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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  April 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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charge. then got out and got ahold of a ba rettta, a semi automatic 40 caliber weapon. virginians struggling to explain the unexplainable. >> they put their lives in their hands everyday for you and me. >> reporter: trooper chad dermyer had a chance encounter with a man on a hair trigger. james brown had long violent charging sheets including murder, intent to kill, aggravated battery, with a firearm, aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, aggravated battery of an un born child. he vowed never to let police take him back to jail. >> the loud noises didn't make sense. there is no way that's gun shots. there were five, ten more. >> reporter: police say they found 143 unspent
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ammunition, on brown and in his bags. dermyer just approached him. >> there was no warrant. no pending charges we were aware of. we don't know, may never know. >> reporter: friends say dermyer was one squared away trooper and helped arrest a woman who had her son's body stuffed in her trunk for as long as a decade and rescued a lost dog on the side of the interstate. trooper dermyer survived by his wife michelle and his two young children, page and philip, he is the 16th police officer in the united states shot and killed this year that is twice as many as this same time last year. live at virginia state police headquarters.
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condolences virginia state police, a huge crowd expected at a vigil in trooper dermyer's honor, slated to start in a half hour at the siegel center at virginia common wealth university. a yellow weather alert to talk about right now. >> howard bernstein is tracking thunderstorms popping up all around the area. it's missed the metro, we watched an area go to the north, west and southwest, nothing severe, we may get isolated to severe later on. going over the last hour, everything is moving to the northeast, close to 50 miles an hour, only thing local sly a little shower, -- not far from damascus county. much heavier to the south and west, from areas between gold vain and manassas, and sperryville, warrenton in a couple of mi
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6:12, here in dc, 6:38. we will see if it impacts gnash park. we got to watch out for the isolated storm or two, between now and 8, maybe 9:00, settle down for a while overnight. temperatures fall from around 80 now, 70s this evening, in the 60s here by 10:00 p.m. weekend is upon us, we have weather issues this weekend. if you haven't downloaded it yet, do so, the free wusa 9 app. get the weather on that, also news and traffic, watch us live on the app as well. we will have the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. it's going get chillier around here. let's go inside to bruce and leslie. right now, the nuclear security sum sit is wrapping up in dc. president obama told the gathering of world leaders, the prospect of isis or other extremists getting a weapon is one of the greatest threats to global security. >> there is no
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these madmen ever got their hands on a nuclear bomb or material, they most certainly would use it to kill as many innocent people as possible. that's why our work here remains so critical. >> this is wrapping up, president obama is giving some closing statements. between the protests and the street closures, this big event has meant a lot of problems for people trying to get around. >> we should be used to this. stephanie has been out there all day long. how is it looking? >> reporter: not too congested yet. we are expecting that traffic to build again the summit ended. if you do usually come through this ways you may want to try to avoid this area if you can. it was a busy day for global zero activists, they lobbied on capitol hill, raising awareness about nuclear weapons. the group protested on mc fearson square at noon, they
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want president obama and world leaders to know that nuclear weapons jeopardize global security worldwide and say the summit isn't tackling a major issue. >> our message to them is there can be no such thing as security, while 15,000 nuclear weapons still exist. >> reporter: we are expecting traffic tie ups in this area, so you want to try to avoid this area around the convention center, if you can this evening. stephanie gailheart, wusa 9. an area where visitors won't check out is the washington monument. elevator malfunction shut the monument down until sunday. visitors on the level had to walk downstairs today, tho one was stuck inside -- no one was stuck inside. second time the elevator has been broken. mayor of dc signed an order that bans any government employees from traveling to
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business, this is in response to north carolina new law regarding gay, lesbian and transgender residents. no town in north carolina can pass its own laws that pro hit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. it requires people to use public bathrooms assigned to the gender on their birth certificates. the mayor stands with the lgbtq community and against discrimination. primary election that could pack a pun touch the front runner -- punch to the front runners on both sides. the uncle of a young officer killed on her first day on the job talks about this weekend special tribute. you got to check this out. hubble goes in to the heart of the milky way, a closer look
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candidates are hoping to knock out a vulnerable donald trump. >> tensions mounting on the democrat ugh side as well. >> reporter: bernie sanders has an edge over democratic front runner, hilary clinton, in tuesday's wisconsin primary after winning the
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states. on cbs this morning, sanders accused clinton of accepting money from the fossil fuel industry. clinton snapped at a protester who made a similar claim at a rally on thursday. today in new york, she changed the subject, announcing a $10 billion plan to revitalize the manufacturer industry. >> the best way to do that is to create good jobs with rising incomes. that's my goal. >> reporter: the gop candidates trailing donald trump are hoping his latest controversies over abortion and his campaign manager will slow momentum, trump is trailing by 10 points in wisconsin. john kasich predicted the dw op nominee won't be decided until the republican national convention. >> everybody tried to figure
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out my math. cruz needs 90% remaining delegates. trump needs 60%. that's not going to happen. >> reporter: wisconsin has 42 delegates up for grabs. magic number is 1237 to win the republican nomination. donald trump won 48% of all delegates awarded. earlier he wouldn't honor a pledge to support the nominee which he previously agreed to do. new details in a fair fax county sex assault. a closer look at these photos, could they help track down the suspect?
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over 100 police officers running a marine corp.race to honor ashley gwendon, she was gunned down on her fairs day on the job. -- first day on the job. >> reporter: mark says the family staying strong, excited to watch and participate in the 11-mile race that begins near quanco. it's special for ashley because sle is a former marine as well. mark says the family is coming to town to
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marines and police and joggers are running the race, many of the officers are from prince williams. >> excited about being a part of it. we couldn't be happier that they are taking the time and the effort to put a project together to remember ashley. >> reporter: ashley was shot and killed responding to a domestic violence call over a month ago. her first day on the job, 28 years old. mark says ashley would be embarrassed by the support. >> probably overwhelmed to know there was so much love and outpouring to remember her. >> reporter: her mom will be at the race tomorrow. >> reporter: mark thinks things will get tougher for ashley's mom as tributes are fewer and farther between. she is thankful for the support. >> tomorrow's race is sold out, you are invited to show up and show your support. the race starts in ma nasis
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manassas. a pedestrian hit by an suv recaller this month has died. he was hit on branch avenue at silver hill road. he was inside the crosswalk but walking against the traffic signal. the driver who hit him stayed at the scene. police are still investigating the incidents. fairfax county, a man robbed and sexually assaulted a woman at knife point. it happened wednesday in springfield. the victim was walking alone behind the shopping center on commerce street, the man grabbed her, pulled her in to a dumpster and assaulted her. the man drove away in an older red car with a distinctive white or gray patch on the driver's side. they released surveillance photos hoping anybody recognizes the car. montgomery county police say a silver springs man is recovering from hypothermia, he drove his car in to a creek in harford county. she wong failed to
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home from medical appointment on wednesday. police issued a silver alert and they tracked his cell phone signal and found him inside a half submerged car. nasa's space telescope has taken you in to a cosmic family photo opportunity. >> nasa says the photo shows half a million stars clustered at the center of the milky way. astronomers estimate it holds 10,000,000 other stars, they are too faint to catch in the image. >> it makes me feel small. >> we are but a bit in the universe. that shows us. puts it in to perspective. shows you how much we are learning from the hubble. friends in greenville doing the work. weatherwise, couple of showers out there, things are wiin
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and there over the next couple of hours, get ready for a big cool down. april started today. if it's your birth, happy april fool to you. got a couple of friends who are april fools. we call them that. my good friend steve in easton, he is an april fool. showers approaching dc, the heavier stuff early scooted out of here, 50, 55 miles an hour, briefly severe. the shower that was in western howard, that's falling apart. two showers, weakening over the last 10- 15 minutesm one west of dale city, the other west of warrenton, zooming in to this, heavier downpours, this is going to lose a little bit of its punch, prince william, coming off to the northeast quickly. this is headed towards fairfax, if it holds together burke and dc, alexandria, in town, 6:41, silver spring, maybe 6:46. buoy if it ca
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7:00. the showers to the wests headed towards leaseburg at 6:48. potentially if they are hanging around germantown after the 7:00 hour. one thing hanging around, the winds, gusty day, having gusts 38 in lore ray, gusting 24 in town, leaseburg over 30 hagerstown, a lot stronger tomorrow night ahead of another cold front. high wind watch out for the area saturday night in to sunday morning, gusts could be 40, maybe 50 plus saturday night, sundays morning. 80 reagan national. everybody else in the 70s to low 80s. a nice spring like day. we hit 83, officially that's the warmest since november 6th of 2015. 80 and cloudy. the south, southwesterly winds 17 miles per hour. it wasn't that humid today. we had more humidity, we would have had more storms, that was one of the saving graces. we are dealing with spring here, winter is not dead yets that cold is coming down, it's
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the next few days. for the next week or so, the cold is going to win. we got snow on the great lakes. sheer weather going on in to the deep south, around here, the thin broken line of showers, that's going to come through, should be out of here in the next couple of hours. tomorrow morning, if you are south and east of washington, outdoor plans, i'm not happy about what i'm showing you. we will see showers along and east of i-95 especially the even shore, southern marylanding middays most of that -- maryland, midday, most of that -- better afternoon saturday before the next strong cold front comes saturday nite with a couple of showers here and higher elevations, going to have snow showers. the forecast, a few, i want to specify a few evening showers and storms, mostly cloudies low to mid 50s, a little breezy, tomorrow morning, showers around, especially east of i- 95s we start in the 50s, not nearly as warm on saturday afternoon, some sun returns,
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the cold spots this the 50s. on sunday, cold, 52, gusts saturday nite, sunday morning, could be above 40, 50 miles per hour briefly. monday showers, mainly in the afternoon, 64. colder on tuesday, tuesday is the coldest day at 48. looking like showers possible thursday, not good news fox the nats have their home owner, highs in the 50s. >> you got baseball, does look like whiz is going to make the playoffs? >> i would say wasted and a little bit embarrassing because of the thoughts and hopes we had for them. >> they did so well. >> we are talking baseball, we got something good to chat about. national season is on the doorstep. boys of summer is back, a
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they say character is what you do when no one is watching. david trone banned the box so people who've paid their debt to society could have a chance. and fought so hard for criminal justice reform, they named a center after him. and because education was his way out david offered it free to employees. and over 14 years ago began offering them partner benefits. evening the playing field has always been david's mission.
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un, it's how you live. i'm david trone and i approve this message. los angeles police detectives have concluded that a knife found at the estate of the former estate of oj simpson was not the murder weapon used to kill simpson's ex-wife and ronald goldman. >> they ruled out that knife after weeks of forensic investigation. he was acquitted his wife and goldman. a knife linked to the killings has never been found. baseball is almost here, season starts monday, that will be on the road at atlanta, open daig
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is next thursday. expectations lowered but this team is talent for sure led by bryce harper. nats at home at this hour for a spring training game against minnesota. they have really high hopes of what is to come. >> it's good to be back home. >> great teammates behind us. michael tailor and joe ross. they wants to answer questions. you want to come over here? >> it is what happens when there is a mic coming towards your face. >> college hoops, not many can say they did that. george washington did just that. winning the nit last night in the big apple. colonial is knocking off va l pole by a lot. the first post season title, colin
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season. congratulations to them. hoop events in baltimore tomorrow night to raise money for his charity. a chance to see if they can play ball. >> we have been mentoring program, part of that was living classrooms to getting in the classrooms and making sure the kids have the resources they need and i'm excited about the proceeds that will be going to that. >> good to see mr. smith giving back. i'm sure he has game, too in basketball. >> they try to hurt you. they don't understand. >> it's the punishing attitude that's brought to the field. >> maybe it's just you. thunderstorms are falling apart and weakening. first alert live doppler, looping over the last hour, things are moving quickly. you don't see the orange and the red we saw a little while ago. there maybe
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i'm optimistic for the folks at nats park with the twins nats, preseason game, other than light showers over the next couple of hours, most of your friday evening will be all right. if this continues, the yellow alert will be gone in a short time. >> the big thing is we will cool down. >> sunday is going to be a lot chillier, if you planted anything really tender, way too early. tomorrow night, north and west, next week, a chance for a freeze. spring is here but not here fully. wusa9 at 6:00, the cbs evening news is next. back with your only local news cast at 7:00. see you then.
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>> pelley: john dickerson asks donald trump to set the record straight on an issue that divides the country. >> reporter: do you think it's murder, abortion? >> pelley:o als tonight, 13 million are in the path of relentless storms, including tornadoes tearing through south. nearly 200,000 people in one day plunked down cash for a car that doesn't exist yet. and steve hartman on one couple's fight for life. >> i think it's just still, like, the miracle of-- of my lifetime that we met. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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