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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  March 25, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> rose: police in europe stage more raids, but terror suspects as belgium mourns the victims of the brussels bombing. also tonight, cruz accuses trump of a smear campaign. >> how low will donald go? is there any level to which he is unwilling the stoop? >> rose: new research says if you want the preserve your memory, you cannot forget to exercise. and steve hartman with a young boy getting a hero's salute. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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adelma tapia ruiz was an accomplished chef, her twin three-year-old girls survived. hecht hecht was a law student and occasional actor. sascha and alexander pinczowski, sister and brother, were on the phone with their mom when the bombs went off. a friend said, "sascha was the kindest, goofiest, down-to-earth girl she'd ever met. bart migom was a marketing student. his girlfriend called him a godly man who would do anything for anybody. after the airport attack, david dixon texted his aunt that he was safe. a short time later he died in the subway bombing. the teacher at the school where loubna lafquiri taught said she represented the true values of islam with generosity and caring. allen pizzey has the latest on the search for terror suspects.
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>> reporter: the arrest was fast and dramatic. police ordered a man at a tram stop to drop his bag. then they shot him in the leg. a bomb disposal robot approached and security forces rushed in and dragged the suspect down the street. the raids took place in the same neighborhood where belgian police found explosives and bomb-making equipment used in tuesday's terror attacks. an eyewitness who gave her name as sabrina said the police told her, "we caught a big fish." three suspects were arrested in raids today. still missing is the man in the black hat caught on cctv footage at the airport bombing. he fled the scene, leaving his bomb behind. belgian authorities say the operation here is connected to the arrest of man in paris suspected of plotting a fresh terrorist attack. what's not clear is whether they have broken a terrorist cell or merely scattered it. investigations have now spread to germany, the neatherlands, france and spain and has prompted renewed calls for better cooperation amo
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christios doulkeridis leads the belgian green party. >> we have the organization of the country in belgium, and we have problems in the cooperation between different countries in europe. >> reporter: all of that is playing into the hands of the terrorists. >> of course it is. ["ode to joy" playing]. >> reporter: in a show of defiance, "ode to joy" played by a makeshift memorial to victims. in a setback to investigators, salah abdeslam, in custody as the only paris attacker to survive and who has links to terrorist cells here, charlie, has stopped talking. >> rose: thanks, allen. allen mentioned the paris raid that broke up another terror plot. debora patta has the latest on that. >> reporter: investigate verse blown open another link to the terrorist network with
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in both paris and brussels. it was reda kriket's capture on the outskirts of paris that led to a string of raids and arrests in the belgian capital today. explosives similar to those used in november's paris attacks were also found in kriket's apartment. there are other links, too. the 34-year-old french national lived in the brussels suburb of molembeek, home to many of the paris attackers. he was found guilty in a belgian court of being a recruiter for isis, raising funds for the extremist group through fraud and theft. the court sentenced him to ten years in jail but by then he was already in syria. the same trial also convicted in absentia the mastermind of the paris attacks, abdelhamid abaaoud. they were both found guilt yeah of being part of the jihadist network. samia maktouf is representing the victims of the paris families. he says intelligence agencies failed to adapt to what she believes is isis
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recruiting from existing criminal networks. >> they try to recruit them from people involved with criminal activities because they have no life. they have no future. they have no work. so they are an easy target. >> reporter: maktouf told us that many of the paris and belgian attackers were known only to police as petty criminals and weren't even on the radar of counter-terrorism agencies, but now police and security forces are going to have to work together in order to prevent further attacks. >> rose: debora patta in paris, thanks. in addition to the 31 killed in the brussels attacks, more than 300 were wounded. vladimir duthiers spoke with an american victim. >> the blast was very loud. i think it actually picked my body off the ground for a quick second, and the whole rig
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of my body got really at and really cold really quickly. >> reporter: bandaged and badly burned, 19-year-old mormon missionary mason wells was just to 30 feet away from first bomb when it tore through the airport. he was there with two fellow missionaries, dropping a friend off who was headed to the states. >> when the blast went off, i actually saw fire in from the of my face on the ground. and the four of us were actually kind of surrounded by fire far quick moment. >> reporter: after three agonizing day, may isn't's parents chad and kimberly flew from sandy, utah to, join mason in belgium this morning. >> the reunion with him was undescribable. >> we're so proud of mason. he's got a lot of faith and he's very positive. he keeps reassuring us that he's going to be okay. >> reporter: for every injured person there was a hero helping them to safety. alphonse youla is a baggage handler at the airport. were it not for him, people like
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basketball player sebastian bellin would not have survived. >> i can remember a guy just dragging me behind a column. >> he was screaming. >> reporter: alphonse told us when bellin saw his leg like this, he couldn't talk. >> he told us that somebody, and he didn't know who, put a tourniquet on his leg and pulled him away. >> reporter: alphonse helped 12 people that day, but it is the images of those that he couldn't save that will haunt him. "they did not deserve this," he said. "they are innocent. they did not deserve to die." may isn't's parents hope to bring him back home to utah within next 48 hours to continue his recovery. charlie, he keeps having to reassure his parents that he's okay. >> rose: vladimir duthiers in brussels, thanks, vlad. isis claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing today in iraq. nearly 30 people were killed at a soccer field south o
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the bomb went off as trophies were being presented after a tournament. u.s. forces may have dealt a serious blow to isis in syria. this week they went after the second in command, the isis money man. david martin reports. >> reporter: american commandos set out the capture haji imam and milk him for his insider's knowledge for isis, but at the last minute they decided to open fire on his vehicle instead. defense secretary carter said he believes the man who served as finance minister for isis was killed. >> now we've taken out the leader who oversees all the funding for isil's operation, hurting their ability to pay fighters and hire recruits. >> reporter: the previous finance minister, katie saiyan, was killed in a commando raid last year, and earlier this month, a u.s. air strike killed man known as omar the chechen, who was considered to be the isis minister for war. >> we're systematically limb mating isil's cabinet. >> reporter: carter and joint
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general joseph dunford said momentum in the campaign against isis in iraq and syria is now on the u.s. side. >> i think there's a lot of reasons for us to be optimistic about the next several months. but by no means would i say that we're about to break the become of isil or that the fight is over. >> reporter: dunford warned more u.s. troops will be needed. >> the secretary and i both believe there will be an increase to the u.s. forces in iraq in the coming weeks. >> reporter: commanders have asked for several hundred more trainers to accelerate the buildup of iraqi forces as well as a dozen or more apache helicopter gunships to fly missions in support of iraqi troops attempting to retake the key city of mosul. it's a race against time, charlie. the longer it takes to defeat isis in iraq and syria, the more terrorist attacks there are likely to be in europe and the u.s. >> rose: thanks, david. in a recent survey, 60% of american muslims said they faced discrimination in the paea
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high-from file terror attacks and anti-muslim rhetoric from some of the presidential candidates are adding to the backlash. here's adriana diaz. >> i was born and raised in this great nation. i actually for the first time in my life am fearful to be a muslim in america. >> reporter: in minneapolis, home to america's largest muslim somali community, we sat down in a coffee shop with aman obsiye, asma jama and abdirizak bihi. bihi has been working to stem problems in 2008 when young somali americans started joining terror groups abroad. he worries comments from donald trump and ted cruz about muslims could make things worse. do you think those words are being used as ammunition by terrorist groups? >> big time. they're already using those statements in their latest propaganda video. >> reporter: bihi
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discuss potential backlash from terror attacks. in the last four months there have been reports of several hundred incidents against muslims in the u.s. >> every one of you are terrorists. i don't care what you say. asma jama says a woman smashed her face with a beer mug in october at an applebee's because she was speaking swahili. the attacker yelled at her to go back to her country. >> you can't put everybody in the same box. i'm an american, so if an attack happens in this coffee shop right now, we'll be casualties all of us. you don't pick and choose. people use islam to kill people. they have killed so many muslim, not only do they attack only christians. i'm not a terrorist. i'm an american citizen. i want what's good for this country. i want to live in peace just like everybody else. >> reporter: concerns about backlash stretch beyond this community. charlie, after the brussels attacks, lead centers seven states from new york to
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targeting muslims. >> rose: thanks, adriana. the c.d.c. put out new guidelines today for fighting zekea. the virus is suspected of causing severe birth defects. it is spread by mosquitoes and through sexual transmission. nearly 300 cases are confirmed in the united states. the c.d.c. recommends that women who show symptoms wait eight weeks before trying to get pregnant. men should wait six months before having unprotected sex. is donald trump turning off women voters? when the "cbs evening news" continues.
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well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right >> rose: donald trump and ted cruz exchanged more fire today over their wives and personal lives. cruz said trump seems to have a real issue with strong women. the question for the g.o.p. this fall may be: do women voters have a problem with trump? 's
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>> reporter: campaigning in wisconsin today, ted cruz suggested for the first time that he might not support donald trump if he is the republican nominee. >> i don't make a habit out of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my family. >> reporter: trump's use of photos to poke fun at heidi cruz's appearance and other derogatory comments about women are also turning off women voters according to some cruz supporters. >> his mannerism and his speech, he tears too many people down and against each other. >> reporter: trump has suggested megan killly is a bimbo, called rosie o'donnell a fat pig and said of former g.o.p. carly fiorina, look at that face, would anyone vote for that? a cbs news/"new york times" poll in october found 57% of all registered women vote verse an unfavorable view of trump. now it's up to 63%. in a head-to-head matchup with the hillary clinton, trump trails 50% to 40%, and t
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reason is women, who give clinton a whopping 20-point advantage over trump, 55% to 35%. but it's a very different story among women who vote in republican primaries. trump is leading with 41% fol led by cruz at 27% and john kasich at 23%. many women at trump's rallies have told us they like him precisely because he is not afraid to be controversial. >> i think he's not politically correct. i think it's wonderful. >> i kind of like that he's just straightforward and says it like it is and doesn't sugar coat something. >> reporter: trump has not been seen on the campaign trail in four day, but charlie, in a statement today he said he'll be spending next week in wisconsin where the next big primary takes place april 5th. >> rose: thanks, chip. in chicago the dog flu has returned. about 150 dogs caught it. at least one shelter has stopped adoptions. dog flu is very contagious but not usually deadly a
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>> rose: if you're an able-bodied senior who can't remember the last time you exercise, dr. jon lapook says it may be time to jog your memory. >> reporter: 73-year-old israel brenner exercises four times a week. for him that means peddling in a high intensity spin class with people half his age. you're in good general health. >> i'm in great health. >> reporter: now there's more evidence what's good for the heart is good for the brain. over a five-year period, the study followed 876 people who began with no memory problems. average age: 71. 90% reported either no exercise or light exercise such as walking or yoga. the other 10% engaged in moderate or
6:51 pm
exercise, like running or aerobics. dr. mitchell elkind was one of the researchers. >> we found that people who exercise moderately or heavily had a reduced risk of memory loss and what we call executive function equivalent to about ten years of aging. >> i think if i wasn't exercising, i wouldn't have that same response in terms of new learning. i think exercise is one component of staying mentally fit and it's fabulous. >> reporter: one may exercise may prevent thinking is by preventing high bloop pressure and diabetes, conditions that can damage blood vessels in the brain. it may also help repair damaged nerve connections. i don't have to do testing to know you're totally with it, so something is working. >> i think so. no, i know so. >> reporter: as more americans living longer and longer, preventing dementia has become a nationalri
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sharp, charlie, following an act ive exercise program makes a lot of sense. >> rose: i'm with you, jon. thank you so much. we know at least four seniors are working up a sweat tonight. the rolling stones are performing a free concert in havana. a half million fans are expected to spend the night with the stones. once banned by the castro regime, cuba is now under their thumb. up next, steve hartman on the road. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections
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kidney problems, and increased bad cholesterol. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of an allergic reaction. symptoms may include rash, swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit >> rose: this is national medal of honor day, and at arlington national cemetery, a special award was presented to a young man you first met on this broadcast. here is steve hartman on the road.
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>> reporter: the medal of honor, presented by the president, is reserved for this country's bravest military hero, but every year past medal of honor recipients get together to recognize civilians who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. and today in arlington, virginia, for the first time, one of those citizen honor awards went the a kid, a ten-year-old boy named piels eckert. >> ladies and gentlemen, pleas congratulate myles eckert. >> reporter: as we first reported a couple years ago, it all started at this cracker barrel in toledo, ohio. myles, in the green hoodie, was very excited. he just found $20 in the parking lot. did you start thinking of what you could spend it on? >> i kind of wanted to get a video game. but then i decided not to. >> reporter: he changed his mind when he saw this guy in uniform. >> soldiers remind me of my dad. >> reporter: so he
6:57 pm
$20 the n a note that read, "dear soldier, my dad was a soldier. he's in heaven now. i found this $20 in the parking lot when we got here. we like the pay it forward in my family. it's your lucky day. thank you for your service." signed myles eckert, a gold star kid. army sergeant andy eckert was killed in iraq just five weeks after myles was born. all the kid has ever had are pictures and dog tags. >> this is was wedding ring. >> reporter: other people's memories and his own imagination. >> i imagine he's a really nice person and someone that would be really fun. >> reporter: the dad he imagines must also love a good story. because after lunch that day, myles asked his mom tiffany to make one more stop. >> he wanted to go see his dad. he wanted to go by himself that day. >> reporter: she took this picture from the car. foow
6:58 pm
see myles standing there behind the flag, prudent personably telling his dad all about it. [applause] after that story first aired, myles helped raise nearly $2 million for gold star charities. >> he was chosen by our country's bravest men, and he might not have had that medal, but i gus i see andy in everything we do. >> reporter: and myles clearly does, too. he wore the doing tags to the ceremony, a sweet touch that i'm sure andy will appreciate on their next visit together. steve hartman, on the road in arlington, virginia. >> rose: father and son, heroes both. that's the "cbs evening news." i'm charlie rose. scott and i will see you sunday on "60 minutes." on monday scott will be back in this chair and i'll be back in mine on "cbs this morning." good night. have a great weekend. fios is not cable.
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>> champions of the world, denver broncos. >> it is caught for the win! >> one of the epic performances. jason day, major champion. >> derrick henry will win it. >> national champions. >> magnificent! >> in order to advance, you have to be the best you can at every level you go up. >> as a kid when you first start playing with the basketball in your driveway, you dream of this. >> we've been working all our lives to play this game. >> it's good! >> the true joy comes in competing for those 40 minutes and trying to execute and be successful so you can advance. >> it's do or die. you win or go hom


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