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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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with another suicide bomber, khalid el bakraoui. cbs confirmed that the el bakraoui brothers may have involved in a plant earlier and that the brussels attacks were planned for next monday. the date was moved up after police in brussels arrested salah abdeslam last week. >> when i turned the corner, i heard the first explosion. >> reporter: sebastian was at the airport and remembers falling after the first bomb went off. >> i looked down and i see like massive bones just sticking out. then i hear a second explosion. now that i think about it over and over, i think that is what saved me because i was already on the ground when high tide second one went off. >> reporter: two belgium officials tried to resign over intelligence failures leading up to the attacks. many aren't pointing fingers. >> i think it's bigger than what i think and what people see on the media. >> reporter: critic
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the entire european union that needs to step up the fight against terrorism. kenneth craig, cbs news, brussels, belgium. there is more evidence of a link between the brussels booming and the paris attacks. prosecutors say the suicide boomer who struck the subway station rented a house that was used as a hide out for the attackers in paris. the state department is working to confirm and identify all american casualties in the brussels attack. at this point it knows of no americans killed but a dozen have been injured and others are missing. sheila is looking for her missing son justin and his wife. they dropped off the wife's mother and were leaving the airport when the bomb went off. >> justin wanted me to go to brussels to see him. this is not the way i wanted to see him. >> we
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accurate information. many of the injured went to a broad swath of hospitals. trying to get accurate information on the nationalities and identity of some of the injured is tough. >> a lot of families are not waiting. they are turning to social media hoping to find any information about the fate of their loved ones. pope francis performed the traditional holy thursday foot washing ceremony outside of rome. it comes at a time when antiimmigrant sentiment is high after the brussels attack. those included muslims and catholics. secretary of state john kerry met with scott kelly and his russian cosmonaut. kelly told kerry he is feeling well but sore. he is in moscow fo
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russia's president about syria and ukraine. he travels to brussels to discuss the attacks and express u.s. condolences. russia said the warplanes will start targets around palmara. it said it hit 146 targets killing 320 militants. president putin ordered a pullout of some russian warplanes but said air strikes against isis and other groups linked to al-qaeda would continue. in the netherlands, a serb leader was sentenced to 40 years in prison. the united nations war crimes tribunal found him guilty of genocide and other charges for atrocities throughout the war in bosnia. the rivalry between donald trump and ted cruz may be reaching a new low. the two exchanged bashes
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their wives on twitter. many slammed trump after he retweeted an unflattering picture of heidi cruz. >> it's not easy to tick me off. i don't get angry often. you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids that will do it every time. donald you are a sniffling coward. leave heidi the hell alone. >> trump threatened to spill the beans in response to an ad that featured a gq photo of his wife melania. larry hogan said he would consider voting for someone else in donald trump wins the nomination but he doesn't say who. he is not a fan of trump and does not think trump should be the nominee. he is unhappy how the campaign is going in general and does not think either party is putting up the best candidates. for the
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the campaign trail, download our free wusa 9. can metro track inspectors be trusted. the gm is not getting the answers that he needs. >> additional maintenance problems discovered from last week's shut down. delia goncalves is live to break it down for us. >> reporter: we are talking 338 additional maintenance problems on top of the two dozen that we knew about. they are not as bad as the frayed wires that cause thed the fire at mcpherson square but riders are skeptical and the gm is too. >> how long will this go on. >> reporter: riders are frustrated. >> it comes down to fund willing. >> reporter: some is the metro gm. >> i have a skeptical attitude. >> reporter: with repeated safety issues despite reports from inspectors. >> why can't i just get on the train and be there and i go where i need to go. >> reporter: she has been
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riding the trains since she was a kid. >> it gets worse and worse. i'm tired of it. >> reporter: 14 months after a fire killing carroll glover, still no answers as to why. during the shut down, inspectors found three frayed wires that could have sparked similar fires. they are only halfway through ntsb recommendation to replace thousands of electrical connections that allowed moisture in. >> we need all of our elected officials to come together and provide the money that we need to make sure the system is up and running. >> they are heading in the right direction with the new general manager. >> reporter: riders can rest assure that they will go to any lengths to provide safety. >> for as much money as they charge, they need to do better. straight up, do better. >> reporter: riders are frustrated. the gm says it's not that he doesn't trust the inspectors
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not have the data that he is looking for. so, we can tell you that 12 inspectors will undergo specialized training and part of two man teams beginning work in april. live at if i can officer son square, delia goncalves, wusa 9. metro says the budget does not go far enough. the ideas to raise revenue include a sales tax, gas tax or fee on commercial properties within a half mile of a metro station. brushfires in connecticut county have been -- in montgomery county burning dangerously close to several homes. sky 9 was over the scene. a water tanker was brought in. meteorologist howard bernstein is in for topper. there were warnings that brushfires were possible, right? >> yeah, red flag warnings were posted. we had windy conditions, gusts 30 to 35 miles per hour. it was a beautiful day but you
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we should see improvement upon that. we have a cold front coming with rain that will be around in spots tomorrow morning then colder temperatures as we head to the easter weekend. i will let you know how cool it will get and what is ahead in the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> up next, vice president joe biden has
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vice president joe biden says president obama fulfilled his responsibility to appoint a judge to the supreme court when he nominated merrick garland. now he says it's the senate's term to live up to their responsibilities. >> say nothing, see nothing, reading nothing, hearing nothing and deciding in advance simply to turn your back before the president even names a nominee is not an option the constitution leaves open. >> speaking at the georgetown university law school the vice president called for hearings on judge garland. he defended his own record on past judicial nominations, something that the republicans are using to bolster their case. president obama and the first lady head back to washington later today from
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mr. obama and the president placed flowers at a memorial that honors the 20,000 people killed or disappeared during argentina's dirty war. today marks the 40th anniversary of the military coupe that started it. iranian hackers are charged in cyber attacks in the u.s. the justice department say they stem from 2013 attacks n. one case they tried to gain control of a dam outside of new york city. in another they disrupted the services of dozens of banks by tying up servers with additional traffic. evacuation wag gown has until april 21st to file a plan on how to bring up about 600,000 cars into compliance after the cheating scandal. volkswagen and porsche recalled about 8,000 vehicles worldwide over a brake pedal problem that could result in a crash. coming up,
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reach their peak on the tidal basin. >> the father of a fallen
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the grieving family of a fallen police
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the hearts of the entire prince george county police department tonight. >> james colson, the father of jacai colson killed in a friendly fire incident. the father spoke publicly for the first time this afternoon. scott broom is live to report on how the family is doing. scott? >> reporter: bruce, the viewing is still going on. it has drawn officers from the nypd. colson's father and that family is their rock because of the grace they are displaying in handling this friendly fire tragedy. >> we are holding on. we have the strength. jay kay is a hero and he died a hero. >> reporter: that is james colson, the father of prince george county police detective jacai colson killed by a fellow officer's bullets in the final seconds of a
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outside the district three station. rather than focusing on their own grief they are taking time to offer words of comfort to the other officer who pulled the trigger. >> we are talking about two officers and it certainly is a tragedy all the way around. jap kay as a police -- jacai as police officers, you could turn -- switch the rolls up. >> reporter: the president of the police union here. >> the police officers everywhere understand that in their worst day, they could be on either end of this story. we are proud of the fact that he was doing a job that he loved. >> reporter: just a remarkable moment this afternoon when it became clear this family bore no ill-will toward the officer that pulled the trigger that killed their son. colson's grandfather was a career police officer in the philadelphia area. the family well aware of the deadly realities
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prince george county has not revealed the name of the officer that pulled the trigger. reporting live, scott broom, wusa 9. >> incredible family. a funeral with full honors will be held tomorrow at first baptist church of glenarden in upper marlboro. fairfax police are searching for a man accused of recklessly firing their gun. before reaching the house, they saw two cars leaving. one of the cars hit a police cruiser. the other car had two men suffering from accident tall gunshot wounds inside the car. neighbors say they have been hearing random gunfire. >> i don't like it because if it's going in the air you don't know where it's coming down. >> traffic is out of control. it's bad. >> police are still searching for rashad james tonight. charges are pending for the other three suspects. a fire in branwi
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maryland, destroyed four town homes. the people and pets got out safely. the fire broke out about 4:00 this morning. it took fire crews about 30 minutes to knock down the flames but not without a hitch. the fire chief says the top of a fire hydrant blew off so crews had to move to another one. the cold snap we had may have pushed the cherry blossom peak date back a few days. thousands of people were hoping to beat the weekend crowds packed want tidal basin. not all are in full bloom but there are a few out. it's gorgeous outside. some tourists but mostly people from this area looking to enjoy spring in full gear. >> it's gorgeous. you think this weekend could be the peak bloom. >> looks like not everything is in the puppy white stage t. my only concern is
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will gust 30 miles per hour on and off through tonight and maybe tomorrow may take some of the blossoms down. fingers crossed we are in good shape for the cherry blossoms and celebrating easter. we are tracking showers through the ohio valley down to the gulf coast. severe weather in the gulf coast. snow up to the canadian border. here it is delightful. 77 was the high. 74 at reagan national. 77 degrees in orange and cumberland. 75 in frederick. middle 70s on this beautiful thursday evening. a lot of wind to deal with. the with humidity at 40% we had fires get out of hand. red flag warning stays up until 8:00. there is the snow we are tracking. showers then the strong thunderstorms moving toward tallahassee and florida and parts of southwestern georgia.
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tomorrow morning with a cold front. until then, a warm night. lows in the 50s and 60s tonight. tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. showers. looks like the heaviest will be up in pennsylvania. by lunchtime, most of this stuff is east of the bay. by afternoon still warm. turning to the northwest with the cool air moving in tomorrow night but not that much of a cool down coming forthcoming weekend. tonight increasing clouds, a late shower possible, breezy. 58 to 64. tomorrow morning in the 60s with a few showers, maybe a rumble of thunder. not a yellow alert day. showers for the morning rush hour. in the afternoon breezy and warm. 68 to 75. another warm one. seasonally cool saturday. average is 59. we will be at 52. easter sunday, starts in the 40s. we finish near 70. next week more showers monday and a chance of showers by thursday
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>> thank you so much. kristen is live in likewiseville. >> -- louisville. >> what do you think will happen tonight? >> the guys are relaxed. they got to play loose tonight. coming up we will
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i'm here with the terp faithful. >> jillian has her face painted. this sign, we are not in kansas any more. this crowd is excited to see the team compete in the sweet 16 for the first time in 13 years. mark turgeon just walked through got the crowd excited. they are having free game fun. they are excited about the match-up. the coach knows it's because of the terp faithful that these guys are getting this far. >> the energy is tremendous. i imagine a lot of terps in the building. i'm not sure how far the drive is. we should have a lot of fans. thought we would get her last year but came up a little bit short. so, i'm lyreal happy for the players, the fans
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in the game. >> remember, you can watch it on wusa 9. first up villanova versus miami followed by maryland-kansas at 9:40. while we are getting ready here, virginia cavaliers got in a day of practice in chicago. frank hannah ran is with them. >> reporter: a light workout for virginia as they prepare now for iowa state tonight at 7:10. video the top seed -- virginia the top seed. virginia knows the cyclones will not be a pushover. >> something that we have to attack. they are coming out and they are hungry and we have to be ready for it. >> i think they are doing it. >> reporter: contrasting styles in the game tomorrow night as virginia likes to slow
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tempo and iowa state on the other hand loves to push it. we will see what shakes out. a game you can see right here on wusa 9 tomorrow night at 7:10. that's the latest here in chicago. kristen, back to you in louisville. >> cavs tomorrow, terps tonight. who will win. [screaming]. >> i like the excitement. keep the score low and the terps have a chance. >> they definitely have a chance. >> they are both good teams. weather-wise, showers tomorrow morning. all in all a good we
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>> pelley: we've learned that two suspects in the brussels bombings were on a u.s. terrorism watch list. also tonight, a victim tells us his story of survival. >> i'm thinking, i gotta make it. i gotta see my daughters again. i gotta see my girls. >> pelley: campaign 2016-- good luck learning what the candidates stand for. >> donald, you're a nifling could, and leave heidi the hell alone. >> pelley: comedian garry shandling has died. hollywood threatens to boycott the state of georgia in defense of gay rights. and gloria gaynor survived disco, and now her anthem will, too. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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