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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  March 26, 2016 2:37am-3:07am EDT

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give it up! next week, chelsea handler, jason schwartzman, katie holmes, ryan reynolds, judd apatow and katie couric. we'll see you then! reggie, take us home. thank you so much! ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh ♪ >> james: thank you so much.
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see you next week. ♪ ♪
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, we are all about girl power. >> i didn't think you've ever known a woman like me. >> our special look at hollywood's true wonder women. amazing and inspiring us. >> "e.t.," you've heard it here first. >> secrets behind kate hudson's hot bod. meghan trainor on her love life. >> he's the one texting me like
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everything? >> that's a lot for one person because you're still just bun person. then jennifer garner, how she found faith after her split. >> i've gone through struggles both ways, with faith and i've done it without. it's a lot better with. also, kris jenner sounds off on the o.j. mini-series and nicole brown simpson. >> she was one of my best friends. >> do you still keep in touch wiheth tir kids? plus, tough-as-nails megyn kell and secret past before she was a superhero. what you never knew about the new wonder woman. >> i think there's an obsession about breasts, in general. now for march 25th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." thanks so much for joining us on this good friday. nischelle turner is here with me. we've got girl power going on for our special look at e.t.'s wonder women now. these are hollywood ladies who amaze and inspire. >> absolutely. why not get started with wonder woman herself
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burst into theatered today in "batman versus superman: dawn of justice." >> it takes a special lady to land the most coveted female role in the superhero ufrs. >> i didn't think you've ever known a woman like me. >> reporter: she is special. the 30-year-old is a former miss israel, and she is also a real-life israeli soldier. so don't go a messing with gal. >> you were in the army. >> i was. >> so, like, this wonder woman thing, you're ready for it. you're ready for combat. >> it's funny, i was ready. this is the role of my dreams. >> really? >> ever since i became an actress, i always said that i wanted to show the stronger side of women. >> mm-hmm. >> little did i know that soon after, i would land this magnificent role. >> there's no tougher role than being a working mom to a little girl. and she and husband, 4-year-old alma is all about girl power. >> you said your daughter, really that made you kind of realize that that's why these roles are so impnt
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i think that first of all, she's all about prince princess and a same time she thinks they're weak. they fall asleep and the prince saves them. and i'm so happy about the fact that we're bringing wonder woman back to life. >> is she with you? >> i thought she was with you. >> "batman versus superman" wouldne 't bthe same without gal. let's talk about that costume. it's a lot sexier than lynda carter's '70s version. gal broke the internet when she shut down some trolls who thought she wasn't busty enough for the role. >> is there a fan obsession about that? >> i think there's an obsession about breasts, in general. >> doing the stunts, it looked very physical. >> it was physical. i trained for nine months prior. it was a lot to take, but at the
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stronger and bigger and curvier and know so many different skills that i didn't know before, it feels amazing. >> gal is going to be spending a lot of time in the wonder woman outfit because she's already scheduled to appear as a super superheroes in films through 2019. do you want to know the real superhero? the ability to handle two tv shows, vegas show and mom duties at the same time. only one woman is pulling that off. yes, it's jennifer lopez. >> nice try. >> isn't this kind of like the anti-vegas? >> this is -- yeah. it's like i couldn't be doing two more different things at the same time. >> j. lo's feeling a little roughed up by her crazy schedule. but as for her face? that's makeup from her series "shades of blue." the season finale is next thursday. >> i might have been bitten off more than i can chew for the first time ever. >> when did you realize, when were you, like -- >> i realized it
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fifth weekend in a row that i had to fly somewhere to work. and i was, like, okay, this is crazy. >> reporter: she's stretched so thin jennifer worries she doesn't have enough time for her kids, max and emmy. >> just a juggling act and being a mom. the kids are coming over and we have dinner together. you know what i mean? >> how do you work that? >> i have to see them. i don't see them and they don't see me, it's not happiness. you know what i mean? i get up and like this morning i had vocals, training and then i have, you know, i had to work out. and then i sit down and i have lunch with them before i come over here. >> reporter: j. lo chose mom but still the actress chose grit over glam. >> that wouldn't have been right for this. when you're tuning in to see "shades" and "american idol" and vegas should be three different things. >> that's a lot for one person because you're still just one person. >> i'm one person but i can do all three.
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woman, heck, she's every woman, right? by the way, "american idol" will go out in grand style with a three-night finale. april 5th will be a one-hour retrospective, and the series will come to an end on april 7th with a farewell celebration as they crown the final "american idol." >> keeping up with the kardashians is still going strong after 11 seasons. and the family empire has expanded fashion, makeup, apps. and at the center of it all is kris jenner, the super momager. cameron mathis sat down with kris to talk about everything kardashian including the o.j. mini-series. what did sayhe s they got right and what did she say they got wrong? >> i don't understand. >> he butchered her. >> he had nothing to do with that, i know. being angry at robert defending o.j., did that really happen? >> i mean, there was definitely tension there. he wne
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were on different sides. >> reporter: nobody did a fact check. that's what kris told us about the mini-series. but she also has no complaints. >> khloe, kourtney, stop running. >> watching the episode, watching, is there something that you think that they just got wrong? >> well, in one of the scenes, actually, they show my kids sitting in front of the tv watching the reading of what they thought was a suicide letter from o.j. >> robert. >> oh, my god, it's daddy. >> to whom it may concern. >> they were watching tv and sort of heard their dad's name and they were chanting, "kardashian"! >> kardashian! kardashian! >> we were hanging out at my house, and that didn't happen. >> reporter: another thing kris says she got wrong, selma blair's appearance. >> i was pregnant with kendall when we were going through the trial. so there you go. >> i'd like to show you a photo from back in the day. >> mexico.
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>> what's yourct reaion to seeing it? >> that was a great trip. nicole was in charge of getting us the house. and she was in charge of music. she was so good at her playlist. >> amazing you remember all this. that's incredible. >> i still have the playlist. she made us all a cassette tape. a cassette tape. and i still have it. i remember, we watched "pretty woman." we wedatch "pretty woman" probably ten times on that trip. >> and you remember all that? >> yeah. >> that's incredible. >> yeah. it was our last vacation together. >> that easter vacation shot was taken just about three months before nicole was murdered in june of 1994. in it you see bikinied kim, on the end, there is kourtney, khloe is 9, and 7-year-old rob standing next to o.j. and nicole's kids, justin and sidney. >> i haven't seen or talked to the kids in a really long time. >> i think i read somewhere that khloe stays in touch with sidney. >> that would make sense, yeah, yeah. those kids are great. >> kri
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where she splits time managing the reported $195 million kardashian empire and being momager of her kids. she gave us an update on rob's new love. black china. >> i don't know much about their relationship. i think they're definitely friends, and they seem, you know, great. rob has been in a really good place for a while. and he wrote me yesterday and said, i just finished my workout. what do you want? because i was texting about something business. and i love seeing him happy about what he's doing. and we did the relaunch. and he's excited about that. >> and kris also told cameron that easter is a big holiday for her, especially taking care of the baskets. she loves to do that, so you know the grandma is looking forward to it. >> he just want to go over for the easter egg hunt. can you imagine? >> exactly. there's a big faith-based movie that's sure to pack theaters
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up next, jennifer garner tells us how them file gav her strength during difficult times in her marriage. plus, kate hudson on her love life and fox newswoman megyn kelly on watching her weight. >> i just went right back to eating my kids' goldfish. >> that is coming up. first -- ♪ my name is ♪ no ♪ my number is ♪ no ♪ you need to let it go >> who says blondes have more fun? a gin engineer-haired meghan trainor may have lost her platinum locks, but sheas h gained a new sound in her sexy new music video "no." ♪ i to the i to the no no no >> the song is already a hit, gut the grammy-winning artist admits she still has moments of insecurity. >> like recently we were doing a fitting for this music have you had video. i was, like, man, all these dancers are so tiny. i felt insecure again. my friend was, like, you are all about that bass. do not forget that. you're right. i'm hot and i'm going to cull it in this video. ♪ because you know i'm
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that bass ♪ >> she's all that but she's also got to two brothers who have moved to l.a. and they are very protective. >> if i ever do bring a guy home, once they leave, my brothers are, like, huh-uh. huh-uh. >> so that led us right into the rumors that she's dating l.a. clipper deandre' jordan. >> there is a certainly basketball player you've been hanging out with. >> he's a great friend. he texts me, like, i miss your bros. we party with him. he's the nicest dude ever. he's the tallest dude in the room. >> we met up with meghan. she's hoping fans will embrace her entire new album "thank you" which she says has influences from caribbean, country, doo-wop and hip-hop. ♪ i'm feeling ♪ untouchable >> it's all very new, very fresh and i keep listening to it every night, like, pretending i'm strangers in the world listening to it. like huh. that meghan trainor girl. spicy
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doctor, please, this is our little girl. >> i'm scared, mom. >> me, too. >> that is a scene from "miracles from heaven." it's the faith-based drama playing in theaters right now. and faith is certainly one of the things that helped jennifer garner pull through the challenges she faced last year. we spoke to jennifer about the power of spirituality in her life. >> you can either see your life as having no miracles or you can see your life as being filled with miracles. >> i've never doubted a day in my life. >> she's handled her split from husband ben affleck with dignity. and while her new movie has put her in the spotlightur
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painful time, jennifer says it has been her saving grace. >> i think it's such a powerful message. and i'm wondering just how you can relate to that in your own experience. >> the minister in the movie says something that i loved so much, he says i've gone -- everybody struggles, right? and i have struggled. i've gone through struggles both ways. i've done it with faith and i've done it without. and let me tell you, it's a lot better with. and that is just -- it's just a simple idea, but i love that in this story, christie struggles with her faith. she struggles seeing her daughter really go through something so awful and to say hello, where are you? but the idea that her daughter's face is so pure, it kind of carries her through. >> this film in itself, a miracle for you. >> it was a very difficult choice because i don't typically play the lead in films. it takes too much time away from my kids. and this film i kind of went to them and sai
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think? i really feel compelled to tell the story. and my daughter's so sweet. she said, mom, it's really your turn. we'll be okay. you should do it. >> i'm scared, mom. >> me, too. >> jen plays mom in the film based on a true story. 12-year-old kylie rogers plays her daughter, annabel, who is diagnosed with an incurable disease. >> it's the real anna, guys! >> favorite moments from being on set. >> favorite moments, most of them are definitely with jen because we did a lot of arts and crafts. >> through it all, jen has never lost her sense of humor, even playing the saxophone and telling off-color bedtime stories in these viral videos. >> i've got to ask you about the funny youtube story, the bedtime story which i hope you have not seen, young lady. no. hysterical. >> now, go [ bleep ] to sleep. >> i hope my parents don't see it! >> well, jennifer gets to lighten things up and go for laughs in her next movie. she plays the wife of kevin spacey who finds himself trapped in the body of their cat. >> the best gift i ever g
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>> it's called "nine lives" and it opens august 5th. still to come tonight, we are with megyn kelly. we get to know the softer side of the fox news host. and then kate hudson talks about the sexy instm,agra showing off her backside. >> it's an ode. >> that is next. closed captioning provided by --
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has been actually quite recently just a year ago when i met donna.
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and to get healthier. well since i met sue and listened to her guidance i've lost about 80 pounds and i have been taken off almost all my medications. to me, i mean that's something to shout about. i think for donna the biggest change has been what's happened up here her perspective on food, nutrition, fitness has just changed dramatically. she looks at food differently, she thinks about food differently and the fact that nutrition and exercise, there just a routine part of her life. i just see the future getting better and better and better. because i'm getting healthier and healthier and healthier. it's just been a whole life change and i don't want to ever go back to the old ways.
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well, you wouldn't know it by looking at that shot right there, not a stitch of clothing, near that i could in the bathtub, she is, but kate hudson has created her own successful line of workout wear. >> i wouldn't know it because all that working out is why she looks so darn good in the tub. she's an actress, author and that's why she is one of e.t.'s wonder women. now, carly steele just had to get the story behind kate's behind. >> saucy pics in the bath. where do you get that boldness from? >> the saucy, that was my she was celebrating my tushy. that's what she does. >> it's an ode to the tush. >> this is amazing. >> you and i have really gotten to know each other really well. >> congratulations. >> thank you. you sell out stores. you've got a top movie with "kung fu panda." >> how are you
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the way is also awesome. you're also amazing. >> i'll take that as a compliment. >> reporter: her book is all about staying centered and healthy. >> without sort of this pressure, you have to eat raw totally. you know, you have to work out like sayix ds a week. >> reporter: as for staying grounded in her love life, kate's dating, having fun with nick jonas, raising one son with ex, chris robinson, and another with ex-fiancee matt bellamy whom she praised for his grammy win. what's the best piece of advice your mom has given you in terms of love? >> advice is i think be true to yourself. when you're connected intimately, it's a huge time of growth. accept what that is and to go there even when it's uncomfortable. >> reporter: i like that. thanks, goldie and kurt. >> "e.t.," you heard it here first. >> oh, and i'm listening to that advice. goldie and kurt have been together more than 30 years. so obviously it's working for them. and kate's bo"p
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let me tell you, fox news is pretty happy they have megyn kelly on their team. she has no trouble standing up to trump or anyone else. and our senior news editor jennifer talked to megyn about politics, the new short 'do and she's includingen parthood and staying in shape. it's the softer side of megyn kelly. >> your former colleague, sarah palin, has recently come out to endorse him. what are your thoughts on that? >> it was riveting television. >> we're not gonna chill. in fact, it's time to drill, baby, drill down and hold these folks accountable. >> who could take their eyes off of it, right? she knows how to make a splash. >> in that cute little camisole and jacket. >> she is a television phenom, as is he. so to watch the two of them next to each other, the dynamic was just riveting. great television. >> trump possibly could be our next president. what are your thoughts now that you're going up head to head with him so hard right now? >> oh, he's going to get over this by then.
3:05 am
>> he will be back when he needs you, that's for sure. >> he'll get over it. he will be fine. i will be fine, and america will be just fine, too. >> his comment that he has made about women and working mothers in particular, i think it's ironic that he does have a successful working daughter who is the mother of now almost three children. >> i know somebody who knows trump very well. and he was on a private plane with trump years ago. he tells the story about how an 11-year-old ivanka came over and needed trump's attention. and trump is in the middle of this meeting with these other powerful executives. and the other executives expected him to blow off the daughter, ivanka, but he didn't. he blew them off. and he stopped, and she said she needed help with her homework. and he walked to the other part of the plane with her and sat down with her and they attended to her needs. i think that story speaks beautifully of him. and the woman she is today speaks beautifully of him. >> your "vanity fair" cover absolutely beautiful. we love the hair, by the way. we are huge fans of it. empowering. it's gon
3:06 am
whoa! do you feel a little more lighter and easy, breezy? >> i don't feel lighter. as much as i tried to do the i want to lose five pounds. i wept back to eating my kids' goldfish and pretzels. there's something psychological about cutting your hair off. i don't know what it is. i love it. there's something about it is that empowering and makes you feel like you're your better, stronger self. >> i feel like we should cut our hair. >> i'm ready. >> no matter what, she's powerful, long hair, short hair, whatever. exactly. in our birthdays, which sex in the city star was introduced by her brother? it sarah jessica parker? kim cattrall? >> the answer is coming up next. ♪
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[female narrator] even if you're not planning on getting pregnant now, you should know that foods rich in folic acid like white bread and leafy greens can help prevent some birth defects before you even know you're pregnant.


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