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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  August 20, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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okay! fun's over. aw. aw. ♪ thirsty? they said it would make me cool. they don't sound cool to me. guess not. you got to stick up for yourself, like with the name your price tool. people tell us their budget, not the other way around. aren't you lactose intolerant? this isn't lactose. it's milk. ♪ thank you for joining us for the news at noon. showers and thunderstorms are on the way and parts of the region could actually see flooding before it's all over. i'm mike hydeck and erica grow
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is tracking it all. >> we have the flash flood watch in effect at 4:00 and it extends until midnight. the flood watch area extends up to the baltimore beltway as well. we already have showers and embedded heavier rain on doppler. i've seen a few lightning strikes in this band that's moving into frederick county and it's going to enter myersville in the next 30 minutes. another band of showers across the i-95 corridor through beltsville and greenville. we have that heavy rain falling buoy on route 50 and towards annapolis. speaking of the tropics, our hurricane has now formed. the first hurricane of the atlantic season. it's hurricane danny. we've been calling it tropical
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storm danny and now it's hit the hurricane mark. anyone vacationing in the caribbean is going to want to take a close eye on danny. i'll track the thunderstorms and talk about a refreshing change hid. we are following breaking news out of the quantity ceo, virginia -- quantico, virginia. five people were rescued from this building. we have more on the fire and the investigation. vanessa, do they suspect arson or is it too early for that? >> reporter: you know, it's too early to tell. the prince william county homicide unit and the atf have been called in to investigate the death. the deceased and the five rescued people are not military
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personnel. crews were called to broadway and second just before 7:30 in the town of quantico. crews were able to rescue five people. and once the fire was under control, crews discovered a body. >> all of them made it out except one individual who was unable to make it. he was a bedridden elderly gentleman and they attempted to get him out and were unsuccessful. >> reporter: the cause of the man's death and the fire are both under investigation at this point. the red cross is here on the scene investigating the people who have been displaced by the fire. reporting live in quantico. a federal court has rejected former virginia governor bob mcdonald's request to stay out of prison during
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his appeals process. he and his wife were convicted of public corruption. it's not clear when he'll have to report to prison. in 90 minutes, the man accused of abducting and killing hannah graham will go before a judge. we may learn if a gag order will be put in place. terry wells is expected to take the stand in the proceedings. the trial is scheduled for next july. if convicted, he could be facing the death penalty. tragedy at wooten high school. a long time beloved principal dr. michael duran was found dead in his bethesda home. as police investigate, students say this was no ordinary principal. >> reporter: the cause of death is not clear but what is obvious is the impact he had on his students who created a makeshift memorial.
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>> this is just a really bad time, a really bad time. >> reporter: the students are using the time to reflect on the principal as much more than their leader. >> there must have been 10 copies of him because he was everywhere all the time. he was 64 years old and was principal for 12 years. he leaves behind a wife, two children and countless students whose lives he touched. >> he could relate to every person and everybody had unique memories with him. it was never the same. >> he cared about every student. i don't think there's a principal in the world like him. he wasn't just a principal. he was our mascot, our biggest fan, our friend. he was way more than an educator. >> reporter: and realizing how different the time will be
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without him. >> wooten is not going to be the same. the halls will be so empty and not having him on the stage for the graduation will be the hardest thing ever. >> reporter: a vigil will be tomorrow night at 6:00 at the football stadium. i'm nicky very dine. grief counselors will be on hand at the school from 9:00 to 2:00 today and tomorrow. back in june, two recent graduates died in a car crash. anger erupted in the streets of st. louis after another police shooting, a fatal police shooting. officers shot and killed an 18- year-old who police say pointed a handgun at them. people in the community became outraged. >> as officers approached them to ask them to leave the intersection, glass bottles
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started to be thrown at officers. bricks started to be thrown at officers. >> police found cocaine and weapons in the home and arrested nine people following the protests. three more towns in washington state have been evacuated because of the raging wildfires. and this comes a day after three u.s. forest firefighters were killed. the shifting winds likely fanned the flames that eventually overtook their vehicle. danielle nottingham talked to the crew. >> reporter: how tough is it to hear that firefighters died? >> it's horrible. >> it's devastating. we had a horrible day and now we have to go out and do what we're trained to do. >> one of the firefighters is listed in critical condition. and jay inslee will ask president obama for emergency assistance. jimmy carter held a news conference this morning at the
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carter center in atlanta. don champion was there. >> reporter: former u.s. president jimmy carter spoke frankly and courageously about the cancer spread in his body. >> there were four spots of melanoma on my brain. >> reporter: he revealed the health battle saying it was discovered during liver surgery. he was surprisingly calm. >> i've had an exciting existence so i was surprisingly at ease, much more so than my wife was. >> reporter: he founded the center in atlanta in 1982 to promote global human rights issues. his openness about his cancer is another way for the former president to educate others. >> hope for the best and accept what comes. i think i have been as blessed as any human being in the world. >> president carter has a
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strong family history of cancer. he writes his father, brother, and sisters died from pancreatic cancer. the former peanut farmer will cut back on activities as necessary. >> and president carter says the first brain treatment is this afternoon. here's something you do not want to see before you're about to take off. coming up next, where this lightning bolt startled thousands. and we could see similar weather before the day is over. erica is i believe in america.
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welcome back. one airline bandage some time on his hands captured some amazing video. take a look. the plane the man was on was being held on the runway due to bad weather. there's the still frame. he shot the video as the system moved through the atlanta area.
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he was flying to minneapolis and didn't realize that the plane was hit until he watched the video coming up alert. the news is devastating for people in central china right now. flooding has left 11 dead and 13 are missing. mud slides have now destroyed dozens of homes there. take a look at these aerial shots. this is the aftermath from the deadly blasts in china. that's all that's left after the explosions in tianjin. green peace took the photos and there's new concern that high levels of dangerous chemicals still remain at that site and perhaps by some estimates, hundreds of times higher than is considered safe. some of us could be in for a wet commute and a wild one. erica is tracking storms that could be headed our way. >> and the storms are likely to produce heavy downpours. that could lead to heavy flooding. and we could see ponding on the
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roadways and intense lightning. i'm going to track thos
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reservations are in order and we don't have a room for you. we have advice for that exact situation. and it sounds like something straight out of seinfeld. you know how to take the reservation but not hold it. >> this happened to me. i was in san francisco and i had a bunch of meetings set up and they didn't have a room for me. you've got to find me a room. it was too late for me to call
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people. i sat in the lobby and waited for the manager. the manager finally showed up and they gave me a suite. they didn't want to do it. if you want to move you to a different hotel make sure it's equivalent. if the rooms cost more, tell them to pay for it. >> take copies of your reservation with you. be sure you do that and show up as early as you can in the day because that gives you a better chance of getting a room if they have overbooked. >> we have more on the call for the action page. go to and click on the call for the action link. a british toy maker has expanded the line of custom made dolls to help young children feel a lot more special. jonathan vigliotti has more.
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>> there we go. >> reporter: melissa is on a mission to show her daughter isabel it's all right to be different. the english mother of two was born deaf and when isabel was born with cerebral palsy she knew the stereotypes she'd face. melissa got creative using lollipop sticks to build a walker for a doll resembling the walker isabel uses. and she built the toy like me campaign. a british company accepted the challenge. production began a few weeks ago. and hundreds of orders have come in. they use 3-d printers to
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customize crutches, walkers, and hearing aides. >> plans for a walker are in the works to help children like isabel feel a little less different. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, london. first alert weather time, yellow alert day. we've escaped much in the way of heavy showers, but they are headed our way today. >> we'll see hefty thunderstorms from the beltway and points north. that's why the flash flood watch is in effect for the areas. we have fairly wet ground just because it's been humid and we have had those scatterings of showers. and now we have heavy rainfall on the way. man, it's even hard to see with the reduced visibility due to all the hazy humidity that's in place. it feels soupy and tropical out there. we'll have plenty of clouds and potentially a thunderstorm rolling through at 3:00 with a temperature of 84 degrees.
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84 at 6:00. and we'll reach a high near 90 degrees this afternoon and won't get over the 90-degree mark like yesterday. in the weather headlines, we'll see that flash flood watch in effect for our area and we are going to see the rain potentially impacting the evening commute for just about everyone. at the noontime -- that was cool, a helicopter going by. 81degrees and a real feel of 86 because of the nasty dew point of 75 degrees. the flood watch goes until midnight. but after midnight. partial clearing and we'll see a much nicer day tomorrow. it's going to be breezy and a lot less humid and the weekend is looking gorgeous with tons of sunshine. 81 in downtown washington and at andrews. you can see the few showers that have moved through and the heavier rain is on the approach with the cold front that's right now moving through the
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appalachians. and that heavier thunderstorm moving through the hagerstown area is starting to move up to the north and east. you can see the next band of showers and storms approaching moving through winchester and leesburg by 4:00. pinks and reds showing up here indicating the potential for strong wind gusts and maybe even some heavy lightning activity as this moves through. definitely some intense downpours so keep that in mind. it will start to move to the east of us as we head into the evening hours. at 9 p.m, it's raining at fedexfield. everything pushes off to the east as we head to friday morning's commute. and looks like a much nicer day. the feels like forecast a dramatic change. it will feel like the 90s through the afternoon today. tomorrow morning waking up to a real feel in the 60s in the northern and western suburbs and rebounding to a real feel
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in the 80s. and friday or saturday morning even better as we'll see that refreshing air really setting up shop here. forecast for today. near 90 in downtown washington. 87 in manassas. 82 in hagerstown. and overnight dipping to 62 in frederick and 62 in winchester. not ready to open up the windows because the humidity is an issue until friday night. and then you can give the ac a rest. friday a high of 87 degrees with a good amount of sunshine. and 87 with the low humidity persisting and the breezes will settle down. sunday looks gorgeous. we're lucking out because the chance for the thunderstorms and
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welcome back to the news at noon. more breaking news now. two firefighters were hurt battling a fire in laurel, maryland. the fire crews are still on the scene putting out hot spots. the firefighters suffered minor burns. it's not clear how the fire started at this point. it's a big day at wusa 9 and we are hoping to fund projects at local schools in d.c., virginia, and maryland with the teachers are super heroes program. so many teachers pay for supplies out of their own pockets. we have the vp of teacher outreach and she joins us now. when teachers hear about this. they might have spoken to other teachers about the program.
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>> it's absolutely easy to do. we have 100,000 busy teachers that are making this happen. we've made it as simple as we can. ç is there an upper limit for funding, a time limit like how long the project stays on line? >> teachers should think about it as a way to meet a specific classroom need whether it's a field trip or a classroom library. they log into an account and advice that the first project should be under $500. >> we've been highlighting our relationship with donors choose for a month now. we have some projects we're highlighting. and are there restrictions? >> sure, all projects requested must be for a student centered
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resource. we don't want to fund motorcycles -- things that will help students. teachers probably have a laundry list. those are the kind of things to put on donors choose. >> it doesn't matter what charity. you want to make sure it's safe as far as personal information is concerned. and administrative costs are a consideration, choose the project you like, and you have a choice to include a fulfillment fee or exclude it. >> it really lives up to the name. they choose the project and choose how to fund the project. >> there's a small transaction fee to pay the basic overhead costs of running the projects, and most of our donors choose to contribute to operations.
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>> thank you for the partnership with wusa 9. and of course go to to fund the projects we are highlighting. thanks for joining
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