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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else? breaking news tonight, police have identified the man arrested trying to jump over the white house fence. and it was a scary scene for the people visiting pennsylvania avenue as they were ordered to get out as police moved in. >> i'm adam longo. >> and i'm lesli foster. let's go right to garrett haake live with new details on who the suspect is and what he will be charged with for causing such a scare. garrett? >>
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enforcement sources say it was 29-year-old jose fuertos. and he will be charged with unawful entry for jumping over the barricades this afternoon. he didn't get anywhere near the fence behind me or the white house behind it, but the scare put the white house on lockdown and set for a chain of events for the secret service to clear the park as well. >> reporter: students visiting from tennessee recorded themes on snapchat sprinting through lafayette park away from the white house. >> er with just trying to get out of the way and not get run over. it was crazy. >> reporter: one student saw officers arrest the wouldbe jumper before law enforcement rushed everyone away from the executive mansion. >> the guy was -- they told him to lay on the ground, and his hands were behind his head. >> reporter: how many times have you seen someone
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get over the fence? >> reporter: probably 30. >> reporter: he says security acted efficiently. >> they can keep us out of the park up to 2 hours. >> reporter: they have certainly had practice. in the fall of 2014, a man with a knife made it over the fence and into the white house before secret service stopped him. last summer the national park service and secret service added spikes to the top of the fence to deter the climbers, but the attempts continue. on thanksgiving day, a 22-year- old man scaled the spiked fence and was quickly arrested. visitors say this arms race between the white house innerloafers and white house security risks ruining the experience for everyone. >> it ruins it for the families and the individuals who want to come out and enjoy the culture and the history and get the vibe of dc, and 5 feet at a time, you ruin that for everybody. >> reporter: and the secret se
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fairly short order, but a frightening experience for the folks outside of the white house this afternoon. the suspect is expected in court tomorrow morning. garrett haake, wusa 9. new tonight, we know the name of a woman killed in the middle of broad daylight sunday afternoon. >> police recovered the vehicle used in the shooting earlier today, but the hunt is on for whoever pulled the trigger. ellison barber is live from police headquarters with the latest on this one. ellison? >> reporter: police say it was 39-year-old ivy smith from northeast dc, and her death is on the minds of so many people in the community where she lost her life, and we heard it first- hand at a monthly community meeting. >> we should be outraged. stop the shinanigans and the blaming. >> reporter: a small group, but one full of passion sat together in the auditorium of a local school, talking about the
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community. >> to come out of church on sunday at 2:00. >> i got four calls to come up because someone else has been killed. >> reporter: police say they responded to reports of gunfire a little after 1:00 p.m. on sunday, and when they arrived, officers found the two people shot, and another was injured by pieces of glass. ivy smith die at the hospital. someone drove by shooting out of a van. two others were treated for nonlife threatening injuries. smith's death is not the only one the neighborhood has seen. sharnese milton lot her life on the same block 10 months ago. most admit there's a problem. >> they can get a gun quicker than they can get a job. >> reporter: even in this room no one can find the perfect solution. >> can you can see, more police and more
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involved in anything until something happens. talk is cheap. we can talk all day, all night, but what about us getting some action done? where are these guns coming from? who is selling them to the young men? >> reporter: police are still investigating this shooting, and so far, they have not made any arrests. reporting live at police headquarters, i'm ellison barber, wusa 9. >> keep us posted, thank you. the suspects drove a man from mount largo church in maryland. if you have any information, give police a call. what a day to be outside. >> a lot of us were feeling like spring has sprung, and the week is only going to get better. >> we like that. right to chief meteorologist topper shutt. we could break the records this week. >> i think spring has sprung, lesli. the high
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tomorrow, and we are looking at 73 tomorrow, and the average high is 54. 79 on thursday, and the records, they are safe tomorrow and the record high is 85. we are not touching that. record high probably safe on wednesday, and that's 80. the record at national and dulles, that could be in jeopardy. the average high is only 54. as opposed to the cold start we had this morning, cool start tomorrow, and the temperatures in the 40s. 49 downtown, and 46 in silverspring, and 45 in fairfax, and 45 in sterling. we will come back and talk about when the showers reappear. download our app. it's free. you can get everything on our smart phone, radar, 3-degree guarantee, and the outlook. president obama approved the request for disaster help for the snowfall that came with 2 feet for the area. de
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available for emergency work and the repair facilities damaged by the storm. also in virginia, the state senate has approved a bill that would let the state execute death row inmates by electric chair when it cannot find the lethal injection drugs. now it goes before the house of representatives which has passed a similar year. states are having a tough time find the drugs because drug companies protest using their drugs for execution. tonight a law was signed to make fantasy sports a reality. the fantasy contact act was signed before the midnight deadline, but he did not request any of the amendments that advocates have been pushing for, and the bill requires three things, first the sites have to pay $50,000 initially, and they are going to have to ensure that the player funds ar
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from operating funds, and then they have to turn over annual audits from the state's department of agriculture and consumer services for review. questions have been raised about the careness of the games and whether the sites constitution gambling. virginia's law is the first in the country. metro's own general manager is offering a sombering review of the system. he said it's worse than he first thought. he outlined a plan to improve safety and reliability, and passengers tell us the improvements cannot come soon enough. >> ever since the incident last year when that woman lost her life, i felt a lot less comfortable riding the metro. >> constantly getting delayed, and it's just always having to wait, like 20
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red train. >> and wheatfield has launched a new website, and he ordered more visible police patrols, and he's working to reduce the number of breakdowns, and he vows to get metro's financial house in order. to prince george's county tonight where police arrested a man in a deadly stabbing, 23- year-old daniel leonard west. he confessed to killing his 23- year-old girlfriend. a second woman was injured in the attack, and it was overnight inside of an apartment in landover, and right now west is being held without bond. new tonight, it's official, the head of prince george's county schools say forestville high will close at the end of the year. parents and students have been working to save the school, but dr. maxwell sent parents a letter and said after weighing all points of view, he decided it's in the best interest of the school
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hill. forest hill students will transfer to suitland high. members of the pta plan to show up at the county council meeting tomorrow night to fight maxwell's decision. in montgomery county, residents are a big step closer to getting a new hospital. they broke ground on a hospital for the white oak area. it will have 170 beds, and it's scheduled to open in early 2019. legit says it will create 7900 jobs and put $800 million into the state economy for the construction alone. >> to fairfax county, the search is on for vandals who are fearless or stupid or both. they tagged a marked county cruiser saturday night while it was park. the fairfax county ce
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hear from anyone who can help them catch the vandals who did it. a look at who should stay and who should go when it comes to the presidential race. death by selfie. would you believe so many people are getting killed trying to get the perfect picture? one city banned the practice. it looks like sp
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quite a week ahead in campaign 2016. hillary clinton and bernie sanders taking part in a town hall tonight, broadcast on the fox news channel, and voters in michigan will head to the polls tomorrow, and there's also primaries and caucuses in three other states, and it is march madness, political style, well underway. >> reporter: democratic presidenal
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differentiate himself from hillary clinton at a town hall the in detroit. >> i voted against the war in iraq, and she voted for the war in iraq. she has a superpac that collected a lot of money from wall street. i have 5 million individual contributions averaging $27 a piece. >> reporter: hillary clinton answered questions about her use of a private e-mail server and said she wants all correspondents made public. >> release it, and once the american people see it they will see how absurd this is. >> reporter: they don't have to worry about a third person in the mix. michael bloomberg said monday he will not run for president as an independent because he says that could help donald trump or ted cruz get elected. >> unbelievable! >> trump spoke at a rally in madison, mississippi, another state holding a primary on tuesday. >> many mississippi we have had some amazing polls, way up, and i just want to -- i just want you to just
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tomorrow. [ cheers ] >> reporter: cruz made appearances in mississippi and michigan. >> thank you, guys. >> reporter: senator rubio campaigned in his home state of florida, where he is trying to pull off the come-from-behind win next tuesday. >> tonight donald trump is repeating his vow to work to boost christian political power if he's elected president as he makes his final pitch to the mississippi voters, and he says if christians could ban together, they would be the country's most potent lobby. it's a busy week ahead as the political version of march madness continues. tomorrow is another super tuesday. the republicans will face off for another debate on thursday this one hosted by cnn, the washington times, and the salem media group at the university of miami in florida, and then conventions are held in dc, wyoming, and
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held in the northern islands. download our wusa app for updates on news and weather whenever you need them. a word of warning. your next selfie could apparently be your last. our friends at cbs say you're more likely to die taking a selfie than from snoswimming w a shark. selfiie takers have died posing with guns, walking on a cliff, and of course, driving a car. it has gotten so dangerously out of hand, officials in spain have done something called the common sense law. they have banned selfies during the annual running of the bull. >> how can you do that? >> you know people do that. >> natural selection. just let them
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it. mumbai has outlawed selfies after many days. i'm guessing many were cobra- related. let's go live to dupont circle where mola is enjoying the night air. >> reporter: it will cool down behind me. the digital thermometer reading 55 degrees right there, and we saw mid-60s around dupont circle, leaving people feeling the spring weather. you know anything is still possible if you're familiar with the dc weather. >> reporter: jackets in this weather? who needs it. >> it's lovely weather. >> reporter: as the sun was setting over the district today, temperatures were still in the mid-60sin dupont circle. for some, good enough for shorts, t-shirt, or
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shirt on, it's spring to you. >> it's high time we get outside. >> reporter: it is high time to get outside and do the things that winter wouldn't allow. jump on a bike or take a jog, maybe find a seat on a patio somewhere. >> maybe the first day of spring? >> reporter: not officially for another 2 weeks, but it definitely felt like it, and some remain unconvinced, bundled up, bracing for a late winter blast. >> we had snow in april or march, and hopefully this is the end. >> reporter: the end of what many say was not too bad of a winter. >> i thought it was mild. >> good winter. >> yes! >> reporter: well, aside from when this happened. >> it has been worse, but thank good it's all over now. we can can get out. >> reporter: is it? >> i hope so. i hope so! >> reporter: i hope spring is eternal. the first official day of spring is march 21st, so we have about 2 weeks but as we knwh
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that certainly will not mean we are in the clear, but we can all continue to hope. adam? lesli? >> mola, thank you. it's gorgeous out there, and then we hear historically there's snowstorms in march. >> we do. >> can we just strike that? >> yeah, we can strike that. the benchmark is usually the 15th of march, but i don't see anything from here to the 15th. >> that's a shame. >> spring officially arrives by the way about 2 weeks for now, just after midnight. >> we will just call this spring. >> we can do that. the 3-degree guarantee. i was worried about this because the car was reading 67, 68 today, and we went 63 for the high, and whooo we made it. 66 at national and dulles. we will go for 73 tomorrow, and a live look outside the weather camera shows 51 downtown, and to put that in prospective, the average daytime high is
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54, and things are topsyturvy. 42 to 56. wednesday, thursday, and now i think dry through friday afternoon. we will pay the piper with some weekend showers, and just a bit cooler over the weekend, but nothing crazy. we will not snap back to arctic air or anything. a few clouds, and temperature in the 40s, not bad. 45 in alden, and 46 for gaithersburg, and 49 downtown, and 47 in laplatta, and now there will be clouds by mid- rning. a few clouds are rolling through, and still 56 in sterling, and still look, warm to the west. 52 in cumberland, and clouds thin out. by lunchtime, fantastic, just fantastic. 71 in manassas, and 70 downtown, knocking on the door of
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clarksburg, and frederick. tomorrow evening, 5:30, 6:00, it's still around 70. 70 for leesburg, and 71 in fredericksburg, and pretty much clear. 24 hours from now, really mild. more like mid-may. temperatures upper 50s at 10:00 tomorrow night. 55 in fairfax, and pretty nice. on the day planner, downtown temperatures. temperatures in the upper 40s briefly, and just a few clouds early, and then 66 at 11:00, and 70, 70 by 1:00 p.m., and wednesday, it's my pick of the week, and thursday is not going to be too shabby. 76, gorgeous, and 79, near record warmth and a lot of sun. next 7 days, we will bring clouds in late friday, and we will keep it dry. 60s over the weekend, and a couple of showers and thunderstorms. 60s with clouds. >> still time to work
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well, we knew it was coming, but hard to believe, but the redskins are cutting loose rgiii. griffin will certainly latch on to another team, but i think he could start next season. the talent level is big in the nfl, but it was a roller coaster ride, leading the team to the playoffs rookie year and then an injury and an injury did him in. >> 2012 happened. it was all real stuff. he had a historic significant season by any stretch of the imagination. in the history of the league, a lot has happened since then, but the kid humbled himself to no issues last year, and he
11:26 pm
basically let the redskins redshirt him, and he didn't push back or have any social media faux pas. >> is he long-term? he's not a strapping big guy, will that limit his earning potential? >> maybe. certainly the best of luck to rgiii. i'm telling you, i think he has good days ahead of him, best wishes to you. 2006, 10 years since george mason basketball made the amazing run to the final 4, and it kick started the mid-majors with the threat in the ncaa tournament, and we go full circle now. look who is back in town. the coach of miami returning to none other than george mason to prepare for the ncaa tournament. he said in '06
11:27 pm
the team was special. >> you know, some people said we wouldn't get invited, but rpi was 26, and that's so good that i was very, very confident that despite the fact that we lost in the ca tournament semifinals that we would still get an at large bid to the ncaa for the first time in 20 years in the caa. unbelievable run, and we have got a big run on sunday for you, and game on at 11:30 a.m., and big 10 conference final at 3, and then the selection show sunday at 5:30, all right here on wusa 9. >> when maryland runs the table with the big 10 tournament, they could go with a 2 or a 3. >> i would think
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are you ready? >> no. >> you can't get enough of the 7-day can you? >> we can't. >> 70s, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, and friday. maybe a record high on friday. and then some showers on saturday and sunday. not a washout weekend. back in the 60s with a few clouds next monday. >> tournament weekend. i need to do something about that. >> we have time. it won't be a washout. they will play in the rain. >> that's our time for tonight. hope you had a good one. we will see you back here tomorrow.
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it's time to get out and explore. look beyond the expected. hidden among the trees. there's a special place. where getting away... brings us so much closer. spring into fun and save $50 with an all-inclusive ticket. busch gardens williamsburg.
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( band playing intro music ) ( band playing "late show" theme ) ♪ (cheers and applause) >> stephen colbert, everybody! ♪ (cheers and applause) >> stephen: hey, everybody! nice to see you! (cheers and applause) welcome to "the late show." thank you so much! (cheers and applause)


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