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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  March 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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hello and welcome to wusa9 at noon and i'm andrea roane. new developments in the case of three brothers accused in the shooting death of a prince george's county police
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against michael ford younger brothers malik and elijah. ford is the accused shooter and mikea turner live at police headquarters with the latest. what is this about? >> reporter: good afternoon. the court commissioner won't sign off on the charging documents because michael ford younger brothers malik and elijah were not armed and but police wanted to charge them with second-degree murder and handed charges. a court commissioner says there is no probable cause for it. one alleged shooter michael ford walked up to police headquarters in palmer park he was armed and dangerous. police say ford fired shots at the building and responding officers and drivers passing by. it was a failed suicide attempt on his part and one malik and elijah were prepared to watch and recorded the ambush on their phones. >> where were their minds that wax i can't even answer that thpe of question.
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day an officer jacai colson caught in the g-20 pulled up to the station in an unmarked cruiser and he then realized he was in danger. he was one of four officers who engaged in gunfire. a heroic act that took his life when an officer's bullet pierced him. >> it's very sad and he didn't deserve any of that. he did not deserve that. a police officer doing his job. they have to do what they have to do to protect us and also protect themselves. hoke county police holding all three brothers responsible for the death and attempted first- degree charges and second- degree charges against michael, malik, and elijah. today a court commissioner found no probable charge for second-degree murder and handling charges against malik and elijah because they were armed with bones and not guns. and malik and elijah
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than a dozen serious charges including multiple counts of conspiracy to commit murder. a spokesperson for the county states attorney's office and handgun and second-degree murder charges could be renewed by the state if it's brought before a judge or grand jury. live prince george's county mikea attorney wusa9. >> you can count on wusa9 to keep you up on the latest in the stories. we're always on whether it's on tv or the mobile app. in from annapolis lawmakers in the state house approved a bill was law. it's named for noah liotta a montgomery county police officer killed last november by a drunk driver. the bill would require convicted drunk drivers to use an ignition interlock device which keeps them from starting their car if they have been drinking. the bill moves across the hall for a boat in the maryland state senate. breaking news and police investigating and have
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national aerospace museum. it happened march 3 and a group of children were leaving and one of these two men tried to grab the hand of one of the children. a chaperone noticed and yelled at the man to leave the child alone. give police a call if you recognize either of these men. a bomb threat at lake braddock secondary school is over and the threat was made from inside the school. police went room to room with bomb sniffing dogs that no threat founded no word if there will be any charges for making a false report fairfax county police need help finding a 91-year-old man. he was last seen yesterday near the intersection of forest hill drive and lee highway. he was wearing gray sweatpants or red fleece jacket and 10 baseball cap. he may have been driving a silver toyota scion and call police if you have any information on his whereabouts. a collision betwn
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freight train and a car put one person in the hospital with minor injuries in frederick county. it happened in ijamsville early this morning. it's unclear why the car was even on the tracks but the investigation is continuing and csx and the frederick county sheriff's office are investigating at this time. it is titanic tuesday and voting underway in five states. republican donald trump expected to be marco rubio in his own home state of florida in the crucial primer and winter take all. trump is in a fierce battle with governor john kasich in ohio and meanwhile hillary clinton faces a stiff challenge from bernie sanders in the midwest states of ohio, missouri, and illinois. don champion has more. >> reporter: the face of the republican presidential race could change today as voters cast ballots on primary day in florida, ohio, illinois
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carolina and missouri. >> your governor is totally overrated. >> reporter: donald trump leads the polls in every state except ohio where he's in a virtual tie with john kasich. he voted this morning and said he feels proud of his campaign. >> by continuing to run the race , a positive campaign is starting to shine through like a beacon. >> reporter: in florida marco rubio's political future on the line of polling places like this. the senator predicted a win in his home state but behind in the polls. >> the state will elect 99 delegates but for one person and i wanted to be me and i need you to help it to be mere. >> reporter: ted cruz may have the best shot winning in illinois were the latest battleground tracker has the texas senator within striking distance of trump and on the democratic side bernie sanders trying to pull off another midwest upset against hillary clinton. the senators making a run for missouri, ohio and illinois where his ai
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heavily in chicago. >> we have great opportunities to win many of them and we feel very good. >> reporter: clinton is a big lead in florida winner take all state with 214 delegates up for grabs. don champion cbs news miami. >> wusa9 in florida covering the primary and so be sure to keep up with campaign 2016 at the time of the wusa9 app. you'll get the latest on candidates and primary results on your mobile device. and then there were three. president obama said to have narrowed down his nomination for the vacant supreme court justice seat to three candidates and all three are previously vetted federal appeals court judges. they include srinivasan who sits on the court of appeals for the district of columbia, and the next nominee could place the seat left vacant by antonin scalia.
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link between football and degenerative brain disorders like cte quake >> certainly doctor mccue's research said a number of her child nfl players were diagnosed with cte so the answer is certainly asked but there's a number of questions that come with the. >> the first time ever the nfl acknowledges a link between football and traumatic brain injury like cte. that was the nfl senior vice president for health and safety jeff miller making the admission yesterday during a congressional discussion on concussions and sports. chronic cte is leaked to repeated brain trauma and associate with symptoms like memory loss, depression, and progressive dementia and only detected after death.
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a prince george's county woman killed with her sister and domestic violence case being laid to rest. tareeka jones funeral taking place now in prince frederick maryland and police say kevin reynolds killed jones and her stepsister jalisa walls-harris. she was close reynolds was found dead of a self-inflicted gun route and police say jones and reynolds were romantically involved. two maryland man accused of robbing and gunning down a jailhouse informant were in court for hearings today. they are charged in the murder and police say the motive was robbery. moments ago we learned
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prosecutors plan to call in an unknown witness who will testify he organized of the crime. he is expected to name the two suspects and defense of the witnesses unreliable both suspect held without bond until their next court date in april. a measure which requires two person crews on freight trains one step closer to reality and maryland. state senate oks the bill and the measure goes to the statehouse. critics say the legislation is unnecessary because the federal government already taking similar action. dc leaders celebrate new development and you will never believe what one plant worker may have done to your favorite morning cereal. disgusting is all we will say. nikki burdine will have that story and more in today's trending report. it's not too bad out here and cloudy skies with not a lot of wind
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in the news the former flint emergency manager who oversaw the water switch to the flint river testifying before a congressional panel. darnell earley appointed by the state of michigan and testified the state and federal experts misled them and never told him that that lead was seeping into the water supply. former epa regional administrator is also scheduled to testify who resigned in february when the flint wate crisis in worse and. the obama administration says it won't allow deep-sea oil drilling in the atlantic ocean. the interior secretary made t
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and in her tweets she said the administrations of sort drilling plan protects the atlantic for future generations. this reverses a proposal made last year which would have open the atlantic coast to drilling. moments ago shots fired in belgium at security forces there conducted a raid hunting for at least two men linked to last year's paris the tax. the rain comes one day after the restaurant opened its first doors since the november attack. the new york museum is preparing it opening an exhibit on superstorm sandy in the museum sits at the tip of lower manhattan and severely damaged during the 2012 storm and flood waters up to 7 feet deep. the new exhibit opens tomorrow and examines the seaports role in making new york america's largest city. mother teresa wilsonian
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referred to as saint teresa. pope francis at her canonization date for september 4 and this comes after he cleared her for sainthood in september. in order to be eligible for sainthood five years must pass from the time of the candidates death and two miracles must be attributed to that person. today the woman who danced with the president and first lady michelle obama will meet more celebrities. this is video of virginia dancing with the first family and this afternoon players from the harlem globetrotters will stop at ruth's public charter school in dc where the 107-year- old still volunteers enable present her with a globetrotters jersey and donate 107 tickets to the games in dc and fairfax would start this week. we will help celebrate the groundbreaking of a child development center on fourth street across from
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school. bright beginnings will offer early childhood education and social services to homeless children in southeast. it will create 32 new jobs with an operating budget of $2.5 million. today's hot topics range from the disgusting to the adorable and nikki burdine joins us with a look at what is trending.>> reporter: pot on demand, contaminated cornflakes in a new jersey couple wakes up to find their car in an inconvenient spot. the hoboken couple found their car in a giant sinkhole. a water main break led to the street collapsing and swallowing their vehicle. pot delivery, there's an app for that but not in the state of california. the company will deliver medical marijuana with the touch of a button. the court says the app violates the law that restricts medical marijuana facilities in los angeles. a $1 million smile could have a new meaning of amazon has their way. they are moving a step closer to letting customers pay with their face. they say it would improve security online
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that'll make you spit out your cornflakes. the kellogg's factory in memphis under investigation after a video emerged showing someone urinating on the assembly line. the company said they alerted police when they heard about the video and a beast in argentina went to the dogs. the resort town is believed to be the country's first speech exclusively for dogs. there's also a recreation fair, a private pool for dogs only in canine snacks. that's what's trending and i'm nikki burdine and back to you. >> see the stories and more on our wusa9 mobile app. march madness and the big dance officially begin today and the games get underway in the ncaa men's basketball tournament. you still have time to enter our wusa9 racket challenge. just go to and log in and make your picks and you
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first place winner. today we are celebrating our own bruce johnson. in 1976 general -- gerald ford was president the average price of a house was $47,000 in the inkjet printer was invented and the nation celebrated the bicentennial. it was the year bruce johnson hit the airwaves here at wusa9 and today is his 40th anniversary. his hair is shorter now but still maintains a passion for news and improving the community. during this evening's newscast the special honor for mayor muriel bowser and we will look at bruce's career and impact on washington, d.c. and this entire region. congratulations to bruce johnson. >> it's really cool listening to the stories he's had over the years. it's an honor to be in his presence and yours >>
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was the first person who said hello to me when i walked in the old building all those years ago so he's a very special person to me. >> how times have changed. i was excited when i first met him and when he followed me on twitter. >> you absolutely have. talking about the weather and pretty cloudy and on the cool side. things will improve later on this afternoon. more sunshine this afternoon and temperatures finally out of the 50s and increasing slowly but surely. 51 degrees and sunshine today. not much but we will take it. a few more hours to get going. 51 degrees winds out of the west and northwesterly wind also. temperatures lower 50s and pretty comfortable out there. 46 frederick. 52 leesburg. a few stray showers left over and i'll show you want first alert live doppler in a moment.
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nicer this afternoon and milder wednesday with temperatures in the 70s. that is our one great day and then things taper off again temperature-wise. a few rain chances wednesday, thursday and friday. nothing too great and these weak disturbances come in the area. a chilly weekend coming up and not very spring-like saturday and sunday. saturday the dryer of the two days. if you had out you can see the cherry blossoms but chilly and dryer. morning showers and now cloud cover and you can see the clouds starting to break apart south of charlottesville. a few last lingering showers but not much to speak of. just north of silver spring and right here along 66 near marshall. futurecast we see clouds beginning to break apart. not a lot of sunshine. by 5:00 temperatures heading to the low 60s.
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coming out and partly cloudy skies overnight. tomorrow we start off with a good sunrise and a few clouds. a few stray showers wednesday afternoon, not much but warm and breezy and temperatures cool off after that. a few stray showers thursday and friday. saturday pretty dry. if the three today. 75 tomorrow. 64 thursday. saturday try and kathleen matthews: if we want to be heard, we need women in congress. it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws.
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as a najourlist and as a senior execu i that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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the president is right and it's gone viral. that was the creator of the musical hamilton in the rose garden yesterday. the president is holding a card with words associated with the government and they use the words and freestyle. hamilton the musical tells the story of alexander hamilton. tonight on wusa9 news at 5:00 the latest developments on the three brothers facing charges in the death of prince george's county jacai colson. we're live in florida on this pivotal primary day and a virginia man files a $1 billion lawsuit against a red-hot
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show. that's it for wusa9 news at noon and were back on your tv at 5:00 and remember were always available 24/7 on the wusa9 mobile app with the latest news and information
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>> shawn: you know what? you don't even have to say it. i heard enough. i'm sorry. i know i'm in the way. >> sage: you're not in the way. >> shawn: really. not a big deal. i'll get my stuff. >> sage: shawn, we want you to stay. >> shawn: you want me to stay. but you never signed off on me moving in. >> sage: that doesn't matter, shawn. >> shawn: our deal was that you would cover my medical expenses and adopt my kid. nobody said you had to take care of me. i'm gone. >> sage: okay, shawn, i'm not comfortable with that. even if we didn't know who you were, we would never feel comfortable letting a pregnant woman go to a place she did not feel safe. right, nick? >> phyllis: jack announces that he's washed his hands of pass key and he just storms right out of here? that's great. that's awesome. we're gonna do this ourselves. >> billy: or not. >> phyllis: billy. >> billy: what if he's right? think about it for a second. >> phy:


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