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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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ford, three brothers who will likely be charged with very likely, the death of police officer jacai colson yesterday, and most shocking of all, take a look at still photos as the brothers videoed their brother, michael, taking part in his what is said to be suicide by cop. here is the chief talking about it a few minutes ago. >> they had every opportunity to call 911. they had every opportunity to seek medical help. they did nothing. they witnessed him shoot at the citizens's cars, shoot at the police officers, shoot at the ambulance. the restraint of the prince george's county police officers in not firing at them and they were doing something very odd, sitting in the middle of
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firefight, they were engage. >> reporter: you heard the chief there. he is completely mystified at the two brothers could be videotaping what was going on. he said that the officer killed, jacai colson, was in plainclothes and he arrived after the gunfire had already started. in effect, he drove into a gun fight he didn't know was going on until he got here and the officer pyred -- fired in a gun battle and it was during that that the chief called was an errant bullet that hit and killed colson. michael ford is the shooter that was fownd -- wounded in
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confiscated, and you saw, they were taking pictures of their brother trying to commit suicide by cop. the brothers are facing 22 charges including second degree murder, and an emotional moment as the chief turn to the parents of jacai colson, and just remarkable with tears in the eyes of the chief and many colleagues. they are piecing it together, bruce, but what a stunning series of event that is have been outlined this afternoon. >> just incredible, james and sheila colson, the parents of the police officer. and what are they saying a -- away from the press conference? there are plenty of officers out there doing the dangerous
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signals to be exchanged by them in this case? >> reporter: it was chaos, and you can see from the still photos and the video, complete chaos. one individual in the street shooting at vehicles, and police officers trying to respond to that. i think that is the best explanation and six officers are engaged in the fight, probably unclear with all the officers, how many individuals were out there with a gun, and it was in that chaotic environment where this tragic mistake of an errant shot was made that took the life of this officer. >> scott, good word, chaos. thank you for that. the family pastor said he was dumbfounded by the allegations against the brothers and said he knew michael ford was troubled but never enough to open fire at
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and passing vehicles and had no idea why elijah and malik would videotape and that their brother had a heart attack when she learned about their involve am. >> and jacai colson was a narcotics officer, a second generation officer and had a reputation as a cop's cop. his neighbors say he was friendly and helpful. >> he would be good morning, miss. good night, miss. he was always nice and polite. >> officer colson grew up in pennsylvania and attended college in virginia and played football there freshman year and would have celebrated his 29th birthday on thursday. for the breaking developments in
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officer jacai colson, you can download our wusa 9 app. all eyes on florida as the winner take all state has a huge impact on the race tomorrow. >> and we go live to a marco rubio rally in palm beach. hey, garrett. >> reporter: hey, jan. we are expecting marco rubio to take the stage for his third of four events. this primary unlike any other in the race so far with 10 separate media markets and we'll find out if that will help marco rubio slow down donald trump. on his final campaign swing on what could be his final competitive state,
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is predicting victory. >> we'll do what needs to be done and win the 99 99 delegates in florida. >> reporter: donald trump canceled his friday night rally in chicago, rubio calling his feature to snap out of the trump fever. >> he has turned the most important election in a generation into a circus, a complete fiasco and a carnival. this country deserves better. this country has to wake up here. >> i refuse to say little marco. >> reporter: at his final rally in tampa, trump mocked marco rubio wrote and seemed unfazed about the relatively minor protests, calling on republicans to unify. >> the biggest story in all of politics world wide is what's happening with the republican party. what's going on has been -- they call it a phenomenon. >> reporter: trump may win here tomorrow but
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sign of unification coming. a stop trump super pac launched a blistering ad with women leading aloud trump's sexist comments about women. >> a woman with a flat chest would not be a 10. >> reporter: but it's whether it come too late or not with 2 million people voting here. and donald trump is appearing so dhafdz -- confident that he has canceled his last rally. but both here and rubio will be here tomorrow night when the results come in. >> garrett, thank you, and sarah palin made a surprise visit after canceling prior because her husband was in a snowmobiling accident. he is in inteiv
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expected to recover. condition is on the democratic side, the candidates are taking on donald trump. hillary clinton is calling on democrats to unify around her saying that the party must focus on a larger threat, and bernie sanders is saying he is confident that the working class and young voters will deliver him a win. you can download our free wusa 9 app for more. a baltimore county official is endorsing van holland. reports say that the two candidates have zeroed in on baltimore city and county as polices where voters could decide the outcome of the primary. at the state department, president obama in the with a washington post reporter detain inside iran for 18 months, convicted of espionage
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released in january as part of a prisoner swap. the engineer of a derailed amtrak train told investigators he hit the emergency brakes after noticing a significant bend in the rai. investigators are looking into whether a car crash damaged the tracks. the train was headed to chicago from los angeles. first responders raced to help the passengers trapped inside. 32 people were injured. in the middle east, russian putin orders troops to pull out of syria. >> but first, a claim of responsibility of a third terror attack in four months in west africa. >> a lot of clouds but the showers are par west of us. the showers are back into ohio and west virginia. we'll talk about whether the showers will impact
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a branch of al qaeda is claiming victory of an attack as a gunman opened pyre and killed 16 people on the ivory coast. this is the third terror attack targeting luxury hotels in west africa in
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dozens of kurdish suspected implicated in the deadly bombing in turkey today as many victims were bury today. it's the second deadly attack blamed on kurdish militants this month. and russian president putin has ordered his forces to begin withdrawing from syria starting tomorrow. the cease pyre between government and rebel forces did go into effect february 27 and has largely held. hundreds of immigrants detained after trying to across into macedonia illegally. the country's border was sealed after austria imposed transit restrictions. it's estimated 14,000 syrians and iraqis are trying to pass through
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europe. and coming up, a wall collapses at a
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a fighter who just defected in northern iraq is apparently from north fairfax county. >> peggy fox is there and joins us live with more. peg? >> reporter: the young isis fighter gave himself up to iraquiy kurdish forces in a rare voluntary is you renter. the name, muhammad jamal, matches you were with -- up with the man who lives there, but the man said it's not his son. >> that is not my son. >> reporter: two men tried to stop photojournalists from doing their job. >> leave the area. leave the area. >> this is public property. >> reporter: the men would not identify themselves but the home is listed as the residence of this man, the same name as the man that the ap
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a palestinian-american islamic state fighter who defected and gave himself up. the ap said he is 27, and public records said he is 28, and this man said that his son in question is 26. >> you have wrong information. you have wrong information. leave the area. >> reporter: the man continued to yell and demand that the media leave and stop taking pictures and hit the camera of a cbs photographer. >> don't take the picture! >> hey, you on public property, sir. >> do not take the picture! >> don't touch my camera. >> and then he picked up a garden hose and sprayed photographers. a police officer arrived and talked to the men in their homes. they came out calmer but still refused to answer my questions. when was the last time you talked to your son, weeks, months, a year? >> this is the second year. ut
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the questions. excuse me. you disturb be my life. >> reporter: the man has two sons and called them both good boys and he does not know where his other son is. fair pax county other schools confirmed that a man with the same name graduated from edison high school in went 07, and that is around the corner and matches up with where the isis fighter who defect side. peggy fox, wusa 9. >> thank you, and syrian kurdish fighters say they are seeing a number of increase in isis members surrendering after territorial losses. caught on fire, a building collapse that nearly killed 8 montgomery county firefighters. >> oh, whoa. oh. >> isn't that incredible? that was the scene this morning in
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churubusco lane in germantown. it started in the basement and destroyed support beams caution the collapse and neighbors watched the whole thing. >> it freaked me out it. freaked everyone out. i don't think they were seriously hurt but they were hurt. they were taken away. never seen anything like that. >> thank goodness they survived. all of them were treated and released. no one else was hurt. oh, my goodness. >> going to dry out any time soon? >> slowly but not completely. how's that? >> i don't think like that. >> i know. i know. i wish i had better views but let's start with the 3-degree guarantee. we thought a few clicks would do it today. that's about average and we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. just go to the app store and search for wusa 9 for more. a live
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the michael and sons weathercam. we talked about this earlier. the temps won't fall much tonight downtown, probably the low 50s and upper 40s in the suburbs. the radar, had to widen this out. here is where all the showers and thunderstorms and lightning around charleston west virginia but that's star from us. most of this activity will be north of us. but tonight, more clouds than showers, bus stop temperatures, mid-40s to mid-50s with showers, yes, condition -- showers, and 10:30 tonight, walking the dog? all right. 51 in manassas and clouds, not much or in the form of rain, zl
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bowie and silver spring and 48 in fairfax and by 9:00, they bin to lift northward and i'm still on the fence about a yellow weather alert tomorrow. 48 in sterling by 9:00 and by lunchtime, we'll lift the showers north d we'll eventually see breaks in clouds tomorrow. it will not be completely clear. it will take a while. prescribe --49 at 9:00, and wednesday, a shower to start but warmer, 75. that's a pretty good day, and cooler in the upper 50s and low 50s oned 50 -- on friday. >> topper, thank you. could this be the year that maryland goes all the way
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well, the maryland men found out last night where they are headed in the big dance. now, it's the women's turn as the brackets will be unveiled. this was the terps last season getting word that they were a number one seed. after back to back final fours and two-time defending big 10 champs, the terps likely a 2- seed this time around. uconn is likely the favorite at 32-0 and that's the team that maryland lost to inthe semis and earlier in the season bu
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maryland moving forward. >> oh, man. i'm thankful. it's hard -- it's hard to win a championship. back to back is harder. it takes determination and i'm thankful that we were -- we were able to see the rewards of the hard work we put in over the summer and through the season. >> there is not a team in the league you could give your "c game" and still win by 20. there are teams in the acc that you could do that and still do, and they come ready to play for minutes against any opponent. >> this year is about embracing each moment and not worrying about -- i am just happy that i had a chance for this and embracing it every day and no
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>> i want you to sign up for the bracket challenge at we have bragging rights and cold hard cash up for grabs and compete against vips, like yours truly, and sign up at the back to you guys. >> to be clear, we are not eligible, my son? [laughter] >> you have to give it to him, bruce. [laughter] >> you go from here to here. >> yeah. that's always hard. >> you should go from here. [laughter] >> and it's free to join. >> get out of youred -- your head. you're in a bad area. >> we'll see you
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>> pelley: on the eve of the high-stakes primaries, getting out the vote and tossing out the protestors. >> get 'em out of here. get 'em out of here. >> the rhetoric he uses is irresponsible. >> that's a toxic environment. it's not healthy. >> pelley: also tonight, what has isis done with two million people? holly williams speaks to survivors of a city cut off from the world. a tornado carves through a midwest community. and mr. hamilton goes to washington. broadway makes history at the white house. ♪ alexander hamilton captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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