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tv   wusa 9 News at 430am  CBS  March 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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you. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. we start with allyson rae and weather and traffic on the 9s. >> today is a beautiful with temperatures heading to the 60s. a ton of sunshine. things change after we get home, after the evening commute we will see things kind of flip- flop and turn around. let's take a look how we are starting off temperature-wise. 28 chevy chase. 41 arlington. 43 laurel. if you take the heavier coat you won't need it all day. look at the temperatures. we are heading to the 60s. here comes clouds and showers while we are sleeping tonight. we will tim it out in a bit on weather and traffic on the 9s. here is larry miller. >> maryland state police continue to investigate a fatal tractor trailer accident. this is in urbana that has highway 80 at park mills road closed. you can see from the video how
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serious the accident was. we understand that highway 80 eastbound at parks mill road will continue to stay closed throughout the afternoon as police work to finish the investigation. be aware that parks mill is open so you can take that to make your way into town or points east. i-270, no issues from frederick to the beltway. happening today, the funeral for a murdered prince william county police officer. the viewing for officer ashley guindon starts this morning. >> she was shot saturday night responding to a domestic violence call in woodbridge. it was her first day on the force after being sworn in the day before. the woman that made the call police say was crystal hamilton. family and friends are grieving the loss of both women including hamilton's
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>> my heart is broken. my pain is beyond measure. >> people lined the streets to watch the motorcade bringing her body to the funeral home. she was in the marine reserves for years. crystal hamilton worked with wounded warriors and their families. the suspect, ronald hamilton admitted to shooting his wife and the three police officers according to courts documents. he is charged with capital murder. in officer guindon death and he is facing a charge for shooting his wife as well. the two wounded officers are recovering. hamilton is an army staff sergeanting a signed to the pentagon. we will have coverage, live coverage of officer guindon's funeral after the viewing at 10:00 a.m. we will live stream at noon. you can download the app to watch the ceremony and though donate to her memorial fund. this is
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today in campaign 2016. more than 1400 delegates are at stake in the super tuesday contest. >> 11 states are holding primaries. virginia voters from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. weijia jiang has more. >> reporter: on the eve of super tuesday, don scott predicted a victory during a rally in georgia. >> we will win with our military. we will win, win, win. >> reporter: latest poll shows the republican presidential front-runner leading nationally and in several key states. marco rubio hammered him for days. most recently for failing to immediately disof a vow former kkk leader david dukes who announced his support for trump. >> there is no room in the conservative movement for the kkk or david dukes or anyone that will not condemn them. >> reporter: ted cruz is
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state to keep his momentum alive. >> i think we will see don scott and me coming out with a significant chunk of delegates and everyone else far behind. >> reporter: political analysts expect hillary clinton to pick up far more delegates than bernie sanders which could make it impossible for her to lose the nomination. >> america is and always has been great. what we need to do together is make america whole again. >> sanders made the final pitch in massachusetts where more than 100 delegates are on the line. >> i think we will win here in massachusetts tonight. >> reporter: the vermont senator will take his campaign to the democratic convention. weijia jiang, cbs news, washington. a group of black students said they were removed from trumps rally in georgia and secret service agents said it
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was at trumps request. they are looking into a tussle between one of their agents yesterday. a man fled a mental health facility in falls church, virginia. michael marshal was last seen around 6. police are asking anyone that sees the man to call virginia state police. marshal has been known to exhibit violent behavior. authorities ask that you do not approach him. the former teacher's aid charged in a child pornography case is due in court friday. deonte carraway faces 13 counts of sexually exploiting children. the counts include sex acts with children and involve 11 victims ages 9 to 12. >> i think he should get the maximum whatever, the maximum because, i mean, that is a grown man with kids, not with our kids. >> investigators say r carr madede
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sex with him and each other. the relocation of fbi headquarters will be one of the hot topics on the hill. the search has been focused on three sites, greenbelt, landover and springfield. president obama committed to asking for $1.4 billion to fund the project. new developments in the case of the former virginia governor is presented to the supreme court. that story is coming up. >> an investigation is underway in what caused a deadly fire in the district last night. another nice day heading your way, alison -- allyson. >> we will give this day an 8. it will be absolutely spectacular. however, we have changes on your way and we will
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welcome back to weather and traffic on the 9s. changes after sunset tonight. enjoy today. have lunch outside. it won't be too comfortable the rest of the week. we will see showers heading our way. today is beautiful. sunshine across the board. here we are at 8:00 in the morning. temperatures in the 40s. chilly start. warm afternoon. sunny through 5:30. then the sunsets. here comes the clouds. weold off on the rain until after the drive home. that's why we don't have a yellow weather alert. this is 3:30. a line of showers heading our way gets out of here before the morning rush tomorrow then the temperatures plummet. we will tell you how low
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goes and the chance for snow in a bit. larry. in fast 5 we are doing well around the beltway, 66, 50, 95, 295 this morning. we are off to a good start. we have mounting volume on 95. that is the virginia side. watch out for that making your way into town. to the maps, a few seconds ago we got a report of an accident suitland parkway. no delays because traffic is still fairly light. live look on the beltway here at river road, quiet on the inner and outer loop. weather and traffic is back on the 9s. a d.c. firefighter pass hurt fighting a deadly house fire. flames broke out around 8:00 last night. it took a little more than 30 minutes to get the fire under control. one person died in the blaze. no word on the cause of death
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she is accused of stabbing her own grandmother to death. jury selection gets underway for hestina harris. she is charged with killing lilly morris in december of 2014. morris was found bleeding in her yard in jeff son, maryland. defense attorneys argue that mental illness may have played a part in the attack. six months and police don't have her killer. there is a $20,000 reward to find out who shot carolyn ramirez. she was a mother and she served in the army. she was shot to death in her home on millstone court in august. her 5-month-old daughter was there at the time. she was not hurt. ann ann arundel police hope they can find the person. calls for simon new mon were growing since an article in the student
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new man planned to encourage struggling freshman to leave the school. the dean of the university business school will serve as acting president. we are less than 12 hours away from a big deadline when it comes to the redskins and their quarterback. that story is coming up. >> with apple battling the fbi over hacking into their phones, which phones are considered the most secure.
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all right. hopefully it's a good start to march on wall street. new month, new beginning. this morning chinese markets fell but japan's nikkei closed higher. >> last year's activity, detroit automakers release their vehicle
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from february. dow finished 16,516. s&p dropped about 16 and nasdaq fell 32. a deal announced by federal health officials could make it easier for you to access your own digital health records. nearly all companies that provide such records provide 16 of the largest health care systems signed off on the plan. there are concerns about hacking but recent studies show digital health records appear to improve safety for hospital patients. >> how secure is your smartphone compared to other brands? the fight between apple and fbi over hacking into the iphone has many asking the question. "usa today" took a look at the top three brands. newest version of the android is fully even scripted on all devices that have a secure lock screen. all apple phones have been fully encrypted since 2014. it's something thousands of parents
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spring break or summer trip to disneyland or disney world. >> my wife and kids would go their yesterday. but if you run with the crowds you pay about 20% more to visit the mouse and his friends. disney is sim implemented surge pricing like uber on single day tickets. they hope the price will change the crowds and help control them and push families to visit during some of the slower times of the year. >> what if they can't take off during those slower times. that's the problem. a dmv office opens for drivers in southeast washington. muriel bowser cut the ribbon last week. she said it will serve residents. the mayor noted the dmv went from groundbreaking to ribbon cutting in under 12 months. the hell team for bob mcdonald filed the opening brief with the u.s. supreme
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unfairly convicted on an overly broad definition of bribery. a federal jury found mcdonald and his wife maureen guilty eight months after he left office. the court will hear the case next month. the ruling is expected in june. supreme court justice clarence thomas did something on monday that he hadn't done in 10 years. he actually asked questions from the bench during arguments. in the past thomas said he relied on his written briefs and doesn't need to ask questions. the case involves federal law that bans people convicted of domestic violence of owning guns. tomorrow they hear a case about abortion regulations. wallet hub released findings on the best and worst states for women. the best three, minnesota, vermont and new hampshire. maryland ranked 7th. west virginia ranked 44th with nevada, south carolina and louisiana at
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the list. wallet hub found women in the district had the highest median earnings, but d.c. has the highest rate of unemployment among women at 8.4%. weather and traffic on the 9s. kids got to play outside yesterday at recess. they will thrilled. today a repeat? >> absolutely. beautiful out there. the day is almost perfect until tonight because we have changes. so, enjoy it. we are going to see showers arrive after we get home tonight. we don't have to deal with that driving home and we don't have to deal with it driving in tomorrow. it's an overnight event then it will be cold. gorgeous today. clouds arrive -- you will see clouds move in for areas off to the west maybe earlier. but once the sunsets, showers approach. we are talking around midnight and through the wee hours of the morning. then rather windy. tempur
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on wednesday. so much so that we start in the 50s and end in the 40s during the afternoon. it will feel is in the 30s with the winds as high as they will be. we are talking 20, 25 miles per hour sustained winds. then it gets cold enough that we could support snow showers. not a big deal but it will be a return to winter. a brief return. 42 degrees right now. comfortable. here is the set up for front number one coming our way tonight. showers and cold air behind it. we will be in the low 40s for thursday and friday. let's time it out for you on futurecast. clouds by 2:00 for areas to the west. this is 1:30 in the morning, showers approaching. can't rule out a rumble of thunder. by 7:00 in the morning, we are done with the showers and snow showers, a couple of inches for the mountains. for us, we look at maybe a dusting up to an inch or so for thursday night through first thing friday
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51 degrees. falling temperatures tomorrow. 30s in the afternoon hours. by thursday and friday chilly with snow showers coming through late thursday into friday morning. weekend shaping up to be not too bad. good morning, larry. good morning, alison. in prince george county watch out for the accident on the suitland parkway. be careful as you make your way out the door this morning. we are not seeing much in the way of delays but the accident scene is in progress. a live look shows you how it's shaping up on the beltway. this is over the wilson bridge between alexandria and oxon hill. marc is on schedule. traveling inbound on 50, no issues into town from colon ton road to play tenseburg road northeast, 13 minute
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road crews are starting a pothole blitz. if you know of a pothole problem, we have created a link where you can report it. download the free wusa 9 app. you can tweet us using the #pothole patrol 9. include city, street and block number for the location. there is still time for you to take home cold hard cash. hopefully you won't need it to repair tires from the potholes. the next four days, wake up washington is giving away a thousand dollars. it's the big 20 k and 20 day sweet stakes. here is how to get your hands on an extra thousand dollars. today through friday we will give away $1,000 after 6:00 in the morning. we will give you a word of the day then you need to be the 9th person to call in with the correct word. be sure to watch and
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share of $20,000. mike? 4:00 p.m. is the deadline on whether to use the franchise tag for kirk cousins. that means no other team can get to him and the two sides have more time, until july 15th to work out a possible long- term deal f. they can't, he will be paid nearly $20 million for one year service. however, the skins could take a gamble and use something called a transition tag instead. that would save the team about $2 million but it allows other teams to bid for the quarterback. former university of virginia star missouri reasons candy used this moment at the nfl combine to remember someone else. during his 40-yard dash the cornerback put the words officer guindon, 2-27-16 on his cleats. he will auction off the cleats and donate to the officer's memorial fund. the shooting him him hard. like
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just starting her career. on hollywood's biggest night, george kennedy died. he won his best supporting award for a cool hand luke. he died in boise, idaho. he was one of hollywood's most recognizable supporting actors. his credits include the naked gun spoof and airport movies. he was 91. governor hogan had his latest treatment yesterday. a spokesman said the governor will be required to of periodic therapy for known hodgkin's limb phone may. he was -- lymphoma. the kids farm was shut down after finding e. coli in some animals. th
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showed signs of illness. they will reopen the farm after the animals receive three consecutive weeks of negative results for e. coli. dogs can be expensive to take care of. they need to be groomed, vaccinated and fed. one dog is costing his owner a bit more money. for an accessory that you usually only see on humans. >> where one girl scout troop set up shop selling cookies. it's not a typical grocery store.
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laid to rest. services for ashley guindon will take place. >> congratulations to bernie sanders. >> first votes are in. democratic supporters in new zealand are the first citizens to cast ballots on super tuesday. access denied. the justice department makes a ruling on the fbi case against
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apple. >> thank you for joining us this morning. i'm mike hydeck. let's start with weather and traffic. we will begin with allyson and weather on the 9s. >> good morning. we are off to a beautiful start. temperatures are chilly. look at manassas and culpeper, upper 20s. 33 fredricksburg and hagerstown 41. changes are heading our way but not until later on today. enjoy today for all its eye worth. we have showers after 9:00, 10:00 tonight. it will be out of here before the morning rush tomorrow. overnight thing while we are sleeping. temperatures head to the 60s, well above average by 10 degrees. breezy at times. the winds start to kick up tomorrow with the approaching front. we will get to the details of the time ting heading your way. in the -- heading
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george county one issue on the suitland parkway eastbound between silver hill and suitland. a live look shows how things are shaping up. this is suitland and south capitol street. we have cones there for a lane that is blocked. watch out for that as you make your way into town. you won't have any major issues and/or any major delays which is good news for your tuesday morning. back to the maps, metro is off to a good start. no reported issues. tuesday is going well thus far. weather and traffic are back on the 9s. next time we will give you an official update on metro and how things are shaping up in virginia. over to you. >> thank you, larry. super tuesday is here. voters in 12 states head to the polls as candidates continue their battle for the all- important delegate count. more delegates are up for grabs than any other time


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