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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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him from the window. >> reporter: police netted at least six arrests. be ins -- members are law enforcement are looking for two people. mason wells is a 19-year-old mormon missionary severely burned in the airport bombing. >> i remember seeing fire in front of my face and down by my feet on the ground. i think we were really close. i feel lucky to escape. >> reporter: vigils like this one have become a nightly tradition here as residents deal with fear and grief. but not everyone is finding solace. this woman doesn't let her daughter ride the metro anymore. >> not anymore. >> reporter: when you see this, it only makes it worse. >> yes, yes, getting worse day by day. >> reporter: belgium officials say that the threat is
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over. kenneth craig, cbs news, brussels, belgium. isis claims responsibility for the attacks and in an online video warns that more targets could be hit. secretary of state john kerry was expressing the u.s. condolences and discussed the attacks with members of the belgium government saying despite the bombings, the u.s. is winning the fight against isis. >> the fact is over a period of time, we are winnowing out their capacity to promote the attacks to send people to the places because of the huge pressure put on them in iraq and syria. pentagon officials announced that they believe u.s. special forces killed a high-ranking isis leader in syria, reportedly the number two man d
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terrorist group since the beginning and described as the finance minister and senior religious leader. >> the removal of this isil leader will hamper the ability to conduct operations inside and outside of iraq and syria. >> just yesterday, iraqi forces launched a new offensive to retake mosul. the battle could take months to complete and require more u.s. soldiers deployed to support the operation. isis is claiming responsibility for a deadly bombing in iraq. a video posted on twitter shows the moment that a suicide bomber blew himself up outside the stadium in baghdad. 29 people killed and some 60 others were wounded. isis has been waging suicide bombings as iraqi force and their allies battle in other parts of the country. turning to the race
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president, republican ted cruz vehemently denying that he had at least five extramarital affairs that showed in the national enquiry. enquirer. and he accused donald trump of planting the story. >> let me be clear, this national enquirer story is garbage, complete and utter lies. it is a tabloid smear, and it's a smear that has come from donald trump. >> and this afternoon, trump issued a statement denying having anything to did with the national enquirer or the story on ted cruz. and the ohio man charged with rushing the stage during a donald trump rally pleaded meat in court today. 22-year-old
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jumped the barricade and now faces a max of 1 year in prison and a $100,000 fine. president obama is take the battle over his supreme court nominee to the op-ed page. in an article, he calls on texans to tell senators that nominee merrick garland deserves a hearing saying that withholding the hearing could threaten the integrity of the system. this coming tides, illinois senator mark kirk will be the first republican to meet with garland. and the race for the maryland senate seat held the first debate. today, the candidates touched on issues range progress criminal justice to international trade and social security. >> how are you
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your opponent in the coming primary? >> in many cases, she was not there for constituents in their time of need. >> ask the 30,000 constituents who have gotten service from my office. >> the winner of the debate will be the overwhelming favorite to replace barbara mccullsky. we are live at clarendon metro where there was a track fire just this morning. >> reporter: metro tells us that debris on the track caught fire and burned an underground wire. while no one was hurt, metro's reputation continues to take a beating. >> i don't want to get caught up from it. >> reporter: fear at
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tunnel. crews at the clarendon station say it was debris that caused a wire to burn. by the time firefighters showed up, the fire burned itself out and smoke forced riders to evacuate. the system was back up and running in a few hours and riders felt uneasy. >> i hope somehow there will be funds available to make the metro run safely and more efficiently. >> i think they need to get their act together and shut it down if it doesn't work. >> reporter: that's right. he thinks it should shut down one day a week just for maintenance. last week, they uncovered two dozen hazards and 300 problems that could easily be fixed with maintenance. >> it would be a shame to let the metro fall into disrepair and have people not use it because it's not safe. >> reporter: the gm is
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to implement an inspection and maintenance program. roland said it's a good effort but might not be enough. >> i don't give him credit or fault him for anything going on. i think it requires the whole team to step up and do what needs to be done. >> reporter: we can tell that you metro's gm is telling us that this new track inspection team will begin work on all tracks here in the metro starting next week. we're live at clarendon, wusa 9. >> thank you, delia. and metro's acting safety chief was on the job for less than a year. no replacement has been named. a jetblue flight attendant accused of trying to sneak a suitcase of cocaine through the airport is back in court. inspectors found 70 pounds
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she was found at new york city's kennedy airport on wednesday and surrendered to authorities. coming up, why met flicks is purposely lowering the quality of video for? >> but first, turning the coroner flu season corn -- corner on flu season, and why it's lasting longer than usual. >> look at the cooler air, cumberland in the 40s and a cool down for
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for the first time this year, government health officials say flu activity is decreasing. it usually peaks in february but this is one of the later peaks on record, and it's not over yet. >> in the past 19 years and this year included, we only had three peaks in march and never had an april peak. so this is later than normal. >> there has been a mix of flu viruses around this season with the predominant strain being the h1n1 virus. the cdc said that the vaccine effectiveness is close to 60% which the agency said is really good. netflix admits it's lowering the quality for customers
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verizon network. >> they said that the event it doesn't want customers to exceed their data caps on mobile devices. higher quality video uses more data than lower quality, and that makes sense. it keep its high for t-mobile and sprint customers. pope francis is presiding over good friday services. the pope commemorated the passion of the lord at st. peter's basilica. coming up, it's going to be busy and crowded this weekend on the tidal basin. we'll show you what to expect heading down to see the cherry blossoms. >> coming up next, the public pays a final farewell for
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it's how you live. i'm david trone and i approve this message. we're following breaking news out of the bahamas where a jetblue flight reported landing gear malfunctioned before landing. this happened after 4:30 and it did land using the rear gear. as you can see, this
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plane was sprayed just to make sure there was no fire. we are told there were 91 passengers and four crew members and no reports of injuries. an emotional funeral for the young prince george's county police officer killed in a bizarre friendly fire incidents. >> scott broom has the story from the first baptist church of glep arden. >> reporter: jacai colson died in a tragic incident of friendly fire and received full police honors. his parents have been described as an emotional rock for police colleagues grieving the twin tragedies of colson's deaths has he confronted the suicidal gunman march 13th and the knowledge it was a police bullet that mistakenly killed him. >> jaca iran toward it. >> he faced it all head on. he put it all on the line. >>
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>> reporter: friends describe col son's charisma, and his mother broke hearts. >> jacai was a six-month baby. he fought to get her and he fought going out. >> reporter: colson will be buried in his hometown outside philadelphia. colson was 28 years old when he died. he was a police officer just four years. at the first baptist church in glen arden, scott broom, wusa 9. >> the man who attacked was wounded and survived. he and his two brothers are charged with age ising -- staging the incident. noah's law passed named for the officer who was killed this year by a drunk driver. it would requ
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interlock devices to be installed in all convicted drunk drivers with final passage expected next week. a bizarre story. police took a woman into custody following a road rage incident that ended with the alleged victim's car being damage and that same victim being accused of being a terrorist. the victim doesn't want to be identified. he said that a woman rammed the back of his car several times and tried to hit him before he got out. >> before i put it in park, my car was still driving without me in it. i chase today down and put it in park. she said i'm from isis and she told witnesses that i was out atly:00 in the morning. >> the victim said he did nothing to provoke the woman
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evaluation. a dramatic rescue caught on fire erupted when a car collided with a septic tanker in south vero beach. a sheriffs deputy runs over and breaks the window, but she couldn't pull the window out. another deputy aives and the two were able to drag the woman to safety. she is in critical condition. a limousine crash sends seven people to the hospital. the limo overturned and landed on its roof. the driver and six passengers were injured, some of them seriously. cherry blossom watchers paying their attention after the events in brussels earlier but it's not stopping them from enjoying the beautiful blossoms. tourists and residents alike say they feel safe. >> i
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being from the area, i recognize it's a continue priority for living and visiting d.c. >> police say it's important that people stay with their group and stay with large crowds. and still large crowds, looking there live with a lot of ople enjoying it. and bruce, going down there? >> i am, and that's nothing compared to what it will look like for this weekend. and there are people taking pictures. >> paying you for that? [laughter] >> that's a great idea. i hadn't thought of that. >> call me. i'm his agent. the weekend, it will be dry until maybe sunday night, monday morning, so get out and see the blossoms wile you still can. - - while
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take the metro. driving is just asking for it. [laughter] temperatures will start off in the 40s and we'll get in the mid-60s for highs and in the evening, upper 50s to 60. a lot cooler than 24 hours ago and we have temps down 20 from this time yesterday in hagerstown and we're down 9 with the temperature now in the 60s and continuing to fall as the cooler air is moving in. look at the 50s in the shenandoah valley and 40sin cumberland and 30s in the mountains and 70s in fredericksburg. got to 72. and a beautiful evening on the michael and son weather camera. check out the cherry blossoms. peak blooms today. a few spots will gust to 30 here in the next while and the front is coming through and you can see the difference in temperatures, 77 in norfolk to 41 in pittsburgh and detroit and buffalo in the 30s. this
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showers earlier today and we are finishing the evening on a nicer note and it looks good for this coming easter weekend. mainly clear and breezy and cooler, 36 to 46 and need a jacket on saturday morning, starting in the 30s and 40s, and not as windy tomorrow, northeast winds at 5 to 10 and east in the afternoon and highs in the upper 50s to low 60s, a nice saturday and sunday, a few more clouds and 6, and a few a.m. showers on monday. we'll hold off to see if that's a yellow weather alert day, and cooling down
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a lot of pre-season hype surrounding the terrapins ended last night at the hands of number 1 seeded kansas. coach turgeon was proud of the team but they couldn't get past the jayhawks, holding it is terps to 40% of shooting. and in the 2nd half, it was hard to frankly, buy a bucket. they walked off the court after the 79-63 loss and the season of promise is one filled with reflection on what could have been and how far they could have come. >> we came together and we only had 1 game but it was amazing. >>
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moment. you feel like you can take another step towards your overall goal. but i know we have done great things. >> the cavaliers are moving on to where the terps could not, the elite 8 and have to get past an up tempo state. here's frank hanrahan. >> reporter: we are getting an idea of why this is called the windy city. cavaliers, the top seed trying to advance to the first elite 8 since 1995. >> it would be a huge accomplishment exciting for the team and
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this year, we were attacking it. >> you don't dwell on it. it's being in the moment. locking in and use wag you learn. >> and we have the game right here on wusa mine and the tip- off at 7:10 from united center in chicago. that's the latest here. back to you. >> frank, thank you. and that is 40 minutes away. can the cavaliers win? >> yeah. >> i think they will. >> personally, i think melo might gopro. i wish he would stay for another year. but i think it might be determined on what can they do next year? >> i hope you're right. tonight looks okay some. fine, just a co
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>> rose: police in europe stage more raids, but terror suspects as belgium mourns the victims of the brussels bombing. also tonight, cruz accuses trump of a smear campaign. >> how low will donald go? is there any level to which he is unwilling the stoop? >> rose: new research says if you want the preserve your memory, you cannot forget to exercise. and steve hartman with a young boy getting a hero's salute. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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