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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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residence. no officers have been hit. police are now telling people in the area to stay indoors, even if that means in your basement. andrea mccarren is just arriving at the scene. we're going to hear from her shortly. good evening. i'm bruce johnson. >> and i'm jan jeffcoat. we are learning new information tonight about how hard hannah graham fought not to become jesse matthew's next victim. >> now her appearance, no matthew will never harm another woman. peggy fox is live in charlotte, where matthew confessed to both murders. >> reporter: and we do have new information tonight, bruce. you know, with this signed deal in place, which will put jesse matthew behind bars for the rest of his life, a statement of facts about both cases has been released. we now think, prosecutors had a witness who saw matthew's car, the morning after hannah grams a appeared. it was parked near where her remains were la
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we also know that they found hannah graham's dna in jesse matthew's car. and we also know that hannah graham did not willingly go with matthew. >> reporter: after jesse matthew was seen in this surveillance video, following hannah graham in the downtown mall, she tried to get away from him. a witness saw matthew catch up to her, put his arm around her next to his car in a way that didn't look friendly. and a witness heard graham say, i'm not getting in that car with you. what is it? stolen? >> matthew will never again be able to inflict his depravity on other young women. >> reporter: graham's father john, who had not spoanl spoken -- spoken publicly before his daughter's rimains were found. >> his each deprived the world of a great talent. but hannah's enduring gift to us all is
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wicked man to be apprehended. she did change the world, but it came at a high price. >> reporter: matthew's attorney said his client was sorry for what happened. >> we want to express today -- to the harrington family and the graham family, our sorrow on what our fap family member, jesse leroy matthew jr., chose to do to your daughters. >> reporter: reverend car said the family could not understand how a gentle soul they knew to be jesse matthew could be so transformed. >> prosecutors also had a botany expert from virginia tech who is going to testify and say that material -- plant material found on jesse matthews' car, matched the same plant material, found near where hannah grahams remains were found. witnesses saw his car parked near that location between 6:30 and 7:30 in
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jesse matthew missed a meeting that morning where he worked as an assistant football coach. reporting live in charlottesville, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> and mathue pleaded guilty to two murder charges and two abduction charges. he received four life sentences. this plea agreement assures that he will spend the rest of his life in prison. stounds like dr. ben carson is getting out of the republican presidential race. he released a statement, saying he does not see a political path forward in light of supered super tuesday a primary results. carson has not won a single state in the presidential race. he said he will make a formal announcement this friday, at the c pack meeting here in washington. and former presidential nominee, mitt romney will make a speech tomorrow. he has been critical of donald trump on twitter and has yet to endorse any of the candidates. texas senator ted cruz
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three states. but despite winning 10 of the first 15 presidential contests, trump has only got 46% of the delegates. it takes an outright majority. and that sparks talk that some gop leaders will try to block donald trump's path to the nomination. >> if donald trump wins fair and square or comes close enough, it would be a disaster to not give it to him. >> reporter: nearly two weeks before the state's primary. rubio needs florida, after winning just one super state on tuesday. so can donald trump be stopped? they are in widespread panic tonight. now that he appears to be marching toward that nomination. and what some in the gop are convinced is certain defeat in november. our bruce leshan has more. crucial swing county.
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out there? >> i tell you what, bruce. you know, marco -- trump actually has been stopped. he lost in northern virginia county. he lost narrowly here in prince william county. to establishment favorite, marco rubio. but if the establishment favorite can't win in the washington suburbs, where request he win? and trump trounced rubio in nearly every other part of the commonwealth. >> in the heart of this historic civil war city. at the corner of balt and center. >> donald trump, i'm not a big supporter of donald trump. >> the fight rages on. >> this is probably the most interesting election that i can remember. >> a lot of people feel that way. >> reporter: if winner took off will all, this thing is over. >> trump's victory in several states on super tuesday, have some in the republican establishment, comparing the party to a doomed airplane with a wing about to
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the favored candidate of the people who used to pass, as gop power brokers took only one state. and marco yiewb row is well behind in the polls of his home state of florida, which votes in two weeks and could mark the end for us. >> donald trump is a conarity i. -- counsel artist. >> the billionaire. >> i think donald trump would be an awesome president. >> a lot of voters love that he is shaking things upful. >> donald trump is a cork. the corkeb has been out of the bottle. and he's ready to trach over and do it a different way. >> reporter: but only 40% of republican voters are satisfied as trump as the nominee. >> i find him boorish and crash and a little vulgar and not presidential material. >> reporter: a latina businesswoman in this county. >> they're bringing drugs, bringing crime. >> reporter: says there is no way she will vote for trump in
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and i used to love him. but not anymore for the comment that he made. >> reporter: cruz, of course, beat trump in texas. rubio's last in florida, as we mentioned. kasich is hoping to win in his home state of ohio. if they can somehow deny donald trump, a majority of the delegates, their last best hope, the last best hope of anti-trump republicans may be a floor fight at the convention in cleveland. live in manassas, bruce leshan, w wusa 9. >> if trump is the nominee, he's going to need virginia to win the white house. the reality tv star did help get more than a million republicans to the polls. but some rubio voters in the crucial swing counties in northern virginia say there's no way they're voting for trump in november. some say governor chris christie should sere sign over his -- should
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endorsement of trump. christie ended his own presidential campaign, after disappointing finishes in several early state contests. he quickly endorsed trump, saying he represents the best chance to defeat hillary clinton in november. all six newspapers are owned by the ganet corporation. democratic presidential 41 runner is focusing on donald trump after her strong showing tuesday. clinton won seven statessed ono tuesday, to bernie -- states, to bernie sanders' 4. she now has more than 40% of all the delegates needed for the nomination. late-breaking development from the presidential campaign trail. and a breakdown of the delegates counts for both parties. be sure to check out our free wusa 9 app. 60 degrees one day. 20 cooler the next. we could see snow by friday morning. what is going on. >> certainly is cold
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chief meteorologist topper shutt tracking an approaching weather front. >> here's a look at future cast. temperature 40 downtown. service temperatures above freezing. but blue there. maybe around poolsville. and fairfax county and toward manassas. and we get into the nighttime hours, a much better chance for organized snow. but temperatures are still above freezing. nothing crazy. that was 10:00. by morning friday, oddly enough, or ironically enough, the best chance for snow will be south of town. you get more moisture into plamata -- laplata. you also have a little warmer air as well. we have a yellow weather alert for friday. the very least, we'll have wet roads, going to work friday. we'll come back and talk about when the snow moves out and look ahead to the weekend. >> topper, looking forward to it. we have breaking news. more on our breaking news, where shots have been fired at police officers on the 6200 block of larkspur drive. >> you can se
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right now. andrea? >> what a dramatic scene is unfolding right here. take a look at the end of larkspur drive. right at the corner of franconia road. zens of police officers have responded to this situation. there is a police helicopter in the sky. at this hour, this is what we know so far about what has gone down. >> police responded to a call in the 7600 block of larkspur drive. from what i could see driving by, looks like it's a couple of houses in on the left-hand side, headed south on franconia. a man was alone inside the house. when police went to the door for what was being described as a suspicious event. he apparently fired shots at police. right now, police are asking anyone in the area to stay inside their homes. both la
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everyone is on lockdown. there are police that have flooded both of those streets. yellow crime scene tape is encircling the neighborhood. you can imagine what this has done to rush hour traffic. you are looking south on franconia road, at beulah street. it is located across from a united methodist church. and we are around the corner, at the fire station, which is now the media staging area. at this point, we know there is just one suspect inside the house. police trying to keep the rest of the public safe. a huge presence of fairfax county police. a very fluid situation here. we'll report back when we have more information. until then, reporting live, from fairfax, andrea mccarren, wusa 9 am. >> okay, andrea. thanks for that. we'll look at security
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>> police moved to double their presence when metro was busiest and chances of crime are greater. delia goncalves is live. with a look at metro's crime plan. delia, good evening. >> good evening, jan and bruce. there are countless cameras on metro, inside the train on the platform and outside the stations now transited police have a better way to access those cameras and act if something goes wrong. >> definitely not like safe. >> could we do a better job? of course. >> metro police ron havlik knows people are worried. having better backup. the new brain controls, closely monitoring the movements at metro. the mundane, the medical emergency, the malicious attacks. >> we have seen brazen attacks in the last 60 days that get
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but through this technology behind me, we've closed the majority of last week's shootin the suspect descriptions came in. the cameras were called up and minutes later, the arrests were made. >> i wish there were more security and police around. >> reporter: police have doubled their patrols during the afternoon and evening rush by overlapping shifts. but where you don't see them, they see you. the cameras, even able to zoom in on the finest detail. it's a new way of policing and a new era of danger. >> there has to be something keeping you up at night, when you're doing this job and you're so invested and this is home for you. what keeps you up at night? >> i think it's always, what a situation. we talk about day-to-day crime. but what about your terrorist events? >> but the chief knows it's the every day crime that matters to most. and the everyday criminals that he's after. >> if we've proven over time that we will find you. >> reporter
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perspective on the crime rate. chief says it's actually quite low. six crimes per million rise on the train. one crime per million rides on the buses. we're live in dean wood tonight, delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> also working to make officers more visible. the brighter colors for uniforms will be unveiled by july 4th. 16-mile light rail system will connect bethesda to new carrollton with 21 stations. the state's initial investment will be about $150 million. montgomery. and the federal government, $900 million. the cost to the system. the state is going to run about $149 million a year. construction is set to begin later this year. purple line is set to open for service in spring of 2022. the supreme court has taken up an important case, cented
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states can place on abortion clinics. today, justices heard arguments about a texas law that requires abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at hospitals and for clinics to have the same standards as surgical centers. >> is all about women's health and quality of care for whatever kind of decision they choose to make. >> we remain optimistic that the court is going to see these requirements for what they are. a sham designed to limit women's abortion access. >> the decision is now expected sometime in june. now, when eight justices currently on the bench, there could be a split decision. in that case, a lower court ruling would stand, leaving the texas law in place. a new bill would give parents the choice, not teachers. debra alfarone has both sides of this issue. a group of student
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tweeting governor terry mcauliffe, asking not to ban the books if parents don't want them reading. >> i don't think patients or the government should tell me which books i can and cannot read. >> a parent objected to beloved, saying reading it, it gave her son nightmares. if passed, this would make the commonwealths one of the first states to pass a law, requiring students to notify parents about books that contain sexually explicit content, let them see them, and offer oovments -- alternatives that the parents want. >> reading about it and having the chance to talk about it with other people in a safe school environment is actually way better than just stumbling upon it. >> reporter: have said this isn't about ganning books -- banning books but lets parents make a choice. >> i reached out to governor mcauliffe's office, and a
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us know what action the governor takes when he take its. critics leave this to the state board of education. but they say nothing would prevent teachers from using those books but would give parents the choice to let their kids opt out. the latest on the deonte carraway's child porn case, now has the mayor of glennarden being sued. this comes. parents are shocked by new allegations that a fourth grader told his teacher at sylvania woods elementary about being abused at the school. and the teacher reportedly replied, i don't believe you, go sit down. >> it's scary to think that a teacher is not taking a child's word, or at least trying to investigate it, i guess. >> a lot of children, they like clam up and hold it in. if they say something, be brave enough to say something, you need to at least look into
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county state attorney afternoonella allbrooks will testify in annapolis tomorrow, in favor of a bill, tightening requirements for teachers to report abuse. u.s. military is holding a top isis leader in iraq. captured two or three weeks ago by a raid in american special forceseration operations. they believe he is the first significant isis leader ever captured by the u.s. in iraq. his identity has not been released. five hours a day. that's how long on average, most ever us spend a day on our smart phones. so chick hifi lay wants you to ditch the phone, at least while with your family. there is even a box called a cell phone coop. now you would be forced to talk instead of checking instant messages and social media. families who can go the whole meal without checking their phones get a free ice cream phone. >
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the national park service says the cherry blossom trees will achieve peak bloom between march 31st and april 3rd. that would fit nicely with the national cherry blossom festival. this year's fest ral runs from march 20th through april 17th. use metro. you know there will be thousands down there. and some say the best time to view the trees, minus the crowds, is late at night. >> get cool picks late at night, too. >> you certainly can. what i love had about this -- love about this time of year, is it's going to get warmer. >> and if it does get cold, like it did today, it's not going to last long. average peak bloom, about the 4th or 5th of average. earliest peak, march 15th. 1990. not much of a winter that year. april 18 was the latest. remember, look but don't touch. they can write you a
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touching these limbs, the blossoms. just take pictures. that's all you can do. live look outside. michael and son weather cam. down to 38. winds are still gusting to 25 miles per hour. we had a peak wind gust of 42 at nashville. and 42-mile-an-hour winds at dulles. winds will diminish. good news, bad news. that will allow the temp to fall even farther. everybody makes it below freezing. bus stop temps, 32 to 34. and nothing very organized. most of it falls tomorrow night and oral friday. because of -- early on friday. because of that, we have yellow weather alert. kind of a typical march day. could snow in the morning friday. with sunshine in the afternoon. 10:00 tonight, low to mid-30s. but clear skies. by morning, temperatures 26 in gaithersburg. 27 in fairfax. 28 in silver spring. cold. high clouds to the west of us, by midmorning. then boom, clouds come overspread most of the metro area, by
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still dry. temperatures in theurn 30s to low 40s. by evening there's your snow shower. most of the activity rolls in overnight. and by 6:00 in the morning, a lot of the activity, and heaviest activity will be into southern maryland and points south and east of i-95. and even there, should end by lunchtime. 30s to start on the day planner. up to 41 by 1:00. clouds increasing by lunchtime. friday, yellow weather alert. morning snow. 44 and still chilly saturday. mid-40s but dry. next seven days. maybe a snow shower. not a big deal. nice sunday. upper 60s tuesday and wednesday. we'll be back after this. tracking your teenager? yes, there's an app for that. but not so fast. you may be getting misled. we reveal how parents can turn the tables and stay ahead
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now to our update in fairfax county. shots have been fired along the 6200 block of larkspur drive. >> andrea mccarren has more on that. >> reporter: bruce and jan, we can now confirm that one suspect is in custody. but fairfax county police right now are still describing this as an active scene. take a look at the 6200 block of larkspur drive, almost at the corner of franconia road. we are in the staging area at beulah street. here's what happened. police responded to a call of a suspicious event. in that home on larkspur drive. when police officers responded, we are told the suspects fired
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the entire neighborhood went into lockdown. police chopper overhead. fairfax police telling residents to stay inside, preferably in basements if they could. you can imagine what this did to rush hour traffic, headed scowb on franconia road. pretty much blocked off completely. a huge show of police force here. both on the ground and in the air, again to confirm that breaking news we are getting right now from fairfax county police, one suspect is in custody. but the scene still remains active. we are told by sources that it appeared that it may have been some type of a domestic situation. the manholed up inside the home with at least one gun, was described as distraught. at some point, we heard from sources that he was out in the street. he has been arrested. it is still unclear right now, why the scene, as yo
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behind me, remains this active. but it was a very tense situation here for at least an hour now. as police surrounded the area, surrounded the home on larkspur drive, and negotiated with that suspect. we did here. they were in contact with him. obviously, has ended with that suspect coming out of the home, alive. reporting live from fairfax county, andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> thank you, andrea for that. and to repeat, nobody injured. none of the officers injured by those bullets. cold tonight. and maybe a little light snow tomorrow. we'll track that for you at 7:00. all right. wusa 9news at 6:00.
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>> what a super tuesday! >> pelley: the front-runners look like a cinch to clinch. >> if winner took all, this thing is over. >> pelley: some republicans fear it is over. >> here's what i'm going to say in november when we lose-- i told you so. >> pelley: also tonight, down a justice, the supreme court takes up the biggest abortion case in decades. a gang invades a gun store and steals dozens of weapons. an energy tycoonidize at the wheel one day after his indictment. and the most super of the super tuesday returns. >> scottie kelly, back on mother captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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