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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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spanned out across 100 miles of silent tracks found problems, 26 in all. near mcpherson square, foggy bottom and potomac avenue, 750- volt trick lines worn badly enough that metro would have had to shut down the tracks anyway if it had known about them. >> but there is a great mystery here. you just inspected these cables and yet they are failing again. >> i want to take a look at that whole process, what did we do, how did we do it? is there a smarter way. >> reporter: paul wiedefeld made the shut down call on his own after seeing for himself a track fire monday that was alarm mingly similar to the fire 14 months ago that killed 61-year-old carroll glover and sent scores of people to the hospital. what about the riders that say, my gosh, if they have to shut the whole system down for 29 hours, how can i have any faith in
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implications for the commute and business. but at the end of the day i have to keep you safe. that is my prime responsibility. that's why i did it. >> reporter: now, wiedefeld is hopping that the shut down helps restore the confidence of metro riders, not shake it. he said it should make it absolutely clear that if he feels something is unsafe, he will do whatever it takes to fix it. live at the continually -- tinnily metro station. >> they unloaded a silver train when malfunctioning brakes filled cars with smoke. crews moved the train tout get it fixed. watch the entire interview with the metro gm. down loud or free wusa 9 app. president obama's suspect nominee is making -- supreme court nominee is making the rounds. senate democrats took to the step
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call on the republican counterparts to at least consider garland's nomination then accused them of deferring to donald trump. >> occasionally republicans may try to distance themselves from him with their words. but their failure to do their job and give judge garland the consideration he deserves ties them to trump in a way they cannot untangle. >> some republicans say they will at least meet with judge garland but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says it's time for senators to turn to other issues. judge garland's nomination to the supreme court holds a special significance for an elementary school in northeast washington. turns out the chief judge of the u.s. court of appeals for the d.c. circuit has men toward and tutored students for the last 18 years. wusa 9 andrea mccarran joins us
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>> reporter: hi, adam. imagine you are an elementary school teacher in d.c. and you are suddenly summoned to the white house. well, that is exactly what happened to charlene wilburn. >> well, i got a call on the intercom and they said the white house is on the phone. >> reporter: president obama was about to name judge merrick garland as his supreme court nominee. the same man who tutors and mentors were students requested her presence at the rose garden event. >> i said i'm in jeans and tennis shoes. i can't very we'll go to the white house like that. they said well he really wants you there. so, i said, okay, i'm coming. >> reporter: a family member hustled to the school with clothing and raced her to the white house. >> i was floored. and i was honored. honored that he chose me to come. >> reporter: it came as no surprise to those who know him at the elementary school. >> comes in every other week for 18 years. he doesn'
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for a year. when he takes on a student, he follows them for many years. >> reporter: students, like 5th grader very nell garland. he has been tutoring her since first grade. >> he is a great tutor. he inspires me a lot. inspires me to become a judge. >> when we have hard homework and we don't unity stand it, he helps us, like -- understand it, he helps us like algebra. >> we saw him in his court suit and he was -- had a little thing that he beats on to say order in the court. >> a living history lesson for the students followed by a once in a lifetime experience for their teacher. >> i looked at the garden and i looked around and i just thought i will feel this moment and enjoy this moment for what it is. >> reporter: judge garland also expects his law clerks to volunteer at the school. he ll
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about helping kids, that it will make each of them a better person. reporting live from northeast washington, andre i can't mccarran -- andrea mccarran. >> what a great story. political analysts say the show down over filling the supreme court vacancy could impact the presidential race and ultimately control the senate. former republican presidential candidate lindsey graham said he will help ted cruz raise money to stop donald trump's nomination. graham said his differences in cruz pail in comparison to -- pale in comparison to trump. today, house speaker paul ryan told people speculating that he might he american as the republican nominee from a contested convention to knock it off. dozens of rabbis plan to protest trump's speech here in washington. >>a
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president putin is criticizing donald trump's online campaign ad. the same trump ad that uses video of hillary clinton barking like a dog and portrays putin as one of america's toughest opponent. stay up to date with the campaign news. download our wusa 9 app. a harsh dose of reality inside the reopened police station that was attacked by a gunman on sunday. officers decided to permanently preserve a bullet damaged door as a reminder of that day. a plaque recalls the officers that refused to stay hiding behind the steel doors. they ran through them into the line of fire. >> all the officers across the state and across the nation feel the same pain that we do, the same scars that are on that door. >> officer colson
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kenly killed by friendly fire- -mistakenly killed by friendly fire. the accused shooter survived being wounded and ordered held without bail by a judge. a viewing will be held for officers colson thursday d. the funeral will take place friday. visitors to the national zoo see fewer animals and more firefighters. >> the zoo said a worker smelled chlorine. this happened around 11:00 on the american trail portion of the zoo where the beaver and otter exhibits are housed. the area was closed as firefighters dealt with the haz- mat situation. >> this happened near the beavers and otters. they have pools so it's related to that somehow. >> if there was any danger and we had to evacuate or close off more of the zoo, we would be doing that right now. >> the worker was checked out on site and found out to be okay. the zoo said no animals were hurt. on the way, if you dreamed of cruising to cuba, you
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get your chance. >> up next, the obama administration says isis crimes go far beyond terrorism. top? >> okay. looking at a little cooler weather tomorrow. but still above average. 62 for a high. downtown 66 manassas. 63 in frederick. it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way.
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but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our fieamils face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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secretary of state john kerry determined isis is committing genocide against groups in syria. this past monday the house passed a resolution that labeled isis atrocities as genocide. that could put pressure on the obama administration to take more aggressive military action against isis. this is the first time that america declared a genocide since 2004. today the obama administration removed cuba from the list of countries considered a security risk. that means u.s. ships visiting the country will not have to go through additional security checks but ships returning from cuba will go through security. a police officer in suburban dallas facing charges of murder and assault. 35-year-old ken johnson was arrested last night.
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personal car last sunday when he chased down two teenage burglary suspects. during an altercation, he shot and killed one teenager and wounded the other. johnson says he feared for his life. investigators have not yet revealed whether the teenagers were armed. the fbi is now investigating the stun gun death of a man at the hands of virginia police officers. this video is from south boston from a police cruiser the night that 46-year-old lynwood lambert was shot several times after he was picked up for causing a disturbance at a motel. civil rights leaders asked for the fbi to look into what happened because prosecutors have yet to charge the officers involved. an autopsy report says lambert died of acute cocaine intoxication. coming up, a performance at a high school pep rally goes horribly wrong. >> up next, members of congress calling on michigan's governor to resign after
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no annual contract. 100 meg speeds at a price this good? fios can do that. cable just can't. switch to better. switch to fios michigan's governor and the head of the environmental protection agency faced tough questions from the
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>> the testimony you are about to give -- >> reporter: rick schneider and gina mccarthy were hammered by a panel for their response to the water crisis in flint. >> tie immediate action as soon as i learned there was a lead issue. >> plausible deny ability only works when it's plausible. i'm not buying you didn't know about this until october 2015. you were not a in -- in a medically induced coma for a year. >> he said the water was safe and he found out about the problem 18 months after the city switched to the flint river to save money. >> i kick myself everyday wishing i demanded more answers. >> reporter: flint was under state management when improperly tread river water stripped lead from the pipes contaminating the water. the committee blamed the epa for not stepping in sooner. >> you could have pulled the switch. >> we took action from that point forward. >> you did not act when you had the chance and if
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to do the courageous thing, you should step down. >> many flint residents came to watch in person. >> it is hurtful, as if we don't matter to those in power. flint lives matter. >> flint lives matter. >> flint lives matter. >> they hope the hearings are only the first step to fixing the problem. 220 million-dollar bill to fix the pipes is stalled in congress. panic at a pep rally. a professional fire breather and several others rushed to the hospital after an accident at a florida high school this morning. students posted video of the performer catching fire and the chaos that followed on twitter. doctors are treating him for burns. seven people are being treated for inhaling fumes from a fire extinguisher. several others suffered minor lerns.
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school is scary. a change in society's at at the tuesday about captive orcad, sea world will no longer breed the killer whale. they will be put on display in a more natural environment. they teamed up with the humane society of the u.s. to make the change. for years the humane society was a long time critic of the shows. one of the two eagle eggs is beginning to hatch. a nest cam shows the eggs started cracking last night as the little eaglet pecked its way out. the two eagles caring for the eggs are named mr. president and the first lady. >> for the record topper predicted today would be the day. >> tomorrow, friday. >> i think we made a bet, too, didn't we, top. maryland health officials are seeing a surge in
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cases. the increase in flu cases began in late february. typically the time when they start to wind down. as for why we did not see the flu peak in january like in years past there could be many factors, including better hygiene to avoid catching or spreading it. >> this season the flu vaccine is very effective. especially relative to last year. that may be why we are seeing a later surge. that is possibly one of the explanations. >> experts say it's still not too late to get the vaccine which does cover the type of flu strain that they are seeing right now. >> people getting sick. yes, indeed. >> i can attest to that. >> what do we have in terms of rolling forecast. >> oh, gosh. >> we had this roller coaster you are bringing us on. >> we will get on it. >> the possibility of snow. >> a little snow. i think many of us will see flakes over the weekend. not a huge deal but it is march. quite frankly, we
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in april. that doesn't make it more palatable. >> you shouldn't be more surprised. average snow okay through april and somehow you cut the grass for nine months of the year. ponder that grass hoppers. it's 65. very nice. winds are northerly at 14. still gusting to 21. it will be breezy tonight and breezy to windy tomorrow. here is the radar the past hour. one batch of showers is out of here up in northeastern maryland. we have a second batch, winchester to romney and cumberland. some of these will cross over i- 81. the next couple of hours a chance of an evening shower. we will keep an isolated shower in. colder tonight. bus stop temperatures, 38 to 52. again, breezy. so, take it with a grain of salt. mild tomorrow with a stray shower. then light rain and snow over the weekend. now we are bringing in the rain as early as saturday evening. so, keep that in mind s.
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dry, not quite as picturesque as we thought as clouds roll in during the day. 10:00 tonight, temperatures low to mid-50s. 55 downtown. 53 sterling. 53 fairfax and looking at 54 in silver spring. by morning, temperatures are in the upper 40s and low 40s in manassas and mid-morning in the upper 40s across the board but generally clear. so, seven day outlook looks like this, saturday rain in the evening. yes, snow at night. rain and snow sunday. rain and snow showers monday. back to the low 50s on tuesday. look at this. it doesn't stay cold long. mid-60s wednesday. 70 with sunshine on thursday. >> thanks so much. let's go to christian in spokane. how is the bracket? >> it's doing good because i picked the 12-5 upset we had today with yale. so far it's looking good. remember to go to our web
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to check out yours. maryland is hoping not to be one
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happen. yale upset baylor. terps are a 5 seed hoping not to join the group when they take on south dakota state. jack rabbits have a deep team but safe to say most people are picking maryland. they are a 10 point favorite to get past the first round. the team is feeling confident despite the pressure. >> i have been fortunate as a player and coach to be a part of the tournament. i think our guys are more relaxed this year. they are focused. >> feeling good. we are happy to be out here in spokane where we can focus on basketball. i think for us we are locked in on what we need to do defensively to win the game. >> reporter: now, while the terps prepare for their opponent, the virginia cavaliers handled thei
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hanrahan. >> reporter: good evening. way has of virginia are like the goliath in this region. they were not to be 1 taken down by the hampton pirates. they are showing everybody in raleigh why they are the top seed in the midwest region. coach tony bennett and the cavaliers have big fresh to fry. they with stooled a push by hampton. the biggest scare for virginia came actually from the coach, tony bennett collapsing before halftime. he would return and the cavaliers roll 81-45. afterwards the concern was about their head coach. >> just been under the weather the last couple of days and i think i was a bit dehydrated. then when you are squatting down and get up quick, i just grayed out or blocked out a little bit. i was saying someg
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than i ever had in my life. i didn't know what was going on. i was praying just to make sure that he was okay. it worked. i healed him. >> reporter: so good to see the coach will be okay and ready to coach them up on saturday. virginia faces off against butler in raleigh saturday afternoon. live in raleigh, let's send it 3,000 miles out west to kristen in spokane. >> thanks so much. it's a lot earlier here. in spokane, kristin ber set -- berset. >> fearing the jet lag. >> no doubt. >> breaking news quickly. south korea says north korea fired a ballistic missile into the sea. we will have more on the
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>> pelley: that's the rear window of a car after a ferocious hail storm battered north texas. also tonight, under fire over water. >> you messed up 100,000 people's lives, 100,000 of them, 10,000 of those people are six years old and younger. >> pelley: the e.p.a. takes the heat for the crisis in flint. the democrats fall preview. >> donald trump won't make america great again, but he will make republicans the minority again. >> pelley: a sea change at seaworld. the curtain is coming down on killer whale shows. and the players who turned riding bench into an art form. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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