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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  August 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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was intoxicated. in all of the cases these attacks have happened in the dark so victims have had trouble coming up with distinguishable features. >> if you or anyone you know has any information about the suspect or suspects, give police a call. dc police are investigating a sexual assault that may have involved an uber driver. a woman was attacked on grant circle and northwest between 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. sunday. right now detectives have a vague working description of that suspect. breaking news from fairfax county where police are on the scene of a shooting. it's happening near st. germain in centreville. police say the shooting is domestic in nature. we're hearing it may involve two brothers in their 40s. a second person is in custody. a rockville couple is facing some serious charges
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tonight in the murder of a 10-week-old baby. a judge is allowing the rockville mother out of jail as long as she has no contact with children and pays an $800,000 bond. but her partner is not going anywhere. he's been given a $5 million bond and stephanie ramirez learned more details in this incredibly sad case. >> i sat in today's hearing and learned some things you may find disturbing. i found out 10-year-old aaliyah thompson had two ribs broken and the abuses against this baby do not end there. >> reporter: on april 18th 24-year-old robert davidson posted these pictures on his facebook page saying it's a girl. just 10 weeks older aaliyah thompson died. her death ruled blunt force injury.
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her parents lived minutes away from the court. >> i had tears in my eyes when i found out what happened. it was just heart wrenching to know something like that was going on that close. >> i come to see my friend on a regular basis and check on her. i feel like, i wasn't paying attention? >> reporter: june 23rd the police responded to a 911 call of a baby unresponsive. in court documents we learned davidson later admitted to aggressively shaking aaliyah that day and on other days dropping her several times letting her roll off the couch and sexually assaulting her. davidson is charged in her death, sexual and physical abuse. thompson is facing child abuse and neglect charges for allowing the alleged abuses to occur. >> the only thing i can say is how can something like that go on? the baby was only 10 weeks old. she was absolutely beautiful. >> two people that did it. we have to
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be aware of things, especially when it comes to children and the way society is now. >> because thompson has an opportunity to get out of jail, that does not mean the judge is taking this lightly. she's been ordered, no contact with children. this includes a child she has that's 5 years old. more details of what we learned in court today including information about the father and what other neighbors tell us they heard at that department complex coming up at 6:00. in montgomery county district court, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9news. >> just an incredibly sad case. both of those parents are due back in court for a preliminary hearing on september 18th. a wild ride on wall street. the dow jones industrial plummeted more than a thousand points this morning then pulled back only just to fall again. at the end of the day all three major stock market indices were down more than 3.5%. let's take a look at the closing numbers. dow industrial down 588 points.
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s&p down 78 points. and the nasdaq down about 180 points. derek is standing by with more. >> today was a bad day for markets, in fact all over the globe, all tied to worries about china where economy is growing. their stocks tumbled 8.5% in what some traders there dubbed black monday. >> it's the second largest economy in the world. from 2007 they were the life raft to the world economy. that trade is no longer there. >> here in this country losses from friday and today pulled u.s. markets in to bonafied correction territory. that's when the traders say markets lose 10% of their value or more. some traders say this is what they live for. this sort of drop they say represents a great opportunity to buy more stocks. >> if you can stomach it. right now we're tracking
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heavy downpours in the area. first alert meteorologist howard bernstein is in the weather center. what are you seeing right now on first alert doppler? >> north and west of us we have quite a line of showers. not too much lightning. this is slowly moving east, only about 15, 20 miles per hour. we're getting heavy downpours from that. i want to take you to montgomery, frederick, carroll county. heavier cells here from clarksburg up toward hyattstown. this first batch is moving east. rockville, 5:33. columbia, 6:18. behind it, back in to loudoun county, this is like the second heaviest shower. this is moving to eastern louden and eventually fairfax and montgomery again. they're going to get more heavy downpours at 5:36. rockville, 6:12. the southwest of that this line continues. now we've got a little bit of lightning here.
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this is warrenton. here's front royal which is already west of it. it's slowly marching to the east. plains, about 5:24. warrenton, 5:33. midland, 6:06. hey market, 5 . if you do have evening plans we could have a couple showers, isolated thunder lingering through 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 especially south east of town. nice weather starting tomorrow. let's go to prince george's county where a woman is charged in the murder of her husband. aracely mendosa is charged with first degree murder. police say she got in to an argument with her husband. the husband left the home and went for a walk in the neighborhood. that's when alvarez-mendosa allegedly got in her serve and intentionally ran
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down her husband. a police chase in prince george's county. police say it started when at least two men with guns robbed the verizon store on spartan driver. they took off in a black dodge charger, taking the icc to i-95 and that's where police lost them. no one was injured at the store or highway. meantime, the violent summer in dc continues tonight. four more people were killed over the weekend, pushing the total number of homicides to 102. if this keeps up, dc police says the city will be on pace to have its deadliest year since 2008. the latest homicide happened sunday afternoon when a man was stabbed to death during a basketball game in northeast. that suspect is still out there and the president of the citizens association says this problem extends beyond drugs and guns. >> those aren't new issues. i say the number 1 issue is poverty and unemployment. i don't have an option to sit back
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and do nothing. none of us do. >> may or bowser is adding outreach to the areas most affected. detectives hope a $25,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction in a murder case will help them track down the killer still on the run. if you think you can help, text your tip to 50411. a bunch of riders were late to work today because a pedestrian was struck and killed by a train early this morning. it happened near the leland road station. fredericksburg vre trains were delayed up to two hours. tonight fredericksburg line trains are operating on an s schedule. there's been a lot of talk about drones causing problems for airplanes but what about prisons? maryland prison officials say this drone was used to smuggle drugs to two inmates in state prisons. it was apening at two -- was happening at two prisons near
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cumberland. they were planning to pilot the drones saturday night. >> there's a phrase i often use with my staff. we have too many acronyms in our business but this one, ycmtsu. you can't make this stuff up. >> no, you can't. police also recovered some drugs and a handgun. the pandemonium continues at the national zoo after the panda gave birth to twin cubs evening the weekend. a lot of people having babies these days. >> animal fans packed the house today. how are the mom and cubs doing this evening? >> they're all doing well tonight but those cubs are still fairly young and vulnerable so it's a high risk period, which is why vets are continuing to watch them 24/7. hundreds of people in the last hour swing by here just to check out the web camera. >> reporter: it's these two
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panda cubs that have them oohing and ah-ing over them. they're watching the panda and her cubs on the web cam. once you catch a glimpse of the little one, it's hard not to break out a smile. >> they're really cute. i haven't seen panda cubs before. >> i thought it was so cute because i love pandas. >> that was really cool. >> reporter: but it's been a long two days after delivering twins. staff tells us the twins and mom are healthy but last night she didn't want to let go of one of her cubs. instead the vets tended the smaller one all night and two fed it formula. this one of the many reasons the panda exhibit is limited to just the web cam. >> i hope they're healthy and everything goes okay. >> reporter: to ensure everything stays okay, zoo biologists and vets are closely watching the cubs, alternating time each cub gets with the
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mother to make sure they eat right and bond enough. something parents say they personally understand. >> like any mother, i think anybody would want their mother to have the same bonding time. >> reporter: and with any family, when you have two little ones, juggling time can be a challenge. >> it's hardworking for a panda to be a mom. [ laughter ] it's hard to give your attention to everyone. it's really kind of cool, special, because it doesn't happen all the time. >> you just heard it. a lot of parents are relating with the mother and everyone in love with the two little cubs. there's more good news tonight. we're told from the vets that the mother has been very loving with both of them despite having a rough night last night. >> first she had the first cub. then waited a little while and had the second cub. that would have freaked most of us out. you think you're having one then
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two come? it's a double blessing but you know. once the cubs have had enough one-on-one time with the mom they'll be able to go back to the exhibit. but it's going to be months before they can go outside and we can all see them. we're just getting started on wusa 9news at 5:00. a maryland firefighter killed two motorcycles crashed in to each other. scott broom tells us about the heroic hubert erickson, jr. >> plus changes for students on this first day of class. >> howard is back with more on tonight's storms and a look at your work week forecast. >> a casino tour bus takes out the wall.
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at least nine people were hurt this afternoon when a casino tour bus crashed in to a building in queens, new york. first responders had to free the driver who was pinned in the wreckage but authorities say none of the injuries are life-threatening. the crash caused major structural damage to the building which houses a law office and some apartments. red or -- ready or not, it's that time. back to school for dc area schools. the students are going to see a lot of changes this academic year. >> they've got their backpacks on and heads held high. first day jitters be gone. they're ready to go back to school. >> i want to see how different it's going to be from middle school and elementary school. >> i can learn new things and meet new friends. >> reporter: first off, more
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kids. enrollment is up by 1500. and every sing le school will offer at least six a.p. classes. plus a new curriculum called cornerstone, lessons that are more hands on. there are four more schools. at woodson high school this morning a couple extra guests helped ring in the new year. mayor bowser and councilor announcing new things in the school that will focus on engineering and i.t. >> i want some mayor in the future, maybe even me, to say that i have filled the dc government jobs with dc residents. >> reporter: but it's not all good news. parents have rising concerns about their kids' safety in the midst of dc's crime surge. >> they go to school and come home, that's my main concern. >> reporter: educators say they hope the new kids ride free program on metro and buses will help. >> no reason to be walking
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really far to a bus stop or metro stop. our bus stop is on the corner. >> as for making the school year a successful one, that is up to the kids. >> i'm looking forward to having a great year. >> what will make it a great year? >> if i do good. [ laughter ] >> reporter: >> dc public schools also created new teaching positions. frederick county students went back to school today as well. all students in prince george's county head back tomorrow. back to school and back to work. jan is back. we haven't seen you since may. >> i feel like it's been forever. >> it has been forever. >> how are you? >> i'm doing great. the babies are so good. i think the older one was ready for mom to go back. this is the little one. she looks like she's sideways now. she's a bundle of joy.
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she's healthy. >> she's a solid citizen. i've held her . she is holding her own. >> got boxing gloves on? >> people are like are you trying to keep her warm? she came out with manicured fingernails. she's got these long fingernails. momma is so scared to cut those things. i've tried. it's hard to tell if she's excited or upset but today she was totally fine. bye-bye, mommy. >> she's a great big sister. >> she's going back to school also after labor day so she'll be back soon with everybody else. >> we've all missed you. the viewers have missed you. i've been look ing on social media. everybody says where are the pictures? >> i've posted so many on my personal. join us online, on twitter, facebook, we've all posted pictures. and auntie
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lesli has been to the house. we're talking weather. >> we've got showers out there. a little bit of thunder, heavy downpours. yesterday i was arguing with myself, should it be a yellow weather alert day? borderline here but we've got a few coming through. heavier downpours, especially north and west of town. a little bit of lightning north of warrenton. want to show you what's happening on first alert doppler. south of frederick. these are 11 heavy downpours. let's take care of business in montgomery county. this stuff is tracking toward howard county. so it's toward damascus. germantown, another storm is coming. this is all moving east. columbia at 6:21. we'll go father -- go farther south and west. leesburg, on and off showers. this stuff is moving
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east and it's not moving fast. only about 20 miles per hour. it gets through chantilly and tysons, 6:19. there's thunder and lightning we're seeing. scott at sperryville wrote me a note saying how dry it's been and how dry it's been there. this is much needed rainfall. we've been kind of dry this month. see a little lightning east on 66. very heavy downpours. this is moving east. we can expect around 5:35 in warrenton. haymarket, 555. -- 5:55. low 90s in washington. were at 88 but only 77 leesburg and frederick. real nice in the higher elevations for the cooler drier air already moving in. we have a few clouds starting to move in. 88 on the hour. dew point of 70.
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really felt a lot stickier today than it did yesterday but it's a one-day affair. the drier air will return late tonight. nice again tuesday through friday. a little bit of heat building toward the coming weekend then rain chances. i know it's dry and we'll take anything we can get right now but they're going to stay low. so look at the forecast. tonight a few evening showers and storms and this stuff could be on and off even through midnight south and east of town. we'll see late clearing. 70 in dc. 60 in the cold spots. tomorrow looks good. we'll start the day with less humidity. afternoon temperatures, 82 to 87. sunny, warm and dry. not too windy. might have a gust of 15. on the 3-day forecast, after the warm and dry tuesday, a gorgeous wednesday. 85. by the way morning lows wednesday and thursday, 50s and 60s. thursday looks fantastic. 84. as we
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head toward friday and the weekend, still nice friday. good weather for the nats' home stand. on the weekend, got the game up in baltimore for saturday. 88. should be okay, just a stray storm. sunday and monday, closer to 90. we can't rule out an isolated storm but real nice weather about to return. dc homeowners with not so great credit are paying through the nose for some types of insurance. >> plus apple recalls thousands of iphones. details in tonight's consumer alert. >> you can tweet us your thoughts any time. we're on twitter right now.
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in tonight's consumer alert poor credit can cost you twice as much to ensure your home. a new shows dc homeowners with bad credit pay 185% more than dc homeowners with excellent credit. maryland is one of only three states that prevents insurers from using your credit information to calculate your rate. to boost yourss, pay your bills on time, try to keep those balances low and make sure you correct errors on your credit report.
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apple is recalling a batch of iphone 6 plus smart phones because of a defective part in the camera that causes it to take blurry photos. apple says this impacts phones sold between september 2014 and january of this year. you can put in your serial number and check to see if you have the problem on apple's website. you can call it target gourmet. starting in october the retailer will test out new cafe options in about 14 stores across the country. in comes freshy, pizza hut and de amico and sons. it's not clear if any of the target stores in our area will see the new changes. dozens of people are out of their homes tonight after a fire in northern virginia. remembering a heroic firefighter from prince george's county. >> increasing questions about vice president joe biden and whether he'll seek the presidency and today the white house spokesman was pressed to
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we've got breaking news from virginia where there are multiple reports that supreme court chief justice john roberts ruled that former governor bob mcdonell can remain free while the high court considers his petition. mcdonell has appealed his conviction all the way to the supreme court. he was supposed to head to prison to begin serving his sentence at a federal prison but justice roberts' ruling means mcdonell can remain free until the justices rule on his request. a terrible motorcycle accident over the weekend is having an an enormous impact. >> a career paramedic, 63-year-old jr harrison was killed. he lived in prince george's and is remembered as a.
5:31 pm
that's where scott broom is live this afternoon to explain. >> as you just outlined, he has community ties all over the state of maryland including here in washington county where it all started and baltimore county and of course in prince george's county as well. jr harrison perhaps most beloved here in hagerstown. this is where he started saving lives as a full-time career more than 40 years ago. >> reporter: he was the paramedic who wouldn't retire. he continued as a lieutenant in the fire department even at age 63 after serving decades here in hagerstown as well. he died just before dawn sunday in prince george's county riding his beloved motorcycle while coming home from a late night shift. it was a head-on collision with another motorcyclist who lost control and came in to harrison's lane. a tragic end for a man who lived
5:32 pm
and breathed rescue since he started as a volunteer in hagerstown at age 23 40 years ago. he lived in buoy and continued to serve one day a week here at the fire company where it all started. sebrina lee is one of his dotters. -- daughters. >> my dad loved the team aspect and being with his brothers and sisters. really enjoyed helping people. friends say your dad saved my parents' life or was there whenever something happened and that's really humbling to think of him like that. >> reporter: susan trainer is jr harrison's wife. >> he would come all the way from buoy here. >> one day a week, worked a 12-hour shift. >> what was it about him? >> they needed him. he felt they needed him, they needed his seniority, knowledge. he felt they would be better with him here and he'd be able to help
5:33 pm
the younger guys. >> plans for jr harrison's final farewell later this week here in hagerstown are going to include full firefighter honors including an honor guard and procession and there will be represent rfbs from -- representatives from all the other agencies he touched. scott broom, wusa 9. >> the other motorcyclist involved in the crash has been identified as interviewball of laurel. he was 23 years old. near ly 60 people are out of their homes tonight following a two-alarm fire in woodbridge. firefighters had to cut off a roof from a neighboring building to put out the flames. no word on what caused it. dc police are released this disturbing video last week.
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it shows this guy walking to the shore. he appears to help out the guy in the wheelchair but the crook robs the person in the wheelchair and then takes off. 47-year-old earl leroy matthew has been charged with using violence to rob that man. a wildfire burning in north central washington is now the largest in state history. the okanogan complex of wildfires has torched 400 square miles and it's expected to grow. more than 4,000 people are battling the flames which could burn for several more months. three firemen died fighting the flames last week. let's turn now to campaign 2016. it is the question of the day. will he or won't he? there is now increased buzz that vice president joe biden may join the race for the white house. as craig boswell reports, the buzz follows a
5:35 pm
meeting this past weekend. >> reporter: vice president joe biden is back at the white house amid increasing debate over whether he's considering a presidential run. biden sat down with president obama for their weekly lunch. >> these conveiorsat tnsend to be wide ranging and they cover everything from work to family. i'll leave it to you to decide whether or not this decision falls in either of those two categories. >> reporter: biden added to the intrigue with a weekend meeting with senator elizabeth warren, believed to be a discussion about a possible candidacy. >> i think it's pretty clear all the democrats running want to strengthen the middle class. >> reporter: hillary clinton is the current democratic frontrunner but she continues to be dogged by controversy over her personal e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. senator bernie sanders, the leading challenger to clinton in the polls, says his entry in to the race won't change his campaign.
5:36 pm
>> i will run an issue oriented campaign. >> reporter: biden has said he'll announce his decision by the end of the summer. >> biden sought the democratic nomination in 1988 and 2008 and dropped out of both races fairly early in the process. trending now, a waitress's laughable tip goes viral. and jon stewart comes out of retirement. >> the drake and serena rumor mill picks upstream -- picks up some steam. >> still warm and dry in northwest dc. we've got a line of showers with a little bit of thunder and lightning. we'll zoom in, more on that. and i'll tell you about another cold front headed our way in just a few minutes.
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trending right now, a 20-year-old rest responsibility server gets stiffed on a tip in brutal fashz. -- fashion. >> it's $112.
5:40 pm
there was a party of eight and they left lol for the tip and said one hour for food. he said even though the food took a long time to come out, everybody seemed satisfied. >> i still think -- i don't care how long it takes for your food. you don't know how their day is going. >> they're not the ones cooking it. jon stewart hosted wwe's summer slam. >> i've spent the past 16 years talking about politics. it's nice to be back in reality. >> as you can see, you're a big fan of professional wrestling. wonder how long he took to rehearse that one. >> he's got to let the beard go though. tmz is showing pictures of
5:41 pm
drake and serena williams getting to know each other a little bit better. somebody snapped these photos of the kissing couple. tmz also reports dating rumors began circulating after drake was spotted cheering for serena at wimbledon a few months ago. comedian tracy morgan is now a married man. >> after being badly injured in the crash, he said it was his dream to walk down the aisle without a cane or wheelchair. he married megan woliver. the newlyweds are the parents of a 2-year-old daughter. morgan will host saturday night live in october, his first performance since the crash. she is beautiful. getting a lot of clicks on youtube. the foo fighters pulling off a real life rick roll on westboro baptist church.
5:42 pm
the foo fighters showed up in a pickup truck blasting rick astly's "never going to give you up." back in 2011 the band crashed a protest. coming up, these georgetown hoyas aren't just teammates on the field. they teamed up for what's becoming a successful business venture. >> discouraging news when it comes to women and heart
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i'm andrea mccarren outside the federal reserve. it's been a bullish day for pizza delivery while the bears dominated wall street. we'll bring you investor reaction and advice from financial planners coming up in 15 minutes. a new study suggests much more work needs to be done when it comes to young people and heart disease deaths. kenneth craig tells us the focus needs
5:46 pm
to be put on women especially. >> reporter: new research shows deaths from heart disease have declined dramatically over the last few decades in people over 65 but that's not true for people under 55, especially women. >> the next step would be trying to understand why this younger population is not showing the improvement that the older patients do. is it because of the traditional risk factors and they're citing increase in obesity and diabetes. >> reporter: researchers at emory university also point out diabetes and obesity mayoint out a greater heart disease risk for younger women. >> reporter: heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in the u.s. it's responsible for 1 in every 4 deaths. cardiologist says the study highlights the need to rethink strategies that focus on traditional risk factors like high blood pressure and cholesterol. >> maybe it's time to look outside of those things and look
5:47 pm
at stress management, sleep, all kinds of quality of life issues. >> reporter: experts say depression is also a powerful predictor for heart disease in young women. kenneth craig, cbs news new york. >> doctors say more studies need to be done on young women and people with heart disease, they're often not included in research because they are considered low risk for heart issues. a louisiana state trooper is dead after police say he was shot and killed by a man he tried to help. trooper steven vincent tried to help kevin after he saw the man's truck struck in a ditch but he reportedly told him you're going to die soon and then shot him in the head. when the suspect tried to get away, other drivers grabbed his gun and detained him with the trooper's handcuffs. now there's late word that the suspect's roommate has been found dead too. we're coming up on the 10-year anniversary of hurricane katrina and president obama will visit new orleans this thursday,
5:48 pm
august 27th, one decade after that massive storm roared in to the crescent city. former presidents george w. bush and bill clinton will also be in new orleans. a lot of us in dc are getting ready for the pope's big visit next month. take a look at this. fans are taking photos with a life size cutout of pope francis weeks before his visit. plenty of smiling faces were inside catholic charities in silver spring. they're taking the walk with francis pledge. post the photos on social media #walkwithfrancis. they also need the pope's message to help out the community. >> do a couple river clean-ups. it's something new for me. >> i pray the rosary. >> to help tutor and work individually in my home. >> i think it's a dream come
5:49 pm
true he's coming to the agency. >> pope francis is going to stop at catholic charities. meantime catholics and noncatholics can walk with francis. the pledge list includes our very own andrea roane. first alert doppler tracking a lot of showers off to the west for the most part. we've had some to the north. they've weakbed in montgomery, frederick, and howard counties. culpeper right now. you'll notice in frederick and western louden we've cleared out. not likely to see too much activity there. in montgomery, couple light sprinkles on 270. these showers lead along the river on howard county. moderate shower there. then we've got a heavy shower. the main concern with this really is these heavy downpours scattered across the region in northern fairfax and much of eastern loudoun county.
5:50 pm
sterling real slow go with the rain this afternoon. this extends almost toward potomac here on the other side of the river and montgomery county over toward dean wood as well. we're seeing very heavy downpours there. this is all moving east close to 20 miles per hour. not quick at all. so american legion ridge about 6:05. tyson, 6:20. off to the west other heavy downpours in northern prince william. notice a little lightning showing up between warrenton and midland now. this guy moving east at 20. manassas, 6:30. we've got a while to wait. temps are still in the 70s where it's been rain cooled but low 90s in fredericksburg. we sit at 88. look at the forecast, a chance for a shower or storm.
5:51 pm
70 downtown. tomorrow less humid in the morning. nice, 60s and 70s to start your day. mostly sunny, warm and dry. 82 to 87. looks fine wednesday and thursday with lows in the 50s and 60s and look at these highs, low to mid 80s. as we head toward the end of the week, friday not bad. 86. over the weekend, upper 80s to near 90. pretty good weather up in baltimore saturday night for the football game between the big hometown rivals. have you ever had an idea for a product but weren't sure how to actually get it made? some georgetown student athletes were in that very situation and are now well on their way to being full fledged businessmen. dianne roberts has more on how the school got them off their venture ground. >> reporter: these football players practice during the week, getting ready for
5:52 pm
saturdays. kyle nolan at quarterback and two of his wide receivers speak the same language. >> refreshing to be able to have honest conversations with someone and we practice it on the field and off the field, and to get honest feedback from your teammate is very helpful. >> and the connection these guys have goes beyond the football field. it also involves your favorite morning drink. >> i'm the coo. i direct work with these guys on a daily basis. jordan heads the production team. and harry and i are ahead of sales. >> reporter: their company is siniva cafe, a high energy coffee drink. jake's brother jordan gave birth to the idea. >> just being a business school student at georgetown, he called me and said jake, i think i have an idea to make some money. >> reporter: he kept falling asleep in class and came up with his own caffeinated option. it's not an energy drink. >> we 100% beans.
5:53 pm
our slogan is less sweet and more natural. it gives an extended energy boost. it's the best of both worlds. >> reporter: it's made of 100% columbian coffee, 110 calories, and has 10 grams of protein. no surprise it targeted to college kids and young professionals. georgetown's entrepreneur initiative helped the seniors pitch their idea. now the busy business partners are on the verge of having their super coffee in stores. >> you'll be able to buy the suped up coffee in about 10 stores come september. good luck to them. new at 6:00, they say it is the worst case of neglect they've ever seen. coming up, what's next for two horses found in deplorable conditions at a local animal rescue. >> sure, bargain hunters had a great day following wall street's wild ride. hear from the average investor about their concerns. >> this is hank in fairfax
5:54 pm
county. why the nomof this high school is becoming a controversy. what do your parents do for you? they buy me food. they make sure i'm never lost.
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well... they pay my allowance. oh! now i remember... cigna covers preventive care. so you can also take care of yourself, for them.
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5:57 pm
a controversy may be growing in a school district over the name that's been in place for over 50 years. jed stewart high in fairfax county. >> reporter: jeb in battle in 1864 but this high school got its name in 1959, along with robert e lee high, at a time when the civil rights movement was gaining steam. now a group is petitioning for the district to drop the name. >> it was to keep people of color from getting an education here in their public school.
5:58 pm
it was all the more reason to do this. >> the timing is connected there but whether or not the name change, the name itself was for that reason, haven't been able to kneel down yet. >> reporter: they're going to pour over the petition which now has over 30,000 signatures to see what kind of support a name change has. >> i want to keep this as our community discussion. >> reporter: the effort to change the name started before the confederate battle flag controversy that erupted after the killing of nine people at a south carolina church. two prominent alumni for the school, actress julian more and bruce cohen are jumping on the bandwagon. >> if they want to change the name, they can change the name but the fact of the matter is there's bigger issues. fairfax sports could disappear. >> reporter: one suggestion for a new name has been floated.
5:59 pm
thurgood marshall high. >> there's still no timetable for the school board to make a decision on any name change. the dow plunged nearly 1100 points in the first minutes of training near the opening bell. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm lesli foster. the markets roared back to minus 588 points by the end of the day but the unprecedented swing left some investors shaken. andrea mccarren is live outside the federal reserve in downtown washington with reaction. >> today's roller coaster has made it more difficult for the
6:00 pm
fed to raise interest rates. doing so in this volatile time could make global markets very nervous. >> reporter: it was a bullish day for the pizza delivery industry while the bears dominated on wall street. >> days like today you get in early and stay late. >> reporter: financial advisors stayed close to their phones, calming clients' nerves. >> you're in there for a reason. and unless something changed fundamentally in the company, you should hold on because the odds are you're going to be much better later on. >> reporter: many viewed the day's volatility as an opportunity to buy low. >> we needed to have a correction. perhaps they were sitting on cash on the sidelines. a lot of my clients are looking at is this an opportunity to deploy it. >> it goes up and down. luckily i already bought


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