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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  August 24, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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wall street with stands a serious hit even as the american financial markets take a tumble to start the weekend. good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm derek mcginty. the dow jones closed down 588 points but this is after it fell more than a thousand points after the opening bell. marlie hall is on wallee strt with what it all means and what we can expect in the days ahead. >> trading on wall street monday was nothing less than a roller coaster. and like most scary rides the biggest drop was the first one. just 3 minutes after the opening bell, the dow jones industrial average lost more than 1,000 points. a hid
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hid -- a midday rally erased 90% of what was lost but it didn't last. the dow ended the day almost 600 points. tuckman tried to keep it in perspective. >> is this the end of the world? no. is this a crash? no. is it quite a sell-off? is it correction territory? perhaps. >> reporter: the sell-off started overseas as huge losses in china knocked more than 4% off of european markets. investors are concerned about china's crumbling economy but traders here at the new york stock exchange say today's losses can be a unique opportunity. >> from a trader, this is what we live for. >> reporter: markets around the globe react today the slowdown of china's growth. >> it's the second largest economy in the world and from 2007 they were the life raft to the world economy. that trade is no longer there. >> reporter: august is typically a quiet time in equity markets. but today's volatility suggests this ride might not be
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over. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. >> falling oil prices were also part of the mix today. a barrel of crude tumbled more than $2 to $38.24. we have breaking news coming to the district now where a u.s. park police motorcycle officer was injured in an accident on the 14th street bridge just prior to state interstate 395 near the jefferson memorial. what you're looking at is video taken 15 minutes ago of a medical helicopter transporting that officer from the scene. the officer was on his way home when that crash happened with another vehicle. there's still no word on the officer's condition but the 14th street bridge has since reopened. many of us are seeing heavy showers tonight but the rest of the week we appear to be in the clear. >> our first alert meteorologist howard bernstein is tracking first alert doppler. >> we've got a front coming through in a few hours. ahead of it showers and thunderstorms. this one was severe until 7:00
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across prince william and stafford counties. baltimore seeing some lightning and thunder there. but i want to show you this extending in to southern fairfax county coming out of prince williams. so manassas down in to the extreme northern safford. this is approaching dale city on i-95. it will be dale city in a few minutes. woodbridge around 7:10. alexandria closer to 7:30. we do have lighter showers, moderate showers. here they are in tyson. this is going to be approaching arlington and washington here over the next half hour and some other showers scattered about in southern southwest montgomery. from laurel to odenton that one is heavy but pulling away. back in a few minutes. we're talking about more dry air headed our way. tonight police are investigating the sixth attack this month on a woman at or near one of the parks in arlington. the latest attack took place after eight p.m. friday. police say a man grabbed and groped a woman as she was holding on to her 3-year-old daughter. the woman screamed for help and the attacker ran.
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similar attacks have taken place along the w&od trail, other parks, highland street and on 15th street near the courthouse. in each case the victim screamed and scared off her attacker. >> our suspects are using the cover of night to conceal themselves or hide until they see an opportunity to attack a female victim from behind. >> police have released two sketches based on descriptions from previous assaults this month. still not clear whether one man is responsible for all the attacks. two rockville parents charged in the homicide of their 10-week-old daughter were in court today. the mother facing child abuse and neglect charges. the child's dad facing second degree murder and sex assault charges. he is being held on $5 million bond. 10-week-old aleah was found unresponsive june 23rd. court documents say the infant's father, 24-year-old robert davidson, admitted to injuring her that day while the
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infant's mother was at work. davidson also admitted other abuses including sex assault. >> it's a tragic situation all the way around. >> the infant's mother, 23-year-old lorena thompson's mail was set at $800. a woman charged for first degree murder for the death of her husband. police say mendosa got in to an argument with her husband at their home yesterday. the husband then left the home, went for a walk in the neighborhood. she's allegedly got in to her suv and intentionally ran him down. people are mourning the tragic accidental death of the man who saved lives during his long career. >> his name was jr harrison and he also lived in prince george's county. his career began at a community rescue service out in
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washington county. >> his career of saving lives started here in hagerstown 40 years ago and it is here where he will receive full honors. harrison died just before dawn sunday in prince george's county riding his beloved motorcycle coming home from a shift. it was a head-on collision with another motorcyclist who lost control and came in to harrison's lane. a tragic end for a man who lived and breathed rescue since he started as a volunteer in hagerstown at age 2340 years ago. sebrina--23 40 years ago. sebrina lee is one of his daughters. >> he developed a deep friendship there and enjoyed what he did. and that made him wanted to pursue a career in the fire department of baltimore county and he enjoyed it forever. he wouldn't retire.
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>> in hagerstown, scott broom, wusa 9. >> the other man killed in the crash is identified at ikbal of maryland. they've uncovered a plot to use a drone to sneak contraband in to a maximum security prison. officers arrested two men after they found the drone, a handgun, drugs, pornographic dvds, and a cell phone all in their vehicle. authorities believe it's the first ever case of a drone being used to deliver contraband to a prison. chief justice john roberts ruled bob mcdonell can remain free while the court considers his position. he's appealed his conviction all the way to federal court. today's ruling does mean he can remain free until those justices finish the appeal. fans can't seem to get
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enough of mei xiang and her new cubs. >> vets say it's so far, so good for the new panda family. >> as mei xiang cuddles with each one of her twin cubs visitors can't help but watch and get excited. >> it's a blessing to have that in our world for our kids to see. >> i thought it was so cute because i love pandas. >> it's adorable. i'm sad that exhibit is closed but she loves peace and quiet. >> reporter: last night, not so peaceful or quiet. vets had to take over mother duties after mei xiang wouldn't put one of her cubs down. so to keep the smaller one from going hungry, they tube-fed it formula and cared for it from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. >> i hope they're healthy and everything goes okay. >> so far both cubs are doing great and mom is also healthy. because the little ones are so vulnerable this week, zoo staff says they're keeping a close eye on both of them and for visitors that means the exhibit is limited to just this web cam. >> we wish we could see them.
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>> we understand. >> reporter: another thing moms understand, balancing time between their kids, which is a priority for mei xiang right now and the reason she only has one cub at a time. >> i think they're alternating the babies so it's hardworking for a panda to be a mom. it's hard to give your attention to everyone. it's really kind of cool, special. >> reporter: it's a special time that every visitor feels lucky to be apart of. >> vets will continue to monitor mei xiang and her cubs 24/7 for the next wk. the zoo staff says mom could go back outside soon but it could be months before the cubs make their public debut. up next, it is back to the books for tens of thousands more area public school students. >> also coming up, france's president honors the three americans for stopping a potential terror attack on a paris-bound train.
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summer ended so quickly. it was back to school today for public school students. >> i want to see how different it will be from middle school to high school. >> nearly 50,000 schools are enrolled in dc public schools this year. that's up 1500 from last year and there are four new schools and a new hands-on curriculum. there's a new kids ride free program with metro. >> you go to school and come home safe, that's my main concern. i know they're worried about the crime rates increasing, but i think they should be safe during the course of the school year. >> also every dc public high school will offer at least six advanced placement classes and there will be new academies within the high school focusing on engineering and i.t. skills. another violent summer
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weekend in the district. four people killed including a man stabbed to death during a basketball game. that brings the total number of homicides in dc to 102. the city is on pace to have its deadliest year since 2008. three americans who subdued a gunman on a paris-bound train were honored as heroes today in france. >> the french president held a ceremony for alex skarlato, spencer stone, and their childhood friend anthony sadler at the u.s. ambassador's residence. they described the confrontation for the first time there. >> i saw he had -- it looked to be an ak-47, tackled him. alek came up, grabbed the gun out of his hand while i put him in a choke-hold. >> they're still questioning the gunman. the moroccan national denied it was a terror attack, saying he wanted to rob passengers. a man in louisiana is being
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investigated for two murders, his own roommate and a state trooper. police say 54-year-old kevin dagle shot vincent yesterday from a traffic stop. vincent died from his injuries today. later today investigators revealed they found dagle's roommate dead when they searched the home. coming up, the controversy over a fair fax county school named after a confederate figure gets the attention of hollywood. >> real steamy out here. we've got light rain falling now. look at first alert doppler. south and west , heavy rain from tyson's corner then back toward southern fairfax and prince william county. more first alert doppler and i'm talking about more dry air headed our way in a couple moments. >> first, increasing questions about vice president joe biden and whether he's going to actually seek the presidency.
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♪ there is increasing buzz about whether vice president joe biden will join the race for president. the meeting they had about his possible candidacy is adding to the speculation. today the vice president was back at the white house for his weekly lunch with the president. >> those conversations tend to be wide ranging and they cover everything from work to family. i'll leave it to you to decide whether or not you think this decision facing the vice president falls in either of those categories. >> the vice president will join
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a democratic field that includes hillary clinton and bernie sanders. biden said he'll announce his decision by the end of the summer. the controversy over the name of jeb stewart high school is spreading to hollywood. >> the school was given that name more than 55 years ago during the early days of the civil rights movement. a petition to change the name now has almost 30,000 names on it including those of actress julianne moore. >> i've never been comfortable with the symbols representing us. i don't like the fact that when i'm at a football team, to cheer for the team i'm cheer ing go raiders. i don't like the fact when i tell people about my high school which i love, i'm saying i love stewart. >> robert e. lee high was named that same year. sandy evans says more research is needed to how the school got the name before they make any decisions on changing it. there's no timetable for that decision.
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two men being held without bond on gun charges after making threats against competitors at the pokemon championships in boston. the 18-year-old and 27-year-old of iowa were stopped by security as they tried to register. police say the two made threatening statements in an online pokemon forum referring to the boston marathon bombings and the columbine high school massacre. officers found a 12 gauge shotgun, an ar-15 rifle and several rounds of ammunition in their car. the late show with steven colbert premieres in two weeks on wusa 9 and cbs. today the network announced his entire first week of guests. he kicks it off tuesday, september 8th with george clooney and jeb bush. wednesday he's got scarlet johannson, elon musk and kendrick lamar. thursday, uber ceo and toby keith. friday, colbert will be joined by comedian amy schumer and author steven king.
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amy schumer's movie is really funny, by the way. colbert's retired late night colleague jon stewart seems to have found a new home in the wrestling ring. a white bearded stewart served as host of summer slam. he even got involved in the world heavyweight championship. siding with his former pro rival seth rollins and hitting fan favorite john cena for the chair. that cost him the match. and turned stew art's character in to a bad guy. remember when we thought wrestling was real? >> we were little kids. >> it's not? [ laughter ] going back to his beard -- >> you're not feeling the beard? >> it doesn't make him -- you know? >> he probably been waiting 10 years to grow that beard. >> you're right about that. >> send him a razor.
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maybe he'll use it. we have a couple heavy downpours still going on. maybe seeing a few of them for a few more hours. we need the rain. everything is move ing east right now at about 20, 25 miles per hour. one severe thunderstorm warning earlier. that was down toward prince william and stafford. that's this guy here. baltimore seeing quite a thunderstorm but that's not severe either. want to take you south. this is the heavy stuff we're watching which is coming out of prince william in toward southern fairfax. back to manassas. just coming out of stafford now but the bulk of the heavy stuff is west of i-95. we'll take you north to manassas. then across the river in to clifton, up to george mason seeing some of the thunderstorm move in from the southwest. looks like it's going to be to mount vernon. nationals park, 7:55 and clinton at 8:05. so hopefully that won't be too much of a delay.
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bailey's crossroads, heavy downpour headed toward arlington. in arlington. headed toward north west dc and bethesda right now. northeast seeing some of that. a few scattered showers. germantown, you're going to get a little bit more rain your way. this guy, pretty heavy here. that's moving more in to northern prince george's and anne arundel. a few more hours of a shower or thunderstorm. then we dry out. where it has rained, it's cooled down in to the 70s. only low 70s in manassas. fredericksburg, 88 degrees. 60s in the mountains. we've got cooler drier air moving in and it's going to feel a lot better. kind of sticky out there now but late clearing will bring drier air after a few evening showers and storms. 70 in town for the low. 60 in the cool spots. 60s and 70s tomorrow morning. pleasant. you'll notice the lack of humidity, lower humidity when you wake up. then a good afternoon. 82 to 87, warm and
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dry. if places like damascus stay at 79, wouldn't surprise me. wednesday and thursday look great. lows in the 50s and 60s. highs, low to mid 80s. toward the end of the week we warm it up. closer to 90 but rain chances still stay on the low side. coming up, a rubik's cube expert rides his way in to the world record books. do you like the passaaadd? it's a good looking car. this is the model rear end event. the model year end sales event. it's year end! it's the rear end event. year end, rear end, check it out. talk about turbocharging my engine.
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no doubt you've seen those stories about the folks who can solve a rubik's cube in record time. 14-year-old stewart has set the guinness record for solving as many rubik's cubes as he could while riding a unicycle. he shattered the record of completing 80 cubes in less than an hour. >> it felt amazing, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. had a lot of people come up to me saying congratulations, good job on the record. it's been really nice. >> really ? it was a weight on
7:28 pm
his shoulders? stewart said he went through six months of mental and physical training to make it all happen. >> i take the stickers off. >> that takes more time. >> that's our broadcast. see you at
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clooney and amal go wild. the party to sell tequila and photo bombing double date with cindy crawford. >> the party went all night long. then tracy morgan's i dos four months after his horrific crash. >> it was a big deal to go down without having to use a cane. >> sofia vergara tries on dresses and who's helping her plan her wedding to joe. >> reese witherspoon had initially offered to help and then she chickened out a little. mel gibson's younger woman revealed. did she attack the female photographer? >> he had shoved me, abusing me. beating on me. >> what police and mel tell us today. and our exclusive on set with carrie underwood. her new video and after baby. >> i'm not going to sit back and make a whole album of mommy songs.


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