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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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cabin...jaw-dropping. its performance...breathtaking. its self-parking...and the all-new glc. mercedes-benz resets the bar for the luxury suv. starting at $38,950. breaking news tonight, take a look. >> this was a frayed cable. >> take a closer look there. that is why metro rail service is shut downright now, and we are a few hours from getting back on track, but will it happen? >> i'm adam longo. >> and i'm jan jeffcoat. they said they will be resuming
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service at 5:00 a.m., but there's limits. >> ellison barber has the latest on what to expect in the morning. >> reporter: the good news, they say the inspections on done on the red, yellow, and green lines, and they should be operating normal tomorrow. on the blue, silver, and orange line, they are making repairs. if they can't repair through the night, there's a chance there could be some delays. >> this is all units 1154 reporting. >> reporter: for a full day crews inspected 600 jumper cables and walked roughly 100 miles of tunnel, looking for problems like this, and they found them. >> let me tell you that the shutdown today was necessary. since we began at midnight, metro teams have identified 26 areas where damaged jumper cables and connector booths exist. >> reporter: it's what caused the early monday morning fire, and it's the same thing that caused lafont pl
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with smoke a year ago, making dozens of riders sick and clearing one. >> clearly the conditions were very similar to what we experienced at lafont plaza. >> reporter: the biggest issue is the foggy bottom. >> the red marks are what we have internally called show stoppers where we would not be running freezing rains if we came upon these conditions. >> reporter: crews will continue to work through the night, but exactly why the jumper cables continue to have issues remains unanswered. >> that's my next task in front of me. my task today is to get the system open by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, and that's what we can focus on today. there's a whole lot more i have to do to find out how do we get to this position? >> reporter: now if they aren't able to complete the repairs they need to on the silver, blue, and orange line, one change you could see is single
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foggy bottom, but they are going to try to work through the night to fix all of these, but that's something you want to stay on top of to check our app and website for possible delays i'm ellison barber. wusa 9. >> reporter: jan, i showed a lot of people the pictures of the frayed jumper cables, and everyone seemed absolutely shocked. i can tell you that many people are not convinced that things will go smoothly tomorrow. >> my dad goes every day on the metro. >> reporter: lena has her
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parents' commuting schedule down. did you know metro is shut down today? >> yeah. >> reporter: how did you know that? >> my dad said he had to walk back home. >> reporter: it's all uphill through roslyn, but we make do. >> i want to make sure it's safe for me and my family and everyone on it. >> reporter: tracy just moved here. >> monday was my first day at my new job, and it was single track to try to get in. >> reporter: so the first day of single tracks, and the second day you're fine, and the third day, shut down? >> yeah. >> reporter: what do you think tomorrow will be like? >> i have no idea. i hope it comes back at 5:00 a.m. as they said it would. >> reporter: others say they will believe it when they see it. >> probably have to take the car in, i don't know. >> definitely hoping to use the metro, but i'm glad they are fixing it and they are not just, you know, letting fires happen. >> i think people understand safety comes first, d
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people are being a little bit patient with that. >> it's a balancing act. we need metro to be honest, but we also need to know how to function if we are going to use it for every day life. >> reporter: the red line behind me at tenley town, that's running, as they say it will be running normally tomorrow, but the orange, silver, and blue lines, there could be issues if they get the repairs done overnight, and then that would leave lena's dad possibly walking home tomorrow. live here, debora alfarone, wusa 9. a dramatic increase in problems over the last few years. in 2012 there were 144 total incidents, 82 had to deal with smoke, and 62 had to do with fire, and now in 2013, it dropped to just 86 total, and at
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involving fire, and the year after, not much higher, 35 smoke incidents, and 69 fire reports, and a total of 104. last year the problems more than doubled, look at that 137 smoke incidents reported, and 79 fires, and that number includes a smoke incident near lafonte plaza that claimed a woman's life. the twitter world reacted to the news that the metro would be open tomorrow morning. kesha said bravo metro dc. i for one want metro to succeed. tony said tomorrow can we ask all the cars to stay off the roads so we can fix all the potholes? >> another comment says owning up to the problem is the first step to solving
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app to be ready for the morning commute. to some other news this evening, only on 9 tonight. we learn more about the prince george's police officer who was shot by another officer, we are hearing from someone who is helping him get through it all, someone who has been there before. the police chief said today that the officer who shot jacai colson deliberately aimed at him, mistaking him for a suspect. today the two ford brothers were denied bail after they recorded their video during the shootout and failed to stop them. michael ford is still hospitalized on a no bond status. a hand from the past is reaching out to offer support from the officer who accidently killed officer colson. >> cam has the exclusive interview. >> reporter: before you criticize a person, walk a mile
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accidently killed detective colson, one man can say he has done that, but he's here to provide compassion and guidance. it's been over 25 years since gary summers lost his best friend. that's a lot of time to put the past behind him. >> good boy! >> it was back in 1988, and it was all over again. >> reporter: the moment that pulled summers back was the accidental shooting death of jacai colson. >> to hear it was my department, that's definitely a shock. >> reporter: summers was on the s.w.a.t. team with mark murphy. the two were taking part in a raid. >> i ended up shooting and killing not only my partner but my best friend. >> reporter: summers says the road to recovery was rough, and he had family and friends -- >> i wanted to talk to someone who had been actually in my shoes. >> reporter: he got th
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u.s. capital police officer. >> he said you need to do this and you need to do that, and i'm so glad i did. >> reporter: now he is offering the same help to the officer who killed detective colson. the two met once, but summers did all of the talking. >> i know what's going through his mind. he thinks it's a dream. >> they are talking about, you know, shooting themselves, and when my incident happened, i didn't think i could go through it. i thought about it. there were a couple of things that saved me. >> reporter: summers says he sees the same support system around this officer. >> i felt that he had good inner strength. >> reporter: summers stresses what the officer can't do is think about the what ifs. >> it truly was an accident. >> reporter: he can't beat himself up? >> no. he will, but he shouldn't
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officer needs right now is his family, but when he's ready to talk, summers promises he will be there. >> all right, thank you so much, cam, and the prince george's county police department says the funeral details for detective colson are still being finalized but they will not be held this week. there's late word tonight that frank sinatra jr. has died. he was 72 years old. he carried on his famous father's legacy with his own career. his family said in a statement to the associated press he died of cardiac arrest on tour in daytona beach, florida. he was kidnapped and held for ransom when he was 19 years old, and he eventually was his father's musical director and conductor. take a look at what is left of this prince george's county apartment building. the latest on how close people came to escaping with their lives. ♪ [music] ♪
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and a little boys ii men from michelle obama there? we will tell you what she is singing about ahead. topper? a nice start to your st. patrick's day. temperaturewise, we are cool at 6:00, a cool 9:00, and everyone is in the 50s, and by noon, we are at 58 to 64, and there's just a few clouds. we will come back and talk about the prospect for showers in the afternoon and the prospect for a few
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and in just a few short hours, metro rail is back in service after the historic shdown. wusa will be with you all the way. please join the wake up washington team for live coverage all morning long. they will see you at 4:25. to prince george's county tonight for an apartment fire that forced 36 men, women, and children out of their homes it broke out at the gateway square apartments on
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no injuries fortunately reported but a retired firefighter says it took fire crews 20 minutes to get to the scene. the fire chief says it was like 5 minutes, but he is promising to look into the issue. president obama picked a choice to fill justice scalia's seat, but the gop will fight him all the way. >> reporter: president obama introduced an emotional merit garland as his choice. >> for me there could be no higher public service than serving as a member of the united states supreme court. >> reporter: he's chief judge on the u.s. court of appeals in washington, and he's regarded as a moderate. born in chicago, graduated from harvard law school, and president obama described him as one of america's sharpest legal minds, but for now the gop leadership is digging in,
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wait until after a new president takes office. >> the next justice could change the balance of the supreme court for a generation to come and fundamentally reshape america. >> reporter: presidential candidate, ted cruz says he stands with his republican colleagues in opposing the pick, and he says if confirmed garland would undermine the 2nd amendment and legalize late- term abortions. governor haley said she hopes cruz will come out ahead of trump. she previously endorsed marco rubio, and she declined to say if john kasich should quit but said "i personally don't see it." fox news canceled the next republican debate after donald trump decided not to attend. on fox news this morning trump said he would not be at the event set for salt la
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be at the american israel proaffairs campaign. kasich said he would not participate either, and the network called the whole thing off. >> trump said if he fails to secure the nomination at the july convention in cleveland, he thinks there will be riots. in a cnn interview today he said he represents millions of people and warned his supporters will be very upset if their votes didn't count, and the city of cleveland is reportedly working to round up 2,000 sets of riot gear. on the democratic side, hillary clinton has 2/3 of the delegates she needs to secure the nomination. at a rally in pheonix, sanders said he will win the presidential primary in arizona. sanders said he's on a path to win the nomination, and clinton had her own memo, laying out the odds
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sanders would have to win, california, new york, and pennsylvania by 20 points and wrack up a string of victories just to make the event. keep up on the presidential events by downloading the new wusa 9. it's not very often we get to hear the first lady sing. >> but you are about to my friends. take a listen. ♪ it's so hard to -- oh, yes, today ♪ >> that was pretty good. >> sounded like she needed a new microphone. >> the first lady singing a few bars of boys ii men at the south by southwest festival. a couple of headlines from her appearance, one, she has no plans to run for president. >> there are so many ways to impact the world, i mean you don't have to be president of the united states to do wonderful, marvelous things,
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down any time soon. the question that the people want to know is what is the one thing that you will miss the most about being first lady? >> we also learned the one thing she will miss the most is the interaction she has with young people every day. she says it inspires her and keeps her feeling young. you have to wonder if hillary clinton was ever asked that when bill was president if she would ever run for president. >> i wonder. >> i didn't think she was that out of tune. i thought it was good. >> i didn't mean out of tune, but it was the microphone. >> yeah, that's how it was. let's talk about the weather. >> we did well with the 3- degree guarantee. as each day passes, we will lose 10 degrees. we went for the high of 72, and it seemed reasonable. we made it it to 74. i was a
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time. that's our current temperature, and a live look outside. the winds are calm right now, picking up later on, and it will be breezy later and windy into friday. the headlines going like this, breezy and warm, and an afternoon shower is possible on st. patty's day, but a very nice day all things considered. i remember cold, cold rains for st. patrick's day before. 42 to 58, and that's comfortable. you can probably get by without a jacket. cooler friday with showers again, and then it's going to be dry on saturday, and you know, i don't know about you, but i have lawn work to do, and you can get the lawn work done on saturday, and then cold and wet on sunday, and some rain and wet snow flakes are possible close to town. 6:00in the morning tomorrow, generally clear. 50 downtown, and a few 40s. 45 in manassas, and 48 in rockville, and by 9:00, just a few high mid-level clouds will come streaming in from the
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midwest. back in the low 50s essentially. 53 for dc and silver spring and bowie, and by lunchtime, we are in the low 60s, and cumberland, 58, and haggerstown is 58 by lunchtime, and 3:00, we will see showers, and they are widely scattered, all light shades of green, and the temperatures are nice, despite the clouds, upper 60s pretty much across the board. 6:00, maybe a shower north of leesburg, and i would not get too hung up on the exact location. just know the fact that you're north at 66 and north of route 50, and that's going to be your best chance of showers. southern maryland, i don't think you will see any showers at all this time tomorrow night, low to mid-50s, and 50s across the board to start. increasing clouds as we go through. 61 at 11:00, and 65 at 1 :00 p.m., and friday, cooler, but still above average. a couple of showers possible, and then nice but cool on saturday, and i suppose you could call it chilly. clouds coming in
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night. next 7 days, cold rain or just showers on sunday, and wet snow flakes north and west. more rain and snow showers on monday, and back to 50 on tuesday, and then boom, it's a mid-60s on wednesday. >> you had to put that out there, didn't you? >> yeah. this story is just for you, top. >> a florida woman named mary thorne is fighting to keep the state from taking away her pet gaallitor. >> florida, just keep it up. >> this woman has raised rambo the last 7 years, and she cuddles with him, dresses him up, and even takes him out to go shopping. >> remember, this is florida we are dealing with. rambo is now 6'0", 125 pounds, and regulations in the state say that thorn's yard is too small to keep the gator, and she says yard? who cares about a yard. she says rambo is
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indoor gator. >> that's mouth-to-mouth kissing there. >> you have to love my home state. >> i was going to say that, kristen. you are from florida. >> why am i not surprised? the field is pretty much set, and the terps have arrived safely out west, and the cavaliers are gearing up for the show
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a trip out west to spokane, washington, was not necessarily what maryland fans were hoping for. but for the head coach, he feels it will benefit his players to just get far away from distractions. the terps arrived a few hours ago, and now it's all about the preparations for south dakota state. between the improvement they showed for the big 10 tournament, and now it's win or go home time, the terps will use it as fuel to make sure they keep dancing for awhile. >> we have
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momentum into the tournament. i feel like it's a great page, and we are looking to advance. >> we don't want to lose, and we don't want the season to end. that's the attitude we have, and then coming all the way out here. >> the virginia cavaliers got in their final practice today in raleigh, and they will play tomorrow afternoon. they are the one seed for the second time in 3 years, but that's far from a guaranteed victory, but the cavaliers say the recent early tournament exit has prepared them for the push. >> i think we are healthy right now, and we have played tough teams, and we certainly respect them and know you have to be right to advance. >> reporter: check out the head coach, and that's him on the top of the screen, and this is him at the championship. keep your eye on the sideline,
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very, very tame, however, bennett's players say he does let loose every now and then. >> i have never seen him jump up and down on the sidelines like that before, but in the locker room, he does kind of get a down step to him every now and then, and we get a big win, and he does the same dance every single time, and that's just coach bennett. >> maybe we will see him in the tournament. don't forget to sign up for the wus a 9 bracket challenge. go to george washington opening up against hofstra. alex beats the buzzer beater to give the colonials the lead. hofstra tried, but they continue answer. george washington wins it. the wizards play tonight, despite the metro being closed. check out this sign. they think something a little more reliable than the
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>> you know what is reliable? >> john wall, the third triple double of the season, and russell westbrook has 12. the wizards win their second straight, and two games
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all right, it's a nice st. patty's day, and near 70, and then cold rain on sunday with the snow flakes. get ready. >> we are going to have everything there. you have to have the whole closet ready. >> that's it for us tonight. >> have a
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