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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  August 25, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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good evening. it should never have happened. that's what some say about the death of a montgomery county toddler whose parents are now charged with murder. >> the foster mother says social workers failed the brothers. >> reporter: the family ended up in wheaten. but a former foster mom called us from california to say that social workers missed clear signs that should have prevented these children from going back to these parents. >> we had to drop them off and they're screaming mommy, mommy, mommy, as we had to drive away.
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>> reporter: months after a california judge ordered the boys returned to their parents, 2-year-old matthew was dead. his mother, blanca reyes allegedly admitted to police that he had been subjected to months of abuse and neglect. >> i'm heartbroken for mart you and the other three boys. >> reporter: she cared for the two oldest boys for nearly a year. >> they were the sweetest little guys, we just love them so much. >> reporter: a spokesman for l.a. children and family services says it's up to a judge to decide if children go back to their parents. >> the foster mom who cared for the younger brothers is trying to adopt all three surviving brothers, for now they are in
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the care of montgomery county social services. two county officials are saying they were racially profiled. an incident is caught on dash cam. it's the end of a degrading and profanity laced confrontation. >> he said i did not know it was you, mr. leggitt. what difference should that have made? at that point in time, i was simply nothing more than a black face at a scene in a situation that could have easily turned deadly. >> park police say he was on park property after dark and was investigated as would any other citizen have been.
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they recalled their stories as the attorney general revealed the nation's first statewide standards to prevent racial profiling by the police. his office are offer training. the anti-profiling practices of federal law enforcement agencies. taking advantage of a stranger's kindness. that's what police say a groper did. a woman was walking around 9:30 and the attacker asked for directions and when she was looking them up he grabbed her. >> our victim is approached by the suspect on the sidewalk. asks her for directions. as she reaches down for her cell phone he gropes her. she tells him to get off and he pulls her closer and gives her a kiss on the cheek, she video 'ems and he flees. >> there have been other
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attacks. last night's victim has given police a different description from the other assaults. neighbors are gathering for a peace rally and prayer vigil in southeast d.c. it's been held on the 32nd birthday of tanika fonteneau. >> organizers are hoping the outrage leads to something positive. the commitment by neighbors to bring an end to senseless shootings in a part of town that's seen far too many. and plans to stop running part of a southeast bus route after dark. >> reporter: they suspended service on this popular bus route. and the decision came after not one but two series incidents this past week. >> reporter: we spoke with the metro transit police chief. on friday shots were fired at a bus, injuring a passenger.
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and on saturday, rocks were thrown at the bus. the noise so loud that reports came in as gunfire. and that caused police to implement the detours. this is on the w 6 and w 8 bus lines, the detours are supposed to be at night and we saw that backfire against one person. >> got on the bus at this bus stop at 1:00. went about my business and the guy wasn't gonna come down the street. >> that don't mean stop the service. if that was the case, crime in congress heights, they should have stopped the service over there. >> it's alarming and concerning to our employees and riders. you'll see a metro transit cruiser there. >> reporter: tonight bus service will continue past 7:00. there'll be an officer
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monitoring. that's a temporary solution. and we saw mpd as well. wusa 9 news. a spokesperson says rocks and bricks were thrown at a bus, causing that service to suspend. they haven't released the police reports yet and the investigation continues. homicide detectives spent much of the day at a home in maryland. a woman was found dead in the home on mill stone court. a neighbor walking the dog noticed the door was left open and they called the cops and found a woman's body inside. so far, investigators are now saying how she died and they are calling the case suspicious, the 8-month-old baby also in the home was not hurt. maryland governor larry hogan announced his jail would close and the 1100 inmates have already been moved to detention centers. the center has walls dating
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back to the 19th century and it's notorious for blind corners and arkansas arduous conditions -- hazardous conditions. police need help to catch a vandal who damaged cars in the area. the reports started coming in from north potomac. people had tires slashed, a windshield broken. and most of the vehicles damaged were nearal that springs -- near alta springs way. (301)279-8000 is the number to call if your car was damaged and you have not filed a report. it's been approved in nearby states. and the public service commission rejected the merger between power companies. the vote of the three men board was unanimous. it's been 16 months since they
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announced. the chair of the commission says the companies failed to show how the proposed merger would better the public. your air conditioner has not had to work all that hard today. these nice conditions -- will they last? >> i think tomorrow will be better and thursday looks fantastic. the only fly in the ointment is the allergens. ragweed season and mold are up. we had a shower across southern maryland earlier. but tonight just clouds and we've got a lot drier air. dew points in some spots in the 40s. our dew points in the 50s. you know anybody at the beach. temperatures in the 70s to low 80s. 66 in pittsburgh. and tonight 50s and 60s primarily for lows and a few more days of the good stuff
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before the heat builds. tens of thousands of students are back during homework tonight. the 2015, 2016 school year kicks off today. and 100 of them are new students from overseas. 19 different countries. they say knowing they are not alone makes school easier. >> i feel comfortable because other schools -- people are from places like pittsburgh or somewhere else. but here i can be who i am. >> school administrators hope by putting so many international students in one place they'll help each other excel and graduate. the only group whose graduation rates dropped last year was students who speak english as a second language. there's concern at the national zoo.
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the mom panda is not cooperating. zoo staff are feeding the smaller cub because she has not let them swap out the moms. in the wild, pandas often decide only to nurse the larger cub. even before china's economy helped tank markets worldwide, u.s. businesses knew something was wrong. that's coming up. and it was not a fence jumper or a car with weapons but a helicopter near hey terry stop! they have a special! so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right?
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today prosecutors in paris open add terror investigation into a thwarted attack on a high speed train. they have learned more about
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the suspect from morocco. a man wrestled the ak-47 away from the attacker and he was shot. spencer stone acted quickly. >> he was squirting blood out of the right side of his neck. i struck two of my fingers in the hole and found what i thought to be the artery. >> the other servicemen who helped take down the gunman were treated at the largest overseas hospital. this is one of the strangest you'll see. agents pulled over a driver pulling a helicopter two blocks away from the executive manage. this driver checked out just fine. and according to the secret service he was towing a chopper
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contracted by the military. didn't take the market crash for some businesses to feel the snag in the economy. we'll tell you why thousands of sheep are chilling at nascar. mmm. summer is not over but it's taking a break. nats are at home. and here's nationals park and the sunshine. and the sun goes down at 7:49. and we'll be in the 50s and 60s tonight.
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the wild ride on wall street didn't last. it turned sour in the closing hours of trading. the dow went from 300 points up to closing with another loss. this time more than 200 points. market experts urge long-term investors not to panic and sell. things could stay bumpy for a while. fall is the most volatile time for wall street. the chinese economy has slowed
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down. mcmillan piper loads containers for shipping. business has been dropping this summer. >> suddenly in the last month to month and a half we've noticed a slowdown. and this should be a busy time of year. >> and company managers estimate business is down between 35 and 40%. instead of constant packing and loading it's eerie how quiet the shipping yard is. two of the develop republicans are exchanging barbs, and the topic is immigration. bush attacking trump's plan to build a wall on the mexican border calling it not defensible in terms of a practical policy. trump fires back on twitter. some strategists say bush needs to be aggressive. >> he risks not being taken credibly by not taking on the person leading in the polls. >> and trump is extending his
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lead in south carolina. when filing to be on the ballot, he must pledge to support the eventual republican nominee. he has not ruled out a third party run. to the democratic side where a poll shows the e-mail controversy not hurting hillary clinton too badly, at least not in iowa. she leads with 54% followed by bernie sanders at 20%. and joe biden with 11% even though biden has not decided whether or not he wants to run. with water at a people are i am in california you -- water at a premium in california, they're using sheep to keep the acres closely manicured. the sheep will chew up the grass until they just about reach bare dirt. >> they don't care about the
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heat. >> it's a treat for them. the woolly weeders -- they are up to 3000 sheep on the grounds. and a couple of border colonellies and the sheep herders live on the property year around. wusa's first alert weather. d.c.'s most accurate. >> if you get hungry, there's always a lamb chop. >> i'm not going there. weather is beautiful. a beautiful night. >> a lovely day. >> go out on the back porch and enjoy the evening. we'll be around for a few more days before august like weather returns. 82 right now. and look at the humidity. only 38%. and with the winds out of the north, northwest we have the dry air pouring in to the region and it's going to be around for a few more days.
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still low 80s. and we're in the upper 50s in the mountains. we'll be in the 40s by tomorrow morning with 70s in the shenandoah valley. let's talk about erika and the tropics. danny fell apart. and erika has weakened a little bit. we'll see if erika can get her act going the next few days. and i want to switch to the forecast track from the hurricane center. they believe a slow and steady strengthening will occur. and sometimes the forecast of intensity are not nearly as good as the forecast of track. storm watches from antigua to barbuda as we head to wednesday night. the watches have been extended to anguilla. and st. thomas and north of puerto rico as we head to thursday afternoon. look at the winds. strengthening to 60. and over the open waters as it
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approaches the bahamas, we may see further strengthening, potentially to a category one hurricane by sunday afternoon. not far from nasa and on this trajectory, south florida, somewhere in the south u.s., may have to worry about this. things can change. this is a forecast not the gospel as i like to point out. we have to watch how it develops. 60s in pittsburgh right now. and a lot of sunshine. a good night. 55 to 65 and some of the coolest spots will be closer to 50. open the windows and enjoy. a nice start to wednesday. a lot of sunshine and a pleasant day and a beautiful afternoon with highs between 80 and 85. we'll do it again thursday starting in the 50s and 60s. friday still nice at 86. and as we head to the weekend we start to warm up. a storm possible saturday and slightly better chance sunday and here come the 90s next week. >> summer is not over.
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a lot of folks assess their live when a big birthday comes around. >> and apparently it's no different for patrick, the wombat. he likes to snuggle up with the zookeepers, but apparently he doesn't have a mate or a wife or a girlfriend. >> he's like a big old rat. >> the zoo created a tinder account. look, ladies, nice set of wheels and a custom set of license plates. >> apparently, 30 is old. >> he's had a long life. >> there's the custom
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wheelbarrow. he'll give you a ride. >> obviously, we've run out of stuff to talk about. >> thanks god. >> we'll be back at 11:00. >> oh, man. i'm speechless. >> have a good evening.
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we don't really have romance. don't sleep in the same bed. >> was snooki's husband exposed in the ashley madison hack? words for josh duggar. >> his wife is still standing by him. like what the [ bleep ] is wrong with you? >> many say these shows tear them apart. >> with tori spelling and what her co-star tells us today. then -- >> enlists the break-up song, alana morisette. the star propositions him. >> do you want to have phone sex right now? also, our celine dion exclusive. >> been there for him all my life. >> her husband's cancer battle. is he too ill to see her comeback? >> we don't know aboutor tomrow.


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