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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  August 20, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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good evening i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. we begin tonight with a yellow weather alert. we've got a live look from sky cam 9 out at the national mall. right now sure it looks dry for a minute, but the heavy storms are along the way. >> our chief meteorologist topper shutt is standing by with a first alert forecast. >> yes, indeed. , we're looking at flash flood warnings to the south of us at about 9:00, which means that flooding is occurring. we're looking for heavy rain this spring and they still appear to be between fairfax and manassas with a lot of
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lightning strikes, indicating that the storm is intensifying a little bit if you will and also moving off to the south and the east. a flash flood warning in effect including the counties until 9:15 this evening. the good news is your rain should end in the next 30 minutes. this storm is headed towards the storm tracker, probably the heaviest that we've had at 7:40. we'll move up towards fedex, which is going to end up going to the north of you. and just to the north of fedex, we're still looking at the light showers, not out of the >h woods yet. a shooting death near shaw metro station. marcus king is wanted in the death of michael schlanski on his way to meet some friends on saturday when he was caught in
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the cross fire of seventh street and f street northwest. officers have seized nearly 1,000 illegal guns, arresting hundreds of drug suspects. >> but still the murders go on as they are spiking. our bruce leshan reports that neighbors are left struggling to explain. scattered across the city that memorials like this to the victims of the surge in violence. >> you can get that kicker than the local breed. >> reporter: she has watched over alabama avenue southeast from his front porch. he blames the sharp increase on big guns and no hope. >> they don't respect themselves or their family. >> they are all red. and it is okay.
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she's good. >> reporter: michelle johnson is still struggling with the death of her daughter. >> i'm so sorry. >> she is all good. oh lord she could do everything. >> reporter: they built a shrine, the mother of two killed one week shy of her 32nd birthday. >> i'll be here in the kitchen cooking and she will be get out of that kitchen, what are you doing cooking. >> reporter: police say most of the murders seem to be over rock throwing, a baby crying. if there was a clear pattern, it might be easier to stop. in dc congress heights neighborhood bruce leshan wusa9. now a number of cities have seen spikes in murder rates this summer. in fact with 212 homicides so far this year, baltimore has now surpassed new york city. that's a city with more than 13 times the population. a man has died in a fire at an apartment building in
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quantico. >> now five others are homeless tonight. that blaze broke out around 7:20 in the building located at the 200 block of broadway street. mary demarsio lives in the building with her tenants trying to rescue one of them. >> there was so much smoke i couldn't breathe. i said for god sake, i'm going downstairs, i'm going to get some towels and water and try to come up there and drag you out. >> that man is identified as 69- year-old frank desanto did not make it out. the cause of the investigation is still -- the cause of the fire is still under investigation. four firefighters were injured while battling a blaze in laurel. a two-alarm fire broke out this morning at the apartment complex on south laurel drive. the firefighters sustained non- life threatening injuries while fighting that blaze. three were burned and one suffered serious burns to both hands. 15 adults, seven children, and one dog, all displaced tonight due to fire damage in eight apartments.
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former virginia governor bob mcdonald could be heading to jail. a request to keep him free during the appeal has been denied. he will be ordered to report to prison within the next several weeks and begin serving time for his corruption conviction. meanwhile he has 90 days to ask the supreme court to review his case. the man charged with abducting and killing a university of virginia student will not be allowed to wear his personal clothing in court until his child, the attorneys for jesse matthews argue that their client's case has been prejudice by the news report and courtroom sketches showing him shackled, wearing the jail- issued jump suit. the defense attorneys said matthews ought to be able to attend the pre-trial hearings unshackled in his personal clothes so he can more fully participate in his defense. but the judge said no. matthew now charged with abducting and killing 18-year- old hannah graham. a community in shock tonight gathering together trying to make sense of the death of their beloved school principal. students building a makeshift
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memorial to dr. michael doren who was found dead in his bethesda apartment wednesday morning less than two weeks before school was set to return. his students say this man was no ordinary principal. >> he could relate to every person. everybody had unique memories with him. >> the cause of death yet to be determined. only on 9 tonight, a war veteran makes new progress one painful step at a time. amare williams left home in texas last month and he started walking to dc to demand for veterans affairs the help he's been denied for his ravaged body. with a ride here and there, he logged 1,500 miles in three weeks arriving here last friday. he went right to the va administrative office every day, but he has made little
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progress. >> i know that up there in this building they could fix my claim if they wanted to. >> and then with our camera present and a handshake and a promise by the va, that they are going to exam their file. williams says that it is a shame that it took a tv crew to cut through the red tape as he still wants other vets to get the care they need. a world war ii pilot was laid to rest today 62 years after he went missing. army air force staff sergeant was laid to rest in arlington national cemetery today. along with his crew members, they were shot down in germany near the border in 1944. his remains were discovered back in 2006 and later identified using dna matching his sister and his niece. still to come at 7:00, helping an area teacher buybooks. details on what you can do to help just ahead. i'm dave owens down here at the sidelines of fedex field as
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they are ready to kick these things off as they are ready to cheer. a little bit. but next, jimmy carter courageously talks about the cancer diagnosis more on
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jimmy carter is speaking out about the cancer. >> reporter: they are revealing that the cancer has spread to his brain as he thought that it would be confined to his liver. but during the press conference, he announced that they found four melanoma spots in his brain. >> and to hope for the best as they would come, you know, that i think that i would have been as blessed as any human being in the world. >> reporter: and they started radiation this afternoon, saying that he'll need to cut back on some of their
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international humanitarian work, otherwise they don't feel bad. tragedy in twist, washington as the wildfire would turn deadly. continuing today 24 hours after three firefighters died. they would work in that u.s. forest service, killed after their vehicle crashed and was apparently overtaken by flames. that those flames, they have torched more than a million acres of land. drone footage is showing the extent of the damage after the massive explosion in china. they were high above the factory site where they were shot by green peace as they would come as workers, of the hazardous material suits would begin clearing away the wreckage. near the blast site, they would have 356 times the acceptable level. that explosion would kill at least 114 people. up next, caitlyn jenner
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could face a year behind bars. what police say she did. we are still tracking thunderstorms. you know here at fedex field, they may go to the north. but we're not out of the woods yet. a few more storms that are
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when they rear ended a lexus pushing it in to oncoming traffic as the driver of that vehicle was killed when they were killed head on by a hummer. genre could face a year up ifcon -- if convicted, jenner could face up to a year in prison. the former night attendant, and the former aspiring actress. joining them is a third woman who use today be a playboy model, speaking out in interviews about her allegations that cosby had victimized her. the man pulling off an elaborate escape from an upstate new york prison is facing more charges. david sweat is in court today.
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sweat escaped june 6 from the correctional facility with fellow inmate, richard matt who was shot dead and caught two days later. it is $1 million for bond for officer wesley kagel. the 14-year vet charged with first and second-degree attempted murder. after shooting a burglary suspect in the groin at close range. he was put on routine administrative leave and then suspended following that incident happening back in december of 2014. you can hear the music as you know what that means, it is football night here in dc, the redskins second game. weather permitting. >> it could get a little more interesting out there, even before the game would get started as the team hosts the detroit lions at fedex field. using land rover with a preview.
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and a 7:30 kickoff here at fedex field, going through their final warmups here. and that they will kick it off in just a second, one of the first to get off the bus and then they would go out on to the field to check it out, taken at the tarp of the sign. and what they want to accomplish and pre-season game two. >> and it is a very tough defense to be going against them with a good test. and that they will get plays and the rhythm and the timing back down on the game day in seattle and how the guys are moving, how they will continue to increase our tempo as the offense to get the positive plays. >> reporter: it will be interesting to see how long that he would play and how successful he is. the real quick scratches here, trent williams, they are not
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playing tonight. that they told me it was for precautionary reasons. back to you in the studios. and not completely out of the woods, but it could be worse south and west of town getting hammered with a brand new flash flood warning just issued. the live look outside, a little sun in that picture. it is a good sign with the gust of 20 as they will be moving on through parts of the metro area. with that said, this is a flash flood watch area, that it does not mean that they do not know how to rain heavily. if you have the flood warnings outside that area west of manassas and culpeper as they will continue until midnight.
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although that they would push an end from west to east. so this is an old flash flood warning there and a new flash flood warning until 10:15, we'll zoom in a little bit as the new one will include the places just to the southwest of warrenton, including culpeper, fauker. a pretty big storm with a lot of lightning here as well as they are capable of producing rainfall rates one to two and even three inches per hour weaves seen the massive flooding up in to baltimore, these storm haves a lot of moisture to be able to be rained out with a potential to be moved across the river. as i think that it will be a little complex of storms becoming rather heavy as they would roll in to southern maryland. and st. mary's county. so get ready in la platta where it will be rocking and rolling. we'll zoom in, this is fedex, one storm to the north over the last hour as that will peel off to the north moving away from
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college park as they will be trying to peel off to the south and duck in to the lake. we will see the showers at the game, no doubt, but that's the good news that, they might go north and south of us. look at the rainfall. five inches to the north and that is why we have them in effect. don't try to drive through that flooded street and don't try to walk either. the yellow alert until midnight and critical times now until midnight. and then we are still okay. tomorrow will be fantastic with the low humidity, that by 9:00, look at heavier storms just to the north in charles county, that it will be much heavier. now, essentially you folks in manassas that you'll be done with everything by 9:00 and by 10:00, you're still hanging around in charles county and even in to the county north here. by 11:00, that they are just
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exiting the extreme southern maryland as it would take a while for them to get all the way through southern maryland. after they do, friday will be fantastic with the day planner, sunshine at 75 and at 11:00 and 1:00. the next three days, just beautiful on friday in the upper 80s, just beautiful on sunday. just a slight chance for the thunderstorm. don't plan around that and then we'll be rooking -- looking for the temperatures, the mid-80s on tuesday, wednesday, upper 80s on thursday and that the humidity will be in check as we'll get in to the middle part of next week in town for the long home stand, the time to make that there. >> all right, thank you, topper. every little bit will help when you are working with a budget as we here at wusa9 are helping them with the super heros campaign as we love it. >> yes, highlighting the local school projects that are funded and they need that last little push. today, they will need that elementary here. as she would say a little help
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with the books that could go a heck of a long way. >> she has been known since she was a little girl to make her career in that classroom. >> my third grade teacher is their inspiration. and ever since then, that i always wanted to be a teacher. >> reporter: she wants to be an inspiration too and that at cool spring elementary, they need books. >> that's the scholastic with the book club program and that they will give us points, but we would always end up using some of their own money to pay for some bucks. >> reporter: english is a second language. and until now that she has been piecing together her classroom library with hand-me-down books from the other teachers, bringing in books that she read as a child as she will need some help. >> the library that i'm asking for is a leveled book as they will be breathing levels. >> and some good science concept books, and that the students, they will be able to read instead of just hosting through their pages. >> by joining our campaigns,
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they had be partnering with the donors to fund the local school projects, that you can help a teacher and change some lives. >> their confidence will go through that roof as they are excited about reading, which is always the going for first grade. >> it is so easy for you to help to go to you can look for mrs. s's project or other local projects to help kids get a great start. teachers are super heros. mike hydeck wusa9. >> the teacher they love. >> oh man several. still to come, we are on baby pa
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it's paul cross today at the national zoo. >> yes, for a healthy panda, one of the zoo's giant panda that is with child or with panda. she is expected to give birth the next few weeks. today that panda house has been shut down, but you can see them on the panda cams. >> i was just telling them that we'll need to watch the news, because they would treat it like a king and a queen and that they will be able to see that -- and that they will be able to see when a new baby comes. we're disappointed to not see her, but we are excited.
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>> we do too. she's been moving slower, even less. spending time building her nest. a mom of bao bao. >> it is hard to believe. it comes around fast. that's it for all: milk! milk! milk! milk! milk!
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"19 kids and counting" star josh duggar admits he was unfaithful to his wife. >> new outrage after he was reportedly caught using the cheating web site, ashley madison. >> i'm grateful for my wife. u st such a blessing when yo can honor each other. >> the hypocrisy of this. >> two reported accounts. what the family values activist is now saying about his secret double life. >> it takes a special kind of sociopath. and why is ben affleck's ex-nanny getting hounded about babies? kelly clarksorkn wos out her big news and jennifer aniston tells me about her secret i dos. >> beautiful moment. also, did kim richards' sister put her in a psych ward? and ten years after katrina, our look with brad pitt. >> we're supposed to help the most vulnerable. >> and


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