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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  August 28, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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, over you to. >> allyson rae, thank you. your time right now almost 6:00 there. if you are going to be hopping out on metro, want to let you know we had some earlier issues both on the orange, silver and blue line. they've been resolved. single tracking is done but you will see residual delays so account for that no major issues on the inner or outer loop. 395 and 295 both on the d.c. and maryland side free and clear of any issues. want to give you a live look on i-270 traveling from frederick to the capital beltway in bethesda, no problems. on the key bridge, no major issues to slow you down. we are hearing after problem on i-66. a chopper is going to check that out. we'll bring that you to in about ten minutes. we'll send it over to you. right now people in san juan, peek crow and the virgin -- puerto rico and the virgin virgin islands are bracing for the worse as the tropical storm approaches. the storm is already to blame for four deaths on the island of dom minute came. several people are missing -- dominica. several people are missing. among those killed a blind
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elderly man and two children. roads and bridges are impassable. >> as erika heads west, supply from hardware stores are being snapped up in south florida while neighbors there are keeping their fingers crossed. one man said this is the best time to buy a chainsaw. he wants to be ready for erika starting toppling trees or tree limbs. >> you have to be safe. hurricanes are preunpredictable. you just have to take your best shot. >> one home depot in west palm beach already sold out of generators and d batteries. right now police in our region are searching for a convicted sex offender. 49-year-old james alexander norris walked away from a court ordered home visit in hyattsville. maryland state police and prince george's county police are working to track him down. if you superany information about the man you see here on the screen, please call 911
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immediately. turning to the latest in the roanoke shootings. a memorial is being planned for alison parker. her boyfriend says it will be a joyful celebration, not a somber funeral. as for the woman who survived the attack she's now listed in good condition this morning at a roanoke hospital. vicki gardner had surgery yesterday in fact to further repair damage done by a gunshot wound to the back. questions are being raised about whether the shooting could have been prevented. we spoke to a clinical psychologist. >> some of these people i hate to say it even if there were massive resources available will resist treatment because they don't want to submit to anybody. >> you look at the latest numbers from the bureau of labor statistics, they show that every year more than 23,000 significant injuries are reported because of assaults at work. every year there's also an average of 421 work-related
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homicides. happening today, jasper spires, the man accused in the brutal and public stabbing death of another man on board a red line train will be here in court today. jasper spires faces murder charges. police say on july 4 he boarded the red line train as it was approaching the gallaudet station and attempted to rob 24- year-old kevin southerland. -- sutherland. it all happened as the train was approaching the station in front of horrified passengers. spires repeatedly stabbed sutherland and ran away. he was later captured on surveillance video tossing something into a trash can. sutherland's father believes his son was killed over a cell phone. the last time spires was in court, we were there and we saw spires behave very strangely. at times he paid attention. other times he was grinning and even laughing. a judge ordered a mental evaluation. today we hope to learn those results. it's also important to note that two days before sutherland was killed, spires was arheed for threatening a -- arrested for threatening a man with a
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wine bottle. he was release frdz jail and six -- released from jail and six hours later he boarded that train and killed sutherland. a celebration of sutherland's life will be held at the university. he recently graduated from american university. the celebration of life will start at 3:00. as for the hearing today at d.c. superior, that will be at 9:30. we'll be in the courtroom and let you know what happens. live in d.c., i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. at 9:00 this morning a manassas teenager who conspired to provide material support to ilil will be sentenced. ali amin pleaded guilty. he admitted using twitter to provide vice and encouragement -- advice and encouragement to isil supporters. he faces up to 15 years in prison. a man is on the run accused of sexually assaulting a 12- year-old girl at a local wal- mart. police released surveillance video from the store on sudley
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road in manassas. the girl was not hurt and told someone in the store. police say the suspect has a goatee. >> reporter: it really is addicting, the panda story at the national zoo. good morning. i'm mike hydeck live at the zoo. later this morning at 9:00 a.m., we'll find out the sex of the baby panda and who is the father and watching the panda cam on your phone or whatever you get a chance to do it, it really is addicting. you get stuck staring at it all day. today is a big day. pandemonium takes yet another step. if you check out the live panda cam, you can see may jong sudling her baby, sometimes on her back holding t. the zoo staff says she's been a great mom, cuddling the baby, grooming it. it's starting to get better, plumping up, adding more hair. it willing a big day. there are only 300 pandas in
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zoos worldwide and we have two of them. less than 2,000 in the wild n. is a big deal here in the united states and across the world. it's so big in fact if you try to log on to the regular national zoo website, chances are you won't even get the panda cam to work because there's so much traffic so they suggest downloading the app. we'll follow the story and let you know what the baby is, a by or a girl and who the father is. guys, back to you. >> thank you, mike. three people are in custody accused of beating a man after chasing him on to a fire truck. >> and the mba rocked by the loss of darryl dawkins, aka chocolate thunder. >> i'm meteorologist erica grow. we have yet another beautiful day in store. high temperatures in the mid- 80s so a touch warmer than it was yesterday but the humidity remains low. we'll have a nice breeze throughout the afternoon. stay with us.
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welcome back. it's 6:09. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. you might want to grab the light jacket or sweater again -- or sweater again. 66 in downtown washington. it's going to be another day with sunshine and low humidity. another day to enjoy the outdoors. 77 degrees at 11:00 a.m. 81 at 1:00 so you can go ahead and have the outdoor lunch. we will see heat and humidity build as we head into the weekend. we've got that ahead in the first alert seven day as well as a look at tropical storm erika.
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right now it is larry miller time and time for timesaver traffic. >> thank you kindly. just want to let you know right now we are keeping a close eye on an accident blocking the right lane on the eastbound side of i-66 between 123 in fairfax and the vienna metro station. sky 9 is over the scene to show us not only the lane closure but also some delays associated with that accident. commuters once you get past that accident just west of it, you should be good to go and continue on with the rest of your trip toward the capital beltway but this will slow you down ever so slightly. leave the house a few extra minutes so you can account for those delays this morning. want to give you a look right now as you make your way into the beltway over the key bridge into georgetown. you won't have any issues this morning. all lanes are open again once you get west of an accident. traveling northbound 95 making your way into springfield, you will see some volume delays. looks like just typical friday rush hour there. along the capital beltway no major issues over the wilson bridge. we'll have drive times around
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the metro coming up after the seven-day forecast. we'll send it to you. an iconic piece of americana is retiring and soon will no longer be seen at the ballpark. >> back on the trek where you can find american pharoah prepping for another big
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you want accurate? how about this. sweet 16 for the 3-degree guarantee. bull's eye last night. >> we are on a roll. let's see if we can make it 17 for this afternoon. i feel like i'm going to sneeze any moment. excuse me. the allergies are a little high. >> just let it rip, allyson. >> it went away. the moment went away. let's talk about our great weather we're going to have for today and the weekend is looking good. you can make those outdoor plans. however, it is going to be a little bit hotter and more humid. we've been enjoying the refreshing starts and cool mornings, warm afternoons. over the weekend, it's going to feel a little bit more like summer. so here we go. hopefully you've enjoyed the past few days and enjoyed good
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outdoor time. 66 degrees. the dew point is still nice and low into the 50s and that has allowed our temperatures this morning to be into the 50s once again. frederick, gaithersburg all into the 50s as well as martinsburg, even down farther south through manassas and culpeper, springfield, fairfax, arlington into itself 50s as well. -- the 50s as well. high pressure still to the west of us so we get the northerly winds but the high pressure, it can't stay there forever. it is going to push off to the east and allow sorry winds to return -- southerly winds to return to the forecast as early as tonight. first thing tomorrow morning you'll even notice a little bit of a difference. mid-80s for d.c. and manassas and over to andrews. low #s on for gaithersburg and -- low 80s for gaithersburg and martinsville. no rain or showers or thunderstorms in the forecast. the nats play the marlins tonight. things are looking very comfortable. we'll drop into the 70s pretty fast. if you get cold easily, grab the light jacket. tomorrow morning still comfortable and a great morning to get out and dot morning jog but it is -- do the morning jog
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but it is going to be a couple of degrees warmer. # 8 for tomorrow. -- 88 for tomorrow. 92 for sunday. back to the 90s. guess what the 90s stay. a little heat wave headed our way for next week. it's going to be hot and humid. larry, over to you. >> thanks. your time right now 6:16. a chopper was showing us an issue on i-66. again this is eastbound at nutley street. we had an issue at 123 on the same side. it looks like we are able to see that from that picture. we have police on the scene. looks like we have a tow truck there as well. you will see residual delays if you're traveling eastbound coming from areas like manassas and centreville making your way into fairfax. back to the maps no major issues as you travel southbound on i-270 making your way toward the capital beltway. we did have some earlier problems on metro as well but now we just have residual delays on both the orange, silver and blue lines so make sure you account for that by adding additional time. talking about how things are shaping up on i-270 volume starting to build mainly from
6:17 am
germantown road to the capital beltway a 14-minute commute. taking into account the accident we talked about from sully road to l street northwest, a 33-minute commute. looks like it's adding a few extra minutes to your commute time. northbound on i-95 volume certainly a factor. again that's typical for folks that normal travel this corridor. from prince william parkway to i-395 an 11-minute commute for you this morning. westbound on 50 from mlk highway to bladensburg road northeast a 10-minute commute. let's show you how things are shaping up from our maryland cam. on i-270 this is shady grove road. this is the southbound side here. issue and problem free. we'll send it over to you. at 6:17, here's what's in the news right now. fears of fresh violence in israel following intense moments from jewish and arab israelis. a small group of activists has taken over a four-story building. the activists say they legally purchased the property. palestinian residents say they've been unfairly evicted.
6:18 am
north korea says leader kim jong-un has dismissed top officials in the wake of the recent standoff with south korea. some believe this exodus could be linked to the land mine explosions that they blamed on the north. earlier this week the country threatened strikes against each other before agreeing on americas to reduce the animosity. three people are under arrest this morning for their roles in a fight that broke out on top of a fire engine in scees. it happened along 7th and alabama. police say a young man was running from his attackers and saw the fire engine and climbed aboard. his attackers followed him up there and kept punching. the young victim was treated at the scene but chose not to go to the hospital. some sad news to report in the search for a teenager who went missing in the potomac river. yesterday afternoon the body of 16-year-old vladimir antonio perez flores was pulled from the water. flores had been fishing with his friends when it is believed that he was pulled out by the tide. flores lived in alexandria. he was a student at mount vernon high school and was set
6:19 am
to graduate this school year. finally encouraging news. firefighters are thanking good wet foresome progress in fighting -- weather for some progress in fighting the wildfires out west. high winds are pushing the okanogan fire back on itself. it's the largest wildfire in the history of washington state. yesterday president obama commented on the situation out west. >> make sure that our firefighhelp, the support, the equipment that they need and that we're putting in place conservation resilience measures to reduce the threat of wildfires. that's going to be critically important. >> state department of natural resources says more than 1,150 square miles of washington state have burned. that's nearly the size of rhode island. his powerful dunks are one reason the nba switched to break away rims. former nba star darryl dawkins is being remembered. his family says he died of a heart attack. his back board shattering dunks earned him the nickname
6:20 am
chocolate thunder. he was 358 years old. -- he was 58 years old. all eyes on the racing world will be on saratoga springs when champion american pharoah races. he has already taken a few practice runs. the winning prize will be $1.6 million. pharoah is the overwhelming favorite. stocks are up. gas prices down. that's especially the case in ohio. one gas station there saw prices cut to just 99 cents a gallon. where do you sign up for that. the numbers shot down to two digits in youngstown. what happened next? drivers swarmed the station. by the afternoon gas was back up to $1.56 per gallon. supply, demand, flexing. say goodbye to the prices. also time to say goodbye to the last good year blimp. two have been replaced but the last one standing will go to
6:21 am
california next month before retiring. a trademark. >> they say the two have already been out there so we've been seeing them and probably didn't realize it. later today president obama will attempt to sell american jewish groups on the iranian nuclear deal. >> ten years later how the gulf coast states are recovering a decade after hurricane katrina. >> we hope to learn the results after mental evaluation to be released today of the man police say stabbed another man aboard a metro train. i'm nikki burdine. i'll have a live report coming up. >> reporter: in about two and a half hours, we find out the sex of the baby panda and who is the poppa. a live report in about ten minutes. >> it's going to be another beautiful day here in the metro area with tons of sunshine and low humiddy. i know -- humidity. i know i sound kind of like a broken record but at least it's for a great forecast. hi temperature in the mid-80s but we will see a return of heat and humidity in the first alert seven-day forecast.
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just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. welcome back to wusa9 at 6:00. this is a live look over the d.c. region. a beautiful shot of the national cathedral here. the time is now 6:25, about ten minutes away from sunrise over the district. later today president obama will address jewish groups on the iran nuclear deal. the president will deliver remarks about the agreement and take questions from participants. the webcast is being organized by two major jewish organizations that have held similar events. just hours before if was set to go into effect, a federal judge in north dakota blocked the new obama administration rule that would have given the federal
6:26 am
government jurisdiction over some of the smaller waterways. north zach and 12 other -- north dakota and 12 other states had asked for temporary injunctions. several democratic presidential candidates including front runner hillary clinton will address dnc members in minneapolis today. her remarks come on the heels after new national poll which shows vice president joe biden with a bigger lead than clinton over republican front runner donald trump. biden has yet to begin his campaign or announce whether he's running for president or not. former president george w. bush is in new orleans today marking the tenth anniversary of hurricane katrina. he'll be at the same high school where he marked the first anniversary. the visit comes a day after president obama's trip to the city. saturday marks ten years since the hurricane hit new orleans killing close to 2,000 residents. when hurricane katrina battered the gulf coast a decade ago, it wasn't just
6:27 am
people who needed shelter. the storm also threatens animals. >> a zoo in alabama took dramatic steps to evacuate and how it's trying to get ahead of another storm. >> reporter: you wouldn't know it by looking at the alabama gulf coast zoo that many have lived through an extraordinary ordeal. >> we are the only zoo in recorded american history that has ever scaled a full-fledged evacuation for a natural disaster. >> reporter: just hours before hurricane katrina pushed 17 feet of water into the zoo, workers and volunteers loaded up a tractor-trailer, vans and trucks with nearly 300 animals. >> there was really no choice. >> there was no choice in our minds. >> reporter: curator johnson said she could never leave a family member behind. >> we love them. they're no different than my children. >> reporter: new director patty hall brought the animals to her farm 22 miles inland.
6:28 am
a decade later hall still worries about the next storm. >> every day when we're watching that news, we've got a knot in our stomach. >> reporter: scientists are closely monitoring this coastline and nearby wetlands. the more time that goes by, the more vulnerable the animals become. the land is subsiding and the sea level is rising. >> that means when a storm comes in, it will that much more impactful in terms of flooding or damage. >> reporter: it's known as the little zoo that could and the staff is now trying to raise $15 million to permanently move to a safer location on higher ground. weija jiang, cbs news. tropical storm erica appears to be heading towards florida after leading a deadly path in the caribbean. rg3 will return to the
6:29 am
field one suffering a concussion before a national audience. thanks for waking up with us on this the eve of the battle of the beltways between the ravens and redskins. larry miller has timesaver traffic in the vest ready to go. the men got the pink memo, look at the ties and we're in sunshine yellow because we love the forecast we've been getting. >> it is so nice out here. i mean, four days in a row. tuesday, wednesday, thursday and today. another picture perfect afternoon. the weekend not shaping up to be too bad either. just agents bit hotter. enjoy today. we'll be into the mid-80s. that's not too bad at all. the humidity is still very comfortable. the humidity is low, not for long, though. 66 degrees out there. temperatures across the region, we're in the 50s again. another cool, refreshing start to your friday. 59 for chevy chase. 59 for ashburn and 55 as you head to bowie. so a couple of 60s but mainly a lot of 50s out there. as high pressure starts to move
6:30 am
off to the east later on today and into tomorrow, the winds turn out of the southeast and then the humidity is back in the forecast. so enjoy your friday. it's looking great. mid-80s for your highs today. we'll get to that weekend forecast coming up. here's larry miller. the eastbound side of i-66 that we have probably the biggest trouble this morning. we had two issues, one at nutley street. want to give you a look at 123 where we're keeping a close eye on that situation. sky 9 is over the scene to show us what exactly is going on. we have police on the scene as well as a vehicle. looks like it's starting to clear up but the delays still continue. if you can head out of the house a few minutes early, we suggest that you do because this backup now at about two, to and a half miles is certainly going to be problematic for those of you getting ready to head out the door. meantime want to take you back to the maps no major issues around the capital betway. we're doing really well on the inner and outer loop. we'll take you down into virginia on i-95 coming up in about ten minutes. meantime here's a live look
6:31 am
here at the beltway at old georgetown road where we're issue and problem free. over to you. tropical storm erika is quite possibly taking aim at the east coast of the u.s. after battering puerto rico with heavy wind and rain up to 50 miles an hour. the storm pounded the caribbean island of dominica yesterday unleashing deadly floods and mud slides. florida's governor rick scott says his state is prepared now. the florida national guard is 8,000 members ready to be mobilized. new this morning, four people have been shot in separate shootings across the district. the first shooting happened around 10:00 last night in the 200 block of l street southwest. a man was shot and taken to the hospital. another shooting happened on the 1200 block. southeast. a man in that case was shot in the shoulder also taken to the hospital. and elsewhere in southeast, a double shooting on the 2100 block of alabama avenue. two men were shot in the leg. all four victims in these incidents are expected to be
6:32 am
okay. turning now to the latest from the roanoke shootings. a memorial service for adam ward, the photographer killed in the shootings, will be held next tuesday in roanoke. a memorial is also being planned for alison parker. her boy friend says it will be a joyful celebration, not a somber funeral. as for the woman who survived the attack, she is now listed in good condition this morning at a roanoke hospital. vicki gardner had surgery yesterday to further repair damage done by a gunshot wound to the back. in just a couple of hours, jasper spires, the man charged in the brutal and public stabbing death of another man on board a red line train will be here in court where we expect to learn the results of his mental evaluation. spires is charged in the death of kevin sutherland, a recent american university graduate. police say on july 4, spires who is just 1 years old attempted to -- 18 years old attempted to rob kevin sutherland on a red line train but ended up stabbing him to death. this all happened in front of horrified passengers in the middle of the day.
6:33 am
when spiergs was in court -- spires was in court last time, a judge ordered a mental evaluation. his behavior at the time was very strange. he was even laughing at certain points. we hope to learn the results of that evaluation today. friends and family of kevin sutherland are planning a celebration of life that will take place this sunday at american university at the herschel center on campus again where kevin attended college. it will happen at 3:00 on sunday. all family and friends are welcome to attend. as far as the hearing today at 9:30, we will be there in court and let you know what happens. live outside d.c. superior court, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. two good days after a wild ride on wall street and across the world, u.s. stocks are doing much better. they rose sharply thursday after government data showed the economy grew faster than expected in the second quarter. gross domestic product expanded at a 3.7% annual pace nptd of the 2.-- instead of the 2.3%
6:34 am
rate reported last month. analysts say the improvement could edge courage the federal reserve to stick with its plan to raise interest rates. wall street closed in positive territory for a second day after a massive sell-off that was triggered by concerns about the chinese economy. a big day at the national zoo. coming up later this morning. i'm mike hydeck live in front of the zoo. it's hard to believe we're going to find out the sex of the baby and who is the father. it is so addicting to actually see this little thing on the panda cam. you can do it on the app or online in any number of forms on facebook. that little baby you can see that mei xiang is cuddling is only about this big, weighs ounces and when he or she grows up, it will be have between 200 and 250 pounds depending whether it's a girl or boy which we'll find out later today. the cub is growing quickly. zoo staff says it's plumping up, coming up with more hair. mei xiang was nursing her baby
6:35 am
overnight, doing a great job of grooming her and taking care of her. again 9:00 a.m. you can find out the sex of the baby and who's the father. in this mobile society, that panda cam announcement will be periscoped live and the news conference will be on twitter. live at the national zoo, mike hydeck, wusa9. >> thank you, sir. it took 123 games into the regular season to get our first look at what was supposed to be the national's opening day roster. denard span came off the dl tuesday and rent right back on it. there is inflammation in his hip. the end result is span may be out for the rest of the season. the starting center fielder out for the nationals. the starting quarterback in for the red skins. rg3 has been cleared to play tomorrow in the all important game three of the preseason. he met with an independent neurologist yesterday, a week after suffering what the team told us was a concussion against the lions. he didn't miss a beat in
6:36 am
practice. we should see him starting under center in baltimore some calling this the most important game of his career thus far because actually when you think about it, the redskins have not score add preseason touchdown with him under center since 2012. >> didn't realize it was that long. >> a bit after drought. >> that's a -- after drought. >> that's a very long drought. he's a russia producer and dj who made it big with hits like clarity. zedd is coming to the district on his true colors tour. >> you can find him at the d.c. armory october 3. for a chance to two tickets text "zedd" to 25543. >> i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. i want to take you right to the michael & son weather cam. look at that sunrise. red sky in the morning, sailors take warning. this is proof that it's not always the case. today is going to be another great day. sometimes you get a red sky in the morning not because of an poaching storm system but it's
6:37 am
been dry for so long. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. it's just about 6:40.
6:40 am
i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. as you saw before the break, just a wonderful start to the day. we are looking at some nice comfortable temperatures as well as looking at all that sunshine. here's another look with the michael & son weather cam at the beautiful sunrise. nothing but blue sky once we get the sun over the horizon. today temperatures are going to reach into the mid-80s so just a little bit warmer than it was yesterday but the humidity is going to remain nice and low so it will be comfortable to be outside. what starts out as a northeasterly breeze will blood pressure seerm. that will bring in -- southeasterly. that will bring in heat and humidity as we head toward the weekend. allyson will have the details in the first alert seven-day forecast in a few minutes but right now time for timesaver traffic and larry miller. we have an accident reported on the suitsland parkway eastbound between suitland road and forestville road. getting ready to head out the door, you will see this accident so make sure you use some caution. not seeing much in the way of delays but this could become an
6:41 am
issue later on. traveling eastbound on 50 or westbound, rather, on 50 traveling -- [indiscernible] , no major issues. the interchange, good to go in both directions et on 95 or i -- either on 95 or 395. in town at wisconsin avenue and massachusetts avenue, no issues as you make your way toward areas like d.c. and also traveling massachusetts avenue as well. we'll send it over to you. >> thanks, larry. a man stumbles out of the brush on catalina island after being attacked by a wild animal. >> only to be rescued by three vacationing firefighters. we'll show you how this all
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
well on back to wusa9. our time 16:446789 the leader after national conservation group is recovering today after being gored on catalina island. >> he was rescued by three offdiet firefighters who happened to be -- off-duty
6:45 am
firefighters who happened to be in the area. >> the photo was taken by firefighters nathan norris, arnold panner and jay williams. the three friends were backpacking on catalina island when they saw baker stumbling down a trail badly hurt. >> at first it looked like he was out of the walking dead. he looked like a zombie. he had that sort of ghaith tom and was -- gait to him and was holding pressure on his right lower flank and needed help. >> to me he seemed like -- just that grateful look that somebody was there to help him out. >> reporter: baker who is president and ceo of american conservation experience was doing field work on the island when the bison charged him. it happened near the two harbors area. >> apparently the bison was snorting over him for ten minutes he said he had to play dead and wait for the bison to wander off. >> reporter: this is video of the rescue. baker was airlifted off the island and taken to harbor ucla
6:46 am
medical senator. his -- center. his injuries included a punctured lung, diaphragm and broken ribs which could have been worse. the fate of this bison behind baker's attack is not yet known according to wildlife officials. baker is expected to make a full recovery. the three firefighters who helped him off the trail have already been to his hospital room and say that he's in good spirits. >> how fortuitous that those firefighters were right there. time to see what's happening on cbs this morning. >> norah owe don is -- norah o'donnell is live. we can't believe it that you're in yellow. so are the three women here. >> we're looking forward to the sunshine this weekend, right? >> there it is. >> absolutely. good morning to you, nick and andrea. this morning we're going to head back to new orleans ten years after hurricane katrina and revisit people we met to
6:47 am
see how the city has changed and we'll talk to ricky klieman about what to expect from the jury in the prep sexual assault trial and the county clerk denying orders to marry same- sex couples and singer josh groban is in studio. we'll see you at 7:00. hope you have a wonderful weekend. >> hopefully it's a sun-filled weekend for you as well. >> thank you, norah. >> take care, guys. >> that was amazing. surprised to see norah in yellow as well. >> we're all on the same page. talking troarms right now as well. -- form -- talking tropical storms right now as well. florida will see some rain? >>it's making more of a westerly track which will include more florida. however, it could be weaker because of that westerly track. so still a lot of uncertainty with tropical storm erika. it still has a rough environment to go through, a very sheared environment and it still has to go through hispaniola.
6:48 am
as it makes its turn to the northeast, we'll get a lot more answers. because of the more westerly track, it doesn't have a lot of time over the real warm waters nearby the bahamas. so let's get to the details here. it's just south of puerto rico. before we had the trek moving to the north and that was a little better environment for it to not run into hispaniola. it is holding together as a tropical storm right now. intensity is not going to change much. here's where the questions will be answered. after it makes its journey over the dominican republic and haiti. this is saturday morning at 2:00. we'll be watching this closely over the weekend. as it makes its journey to the bah ham ha -- bahamas, it doesn't have time to into the warm waters. if it moves a little more off to the north east, things could change. we'll keep you up to date as we keep an eye on tropical storm erika. mud slides are going to be the main threat as we head just
6:49 am
south of puerto rico. i'm trying to get to our forecast here but my clicker isn't really moving. closer to home, your forecast for today, another beautiful afternoon. it's the weekend. still very nice. make those outdoor plans. the difference is just a little hotter and more humid. 66 degrees. we've been kind of spoiled as of late and we're not going to be so spoiled in the coming days. 66 drees out there. temperatures -- degrees out there. temperatures in the 50s. 57 down through waldorf. tomorrow # 8. still dry of -- 88. still dry. lots of sunshine. the heat and humidity back. a couple of storms mainly just west in the the mountains. a stray storm each day but hot and humid. larry miller, over to you. i've got a working clicker. >> i don't. >> i know. it's rough around here sometimes. we have an accident on the suitland parkway eastbound between suitland road and forestville road. not hearing much in the way of delays. actually saw a picture on twitter so looks like police are still on the scene.
6:50 am
i think it should wrap up in the next 30 to 35 minutes or so sky 9 still giving us an image of how things are shaping up on i-66 at route 123. looks like task starting to flow freely. an earlier accident has been cleared. from middle brook road to the capital beltway a 13-minute commute. taking into account the residual delays on i-66 if fairfax county parkway to 20th street northwest, you're looking at a 28-minute commute. over to you. the all clear is given at a university in georgia after a campus shooting. >> why 29 people from 27 countries are coming together for a special day in the
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
happening today jasper spires, the man police say stabbed kevin sutherland to death on board a red line train on july 4, he'll be in court today facing those murder charges and we hope to learn the results of a mental evaluation. a judge the last time he was in court ordered that he undergo a mental competency evaluation. today we hope to learn those results. this weekend a celebration of life will be held for kevin sutherland at american university. mike? panda watch continues at the national zoo. i'm mike hydeck live here at the zoo. in two hours we will find out if it's a boy or a girl and who the father is. we'll keep you updated throughout the day.
6:54 am
guys, back to you in studio. classes at savannah state university in georgia will be delayed until 10:00 this morning this after a student was shot during an altercation near the student union. the student who was a junior from the atlanta area was taken to the hospital but died there. no arrests have been made. the georgia bureau of investigation is handling this case with assistance from campus police. former. george w. bush is in new orleans today marking the tenth anniversary of hurricane katrina. he'll be at the same high school where he marked the first anniversary. the visit comes a day after president obama visited the city. saturday marks the ten-year anniversary since hurricane katrina slammed into new orleans killing almost 2,000 residents. today is an extra special day for 29 people in the area. at 10:00 this morning, they'll be sworn in as u.s. citizens during a ceremony at the martin luther king, jr. memorial on the national mall. the group represents 27 countries, including australia, cuba and thailand. the mlk memorial was chosen to
6:55 am
commemorate the 52 ntd anniversary of king's i have a dream speech. democratic candidates are converging in minneapolis to meet with dnc members, including millionry clinton. her remarks come on the heels of a new poll that shows vice president joe bide within a bigger lead than clinton over republican front runner donald trump. biden has yet to begin a campaign or announce whether or not he's running. i think a lot of people are going to be enjoying today's weather yet again. 85 degrees. it's warm. still not humid, but i can't say the same for tomorrow. warmer and slightly more humid as we head through the weekend. hot and humid. we're back to the 90s next week. larry, over to you. >> we're still keeping a close eye on an accident eastbound at goode drive. the accident on the shoulder so just affecting i think the turn lines on gude drive. be mindful as you head out. i don't think it will slow you
6:56 am
down or impact the traffic this morning. cbs this morning is next. the rape trial that rocked one of the nation's most prestigious prep schools, the case is now in the hands of a jury. >> they'll talk about that and plus why one county clerk turns to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes. larry has a lot of news and i have nothing but good news. >> of course. >> on the weekend erica and mike. >> tune in tomorrow starting at 7:00 a.m. mike hydeck and i will have your latest news and obviously i'll have more on this great forecast that is going to change a little bit as we head through the weekend. so enjoin us tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. -- so join us tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. but our next news will be at noon. be sure to download the app because the app is where it's at. >> happy bring. >> have a great weekend. >> wear yellow today. i like that.
6:57 am
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good morning. it is friday august 28th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." florida prepares for its first hurricane in nearly ten years after a deadly tropical storm slams the caribbean. tributes pour in for the news crew gunned down during a live report. we're learning more about the intentions of the gunman. the leading presidential candidates try to win over party leaders in minneapolis, but the one man who won't be there steals the thunder. first your world


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