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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  June 13, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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fo >> orlando strong. two words on social media and echoing in the city of the center of the nation's deadliest mass shooting. good evening and thanks for joining us i'm bruce johnson and joined by adam longo in orlando where some of the victims still being treated. good evening. what is the latest. >> reporter: good evening to you. a steady stream of family, friends and well-wishers coming out here to the site in front of orlando health, the main hospital off of orange avenue in orlando, leaving flowers and lighting candles, they have a prayer chain. people writing prayers on pieces of colored paper and linking them together to leave the prayers and messages of peace and hope. i want to walk you around to
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here is orlando health, the main hospital, the pulse nightclub is just five blocks up the street. orange avenue. perhaps the busiest thoroughfare through orlando. a good five to sick blocks of the main corridor are closed as the media has taken over the center of the road in front of the nightclub and as the investigation continues to be under way. we understand from one of the local stations here in town that a 48 victim has been identified. that leaves one outstanding and sadly bruce, families and at least one that does not know that they have lost their loved ones. the investigation still a very active scene up the street at the nightclub and investigators at this hour tried to find out more about who this suspect is, this american born moslem name omar mateen. >> a show of saladdity as the family members mourned. awlunteers keeping the media
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don't know the status. >> 49 club goers died and 53 wounded with five hospitalized in grave condition. investigators trying to determine why oma mateen chose this location and if there are real ties to isis. >> there was a gun battle between the shooter and s.w.a.t. team. there's strong indications that mateen was inspired by foreign terrorist organizations. today f.b.i. investigation searched mateen's car. >> we are going through the killer's life and his electronics to understand about path and whether there was anybody else involved. >> f.b.i. officials have seized a laptop computer. a kindle and cell phones from mateen's home an f.b.i. source says he was a heavy internet used
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presence and like the san bernardino terrorists, mateen did not delete finals. the f.b.i. has no indication that attack was directed from anyone outside the u.s. >> now there are two orlandos, the orlando that many of you know, the home for vacations and disney and universal and another orlando that many of you don't know about and that's the orlando that is centered around the pride of this city. a very proud and strong lgtb community as well as a strong puerto rico community and there is no outlet for the community to grieve. last night the police urging folks to not come together to say prayers because they couldn't provide security. today finally friends and family have a place to go and be together. that's the dr. phillips performing arts center a mil
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that's where andrea mckaren has been through the afternoon. good evening. good evening. indeed people are showing up where you wouldn't believe. hundreds and thousands if not already and the crowd keeps getting bigger. the candlelight vigil is about to begin and you know it is not just to remember the victims but to celebrate the community solidarity in the aftermath of the terrible attack. >> it was just shocking. >> in the wake of unthinkable sorry. orlando struggling to emerge from the darkness. >> i have a friend that was inside and his partner is missing. he can't seem to figure out where he is and why or any of that. >> reporter: one by one shell- shocked mourners came here to place flowers and write
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felt messages. >> everyone is treated by love. it is unbelievable. >> grief counselors offered their time for anyone that needed them. >> it is common for someone to be okay one second and then collapse. >> orlando is changed, changed forever. >> it doesn't matter if it is gay or black or white. it is people from our community that has taken away from us. >> reporter: parent are learning to teach their children about a new normal. >> he understands that there are bad guys and good guys and that is how he explain to them. >> among those expected to speak as the pastor of charleston emanuel church. sadly as you will recall she knows how to lead a commune to healing and recovery after a violent attack. reporting
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andrea mckaren, wusa9. adam back to you. >> and we will be there for that vigil bringing you team coverage for wusa9 news at 11. but first let's talk about the social media aspect. as i mentioned there wasn't a place collectively for people to come together and grieve. last night so on social media, people were able to use that as a tool to both share information about their friends and their family and their loved ones but also social media use as an outlet by here in the orlando community but across florida and the country and the world sharing their thoughts and their love and condolences. >> pete muntean looks to the social media angle today. >> everyone get out of pulse and keep running was the post at 20:009 sunday morning. now the nightclub's facebook is a hub
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paris. the tributes are coming in. fairfax tweeted this photo of the flag at half-staff and then dc pride with the # orlando united. the names of the 49 victims are posted on our wusa9 facebook. kimberly smith commented prayers for this senseless act of ignorance. social media expert ... >> it is so great to see that good is trending over evil at the moment. >> pete muntean, wusa9. now, sadly this tragedy has exposed some rather delicate issues in this country. first of which there was no means for the gay population to be immediately and directly try to help the folks injured because of the band on blood donations from gays.
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secondly, there has been an urgent call put out for grief counselors. the call from folks being able to help the devastated puerto rican community hurt hard. a church northwest of town in apopka florida will be offering free funeral svices to anyone impacted by this tragedy. back to you. adam, thank you. across orlando, folks lining up to donate blood. city hospitals put out an urgent call for donors and people responded by the thousands. >> the temporary attack on a gay nightclub launched conversations on a gay community including ours. the fda lifted the restriction on gay men giving blood. they now qualify to donate if they have abstained from sexual activity for a full year. >> if you
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cares, blood is blood. that is silly. >> if they have to turn him away, that is what they have to do. there is the rest of us to give blood for them. >> at least one center in orlando chose to look back the fda guidelines and accept blood from any donor on sunday. downtown washington, tourists and locals paused at the museum, a collection of front pages from around the world on display outside the museum located on pennsylvania avenue and today showcasing strong headlines and moving images and the museum drew quite a crowd. >> this is a moment to be recognized. it is a way to take time and really reflect on how something like this is affecting the whole country. >> the museum's exhibit is a rotating collection from 800 newspapers from across the globe. only some are on display every day but all of
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available to check out online at >> a fresh look at nightclub security, dc night hospitality association plans a two day, intensive security workshop for bars. ellen brian talked to business managers that wanted to make sure that gay community is safe. >> businesses at 17th street and dupont decked out from the capital pride event over the week. for a time of celebration, turned into shock. >> it sort of changed the mood and i think a lot of people looked at it as a chance to separate and show that we are stronger than that. >> this man found out on vacation but now there is work to erase the fear. >> if you see something, say something. >> something makes you feel that something is wrong, you have
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you have to notify somebody. >> the bar manager says that the event led them to think about what he would do if something like this happened at his restaurant. >> the sheer panic and the emotion i can't imagine. >> the biggest nightclub owners tell me their security practices include having video cameras that have remote access and a uniform staff and also always keeping open all channels of communications with the city. now the d c gay community wants to turn the sorrow into safety. >> i think when marriage equality was a reality the fight was over but obviously it is clear that we are not there yet. and targeted and act of terrorism. >> wusa9 news. there are other headlines to get you up to speed from dc's primary to
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metro plus a northern virginia community in shock tonight after somebody fired a gun and a moving car, not once but twice. we will have the stories for you next. a tribute at the washington national cathedral where the bells told once bells
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and welcome back to orlando. and orange county florida. i'm adam longo reporting. not only has the tragedy been a devastating blow to the community here in orlando and the florida area but at the pulse nightclub five blocks up the veith. this was latin night.
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this has been equally a devastating strategy for the tight knit close puerto rican community. i can tell you this. jet blue airways offering free flights for folks affected by the tragedy to come up from san juan and puerto rico. they offer direct service between orlando and san juan. i want you to take a look at the pictures. i got to tell you this heart breaking story. this victim is 34 years old and i talked to family and friends and shot 8 times. while at the club with friend of her and none of the friends that she went with survived the shooting. she went into surgery at about 6:00 tonight. and her family says they were unable to talk and able to kind of sit up though but that level of loss, many of the family members coming in from puerto rico. i talked with one of her friends before she went into surgery.
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years and doing very well so far and she is sitting up. >> do you know what kind of operation they have to do. >> the shoulder where she has the bullet holes out. >> how many times did she get shot? >> 8. >> has she been able to talk or communicate with anyone? >> not talking yet. not talking. >> another sad chapter in american history. the epicenter, orlando, florida where the worse mass casualty shooting has taken place. the community coming together tonight at a vigil that is started just a few minutes ago. myself and andrea will be there. we will cover it tonight on wusa9 at 11. i'm adam longo. bruce back to you. look forward to seeing you again. meanwhile police are looking for a gunman
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on people that drove through an upscale neighborhood. we got that story from fair fake county. >> two carses were shot at three miles apart from one another here in old dominion drive. thankfully no one hurt but those cars riddled with bullets. i think it is ridiculous. a good neighborhood and we never have problems with people and just surprised me that somebody would be driving down a busy street firing a gun. it is dangerous. >> andrea garcia and his neighbors drive down old dominion and the shooting is unsettling. it happened saturday night around midnight on belleview and falls run road. >> i do have two children and that makes it scarier with the young children without enough police coverage. >> the drivers say they will be vigilant and garcia has a ss
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and people nice. it is not something you do. >> the police described the suspect's vehicle as a white sedan and audi. if you know anything call
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omission metro as we track the system's year long project. took a big step forward as the federal transit administration officially approved the 20 million-dollars metro set aside to pay for a big part of the affairs. the fda has approved the spending because the agency is responsible for safety oversight of the rail system at least for now. always watching. always tracking. wusa9 first alert weather. dc's most accurate. >> so do we water the grass or is the rain coming? >> unsettled. tomorrow is great and wednesday, thursday and friday you are probably okay with the grass and you want to water in the early morning and not late at night. >> how early? >> like four a.m. to 8:00 p.m. is the best chances to water. >> i'm up at four a.m. >> they are pretty reasonable. otherwise do it at night. >> it is spectacular. the weather cam, it is still 79 and dew points in the 50s.
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and that's pretty sweet for us. winds out of northwest at 9. bus stop temperatures 56 to 74 and some schools are still in session. a terrific tuesday. not humid and showers on wednesday and showers on thursday and maybe some showers on friday. not wash out days but just be advised that showers, wednesday, thursday and friday and we will keep you posted and may have to issue a weather alert. 10:00, 74 downtown and 70 in gaithersburg and a few clouds to the east. and everybody under partly cloudy skies. by morning, 60 downtown and damascus will get down to 59. albany 59 and 61 in rockville and 63 in buoy. by mid-morning around 70 and maybe still in the mid 60s in hagerstown and a little ribbon through
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fredericksburg through leesburg and dc. by the afternoon gorgeous and 78 downtown and in la plata and 6:00 p.m., 24 hours from now, temperatures in the 80s and warmer in the southwest and you folks in culpepper and fredericksburg. 84 and 85 and dc and north and north of i-66 looking at temperatures in the low 80s tomorrow. really beautiful day. so day planner is like this, 60s to start for your down temperatures and low 60s in the suburbs. showers will end on friday and
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saturday and su
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tonight, great? >> great. >> and terrific tuesday and then the showers roll in. we will see you back ♪
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as the entertainment industry warned the orlando tragedy, e.t. is with the stars standing strong. >> hate will never win. >> there has to be a statement about that. >> if art is what fights tragedy then tonight is important. >> love cannot be killed or swept aside. >> then kerry washington on baby number two. >> i'll be waddling my way around. >> as blake's baby bump. >> we didn't have it the last two weeks of shooting. >> i saw what she said to you. i watched the sh


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