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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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together the complex gun fight, investigating the possibility that the officer who died responding to the battle was hit by friendly fire. the wounded shooter and two brothers now in custody, the brothers suspected of videoing the attack. the headquarters draped in black and the same with the patrol cars. >> thank god i went to church that day or my kids would have witness today. >> reporter: 3 have three suspects, the final brother taken into custody today. the two brothers apparently taking video of the entire incident. while officers here have to continue through the grief to investigate how it was that a colleague shot the officer who
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colson. reporting live from prince george's county headquarters, part of the complex that was attacked, scott broom, wusa 9. >> scott, what did police suspect or know what the officer was hit by friendly fire? >> reporter: i think fairly early on they were able to piece together exactly what happened. now, last night, they described this as an ambush attack but were careful how they phrased it, an ambush attack on the station, and it was described that officer colson died during a gun battle. it's clear from the witness account that you just heard, 40, 50 shots unfolded over a 10- minute time frame and still cars in the streets or. a police car still damaged yesterday is sitting here. it was clearly chaotic and the young officer was in plainclothes responding to
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location and perhaps was confused as one of the shooter as he ran towards the scene. >> oh, another awful development in an awful story. investigators tell wusa 9 that michael for -- -- ford was distraught over a domestic situation and that may have played a part of while his brother videoed on his cell phone. report lesli, the alleged shooter's pastor said that he knew michael ford was struggling but that he is shocked he could do something like this and had no idea why the other two brothers, elijah and malik ford, may have been involved and why
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have rolled on the whole thing with their cell phone. >> i don't know. i'm baffled. >> reporter: the pastor outside the home of the mother of the alleged shooter, straiping to deal with this. >> he said he was struggling to deal with stuff, lifestyle, he was out of a job. >> reporter: he said that michael ford's mother suffered a heart attack when police arrived at her door and said her sons were involved in a shootout with police. michael was injured but is expected to survive. his aunt came to the hospital and police would not answer her questions. >> we want to know why this happened. who caused this?
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know, but police was looking into the possibility that ford was distraught after a fight with his wife or girlfriend. >> we are praying for him and his family and most of all for the officer's family. >> reporter: police have video, that video of the shootout actually taking place and we are still waiting to find out exactly what it shows. live at prince george's county police headquarters, wusa 9. >> there was no talk of the brothers trying to talk the brother out of doing this, was there? >> reporter: no. that's the thing that is so mystifying. you can understand one brother doing something crazy, and there was talk that michael ford might have have been suffering from a mental i'llness. but the real
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were their two others and why were they shooting? >> incredible that they didn't try and intervene or get help. all sorts of answers in the moments to come. thank you so much, bruce, and we are learning more about the life and legacy of officer colson. >> stephanie, what are neighbors saying tonight? >> reporter: neighbors are devastated. she will never pass officer jacai colson in the hallway again. he lives across from her in the apartment complex. the officer was the second generation police officer. he had a reputation as a cop's cop. the 28-year-old was a 4-year veteran of the prince george's
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officer and his neighbors remember his kind heart. >> i was moving a lot of things from my car and he helped me move it upstairs and always said, hey. >> he always said good morning and good night, miss. and he was always kind and polite. >> reporter: before moving here, officer colson grew up in pennsylvania and attended randolph macon college in virginia, graduating in 2009, a defensive back on the cleaning's football team during his freshman year and would have celebrated his 29th birthday this thursday. >> i think he was selfless. >> to than he is not going to be there anymore, it's on
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mind. it will be difficult. >> reporter: neighbors remember his infectious smile and that he had a good sense of humor. he will be missed. >> thank you for that. and long before the officer donned a badge, his high school football coach knew him to be a budding leader. he was a starting sophomore quarterback who earned the respect of the upper classmen and years later, they met again for another life-changing moment. >> a thanksgiving game, and it was like, are you ready? and his father was so proud. he would do something where people would follow, and that makes it more tragic. i am thinking every day like football, he loved what he did. >> jacai colson would have turned 29
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again, we'll bring you the news conference as soon as it starts, and you can look for updates when we get them on our wusa 9news app. maryland state police are investigating a fatal pedestrian crash involving a charles county sheriffs department. the 41-year-old was behind the wheel of a chevy silverado that struck a person in mechanicsville. the victim died on the scene. we don't know that person's game but the officer was off- duty at the time of the accident. possible relatives of an isis defector attacked a wusa 9 journalist and others in the kings county area. >> he is not my son. i am not talking to nobody. leave the area. leave the area. >> this is public property. >> you have
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leave the area. >> yes, it is. >> this is not public. >> the two men were identify themselves as a father and son. the father said he has another son but did not know where he was and his son was not the same as the one who defected in isis. fairfax county confirms that a mawith the same name as the man who defected with graduate from the school in 2007. just a gray and drizzly day throughout, and topper shutt has the latest. topper, we have to get used to this for tonight and tomorrow? those are the critical times, but wednesday will be the pick of the week. a couple of showers are lifting north of baltimore but back to the west we have showers and
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and west virginia, some of them working in overnight and in the pre-dawn hours of tuesday. in terms of the futurecast, 2:00 in the morning, the showers are getting close to the area south of fredericksburg. 50 downtown and upper 40s in the suburbs. and at 6:00 a.m., a lot of showers across much of the metro, and nothing crazy heavy and there will be wet roads as we go to work. 47 in silver spring and bowie and fairfax at 6:00 and 8:00, the showers beginning to end at culpeper and leesburg and a chilly start and a couple of showers across 95 or eastward across prince george's county, and temperatures will be around 50, and then sun returns tomorrow afternoon. and we'll come back and tell you why we think wednesday is the best day of the week and also tell you not to get used to any temperatures. we have a crazy week in terms of temps. >> we'll ho
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expect more delays on the way home tonight. a fire in the tunnel outside mcpherson square forced the blue, orange, and silver lines to single tracks all morning long and left delays for the commuter who -- commuters who use the line. we spoke with frustrated riders. >> it was a complete mess. it was wall to wall people. >> as soon as i heard this, all right, well, get up earlier today. >> the single tracking will continue through the evening commute. at 9:00 tonight, the service will be suspended between foggy bottom and federal triangle so workers can repair the damaged cables. turning to campaign 2016, the most critical votes thus far with the candidates hitting the campaign trail hard ahead of tomorrow
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florida, and elsewhere, and it could be the end of the road for senator marco rubio if he doesn't win home state of florida and ted cruz talking about what it would take to reject donald trump if trump wins. >> if he were to go out and shoot somebody on 5th avenue, i would not be willing to support donald trump. >> we're going to do what needs to be done. >> three of the primaries could make trump unstoppable. he is in a neck and neck race in john kasich's home state of ohio. we will have a live report at 6:00. and coming up at 5:30, we'll hear from a northern virginia trump supporter who had her home vandalized. is there a political connection in. >> and a guilty verdict for the former university of maryland to -- football player te
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we are awaiting a press conference from prince george's county after a gun battle took the life of police officer jacai colson. it was revealed that he was killed by friendly fire. this should start any moment, and we'll bring it to you as soon as it starts. a dramatic video shows the moment a wall of a townhouse collapses on 8 firefighters. one firefighter was just released from the hospital and several regulars are still recovering. >> jan jeffcoat
5:16 pm
jan? >> reporter: bruce and lesli, thankfully, they are all okay, but it's even worse from what we hear from the witnesses who were there. the fire on churubusco started blasting firefighters. thick smoke started shooting out before a wall collapsed, trapping them. >> it freaked me out. freaked everybody out. unbelievable. >> i was out in front when it seems like the back of the house collapsed and unfortunately, throwing a few firefighters down to the ground. >> it started pulling them out. i know they were hurt. they were taken away. >> reporter: all 16 residents could do was watch in horror with their homes damaged or destroyed and now a rescue operation to save eight firefighters. >> never seen anything
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whole sky was lit up. >> reporter: it's believed that the fire started in the home just before 1:00 a.m. and it triggered a domino effect before the townhome came down. >> we are trying to figure out what caused the rapid change to cause the collapse. >> reporter: again, all eight firefighters have been treated and released at the hospital and 16 people have to find a new place to live. agents were on the scene today investigating and we should learn what caused it. >> thank you, jan. and a judge found a man today guilty of simple assault for attacking a piece deliveryman. the suspect, who played for the colts, was accused of grabbing the man by the head and slamming him against
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he will be sentenced april 6. an overturned tanker left the roadway and ended up on its side. it was carrying 8000-gallons of diesel fuel. it took hours to up right the tanker and contain the spill. kind of wet out there. how long will that last? >> another 12 to 18 hours. >> okay. >> that's all? >> well, i will say we have showers every day this week. don't build an arc or anything. >> there you go. >> let's start with the 3- degree guarantee. i think we in good shape. we picked an average. 56 for the forecasted high and we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00 and you can download our app as well. a live look outside from the
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dew point's upper 40s, so the temps aren't going to move much tonight between the clouds and showers, a chilly night, yeah, but the temps are not going to fall much. we had to widen the radar way out. big showers and storms in ohio and southern sections of west virginia. this is in part what will roll through tomorrow, and it won't be as impressive. i am thinking for a yellow weather alert. more clouds than showers tonight. you want to walk the dog after dinner, you can. bus stop temperatures, 44-55 but there will be showers in the bus stop hours particularly in the early morning. we are going to the back to the prince george's press conference now. >> thank you, topper. let's go to prince george's county where there will be a live press conference in the slaying
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>>i am sure the chief will be giving us details. >> good afternoon, everyone. my name is julie parker from the prince george's police department. before we begin, we would like to express our extreme gratitude for the support we have heard from around the nation. we have heard from the white house and multiple people and law enforcement families from around the country and, in fact, around the world. we can't forget the citizens of prince george's county who have reached out to so many of us. we thank you for your support during this tragic
5:21 pm
we are going to begin with the chief from the police department and he will introduce the fop lodge president and we will take your questions afterward. chief? >> thank you, miss parker. good afternoon. a little less than 24 hours ago, it was my sad duty to come in front of the community and talk about the fact that a defender has fallen. i want to send my gratitude to the people who have wrapped their arms around this department and indeed this county in the hours that have passed. my job is to have
5:22 pm
community so you can understand what happened. what i can tell you now is last evening, mr. michael ford and the three ford brother us see on the touch screen to my right, had a number of conversations which investigators have concluded that michael ford, the shooter in this incident, did not expect to survive the engagement that he and his brothers precipitated at the district 3 station. at about 4:17, those conversations are happening and just after 4:30, the incident that you are all familiar with now began. during the engagement with our officers, several opportunities for the shooter and
5:23 pm
to exchange gunfire manifested themselves. i want to point out clearly, based on our video evidence that the prince george's police officers used incredible restraint. they were cognizant of the fact that there were homes behind michael as he was firing at them and they couldn't have been sure who else was down range as this gunfire erupted. michael began the confrontation unprovoked with the series of several shots, reloads the weapon and continues the engagement. i need the community to know, and i'm going to step over here for just a second, that the ford brothers who are involved fired at this citizen's car, fired at this
5:24 pm
fired at an ambulance, fired randomly. heroically, detective co lson reacted to a set of circumstance that is frankly, i don't think he was entirely prepared for. seeing the danger presented by michael, the shooter, he took action, and in doing so demonstrated extreme heroism. it was his action that is allowed officers to take a position where they could intervene and neutralize the threat. detective colson drew fire to himself and in doing so was mortally wounded. now, my principle concern is this is the next photo that i'm going to share with you. that image is
5:25 pm
ford brothers standing by, taking no action on a video recording device taping this, his brother, shooting at prince george's county police officers. they knew in advance. they had every opportunities to call 911. they had every opportunity to seek medical help. they did nothing. they witnessed him shoot at the citizen's car. shoot at police officers, shoot at an ambulance. the restraint of the prince george's county police officers in not firing at them as they were doing something very odd, sitting in the middle of a firefight, they were engaged. they were concerned for their own safety but not for the safety of the citizens and the public. now it's my sad duty to have to share with you that circumstantially,
5:26 pm
that the fired round that led to detective colson's death was fired by one of his fellow prince george's police officers reacting to this, something that could have been prevented, something that could have been stopped. you see james and sheila not with him today, their son, they are standing in unity with their family today, something that the ford brothers could have stopped. know that i spent the day talking to our county executive. he has wrapped his arms around the family and pulled the support of this police community and family and the state's attorney. they know that 21 charges are being placed against these individuals as we speak, everything from conspiracy to commit murder to
5:27 pm
murder. know that this was preventsable. now, i spoke about the fact that circumstantially believe the round that killed detective colson was fired by a prince george's county police officer, and this community knows that this department does not operate on circumstantial evidence. while we have identified the 6 officers to the state's attorney's office, i am not prepared to say which of the officers might have fired that round. results of the autopsy are pending and this is circumstantial, and the results are pending from the firearms examination unit. they are pending. but my concern, this community needs to know that this was callously recorded and could have been prevented. with that, i'm going to invite the pren
5:28 pm
fraternal order of police who has been with me all day to try and help the family and department through this to step up and speak to you. >> thank you. jacai colson, son, brother, friend, police officer, and a hero, not only to the prince george's county police department but to every citizen in prince george's county. he was presented with a situation he doesn't ask for and he reacted, reacted to protect his fellow police officers and the community. while doing so, there were individuals videotaping it as if it's a game, as if it's something that we'll
5:29 pm
outube and glorify. i know this community better than a lot of people, and i have worked here for many years, 16.5 years in palmer park. this is not acceptable. this is not tolerated. this is a very small segment of our population who would believe that something like that is acceptable. and i know that the citizens of prince george's county will stand in unity with the men and women of the prince george's county police department to condemn the actions and assist us in better policing our streets and keeping us safe. yes, police officers take risks. they put their lives on the line but they do so knowing that the community has their back. we police together. we live in the community. we
5:30 pm
i said before jacai could light up a room. he lit up everybody's life he touched. he made a decision several years ago to make a difference in the world when he joined the prince george's county police department. he made a difference every day he was here. he made the difference and saved lives yesterday. we thank god that he was allowed in our lives, that he came part of our community. we are ever so grateful that his family has shared him with us. thank you. >> i -- i love this police depart.
5:31 pm
i love this county. it's my home. jacai was senselessly taken from us. i know there are other questions. the community and the nation has my solemn vow that as my information, verified information arrived at through proper technique is available, i will answer further questions. this department does not operate off of circumstantial evidence. it does not operate off circumstantial evidence. i want to be clear about that. but i am asking for your life -- love and support and allow the men and women of this department to come together and grieve because they are devastated. i want to personally thank james and
5:32 pm
it's an act of singular bravely to come before you now 24 hours after the loss of their son, and i want to thank you in the respectful manner that you have dealt with this, the media up to this point. with that, i will answer any questions within the constraints that i have laid out. this was about nothing. it was unprovoked. it was report that does michael had a history of mental illness. it was troubling that anyone could stand by so callously and watch this unfold. whatever your beliefs about policing may be, to observe someone shooting
5:33 pm
passing by, to observe someone shooting at an ambulance and do nothing? that brings up a broader issue. anyone who may have been traveling through the area yesterday in a number of other cars that we'll be providing additional information on who saw this, please, i'm asking you. reach out to us and provide us more information on the circumstances. that's my obligation to the community, to bring you a -- the best and most complete happening possible and in these two particular instances, go look at your car and see if there is damage. you may not have noticed. it's entirely conceivable. we would like to have a conversation you with if
5:34 pm
the case. well, police officers run to disorder. they run to the sound of shoots. the officers who engaged him, the majority of them were the district 3 station at the time and they were being fired at directly. it wasn't shots being at a building. it was individuals being fired upon, and detective colson was arriving in an unmarked vehicle and found himself in the middle of a gun fight. but, again, i want to emphasize it was his actions, stepping out of that vehicle and engaging with the shooter, drawing him and his attention away that allowed the other officers to move forward from a position of advantage and neutralize the threat that the shooter posed and then immediately set about providing medical aid, getting him quickly an
5:35 pm
hospital where he remains in stable condition, expected to survive this confrontation. >> chief. you mentioned circumstantial evidence. we understand that you have a lot of people watching very much struggling to understand some of the circumstances that is may have led to the tragedy. for instance, could you characterize a little better how officer colson came to the scene, how he was dressed, and how he perhaps might have been misidentified in the chaos? could you help us with that, please? >> i've seen this scenario played out on a couple of different recordings. and as detective colson is arriving -- as we know, he was a detective in the narkts enforcement division. he doesn't want to look like a police officer. he arrives in a vehicle that was used for those purposes and immediately engages with the shooter as he exits th
5:36 pm
vehicle. he is dressed in civilian clothes. he is not wearing body armor. he is not preparing for the firefight he just arrived at and heroically draws fire and moving down barlow road, route 202 and allows our officers to move up, but they don't know where they were when they began what they were facing. it's believed in this confusion we believe that the errant round struck detective colson. circumstantially, that's our belief. until i have forensic everyday, i will not draw a conclusion about who might have fired the round. >> the video appears to show that the assailant had a handgun. there were no long guns involved. is that -- >> michael had a handgun. pardon? the shooting had begun, and then after the first volley
5:37 pm
a reload, he arrived shortly after it continues and now it's an engagement with officers behind cover, and they are trying to get to a position where they can return fire. but i want to talk about the restraint of the prince george's police officers in this. they are not panicking. they are collected in their thinking and moving from cover to cover and looking for a clear threat. they are not shooting randomly, and they are cognizant there are reds behind them and traffic on the roadway as they are engaging the shooter. there are a number of ways, both through visible identification and subtle signal that is we don't reveal because we don't want the people in the community to know they are police of
5:38 pm
under these circumstances, detective colson arrives in the middle of a firefight and that lasts a matter of a few minutes. we believe in the motion of the interactions is where misconceptions manifest themselves and the errant round strikes detective colson. at the moment, i am characterizing it as errant. it wasn't at a threat. but i am not going to say it's a misfire. that's what the investigation, the forensic everyday will tell us as a result of the investigation. >> can you say if -- >> go ahead. >> can you say if you think the officer who shot the round mistook officer colson for a suspect, or we just don't know that, you know, some was was fired
5:39 pm
colson was struck? >> i can't affirmatively determine that. we want to complete the investigation. we haven't interviewed all the police officers. we are still a little more than 24 hours into this. but we will know that. when we do, we will be prepared to answer those questions. i'm sorry. sir? right now, mr. ford does not have any outstanding warrants. there were some issues in the days prior to the shooting that i think had been reported. i won't speak to those. i want to thank the special agent in charge of the baltimore field office
5:40 pm
kevin perkins and the local atf office, phil mcmullin. through their resources, we verified there does not appear to be any connection with a large organization or movement behind this. this appears to be the act of the ford brothers. as i said at the beginning, we have reason to believe that the ford brothers did not expect the shooter to survive his engagement with the police officer. all three of them were taken into custody at this point in terms of michael, the shooter taken from the scene to the hospital. the other two i'm going to step aside from that as we continue to knit together their actions immediately after the confrontation. . >> why would two brothers want to record the death of their own brother? >> that's the
5:41 pm
it doesn't make any sense, and it takes the police officer who is heroically to respond -- prince william, the loss of moa in montgomery county recently, people shooting at fellow citizens, people the shooting at ambulances? i know that i find that odd, and i find that frightening. but i can't offer you any rationale for that. i am not certain at the end of this investigation we would be able to explain why someone would do something like this. but the community should know that we are working diligently to try and answer those questions as we prepare to properly honor our fallen comrade in the days to come.
5:42 pm
was trying to elicit a response from the police officers and was using any target of opportunity to elicit that response. again, an unprovoked confrontation with the police officers and anybody who appears to have been passing through appears to have been a viable target, seems to have elicited that response. those six officers and the other almost 1700 men and women of the prince george's county police who are sworn and almost 300 civilian members are all grieving. certainly--and know this. no police officer wants to get involved in an armed confrontation. no police officer wants to take a life. the reason we run to
5:43 pm
of things to try and prevent that. but then to learn that in your attempt to preserve life and protect people you have struck another defender down,. >> is particularly devastating. but also know this department has coped with this kind of tragedy before and the most encouraging part is officers retired from this department who were involved in those circumstances were with me today and with the officers today talking about his experience under similar circumstances and wrapping his arms around them trying to help them manage an incredibly difficult set of circumstances. >> thank you all. we have put out a release that is available at pgpd news. there are photos of everything you have seen today and more details are available. if you have any
5:44 pm
lieutenant dave coleman and christina cotter will e -- cotterman will be able to help you as much as we can. >> okay. you have been listening to an incredible press conference, and lesli, i don't think i have seen anything like this in a lot of years, the four brothers all related. they are on the scene. and one of them, michael ford, obviously, with mental issues, goes there to die in effect, suicide by cop shooting i think they've called it in the past and his brothers standing there almost encouraging him, i suppose, if you believe the scenario, actually videotaping this and shooting at ambulances and other vehicles, and at the very end, cop firming what -- confirming that the young 28- year-old officer was felled by friendly fire if you will. >> ya. the chief was talking about how devastating this is for the men and women in the police department and r
5:45 pm
to come out and say that this officer's life ended in this incident in friendly fire but he was most upset that there was a conversation that the brother his talked about this and they knew what was about to happen and not one of them attempted to stop it between the time they were talking about the conversation and the time this whole thing unfolded. it was about 12 or 13 minutes and in just a few minutes of gunfire there, this -- this young officer, this promising officer, the one that they said lit up everyone's life that he touched, his life was shot down. >> and that was very real, the tough questions that have to be asked. how did this happen? there are vice officers throughout the washington area, operating in plainclothes in these vehicles, and there are
5:46 pm
signals, we know, from encounters with police officers, where normal circumstances, they were able to give one another. and clearly, there were -- an officer is not supposed to die. >> and a lot of people on social media want to know, a lot of people tweeting how did this happen? you heard the police chief attempt to give you the details about how the officer arrived, and he was in an unmarked vehicle and civilian clothes and did not have on body armor. he arrive in the middle of a firefight. in the middle of all of this chaos, all of these moving parts are going, something occurred and he was hit by this errant shot. >> and they want answers, and they have investigations going.
5:47 pm
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violence surrounding donald trump's campaign and maybe not just on the campaign trail. >> a northern virginia woman said that vandals attacked her home because she supports donald trump. >> reporter: can you see the new world through tear gas and revolution on the other side? that's what this 69-year-old donald trump supporter found spray painted on her home last wednesday after she came out to investigate. 72 72 -- >> i feel scared and donald trump will be good for the country and the economy. he is a true businessman. >> reporter: i
5:50 pm
she feels what trump has been saying incites people and she needs to tone it down. >> yeah. i think sometimes, he over speaks. >> he is a little over the top. >> i think everyone is entitledded to their own opinion. >> i am entitled to put a few signs on my lawn and not have to vote for whoevers i have to vote for. >> reporter: she said she will still support donald trump and even held a rally at her home this past weekend. stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> both parties are condemning the hateful rhetoric and violence this election cycle. police are investigating and said that no arrests have been >>de.
5:51 pm
emissions cheating scandal. the company is accused of deleting documents and trying to hinder the investigation. donalddonovan said he was fired for refusing to participate in the plan as part of a whistleblower lawsuit. vw said that his claims are without merit. 600,000 vehicles are suspected of sheet being -- cheating in the pollution test. all right. this is a guy maryland has to watch out for in the opener this friday out in spa cane. the freshman sensation for the jack rabbits of south dakota state. he can play and the terps of wary of that. should maryland be worried? they have to travel all the way across the country to spa cane to play this,
5:52 pm
spot, the 5-12 matchup. >> it should be a great game. >> i think last year, we -- we know that. >> sometimes, it's good to get away from home. it is. i feel bad for the fans. i really do.
5:53 pm
who knew the terps' head man was an r and b fan? his favorite band is earth, wind, & fire. every coach was asked, and then they were posted bracket style. that's right. so earth, wind, & fire is turgeon's go-to music. and virginia's tony bennett, his favorite is boys 2 men. >> tony bennett doesn't like tony bennett? [laughter] >> that is funny. >> he likes a little spice. >> all right. there you go. ahead
5:54 pm
primaries could reshape the presidential race. a live report from florida. >> and after the break, the newly unveiled discovery of a dinosaur tell its us details
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
. it's probably the most famous dinosaur that ever lived. but his family tree is missing branches. now, thanks to recently discovered fossils, scientists are getting an idea of how t- rex evolve. we have more on the new brand of dinosaur discovery from the smithsonian. >> reporter: before it was a 7- ton monster in jurassic park, the ancestors of tyrannosaurus rex were more humble. >> a tiny part of a long history. >> reporter: a history that stretches back 100 million years. for most of that time, it wasn't as particularly scary as dinosaurs go. scientists knew there had to be undiscovered members of
5:58 pm
family but none were found until recently. it was the 2004 discovery of a skull bone that proved they were dealing with a new species. >> and we determined it was a tyrannosaur and it was the first from anywhere in the world that fills a gap in the fossil records. >> reporter: which helps scientists better understand how the most well-known predator that ever lived came to exist. >> it will not cure cancer or come up with a better way of making sliced bread, but it's an important detail in our own pace of maitch and how the natural world seems to be. >> reporter: james heche, wusa 9. >> and you can learn more at the new t-rex exhibit at the smith
5:59 pm
museum of natural history. prince george's police say that an officer killed in a shootout while the gunman's brothers recorded the whole thing as if it was a game. >> can donald trump hold off his republican challengers? we're live in florida. >> and a previous crash caused an amtrak train it derail. good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm bruce johnson. police have confirmed that an officer who put himself in harm's way to protect innocent citizens was struck and killed by friendly fire. >> reporter: the chief was uncharacteristically emotional. it could have been stopped and it was unprovoked, and there was no rationale he said as he announced the arrest of michael ford, elijah ford,
6:00 pm
ford, three brothers who will likely be charged with very likely, the death of police officer jacai colson yesterday, and most shocking of all, take a look at still photos as the brothers videoed their brother, michael, taking part in his what is said to be suicide by cop. here is the chief talking about it a few minutes ago. >> they had every opportunity to call 911. they had every opportunity to seek medical help. they did nothing. they witnessed him shoot at the citizens's cars, shoot at the police officers, shoot at the ambulance. the restraint of the prince george's county police officers in not firing at them and they were doing something very odd, sitting in the middle of


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