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tv   wusa 9 News at 5am  CBS  March 10, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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morning. it's comfortable and warm. 63 for waters. 65 annapolis. 63 winchester. we will have changes. this will be the warmest day before the weekend. we have a cold front heading our way. that will bring showers, not until tomorrow. we will time those out for you coming up. in the meantime, southeasterly winds which will be breezy today. a few high clouds. temperatures are heading to near 80 degrees. much of the day will be spent in the 70s. larry miller, good morning, over to you. >> good morning, allyson rae. speaking of convertible, i don't think i have been in one. i need to get my life together. all right. around the beltway, doing well. southbound on i-270 from areas like frederick, working into bethesda, you are good to go. 95 both on the maryland as well as virginia side off to a great start. traveling south of the beltway in the maryland towns, brandywine, camp springs, upper marlboro you are good to go. no
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bridge. a live look on 95 at 216 in maryland, you can see traffic is fairly light in both directions northbound and southbound. and, again, we are off to an issue free start. the next time weather and traffic returns on the 9s, the first look at how it's shaping up on metro. breaking news overnight. police near pittsburgh are searching for two gunmen that opened fire on a backyard party. five people are dead. three others wounded and police in wilkensburg are calling this an ambush style attack. people were scrambling to get back in the house when the bullets started firing. we have breaking news out of southeast washington. the search is on for suspects in two shootings that happened just a few hours apart. three men have been wounded. the first shooting happened on benny road near c street before 1:00 a.m. the two men shot are expected to survive. the second shooting happened about an hour later near fourth and atlantic streets. the victim, a man, is expected to survive. we are foll
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news out of northeast where investigators are looking for at least two suspects in a stabbing. this happened a little before 4:00 this morning near the intersection of benny road and central avenue. that is next to the benny road metro station. the man stabbed was on his way to the hospital and at last check the suspects are still at large. we are hearing about push back this morning against the plan for a place for d.c.'s homeless. all this while another homeless camp is set to be shut down tonight. nikki burdine is live from where many homeless people sleep. >> good morning, guys. union station is a couple of blocks away from tent city, just right down the hill over there. that will be shut down tonight. the homeless will be moved out. it will be cleaned up. this while mayor bowser's new plan for the homeless is causing controversy. reporter: this is one of the proposed sites for a short term family shelter in ward
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in a commercial air near bladensburg road in northeast. it is set to open in two years. critics say there are no homes for a ten block radius. >> it is boarded by a metro bus facility, train tracks, a cement mixing facility, next tonight clubs and strip clubs, there is no grocery stores, no transportation options. >> reporter: a community association identified 15 other possible sites but the mayor's office says the time to look for the sites has passed. the next public hearing is set for march 17th. at union station, nikki burdine, wusa 9. two d.c. school resource officers are being hailed heros after saving four people and a dog from a house fire. the officers were helping children get home from school safely when the fire broke out down the street on minnesota avenue in southeast. residence began flagging them down. they jumped in their cars and sped toe
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one of the people rescued has critical injuries. lights, siren and a crash. van taking people to medical appointments slammed into a fire engine heading to a gas leak. it happened on maryland avenue in northeast d.c. three people in the van were injured. four firefighters were hurt but all are expected to survive. the fire engine had the lights flashing and the siren cranked up at the time. police ticketed the driver of the van for failing to yield to the fire truck. in fairfax county, a crash involving a truck and a greyhound bus is under investigation this morning. 12 people were hurt, most passengers on the greyhound. it happened on route 123 in lorton. police say the initial investigation shows the greyhound rear ended the pick up. the man wanted for shooting a pastor in idaho had no trouble getting on a plane and flying here to washington, d.c. kyat's the latest in a case of
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white house tuesday night accused of trying to breach security there. police say a manifesto odom through over the fence contends that martians ruled the earth. this morning he is being held without bond. happening today, canadian prime minister justin trudeau visits the white house as part of his first official trip to washington as prime minister. we have more looking ahead to the visit. >> reporter: this is a special occasion. to give you perspective, the state dinner is the first for a canadian leader in 19 years. it is the highlight of a historic visit from prime minister trudeau. reporter: justin throw detouched -- trudeau touched down wednesday with his wife and three children. his first stop thursday will be the white house where he and president obama are expected to
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beyond the border, the 2011 agreement between the u.s. and canada to work together to keep the border safe and secure by promoting trade and travel. part of the plan includes a preclearance where travelers will be screened far way from the border. as you can see behind me, it's quiet outside the embassy. it's a power packed day with a tight agenda for the prime minister to go over the itinerary. the oval office is the first stop. then a luncheon hosted by john kerry. then capped off with the state dinner. a special day for the canadian prime minister. nick giovanni, wusa 9. she may be leading in the polls and delegate counts but bernie sanders may have won the debate last night. >> at least according to twitter. what you thought about the show down. i am
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nine out of nine, another good one. spring-like temperatures. record warmth once again. we are heading to near 80 but not for long. enjoy it while it lasts. changes before the weekend.
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welcome back. take a look at the debris strewn across this baseball field in fort worth, texas. all fields were damaged by the strong winds ten days before opening day for the pioneer youth baseball games. each one of the light poles will cost $3,500 to replace. the goal is to raise enough money to make the repairs in time for opening day. . good morning, another warm day. martinsburg 76. baltimore 77. we are looking at a day for the record books. the difference between today and yesterday, a
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clouds. they should be high clouds, still pleasant. we will see the winds a little breezy from time to time out of the southwest. but that will keep it mild tonight and rain is on the way. a couple of showers for your friday morning commute. we will talk about that in a bit. larry miller, good morning. >> good morning, allyson rae. good morning to you at home. in fast 5 we do well around town. the beltway, 95, 56, 60 as well as 295 off to a great start. on metro, everything is on schedule. no issues on the trains or buses this morning. a live look to show you how it is shaping up on 95 prince william parkway, in virginia. you can see how it's shaping up on the northbound and southbound side working into town you won't have any issues this morning. traffic moving freely in both directions. so, off to a good start there. the next time we see you back on the 9s, the first look at how it's shaping up
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vre and drive times around the metro. what can be better than a cold glass of vino while you shop. >> it could be a reality t bu rules you need to know coming up.
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my goodness. call in sick today. in northwest d.c., already 61 and it's 5:14 in the morning. new this morning, would you like a nice chardonnay to wash down the vine ripened tomatoes. >> yes. >> they can sell their stuff at farmer's markets in the district. this doesn't mean it will turn into a booze fest. it must be for sealed bottles consumed off premises. but vendors can offer small samples, little tastings to the
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responsibly. >> two baltimore city police officers are out on bond charged in connection with cell phone video showing them slapping and kicking a teenager while the other one stood there. spence is facing a felony charge, second-degree felony abuse. both are charged with misdemeanor felony assault and misconduct in office. prince george county state attorney will testify in support of a bill that would legally define strangulation. it would classify a first- degree assault punishable by 25 years in prison. guidelines would be provided for how strangulation cases should be investigated. an aide with jeb bush's failed bid for the g.o.p. nomination said he is meeting privately with the remaining g.o.p. candidates except for front- runner donald trump. bush plans to meet with texas senator ted cruz and ohio governor john kasich today. he met
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wednesday. bush and trump engaged in heated confrontations throughout pushes campaign. a number of g.o.p. elites have spoken out against trumps unorthodox candidacy saying he does not represent a suitable representation of the party. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders took part in a democratic debate in miami. >> clinton attacking sanders for voting against the 2008 auto bailout. >> sanders defended himself then turned the tables attacking clinton on immigration. >> i don't think the secretary fully answered your question. i will not deport children from the united states of america. >> after facing a big upset to sanders in michigan, polls show clinton far ahead of the vermont senator in both ohio and florida. >> that was the case in michigan, too. >> no mp
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pollsters decide. good morning. welcome back. >> thank you. i feel rejuvenated even though my voice doesn't. >> what happened to your voice. >> when you are around 20 of your best friends for a few days you talk, talk, talk a lot more than you are used to. not a bad forecast to come back to at all. it will be gorgeous today. lots of sunshine. a few high clouds, near 80 degrees. the weekend will be cooler but still above average. let's take a look at your current conditions. 57 degrees. a few clouds will roll in. some high clouds. a pleasant day. we are above the average highs for this time of year. we will stay that way for the next seven days. a mild start. you don't need the jacket. record warmth for another day. now, a front arrives tonight, brings showers for first thing tomorrow morning. the rest of the day will be nice. we will be cooler for the weekend. temperatures in the 60s. that's not bad at
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a better chance of rain on monday. that will be more substantial. tomorrow is kind of nuisance rain hanging around. take a look at the futurecast. we will time out the front heading your way today. fair-weather clouds. and for your thursday, breezy from time to time. 6:30, no problems on the way home. showers holding on through the ohio valley and up through pennsylvania. tomorrow morning, between 4:00 a.m., really any time after midnight through about daybreak, that is when we will see the spotty showers come through. temperatures will stay in the 60s tomorrow. a break from the 80s but it will be nice. saturday mostly cloudy skies. in the 60s, maybe a stray shower 1 or 2. by sunday, showers late in the night and into monday as another front heads our way. so, 88 today. gorgeous. tomorrow morning, morning showers, 67 degrees. afternoon sunshine. by saturday, 66 degrees and we
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stay near 70 on sunday after we change the clocks and by wednesday, we are back to the 70s as well. >> good morning. friends, i want to let you know marc train riders on schedule, no issues vre. doing well on 50 as well as the beltway for our friends in prince george from cherry wood down to the inner loop. a 15-minute commute. volume light on 95 on the virginia side. also the maryland side as well from dale boulevard up to the springfield interchange, 14 management commute. eastbound on i -- 14 minute commute. eastbound on i-66, 23 minute commute. traveling southbound on i-270 from gather man town road to the beltway and bethesda 16 minute commute as well. a live look outside. this is 295 working your way to the 11th street bridge. volume light on the southbound side. you won't find
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into town. montgomery county taxpayers, the purple line may be on its way but it will cost you. the state wants montgomery county to pony up another $14 million for the purple line because the he is 345eu9d cost has doubled -- estimated cost has doubled. could you do without it? consider this, noel virginia tors means passengers would have to walk several blocks out in the weather from one rail line to the other. mike and andrea. his bug shot went viral two years ago. >> jeremy meeks is back in the news and his future seems bright. what lives ahead for this bad boy heartthrob.
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so despite retailers struggling with slumping sales, zaara is getting bigger. they record the highest sales growth in years by sales climbing 15%. the company opened an additional 330 stores worldwide last year and a spokesperson says they plan to expand to more stores and focus more in online retaking, too. out of 8670 noise complaints at reagan national airport that they received last year, officials say 6500 of
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person. "the washington post" reports an unidentified d.c. resident was responsible for about three quarters of last year's noise complaints, the equivalent of one person making about 18 calls every day for a year. the man who became known as the hot felon is back in the news. you may remember this picture from 2014 of jeremy meeks. he was arrested on felony weapons charges. his mugshot went viral after the internet decided he looked like a model. he is out of prison and has an agent. modeling and acting for the married father of three are all on the table. >> in america. start over. >> take a good mugshot. look what it can get you. >> smile in your mugshot. he wasn't smiling. smiling with the
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we are looking at a mild start. look at the temperatures. we are above average. average highs this time of year in the mid-50s. cooler for frederick at 50. heading to near 80. enjoy it. changes before the weekend arrives. those details coming up. let's send it to larry. >> in brandywine, doing well on 301, route 4, route 5 off to a great start this morning. things are quiet on 210. no issues northbound making your way to the capital beltway. a live look on randolph road, quiet this morning with no issues on the roads.
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a local university student will face a judge on charges of assaulting a police officer. >> an alexandria family is searching for their missing daughter. they could use your help. >> we don't know names and addresses. the search for the owner of a priceless piece of jewelry goes viral on social media. welcome to wusa 9. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. what a gorgeous day we have. let's check in with weather and traffic. >> larry miller says a terrific start to your thursday and allyson rae says the same in weather. >> absolutely. a lot warmer this morning. you don't
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all today. it is so mild out here. 60 for reston. 54 damascus. to the south we are in the 60s. we have changes heading our way for the weekend but ahead of a front we get the southwesterly winds, heading back to near record highs. highs near 80 for the district. upper 70s for winchester. o for culpeper to orange. record high is 78 degrees, forecasted to break a record. we will talk about 60s and the chance for rain. i will go through the futurecast coming up. first a check on traffic with larry. good morning. >> good morning, allyson. metro riders, we are doing well with no issues on the rails or buses. so, we are off to a great start. around the beltway, quiet on the inner and outer loop. traffic is starting to kick up but no issues that will slow you down this morning making your way to school
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this morning. how it is on i-66, east of route 123, the volume on the eastbound side is starting to get significant. again, you won't find issues making it into rosslyn this morning and over the key bridge. back to the maps, i want to show you how things are shaping up in the other areas. 95 on the virginia side traveling from areas like fredricksburg and stafford working here you won't find issues. traffic is doing well. weather and traffic returns on the 9s. next time drive times around the metro. mayor bowser's plan for the city's homeless is upsetting people in ward 5. >> a tent city where many call home is shutting down. nikki burdine is live at union station to explain. it's not far from where she stands. >> reporter: tent city is a couple of blocks away from where we are right now at union station. we drove by this morning. the people that live there were all asleep. their homeless
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shutting down tonight. many homeless advocates are upset about that but also about mayor bowser's new plans for the homeless. 123469 this advertise the spot where the may imlor plans to temporarily house families. many are not pleased with the location. they say the proposed site is in a commercial area and no homes for a 10 block radius. a community association identified 15 sites and sent them to a letter to bowser but a spokesperson says the time to look for a new site passed. >> i don't think that is the type of environment that you want to expose young children to. >> reporter: tent city, a popular place for the d.c. homeless to sleep is set to close tonight. the homeless will be moved out and it will be cleaned up. health and human services workers with the city have been going through tent city talking to the people that live there, telling them it will shut down and asking if they need help
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many say they don't want help. nikki burdine, wusa 9. a virginia man whose 5-year- old son was found dead in aseptic tank will spend a year and three months in jail. paul thomas was convicted of child abuse and neglect yesterday. noah thomas disappeared before being left home alone with his infant sister last march. his body was found in aseptic tank near his home. noah's mother was convicted last month. she will be sentenced in may. the family of a missing 16- year-old girl from alexandria insist she is not a typical run away. they are particularly concerned about the disappearance of emma vlodyka. she has a long history of mental health issues. she has been missing since february 24th. the longer children are missing and on their own the higher th
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myzation. this evening the woodbridge community will hold an education forum on violence against women. this comes in the wake of several shootings including three police officers shot during a domestic violence call. the event 5 to 7:00 p.m. today marks an emerging, special relationship between the united states and canada. that is "usa today" headline for justin trudeau's visit. >> nick giovanni is previewing the visit. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning. we have seen a warm welcome for the prime minister and his family when the moment they stepped off the plane yesterday. now trudeau gets down to business with president obama. reporter: 9 stage is set and so are the tables for the state dinner, the first for a canadian leader in nearly two decades. e
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anticipation of spring. >> we are serving baby lamb chops from a small farm in colorado. >> reporter: canadian prime minister's visit put the spotlight on his son when the family of five arrived at joint base andrews. the 2-year-old captivated the crowd handing out high 5s. the prime minister turns his attention to the white house tweeting last night he looks forward to meeting with president obama and strengthening ties between the two countries. one way of strengthening the ties is addressing the border between the u.s. and canada. we will talk about how they plan to address that. some veterans are on an unusual mission. they are trying to find the owner of a ring. it was found
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county last month. the engraving means it belongs to someone that graduated in 2013. >> a facebook post about the ring has spread like wildfire. at last check it was shared nearly 1 million times from as close as north carolina to as far away as germany. a baltimore police officer became concerned about the safety of a homeless man. >> not everything is as it seems. a story to bright even your morning. >> we are calling for a nine out of nine. that's not too bad at all. feeling like may or early june. record warmth. how high will we go on the scale? and big changes for the weekend.
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it's mild to start the thursday. you don't need the heavier coat. i don't have a coat on this morning. temperatures are heading to near 80. record highs at d.c. 78. 78 dulles. 76 martinburg. we are in the territory for sure. changes are coming. enjoy today if you are a warm weather fan. temperatures will fall off a little bit. after the front comes through, we are talking 60s. still above average. we will see a few showers tomorrow morning with the front coming through. and we will show that to you on the futurecast get a better idea of what to expect, how much rain you are talking and how much
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drive? volume on fast 5 but not slowing you down yet. volume moving along the beltway there, on the inner and outer loop. traffic is flowing. no major issues. slow on 66 traveling inbound toward rosslyn. moderate conditions on 95 on the virginia side and moving along on 50 and 295. to the maps, how things are shaping up on the bridges here. 14th street bridge, roosevelt key bridge and 11th street bridge are clear. traffic is flowing freely over all of those bridges. a live look to show you i-270 for our friends in frederick working down to the capitol beltway in bethesda, fairly good commute at this point. you will see a little volume further north and along areas like clarksburg and parts of frederick and i think urbana as well seeing traffic. on the whole we are doing well as you head out the door this morning. we are
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there. back to the maps, if you are traveling on 395 coming up from the beltway working up toward the 14th street bridge, you will see some volume, primarily close to seminary road on the northbound and southbound side. heavier than usual associated with additional volume. traveling on that stretch, give yourself five extra minutes. that will do you just fine. over to you. this was a big deal for the medical community. more importantly, it meant a brighter future for one woman. >> unfortunate update on the first uterine transplant coming up.
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everybody two years the president gets a physical. i guess the vice president asks for it to make sure he is still alive. president obama had a physical. we found out this morning from
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absolutely true, in the past two years, president obama has grown half an inch. he is 54 years old. that is very late for puberty to kick in. i'm not sure if that is a change i can believe in. >> funny how they discus discussed it with mr. kelly in outer space. >> apparently the weight of the job is not so heavy. >> especially as he is heading out. thursday. what a gorgeous day we have coming your way. a live look at reagan national airport. 57 in northwest washington u. we are heading to the 80-degree mark. allyson has the rest of the forecast and a little bit of a cool down in the next few days as well. flint will stop sending water bills to residents until april so the city can account for $30 million in aid from the state of michigan. recent bills have caused frustration and
5:46 am
anger among the residents. lawmakers are sending $30 million to flint to pay for 65% of the water bills. the residents are using bottled water or filtered water because corrosive tap water from the flint river allowed lead to leach in from old plumbing. a federal appeals court decided hold a new hearing on whether the texas voter id law discriminates against minorities. a judge ruled in august that it does. an order issued yesterday says a majority of the full court voted to hear the case again. a new hearing date hasn't been set though. it will be weeks before we have an official answer but law enforcement says the knife found at o.j. simpson estate is likely not connected to the killings of his wife. investigators say the knife is common among gardeners and too small to make the wounds that killed
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ronald goldman. an american university student charged with assaulting a police officer is facing a judge today. jamison timon is accused of hitting a police officer so hard that he needed stitches after an underage drinking party. police say he became angry after being told to leave the party. that happened in january in bethesda. the 22-year-old that leases a house there has been charged with 110 counts of providing alcohol to minors. the knights of columbus will release a report about the state of terror toward christians in the middle east today. the reports comes days after the white house stopped short of declaring the persecution of christians at the hands of isis as genocide. a house committee passed a resolution declaring it a genocide. a report about the subject is due out march 17th. in cleveland, the clinic says the nation's first ut
5:48 am
a news conference monday but she experienced a sudden complication and doctors surgically removed the organ on tuesday. children that are the youngest in their grade are more likely to be diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactive disorder than the oldest. researchers in taiwan found that is in preschool or elementary school-age children not older youngsters. doctors say the age and maturity of the child should be considered when making a diagnosis. the best defense is a good offense. that's the theme of today's hiv aids awareness walk in southwest. they are hosting the event to mark national women's and girls hiv day. it starts at 11:45 a.m. meet at the silver theater on the national mall. mcdonald's all day breakfast may be getting bigger. they are suffering everything
5:49 am
the entire -- serving the entire breakfast menu at certain locations. the limited all damon knew that launched in october has nine items. that helped boost the sales. the biggest customer complaint is the menu is too limited. no word if they will expand nationwide. could use some breakfast now. >> i crave the cheeseburgers. the when we head to work at 2:00 in the morning, it's not breakfast. >> no such thing as breakfast food. we don't know what time it is. >> go for it. let's talk about how nice it will be again today. >> do breakfast outdoors. >> absolutely. lunch el fresco. near 80 this afternoon. changes for the weekend. let's take a look at how we are starting off, 57 with a few clouds. not bad at all. we are going to see a lot of shine today nixed in with
5:50 am
clouds. a little more clouds than yesterday. breezier than yesterday. all in all still great. a mild start. you don't need the jackets. we are above average with the current temperatures in the 50s and 60s. record warmth. we have a front heading our way that will increase the clouds after the sunsets and bring a few showers first thing friday morning. now, we are going to see temperatures cool off after the showers arrive but we are looking at temperatures above average, 60s this weekend. that's not bad at all. lots of dry weather until monday when we have a chance for rain, a more substantial chance for rain monday, even a thunderstorm can be possible. so, as the front heads our way, we will stay dry. we get the help of the southwesterly winds ahead of the front boosting our temperatures right back to near 80. upper 70s, lower 80s give or take. a lot of people are breaking records again today. so s here is the front for tonight, 6:30. drive home is dry. no problems. co
5:51 am
the north and west. after midnight, some of the showers approach the maryland panhandle. by 5:00 in the morning, spotty showers. the haven't issued the yellow alert yet. i think it will be rather light. monday, different story. i think we will run into heavier rain, a thunderstorm is possible. it's out of here fast. by lunchtime, 12:00 friday we are dry. 60s on friday which will feel cooler than the 80 we have been the past couple of days. that will be rather nice. for saturday, a few more clouds head your way. maybe one or two showers possible on saturday. but the better chance will be late sunday night and into monday. don't forget to set the clocks forward this weekend. 80 degrees today. 67 friday. 66 saturday. we will stay in the 60s for sunday with a shower possible late in the day. 65, cool with showers hanging around monday morning and afternoon. but we are ba
5:52 am
wednesday. not too bad at all. larry miller is lining up the flip-flops. i went to the store and i bought an array of them. i bought like six pairs. >> you have to wait until they go on sale. >> i believe in pedicures. i got one. like six guys together getting it, loving it. marc train riders, 407 has been canceled because of unresolved mechanical issues. a reminder heading out the door, 407 is canceled. check with vre for alternate -- marc for alternates. vre is on schedule. volume picking up especially on the beltway from annapolis to st. barnabas a 17 minute commute. the bulk of the volume on the virginia side really occurring
5:53 am
dumb identifies to the capital beltway a 21 minute commute. on 95, this is route 7100, you can see the northbound traffic is starting to pick up as you work your way to the springfield interchange. no accidents or incidents. the volume will be an issue as we get closer to the 6:30 half hour. inbound or eastbound on i-66 from sully road to l street a 25 minute commute this morning. the bulk of the volume on i-270 in clarksburg and urbana. back to you. can you sing in if you think you have the pipes, head to francis scott key mall and try to sing the national anthem for a baseball game. all ages are welcome. you must register before you come at frederick keys not com. will you do it again? >> no,
5:54 am
a lot of stories go viral but this shows how a small act of kindness can give other people hope. this is out of baltimore, a nice place to have a nice story. this young teenage boy is kneeling down praying for this homeless man. the picture was taken by eric gains, a police officer. he wasn't able to get the young man's name. he hopes to find out who he is. the picture has gone viral. gains hopes the young man has seen the facebook page and realized how many people it has touched. >> beautiful photo. if you have a daughter in girl scouts you know how competitive it is selling girl scout cookies. sometimes the competition calls for creativity. one troop in new york is using leonardo dicaprio to reel in customers. they put up a sign saying good fortune will come to those who
5:55 am
like how dicaprio won his first oscar when he bought cookies from chris rock's daughter selling girl scout cookies. good morning. instead of chasing zack he have fran down to get a snap chat video, he drops the iphone, shatters it. zac efron found out about it and bought him a new one. so, that could be a fun fact if you are trying to find celebrities today when the canada state dinner happens, smash your phone. i will feel back for you. >> it could go the other way. >> and he got the interview. thanks, tommy. we are following several breaking news stories this morning. >> coming up at 6:00 the
5:56 am
on a mass shooting out of pittsburgh. five people are dead. >> it's been a violent night in our area. the latest on two shootings that left three people wounded in the span of an hour.
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good morning. happy thursday. off
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it will be great. temperatures already above average. record territory once again. a lot of those records are in jeopardy. temperatures are in the 60s and upper 50s. i don't think you need a jacket today. changes for the weekend. this front will arrive late tonight and into tomorrow. gorgeous sunrise. you can check my twitter feed for the gorgeous photo. we top out near 80. a few more clouds and breezy. we are doing well this morning. we have volume starting to kick up at this point, especially on 295 as you work your way toward malcolm x. volume southbound
6:00 am
sky 9 showing us how it's shaping up in college park on 95. still doing well with no accidents or incidents. you can tell from the volume that it's going to be a busy morning. weather and traffic returns on the 9s. the news starts now. >> 80 and sunny, not a bad start for your thursday. good morning, i'm mike hydeck. >> i'm andrea roane. the trudeaus touchdown in washington for the first canadian state visit in nearly two decades. from partying through the weekend to the state dinner with the bams, a business -- obamas, a busy couple of days. >> violent night in south d.c. three shootings in the span of an hour. >> what took place is not consistent with our training, rules and regulations and policies that we have in place.


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