or the car. it's about the kids. >> reporter: you talk to anybody who knew him. this guy was no joke.
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he was sincere. he was the real thing and he helped and touched a lot of people. about that accident last night, it was 10:30 last night on eastbound i-70 west of hagerstown. the batmobile he was driving, that $250,000 car, had broken down. he got it partially off the road on the left-hand side, but a portion of it was out in the left lane. he was out of the car in his costume looking under the hood in the dark when that batmobile was hit from behind and he was killed. he was coming home from a car show in west virginia last night. reporting live in owings mills, maryland, scott broom, wusa9. >> what a tragedy, scott. state police are investigating this accident and the driver of the other car has not been charged. first alert weather time, a scorcher out there. chief meteorologist topper shutt is on the weather terrace. sounds like some storms are on the way, right, top? >> yeah. if we go through each day, we'll see a better chance of showers and storms, which is good, because it will keep temperatures down. it's toasty now. let's start with temperatures,
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93 in d.c. and gaithersburg, 95 in frederick. so most folks are over 90 degrees. these are actual temperatures. i've not factored in the humidity just yet, 97 in leesburg, 91 in manassas, 92 in waldorf. now if we factor in the humidity, it's not crazy humid, but let's just take, for example, d.c. let's just watch that particular number. right now we're at 93. we'll factor in what it feels like. it feels like it's 99. feels like it's 98 in leesburg and feels like it's 95 in manassas and 99 in waldorf. here's futurecast. by 9:00 it's still 84 downtown, 80 in gaithersburg, 82 leesburg, 80 in manassas. then we get into the 11:00 hour and we're looking at temperatures by then 81 downtown, 76 in gaithersburg and manassas. we'll come back and talk about which day will have the best chance for showers and
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thunderstorms and talk about the 3-degree guarantee. rushern baker touting job gains in prince george's county. the county executive is congratulating his economic team for the first major increase in county-based job and employment numbers in more than a decade. baker delivered the news at the county's latest development success tapestry largo station. >> this is just an example what's going to happen throughout all of prince george's county, not just at national harbor, the just in largo, but look at suitland, the next hot place. you want to buy? buy suitland now because that place is taking off. you want to buy? go to new carrollton. that place is taking off. bowie is taking off. you go up here. so throughout all of prince george's county we're on the rebel. >> officials say the up employment -- rebel. officials say the unemployment rate has dropped two points in the last five years.
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more than 40 men made an overnight trek in hopes of bringing attention to the epidemic of deadly violence in the charm city. there's been a spike in the number of murders in baltimore. more than 200 people have been killed there this year alone. we caught up with the marchers on the national mall. the baltimore city councilman is the highest profile member in that 300 man march. their message? we've got to stop killing each other. at least 18 people are dead after a powerful explosion today in bangkok. the blast happened at the intersection that contains a shrine that is very popular with tourists and locals. another undetonated bomb was found nearby. no one has claimed responsibility for the blast at this point. car bombs are nearly unheard of in bangkok, but they are more common in thailand where muslim
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separatists are trying to gain control. the search for a missing indonesian airplane has been suspended because of bad weather. the flight with 54 people on board disappeared sunday during what was supposed to be just a 45 minute flight. indonesia has been plagued with aviation disasters and the company operating this plane that crashed has a very poor safety record. the faa is blaming a glitch on a software upgrade for this week's massive airline delays on the east coast. dozens of flights were canceled or delayed. the problem was centered at washington air traffic control center in leesburg. to campaign 2016, donald trump is taking time for jury duty in new york city. craig boswell has more details from the white house. >> reporter: it looks like a campaign stop, but it's donald
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trump reporting for jury duty. this past weekend trump gave specifics about one of his biggest issues, immigration. trump says he would triple the number of immigration officers, build a wall along the mexican border and even strip citizenship of people born in the u.s. to parents who are here illegally. >> donald trump's plan is about mass deportation. >> reporter: some call the plan irrational. >> if he goes so far to say he wants to strip the constitution to one of his most key amendments, what else is he going to propose? >> reporter: in iowa monday wisconsin governor scott walker was asked about trump's proposal to revoke citizenship of children born in america to undocumented immigrants. >> what we should do is enforce the law. if we know force the law, we're not going to have that problem going forward of. >> reporter: the latest national poll from fox news shows trump far ahead of the field with 25%. ben carson and ted cruz are
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next followed by jeb bush and mike huckabee. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> the fox news poll shows hillary clinton leading with 49% support followed by bernie sanders with 30%. vice president joe biden who is rumored to be considering entering the race has 10%. two important developments today out of a special session of state lawmakers in richmond in. one republicans fell short in their efforts to replace a state supreme court justice appointed by governor terry mcauliffe. lawmakers say they were offended mcauliffe made the interim appointment of jane roush without consulting them, but the republicans selection to replace her, court of appeals judge ronny austin, juvenile, was defeated in a 20- 21 -- jr., was defeated in a 20- 21 vote. the interim appointment will expire unless she is confirmed by the general assembly. but the big reason for the special session involves the 3rd congressional district centered in and around
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richmond. a federal court ruled it was unconstitutional because it includes too many african american voters weakening their voting power. democrats want it completely redrawn, but that's not what the court ordered according to a top leading republican. the process was ordered to be kept as transparent as possible. the redskins will not drop their name to get a new stadium. those are the words today of general manager bruce allen. he made that comment at the training facility in richmond. the team's name that many see as a racial slur has been a source of much controversy over the years. allen also said the search for a new stadium is in its very early stages and locations in d.c., virginia and maryland are all in the running. >> we've had great conversations with, you know, all the areas and the design of something that we started on, but really it's preliminary right now. there's not going to be
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anything to announce. >> now the redskins wrapped up camp in richmond today. we'll hear from the guys later in sports. tracking the latest developments from you on metro now, the transit system rolled out its fourth new railcar today in the 7000 series of cars. departing from the greenbelt station the railcar made its debut on the green line this morning. the three other 7000 series cars are running on the red, orange and blue lines. the first went into service in april. metro says 52 of the 748 new railcars ordered have been delivered so far. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00, an emotional reunion between a woman and the people who saved her life three days ago, ellison barber has that story at 5:30. >> dozens of wildfires light up the western part of the u.s. forcing hundreds of people from their homes. >> plus topper is back with more on the possibility of storms for tomorrow and the rest of your workweek forecast.
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>> reporter: stevie wonder gives a surprise show and takes on everything from the national gun debate -- >> you can't bring a life back after you take it. >> reporter: -- to the black lives matter movement. we'll have more coming up. ♪
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take a look at the mess left behind after a fire tore through this trucking company in accokeek on friendly trucks on accolawn road. investigators say the fire burned inside a garage loaded with vehicles. luckily no one was hurt. ♪ you can feel it all over you can feel it all over people ♪ ♪ ♪ well, it was a hot one out there today but a surprise pop- up stevie wonder concert got
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dozen of people out to the d.c. armory mall in southeast this morning. the multi award winning artist gave the free performance as part of a kickoff to his final songs in the key of life performance tour. >> imagine how lucky people felt walking upon it by accident. the pop-up concert was only about an hour, but stephanie ramirez tells us stevie wonder used that time to have a real conversation with the audience on everything from gun violence to the black lives matter movement. >> reporter: give us your opinion, your thoughts, on the black lives matter movement. stevie wonder got real with the crowd at monday's pop-up concert, love one another the tone throughout the surprise event as wonder took on serious issues like the national gun debate and recent police brutality cases. he even talked about starting something called the claim the bullet campaign. >> i'm hoping that there will be a way where people can have whatever and however making sure that they are eligible to be registered and for those who
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have the responsibility of protecting and serving, they have to be people who really are committed to doing something to perpetuate life, not taking it. >> reporter: regina bryant wished someone who have asked stevie wonder to say her name instead, but others tell me what he said really resonates. >> he is the epitome of everything that's good. >> reporter: it's really a nice crowd here with even police officers bopping their heads to the beat, everyone enjoying a living legend. he's so many things to so many people. >> he definitely inspired me to understand how wonderful people can be. >> reporter: his message to america's youth before playing a few more sets to end the surprise show. >> understand the significance of, you know, black lives matter and understand that all lives matter, but the only way we can really slow that is by putting value on every single life. >> reporter: stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. >> stevie wonder also discussed
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julian bond's recent death. we'll have that coming up in our next hour. the final concert tour kicks off late september. the tour dates are on always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> we've been hovering around the 90s forsome time. the blessing is the humidity has not been awful, but things are changing. >> here's good news, bad news. humidity will go up a little bit as we go into the week and the temperatures will go down. >> give a little, get a little. what are you going to do? >> exactly. it is august. we'll start with the 3-degree guarantee. we're feeling pretty good. we were kind of aggressive and went 95 for a high. we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. we're 26 of the last 29 days, i believe. let's talk about the august breakdown, days in the 90s, so far nine including today. we've had seven days in the 80s, so not crazy hot. we've had one day in the 70s.
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that was ad about day for our 3- degree guarantee. we missed that one. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam. it's still 93, that's good. now the dew point is up to 70. that's sort of becoming uncomfortable. we've been in the 60s the last dayor. so earlier we were -- or so. earlier we were in the 50s over the weekend. our first alert doppler, last hour you see a couple showers pop up in baltimore and this one literally just popped up in the last 30 minutes out toward leesburg. now it's moved into western and upper montgomery county south of poolesville, can't tell you which way it's moving because it's not really moving at all. it's kind of pulsing, moving a little to the north and drifting. that will die out as the sun goes down. we're looking at a quiet but muggy night. it's so hot right now you want to exercise in the morning, not tonight. don't take that evening run. not quite as hot tomorrow, but an afternoon storm possible, better chance west of town and
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the best chance of all for storms will be wednesday and thursday as a cold front just kind of very slowly approaches the metro area and because of that it will not be as hot the rest of the week. so 10:00 tonight still 80 in leesburg on our futurecast, 83 downtown, upper 70s elsewhere. by morning not going to being as brisk and comfortable as it has been. we're in the 70s across the board, 75 downtown. by 9:00 we're 80 in d.c., 76 in manassas and hagerstown. notice showers firing up to the west. the lion's share will be up i- 81, but there could be isolated showers here and there. by 6 p.m. tomorrow some scattered showers here and there, temperatures in the upper 80s and by 9:00 we still see showers developing to the south and i think we'll keep showers in tomorrow night even after we lose the daytime heating. so tonight clear to partly cloudy, a little muggy, low 68
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to about 75, winds light out of the south at 10. on the day planner it's 80 already by 9:00, 84 by 11:00 and upper 80s by 1:00, perhaps a shower by 1 p.m. keep that in mind if you're walking to lunch, but on wednesday and thursday yellow alert days, 86 wednesday, 87 thursday but a good chance of showers and storms on and off all day. friday morning shower and then we're in pretty good shape, 90. so for the burgundy and gold their first home preseason game is thursday. some storms could affect the game. then nats are in town friday, saturday, sunday mainly okay, a few showers on sunday, maybe a storm, back up to 89 next monday. >> thank you, topper. back to our breaking news now, new information about an au grad who was recently shot in the shaw neighborhood. bruce leshan joins us live with more on what we've learned today. bruce? >> reporter: metropolitan police department detectives do just incredible work as they
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try to track the killer or killers of 23-year-old matt shlonsky, a recent american university grad who was shot saturday night, an innocent bystander caught by a stray bullet in the shaw neighborhood. now police were able to recover the burgundy chrysler 300 that was seen speeding from that murder scene and they were able to figure out, as we look at some videotape, that that chrysler had been stolen on august 11th from a house in prince george's county. they were also able to figure out that on august 12th, the next day, that same vehicle was involved in a burglary on argyle terrace in northwest d.c. so the pictures are coming, some of them, from that burglary, this incredible surveillance tape from argyle terrace. take a look at these people. try and figure out who they are. call the police if you can figure it out. now that car again involved later in the shooting on
5:20 pm
seventh in the shaw neighborhood and police say that there were people shooting at each other from across the street on seventh street. it may have started with an argument at a craps game at ninth and r street. >> i can't tell you how many shootings and homicides we have every year and this year in particular where there are craps games going on sometimes inside of an apartment or home, sometimes out on the street where shots are fired and people are killed over those craps games. so if you see that going on, we do want you to dial 911 and let us know. >> reporter: how brazen were these guys? now little did they care for human life? well, apparently as they were fleeing from the scene on fourth street, somebody tried to wave them down, said they were going too fast. the driver allegedly pulled out a gun, the gun used apparently
5:21 pm
in the shooting, fired repeated shots at the guy who was trying to wave them down, went down a little farther. another guy trying to make a left turn, he climbs out the moonroof and waves the gun at that guy. they want to catch these guys. call police if you know anything.
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after a negative start u.s. stocks rebounded to finish in the black today. dow jones industrial average ended up about 68 points. standard & poor's and the nasdaq closing in positive territory. the new windows 10 will come with a feature you may or may not appreciate. when you accept the licensing agreement, it allows microsoft to sniff out any pirated game or applications on the computer. the company calls this unauthorized hardware peripheral devices. the vague wording leaves some users with questions about how far the operating system will go to detect those elements on pcs. and first time homebuyers waiting longer than previous generations to buy. sedate a from real estate firm zillow finds that the median first time buyer is now 33 years old. a generation ago the age was
5:25 pm
30. the typical first timer now rents six years before buying a home. well, have you heard a legendary voice returns to radio? >> donnie simpson is on the air right now after coming out of retirement. five years ago is when he retired. simpson brings his magnetic personality to the adult contemporary station magic 102.3. we caught up with the host on his first day back to work. >> what i bring, i guess, is a freshness that it's not programmed. it's off the cuff. it's whatever happens. it's just going with the flow and i think radio lost that and i think that's what people miss about radio. >> if we all had a voice like that. simpson shares the airways with tracy braxton, a reality star who hails from maryland, and the two took calls today from including baby face and the d.c. mayor. straight ahead why you can feel free to ignore the sounds of gunfire in part of our area.
5:26 pm
>> plus policing for profit, a speed trap in virginia is called one of the worst in the nation, new information on a aaa investigation. >> reporter: for 29 years one woman wondered about the first responders who saved her life doesn't have to wonder anymore. i'm ellison barber and i'll tell you more about that in just a minute. i believe in america.
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nearly three decades ago
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gloria graham, jeanine everhart and lisa beavers finished class and got in the car to go home and never made it. on the way home a truck plowed into their car. >> only one of the girls survived and for 29 years she knew little about the people who saved her life. today that changed. our ellison barber is in prince george's county with the story. ellison? >> reporter: now she has faces and names for those first responders. the word i heard the most today while i was in this building was graceful. lisa beavers said she was grateful to be alive and meet the first responders who saved her life. >> there's nothing that can replace what we had and what we had was a beautiful relationship, a beautiful friendship. >> reporter: lisa beavers was 17 years old when two of her best friends died in a car crash on good luck road. >> he lost air pressure and couldn't stop and it hit the vehicle and pushed it across the road of. >> reporter: gloria graham and jeanine everhart died at the scene. >> the dump truck crushed the
5:30 pm
car and moved it off the road. lisa was in the front seat. she had an open skull fracture. >> reporter: these four men were some of the first on the scene. today it was the very first time they got to say hello to the 17-year-old doctors didn't expect to live. it happened on a monday in november of 1986. for 29 years hegwich has thought of that day, the horror, tragedy, friends she lost and the people who saved her. >> i certainly went through times of feeling guilt, shame, sadness, depression, not understanding why i was left and my friends weren't. >> reporter: but for hegwich today was about more than that. >> life always changes. with each breathalyzer is changing. >> reporter: in -- each breath life is changing. >> it's not really my story.
5:31 pm
it's everyone. this accident affected everyone. >> reporter: this was an emotional day and it really happened because of yoga. lisa was hired as a yoga instructor to teach some victims of fallen firefighters' families yoga. that's where she met the former fire chief here in prince george's county and he was able to set this whole thing up. reporting live in prince george's county i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> wow, what a great story, thank you, ellison. the county's fire chief said that crash helped create laws that are in place today for commercial driver's licenses. right now d.c. police are on the hunt for a man who sexually assaulted a woman at gunpoint yesterday morning at 6:00 on park road not far from gorge avenue. the suspect is describe -- on georgia avenue. the suspect is described as a black male, muscular, medium build, 5' 5, blue and white plaid shirt, blue jeans, a blue and purple hat. call d.c. police if you have any information. the trial is underway for a machine accused of shooting a
5:32 pm
-- man accused of shooting a worker to death after a robbery of an oxon hill hotel. investigators say he shot the victim jessie chavez as he was attempting to stop the gunman from leaving the hotel in 2013. two other men face similar charges and are set to go on trial in october. no cause for alarm if you're hearing gunshots and mayhem around bethesda. today and tomorrow there will be training exercises on campus of naval support activity bethesda. there will be paintball guns and actors to mimic real life battleground situations for medical students. the facility is making the drill plan well known this week after a report of shots fired during an exercise last month elicited a big response from law enforcement. uva says its computer system is back up and running after cyber attackers infiltrated it. the system was down for two days. administrators say no personally identifiable information was accessed and no
5:33 pm
sensitive research material was compromised. first investigators believe that that hacking originated from china. . small towns often use money from speeding tickets to help pay the bills, but aaa believes some of those citations for a form of policing for profit. kris van cleave reports from hopewell, virginia. >> reporter: rolling down this 2-mile stretch down 295 in hopewell, virginia, you'll see why it's doubled the million dollar mile. for years hopew has used this sliver -- hopewell has used this sliver of highway ringing up more than 1 million bucks a year by writing more than 1,000 bucks a month. outraged driver turn to youtube to warn others about hopewell's notorious speed traps. >> there we go. we got one, two. >> it is nothing more than entrapment. >> reporter: waldo, florida, is just 2 square miles and highway 301 runs right through
5:34 pm
the village, but the highway speed limit changed six times allowing po liceto write thousands of tickets a year. aaa even put up a billboard warning drivers. speed traps prompted seven states including florida and oklahoma to impose limits on the percentage of revenue a municipality can keep from traffic citations. in hopewell the mayor, sheriff and town manager declined our requests for interview, so we went to city hall looking for answers. charles dane is assistant city manager. >> we don't ticket until over 10 miles over the speed limit and if you think that's unreasonable, then probably watch your speed when you come through. >> reporter: kris van cleave, cbs news. >> now lawmakers in virginia passed legislation that caps the revenue that virginia towns like hopewell can get from those speeding tickets. still ahead trending now four local towns are in the top 50 when it comes to best places to live. >> response to allegations that
5:35 pm
amazon is a soulless utopian workplace. >> plus straight out of compton gets straight gangsta at the box office as we learn about the meaning of the songs. >> 99.7% there will not be a shower tonight, but we have two little storms on doppler. this is our first alert doppler. one is on the other side of montgomery, poolesville and darnestown and the other by drainstown. other than that -- dranesville. other than
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wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. trending now comedian tracy morgan is going back to saturday night live as a guest host october 17th. insiders say his appearance is a coming out party for the former snl cast member. of course, morgan has been recovering from injuries he suffered in a car crash last year. the comedian and wal-mart reached a confidential settlement earlier this year. a gang busters opening weekend for the nwa biopic straight out of compton. >> not a surprise.
5:39 pm
the film rising to fame in the music business grossed $66 million. ice cube's son plays him in the movie. gale king spoke with the rapper this morning about what they were trying to say about his music. >> in some songs we're just having fun. rap, the art of rap, a lot of it is bravado, i mean just being the one with the slickest tongue. ♪ ice cube is not for the pop charts ♪ . >> see what i mean? >> yes. >> it's not really meant to amount to any kind of social, political nothing. it's just a song and then some records are you really are getting things off your chest and you really have things to say. >> it was a game changer acinof people. straight out of compton, the album sold over 3 million combs with lyrics that spoke to -- combs with lyrics that spoke to -- copies with lyrics that spoke to many young black men.
5:40 pm
a company portrayed as a soulless workplace where no fun and no laughter is heard. >> ouch. >> it goes on to say workers going through personal crisis like cancer or miscarriages were pushed out rather than given time to cover. he hopes none of his employees recognize the workplace described in that report and that he will have zero tolerance for any lack of empathy. also trending tonight on facebook apex, north carolina. >> very nice place apparently. time money magazine named it the best place to live in 2015. the city has a median income of $89,000 with a median home price of 243,000. four cities from our area cracked the top 50, north laurel came in at 23, damascus, maryland 31, urbana at 35 and vienna, virginia, 38. we're all pretty lucky to live and work around d.c. especially with restaurant week now underway. more than 200 restaurants have
5:41 pm
signed up to offer three course lunches and dinners for 20 and $35 of restaurant week continues through august 23rd. the redskins wrapping things up in richmond. we'll hear from the players before they head back. >> plus drinking four cups of coffee could keep a certain type of cancer from returning,
5:42 pm
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this is hank silverberg in frederick, maryland, where they're constructing an altar that will be used for the visit of pope francis coming up in september. when it's complete, it will have a stone top to it. it will be adjoined by 12 chairs, 1 specifically made for the pope. it is labor of love designed by three catholic university students and constructed here by about a dozen people in frederick, maryland. coming up at 6:00 we'll tell you more about the story and what we can expect on september rd. >> > we have some breaking news for you now from fairfax county where our peggy fox confirms a grand jury indicted former police officer adam torres for the murder of john geer today. geer was shot and killed while he was standing in the doorway of his springfield, virginia townhouse nearly two years ago.
5:45 pm
several witnesses at the time said geer's hands were near his head when he was shot. torres was fired from the police department after nine years on the force. a study suggests big benefits for coffee drinkers when it comes to surviving colon cancer. brian webb reports from new york. >> reporter: more research indicates coffee can help in the fight against some cancers. a new study published in the journal of clinical oncology suggests clinicking caffeinated coffee -- drinking caffeinated coffee every day may help colon cancer patients to survive. >> those who drank about 4 cups of cancer were about 42% less likely to have their cancer recur and about 33% less likely to die from their cancer. >> reporter: the study looked at patients who had stage 3 colon cancer treated with surgery and chemotherapy. previous studies have shown coffee may have benefits against breast cancer, melanoma
5:46 pm
and prostate cancer. >> reporter: dr. karona says the role coffee plays needs more study. >> we don't know. there's some question about the insulin pathway and whether coffee can make the body's reaction to insulin better. >> reporter: eating right and getting regular cancer screenings are still the best preventive steps to take. >> patients who drank only 2 or three cups of coffee a day only had limited benefits when it came to colon cancer coming back. the fda said it will decide the fate of the new pill designed to increase female libido by tomorrow. an fda advisory panel gave the green light to the little ping pill back in june as long -- pink pill back in june as long as the manufacturer takes measures to limit the risk. the dental practice of a minnesota man who killed a well known lion in africa is open again. in a tweet walter palmer's
5:47 pm
dental clinic is seeing patients again. palmer went into hiding after it was revealed last month he killed the beloved lion named cecil. the dentist released a statement saying he believed that he was participating in a legal hunt. the tweet from his office also said palmer is not there. after serving 10 months for the shooting death of his girl friend oscar pistorius is expected to get out of prison this week. the man known as blade runner claimed that he had shot reeva steenkamp after mistaking her for an intruder at the time. he was sentenced to five years in prison, but the parole board made a controversial decision to recommend early release for him. severe drought and scorching heat have turned much of the western united states into a tinderbox. at least 80 wildfires are burning in the west forcing thousands out of their homes. in central washington crews are struggling to control several wildfires there. at least six have surrounded the city of chelan where about 1,500 people fled the flames.
5:48 pm
always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> i just love the 3-degree guarantee. >> you do? >> you're so good at it and you have this string. >> it's crazy. we're so competitive. i have a day off and i'm like are we going to make it? howard and i are not well, but here's the deal. >> that happened before the 3- degree guarantee. >> that is a good point, mike. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 93 right now. looking at dew point of 70, so it's not exactly comfortable in terms of humidity, not like it was over the weekend. yes, a little isolated thunderstorm kind of straddling the river, montgomery county and also loudoun county. it's not moving anywhere really. we'll zoom in a little bit. i tweeted this out a little while ago. it's very close to dranesville on the east side of route 7 past great falls. now it's approaching darnestown and poolesville, just some
5:49 pm
heavy rain, don't see any lightning, got some good rain out toward river road and sugarland and cascades parkway also pretty heavy rain. it will be muggy tonight and still very hot now, which is why we say exercise in the morning. not quite as hot tuesday afternoon, storm and certainly the best chance of storms will be wednesday and thursday and the good news is it's kind of been a dry enough august actually. the other good news, it will keep temperature down a bit. we'll probably hold -- temperatures down a bit. we'll probably hold in the 80s. 10:00 tonight still toasty, 83 and still upper 70s elsewhere and by early morning maybe a 69 in gaithersburg, 68 in frederick, but for the most part holding in the 70s tonight, mid-70s downtown. 9:00 we're back to 80 inside the beltway, 70s elsewhere. by 1:00 futurecast picking up a
5:50 pm
couple showers. i think it's a bit overdone. i think most of the showers will be winchester and martinsburg and i-81 west. by 6 p.m. a couple showers possible especially toward leesburg and martinsburg. you can see the brighter colors, heavier activity out toward cumberland and across the divide into oakland and by 9:30 some showers still popping to the south of us. i think even though the sun goes down tomorrow night we'll still see showers overnight as a cold front gets closer to us. partly cloudy, muggy tonight. that went away fast, didn't it? winds south at 10 and lows only 68 to about 75. tomorrow morning partly cloudy, very warm, dry commute, no worries, 68 to 86 and by afternoon partly cloudy, not as hot, some isolated storms more to the west, high temperatures around 90, winds southwest at 10. so on the day planner 80 by 9:00 -- these are downtown temps -- 84 by 11, 87 by 1:00,
5:51 pm
perhaps a shower. keep that in mind if you're walking to lunch. now wednesday, thursday yellow weather alert days, 86 wednesday, 87 thursday, scattered storms both days and that is kind of good news. it will keep temperatures down just a bit. next seven days we get into friday, we're still back to 90, morning shower possible and then over the weekend saturday looks to be the better of the two days. some clouds sunday, maybe a shower, 87, back to 89 monday. burgundy and gold, home preseason opener, some storms are possible during the first part of the game. nats come back in town friday. now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> after 16 days, thousands of screaming fans and a few scuffles with the texans the washington redskins have officially broken camp. now it's time to pack up and head back to ashburn. this was their third year of taking training camp south and once again attendance dipped a
5:52 pm
bit down almost 44% from 2014. now, of course, the recent struggles haven't helped, but over 6,000 fans made their way to richmond to see what their team was doing to improve. players say the ey'r appreciative of the support, but after three weeks away they're happy to be going home. >> looking forward to go home and get in my own bed. camp still goes on. we still got work to do once we get back to ashburn. >> yeah. it's a good camp, got better, looking forward to getting back continuing preseason and then start in the real games. >> the season ending injuries to tight ends miles paul and logan paulsen have only fueled the chris cooley returning to the redskins rumors. on his radio show today cooley said three of the four decisionmakers in ashburn are on board for his return but the other is not. he's convinced he'll play somewhere. while that talk continues coach
5:53 pm
gruden is seeing what team he has on the roster. former green bay packer d.j. williams and ernst brunn, a rookie out of iowa state. the rest of the guys are all young and unproven but say they're ready to step up to the challenge. >> i don't feel pressure on myself at all. coach is going to do a great job with the young guys. i'm going to help the old guys as much as i can and we're going to make it work. >> we had to fill in the spot. we're definitely focused and ready to take over that role and compete for it and keep it going without losing any progress. >> just be consistent. whenever they give me the play, make sure i'm doing the right assignment with 100% effort and then just go out there and make plays. >> we'll have to see those guys more in action when they play here thursday, but heartbreaker to lose niles paul, especially when you hear him on the field and he said, "this is supposed to be my year." we'll see if the young guys
5:54 pm
step up to the plate. >> they get a little time. >> but it's not that much time. there might be other players that get squeezed out as the cuts start being made. we'll see what happens. just ahead at 6:00 police are releasing some surveillance video of possible suspects in the murder of an american university grad near the shaw metro station. >> also at 6:00 a warning for e- z pass users to be on the lookout for fraudulent e-mails. >> but up next the white house announces a new strategy to tackle what it calls a nationwide drug
5:55 pm
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the white house announced a new initiative to combat the nation's deadly heroin epidemic. >> weigia jiang reports the new plan comes as heroin deaths spike in the united states. >> reporter: the white house is responding to the nation's growing heroin epidemic with a new $5 million program. about half the money will go to pairing public health experts with law enforcement agencies. the priority is to get drug users treatment instead of punishment. also different law enforcement agencies will work together to track down dealers. >> it's a move in the right direction. >> reporter: johnny ellum is president of the oquilla recovery clinic and applauds the administration's new effort. >> this action the white house is taking is doing a lot more than just the money that's
5:58 pm
involved. they're saying let's try this talking to each other. let's try this getting over the fact that you-this department, i run this department. let's work together. >> reporter: nationwide the number of deadly heroin overdoses has quadrupled over the past decade. the recovery clinic here in washington is in the process of expanding because the demand for treatment is higher than ever. >> the calls we get have just been in the last year and a half amplified tremendously. >> reporter: elum says shifting the focus to treating addicts will save lives. weigia jiang, cbs news, washington d.c. >> according to the centers for disease control and prevention, 45% of people who used heroin also addicted to prescription painkillers. right now at 6:00 police are releasing surveillance video of possible suspects in the murder of a young man at the shaw metro station. >> reporter: the man who brought smiles as the route 29 batman is killed in a tragic roadside accident in his costume.
5:59 pm
i'm scott broom in owings mills, maryland. coming up the beloved man behind the mask. >> and if you get an e-mail that looks like it's from e-z pass, it may be a scam. but first we have breaking news from fairfax county. former police officer adam torres has been indicted in the murder of john geer. we understand it's the first time in the department's 75 year history that an officer will face prosecution for an onduty shooting. geer was shot and killed as he stood in his springfield townhouse door two years ago. torres was recently fired from the department and geer's father tells wusa9 he's happy the grand jury did this so quickly, but he figured justice would eventually prevail. a huge loss now shaking the children's medical community in our region this evening, a machine who spread joy to thousands of serious -- man who spread joy to thousands of seriously ill kids was killed in an accident last night. he's the guy we knew as the route 29 batman after a video
6:00 pm
in 2012 that made him famous. scott broom is live in owings mills, maryland with such a sad story of. >> reporter: yeah, it is a sad story, details on the accident in a moment of. first, the man -- moment. first the man as you just said, we got to know him in that viral video that gave people chuckles around the world. his name was lenny robinson, age 51. his friends said lenny was no joke. here is that cop cam video, but this is the real lenny robinson according to his friends. >> lenny was just a nice guy, had a heart of gold, would do anything for anybody. >> he sold his business and it was part of his energy to give back. >> reporter: robinson was a regular at children's hospitals throughout our region staging superhero visit. here he is in 2012. >> look at me. i want you to get better. >> oak. >> i want you to do -- okay. >> i want you to do me


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