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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  June 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking news, tonight, hillary clinton he shatters that glass ceiling, capturing the democratic nomination for president of the united states, for the first time ever, a woman will lead a major party's presidential ticket in november. thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> and i'm adam longo. tonight, hillary clinton is thanking supporters for helping women reach a major milestone. we look at the historic moment, and where the race goes from here. >> reporter: she won't formally september the nomination
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the nomination -- accept the nomination until the convention. >> thanks to you, we've reached a milestone. the first time, first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party nominee. >> reporter: she embraced her next role. >> the women of the world who have blazed new path snooze with a video, and -- path,. >> reporter: with a new video. >> it belongs to generations geo women and men who struggled and sacrificed and made this moment possibly. >> reporter: 8 years ago tonight, she gave a different speech. >> although we weren't able to shatter that highest, hardest ceiling, thanks to
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about 18 million -- >> did you ever think you would see that? >> absolutely, absolutely. >> reporter: at a campaign watch party in arlington, clinton supporters savored the moment. >> this is just the beginning. i think people see she's be running again, and they understand they need to support hillary. >> reporter: in california today, the man clinton had been running against still refuses to back down, pointing out the super delegates who pushed clinton over the top could change their mind. >> secretary clinton will not have the requisite number of pledged delegates to win the democratic nomination. >> and that could still change tonight by the time california counts the votes, sanders plans to fly home to vermont after a late speech in california of the his campaign says he will travel to dc later in the week, but
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reception. president obama has warned sanders he will end course clinton, believe -- endorse clinton, possibly this week, another step to closing out the campaign completely. >> it will be interesting to pay attention to his campaign this week for sure. turning to donald trump, the republican's party's presumptive nominee, he celebrated more primary wins. >> and used his victory speech to attack hillary clinton. >> secretary clinton did the work on an illegal, private server, something that how she's getting away, nobody understands. designed to keep her corrupt dealing out of the public records, putting the security of the entire country at risk, and a president in a corrupt system is totally protecting her. >> get ready for more fireworks. trump says he will deliver a major speech on clinton next week, probably monday. in
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all of bernie sanders supporters to switch to his side to help defeat clinton in november. rescue teams have recovered a body from the potomac river, someone on the overlook platform at great falls tavern spotted the body. rescue teams made the recovery. there has been no identification yet. more breaking news this time out the michigan. the sheriff's office in california ma ski county -- kalamazoo county on bikes were killed hit by a pickup truck. children are among the victims. witnesses say the truck had been driving erratically, and hit that group head on. rescue personnel were checking to see if the pickup was the same vehicle they were looking for after an earlier report of a drunken driver. tracking metro as we look ahead to the fifth day of the safe track plan. today was expected to be a
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>> and boy, did we see it! longer commutes clogged interstates, and a lot of people trying to figure it all out. we have been back out live with commuters, and are live from the boston mu station where crews are back at it tonight. >> reporter: that's right. we talked to dozens much riders today, and what we realized there was no singular experience today, it was everything, good, bad, and in between. the tuesday metro experience can be summed up by two unrelated riders. separately, they each went from west falls church to mcpherson square and back in the afternoon. they had two completely different experiences. >> took me 2.5 hours to get home, usually it takes 20 minutes. >> it wasn't as bad as i expected to be. i didn't face any delays. >> reporter: so went the day,
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between east falls churn in boss -- church in boston. >> trains are more packed. >> okay for you? >> yes. >> about 20 minutes. >> not horrible. >> reporter: not horrible, aside from being a low standard, that is a relief, at least it was better than yesterday. >> today was a little worse. >> yesterday was worse. >> what was worse? yesterday or today. >> today. >> yesterday, marty took the bus. >> that took long better. >> reporter: today, she took metro. >> answer not as -- it's not as bad as i thought. it took a half an hour longer in the morning, and in the afternoon. >> and tomorrow? >> i think i'll try it in the morning. >> sounds like you're being flexible. >> day-to-day. i thought about biking to work. >> i thought about shrugging. that will take about the same time. >> i'm going to try to -- >> are you going to change anything?
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drive? >> are you planning on continue to ride? >> yes. >> this is still easier than trying to commute downtown and find parking and pay for that. >> have to roll with the punches, right? >> reporter: it seems some riders are going punched more than ours. the take away? plan for everything. one consistency we heard from metro riders is metro employees, the workers at the station have been helpful during the difficult process. pointing people in the right direction, and giving them very useful information. live at boston metro, w usa 9. commuters at the metro center station are definitely losing their cool. the air conditioning is busted. in fact, it breast down a week ago -- it broke down a week ago, and it will take another week to make repairs. it broke down at the smithsonian and federal center steps, but those systems will be back online tomorrow.
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help others navigate the maintenance work. download that free wusa9 app. a local firefighter and his young son are in the hospital again for a second truck. >> brayden bam a firefighter a month ago, now he's learning what it really means to be a part of the fire family. >> reporter: brayden is supposed to be working in this fire house today. he's on the schedule, his gear is here, but he's not. >> he has been, had surgery the night of. goes in for surgery tomorrow. >> reporter: his wife works in the operating room of a pennsylvania hospital, but even with that kind of experience, she says the past 24 hours
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unbearable. >> reporter: he left his job at a carpenter, and joined the fire department in september of 2015. once he finished all of the training, they assigned him his one month has been impressive. >> reporter: the details of monday night are still murky. >> i know he was involved an accident. >> reporter: his wife says her husband ran an errand with their 1-year-old son in tow. a dump truck and the car collided. his coworkers didn't wait for all the details. they just showed up. >> it was amazes they were here when he got out of surgery, and stayed throughout the night. >> reporter: and in less than 24 hours, raised over $4000. the young family. >> his wife estimated she might have to -- stated she might have to quit her job because he could be wheelchair bound. >> reporter: sometimes, even the s
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>> your brothers and sisters are here for you, and get better soon. we need you back at the fire house. >> we've been told you're part of a family, but i really had no idea how much that meant until now. >> according to his wife, doctors expect him to be in a wheelchair for the next 12 weeks. unable to work for at least nine months. she says that he is still in a lot of pain, but thankfully, in stable condition. 88 pounds of heroin, that is how much dc police and federal agents seized over several months while cracking down on a large scale drug operation. they say it funneled heroin from africa and india to dc's benning road corridor. officers have arrested 10 people in the district. fairfax county police are looking for a man who grabbed
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the 16-year-old was heading to south county high school of the he reached for the girl, she screamed, fought him off and ran to the school. south county high and police are asking everyone to avoid walking alone to and from school. pilot error, the ntsb says was the pilot -- it was the pilot that caused the crash in gaithersburg that set a home on fire. six people died. the pilot and would passengers and mother -- and his passenger, and a mother and son in the house. the pilot failed to switch on the deicer, and that plane stalled as it approached montgomery county air park, and then plunged to the ground. >> it was good to know this accident was preventable, and hopefully this will not happen again with th
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>> the ntsb is urging the faa to develop a new automatic alert system for small jet pilots, and pushing for more training for people who fly single pilot aircraft. good news tonight for victims legal house flippers. >> check out this wardrobe malfunction, see what happens with a bank robber's disguise starts to fall off in the middle of the crime. >> we're looking at kind of a different air mass. you'll notice the change tomorrow morning. we're looking at 54-64 to start. 60s generally at 9:00, and by noon, showers possible, temperatures still only in the low to mid-70s. we'll come back. you might be surprised how cool it will be tomo
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we are learning more about plans for muhammed ali's funeral set for friday.
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former world heavy weight champion, lenox lewis, and will smith will be pallbearers. scheduled speakers will be two of his daughters, and former president bill clinton. louisville, kentucky is preparing for the thousands of visitors flocking there. fans are stopping by to leave flowers and momentos. dignitaries, and celebrities will be there. president obama, and michelle obama will not attend, but did send a letter that a close aide will read. wusa9's bruce johnson will be there. you can watch for live coverage, and download the wusa app for special reports, and bruce returns to his hometown for this historic event. as we mentioned, president obama not able to attend the service, because he'll be at daughter malia's high school graduation ceremony. you can see how close the two
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and the president has said he'll probably cry. virginia couple that engaged in illegal house flipping incidents they will pay $1.3 million in restitution to homeowners that purchased homes. they also have to pay an additional $300,000 and half of that amount will be waived if the couple complies with the agreement. attorney general says the settlement is just a down payment to homeowners who were the victims of shoddy and dangerous renovations. to the extent that the restitution fund $1.3 million is not enough, there is provision, importantly, in the settlement agreement for us to go back to the couple and get more money. >>
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estate reconstruction with the ag's prior approval. they to make sure construction complies. the ag says the bowl has always been to provide full restitution to the people who dealt with them. homeowners like brian jacobson who purchased and renovated, or purchased a renovated home from them, they say the settlement is not significant enough, considering the extent of damages to a number of homes they sold. >> i think probably a better solution would have been, put liens on the property they have, and take the proceeds from the properties, and give them to the fund so the residents can be fully compensated for what's happened to them. >> and right now, there are 19 homeowners that could be getting some of that pot of money, they will get what it cost to bring the houses
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their home has decreased in value. if you think you've been duped by them, the attorney general's office wants to hear from you. montgomery county police say a bank robber threatened to blow up the bank if he didn't get money. >> but fortunately, nothing blew up, except his disguy, right off his -- disguise, right off his face. at the sun trust bank, at one point, you'll see it here, the robber's fake period just straight up falls off. oops! the teller handed over cash, he headed for the door. tips to his arrest could be worth $10,000. >> why it's never a good idea to go rob someplace. >> that's one -- reason. >> let's talk about some different numbers, the three degree guarantee. how did you do you? >> we felt pretty good, we went in the mid-80s. it was the same number as yesterday. i went 55.
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okay. i think we're 19 of the last 20, and i'm debating tomorrow. i'm still debating tomorrow. right now, we're going 75 for a high tomorrow, but you have another 41 minutes to decide. a live look outside. already down to 66. it was 73 actually last hour. it's dropped to 66. winds out of the north/northwest about 13. dew points just around 50, so pretty dry air mass as moved in. windy and cooler tomorrow, we have the chance of an isolated spray shower. bus stop depth, comfortable, thursday, gorgeous, and friday still nice, but we have a sprinkle in on friday. weekend is warmer. that's good news, but it's going to become unsettled, increasing chance of showers and storms on saturday and sunday for that matter. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, we have some 50s, 58 in gaithersburg, 86 -- 62 downtown.
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weather alert worthy, but showers in the forecast, very light, and by, say, 1:00, most of the showers have moved across. this might be quick, but you get the impression just light showers are possible, if you decide at lunchtime. temperatures will struggle to get to 71, 72 tomorrow, which is why i think i should go 74. some might think 77. by 10:00 p.m., back in the low to mid-60s, and heading for the 50s tomorrow night. winds by lunch to gust to 31 at gaithersburg, 4:00 p.m., 36 miles an hour, this is the forecast, snapshot in time, but gives awe idea in the afternoon the winds will be picking up in a big way. winds from the west/northwest. so day planner looks like this: sunshine to start, a sprinkle at 11:00, a sprinkle at 1:00, and holding around 70 by 1:00. now, the next seven days, friday night, again, sprinkle possible. warmer over the weekend, showers possible saturday, and
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nats in town friday through wednesday. looking really nice monday and tuesday. >> okay! but first, inner league play, the nats are chicago. >> they are enjoying the windy city. >> yeah. it's been a good trip for them. i'll leave you with that. >> 9 -- the nats have been on the roller coaster, finding ways to fight back.
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it's a week by week waiting game, when will we see tiger woods back on the government course, we thought he -- golf course, we thought he would be back on his own the tournament. he is progressing from back
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field. woods will be on site at congressional country club to celebrate the ten year anniversary. , john feinstein says it could have a big impact on the tournament. >> the tournament last year did not draw well, even though tiger made the cut, and was on the fringes of contention, it drew better because of that. but i wonder next year if he isn't playing next year, who's going to show up? at least this way, your in a great location, on a great golf course, and that will help. >> how time flies. six years ago, bryce harper's name was drafted first over all by the washington nationals. tonight, as he has done so many times, harper clutched for the curly ws. the nats were in a hole against the white sox, then they chipped away. just got over to put the nats within 1.
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send one to deep center field, it bounces off the wall, wert and severe scored, and they are up 10n -5 ithe bottom of the 7th. nats return home to face philadelphia, if you can't make it to the ballpark, you can watch friday and saturday's game right here on wusa9. the orioles had an events full night. check this catch by cain. check it out. you can kind of see it. it just goes up and over. he's in a little pain after that, but a great rob of a home run, then this happened. yep, manny plunged 90-mile an hour fastball, decided to throw some punches an all-out brawl at camden yards. both men
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orioles win though 9-1. we all have our advices with it comes -- vices with what it comes to what we watch on tv, i like the talent reality shows, but foursomes members of the ravens -- for some members of the ravens they've been bonding, some members get together to watch the bachelorette. they even fill out brackets of who will make it through to next week. adam, you can take your bracket to theirs. dennis is the hard core fan. i know it's your favorite. >> yeah. >> lots of testosterone in that house! this
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a warning if you plan to go to the beach any time soon, this is not about sharks. >> yikes! >> sea life popping up
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microscopic sea lice, they are not like head lice, they leave a mark, and biologists expect to see more as the weather gets warmer. now what do you have to say? >> you skipped the part where they're the jellyfish larva. >> you say it. >> thanks. >> nice tomorrow, little windy. winds gusting up to 35 miles an hour tomorrow afternoon. >> happy to end
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>> in the entertainment system the actor jude law is represented by two separate but equally important groups-- jude law enforcement to investigate crime, and the judiciary who prosecute the offenders. these are their stories. >> stephen: skews me. do you know the whereabouts of this man, jude law? >> this maluk! i seen him in the trail for this movie "genius" that opens in cinemas nationwide on friday. but i don't know his whereabouts now, forget about it. >> stephen: thank you, new york native. >> this guy disappears into his parts. unbelievable. >> stephen: oh, trust


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