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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> there was a mistake from the dispatcher. >> reporter: how should he have reacted knowing he had done nothing wrong? the same entrance i advice i would give my own son. -- >> the same advice i i would give my own son. if police ask you to do something it is important to do it. how should police approach young african-american us on the street? >> >> reporter: -- >> reporter: how should police approach young american african-american on the street? he says he and his friend were held by police for 12 hours. the police report says 36 minutes past until he was released.
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>> we have established there was no robbery. what about the woman who called 911? >> reporter: that is what we are left with. she overreacted, she thought she saw something in she was wrong. as a result we have this situation. >> is -- it is another tough interaction. >> there is a lot of anxiety out there. >> we will talk about that later. thank you. a senseless murder caught on camera and today prosecutors released the video after the man responsible was sentenced to 30 years. scott broom is live outside of the racquet club. >> reporter: we see this video
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it and it is so senseless. the victim was a great guy we talked about kids. senseless when you hear about the shooter, a guy who brought a gun to a fistfight that he was not involved in. video shows towards the teenagers fighting on the ground in 2014. one of the boys fathers, mitchell white, steps in .-period it. as he pulls the boys apart tempers flared and that is when a gunman enters the video. making threats and as the teenagers scattered you hear a gunshot. mitchell white, was killed, his daughter speaking outside of the court today. >> i did not get to tell him i love him. want him to know that i love him. >> reporter: today, deon
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warren was sentenced to 30 years for the crime. in court prosecutors show this photo of him brandishing a pistol. remarkably deon warren comes from a strong family. nearly 100 showed up in court today. deon warren cried and asked for forgiveness. prosecutors said, not without accountability. >> when you bring a a hand to a fistfight showing complete disregard for everyone's life got to in got to be held accountable. >> reporter: again, deon warren gets 30 years for the shooting. he is 19 years old. prosecutors say he was not even involved in the fight to start with. he simply was drawn to it by the commotion. he was crying in court today. reporting live, scott broom.
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>> tranfive's lawyer deon warren's lawyer claims the shooting was an accident. security being ramped up at union station for the holiday season. police out to protect amtrak travelers. j dotson says he knows of no threat to the u.s. even though there is no threat security is being beefed up across the nation. the presidents up to the airwaves addressing people who wonder if it is safe to travel. >> we are taking every step to keep our homeland safe. first, we are going after isis. that has been our strategy for more than a year. >> and places with large gatherings of people are getting extra intention. that includes the macy's thanksgiving day parade.
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an estimated 3.5 million people could be along the parade route. >> we have a high level of awareness. >> you have to be crazy not to be concerned. >> airports will be taking more time to search backs passengers back intelligence bulletin sent this week for there could be copycats looking to replicate the paris attacks. 47 million people are traveling this holiday. that is up over last year. while 90% of those travelers hit the road, about seven% will fly. peggy fox joins us from the airport. it was a busy place today. -- >> reporter: it was a busy
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place today. when there are no cancellations or delays the airport is a happy place to be, especially as people arrive for the holiday. they are from buffalo, new buffalo, new york, they had just flown in. >> we are all together to meet for thanksgiving. >> both of my son is not in the military. -- both of my sons are in the military. being able to get together for the holidays is important. >> reporter: with the security fence at home this marine says he is not worried. >> stands and fight for what you believe in. dashmack's the end and fight for what you believe in. you can't run in and high.
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-- stand and fight for what you believe in. you can't run and hide. one of those freedoms is to see our loved ones to celebrate the holidays. >> this is exciting. >> reporter: he will be cooking dinner this year. is yours as good as your parents? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: they are also looking forward to the nice weather. one more thing to be thankful for, it is going to be a gorgeous day tomorrow. i am peggy fox, back to you. we have a section on our after where you can check the status of flights. downloaded for free today. maybe you are headed out to
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pick someone up. things i am are not going too good for you. obviously it is just past 5:00 today. it is pretty slow going as you might expect. traffic on 95 is backed up. however, the one thing we are not dealing with is rain or cold temperatures. >> we are lucky. we are talking it is fantastic. here is the travel forecast for tomorrow. 65 in atlanta. 70 in nashville. 81 in tampa. 60 for in charlotte. to the north, we will be the same as los angeles, a little cooler in boston at 53. even vermont will be in the low 50s. a couple of showers made get to detroit.
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looking ahead, we are looking at travel, the only problem on thursday will be denver. the snow will move into the denver area as we go through the day on thursday. milder nice for us on thanksgiving. former on friday. golf anyone? cooler this weekend. we will talk about the timing of the showers coming in. chicago is simmering one day after a police a police officer was charged with first-degree murder. footage of the shooting was released yesterday sparking outrage and calls for a change in police community relations. >> reporter: the streets of chicago are call after vocal and sometimes physical protest last night over the shooting of 17-
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year old laquan mcdonald. footage released tuesday shows officer jason van fire in 16 times at mcdonald's, killing him. 's attorney says the officer yelled for mcdonald to drop the knife he was carrying. >> he was in fear of his life. >> reporter: van was charged with first-degree murder. mcdonald was shot at least twice in the back. the city already settled with his family for $5 million. there is a public outcry over what took so long to release the video it might bring charges. the city council black caucus is calling for accountability. >> when the victims appear to be underprivileged or minorities that it takes a a long time for
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justice. >> reporter: the judge will revisit the issue of bond at a hearing monday. the officer faces 20 20 years behind bars if convicted. adriana diaz, cbs news. >> overnight protests were peaceful but five people were arrested. one man is dead after an accident in loudon county this morning. investigators say a man driving a pickup truck crossed over a crashed head onto a tractor-trailer. a man driving the truck died. a tractor-trailer driver was not hurt but 15 was shut down for hours. the usual operation today on interstate 95. a truck loaded with hundreds of pounds of flour overturned.
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they had to bring in special equipment to fix truck. crews then placed place the placed in your bank under the vehicle. we are told the truck driver was injured but not seriously. was shot and turkey trying to ease tension after age jet shut down a russian were playing. -- russia and turkey trying to ease tensions after a a jet shot down a russian warplane. repercussions for the bombing of a hospital in afghanistan. the commander said some involved in the air attack have been suspended from the duties. investigators have determined the crew that attacked the hospital is identified the target. dozens of civilians were wounded or killed. the brother of a suspect in a paris attacks is urging him to
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surrender. he says he shares with the the pain of the victims families. salah abdeslam is believed to be a bomber in the attacks but fled the seen. -- salah abdeslam is believed to be a bomb a bomb in the attacks but fled the scene. steadman bailey being treated for gunshot wounds. he was shot twice in the head and sources say the player was in a car in miami when someone pulled up next to it and started firing. steadman bailey is in critical condition. look at who will play across the pond next year in london. the burgandy and gold will face the cincinnati bengals. so how does the team. about the announcement?
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frank has more on this. >> reporter: good evening, the redskins will be in london next. on october 30. the first time they will play in london in a regular-season game. they will play the cincinnati bengals. there is some news on the london front as well, if the redskins in the rams have the same record in their division, st. louis would host the redskins the week before the game against cincinnati. so there is a chance the redskins could play back-to-back games in london. we talked to some players who played in the london game for. -- we talked to some players who play in that london game for different teams. >> i remember the curfew for
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sure. the transportation was not so good. but, it was fun. you experience a lot. >> for me it would be nice. i have never been out of the country. especially to play a football game it may go for free. -- and go for free. >> reporter: chris johnson is happy about the free trip. when the head coach was asked about it he said, that is the last thing on my mind. i i am focused on the new york giants. back to you. one day away from things giving out and we can't get enough of your wall of gratitude posts.
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there are so many inspirational messages being shared. we decided to keep it going. stephanie ramirez in the streets today. i got a lots of interesting answers today. it is great to learn about the people around us. take a look. -- >> reporter: i got a lot of interesting answers today. it is great to learn about the people around us. take a look. >> i am grateful for family. >> i am grateful that this girl came all the way from ireland to see me. >> i am i am grateful that i live in this great country. >> my kids and the love of my life. >> i am grateful that i i see a lot of happiness today.
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>> i am grateful that i have an amazing job. >> i am i am thank you for my presidents. >> i i am grateful for going to a good school. >> for the freedoms that we have. >> i am grateful for science for making the world a better place. >> i am grateful for a lot of things but having celebrating my 40th 40th wedding anniversary i am grateful to my wife. i am also blessed to work in such a great community. i want to thank everyone for sharing with us today. also, online -- >> reporter: i want to thank everyone for sharing with us today. back to you.
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>> please continue to share your stories of gratitude. you can submit them to the wall. leave us a comment on our facebook page or even e-mail us. >> a lot of people have fun with that. into sometimes presidential pardons can become be controversial but not this one. taught hunter case came today, they are not destined for the dinner table tomorrow. the president having fun with the thanksgiving tradition at the white house. >> it is hard to believe this is my seventh year of pardoning a turkey. time flies, even if turkeys don't. >> that was good. >> i thought it was good. you think it is funny too don't you?
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>> the part it is part of a thanksgiving tradition that began in 1957. -- the pardon is part of a thanksgiving tradition that began in 1957. >> it is so good to see the girls growing. she thought that was pretty funny. >> we have turkeys in our refrigerator that will not be part it. -- that will not be pardons. it shouldn't be any cooler so why didn't i go 56 today? i went 55. i was reading 59 in the car today.
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we will see how we did tonight at 11:00. let's take a live look outside. the temperature is 51. it is a moderating hermas. it is going to -- it is a moderating hermas. chilly tonight. still talking 30s in the suburbs. thanksgiving will be perfect for a walk after dinner. even warmer on friday, just beautiful, we are talking mid-60s on friday. we are tracking some showers over the weekend. i would say the most rain will come on sunday. that is the day we are playing the giants. 10:00 tonight temperatures in the low 40s. 41 in gaithersburg. by morning, 7:00, it is in the 30s
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30s but it is above freezing everywhere. 37 in leesburg. we are looking at 37 also in mitchellville. by 10:00 we are back at 50 degrees. 60 just about everywhere tomorrow. it will not be windy advent that is good. 6:00 tomorrow we are still -- it will not be windy tomorrow and that is good. remember these are downtown temperatures. 40s 40s to start. 55 at 11:00. almost 60 degrees by 1:00 p.m. friday it is warmer. a couple showers possible on saturday with miles temperatures.
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sunday, they better chance of showers during the game. mid-50s on monday. some showers on tuesday and wednesday. kevin durant new sneakers are on sale today but, some people in prince george's county not happy with the name.
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if you are scouting out a black friday deal on a new television be sure to anger it for safety. every try 12 weeks a child dies when a piece of furniture falls on top of them. >> i heard this sound that was
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not familiar. i immediately called out for him. i did not hear him. >> reporter: this is what happened to her son. a television that falls from on an average dresser can crush a child with the force of thousands of pounds. >> it was not until i lifted the television i realized how heavy it was. you are not supposed to very your child. if we had known it would not have happened. >> reporter: these mothers are helping to push to prevent the strategies. it is a campaign to get parents to understand the danger of these products. the commissioner is leading the charge to save lives. >> this one is really making me crazy. we have not been able to improve the numbers. >> reporter: before you get a
5:26 pm
new television be sure to get rid of the old one. any stores will recycle your tv set for a fee. >> that is what we are hoping that people will do. those old televisions can be really dangerous. >> reporter: television stations televisions should only go on furniture designed to hold them. mount a flatscreen to the wall. it remove items that might tempt children to climb. again, wherever there is a television you need to make sure they are firmly anchored in place. i will talk more about this in the coming months partnering with them to get the word out to educate parents about this hidden hazard. a a cop who we saw busted -- a car that we saw dancing tells us what motivated her. these group of girls want to the boy scouts. right after the break a.
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has families gathered to celebrate one local family is worried about the disappearance of taught of their loved ones. rosa thomas and her brother james ward have been missing since monday night. [cheering] it is live outside of the family home. >> reporter: -- >> andrea mccarren is live outside of the family home. >> reporter: no one knows where the start time were headed. >> this nightmare is worst than day being told that they are dead. the nightmare began monday night when her mother impact uncle never came home. the 71-year old and 76-year old left their home monday afternoon. >> i don't feel like anything is wrong. >> reporter: six hours later video shows rosa thomas inside a store on rhode island avenue.
5:31 pm
the manager told the family she seems disoriented. >> she asked to use the phone. she called herbut no one was here. >> reporter: taught hours later police captured -- taught five hours later police captured the car on video. they were not headed in the direction of their home. >> my mother love the redskins. >> reporter: a passionate redskins fan she is also a retired bus driver. >> she watches baseball, baseball, she watches hockey. she loves sports. >> reporter: they say their uncle is quiet. -- >> reporter: they say their uncle is quiet. >> he has never drove.
5:32 pm
if anyone sees them please help them. even if they don't ask for help please help him. >> reporter: rosa thomas has alzheimer's and may need medication. again, they were driving a burgundy jeep liberty. reporting live, andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> we are hoping someone can help. police in virginia keeping an eye out for a peeping tom suspect. a woman the reports she saw a man taking pictures of her youngest young son in a walmart afternoon. the suspect is a white man, if he looks familiar please call fredericksburg police. a 17-year old charged with stabbing a student inside a
5:33 pm
classroom. he is charged as an adult with attempted murder. the victim is still in the hospital with critical injuries. police say they do not know why crawford acted out. a family a family suing peter for $10 million. they say taught half workers came to their home back in october to catch daughters were left behind by previous residence. they accidentally grabbed the wrong dog and euthanized it that same day. the family is suing as well as the individual workers. a police helicopter in the right place at the right time. it's camera located a a significant heat source coming from a home. that heat source was a fire in asia connected to the house.
5:34 pm
the fire department was contacted and the fire was put out. see something, say something, we have heard that for a a while. now a new smart phone is taking it a step further. it is called see something, said something. when users see something that is suspicious they take a picture and it sends. >> it gives you an opportunity to take something and send it for someone to look at. it goes to a a central intelligence office here in new york state. >> the gap is not a substitute for calling 911 urgency. it is a free download and can be be used anywhere in the country.
5:35 pm
students now have better access to public libraries. the mayor joined the leaders today to celebrate how the city is meeting president obama's library challenge. in april the pres. wants to the program right here in washington. >> we had met the challenge and we will spread the gospel. >> washington was one of 30 communities that committed giving students access to libraries. you have seen the video of this police officer engaged in a a dancing competition with kids. today, we spoke with the officer about where she learned her moves. >> reporter: today we got to meet the officer who stood up in front
5:36 pm
of a rule of police reporters and ask this -- and insert questions -- and insert questions about her excellent dance moves. given how often videos of dancing police officers appear online you can be forgiven for thinking she may have picked up the dances at the police academy. >> i think music is something that brings everyone together. >> reporter: she learns the latest tools from moves from her nieces nephews. >> i believe music is a boundary -- i believe that music is a boundary anyone can cross. >> reporter: at a time with a time with law enforcement behavior is under a microscope she is aware of the value of her 15 minutes of fame.
5:37 pm
what do you think these videos have gotten so much attention? >> i think everything that is going on in the community now, some have forgotten that we are still human. i think it gives the community that human aspects that we like to have fun too. >> reporter: while the chief was proud of her ingenuity no word on if she will join her next time on the dance floor. >> i will show her the moves later on. we will see if she wants to do it with me. >> she says she believes in making a lasting impression. she said she may never see these kids again so she wants to make a good impression on them.
5:38 pm
a local controversy over kevin durant's new sneakers leads tonight start attending stories. the shoes are called kd8 p.g. county. the shoes went on sale today but some people are taking exception to the name many don't appreciate the abbreviation. they call it disrespectful. it ione of the seas top twitter topics today. -- it is one of washington's top twitter topics today. >> reporter: this is the brand- new shoe, the kd8 p.g. county, yes, the abbreviation has been a a bad topic. officials have wanted that
5:39 pm
shortened burden to be erased. people here don't seem to mind that the naming of the shoe. >> i like them. >> reporter: he is buying shoes for himself and his son. >> i like them. >> reporter: he called in several places with no luck finding the new kd8 p.g. county shoot. at the local barbershop people seem to approve of the new kd8 p.g. county. >> i like it. i like the abbreviation. >> reporter: some people have an issue with it. >> why would they have an issue with it? >> reporter: he owns three. of his shoes. -- he owns three pairs of issues. >> i love them.
5:40 pm
>> i think it depends. if you are enthusiastic about the county you might be bothered by it. >> everyone abbreviated. -- everyone appreciate it. >> someone who came up like everyone else in the area. >> where we would you put the full name on the shoes? i like it. i might have to go get these. >> reporter: prince george's county's officials want to reiterate they are very proud of kevin durant because he is a great role model. the county performance for it to be spelled out and wanted
5:41 pm
nike to know that sensitivity. -- these issues, by the way on the -- these shoes, shoes, by the way, are not cheap. a new push of a group of girls that want to be included in the boy scouts. they are more interested in building a campfire campfire is still making art and craps. -- campfire then making art and craps. -- art and crafts us. >> news reached a local boy scout council which barred them from future activities. >> they are not being nice. >> what makes you think that? >> because we are girls.
5:42 pm
they say because we are a a different gender we should not be allowed. >> how does that make you feel? >> kind of sad. kind of mad. >> last week the boy scouts rejected the girls attempt to join. a controversial mural at the university of kentucky is about to be covered up. it depicts slightly in the south. it has prompted a student sit ins. now the president says it is time for it to be put under wraps. >> it was painted in the 1930s. >> the mural will be covered
5:43 pm
from view. while you enjoy thanksgiving meals there is a teenager who is most thankful that she can simply eat again. it is all thanks to years of persistence by hurt mother. in fact >> reporter: for years he could not open her mouth. >> it would hurt, the whole thing. >> reporter: the 16-year old had a a tumor that locked her jaw shot. for five years she and her mother went to doctors before getting an accurate diagnosis. >> i would cry myself to sleep sometimes. >> reporter: the tumor was benign but aggressive and very rare. >> these tumors can continue to
5:44 pm
grow. >> reporter: doctors performed an operation to remove the tumor and damaged bone. they replaced it with a a custom-made prosthetic job. three months after surgery she is looking forward to her birthday. >> i will get together with a couple of friends. i will have cake and pizza. >> reporter: her doctor's credit her mother for being persistent it is not giving up. >> the doctors will continue to monitor her to make sure the tumor does not return. next to the turkey the thanksgiving parade is one of the most popular tradition. performers are getting ready tonight for the big event tomorrow. one group from new orleans is ready to go.
5:45 pm
musicians of say singing on a float is a different way of performing. >> you are seeing what is in front of you in those moments you kind of black out and forget of everybody that is watching. >> let's hope no one blocks out while performing. coverage begins tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. you never know how things will go in new york on thanksgiving because the weather can be so different. it sounds like it will be great. >> it is going to be perfect. they will be almost as warm as us. the key thing is the wind. for us, we are looking at a beautiful finish to the week. right now it is 51. relative humidity is at 56%.
5:46 pm
it will not be that cold tonight. we have a full moon tonight. check it out. tonight is chilly. 30s in the suburbs. thanksgiving is just perfect for a walk after dinner. even warmer on friday, friday, we are talking mid 60s on friday. we are tracking showers for the weekend. 10:00 tonight 39 39 in frederick. 40 in manassas. 45 downtown. by morning, 7:00, 370 in gaithersburg. 38 in mitchellville. 35 in fredericksburg. 10:00, already 55 in cumberland. still, 48 in manassas. but to p.m., we
5:47 pm
are 60 downtown, about 61 in manassas. just a spectacular day. by 10:00 even warmer tomorrow night. i think everyone will be in the 40s tomorrow night. at 10:47 in leesburg. 45 in manassas. 47 in gaithersburg. tonight, clear to partly cloudy, chilly, again, a spectacular full. tomorrow morning mostly sunny and pleasant. -- again, again, a spectacular full moon tonight. tomorrow morning mostly sunny and pleasant. low 40s to start today. almost 60 60 with sunshine by 1:00.
5:48 pm
warmer on friday, 65 with a few clouds. calls on saturday with some showers possible. a better chance of showers on sunday for the game. still, mid-50s on monday. a few showers on tuesday and wednesday. malls across the nation of struggling for shoppers. online sales have many people staying at home to shop. the largest mall in the states is asking retailers to provide customers with an experience. back -- >> reporter: he has always served food with a side of sarcasm. from to attract new customers at the restaurant added a scavenger hunt. >> it is a win-win.
5:49 pm
a win-win. it is a good partnership. >> reporter: it increased sales 100% for the restaurant and helped to the mall increase traffic to stores. other companies are taking notice. verizon wireless has is first experienced store at the mall of america. the company says the change has led to triple the sales. this beauty retailer put in a wall of a beauty station. >> makeup can be a tough sale. they can try it out all over here. >> reporter: the store also does makeup meet ups. >> it is a a little crazy. we have lines of the door. >> reporter: that is because they had millions of fans. mall of america even has someone over seeing the experiences.
5:50 pm
he tells retailers that experiences keep customers coming back. >> it is more enticing when you can deliver on an experience. >> reporter: capitalizing on those feel-good moments often means more money spent in stores. >> the mall itself is incorporating its own experiences. this year it will be about taking pictures with santa claus, there is also an interactive santa claus experience. a montgomery county warming may have to move because of neighbors she says won't stop harassing her. the woman and her condition coming up later. into the burgandy and gold will head to england for at least one game in 2016.
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my favorite. bad news. the johnsonville factory burned down brian. it's terrible. well if you can't serve tasty sausage why are we even a family? i may as well move out. well, if that's what yo... you're right. i'll stay. and tomorrow we're going to help johnsonville rebuild that factory. i'll take dinner in my room, with chocolate milk. make pasta tastier with johnsonville italian sausage.
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we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage. london and football are calling. washington will play cincinnati next year in london. there is also the possibility of a second game as well.
5:54 pm
how did the players take the news today? >> reporter: there was a mixed bag of emotions when they got word that the redskins will go to london on october october 30 to play the cincinnati bengals. that was the talk, about the redskins getting ready for the new york giants at fedex field. >> it will be exciting next year but i could care less right now. we are thinking about the giants. we will deal with that when it comes. >> i guess it is exciting. i am not a big out of the country guy. we could play all of the games here, i would be happy. i don't know, we will see. >> i have no thoughts on that.
5:55 pm
i have not had one seconds of thought about it. it is so far away. in this league i tried to focus on the day, the week, my contract ends after this season so i am focused on right now. >> reporter: great point by kirk cousins, who knows if he will be on the team next year. we do know this, they are going to london next year. back to you. >> a free trip to europe. who is complaining? >> they might play the dreams the week before and the deal is they could be playing back back-to- back games in london. it could be a logistical nightmare. coming up, turkey says it
5:56 pm
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pres. obama tries to reassure the american after the intelligence morning they could be copycats looking to replicate the parents attacks. russia and turkey trade as the decisions over the doubling of that russian fighter jet. -- over the downing of that russian fighter jet. the pres. says there is no indication of a terrorist plot here in the united states. -- the president says there is no indication of a terrorist plot here in the united states. despite the possibility there could be copycats he is encouraging everyone to go about their normal lives.
6:00 pm
>> i want the american people to know that they are taking every possible step to keep our homeland safe. >> the president said the public would be warned if there was a threat. turkey and russian telling different stories about the incident where the warplane was shot down. >> reporter: the governments are often taught at different pictures of a a russian fighter jet that was shot down. turkey released this image which it says proves a warplane violated its airspace. this morning russia released its own images which showed the just operating over syria, while salt of the border. the turkish military released audio of the warnings it issued.


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