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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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lose in november. >> of people want to be smart, they can embrace this movement and if they don't want to bismarck, they should do what they're doing now and republicans are going down to a massive loss. >>reporter: over the weekend, morris signs of how deeply donald trump divides this country. >> get him out of here, please! >>reporter: at a trump rally in tucson, more violence. it trump fan punching and stomping a protester who was being let out before calmly turning around to be arrested. >> can you clearly and categorically tell your fans that you -- >> i don't want violence. >>reporter: then, he went on to excuse the violence. >> he was talked to horribly and he was also looking at somebody that came up with someone dressed as a member of the ku klux klan. >>reporter: liberal i cut democratic senator, elizabeth warren, derita trump's arrival here in dc with a tweet
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she called him a want to be tyrant who stands ready to tear america apart, built on values like decency, community and concern for our neighbors, to which trump responded, who do you mean? the indian? warren claimed native american heritage. >>reporter: live on pennsylvania avenue, russeau shaye wusa9. >> trump reached out to a homeless that in gaithersburg. we will tell you more about that coming up at 6:00. trump was met in dc with some protesters. at the verizon center, what are the folks protesting against? >>reporter: there is a couple of things. obviously, donald trump and plenty of folks protesting him and then there is u.s. policy. u.s. policy some folks are protesting.
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in to the conference and we've seen tens of thousands of folks heading in and you can see the mass of protesters, good-sized gathering of folks made up of some different groups. there were some here as part of an organized group and some independently, on their own. summer here strictly to protest donald trump and others are here to protest the usa and the israel palestine policies. >> everything is wrong and politics. is got to go. >> i'm very worried that donald trump has gotten this far. the violence, everything. >> if they think there are better things than sending our money for the palestinians and other people in that part of the world, that is right.
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>>reporter: as you know, donald trump protesters and the rallies have gained quite a reputation. summer getting out of hand and this one has been mostly peaceful. the majority of protesters are standing their ground and chanting their views and holding signs. that is not to say that a couple have not tried to antagonize some folks going in. some folks. but, it has been a peaceful protest and they are out here championing their views. dc police are on the scene, also. they are all over the place in here in full force. obviously, this city is no stranger to protest and dc police seem to be able to handle it. live at the verizon center, wusa9. >> standby and let us know if things change. many in his own party are plotting to bring him down. donald trump did meet with prominent republicans in washington and the meeting was that a law from near capitol hill. embers of the congressional leadership did not attend. many republican strategists and activists believe that if trump secures the presidential nomination, they wouwo
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candidate. donald trump is scheduled to address the american israel public affairs committee within the hour, and it is considered a must for presidential candidates. four of the five remaining candidates are speaking, including hillary clinton. she called out trump's campaign rh oricouwitht mentioning his name. >> america should be better than this. i believe that is our responsibility as citizens, to say so. if you see bigotry, oppose it. if you see balance, condemn it. if you see a bully, stand up to him. [cheers and applause] >> presidential candidate chose not to attend. ernie sanders is campaigning out west. breaking news from i-95 where one person was seriously injured in a crash this afternoon and
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man was struck by a vehicle while changing a tire. the victim was trapped under the vehicle. this happened in the southbound lane of mile marker 164 and the chopper flew the victim to a nearby hospital and we will update you on his condition, as soon as we learned. a chaotic day at howard university hospital. a pipe burst and flooded the basement. icu patients had to be moved and ambulances redirected and all appointments canceled. stephanie galehart is live right now with the latest for us. >>reporter: good evening. we just learned that all the water is now back on at the hospital. that is certainly the good news. what happened here made it a difficult day for patients. >> i'm just concerned, really. that means a follow-up on my decision. >>reporter: joseph williams has a heart condition and needs to be seen by doctor. >> he was working through
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that all appointments was canceled because of the flood and they tried to call. we never received a call. >>reporter: this couple took three buses to get here, only to be turned away. >> i am angry. if there was contact, we have three phones in the house and they have all the numbers. no one called. >>reporter: these two are also frustrated. >> she has to get her medicine and didn't get it today. >>reporter: the chaos unfolded early this morning after a pipe burst at howard university hospital. icu patients had to be moved and surgeries will cancel the dish were canceled or moved to other hospitals and all appointments were canceled for today. >> i'm not surprised, let's put it like that, not here. howard university is one of the oldest hospitals. i still think there's another upgrade that needs to be done to howard and maybe this would get the attention of the
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something to make things better. >> get things together. you know? inform the patients of what's going on. make some alternatives for them. that's what i wish the hospital would do. >>reporter: we now know that all emergency services will resume here in two hours at 7:00. more online services will come on tomorrow. meantime, officials are trying to figure out what caused the pipe to burst. reporting live in northwest dc, stephanie galehart, wusa9. emergency ambulances have been redirected to other hospitals all day and we are told everything is running smoothly. there are no backups at other hospitals. now, to president obama's historic trip to cuba. in a most scrutinized moment, president obama sat down with the leader of the communist country. raul castro was addressing repos
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men said normalizing relations between the cold war adversaries won't be easy, but it's possible for both countries to work together. cuba once the u.s. -- cuba once the u.s. to live sanctions and open up the markets. >> >> translator: the most important obstacle, there will be no guarantees. >> i just august -- i discussed with president castro, the steps to show the joint ventures and allowing for companies to hire cubans directly. >> more history will be made tomorrow with the tampa bay rays playing the cuban national baseball team there in havana. a small majority, 52%, support president obama's trip to cuba, according to a new york times cbs poll released today. six in 10 americans think restoring diplomacy with the island nation is good for the u.s. when it comes to the presidents plan to close the prison at guantanamo bay park,
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-- at guantanamo bay, 53% of americans think it should remain open. of the first time in 90 years he was president set foot on cuban soil and we could soon see the fruits of this relationship deservedly talks of a possible cuban nationals baseball game here in dc. stephanie ramirez has more. >>reporter: it would be fun for baseball players. an exhibition game doesn't begin to scratch the surface when we talk about the changes that could come from this trip that is also tugging at heartstrings. the u.s. president walking through cuba's revolution square. >> it was very emotional to see that. i've been waiting almost my entire life for that. >>reporter: jose believes it is about time. he is cuban born and has dealt with the cuban government. he represented elian gonzalez in 1993, was mother died trying to flee the communist country. >> the biggest problem is not human rights, at the problem in cuba is the economy. salaries are low and prices are
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listening, almost everyone is looking at the island. the president announced google would expand wi-fi to cuba and starwood hotels merged with marriott, will be the first hotel chain to operate there and nearly 60 years. even airbnb said cuba is the fastest growing market and dc is looking to tap and. >> and untapped country. >>reporter: they are keeping an eye on the presidents trip. mayor bowser went there with the chamber of commerce to introduce potential business partners. like the president of sibling memorial hospital and howard university. >> take about 50 years from now what the relationship look like with cuba. >>reporter: and outspoken opponent of the relationship -- >> cuba is a place where you are able to work and talk freely is disgraceful. >>reporter: you can't live in isolation. the world has changed. fans
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to see trade open both ways so that cuba can benefit from the new relationship, as well. stephanie ramirez, wusa9. later in the broadcast, how airbnb is taking advantage of the relations between the countries. investigators in woodbridge positively identified the victim up last week's deadly fire. >> the body was discovered thursday afternoon on ponderosa court. the fire broke out in a townhouse wednesday morning and extended next-door. the medical examiner will determine exactly how he died. the attacker was stabbed to women outside indeed see nightclub is being looked for at the bravo bravo nightclub on connecticut avenue. police believe the violence happened after a verbal fight in the club. women were taken to the hospitalwi
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threatening injuries. a bear sighting in fairfax county? the bear was spotted yesterday near difficult run stream park and wolftrap stream valley park in vienna. experts say spring is the time that black bears and their cubs emerge from their winter dens. the bears said the person -- the person said the bear remained on the property for about one hour. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5. she was looking for love but came away brokenhearted and $3000 later. allegation of a dating service scam coming up at 5:30. a typical march day. these are wind chills that make it feel like 37 in hagerstown and 40 in gaithersburg. it looks like 50 downtown and this is worse tthanhe cherry blossoms blossoms -- worse for the cherry blossoms. we will take a look at easter weekend. an update on when you can see the cherry blossoms peek after this weekend's raw weather. detectives a
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fairfax county police are in the area of a disturbing unsolved murder in waterfront community after several reports of gunfire came in early on sunday. here is more and what's going on. >>reporter: they haven't figured out whether gunfire came from. it is the apparent randomness of everything that's been going on here that scares people and gives this place a creepy feeling. first, you have the murder of a retired world bank economist, 83 years old. then, mysterious gunfire in the middle of the night. >>reporter: investigators are working the case is focused on the waterfront of this exclusive community. fairfax county police patrol it but no answers explain the source of the apparent gunfire.
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in several calls coming to fairfax county police. the suspicious circumstances created a new urgency in the investigation. march 11, retired world bank economist, 83-year-old, johan de leede was shot to death at his waterfront home in the 6000 block of river drive on the banks of the potomac at about 1:00 in the morning. no known motive or robbery or suspects announced. and admired man with no enemies that anyone knows of. to a shot of the back door of his home overlooking the river. it is the mystery that is disturbing to people. >> the randomness is frightening. >>reporter: more unexplained suspected gunfire in the middle of the night, now, at into the mystery. >> after all this shooting, the neighborhood was searched by police dogs and detectives had canvassed the door door in the wake of the gunfire and residents are eager to help solve the murder of mr. johan de leede. it has all been an exercise in frustration and fear.
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searched the river and police held a neighborhood meeting. the only surviving suspect in last year's terrorist attack in paris may have been plotting more violence. salah abdeslam was arrested friday in brussels. the belgian foreign minister said abdeslam told investigators he was planning more isis-inspired attacks. he also admitted he was supposed to blow himself up during the paris attacks, but backed down. abdeslam is due before a judge on wednesday and the search continues for two accomplices. the restaurant that was a scene of a deadly attack in paris reopened today. 20 people were shot and killed at the restaurant on november 13. the cafe has been renovated and given a new look. to commemorate the victims, painting bearing the names of those killed in the attack is located at the entrance to the
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for the first time, they are known as dc 2 and dc 3. >> that is what the american eagle foundation calls the baby eaglets born at the national arboretum. dc 3at hatched sunday and the foundation is behind the immensely popular live stream videos of the eaglets nest. it has 9 million views since it launched in february and you can check out the live eagle webcam on our wusa9 news app. >> as long as they don't let the internet decide the name. the national park service said the recent cold spell will have no impact on the cherry blossoms. a round of applause. the peak blooming time is predicted to begin on or about march 23. that is wednesday. as you can see, a lot of the trees are getting close. you don't have to be there on wednesday. in the cherry blossoms are out they stay from four-10 days, depending on the wind. what say you about that? >> i said the cold rain and snow wouldn't hurt them. it might slow
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the wind is not good. you don't what that when they come out. we have light rays tomorrow and into wednesday and the sun is coming back. >> that is what we like. 3-degree guarantee, we feel pretty good. a little below average in terms of temps. we went for high of 52 how did we do? i will let you know at 11:00. you can track us by downloading our free at. a live look outside, it is 52 right now and let's stay there. 52 and a dry air mass. the winds are gusting to 30 miles an hour and that is one reason we have wind chills to talk about. that said, cold start but milder finish tomorrow. the bus stop temperatures are 30-45, typical spring day. you will need a jacket in the morning and you will carry it home. small price to pay for a nice finish. a terrific taste -- a terrific tuesday. low 60s. temperatures return wednesday and wi
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6:00 in the morning, some may -- some areas may sneak below freezing. 38 downtown and up to sterling and by 9:00, sunshine and in the low 40s for the most part. it may be 38 in hagerstown and cumberland. 41 in fairfax. by lunchtime, pretty nice, mid- 50s. noticed the wind. the arrows indicate a southwest wind that will blow up warmer air. milder tomorrow and warmer into wednesday and thursday. by 6:00 p.m., 60 in manassas and 61 in fredericksburg and 169 and la plata. by 10:00, temperatures in the 50s tomorrow night, a pretty good deal. on the day planner, a jacket will be a good idea with temperatures in the 30s to start. these are downtown temps. 42 at 9:00 and 51 by 1:00 p.m. the next three days, 72 on wednesday and beautiful. crowds come in
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we will keep it dry. 72 and showers and storms thursday night and they should be out of here, for the most part, on good friday. there may be leftovers -- leftover shower early on friday. beautiful, beautiful for easter sunday, and a the lewdly spectacular for easter sunday. temperatures in the morning will be a little chilly and after that, temps in the 70 and sunrise 7:01 on sunday. some showers and cooler by easter monday. >> we will take it, topic, thank you. a local student designed this google doodle as part of a contest. what it is and what she one, on the way. cheaper and smaller. apple takes the wraps off its new iphone and ipad.
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cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. what do we have? how about a live look at the capital building and the dome. if you squint really hard, you can see a big
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taking down some of the scaffolding. >> it looks good! >> according to roll call, all of the metal covering the dome should be off by the end of the month. all part of a plan to fix the cracks and other flaws to keep it pretty and safe. >> it is deceiving. when you step outside, it is a little bit chilly. topper we will talk about the forecast, coming up. and consumer alert, starwood hotels will be the first to operate in cuba. starwood plans to open three hotels by the end of 2016. marriott beat out a competitor to buy the come -- to buy the hotels by beefing up its bid to $13.6 million. starwood will move forward and the acquisition will create the world's largest hotel business. apple's product launch started with pledge from company ceo tim cook to continue to defy the u.s. government's demand to help unlock an ente
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bernardino. with that, he unveiled the 4- inch iphone se that has similar features of the iphone 6s but cost $399 for 16 gigabytes. apple cut the price of the smart watch and displayed new bands for the wrist device. retailers are ready to rake in the dough this easter. a service that americans will spend about $17.3 billion for their easter egg hunt baskets and more. that is about $146 per person, the highest spending and the 13 years that survey has been conducted. they said most of the money will go to food and easter close and lots of chocolate if you are a child of my house. congratulations to sophomore akilah johnson. >> she won googles national doodle contest. she beat out 100,000 other entrance and here she is posing in front of her doodle entitled, my afrocentric life. the doodle answers a question, what makes me,
5:27 pm
themes and moves into reflections on society, featuring the likes of nelson mandela, rosa parks and colin powell. she won a scholarship. her high school one of $50,000 education grant and her google has been a tarp the google homepage all day long. >> that is awesome. well done. some of the biggest tennis stars i speaking out after what some say are sexist comments from an attorney. a rash of bald eagle deaths for the second time in two months? the montgomery woman said she has a hole in her heart and fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network.
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a montgomery county woman said she was scammed by a maryland dating service and now she is trying to warn other people. >> 52-year-old toby otto said she wanted help finding a boyfriend. andrea mccarren tells us what happened. >>reporter: she shelled out $3000 in exchange for the promise of four dates in one year but said all she's gotten is heartache and disappointment. >> when i went, i hoped to find a boyfriend, a christian boyfriend and that never happened.
5:31 pm
>>reporter: like many singles, she went looking for love online and ultimately signed a contract so blurry she now admits she couldn't really read the fine print. >> they don't -- if they don't get me back my money, i will take them back to court. >>reporter: she paid $3000 for what ended up to be one date and he wasn't even a christian. >> he was agnostic. he doesn't believe in god. i couldn't believe it. >>reporter: she complained about the first a date and her second one never happened. >> i told them i live in montgomery county and i would rather have someone in my community because i don't drive on the highway. next thing they did was refer me to someone in pennsylvania. >>reporter: we visited the office of maryland matchmakers in columbia and asked a woman who identified herself as the office manager, to get someone to answer our questions. >> why don't you call somebody now? >> i won't. >> you won't? >> they are not
5:32 pm
conference call right now. >>reporter: she wants her money back and consulted a lawyer who told her the only recourse is for her to go to arbitration. in florida. >> it's been a very bad experience, very bad and i hope others will learn from this. >>reporter: late today, i heard from a spokesperson from maryland matchmakers who said the company determined a refund is not warranted. the better business bureau has received 46 complaints about this dating service in just the last three years. the consumer affairs division of the maryland attorney general office has helped to mediate one dozen complaints. >> thank you. before you sign any document, read the fine print and before you do business with any company, checked the reviews that the better business bureau, www.,
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a virginia state trooper faces charges after manassas park police said he shot and killed a pitbull earlier this month. 28-year-old trooper cd campbell faces two misdemeanors. the shooting happened on march 8 and state police didn't find out about it until last week. trooper campbell is assigned to the springfield office in fairfax county and is on unpaid leave pending the outcome of the investigation. police are investigating a serious accident and damascus. sky nine chopper is over the area with a tractor trailer showing collided with pickup trucks. and accident victim was airlifted to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. in prince george's county, we learned that services for fallen officer, jacai colson will be open to the public. he was killed by friendly fire after responding to an active shooter at police health -- police headquarters. the viewing will be thursday from 2:00 until 9:00
5:34 pm
funeral home in friday's viewing will be from 9:00 until 11:00 at the first baptist church of glenarden in upper marlboro. the funeral will be at the same location and he will be buried next monday and lynwood, pennsylvania. for the second time in two months, police investigate the death of bald eagles. the discoveries were made in delaware on saturday and one eagle was found by itself and four others were discovered a mile away. police said they were among a group of eagles found disoriented on a farm. in february, 13 bald eagles were found dead and federalsburg, maryland, on the stentorian investigators don't believe the died of natural causes. so far, authorities don't see any connections between the two cases. report show a retired state trooper who killed two people at a pennsylvania turnpike poll -- tollbooth had filed for bankruptcy last year. >> clearance break tied up two people inside the toll plaza and south central pennsylvania. he
5:35 pm
away and a security guard who just arrived at the toll plaza. briggs was killed in a shootout with troopers. a texas woman is accused of burning her 2-year-old daughter by allegedly putting here in an oven. 35-year-old tasha hatcher is caused -- is charged with causing seriously door serious bodily harm to a child. the girl will be placed in protective services after her release from the hospital. the nations fantasy sport websites will start -- will stop operating in new york through the end of the baseball season. the states attorney general said drafting and fanduel are accused of running as illegal sports betting operations. new york is considering legislation that would allowed fantasy sites to do business. a controversial comment has ahead of a major tennis tournament under fire tonight. here he is, the tournament ceo raymmo
5:36 pm
their male counterparts. >> they are very, very lucky. if i was a lady player i would go down every night on my knees and thank god that they have roger federer. they've carried the sport. >> serena williams is arguably a bigger draw than any of the male players. despite the apologies, some critics call for moore to resign. a $300 million boat could soon have the dumbest name ever thanks to an online poll. >> why these bartenders are thankful comedian amy schumer stopped by. this lady is holding up a piece of paper as part of a dangerous new health trend. the winds are howling ou
5:37 pm
miles an hour and they will subside to allow temperatures to fall pretty low. everybody is in the 30s tonight. 38 downtown
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
is trending tonight. forget about 20%. check this out. comedian amy schumer dropped to $1000 tip on a $77 bar tab over the weekend. >> the beneficiaries were bartenders at the hit show, hamilton. schumer used to be a bartender and she said she feels their pain. the bartender said it was the most generous tip never got. >> i'm sure that bartender -- for sure? >> for sure. a dangerous new trend is catching fire in china. this is called a challenge where young women post pictures of themselves holding up piece of printer paper to show their midsection's are narrower than the paper. women in china and the rock dash -- and around the world are speaking out. a journalist posted this. a one-word description said
5:41 pm
this was. was becoming likely that a $300 million boat will be named boaty mcboat face. >> we are not making that up. the research council in the uk opened up the naming of the survey ship to a public online vote. when you take it to the internet, things will go out of control. boaty mcboat face has 10 times more votes than the second- place name, bob and is trending hard on twitter. you can't go to the site to vote. so many have gone online to vote for boaty mcboat face that it crashed the site. the communications director who suggested the name has apologized. two other cheeky names that won't win are not the titanic and, it's bloodied cold out here and they have not said if they would overrule th
5:42 pm
they haven't said that, yet. >> they have to go with what they said. >> boaty mcboat face. a microblog site turns 10 years old, twitter. at the end of 2015, twitter boasted 320 million active users. if you want to say happy birthday, it's #love twitter. if you think it makes you look hot, you should wear. >> you won't believe who said it. not a hip fashion designer, it was joe maddon from the cubs. you know we are getting close to opening day when joe maddon is out there working at. he made the comment while addressing a team dress code for the upcoming season. he said wearing a $5000 suit on a plane doesn't make any sense and he wonders who they are trying to impress with that kind of get up. the big day for maryland hoops. men returned victorious and the women are set for second ground game tonight. a live report from college park
5:43 pm
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we simply held each other's hands. we still are. i lost my dad to alzheimer's. preventing alzheimer's is within our grasp. let's double the budget of nih and get it done. i'm david trone and i approve this message. we want to give a live look at john kasich speakit
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conference in dc. donald trump is scheduled to speak later tonight and hillary clinton was there earlier today. we will bring more tonight at 6:00 and 7:00. president obama is one of 3 million americans who visited cuba since travel restrictions have been lifted. tourists flocking to the island nation faced limited hotel options and a lot of them are using a room rental website, airbnb, to find their temporary stay. margaret brennan reports from havana. >>reporter: a room with an ocean front view anywhere in the caribbean would cost top dollar. for as little as $45 a night, renters can reserve a suite like this using the online booking tool, airbnb.
5:47 pm
since the u.s. loose and travel restrictions, more than 3.5 million visitors have flooded into cuba, a country with only 63,000 hotel rooms. >> you would think 10% to 20% of cubans are staying in the airbnb. >>reporter: they live in los angeles and decided to rent a home to experience cuba like locals. >> in the hotel, i won't have that opportunity. i will not have the contact with real people. >>reporter: cuba remains one of the few countries in the world left untapped by american corporations, due to the long- running trade embargo. that is changing. starwood hotels will soon be the first to operate in cuba and nearly 60 years. visitors fear an influx of big business will endanger the unique charm in cuba. >> we want to take the last grasp of how it was before the big change. >>reporter: the authoritarian castro government has not made it easy for american companies to set up shop. >> cuba is a country where there is spotty internet service, at best. credit cards don't work
5:48 pm
does airbnb do business here? >> there are 4000 homes and we have people that are cohost's. they accept payment sent to all the messaging online and they work with the people's homes. >>reporter: cubans have a long tradition of renting their homes to visitors. to sign up, a company introduces them to a 21st century platform. >> that was market brennan reporting. airbnb is one business that generates money for the average cuban instead of the castro government. finding and affording home is part of the battle for those on the streets. >> dozens of items were donated to families who have experienced homelessness. muriel bowser was on hand for the event. >> you will hear about people talking about how much it will cost us to support families in need. it is not cheap to support families in need. it is also not cheap to leave them behind. it's actually more expensive to leave them behind. >>
5:49 pm
bedroom furniture will go as a priority in the facility. is a 28 unit dc back department. the mission is to help homeless people find jobs, but making sure the basic needs are met, first. for a quick check on the weather, here is topper. a gorgeous night. you don't detect the coolness and the wind is howling but not bad at 52 and the windsor gusting up to 30 miles an hour. the winds are dying down and it will be a cold night. the temps will be the 30s and tomorrow, at the bus stop, it will be a chilly start. 30 to 45. some schools are still going and a light jacket is a good idea. and milder finish tomorrow and warmer on wednesday and thursday. the 70s returned by midweek. for the evening plan, temps in the 50s and not bad with generally clear skies. in terms of low temperatures, they will be in the
5:50 pm
36 in gaithersburg on some areas will go down below 30s. 30 in cumberland and get ready for a cold night. the winds will die down and the chilly morning with temperatures in the 30s tomorrow morning. they will end up in the 50s and 60s. it should be 60 just about everywhere. even hagerstown will be 60 tomorrow and 63 in cumberland. all in all, a nice start. futurecast, 10:00, low 40s and a little jacket for walking the dog. 39 in manassas and 41 in gaithersburg and fairfax and silver spring. a few high clouds in the morning and mainly sunny and gorgeous. by 9:00, low 40s across the board. by lunchtime, the winds will be out
5:51 pm
temperatures in the mid-50s. by tomorrow evening, temperatures are around 60 just about everywhere. the day planner looks like this -- 55 by 1:00 and the next days, we look at clouds coming in late thursday. the bulk of the day looks fine and dry. appear of 70s wednesday and thursday and it could bleed over into good friday and the weekend looks nice. in fact, we are looking at a great, great-looking sunday, easter sunday. sunrise at 7:01. a little chilly to start. by 1:00, temperatures are 65 and a sweater is a good idea in the morning. showers roll in on monday with temps falling. >> to the mid-50s. now, wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. it has been a long time coming for the maryland men hoops. they are finally back to the sweet 16 for the first time. hard to believe that it's been 13 years. in hawaii they went. a mix of relief and joy as the
5:52 pm
with two victories. maryland, only a few days home before they faced top-seed kansas and louisville on thursday night. we stayed in the game for the defense and the defense helped us win. the coach has pbeenreaching defense all year. i've got to believe him. defense was the key to when it. >> it took us a while to get here. after what we went through last year, it feels good. >> we have a chance to compete. we played kansas and it was a key when. >> it is a big day for the maryland women's. second round game and diane roberts is standing by and college park with more. live is the operative word. look at all this excitement.
5:53 pm
the teams are warming up and fans are getting ready to go. dame time -- game time is 6:40 p.m. maryland is second-seed in washington is seventh to seed. maryland got here tonight by beating i own a on saturday and that was 74-58. they hope to take better care of the ball. a better job and they turn the ball over 19 times. they are ready to go. east coast versus west on the coast. >> i'm sure there will be a little bit of a chip when you talk about west coast versus east coast basketball. they are led by the third leading scorer, kelsey plum. she is dynamic with a great supporting cast and we have to play a complete 40 minute game. >> you've got to love live tv. the band just went right added. we love maryland women. they are the number one ncaa team, for rebounds. that is a good step to ha
5:54 pm
#hello band. you have to worry when yukon comes to town. >> still a ways down and we will worry about that. >> how is your bracket? >> 13 out of 16. >> not bad. when bruce joins me, donald trump's speech to aipac topped off a busy day for the front runner in dc. we will have a live report. president obama meets with cuban president raul castro, face-to-face and we will have the latest on the president's trip
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
the u.s. government is investigating electronic gearshift is found in some jeep models. the smaller shifter gives more space in the center console but some consumers say they can't always tell if they shifted properly. there have been hundreds of reports of vehicles going away after the driver thought it was in. here's a report. >>reporter: gary leased a 2014 jeep grand cherokee, vehicle built with a new kind of electronic transmission that changed the feel of shifting gears, maybe too much. >> if i don't hit it just right and get it into drive, i could get into an accident because of that. >>reporter: the new shifter is a mono stable electronic gearshift or
5:58 pm
the typical sensation of moving the current apart, drive or reverse. >> i got out of the car and thought it was in park and the was still in reverse. >>reporter: the national highway safety administration is investigating more than 850,000 vehicles and most of 2014 or 2015 grand cherokee is equipped with you shift. the investigation change -- claims reports of 120 accidents resulting in people being hospitalized. we drove a 2014 grand cherokee at the test track and connecticut. >> there is also -- i push forward -- it doesn't mean i end up in park. >> there is a failsafe. at the end of the day you don't have a problem with cars lunch and forward or rolling in some way a consumer doesn't expect. >>reporter: fiat chrysler said it is cooperating fully with the investigation and for the 2016 model year, it changed, but they have not recalled any existing models. the automaker said the changes were due to customer satisfaction, not safety reasons. chris vancleave, cbs news in washington.
5:59 pm
>> bmw and mercedes have similar electronic shifters and some vehicles but they added a failsafe feature that automatically puts the car in park when the driver opens the door. protesters greeted donald trump as he talked foreign policy to an israel group in dc. in cuba, castro denied the country is holding political prisoners and barack obama predicted the trade embargo will be lifted, but not while he is in office. before unveiling apple's latest product, the ceo talks about his stance on the privacy battle versus the fbi. i'm jan jeffcoat. trump will be speaking at the verizon center downtown and his rival, ohio governor, john kasich, just wrapped up his speech. like many places, his appearance is sparking protest. we have several
6:00 pm
>>reporter: the folks going inside to see donald trump speak are already in there and folks outside, the protesters are on the outside of the protest has gotten smaller. it is just as loud as it was and donald trump rallies have started to gain quite a reputation and sometimes they are getting out of hand. protesters have been standing their ground and this one is peaceful. some of them have tried to antagonize folks going in. all in all, it has been peaceful and this is the stuff that raises passionate people. you can expect a lot of this. protesters are made up of several groups and some are part of organized groups and others are here independently. some are here to protest donald trump and others


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